Bu Tian Gang Ch140

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 140

The Changshou sword flew out from behind him with a clang and suddenly hung in the air.

Dong Zhi grabbed the tentacles of Octopus Meika, leaped with force, and merged with the sword light, rushing towards the sea serpent.

William, who was not far away, was stunned.

“What is that? Did he also bring a flying device?!”

“That should be a flying sword, or rather, a sword-flying technique.” Li Han’er said this in Chinese, so William naturally didn’t understand. Considering Dong Zhi’s background, she was no less shocked than William.

Maoshan was known for its talismans among the three main sects, but besides talismans, they had other cultivation methods that were also very powerful. Li Han’er practiced sword and talisman cultivation, naturally knowing that sword-flying technique was a very difficult realm to reach. Some people may spend their entire lives stuck at this threshold without being able to take another step forward.

Sword-control and sword-flying weren’t the same thing. The former used divine control of the sword, while the latter combined body and sword, and was obviously more difficult.

She was shocked that Dong Zhi had achieved so much in such a short time after entering the world of cultivation. If he had been practicing since childhood, what kind of amazing realm would he be in now?

Not only her, but also Liu Qingbo and Liu Si behind Dong Zhi were also surprised. Especially Liu Qingbo, who had fought side by side with Dong Zhi before, had never seen him hide such a hand.

However, Liu Qingbo thought that it should be a special method that Long Shen had taught before they set off. With Long Shen’s understanding of swordsmanship, it wasn’t surprising that Dong Zhi had made such rapid progress in such a short time.

But in fact, everyone was mistaken.

Although the Changshou Sword didn’t have the same reputation as Liu Qingbo’s Fumo Sword, nor could it gather the essence of heaven and earth like Long Shen, it was still an ancient sword with a lifespan of thousands of years. As a weapon for cutting gold, breaking jade, and slaying demons, Long Shen even infused a part of his own soul into it to trigger a transformation.

The reason why Dong Zhi was able to see Long Shen’s past through the Changshou Sword was because the mountain fog and the wood spirit in the ancient sword had worked together. Later, after they returned from the battle in the Xianda village against the heavenly demon’s shadow, Long Shen infused a few strands of his own soul into the Changshou Sword to repair it.

Long Shen wasn’t a human and didn’t need to have all three souls and seven spirits intact. His soul fragments had no effect on him. Instead, they were like human hair or skin. Losing some of them would cause them to grow back. However, for the Changshou Sword, it underwent a transformation. If one had to describe it, it was like a computer upgrade, from a Pentium IV to a Core i7* all of a sudden. After Dong Zhi returned and was healing at the General Administration Bureau, he mainly learned how to better control the Changshou Sword under the guidance of Long Shen.

*Computer processors. || I have no clue about this stuff, but I’m assuming the Core i7 is a much better processor than the Pentium IV.

So now Dong Zhi’s ability to control the flying sword wasn’t because he had really reached that realm, but because of the Changshou Sword itself.

The sword light was like a rainbow, carrying numerous water vapor lifted by the waves, sweeping toward the head of the sea serpent. Amidst the turbulent intersection of mist and tides, countless people were floating in the sea, struggling to survive. Only the Ice Demon Elizabeth kept futilely creating icicles to trap the sea serpent, which were easily broken by the monster.

The icicles that caused great trouble to humans were nothing but an annoying prank for the sea serpent. This ancient monster, awakened from a long sleep and influenced by the remnant demonic qi, loathed the “ants” in front of it, who disturbed its peace. It opened its mouth, spewed out a raging flood, and swept its tail to smash all the icicles into pieces. Being swept up into the air and then falling back down was like a new disaster for everyone.

However, in the midst of this storm, the sword light of the Changshou Sword was like a bright light suddenly shining in the dark world. It was like the arrow shot by Hou Yi* towards the sun, rushing straight towards the head of the sea serpent.

*Mythological Chinese archer sometimes portrayed as the god of archery who descended from heaven to aid mankind. In Chinese lore, when the world had 10 suns, Hou Yi shot down 9 of them.

“Elizabeth, cooperate with me, hold it down!”

The Ice Giantess heard the Changshou Sword’s command and immediately shouted, “But it’s not afraid of my ice!”

“A few seconds will do!” The sword flew past her side without hesitation.

Hearing the request, Elizabeth no longer hesitated. She waved her hand, and an icy wind blew in from the air. The seawater around the sea serpent’s body instantly froze into ice, which rapidly spread as if the king of winter had arrived with a howl.

Liu Qingbo and Liu Si were quick to react. The octopus lifted them high, and then they were thrown in the direction of the sea serpent with all their might!

Fuck! Regardless of whether the octopus had ancestors or not, Liu Qingbo immediately cursed it for its incompetence. The silly octopus didn’t find the correct position or angle when it threw them out, causing Liu Qingbo to fly headfirst.

His handsome posture of exorcizing demons and slaying monsters was ruined!

In just a few seconds, Liu Qingbo actually had time to think about this, but he quickly adjusted his angle and summoned his Fumo Sword. He and Dong Zhi, from two different directions, stabbed the eyes of the sea serpent.

On the other side, Liu Si was quite as capable. He leveraged his strength, leaping up into the air, and landed directly on the sea serpent’s huge head. The willow whip fiercely struck the black demonic qi hovering over the sea serpent’s head!

“My God,” William muttered, “I should do something too!”

He fumbled for his personal flying device. “I hope it hasn’t been damaged by seawater!”

Li Han’er reached out and grabbed him. “Take me with you!”

“Miss, you shouldn’t participate in such a dangerous activity. My dear, wait for me to come back, okay?”

“Who are you calling dear?!” Li Han’er laughed instead of getting angry at the foreigner’s behavior of taking advantage of the situation, even at the moment of death. “Take me with you. I am much more useful than you. Can your bullets penetrate its scales?”

William looked up at the shiny black scales of the sea serpent and found that even small bombs might not be able to blast through its scales, let alone bullets. “But your sword won’t work either!” he protested.

Of course, ordinary swords wouldn’t work, but weapons enhanced with astral qi and magical talismans weren’t included in this category. Li Han’er was too lazy to explain more and simply grabbed William’s collar roughly and threatened, “Are you taking me or not?”

William looked at her in horror, his eyes incredulous, as if he had thought she was a classical lady, but who knew she would suddenly transform into an unbelievable Tyrannosaurus rex?

No one in the group of six, including Dong Zhi and the others, was more familiar with dealing with such a slippery giant creature. After all, they had rich experience dealing with the three-headed python, but circumstances had changed, and even Liu Qingbo didn’t want to stab the sea serpent’s chrysanthemum again, let alone him. Even if he wanted to, with the sea serpent’s ability to overturn the river and the ocean’s complex environment, they couldn’t replicate the previous “success story”, so the only visible weakness of the enemy was its eyes.

The target of the eyes was large and round, making it easy to find, but the sea serpent wasn’t a stupid creature waiting to die. When two sword lights attacked, it roared lowly, turned its head, and opened its mouth, swallowing both the Changshou Sword and its owner in one gulp!

A stench hit Dong Zhi before he realized that any of the fangs of the serpent was as big as his body. In the moment when he was completely sucked into its mouth, he had only one thought: Has this sea serpent never brushed its teeth since birth?

Liu Qingbo never expected Dong Zhi to become the other side’s food in the blink of an eye, but once the sword was drawn, there was no turning back. He knew this was an opportunity created by Dong Zhi’s sacrifice for him. He gritted his teeth, and the sword light of Fumo Sword suddenly shone several times brighter, piercing the sea serpent’s eye directly!

The bright red eyeball was instantly pierced by the sword light, and after the vitreous shattered, blood and foul liquid splashed all over Liu Qingbo’s head and face, but he didn’t have time to wipe it off. He shouted loudly, swung his sword, and slashed the fragile tissues around the sea serpent’s eyes.

The sea serpent, which had lost an eye, immediately entered into a frenzy; its huge body rolling and twisting in the ocean. Liu Si was directly thrown off, but before being thrown away, he didn’t forget to tightly wrap the demonic qi attached to the sea serpent and take it away.

If he had Dong Zhi’s sunlight talisman or Zhang Song’s exorcism talisman at this time, they could completely eliminate the remnant of the demonic qi. However…

Liu Si looked around but couldn’t find Zhang Song’s figure, and Dong Zhi was still inside the sea serpent. He regretted not having learned talisman magic at this moment. The demonic qi was about to break free from his whip—

“We are coming—”

Liu Si suddenly turned around.

One, no, two people suddenly rushed up from the sea!

William held Li Han’er’s waist with one hand and aimed his gun at the demonic qi, firing several shots that squarely hit it. The specially made anti-demonic bullets posed a deadly threat to the demonic qi, which trembled violently, and its struggling strength suddenly increased, vaguely forming the shape of a roaring man.

It was the consciousness of the remnant of the demon that was unwilling to dissipate. It was no longer the handsome man who first condensed in Xianda, but it would still reveal its original appearance at the critical moment of life and death. That was Mara’s pursuit of ultimate beauty and desire.

However, the remnant soul, which could not even be regarded as a doppelganger, were ultimately much weaker than the clone. Awakening the sea serpent already cost it too much energy. Faced with Liu Si’s whip and the anti-demonic bullets, the demonic qi desperately tried to break free and take revenge on the mortals who dared to attack it!

Seeing that the bullets could not completely eliminate the demonic qi, William became a little anxious. His personal flying machine was out of control after being soaked in water. He only had one bullet left in his gun and was still holding Li Han’er in his other hand, making it impossible for him to reload.

Just then, Li Han’er held a talisman in her hand and said to him, “Listen to my command. When I say shoot, you shoot!”

“Why should I listen to your command?” William opened his mouth but didn’t say the words out loud. His body had already subconsciously obeyed her words. He aimed at the demonic qi and fired another shot, while Li Han’er also threw out a talisman.

What would happen when Chinese talismans were combined with Western exorcism? No one had tried it before, but William and Li Han’er accidentally broke this record.

The talisman fire and bullet were shot at the same time, merging into a ball of flame in mid-air and exploded on the demonic energy. Even Liu Si was pushed away by the huge air current.

“We did it! The demonic qi was really eliminated!”

William shouted and danced, unable to resist kissing Li Han’er’s cheek.

Before Li Han’er could respond, the flying machine started to malfunction, and William flew over Liu Si’s head uncontrollably, falling in another direction.

The two of them were frightened.

“Quick, control it! The ground is below!” Li Han’er urged.

“I want to, but I can’t control it. It’s broken!” William cursed a string of swear words and hugged Li Han’er tightly. “I have to go back and complain. Those who invented this flying machine treated us as guinea pigs, damn it!”

The two of them glided over the skyline in a parabola, straight towards the island below.

The ground was getting closer and closer. Li Han’er recognized the island. They had just had an adventure there not long ago. There was a dense forest, tall trees, and maybe even some residual zombies. But even with trees as a buffer, it was useless at this height and speed. If they fell, they would only face death.

After a brief panic, William surprisingly calmed down. He turned to Li Han’er and said, “My dear, I didn’t expect that we would die together so soon after we met. This is also a wonderful fate. Can you accept my confession?”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang from behind. A colorful parachute automatically opened, carrying the two of them down slowly.

Li Han’er and William: …

The two looked at each other in silence for a second, then William said, “My dear, can you pretend that nothing happened just now and let me continue to confess my love?”

Li Han’er was expressionless. “No, shut up. You’re so annoying.”

The demonic qi completely dissipated, and Liu Si also fell into the sea from mid-air.

But the battle was far from over. He looked up anxiously, watching the sea serpent raging in the ocean. After Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo, two Frenchmen and the leader of the American team, Lilith, climbed onto the serpent’s body one after another, wanting to attack it. But without exception, all of them failed. The sea serpent had almost no weak points all over its body. Its scales were almost invulnerable. Even if they tried their best, they could only leave a slight wound on it, which was insignificant for the sea serpent but would only further enrage it, causing it to destroy everything in sight.

The flood submerged the nearby Rose Island and Full Moon Island, and it was gradually getting worse. The sea serpent’s fury also brought a hurricane, forming new vortexes on the sea surface, sucking everything around into them. Yang Shouyi and Zhang Song, as well as two British people not far away, struggled to survive in the sea. Though the physical fitness of practitioners was much higher than ordinary people, in the face of the power of the sea snake that could overturn the world, they were simply weak.

Even Octopus Meika couldn’t hold onto the coral reef. It fell over from the giant wave and covered Zhang Song’s head, almost making him spit blood. Fortunately, it shrank its body at a critical moment, from the size of a round table to the size of a palm, sticking tightly to Zhang Song’s head.

“I can’t do it anymore. My head is spinning, and I’m going to vomit…” the octopus said weakly, spitting out seawater, which splashed on Zhang Song’s face.

“You’re an octopus. Why are you dizzy from water?” Zhang Song was going crazy.

“Even an octopus can get dizzy…” Meika was dizzy, feeling the world spinning around it, and the sea was also upside down.

Liu Si urged, “You must grow bigger and send us up again! Dong Zhi was swallowed by it, and we don’t know what happened to him!”

The octopus replied weakly, “I can’t do it. I really don’t have any strength left!”

Zhang Song said angrily, “Even if you don’t have strength, you have to summon some for me!”

“I’ll go!” A woman swam over, grasping a piece of driftwood that had been washed away from Diana Island.

Zhang Song and Liu Si turned their heads to find that it was Lilith, the leader of the American team. “I have a flying device. Who wants to come with me?” Lilith said, gasping for breath.

“I’ll go!”

“I’ll go!”

Zhang Song and Liu Si almost simultaneously exclaimed. The two looked at each other, and Zhang Song said in a deep voice, “I can use talismans. I’ll go.”

“Okay, Lao Zhang, make sure to bring back the captain!” Liu Si said.

Zhang Song grumbled, “What if I can’t bring him back!”

Seeing Liu Si frown, he waved his hand and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll do my best!”

Lilith grabbed Zhang Song’s shoulder and said breathlessly, “Hold onto my waist!”

Zhang Song frowned and said, “I’m heavier than you. Why don’t you give me the flying device, and I’ll control it!”

Lilith snapped, “You haven’t been trained. Hurry up and don’t waste time!”

Zhang Song had no choice but to tightly hug her waist. The two almost stuck together, and Lilith’s slim and curvy body was tightly pressed against him, making Zhang Song feel a little embarrassed. However, he soon forgot about that once Lilith pressed the button on the flying device. They flew up into the air, but the flying device was clearly not very reliable. Just now, William almost turned in the wrong direction. At this moment, the two of them were flying around haphazardly, almost flying over the sea snake’s body. It was only when Zhang Song snatched the control device and desperately held onto it that they managed to control their speed and direction.

When the two flew past the small mountain-like body of the sea snake, Zhang Song suddenly let go of Lilith and leaped forward, jumping onto the body of the sea snake. He drew his sword and held a talisman in his other hand.

“Zhang Song, the sixty-seventh generation disciple of Mount Longhu, humbly implores the gods of the world…”

If the elders and masters of Mount Longhu were here, they would immediately stop Zhang Song when they heard the spell he was chanting. However, now there was only Zhang Song, and no one knew that he was chanting a forbidden spell of Mount Longhu. This spell sacrificed blood to the heavens and summoned wind and thunder. Its power wasn’t inferior to that of the Five Thunders, but it was easier to summon heavenly thunder than the Five Thunders. However, for the person who chanted the spell, it was a great risk, because if they weren’t careful, their blood and qi would flow backward, and the heavenly thunder wouldn’t strike the intended target but rather the one who was chanting the spell.

Summoning thunder required opportunity and luck, but this forbidden spell didn’t require that, so in a way, it was more effective. However, ordinary people were afraid of the backlash and dared not use it casually. Only daring kids like Zhang Song had no qualms and used the forbidden spell without hesitation in critical moments. In an instant, dark clouds and strong winds gathered around him; the clouds dispersed the fog, and the sound of thunder rolled from afar.

The thundercloud gathered energy, and a dazzling light fell from the sky, wrapping around the head of the sea serpent. At this moment, Liu Qingbo happened to thrust the Fumo Sword into the other eye of the sea serpent. The sea serpent roared silently, turned its body over, and everyone was thrown into the sea in an instant. Surging floodwaters spewed out from the mouth of the ancient monster, and some people disappeared directly into the waves.

Elizabeth rested for a while and then jumped out of the sea again, rushing toward the sea serpent. Using the power of the heavenly thunder to buy time, she commanded the seawater to turn into ice layers, quickly spreading from the sea surface and soon freezing most of the sea serpent’s body. The violent winds gradually stopped, and the surging waves gradually calmed down. Everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhang Song stood on the frozen sea serpent, suffering from the backlash of the forbidden spell, and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood quickly penetrated into the ice layer below, and Zhang Song looked down, his face changing drastically.

“Not good. It’s resisting. It will thaw again soon. Quick, strengthen the spell!” he shouted at Elizabeth.

“I don’t have the strength!” Elizabeth shouted back even louder.

Everyone: ……

In the face of the absolute power of the ancient monster, all efforts seemed futile. Not to mention that the organizing committee couldn’t receive their message and rush here in such a short time. Even if they came, they probably wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

The sea serpent, which had been blinded, had already entered an extremely frenzied state. Although the remnant soul of the heavenly demon had been eliminated, when it was awakened, it had already left a mark in the sea serpent’s body. At that moment, all negative emotions were mobilized, and the raging sea serpent was almost unstoppable. The ice layer freezing it was visibly cracking, and it would soon break free from this weak restraint. In a short time, perhaps not even a few minutes, no one would be able to escape when it regained its freedom.

Even the most powerful creatures had weaknesses, and Liu Qingbo firmly believed in this. But what could be the weakness of this sea serpent?

He struggled to stay conscious in the sea, but the sudden inertia of being thrown off made him feel drowsy, and his vision became blurry as a result.

Dong Zhi…

He remembered his companion, who had been swallowed by the sea serpent and was now in an unknown state of life or death. He gritted his teeth and held tightly to the Fumo Sword.

The sword suddenly emitted a bright light.

Dong Zhi was still alive.

He hadn’t been digested by the sea serpent’s stomach, but he suspected that he would end up dying in the most embarrassing way in history—suffocated by the smell inside the sea serpent’s body. This was an experience he absolutely didn’t want to recall, provided that he could get out of it this time.

Last time, it was Liu Qingbo who took action against the three-headed giant python. After reminiscing countless times about the disgusting expression on Liu Qingbo’s face afterwards, Dong Zhi found it funny. But the tides had turned, and now it was finally his turn to take action. Dong Zhi couldn’t laugh anymore.

With the protective qi, besides the unpleasant smell, the inside of the sea serpent’s body was spacious, and he encountered no obstacles along the way. However, he had to work hard to find a weakness inside the sea serpent that he could break through from the inside.

If he couldn’t find one, he might never be able to leave.

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