Bu Tian Gang

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

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After finally being admitted to the Department of Exorcism, Dong Zhi’s dream was to grasp both work and love as he strives to pursue an icy male-god, igniting an intense love affair.

A train bound for spring was the beginning of everything. The mountains were solitary, blanketed with snow as smoke began dissipating. In the brilliant morning rays, Dong Zhi’s gaze fell on Long Shen’s back. Hidden deep within his eyes, he held countless of words for him.

“To you, whom I love dearly with all my heart, my time in this life, I’ll offer them to you.”

Total Chapters: 156 Chapters + 17 Extras

Translations Progress: Ongoing || Release Schedule: Every Friday

Table of Contents

Arc 1: A Train bound for Spring
Chapter 1 – How to meet an autograph fanatic
Chapter 2 – People always like to deceive themselves
Chapter 3 – Dantian is so angry, don’t let out a fart
Chapter 4 – Money is tight, so just drink a cup of hot water
Chapter 5 – The dragon emerges from the abyss to the peaks of heaven
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 – That was the talisman he had shed lots of blood to draw successfully!
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11 – Ah, so hungry
Chapter 12 – Holy crap, what’s going on?!
Chapter 13 – Dong Zhi was untimely sued
Chapter 14 – Hidden deep within his eyes, he held countless of words for him
Chapter 15 – Single dogs are not allowed to make requests!
Chapter 16 – 2017 civil service examination guidance bibliography

Arc 2: Thunder in Yangcheng
Chapter 17 – Cheat in the exam with the five-ghost handling method
Chapter 18 – We are innocent!
Chapter 19 – Doesn’t this hurt your conscience?
Chapter 20 – If you want unspoken rules, come quickly!
Chapter 21 – I’m breaking up with you!
Chapter 22 – It’s Long Shen!
Chapter 23 – The Combination of Chinese and Western medicine has good curative effects
Chapter 24 – Acting cute and miserable can hit your heart
Chapter 25 – I fucking told you not to come!
Chapter 26 – This is the pursuit of a top-tier dog
Chapter 27 – Then I will fulfill you!
Chapter 28 – Then I’ll help you!

Arc 3: Male God and Boyfriend
Chapter 29 – The soul united with the land, the thunder like the power of a god.
Chapter 30 – I want to take the exam. Ahhhhhh!
Chapter 31 – Meow meow meow meow meow meow?!
Chapter 32 – His original form must be very fat, tender, and delicious
Chapter 33 – Don’t just say it, do it!
Chapter 34 – I’m trying to fuck you!
Chapter 35 – What if the gift is dying?
Chapter 36 – Every life is precious and cannot be easily given up
Chapter 37 – Who is the real Hui Yiguang?
Chapter 38 – Am I awesome or what?
Chapter 39 – How about we make a bet?
Chapter 40 – You have choice between Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo
Chapter 41 – Sudden change
Chapter 42 – Stop jinxing us!
Chapter 43 – Will the monsters call you first before coming out?
Chapter 44 – His skin is thicker than a pig’s!
Chapter 45 – True power lies not only in destruction, but also in creation.
Chapter 46 – This is the most unique rose in the world in his opinion
Chapter 47 – Shut the fuck up.
Chapter 48 – The Empress Dowager is coming!
Chapter 49 – Can you introduce yourself to him?
Chapter 50 – If you become a ghost in the future, don’t haunt me!
Chapter 51 – The Special Administration Bureau is really hiding dragons and tigers!

Arc 4: Growing Up Between Sunshine and Snow
Chapter 52 – To live or to die is their own choice
Chapter 53 – You’ll have a name from now on
Chapter 54 – You can’t treat people like babies in your arms and pamper them every day.
Chapter 55 – This man doesn’t talk much, but he always takes action.
Chapter 56 – Do you know where its chrysanthemum is?
Chapter 57 – Murphy’s Law my ass!
Chapter 58 – Dong Zhi, you bastard!
Chapter 59 – One knock for the form, two knocks for the heart, and three knocks for a thousand years.
Chapter 60 – There are countless secrets in those eyes
Chapter 61
Chapter 62 – Let’s go together!
Chapter 63 – Engraved in their hearts, never forgotten.
Chapter 64 – Master, stay with me.
Chapter 65 – A special induction ceremony
Chapter 66 – One can’t achieve greatness following others
Chapter 67
Chapter 68 – This is his master.
Chapter 69 – I can make money and support you
Chapter 70 – Have you ever seen a psychopath that can speak so coherently?
Chapter 71 – Don’t betray your heart.
Chapter 72 – Strange Office
Chapter 73 – Why don’t you just rob me?
Chapter 74 – If he wanted to follow the footsteps of an eagle, he must become one himself.
Chapter 75 – I’ll be lenient if you confess, and stricter if you resist.
Chapter 76 – My mouth is cheap. I won’t speak again!
Chapter 77 – He definitely didn’t think of it.
Chapter 78 – You have no room to bargain with me.
Chapter 79 – Love is the fear of betrayal.
Chapter 80 – Did Dong Zhi make you angry?
Chapter 81 – You can’t love deeply because it’s shallow.
Chapter 82 – The red light and purple qi from the burning smoke of Kunwu’s iron smelting were quite impressive!
Chapter 83 – Let’s just pretend that nothing happened.
Chapter 84 – Others pursued legends, while he himself was one.
Chapter 85 – How easily coaxed.
Chapter 86 – These two guys are clearly pretending to be pigs and eating tigers.
Chapter 87 – Dong Zhi, fuck your uncle!
Chapter 88 – The truth is gradually revealed.
Chapter 89 – Another fine day.

Arc 5: Love is a Silent Song
Chapter 90 – Did you go sneaking around last night?
Chapter 91 – Your master is gone. Why don’t I take his place?
Chapter 92 – Then you’re not going to kill me, are you?
Chapter 93 – Dong-Tchaikovsky-Zhi
Chapter 94 – Love is companionship and restraint.
Chapter 95 – Either get roasted or get pissed off to death by Dong Zhi.
Chapter 96 – The prosperity and peace that these eyes can see needs someone to guard it.
Chapter 97 – The truth wasn’t like that.
Chapter 98
Chapter 99 – You have fallen so far.