Bu Tian Gang Ch142

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 142

Li Han’er lay drenched on the sandy ground. In the past, she would have felt uncomfortable all over, wishing she could rush to take a shower and change clothes immediately. But now, as the mist hadn’t yet gathered, sunlight shone down from the sky cleared of dark clouds, warming her body and filling her heart with a sense of contentment.

She gazed at Dong Zhi from a distance with a slight smile forming at the corner of her mouth and exhaled a long breath.

Li Han’er still remembered the moment she learned that she had been temporarily assigned to the exchange team and that the team captain was Dong Zhi. There was a sense of dissatisfaction in her heart. Although she wouldn’t go to the leader to strongly protest and request a replacement, she did harbor ill intentions towards Long Shen’s disciple. Because of the unrequited affection she had once held for Long Shen, she found anyone who was favored by him displeasing in her eyes.

But when did this emotion change? Perhaps it was during the time when everyone was in a state of disappointment and despair, yet Dong Zhi remained calm and composed, seemingly unfazed by any difficulties. Perhaps it was when Dong Zhi took the lead, running at the forefront in the face of danger. Or perhaps it was during his bantering with Liu Qingbo, repeatedly pulling unexpected things out of his backpack to ease their tension and give them new hope. Li Han’er had to admit that Dong Zhi was simply not someone you could hate. Instead, he had a charm that made you involuntarily like him.

It was as if, wherever he was, the vitality of the world could be seen. Who could possibly dislike the vibrant and warm sunlight?

If it were Liu Qingbo, Zhang Song, or even her own elder brother, Li Ying, serving as the team leader, perhaps they could still achieve the final victory. However, it would inevitably come at the cost of sacrificing one or two people, and they would not have the same cohesive force as they did now. Only Dong Zhi could achieve this.

“My dear Han’er, who are you looking at?” William followed her gaze and couldn’t help but widen his eyes. “Are you looking at Dong? My goodness, do you have a crush on him? Do I still have a chance?” His astonished tone attracted a lot of attention, and Li Han’er wished she could sew his mouth shut.

“Who said I have a crush on him!” Li Han’er gritted her teeth. This person seemed to challenge her good manners every time. Li Han’er suspected that if this continued, by the time they returned home, she might age several years due to anger.

“You were looking at him just now, with a sad smile!” William had an innocent look on his face. “Han’er, although my skin isn’t as fair as his, I’m taller than him and have a better physique. I can make you happy. Besides, he clearly doesn’t like you!”

“That’s not sadness; it’s contentment! Get it right!” Li Han’er couldn’t hold back any longer and grabbed his ear, shouting, “And you don’t call it a good physique, you call it strong*!”

*Clarity: William is using the term “good physique” (身材好) in the sense where it’s a slim, fit, aesthetically pleasing figure, whereas Li Han’er is correcting him using the term “strong” (雄壮) which is more of a muscular, strong, robust figure.

Everyone: …

“Dial it down. Calm down. Think about your ladylike demeanor. Think about our reputation,” Dong Zhi said.

Li Han’er took a deep breath, smiled slightly at William, and spoke softly, but her words sent a chill down one’s spine.

“If you keep talking nonsense, be careful; I’ll twist your head off and use it as a ball.”

William looked at her in horror, thought for a moment, and whispered, “If you’re willing to accept my pursuit, it’s okay to let you play with my head. Don’t you Chinese have a saying that goes, ‘Even if one were to die immediately, it’s worth it if they can kiss the most beautiful flower?'”

That’s called “dying under the peony flower, remaining a romantic ghost*.” Li Han’er was furious but couldn’t help laughing. “If you can learn Chinese and use idioms proficiently, then I’ll accept your pursuit.”

*(牡丹花下死,做鬼也风流) Idiom referring dying for love is seen as romantic. 

William’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

But he wasn’t stupid. He immediately added conditions. “Is it okay if I just become fluent in spoken Chinese?”

Li Han’er thought that the conditions shouldn’t be too difficult, or the other party would suspect something was amiss. So she nodded. “That’s fine. But you have to understand idioms and their origins. I don’t want to be in a relationship with a man who can’t even understand simple idioms like ‘tiger’s back and bear’s waist*.'”

*(虎背熊腰) Idiom referring to someone who has a robust and strong physique (broad muscular back and well-defined waist) || Basically, what William’s physique is supposed to be.

She said the last sentence in Chinese.

“Tiger’s back and bear’s waist?” William imitated her tone and looked puzzled. “What does that mean?”

Li Han’er remained unfazed. “It means you’re handsome and suave.”

William became excited. “Don’t worry, my dear. I know you’re concerned that I’m just temporarily enthusiastic, but I have genuine feelings for you. Give me six months, and I’ll learn Chinese. But during these six months, you can’t have a boyfriend.”

Li Han’er nodded. “Of course, I am a person who keeps promises.”

The two reached an agreement, and everyone was happy. Dong Zhi and the others pursed their lips but ultimately didn’t say anything. They could all tell that Li Han’er was teasing William. However, who knew what the future held? Perhaps William would give up on his own before six months, or maybe the two of them would develop into a pair of happy enemies. Life was always full of variables, and no one could predict the future.

The storm subsided, and the sea gradually calmed down, but the islands were left in ruins. Diana Island seemed to be the most devastated, with trees falling or leaning haphazardly, in a state of disarray. The flood had not completely receded, leaving pits and ditches between the trees—a distressing sight.

In the distance, a ship emerged from the mist and gradually approached. It was the boat sent by the organizing committee to pick them up.

Liu Qingbo sighed. “Like the movies, the police always arrive hastily after everything has settled.”

Dong Zhi couldn’t help but laugh.


Japan, Atsuta Shrine.

Long Shen carried his sword and kept moving forward. In every direction, there were countless mirrored spaces, one after another, with no end in sight. The space beneath his feet extended infinitely, but unless something unexpected happened, no matter how he walked or where he went, he could never escape from here.

However, Long Shen didn’t stop his steps because he knew that once he halted, his perspective would easily be confused by the mirrored contents, and he would lose his way. Losing direction was just the first step, and eventually, even his mind would be lost in the mirrored space. He had just shattered the surveillance of Otowa Hatsuhiko, but if he couldn’t find an exit, he would be forever trapped here.

The scenes within each mirrored space were roughly the same, but there were subtle differences. For example, every Li Ying inside had a different expression—some looked anxious, some looked worried, some smiled, and even exhibited happiness and the seven emotions, making it difficult to distinguish which Li Ying was real. While Long Shen seemed to keep moving forward, he was actually observing each Li Ying at an extraordinary speed that ordinary people couldn’t match.

He believed that there must be one real Li Ying among them.

“Li Ying,” Long Shen said in a deep voice. “Keep speaking. It doesn’t matter what you say, just don’t stop your voice.”

“Boss Long!” Numerous Li Yings responded in the mirrored space, their voices overlapping like countless echoes. However, no matter which Li Ying it was, their tone sounded weak, indicating that they were likely seriously injured.

“Boss Long, if I can’t return, I have to trouble you to please inform my master, parents, and my sister Han’er for me. Tell them that I’m incompetent, unable to complete the mission. And for Han’er, ask her to take good care of our parents…” Li Ying gasped for breath. “And also, Banxia. Tell her I’m sorry and ask her not to wait for me anymore!”

A true man sheds no tears easily, and Li Ying didn’t cry when mentioning his master and parents. However, when he uttered the name Banxia, he couldn’t help but shed tears.

He recalled the time when he first joined the Special Administration Bureau, seeing that lively and smiling girl who instantly captivated his attention. He remembered the ambiguous interactions between them during missions, and he recalled how he abandoned a promising team to join the so-called miscellaneous group of Team Three, which caused his father to be furious. But Li Ying had no regrets.

Throughout his life, he had been mature and responsible, considering the overall situation. His every word and action were almost a model among his Maoshan peers. After joining the Special Administration Bureau, he became the future pillar in the eyes of his superiors. Many people couldn’t understand why he didn’t choose the outstanding junior sister in Maoshan but fell for a mysterious and unpredictable witch instead.

Li Ying had always thought that he would follow a steady path in his cultivation journey, either inheriting the position of head of Maoshan or joining the Special Administration Bureau like his father, Li Rui, and gradually climbing the ranks to become a high-ranking official, perhaps even a Director with considerable power.

However, he had never expected that he would meet his downfall before achieving his goals.

Besides the fear and unease towards death, what constantly came to his mind was the face of Chi Banxia.

He knew that Chi Banxia would never be able to escape the shadow of his death. Perhaps when others saw the title of a witch, they would feel a sense of mystery and fear, not daring to provoke, but Li Ying knew that this lively girl was more sentimental than anyone else.

As Long Shen swept his gaze, numerous reflections of Li Ying displayed expressions of pain. However, most of the mirrored Li Yings had a sluggish and numb kind of pain, like puppets imitating their agony with poor acting skills, which failed to touch anyone’s heart and instead felt eerie. There was only one. The only one that genuinely revealed pain and fear on his face. Even though he was a practitioner and more outstanding than most of his peers, Li Ying was still human. He was still young and couldn’t remain calm in the face of true death, especially when he faced eternal separation from his loved ones and family. Even Long Shen would be moved, let alone Li Ying.

Without hesitation, Long Shen immediately shot out a beam of sword light, directly aimed at the Li Ying with the most genuine expression of pain!

The mirror shattered, and Li Ying stared in astonishment at the swiftly approaching sword light. He instinctively wanted to dodge, but with his severe injuries and facing Long Shen, there was nowhere to escape. The cold and sharp sword aura reached his forehead, causing a stinging sensation. His arm was already tightly restrained by someone.

“Boss Long!”

He looked at Long Shen, who appeared beside him, with both surprise and joy.

“Let’s go!”

As soon as Long Shen spoke, his figure didn’t stop, and Li Ying felt the world spinning before his eyes. Countless images flew backward, layers of mirrors shattered, and fragments scattered throughout the space, cutting through his clothes and skin, causing him to feel pain.

“This is real!” Long Shen seemed to perceive his confusion and rapidly explained, never stopping his footsteps as he pulled Li Ying along.

A protective energy surrounded Long Shen, preventing the fragments from coming near, but after being trapped for days, Li Ying’s mind was in a haze. Sometimes he would see Chi Banxia and his senior martial brothers, and other times he found himself in the depths of hell, surrounded by skeletons and evil spirits, unable to break free. His consciousness was already somewhat confused, and now he couldn’t tell if he was truly saved or in another illusion.

In a moment of desperation, he reached his hand beyond the protection of the energy and touched the fragments. As expected, his fingertips stung, and blood droplets immediately emerged.

“Isn’t this an illusion?” Li Ying said in confusion.

“True is false, and false is true. Any illusion is based on reality,” Long Shen replied, turning his head with a furrowed brow. He extended his finger and flicked Li Ying’s forehead.

Li Ying’s body trembled slightly, and his expression instantly became much more sober.

“Boss Long…” His voice was hoarse, as if he had just been pulled out of water, drenched in sweat.

“Don’t move, don’t speak.”

Although Long Shen had seen through the formation that Li Ying was trapped in, the surroundings were still filled with numerous illusions. He couldn’t afford to spare attention for Li Ying and needed to focus entirely on finding a breakthrough.

Li Ying, indeed, dared not speak again. He was being pulled forward by Long Shen, unable to resist. He watched as countless fragments of mirrors came towards them, only to diverge and create paths as Long Shen passed through. It was as if wherever Long Shen went, the sinister entities and inner demons automatically made way for him.

From this, Li Ying gained a deeper understanding of this man’s strength.

Unaffected by external factors and not swayed by any emotions of weakness, Long Shen’s heart was as firm as a rock. These illusions naturally couldn’t influence him.

Coming from a prestigious sect, Li Ying didn’t possess the same strong desire for performance as Zhang Song and Liu Qingbo. His sharpness was naturally restrained, which made him appear stable in the eyes of his elders. However, he couldn’t help but carry the pride of a disciple from a renowned sect. Before joining the Special Administration Bureau, apart from Wu Bingtian’s team, he regarded the other teams as being average. Although Long Shen’s name was already widely known, in Li Ying’s heart, Long Shen was ultimately just one person and couldn’t compare to the profound heritage of renowned sects like Maoshan and Mount Longhu.

Yet at this moment, he realized that even the head of Maoshan would speak of Long Shen with solemnity, not because Long Shen was a Director of the Special Management Bureau, holding high status and seniority, but because of Long Shen’s true strength.

Whether on the righteous path or among demonic beings, human society and the animal world, fundamentally, there wasn’t much difference. They all sought continuous self-improvement and pursued strength. The strong may not earn respect through their character, but they would make others have no choice but to face them.

Suddenly, Li Ying felt fortunate.

He was glad that Long Shen was on his side and not an enemy. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to escape now. He would be like Ding Lan, with his soul trapped or even dead without a complete corpse.

Thinking of Ding Lan, Li Ying couldn’t help but shudder.

In the brief moment that he lost focus, Long Shen had already found the final exit of the mirrored space.

The sword light in his hand flew up and shot forward according to his will, finally piercing into a piece of debris containing a pine tree. Li Ying couldn’t figure out why that pine tree was the key to breaking the formation, but Long Shen could see it with just one glance. Wherever the sword light reached, the pine tree vanished with a loud noise, and all the floating fragments of the mirrors also disappeared in an instant.

The scenery around them suddenly changed!

No more countless repetitions of mirrors, no more confusing reflections and fragments obstructing their vision. They found themselves on an open lawn, not far away from a picturesque lake and mountains, reflecting the blue sky, serene and peaceful.

It was an excellent vacation spot. If Long Shen had assumed his previous disguise, he would have been delighted to immediately take out a camera and start framing shots. However, he wasn’t a genuine photography enthusiast. It was just an identity he randomly adopted to infiltrate the Atsuta Shrine.

Li Ying became even more nervous. Without Long Shen needing to say anything, he also knew that this couldn’t be the original scene in the Atsuta Shrine. In other words, had they once again entered an illusion?

“Boss Long, is this an illusion?” he asked in a low voice.

Unexpectedly, Long Shen gave him a surprising answer. “No.”

Before Li Ying could ask further, Long Shen answered his doubt, “This is also real.”

If this was real, did it mean that they were still within the barrier of the Atsuta Shrine?

Or perhaps, they had already left the Atsuta Shrine and arrived in another place?

Li Ying noticed that Long Shen’s words were cryptic and could be interpreted in various ways.

Just then, the man beside him spoke again. “Don’t forget what I said earlier.”

Li Ying forced a bitter smile. He suddenly sympathized with Dong Zhi. How high of an understanding did he have to stay by Long Shen’s side without constantly doubting his own intelligence?

But he also understood that with his serious injuries and his mind not as clear and sharp as usual, Long Shen wanted him to engage his thinking abilities, ignore his own condition, and avoid falling into a state of unconsciousness due to severe injuries.

The fragrant breeze blew on their faces, inducing drowsiness. There seemed to be distant singing, clear and melodious, reminiscent of the way his sister used to sing when she was little, innocent and carefree. In such an environment, it was difficult for anyone to muster their fighting spirit, and Li Ying was no exception. He almost involuntarily relaxed his mind. However, deep within, he suddenly remembered Long Shen’s reminder.

True is false, and false is true.

This sentence felt as cold as ice on his spiritual platform, forcefully pulling him back from the sleepy warmth. Li Ying pinched the palm of his hand, feeling the stinging sensation and the sticky liquid, instantly alerting him.

There was no warm fragrance, no singing. The lake was still a lake, and the grassland was still a grassland.

Indeed, it was an endless illusion of reality and falsehood. Li Ying couldn’t help but break out in a cold sweat, unable to imagine the consequences if he had truly fallen asleep just now.

Perhaps he would never wake up again.

He couldn’t help but look towards Long Shen beside him, hoping to draw some confidence from him.

But Long Shen had disappeared.

Li Ying’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help but panic. The feet that were stepping on the grass unknowingly sank downward. Li Ying lowered his head and realized that the grassland had turned into a marsh, with rampant wild grass growing around the lake. He was trapped in the swamp, unable to free himself, and his body slowly sank. In an instant, the water reached his knees.

He struggled to move forward, but it only caused his body to sink further. There was nothing around to grab onto or hold onto. Li Ying instinctively reached behind, only to remember that his sword had been taken away during his previous confinement.

“Boss Long? Boss Long!”

He pinched his palm forcefully, closed his eyes, and then opened them again, but before him was still the marsh. His body had sunk up to his chest, and breathing was starting to become difficult. It wouldn’t take long for the swamp to block his breath, cover his eyes, and bury his entire being. Over the course of several decades or centuries, he would slowly dissolve, merging with the swamp.

Li Ying felt liquid flowing down his nose and reached out to touch it. His hand was stained with a bloody red color. It was likely caused by the pressure on his original wound in the chest and abdomen. His body was sinking rapidly, and the swamp had already reached his neck. Breathing became increasingly difficult. He couldn’t convince himself that this was an illusion, so he closed his eyes and silently recited the spiritual mantra of Maoshan.

After a few sentences, his mood gradually calmed down, and he felt the pressure on his chest lighten. He bit his tongue, spewing out a mouthful of blood, and then opened his eyes. As expected, it was an illusion. Long Shen was still standing beside him, with grass beneath his feet and a lake in front of him.

Li Ying’s body weakened, and he was about to collapse. Long Shen reached out and grabbed his arm, looking calm as if he wasn’t surprised that he looked like he had just finished running a five-kilometer race.

“How long has it been…” Li Ying gasped.

“Only three seconds,” Long Shen replied.

Three seconds, but it felt like he had experienced a lifetime.

Li Ying forced a bitter smile, relying on Long Shen’s strong support to stand unsteadily, and apologized, “I’m sorry, Boss Long. I’m so useless.”

Long Shen said, “Otowa has set up multiple layers of illusions here. It’s already impressive that you managed to break free in such a short time.”

Li Ying couldn’t help but ask, “Compared to Dong Zhi?”

It was inevitable for outstanding peers to have a sense of comparison, and Li Ying was no exception. Suddenly, Long Shen smiled.

This smile was like a clear sky after rain, with stars hanging in the vast expanse. Li Ying was momentarily captivated by it. But before he could examine it closely, Long Shen had already regained his usual calmness. “He’s about the same as you. Have confidence in yourself.”

Li Ying doubted that these were just words of consolation from Long Shen himself. Otherwise, why would he smile so happily when mentioning Dong Zhi? But he didn’t delve further into it. The exhaustion from breaking free of the illusion had drained all the strength from his body.

He didn’t have time to ponder further because, the next moment, the calm surface of the lake suddenly trembled violently. Ripples spread out from the center of the lake, growing larger and larger. After a few seconds, a colossal creature burst out of the water, announcing its presence with a roar!

At first glance, the body of the monster almost obscured the sky and earth, casting a shadow that blocked the light from Long Shen.

When the majority of the monster’s body emerged from the water, Li Ying’s heart couldn’t help but tremble, and his expression changed drastically.

It looked like—

Eight giant snakes twisted together, with blurred flesh at the junctions, but they were indeed connected as one. Eight ferocious heads swung in the air, and eight tails thrashed the surface of the lake restlessly. Each of their wide-open mouths spewed out a massive poisonous breath, exuding impatience and greed, revealing their arrogant desire to devour everything.

Yamata no Orochi?

Li Ying couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t this legendary monster from Japan supposed to have been killed long ago?

“Is this another illusion?”

“No, it’s real. Be careful!”

Just as Long Shen finished speaking, a large snake tail was already lashing towards them. Long Shen pulled Li Ying to evade, and the snake tail struck the grassy ground, leaving a scorch mark in an instant.

Li Ying could even smell the scent of burnt grass. He was pushed aside by Long Shen, stumbling back a few steps and falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Long Shen leaped up and gestured, summoning a beam of sword light from an unknown source, shooting it towards one of the snake heads.

Li Ying understood that his physical condition rendered him unable to fight. It was already good enough if he didn’t become a burden. He quickly found a concealed spot to hide and watch the battle, hoping that the Yamata no Orochi wouldn’t notice him; otherwise, Long Shen would be distracted.

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Bu Tian Gang Ch141

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 141

Unlike the scales on the sea serpent’s body, its internal organs were soft. But Dong Zhi didn’t know which organ would be the breakthrough point, so he decided to try every part.

As a result, Liu Qingbo and the others outside witnessed the sea serpent suddenly going berserk, causing chaos and upheaval. Even the sea serpent itself didn’t expect that the “little insects” it had casually swallowed could “expand its territory” inside its body, causing unbearable pain and forcing it to open its mouth and vomit, trying to expel the source of trouble within its body.

Dong Zhi also felt uncomfortable inside the sea serpent’s body, but he wanted to continue exploring. However, the sea serpent desperately tried to vomit him out, so he had to rely on the light of his sword to clear a path and venture deeper into the area. Stomach, small intestine, large intestine…

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. He realized that if he went further down the large intestine, wouldn’t it be the same method they used to deal with the three-headed python last time?

However, it was Liu Qingbo who took action last time, and this time it was up to him.

Dong Zhi glanced at the Changshou Sword and sighed softly, saying, “I’m sorry.”

The sword emitted a faint light, flickering and responding to his words.

Under the power of the sea serpent, the Senluo Islands were now in ruins. Not only were the islands completely submerged by seawater, but even many trees were uprooted, let alone Liu Qingbo and the others who were at the mercy of the tsunami. If they weren’t practitioners, they would have long been reduced to bones.

The Ice Demon Elizabeth carried two people on her shoulders, Liu Qingbo and Lilith. Elizabeth was the only creature present who could float in the air. The raging winds and waves had no effect on her, but she was powerless against the monstrous beast before her.

“My ice castle! I spent three days and nights building that ice castle! This despicable monster—I’ll kill it!”

Tears of sadness streamed down Elizabeth’s face, like droplets emerging from an ice sculpture, making it difficult to distinguish. Only from her infuriated tone and the hint of a sob in her voice could one recognize her current emotions.

“You can shout all you want, but you can’t kill it. Instead, save some energy and think about what to do!” Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes.

“And what should we do?” Elizabeth asked, confused, as she sucked her thumb in her mouth, resembling an ordinary three-year-old girl.

Liu Qingbo pondered for a moment. “The head is its most vulnerable spot. Its eyes are already blind. We can enter through its eyes and destroy its brain to kill it completely! Elizabeth, can you still attack it with ice?”

Elizabeth replied, “I can, but it doesn’t fear it at all. When the ice arrows hit it, they automatically melt, and even the ice layer can’t hold it for long. We already tried earlier!”

Liu Qingbo said, “As long as you can buy us a few minutes, freeze the area below its neck with ice. We’ll concentrate our full force on attacking its eyes and see if we can kill it!”

Lilith suddenly exclaimed, “Uh-oh, it’s coming out again!”

With her words, the layer of ice surrounding the sea serpent shattered, and it was on the verge of completely breaking free from the icy restraints. Liu Qingbo urgently said, “There’s no time. We must act immediately. I’ll count to three, Elizabeth. Freeze it again. Lilith, take me up. We’re ready to strike!”

Lilith, perhaps due to her military background, spoke and acted in a decisive and efficient manner. She didn’t compete for command authority with Liu Qingbo at such a critical moment and simply agreed, allowing Elizabeth to lift her to Liu Qingbo’s position, ready to activate the aircraft.

At Liu Qingbo’s command, Elizabeth swung her arms once again, reinforcing the layer of ice around the sea serpent. White ice piled up, eventually freezing the sea serpent in the center of the ice mountain. Amidst the seemingly chaotic ice peaks and edges, there was a touch of artistic beauty. Lilith suddenly thought that if Elizabeth wasn’t a demon, perhaps she could pursue further studies at an art academy and become a talented student loved by professors.

But those were thoughts for the future. At this moment, she and Liu Qingbo flew into the air. Suddenly, Liu Qingbo drew his sword from its sheath, and before Lilith could react, he pushed her aside and leaped towards the sea serpent’s head.

Was he out of his mind? They were still in mid-air!

Lilith widened her eyes, thinking that Liu Qingbo would fall. But suddenly, the sword radiance surged, enveloping him entirely, transforming into a dazzling sword aura and piercing into the sea serpent’s eye.

The original eye area was now just an empty cavity, bloodied and mangled. The sword light burst there, causing the sea serpent to roar in pain. Its body twisted, and the ice layer suddenly shattered. Elizabeth hurriedly reinforced the ice, but it was futile. The deranged sea serpent completely shattered the thick layer of ice. Its sharp fangs opened wide and bit off one of Elizabeth’s arms!

Amidst Elizabeth’s screams, the tail of the sea serpent heavily whipped onto the nearby Full Moon Island, causing the entire maze to collapse, turning into mud and flowing into the sea. Octopus Meika, unable to withstand the waves, had to enlarge its size to prevent its miniature body from being washed away.

“I think I’m going to drown!” it yelled in panic, distraught.

The Frenchman, clinging tightly to its tentacles and avoiding being swept away, couldn’t help but twitch his face. He had never heard of an octopus drowning!

Lilith piloted the aircraft and descended on top of the sea serpent’s head. She clung to its body and aimed at its other eye, firing several shots, unsure if they hit the soft flesh inside the sea serpent’s body. However, she was fiercely thrown off.

Kenta clung to a speedboat, floating in the water. As an apprentice of Master Xinchai, he wasn’t the most outstanding witchdoctor on this mission. However, due to his participation in the previous battle against Songen and Mara, he retained a certain level of vigilance and caution. While his companions were lured into the ice castle, he held a different opinion and was ultimately left outside. As a result, he survived the collapse of the castle. Unfortunately, his curses had no effect on the colossal sea serpent. Instead, it only fueled its madness. He could only go with the flow, watching the sea serpent grow increasingly frenzied, feeling more and more hopeless.

Given the current situation, they had no chance of killing the sea serpent. Who could have predicted that a seemingly innocent competition would turn into a deadly journey for everyone?

Kenta remembered his Master Xinchai sacrificing himself to protect him, trading his life for his. Now, instead of making a name for himself and bringing honor to his master, he was likely to perish here. He couldn’t help but feel a sense of desolation.

Suddenly, a loud noise rang out from above. Kenta quickly looked up and realized that the mist had completely dissipated, replaced by dark clouds filling the sky. Faint lights flickered within the clouds, hinting at an approaching storm of greater magnitude.

At a time like this, a storm would only worsen the situation, Kenta thought in despair. He discovered that the curses that humans feared and changed color upon hearing were nothing more than children’s play in this situation. It was not only ineffective but also utterly useless. He had once had his own pride, but now that pride was completely shattered. He could only beg for mercy from the heavens, hoping for a way out.

After the lightning, thunder rolled in, but it didn’t strike above Kenta’s head as he had imagined. Instead, it continuously struck the sea serpent’s body.

Kenta then noticed someone not far away, holding a sword in one hand and summoning thunder with talismans in the other. It seemed like they were… invoking heavenly thunder?

Zhang Song was still using forbidden incantations to attract the lightning. This time, he directly used his own blood as the conduit, summoning even more powerful heavenly thunder. Amidst the lightning, Elizabeth continuously bolstered the ice and snow, but the sea serpent continued to thrash, causing chaos on the water’s surface.

Not to mention practitioners, even beasts like the three-headed python wouldn’t have been able to withstand such intense attacks. However, the sea serpent’s power was immeasurable. It repeatedly broke free from restraints, ignored the attacks, and continued to wreak havoc.

Zhang Song coughed up another mouthful of blood, not only because using the forbidden incantations drained his mental energy but also because he had been accidentally struck by the sea serpent earlier, likely causing internal injuries.

But the situation wasn’t any better for the others. Yang Shouyi had attempted to attack the serpent’s tail but disappeared after taking a heavy blow. The Frenchman who had been on the sea serpent’s body was long submerged in the water. Octopus Meika’s figure was faintly visible amidst the surging waves, but that was because its size allowed it to firmly grasp onto the coral reef underwater. Even so, Zhang Song could still hear its cries for help coming from nearby.

They were both monsters, so how could it end up in such a pathetic state? Zhang Song cursed inwardly. He twirled his long sword in his hand, and another lightning struck the sea serpent’s head.

This lightning exhausted the last of his strength. Zhang Song’s grip loosened, and the sword fell into the sea, slipping through his fingers. No, he couldn’t hold on much longer…

Zhang Song could almost hear the violent thumping of his own heartbeat within his chest. With each beat, it felt as if it was about to burst out of his body. As the final lightning descended, his legs gave way, and he fell directly down.

Feeling completely drained, just as he was about to close his eyes, Zhang Song suddenly sensed a surge of brightness before him. He instinctively raised his hand to shield his forehead and struggled to keep his eyes open. In the next moment, his eyes widened.

He saw a dazzling burst of light erupt from the white chest of the monster, merging with the lightning. It enveloped the sea serpent, and with a thunderous sound, in the area where the dark clouds split open, it was as if an invisible hand had hurled the long-awaited energy ball of lightning, directly striking the sea serpent. There was someone else attracting the lightning!

Zhang Song realized this and immediately became excited. He desperately flailed in the water, but his limbs wouldn’t respond. A tentacle reached out and wrapped around his waist, and amidst cries for help, he was saved. The cries echoed in his ears.

“Wuwuwu, why did it suddenly thunder? It’s so scary!”

“Shut up!” Zhang Song couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted at the top of his lungs.

However, his roar was overshadowed by the thunder. All eyes were drawn to the commotion on the sea serpent’s body. Suddenly, a burst of light erupted from the monster’s chest, soaring into the sky before arcing back down, heading towards the sea serpent. The light pierced through the sea serpent’s brain like a sharp arrow, followed by another thunderbolt striking down. The sea serpent, now headless, finally toppled towards the sea.

It was Dong Zhi! Zhang Song opened his mouth wide, but he realized his voice had become hoarse.

Dong Zhi, wielding his sword, emerged from the sea serpent’s body while simultaneously invoking the Five Thunder Talisman internally. This perfectly complemented Zhang Song’s external thunder invocation. Under the dual pressure of internal and external forces, the power of the heavenly thunder increased dramatically. With the previous efforts of Liu Qingbo, William, and the others, they finally succeeded in completely defeating this ancient monster.

The thunder rolled down, and Dong Zhi, suspended in midair, appeared as if a divine being had descended. He punished this monster that had evaded heavenly tribulation and deceived time itself. The gigantic head of the sea serpent dropped into the sea, creating a massive tsunami. However, at this moment, Dong Zhi reappeared in a dazzling manner, capturing everyone’s attention even more than the monster itself.

Dong Zhi raised his sword high above his head. The tip of the sword connected with the purple lightning, as if guided by some divine will or instruction. In this awe-inspiring moment, Dong Zhi resembled a mythical figure, radiating a brilliant halo that made it impossible to look directly at him. His down jacket had long disappeared during the fierce battle, leaving him dressed in black clothes. Standing at the center of the swirling hurricane, he lacked his usual smile, exuding an almost cold and indifferent calmness.

The sea serpent roared and writhed, unwilling and filled with resentment, even after losing its head. It wanted to destroy the world and drag everything down with it. The nerves that had already been contaminated by demonic qi seemed to be venting their final trace of resentment. Even though its body had been pierced by the Changshou Sword and was in tatters…

“Oh my God, is that Zeus*! Han’er, is your team leader the reincarnation of Zeus?” William, holding onto a piece of driftwood, mumbled. He even mispronounced Li Han’er’s name, making it sound like “Hane”.

*God of Thunder in ancient Greek mythology, who rules as the king of the gods on Mount Olympus

“That’s right, he must be Zeus. Only the divine king Zeus can wield the power of thunder and subdue the enemy. Oh my, he’s so handsome!” Li Han’er restrained the urge to roll her eyes. “That’s Taoist thunder magic, not Zeus!”

William: “No, my dear, you don’t understand. In that instant just now, he must have received the divine will of Zeus. I wouldn’t mistake it. Look at his figure and aura. It’s not how he usually is. Only those called by the gods would…”

Li Han’er rubbed her sore head. If this person hadn’t pulled her down with him during the descent, she would have kicked him away by now to prevent further rambling.

In fact, not only William but even Liu Qingbo wondered inwardly when he saw Dong Zhi’s expressionless face looking in his direction: ‘Has this guy been possessed by a god again? Otherwise, why would he have that expression? He can attract thunder, but does he not recognize his comrades anymore? Zhang Song isn’t like this!

They locked eyes for a while, but Dong Zhi shifted his gaze away before Liu Qingbo had a chance to fully contemplate the situation. Liu Qingbo narrowly avoided being crushed by the sudden falling body of the sea serpent.

Even in death, this sea serpent, which may have caused several calamities in ancient times, stirred up a terrifying storm. Several islands were once again submerged by the surging floodwaters. When it fell, it happened to land on Full Moon Island, instantly causing the remnants of the maze that hadn’t been washed away by the sea to collapse completely. The end of its existence also marked the destruction of the remaining structures. It was unlikely that the organizers, when they came to clean up the aftermath after the flood receded, would recognize the original form of this island.

If they had died under the rampage of the sea serpent rather than drowning in the flood, it would have been too embarrassing. That was what all the participants thought. They exerted all their strength to find a way out of the flood. Zhang Song and Liu Qingbo were relatively fortunate. At the critical moment when they were about to be struck by the massive corpse of the sea serpent, a tentacle reached out and wrapped around them, throwing them onto the least affected Rose Island.

Rose Island had the highest elevation. Although most of it was submerged, some areas emerged as the water gradually calmed down, providing a relatively safe place. The whereabouts of the speedboat were unknown, so everyone had no choice but to swim desperately towards this location and wait for the organizers’ rescue.

Zhang Song weakly raised his hand and waved it toward the octopus, saying, “Thanks.”

Octopus: “You’re welcome. Five tons of fish.”

Zhang Song: …

He was completely exhausted and had no energy left to speak. He simply fell to the ground and played dead. But he didn’t need to pretend because, given their physical condition, they were indeed not far from death.

Elizabeth was still venting her anger about her ice castle, fiercely pounding the sea serpent’s corpse. Several other people were saved by Octopus Meika, sparing them the arduous task of swimming over, including Dong Zhi.

Dong Zhi leaned against the ground, took a few steps forward, and gasped as he asked Liu Qingbo, “Why didn’t you ask Elizabeth for the Golden Apple earlier?”

Liu Qingbo was taken aback. He had actually forgotten about it. “With such a dangerous situation just now, who would remember such a thing?”

Dong Zhi expressed his dissatisfaction. “Didn’t I keep giving you signals after invoking the thunder just now?”

Liu Qingbo replied in annoyance, “Who could tell that you were giving me signals? I thought you were just showing off after inviting god!”

Dong Zhi angrily retorted, “I was trying to attract other people’s attention so that you could buy time to get the Golden Apple!”

Liu Qingbo was also angry. “I’m not a mind reader. We were the ones who put in the most effort and made the greatest contributions. Even the final fatal blow to the sea serpent was delivered by you. The Golden Apple is rightfully ours!”

Dong Zhi helplessly said, “Then go quickly and call Elizabeth over, so that we don’t waste time.”

Liu Qingbo gathered his luck in his lower abdomen and suddenly shouted, “Elizabeth, Dong Zhi said he has a gift for you, many beautiful dresses. Come over here!”

Dong Zhi: …

Elizabeth, with teary eyes, raised her head and glanced in this direction, sobbing as she flew over.

“Where are the dresses?”

Dong Zhi: “Elizabeth, thank you. Without you this time, we would probably be dead by now. I will request a significant increase in your compensation from the organizers. You want many beautiful dresses, right?”

Elizabeth: “Yes, I want a lot, enough to fill an entire island, embroidered with gold thread and adorned with gemstones, just like…”

She turned her head and glanced at the four islands, pointing to the largest Full Moon Island. “I want that many!”

Dong Zhi: “No problem. You deserve it.”

Who asked the organizers to choose such a place that almost caused their complete annihilation? Afterward, Dong Zhi not only wanted to secure compensation for Elizabeth but also demanded reimbursement for their mental distress.

Elizabeth cheered. “That’s great! My dearest Dong, I love you so much!”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “So, my dear Elizabeth, give us the Golden Apple.”

Elizabeth blinked. “Okay.”

But at that moment, someone suddenly said, “The Golden Apple should go to the ultimate victor!”

Captain White of the French team, thrown up by Octopus Meika, gasped for breath as he spoke.

William, eager to stir up trouble, joined in, “That’s right, Dong, it seems we haven’t decided who the Golden Apple should go to. You can’t cheat!”

Li Han’er directly pointed her sword at his neck and said coldly, “Didn’t you just say that Dong Zhi is the reincarnation of Zeus? Now it’s cheating? Don’t forget who saved you all!”

William tried to appease her, saying, “Darling, don’t be so rude. Let’s talk things out. We’re all civilized people. Dong Zhi is indeed formidable. I admit that without his final blow, we might still be under the rampage of the sea serpent. But my admission is of no use unless others also acknowledge it, right?”

Li Han’er sneered, “I don’t care about others. I’m asking if you acknowledge it!”

William hastily said, “I acknowledge, I acknowledge!”

Dong Zhi smiled faintly at White. “If you’re not convinced, we can fight right now. The winner gets the Golden Apple. How about that?”

White couldn’t even lift his fingers now, let alone fight.

A wise person would know the current situation. Under the intense gaze of Liu Qingbo, Zhang Song, and others, White fell silent for a moment and reluctantly said, “I acknowledge that you are the winners of this competition.”

William also grinned, “Although I’m the deputy captain, in the absence of the captain, I can also announce…”

“Who said I’m absent!” Lilith stumbled over, falling to the ground in a disheveled manner, but no one laughed at her. Everyone’s condition was more or less the same. “Dong, this time, your team is indeed qualified to receive the Golden Apple. Congratulations.”

Elizabeth opened her mouth, and a golden object appeared in her palm.

Her gaze lingered on it, reluctant to let go.

Dong Zhi chuckled helplessly and took out a small linen bag from his body.

His backpack was long gone, but he kept this bag close to him, saving it from the disaster.

Inside were the silver coins they had collected along the way.

“These silver coins are in exchange for your Golden Apple,” he said to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s eyes lit up, feeling that it wasn’t such a bad deal, and immediately made the exchange.

Although the Golden Apple was palm-sized, it wasn’t heavy in her hand. Dong Zhi didn’t know if it was made of pure gold, but seeing the Golden Apple in his hand, he felt a heavy burden lift from his heart.

Countless days and nights filled with fear, tension, and sleeplessness.

Demon remnants, zombies, harpies, labyrinths, an octopus monster, an ice giant, and an ancient sea serpent.

So many hidden crises, constant dangers, almost causing their demise.

Holding this Golden Apple that was almost exchanged with their lives, they knew that their journey was not in vain.

Lilith looked at the Golden Apples in Dong Zhi’s hands, unable to hide her melancholy expression.

White was not only melancholic but also disappointed.

However, they couldn’t deny the efforts of Dong Zhi and the others. In the recent battle, Dong Zhi’s performance was so brilliant and outstanding that everyone saw it. It was something that couldn’t be taken away or erased.

Even if they didn’t admit it, even if they had another match afterwards, offending others wouldn’t necessarily lead to victory. Instead, it was better to be generous, admit defeat, maintain dignity, and foster friendships. After all, the competition was only once, while there would be many opportunities for future interactions.

Though they thought rationally like this, seeing their efforts of the past few days go to waste and gaining nothing after going through a life-or-death ordeal, it was inevitable for others to feel disappointed and melancholic.

After this battle, Dong Zhi’s reputation would undoubtedly spread to various countries. The practitioners who participated in the competition would surely recount the performances of everyone involved upon their return. When Lilith and the others had just arrived in Los Angeles, they couldn’t have anticipated that this new member who had joined the Chinese Special Administration Bureau less than two years ago would lead his teammates to victory.

Meanwhile, at that time, the Frenchman George, who planned a prank targeting the Chinese in his pursuit of Red-haired Grace, had already played tricks on two teams in a row and was confident that the Chinese would also fall victim to it. If he could make Dong Zhi and the others feel afraid or even withdraw from the competition in advance, it would be even better. Little did he know that this prank would end with him lying in the hospital and unable to participate in the upcoming match.

If time could be reversed, if George, still lying in the hospital, could foresee the current result, he probably wouldn’t dare provoke Dong Zhi and the others.

The author has something to say:

Small theater unrelated to the main text:

Dong Zhi: Wasn’t I constantly giving you signals earlier? I was trying to snatch the Golden Apple!

Liu Qingbo: Oh, I thought you were suffering from some post-summoning syndrome. Like you summoned a Western version of Zeus, and then Zeus naturally had an eyelid twitch or something.

Dong Zhi: …

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Bu Tian Gang Ch140

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 140

The Changshou sword flew out from behind him with a clang and suddenly hung in the air.

Dong Zhi grabbed the tentacles of Octopus Meika, leaped with force, and merged with the sword light, rushing towards the sea serpent.

William, who was not far away, was stunned.

“What is that? Did he also bring a flying device?!”

“That should be a flying sword, or rather, a sword-flying technique.” Li Han’er said this in Chinese, so William naturally didn’t understand. Considering Dong Zhi’s background, she was no less shocked than William.

Maoshan was known for its talismans among the three main sects, but besides talismans, they had other cultivation methods that were also very powerful. Li Han’er practiced sword and talisman cultivation, naturally knowing that sword-flying technique was a very difficult realm to reach. Some people may spend their entire lives stuck at this threshold without being able to take another step forward.

Sword-control and sword-flying weren’t the same thing. The former used divine control of the sword, while the latter combined body and sword, and was obviously more difficult.

She was shocked that Dong Zhi had achieved so much in such a short time after entering the world of cultivation. If he had been practicing since childhood, what kind of amazing realm would he be in now?

Not only her, but also Liu Qingbo and Liu Si behind Dong Zhi were also surprised. Especially Liu Qingbo, who had fought side by side with Dong Zhi before, had never seen him hide such a hand.

However, Liu Qingbo thought that it should be a special method that Long Shen had taught before they set off. With Long Shen’s understanding of swordsmanship, it wasn’t surprising that Dong Zhi had made such rapid progress in such a short time.

But in fact, everyone was mistaken.

Although the Changshou Sword didn’t have the same reputation as Liu Qingbo’s Fumo Sword, nor could it gather the essence of heaven and earth like Long Shen, it was still an ancient sword with a lifespan of thousands of years. As a weapon for cutting gold, breaking jade, and slaying demons, Long Shen even infused a part of his own soul into it to trigger a transformation.

The reason why Dong Zhi was able to see Long Shen’s past through the Changshou Sword was because the mountain fog and the wood spirit in the ancient sword had worked together. Later, after they returned from the battle in the Xianda village against the heavenly demon’s shadow, Long Shen infused a few strands of his own soul into the Changshou Sword to repair it.

Long Shen wasn’t a human and didn’t need to have all three souls and seven spirits intact. His soul fragments had no effect on him. Instead, they were like human hair or skin. Losing some of them would cause them to grow back. However, for the Changshou Sword, it underwent a transformation. If one had to describe it, it was like a computer upgrade, from a Pentium IV to a Core i7* all of a sudden. After Dong Zhi returned and was healing at the General Administration Bureau, he mainly learned how to better control the Changshou Sword under the guidance of Long Shen.

*Computer processors. || I have no clue about this stuff, but I’m assuming the Core i7 is a much better processor than the Pentium IV.

So now Dong Zhi’s ability to control the flying sword wasn’t because he had really reached that realm, but because of the Changshou Sword itself.

The sword light was like a rainbow, carrying numerous water vapor lifted by the waves, sweeping toward the head of the sea serpent. Amidst the turbulent intersection of mist and tides, countless people were floating in the sea, struggling to survive. Only the Ice Demon Elizabeth kept futilely creating icicles to trap the sea serpent, which were easily broken by the monster.

The icicles that caused great trouble to humans were nothing but an annoying prank for the sea serpent. This ancient monster, awakened from a long sleep and influenced by the remnant demonic qi, loathed the “ants” in front of it, who disturbed its peace. It opened its mouth, spewed out a raging flood, and swept its tail to smash all the icicles into pieces. Being swept up into the air and then falling back down was like a new disaster for everyone.

However, in the midst of this storm, the sword light of the Changshou Sword was like a bright light suddenly shining in the dark world. It was like the arrow shot by Hou Yi* towards the sun, rushing straight towards the head of the sea serpent.

*Mythological Chinese archer sometimes portrayed as the god of archery who descended from heaven to aid mankind. In Chinese lore, when the world had 10 suns, Hou Yi shot down 9 of them.

“Elizabeth, cooperate with me, hold it down!”

The Ice Giantess heard the Changshou Sword’s command and immediately shouted, “But it’s not afraid of my ice!”

“A few seconds will do!” The sword flew past her side without hesitation.

Hearing the request, Elizabeth no longer hesitated. She waved her hand, and an icy wind blew in from the air. The seawater around the sea serpent’s body instantly froze into ice, which rapidly spread as if the king of winter had arrived with a howl.

Liu Qingbo and Liu Si were quick to react. The octopus lifted them high, and then they were thrown in the direction of the sea serpent with all their might!

Fuck! Regardless of whether the octopus had ancestors or not, Liu Qingbo immediately cursed it for its incompetence. The silly octopus didn’t find the correct position or angle when it threw them out, causing Liu Qingbo to fly headfirst.

His handsome posture of exorcizing demons and slaying monsters was ruined!

In just a few seconds, Liu Qingbo actually had time to think about this, but he quickly adjusted his angle and summoned his Fumo Sword. He and Dong Zhi, from two different directions, stabbed the eyes of the sea serpent.

On the other side, Liu Si was quite as capable. He leveraged his strength, leaping up into the air, and landed directly on the sea serpent’s huge head. The willow whip fiercely struck the black demonic qi hovering over the sea serpent’s head!

“My God,” William muttered, “I should do something too!”

He fumbled for his personal flying device. “I hope it hasn’t been damaged by seawater!”

Li Han’er reached out and grabbed him. “Take me with you!”

“Miss, you shouldn’t participate in such a dangerous activity. My dear, wait for me to come back, okay?”

“Who are you calling dear?!” Li Han’er laughed instead of getting angry at the foreigner’s behavior of taking advantage of the situation, even at the moment of death. “Take me with you. I am much more useful than you. Can your bullets penetrate its scales?”

William looked up at the shiny black scales of the sea serpent and found that even small bombs might not be able to blast through its scales, let alone bullets. “But your sword won’t work either!” he protested.

Of course, ordinary swords wouldn’t work, but weapons enhanced with astral qi and magical talismans weren’t included in this category. Li Han’er was too lazy to explain more and simply grabbed William’s collar roughly and threatened, “Are you taking me or not?”

William looked at her in horror, his eyes incredulous, as if he had thought she was a classical lady, but who knew she would suddenly transform into an unbelievable Tyrannosaurus rex?

No one in the group of six, including Dong Zhi and the others, was more familiar with dealing with such a slippery giant creature. After all, they had rich experience dealing with the three-headed python, but circumstances had changed, and even Liu Qingbo didn’t want to stab the sea serpent’s chrysanthemum again, let alone him. Even if he wanted to, with the sea serpent’s ability to overturn the river and the ocean’s complex environment, they couldn’t replicate the previous “success story”, so the only visible weakness of the enemy was its eyes.

The target of the eyes was large and round, making it easy to find, but the sea serpent wasn’t a stupid creature waiting to die. When two sword lights attacked, it roared lowly, turned its head, and opened its mouth, swallowing both the Changshou Sword and its owner in one gulp!

A stench hit Dong Zhi before he realized that any of the fangs of the serpent was as big as his body. In the moment when he was completely sucked into its mouth, he had only one thought: Has this sea serpent never brushed its teeth since birth?

Liu Qingbo never expected Dong Zhi to become the other side’s food in the blink of an eye, but once the sword was drawn, there was no turning back. He knew this was an opportunity created by Dong Zhi’s sacrifice for him. He gritted his teeth, and the sword light of Fumo Sword suddenly shone several times brighter, piercing the sea serpent’s eye directly!

The bright red eyeball was instantly pierced by the sword light, and after the vitreous shattered, blood and foul liquid splashed all over Liu Qingbo’s head and face, but he didn’t have time to wipe it off. He shouted loudly, swung his sword, and slashed the fragile tissues around the sea serpent’s eyes.

The sea serpent, which had lost an eye, immediately entered into a frenzy; its huge body rolling and twisting in the ocean. Liu Si was directly thrown off, but before being thrown away, he didn’t forget to tightly wrap the demonic qi attached to the sea serpent and take it away.

If he had Dong Zhi’s sunlight talisman or Zhang Song’s exorcism talisman at this time, they could completely eliminate the remnant of the demonic qi. However…

Liu Si looked around but couldn’t find Zhang Song’s figure, and Dong Zhi was still inside the sea serpent. He regretted not having learned talisman magic at this moment. The demonic qi was about to break free from his whip—

“We are coming—”

Liu Si suddenly turned around.

One, no, two people suddenly rushed up from the sea!

William held Li Han’er’s waist with one hand and aimed his gun at the demonic qi, firing several shots that squarely hit it. The specially made anti-demonic bullets posed a deadly threat to the demonic qi, which trembled violently, and its struggling strength suddenly increased, vaguely forming the shape of a roaring man.

It was the consciousness of the remnant of the demon that was unwilling to dissipate. It was no longer the handsome man who first condensed in Xianda, but it would still reveal its original appearance at the critical moment of life and death. That was Mara’s pursuit of ultimate beauty and desire.

However, the remnant soul, which could not even be regarded as a doppelganger, were ultimately much weaker than the clone. Awakening the sea serpent already cost it too much energy. Faced with Liu Si’s whip and the anti-demonic bullets, the demonic qi desperately tried to break free and take revenge on the mortals who dared to attack it!

Seeing that the bullets could not completely eliminate the demonic qi, William became a little anxious. His personal flying machine was out of control after being soaked in water. He only had one bullet left in his gun and was still holding Li Han’er in his other hand, making it impossible for him to reload.

Just then, Li Han’er held a talisman in her hand and said to him, “Listen to my command. When I say shoot, you shoot!”

“Why should I listen to your command?” William opened his mouth but didn’t say the words out loud. His body had already subconsciously obeyed her words. He aimed at the demonic qi and fired another shot, while Li Han’er also threw out a talisman.

What would happen when Chinese talismans were combined with Western exorcism? No one had tried it before, but William and Li Han’er accidentally broke this record.

The talisman fire and bullet were shot at the same time, merging into a ball of flame in mid-air and exploded on the demonic energy. Even Liu Si was pushed away by the huge air current.

“We did it! The demonic qi was really eliminated!”

William shouted and danced, unable to resist kissing Li Han’er’s cheek.

Before Li Han’er could respond, the flying machine started to malfunction, and William flew over Liu Si’s head uncontrollably, falling in another direction.

The two of them were frightened.

“Quick, control it! The ground is below!” Li Han’er urged.

“I want to, but I can’t control it. It’s broken!” William cursed a string of swear words and hugged Li Han’er tightly. “I have to go back and complain. Those who invented this flying machine treated us as guinea pigs, damn it!”

The two of them glided over the skyline in a parabola, straight towards the island below.

The ground was getting closer and closer. Li Han’er recognized the island. They had just had an adventure there not long ago. There was a dense forest, tall trees, and maybe even some residual zombies. But even with trees as a buffer, it was useless at this height and speed. If they fell, they would only face death.

After a brief panic, William surprisingly calmed down. He turned to Li Han’er and said, “My dear, I didn’t expect that we would die together so soon after we met. This is also a wonderful fate. Can you accept my confession?”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang from behind. A colorful parachute automatically opened, carrying the two of them down slowly.

Li Han’er and William: …

The two looked at each other in silence for a second, then William said, “My dear, can you pretend that nothing happened just now and let me continue to confess my love?”

Li Han’er was expressionless. “No, shut up. You’re so annoying.”

The demonic qi completely dissipated, and Liu Si also fell into the sea from mid-air.

But the battle was far from over. He looked up anxiously, watching the sea serpent raging in the ocean. After Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo, two Frenchmen and the leader of the American team, Lilith, climbed onto the serpent’s body one after another, wanting to attack it. But without exception, all of them failed. The sea serpent had almost no weak points all over its body. Its scales were almost invulnerable. Even if they tried their best, they could only leave a slight wound on it, which was insignificant for the sea serpent but would only further enrage it, causing it to destroy everything in sight.

The flood submerged the nearby Rose Island and Full Moon Island, and it was gradually getting worse. The sea serpent’s fury also brought a hurricane, forming new vortexes on the sea surface, sucking everything around into them. Yang Shouyi and Zhang Song, as well as two British people not far away, struggled to survive in the sea. Though the physical fitness of practitioners was much higher than ordinary people, in the face of the power of the sea snake that could overturn the world, they were simply weak.

Even Octopus Meika couldn’t hold onto the coral reef. It fell over from the giant wave and covered Zhang Song’s head, almost making him spit blood. Fortunately, it shrank its body at a critical moment, from the size of a round table to the size of a palm, sticking tightly to Zhang Song’s head.

“I can’t do it anymore. My head is spinning, and I’m going to vomit…” the octopus said weakly, spitting out seawater, which splashed on Zhang Song’s face.

“You’re an octopus. Why are you dizzy from water?” Zhang Song was going crazy.

“Even an octopus can get dizzy…” Meika was dizzy, feeling the world spinning around it, and the sea was also upside down.

Liu Si urged, “You must grow bigger and send us up again! Dong Zhi was swallowed by it, and we don’t know what happened to him!”

The octopus replied weakly, “I can’t do it. I really don’t have any strength left!”

Zhang Song said angrily, “Even if you don’t have strength, you have to summon some for me!”

“I’ll go!” A woman swam over, grasping a piece of driftwood that had been washed away from Diana Island.

Zhang Song and Liu Si turned their heads to find that it was Lilith, the leader of the American team. “I have a flying device. Who wants to come with me?” Lilith said, gasping for breath.

“I’ll go!”

“I’ll go!”

Zhang Song and Liu Si almost simultaneously exclaimed. The two looked at each other, and Zhang Song said in a deep voice, “I can use talismans. I’ll go.”

“Okay, Lao Zhang, make sure to bring back the captain!” Liu Si said.

Zhang Song grumbled, “What if I can’t bring him back!”

Seeing Liu Si frown, he waved his hand and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll do my best!”

Lilith grabbed Zhang Song’s shoulder and said breathlessly, “Hold onto my waist!”

Zhang Song frowned and said, “I’m heavier than you. Why don’t you give me the flying device, and I’ll control it!”

Lilith snapped, “You haven’t been trained. Hurry up and don’t waste time!”

Zhang Song had no choice but to tightly hug her waist. The two almost stuck together, and Lilith’s slim and curvy body was tightly pressed against him, making Zhang Song feel a little embarrassed. However, he soon forgot about that once Lilith pressed the button on the flying device. They flew up into the air, but the flying device was clearly not very reliable. Just now, William almost turned in the wrong direction. At this moment, the two of them were flying around haphazardly, almost flying over the sea snake’s body. It was only when Zhang Song snatched the control device and desperately held onto it that they managed to control their speed and direction.

When the two flew past the small mountain-like body of the sea snake, Zhang Song suddenly let go of Lilith and leaped forward, jumping onto the body of the sea snake. He drew his sword and held a talisman in his other hand.

“Zhang Song, the sixty-seventh generation disciple of Mount Longhu, humbly implores the gods of the world…”

If the elders and masters of Mount Longhu were here, they would immediately stop Zhang Song when they heard the spell he was chanting. However, now there was only Zhang Song, and no one knew that he was chanting a forbidden spell of Mount Longhu. This spell sacrificed blood to the heavens and summoned wind and thunder. Its power wasn’t inferior to that of the Five Thunders, but it was easier to summon heavenly thunder than the Five Thunders. However, for the person who chanted the spell, it was a great risk, because if they weren’t careful, their blood and qi would flow backward, and the heavenly thunder wouldn’t strike the intended target but rather the one who was chanting the spell.

Summoning thunder required opportunity and luck, but this forbidden spell didn’t require that, so in a way, it was more effective. However, ordinary people were afraid of the backlash and dared not use it casually. Only daring kids like Zhang Song had no qualms and used the forbidden spell without hesitation in critical moments. In an instant, dark clouds and strong winds gathered around him; the clouds dispersed the fog, and the sound of thunder rolled from afar.

The thundercloud gathered energy, and a dazzling light fell from the sky, wrapping around the head of the sea serpent. At this moment, Liu Qingbo happened to thrust the Fumo Sword into the other eye of the sea serpent. The sea serpent roared silently, turned its body over, and everyone was thrown into the sea in an instant. Surging floodwaters spewed out from the mouth of the ancient monster, and some people disappeared directly into the waves.

Elizabeth rested for a while and then jumped out of the sea again, rushing toward the sea serpent. Using the power of the heavenly thunder to buy time, she commanded the seawater to turn into ice layers, quickly spreading from the sea surface and soon freezing most of the sea serpent’s body. The violent winds gradually stopped, and the surging waves gradually calmed down. Everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Zhang Song stood on the frozen sea serpent, suffering from the backlash of the forbidden spell, and spat out a mouthful of blood. The blood quickly penetrated into the ice layer below, and Zhang Song looked down, his face changing drastically.

“Not good. It’s resisting. It will thaw again soon. Quick, strengthen the spell!” he shouted at Elizabeth.

“I don’t have the strength!” Elizabeth shouted back even louder.

Everyone: ……

In the face of the absolute power of the ancient monster, all efforts seemed futile. Not to mention that the organizing committee couldn’t receive their message and rush here in such a short time. Even if they came, they probably wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

The sea serpent, which had been blinded, had already entered an extremely frenzied state. Although the remnant soul of the heavenly demon had been eliminated, when it was awakened, it had already left a mark in the sea serpent’s body. At that moment, all negative emotions were mobilized, and the raging sea serpent was almost unstoppable. The ice layer freezing it was visibly cracking, and it would soon break free from this weak restraint. In a short time, perhaps not even a few minutes, no one would be able to escape when it regained its freedom.

Even the most powerful creatures had weaknesses, and Liu Qingbo firmly believed in this. But what could be the weakness of this sea serpent?

He struggled to stay conscious in the sea, but the sudden inertia of being thrown off made him feel drowsy, and his vision became blurry as a result.

Dong Zhi…

He remembered his companion, who had been swallowed by the sea serpent and was now in an unknown state of life or death. He gritted his teeth and held tightly to the Fumo Sword.

The sword suddenly emitted a bright light.

Dong Zhi was still alive.

He hadn’t been digested by the sea serpent’s stomach, but he suspected that he would end up dying in the most embarrassing way in history—suffocated by the smell inside the sea serpent’s body. This was an experience he absolutely didn’t want to recall, provided that he could get out of it this time.

Last time, it was Liu Qingbo who took action against the three-headed giant python. After reminiscing countless times about the disgusting expression on Liu Qingbo’s face afterwards, Dong Zhi found it funny. But the tides had turned, and now it was finally his turn to take action. Dong Zhi couldn’t laugh anymore.

With the protective qi, besides the unpleasant smell, the inside of the sea serpent’s body was spacious, and he encountered no obstacles along the way. However, he had to work hard to find a weakness inside the sea serpent that he could break through from the inside.

If he couldn’t find one, he might never be able to leave.

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Bu Tian Gang Ch139

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 139

“What are these things?!” Liu Qingbo angrily exclaimed. “No matter how we kill them, they don’t stay dead!”

The Frenchman was so frustrated that he wanted to cry. “We don’t know either!”

Above them, Suge, possessed by the demonic qi, flew down with an icicle in his hand, once again flying towards Dong Zhi’s head!

Dong Zhi swung his sword, cutting the icicle in half with one blow. He grabbed Suge’s ankle with his left hand and pulled it down hard, dragging Suge down. His eyes were red, his face strange, and he grinned at Dong Zhi, curling his fingers as he grabbed towards Dong Zhi, fiercely and mercilessly. He seemed determined to rip Dong Zhi’s heart out.

At this close distance, Dong Zhi saw a faint black qi floating around Suge’s head, almost imperceptible unless one looked carefully.

You’re the one!

The Changshou sword buzzed with astral qi and flew towards Suge’s head, as if it were guided by spiritual assistance.

Dong Zhi followed with a leap, but his target was not Suge but the void behind him!

“The heavens give birth to water, the earth gives birth to fire, the heavens give birth to wood, the earth gives birth to gold. The five central palaces, subdue malignity, overcome disasters, and eliminate all traces of evil!”

A spark of talisman fire shot out of Dong Zhi’s hand, exploding into a dazzling light. The Frenchman had no idea what Dong Zhi was doing and thought he had also been possessed by a demon. The captain, Galan, was hesitating about whether to come to the rescue. Under the light of the talisman fire, a dark shadow appeared in his line of sight, vaguely revealing a human form.

“It’s Anton!” exclaimed a member of Galan’s team. “That Russian guy!”

The shadow gradually became clear, and it was indeed a tall man, with a ferocious and strange expression, staring at Dong Zhi.

“Old friend, we meet again!”

Dong Zhi didn’t have many “old friends”. Apart from normal friends, they were probably the demons he had enmity with, and it was obvious that the one in front of him belonged to the latter.

Although this heavenly demon, Mara, was incomplete and couldn’t even be considered a complete incarnation yet. It was just a remnant soul that had survived Long Shen’s pursuit but still retained the consciousness of the heavenly demon, and its strength had recovered to a certain extent after this period of nourishment. It no longer had to hide in the dark corners, waiting for an opportunity.

Mara divided his power into several parts, targeting the weak-willed participants, possessing them, and taking advantage of their unpreparedness to attack their teammates, such as the Japanese participant, Eguchi, who was determined to win back his master Fujikawa’s honor, and the Russian in front of him, Anton.

The reason why demons could wreak havoc was because everyone had inner demons, whether big or small. The small ones could be resolved by themselves, but the big ones were coveted and used by demons. There were also natural-born demons like Otowa Yasuhiko, who, although born with human skin and a human heart, would one day voluntarily become a demon and a scourge in the human world.

“Old friend, you’re not dead yet?” Dong Zhi smiled slightly and threw three more talisman fires.

The three talisman fire split into three paths–top, middle, and bottom–like arrows shot out with almost no reaction time. The three Frenchmen were stunned, unable to react. Even though they were all practitioners, each of them had different methods. They saw Dong Zhi use fire with such ease that they started to believe he was a wizard.

However, the powerful technique that impressed the Frenchmen was extinguished with a wave of Mara’s hand. Not only that, but Mara was unafraid of the sword qi and directly attacked Dong Zhi’s face. Suddenly, Dong Zhi missed Zhang Song. Although he was rude, he was the best at using talismans on the team. With him, the power of the talisman fire would increase significantly.

The puppet Suge, controlled by Mara, attacked Dong Zhi from behind. The Frenchmen and Liu Qingbo were entangled by sea monsters and unable to help. Even if they could get rid of the sea monsters, they couldn’t reach him in just one or two seconds.

Suge’s hand holding the icicle smashed towards the back of Dong Zhi’s head but was suddenly entangled by a soft tentacle. He roared low and twisted to attack the octopus entangling him. Although the tentacles and eyes of the octopus Meika were not fully grown, its thick skin wasn’t affected. Although Dong Zhi and the others had cut it for a long time before, it only left a few superficial wounds on its body. Now, even Suge couldn’t cause any harm to the octopus. Instead, the octopus became impatient and lifted him up.

“Is he a contestant? Can I kill him?” It asked Dong Zhi and the others.

“He has been possessed by the demon and is beyond help!” Liu Qingbo said.

The octopus nodded and shook its tentacles. Suge was tossed high into the air and heavily thrown towards a distant snow building. His body hit an ice column, which collapsed, and a large piece of the building fell with a crash.

“I’m done. Elizabeth will kill me!” The octopus murmured.

“Who cares?” Liu Qingbo said unkindly. “Look at how you turned out!”

On the side of Mara, a whip was drawn from behind and cut through the air, directly wrapping around Mara’s neck. Liu Si exerted a little force, and Mara’s whole body was dragged back and fell.

Dong Zhi took the opportunity to strike with his sword and aimed directly at Mara’s forehead.

The sword light completely devoured the demonic qi, and Anton cried out in pain. He tightly grabbed the willow whip wrapped around his neck with such strength that it could almost tear a living person apart. However, the willow whip was the true body of Liu Si and was different from ordinary whips. No matter how hard Anton tried, the whip only tightened around him until the sword light entered his body.

Black and white clashed and trembled in the interweaving, and the demonic qi rolled and roared. This was its last struggle, unwilling to completely dissipate. Although it was only a trace of a remnant soul, the strength of the heavenly demon avatar couldn’t be underestimated. It occasionally broke free from the sword light and rushed eagerly towards Dong Zhi, but was quickly destroyed by talisman fire. This repeated several times until the demonic qi finally gradually dimmed.

At this moment, everyone suddenly felt the ground shake. The shaking became more and more intense, and the snow buildings collapsed one after another. The sea was also churning, and even the sea monsters trembled and shattered in such a tremor. People couldn’t stand steadily and fell to the ground one after another. The demonic qi took advantage of the opportunity to escape from the sword light, and immediately broke through the encirclement and burst into laughter.

“God, what’s happening!” exclaimed a Frenchman.

“Oh my god, that huge creature’s waking up!” the octopus also cried out.

The Frenchman had no idea what the huge creature in his eyes was. The giant octopus was already a huge creature to them. But Dong Zhi and the others had heard a few words from the octopus just now and could guess that there was a monster on this island that even the organizing committee didn’t know about. The heavenly demon wanted to awaken the sleeping monster and create more trouble. Now it was obvious that the disturbance was caused by the monster that was about to awaken.

“Meika, can you stop it from waking up?” Dong Zhi shouted.

“I can’t. I don’t even know where it is!” The octopus replied with panic. “Elizabeth may be able to freeze it and let it continue to sleep, but she doesn’t know where it is!”

“No one can stop it now!” This was the voice of the heavenly demon. “My consciousness will eventually merge with it. All of you will die here!”


William and his team finally escaped from the maze and met Tom, who was waiting for them by the sea. They learned that Dong Zhi and the others had already taken the speedboat to Princess Island. They had thought that the organizing committee had gone to great lengths to build the maze, so the golden apple must be inside it. They had been circling inside the maze, and even fought with the possessed contestants. They didn’t find the golden apple but had a fierce battle with the demon. After finally getting out of the maze and were told that the golden apple was not on this island, William and his team despaired.

Helpless, they and the other teams who managed to get out of the maze had to quickly take the speedboat to Princess Island, praying in their hearts that the challenge on Princess Island would be extremely difficult and that the golden apple hadn’t yet fallen into anyone’s hands, meaning everyone still had a chance.

They didn’t know if their collective prayers made things more effective, but just as William and his companions set foot on Princess Island, they hadn’t had time to feel the shock of the ice castle before they were shaken to the ground by the sudden earthquake, unable to get up for a while.

The earthquake caused the waves to become higher and higher and soon formed towering waves that surged towards the shore one after another, almost like a tsunami. The sky and the earth turned dark, the mist was chaotic, and in the face of such power, everyone seemed so small. William and his companions did not have time to think of anything else and rushed towards the ancient castle inland.

Their speed was already fast enough, but the speed of the fierce winds and waves was even faster than they imagined. Some people ran slightly slower and were immediately swept away by the sea, never to be seen again.

But this wasn’t the most terrible thing. William and his companions soon discovered that the ground on the island was also cracking, causing the ice to quickly split into small pieces. Something seemed to be slowly rising in the center of the island, causing all the shattered ice to slide towards the ocean.

The yellow soil exposed under the ice layer also shattered inch by inch under the power of the earthquake. The whole island suddenly came alive, with the surrounding seawater churning endlessly. Waves over ten meters high rushed towards them, and the beautiful ice castle collapsed from the middle and quickly collapsed from bottom to top. If nothing unexpected happened, it would turn into ruins in a few minutes.

“Oh my god, is this an earthquake!”

William and his companions clung to the ground firmly, staring in disbelief at everything in front of them.

“It must be what Dong did!”

“This is not something that can be caused by human strength at all. What happened!”

People screamed in the fierce wind, but soon they knew the answer. When the ice castle on the island completely collapsed and disappeared as the whole island roared. The yellow soil layer under the ice layer also cracked, revealing the dark object underneath.

In the center of the island, where the ice castle was located, a black object slowly rose, and as it rose higher and higher, the cracking on the ground accelerated. The ice and loess fell into the sea together.

William was lucky enough to catch the speedboat that was originally anchored by the sea in time. His body rose and fell in the waves, and he could still see the true form of the black object—

Holy shit, it’s a giant snake, almost as big as the entire island! No, it is this entire island!

William suddenly understood that this sea snake had been sleeping on the sea surface for who knows how long, covered in thick rocks, and had become an island. No one knew that there was actually a snake under this island. Now the sea snake had awakened, and the soil layer on its body had fallen off.

In other words, the whole island had come “alive”!

“Oh my god…”

William looked up at the huge sea serpent slowly rising from the sea with its layer of soil still falling off, causing the surrounding seawater to boil. The spray from the waves mixed with the original mist. It was as if he were witnessing the creation of the world by God. Although it was spectacular and rare in his life, William didn’t want to experience it at all if he could.

The speedboat kept flipping in the huge waves, and William had to hold it tightly to ensure that he wouldn’t be swept away silently. Despite his efforts, he used almost all his strength, and his head was already dizzy from the dramatic change. He had completely forgotten about the golden apple, and now his only thought was to save his life! A figure next to him flowed by, also swept up by the waves and was about to pull away. William quickly grabbed the person and pulled them back. The other person, who could surprisingly maintain relative clarity and agility amidst such turmoil, grabbed him back, and together they grabbed the speedboat.

“Miss Li!” William exclaimed with joy.

Li Han’er was soaked all over. Her hair was all wet, sticking to her head because of the strong wind and sea water. She was a mess, without any elegance or composure, but William didn’t have any romantic thoughts either. He was purely happy to see a familiar face after such a dramatic change.

The huge sea serpent finally shook off all the soil on its body and washed away the dirt that had been stuck to it for years in the sea, but it just shook its tail, immediately causing a towering wave to come crashing towards William and Li Han’er.

“This is Jörmungandr*! It must be Jörmungandr!” William murmured, as if he were possessed by a demon.

*Also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent, is an unfathomably large sea serpent or worm who dwells in the world sea, encircling the Earth (Midgard) and biting his own tail, an example of an ouroboros. As a result of it surrounding Midgard (the Earth) it is referred to as the World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök (the final battle of the world) will begin.

“What is that?” Li Han’er was confused.

William turned around abruptly and said to her, “In Norse mythology, Jörmungandr’s body is large enough to wrap around the world, and it will bring disaster to the world!”

Li Han’er asked, “Is it the black rooster you mentioned before, called Gullinkambi?”

William replied, “No, that was a joke I made up to fool you. I didn’t expect them to bring a monster from Norse mythology. Oh my god, are the organizers crazy? Are they trying to destroy the world with this competition?!”

Li Han’er’s face turned black when she heard that William had lied to them before.

William quickly explained, “That was just a little joke I made to confuse you, as we were competitors. But I didn’t lie to you about the harpies, did I?”

While he was busy explaining to Li Han’er, the sea snake opened its huge mouth and its massive neck bent down slightly, suddenly spewing a large amount of water that rushed towards the people floating in the ocean. Even outstanding practitioners could only struggle to survive against such a giant creature with no other choice.

“Quick, call the emergency contact of the organizing committee on the speedboat and ask them to take this thing back!” William shouted.

Li Han’er was closer to the button on the speedboat. She stretched out her hand and pressed the emergency contact with all her strength, but she was almost swept away by the huge waves with just this simple action.

“It’s useless. This is not from the organizing committee at all!” she shouted at William, with no trace of a ladylike manner. “It was awakened by the remnant soul of Mara!”

William turned pale.

“My ice castle! You destroyed my castle!” A sharp voice suddenly sounded in the huge waves, like that of a five- or six-year-old girl.

A white figure rushed towards the sea snake from the sea surface. Although her figure was far inferior to the sea snake’s, her whole body was as tall as the sea snake’s head. The giant was completely transparent, as if made of ice. She waved her hand, and the seawater surged up and condensed into ice arrows, shooting towards the sea snake.

“Who is that?” William was startled.

“It’s Elizabeth!” A few minutes ago, the character who had caused Li Han’er a headache was now the vanguard to deal with the sea snake. It was quite surprising, as if dawn were breaking through the darkness.

When Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo fell into the hole created by the heavenly demon, Li Han’er, Zhang Song, and Yang Shouyi had to go find Elizabeth, who was mentioned by Octopus Meika.

The twists and turns of this journey need not be mentioned. Elizabeth was so capricious and mischievous that, from the sixth floor to the eighth floor, Li Han’er and her companions were baptized with countless ice weapons. Even inconspicuous snow piles in the corners of the walls could suddenly turn into soldiers and attack them.

They went through many obstacles that were no less difficult than Dong Zhi’s and Liu Qingbo’s, who were fighting the sea monsters and the demon under the hole. Finally, they saw the holder of the golden apple.

According to the octopus’s description, Elizabeth was a girl who loved beauty and shiny, pretty toys, like all girls who had a dream of becoming a princess. Even though they knew that whoever guarded the island here couldn’t be a simple character, they were still shocked when they saw the real Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, who could manipulate ice and snow, was indeed a demon made of ice and snow. She was huge, with ice crystals as white as snow. At first glance, she looked like the life-size ice sculpture in the first-floor hall had come to life.

However, even if she became friends with Octopus Meika, Ice Demon Elizabeth’s mentality wasn’t mature enough to the point where she would help the three of them eliminate the heavenly demon. Not only did she refuse to cooperate, but she also caught Li Han’er off guard and created an icy prison for her. Elizabeth demanded that Zhang Song and Yang Shouyi break the ice prison and rescue Li Han’er within a limited time frame, or else she would turn Li Han’er into an ice sculpture forever.

Zhang Song’s hot temper was immediately provoked by Elizabeth’s childish trick, but before he could confront her, a violent earthquake occurred, causing even the ice castle to completely collapse.

Amidst this unprecedented chaos, Li Han’er was left to fend for herself, and she became separated from Zhang Song and Yang Shouyi. She narrowly avoided being swept away by the giant waves, but she was at a loss as to how to subdue the sea serpent. Unexpectedly, Elizabeth appeared and engaged in a fierce battle with the sea serpent.

Dong Zhi, Liu Qingbo, and Liu Si were not far apart, with their arms tightly entangled by Octopus Meika, preventing them from being swept away. Nearby, the Frenchman was lucky enough to grab a piece of driftwood on the island.

“My god, the demonic qi has merged with the sea serpent! Elizabeth can’t defeat it!” The octopus floated in the water, firmly holding onto a huge coral reef with one of its tentacles.

Elizabeth waved her hand, and the seawater around the sea serpent instantly froze, but this was only a difficult test for humans. The sea serpent didn’t care at all. With just a slight movement of its body, the ice immediately shattered. Its tail raised, slamming heavily on the surface of the sea, causing another disaster of towering waves.

The sea serpent lowered its head, and in its two huge eyes, it saw the small figure of Dong Zhi looking up at it.

In its eyes, Dong Zhi was like an ant, not even large enough to get stuck in its teeth after swallowing him. But in Dong Zhi’s eyes, in the crimson pupils of the sea serpent, there was a black flame burning fiercely.

That was the remnant soul of the heavenly demon, which had escaped from Long Shen’s sword in Xianda Village and eventually came here, merging with the sea serpent, awakening it, and wanting to use it to create disasters.

The remnant soul summoned by Song En from the abyss of hell wasn’t actually the true demon Mara. It only had the desire of a demon but had already separated into an independent consciousness. With the inferiority of a residual soul, it even refused to admit that it was a remnant soul.

Based on this, its nature became more extreme and radical. It came to the Senluo Islands not only to absorb the vitality of the practitioners but also to find a suitable host.

Dong Zhi knew that he was originally one of the possible vessels for the remnant soul of the heavenly demon because his appearance was attractive enough for it. However, dark creatures naturally gravitate towards power, so when the remnant soul of the heavenly demon found a stronger creature, it immediately shifted its target. It would have to pay a considerable price to successfully possess Octopus Meika, who had a simple mind and no inner demons. Therefore, it set its sights on the sleeping ancient monster, the huge sea serpent hidden under Princess Island.

The sea serpent, which had been asleep for who knows how many years, was suddenly awakened and became an unstoppable killing machine. As the saying goes, “one force can conquer ten*”, under this power that could destroy half of the world, almost no creature would be its match.

*(一力降十会) Idiom referring to a single individual can accomplish great feats through hard work, perseverance, and determination, and that the power of one can have significant impact on a group or situation.

The octopus monster was already large enough before it was injured, but compared to the sea serpent in front of them, Meika was like its little brother.

“Is it going to eat us?” The octopus trembled in the sea, and its tentacles involuntarily wrapped around Dong Zhi a little tighter, like a child trying to hold onto something to ease their fear.

“Meika, I need your help,” Dong Zhi suddenly said. “I need to deal with this sea serpent.”

“What, what! I can’t do it. It will eat my head in one bite!” Meika said with a sob.

Liu Qingbo angrily said, “Why are you so useless!”

The demonic pressure emanating from the sea serpent spread out, controlling the surrounding waves and causing chaos. It also suppressed everyone, making it impossible to move. Countless people disappeared in the hurricane and raging waves, and many people like William were struggling to survive.

Even Meika, who wasn’t afraid of anything, began to feel fear.

“Your friend is fighting it! If we don’t help, she will soon be defeated and die! If she dies, the next one will be us!” Dong Zhi made up his mind and said in a deep voice, “I will fight it. You will be responsible for dealing with its tail and supporting us. Do you hear me?!”

Liu Qingbo was confused in the wind. “What do you mean? What are we doing?”

Dong Zhi said, “It’s you, me, and Lao Liu. The others are too far away to help. Let’s give it a try!”

Liu Qingbo said, “What the hell? Did you ask for my opinion?”

Dong Zhi said, “Now it’s time for your Fumo Sword to show off in front of all the practitioners in the world. Isn’t this what you’ve been dreaming of? Don’t miss this great opportunity!”

In the raging wind and waves, he reluctantly turned his head back and asked, “Lao Liu, any questions?”

Liu Si said, “No problem!”

“Okay!” Dong Zhi shouted loudly, “Changshou Sword, come out!”

Kinky Thoughts:

What’s wrong with all these people? At no point did any of them even raise the question of, maybe we should tell the organizing committee about this demon running amuck and trying to awaken an even bigger demon…

Nah… the golden apple is too important.



Also known as the Midgard Serpent or World Serpent, is an unfathomably large sea serpent or worm who dwells in the world sea, encircling the Earth (Midgard) and biting his own tail, an example of an ouroboros. As a result of it surrounding Midgard (the Earth) it is referred to as the World Serpent. When it releases its tail, Ragnarök (the final battle of the world) will begin.

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Bu Tian Gang Ch138

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 138

Liu Qingbo let go of his grip and let the Fumo Sword fly out. The Fumo Sword encountered the ice soldiers like a wolf entering a flock of sheep, reaping them like cutting leeks. Wherever the sword light went, the heads of the ice soldiers fell to the ground, while their bodies remained in the moment of charging forward. Looking around, the ice soldiers without heads were neatly lined up.

“It’s a bit like the Terracotta Army,” Liu Qingbo murmured as he sheathed his sword.

“I wonder if the people behind us will be scared when they see this,” Dong Zhi said, looking at the headless soldiers with amusement.

“The ground is cracking!” Li Han’er shouted.

Everyone looked down, and sure enough, the ground under the feet of the ice soldiers cracked and quickly spread in all directions. At the same time, the gray sky began to snow. The snowflakes quickly gathered in the air and turned into sharp ice cones, raining down like arrows from above! The sudden attack caught everyone off guard, and they had to wield their swords to defend themselves. Although they had encountered icicles and ice soldiers before, they thought this place wasn’t much different. Although they didn’t say it, they subconsciously relaxed their vigilance, and they were immediately caught off guard.

The icicle rain was extremely fast and dense. Zhang Song was slightly careless, and his shoulder was immediately scratched. This was because he dodged quickly. If he had been a little slower, his shoulder would have been pierced. But on the other hand, Li Han’er wasn’t so lucky. Her sword wind was a bit slower, and a stray icicle fell and directly pierced her palm. Dong Zhi heard her scream in pain, turned around, and saw her hand covered in blood.

Yang Shouyi yelled, “We have to go back to the ship!”

Liu Qingbo said, “No, it will be even more difficult to land again if we go back. We can’t retreat at this time!”

There shouldn’t be any icicles in the castle, but the castle was still about thirty meters away from them. Dong Zhi estimated the distance in his heart and shouted, “Han’er in the middle. Everyone else around her. Weave a net with your sword qi. I’ll shout, and we’ll run together. Pay attention and keep the same pace!”

This was indeed a good idea. Everyone moved at the sound of the shout, blocking the icicles from above while retreating to the middle until they surrounded Li Han’er. Then, at Dong Zhi’s command, everyone began to run towards the castle.

Except for Li Han’er’s sword-holding hand injured, which she was unable to defend herself, five people—four swords and a whip—covered their heads, and their protective qi washed over them. They formed a shield of white mist that dissipated the icicles into white steam as they came into contact with the sword qi and whip wind.

But this was also extremely exhausting. By the time the six of them ran into the open gate of the castle, they were all gasping for air and unable to speak.

Li Han’er’s palm was pierced by an icicle, leaving a bloody hole. Luckily, it wasn’t poisonous. After Liu Si treated her with medicine and gauze, she was able to move her hand. Although her movements were still a bit sluggish, she could still hold a sword with no problem.

Liu Qingbo and Dong Zhi began to look around.

Upon closer inspection, they found that the castle’s gate was originally locked, but now the lock was broken. The building was entirely constructed of ice and snow. Even the gates and walls were filled with beautiful Victorian-era paintings and sculptures. In the center of the castle’s first floor hall, there was a huge statue of a person, at least three or four meters tall. The face wasn’t very clear, but it was wearing a beautiful dress, and even the jewels on the necklace it was wearing, as well as the slightly curled short hair, were vividly depicted.

“It’s just a place for a competition. Is it necessary to spend so much money and effort on it?” Zhang Song sneered.

“This is Elizabeth’s life-size statue. It must have been created by her. Group 51 only gave us a deserted island and a large glacier.” Octopus Meika explained.

“Life-size statue?” Dong Zhi was surprised. “Are you saying Elizabeth is that tall?”

Octopus Meika said naturally, “Yes. Compared to me, she’s still very small. Every time I talk to her, I have to shrink to her size, which is very inconvenient!”

Dong Zhi was speechless, thinking that William’s information was indeed correct. The other party said that the golden apple was in the hands of a colossal woman, and it was indeed a female giant.

Liu Qingbo picked up Octopus Meika from Dong Zhi’s shoulder.

“Will your friend set any traps for us? You’d better tell us everything at once. Otherwise, we’ll roast you and eat you as a snack!”

Octopus Meika blinked its remaining eye. “I don’t know. Elizabeth does like to play pranks, but she’s just mischievous and won’t harm me!”

Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes. “You have tough skin and flesh, so you won’t be hurt. We’re different. Her prank just now was already at the level of murder!”

Octopus said, “But the organizers did say that we should try our best to hinder you. Otherwise, we won’t get paid!”

Liu Qingbo cursed the organizers in his heart.

Normally, these obstacles were nothing. At most, they would suffer some injuries and lose some blood. But in the current situation where the remnant soul of the heavenly demon was lurking, trying to awaken some ancient monster, these tests had become a nuisance and added to their troubles.

Dong Zhi pointed to the ice chips on the ground. “Someone has been here before. There should be no danger in the hall now. Even if there are traps, someone has already stepped on them.”

Octopus also said, “That’s right. Let’s hurry up and find Elizabeth. I feel a very dangerous energy lurking underground here, slowly awakening. If we find Elizabeth, she can use the ice to suppress whatever is down there and prevent it from awakening.”

The group walked through the magnificent hall and quickly entered the adjacent corridor. Sunlight streamed in through the exquisitely carved windows, making the sparkling ice crystals shine and creating a stunning and gorgeous scene. It was like a work of art.

Compared to the clueless octopus, its giant friend had a very high sense of aesthetics. If it weren’t for the urgent situation, Dong Zhi almost wanted to slow down and admire the building, even sketching every detail of it.

On one side of the corridor, there were even ice sculptures of various shapes. There were knights holding long swords, women holding torches while holding up their dresses, and—

Even a Frenchman aiming a gun with a look of anger and surprise on his face?

“Isn’t this one of the people from the French team?” Li Han’er exclaimed. She couldn’t remember his lengthy name, but she recognized his appearance.

There were seven ice sculptures in the corridor, and two of them were French, one holding a gun and the other holding a long, curved warrior sword high above his head, frozen in mid-air with a shocked expression on his face.

“This is Elizabeth’s favorite game,” the octopus said. “Turning living things into ice sculptures. She’s frozen me before!”

Dong Zhi asked, “Can they be restored?”

“Of course,” said the octopus. “When the temperature rises and the surface melts, they can come out.”

Although this trick was harmless, no one wanted to be frozen inside it.

Liu Qingbo said, “If there is no risk to our lives, let’s not bother with them. Let’s go. We still need to find the heavenly demon!”

Dong Zhi was speechless but took out two sunlight talismans and threw them at the two ice sculptures. The symbol fires burned on the foreheads of the sculptures, melting the ice slowly, but it didn’t last long before the talisman fires burned out.

After all, he wasn’t skilled in using the fire talismans, so the effect wasn’t very good. Dong Zhi scratched his head and shamefully said to Zhang Song, “Lao Zhang, can you help out?”

Zhang Song reluctantly took out a fire talisman and said, “Why waste it on them?”

Dong Zhi grinned and said, “Let them melt slowly. As long as they can come out, it’s fine. There’s no need to rush.”

Zhang Song cast out two fire talismans that hung over the ice sculptures’ heads. The flames were much larger than Dong Zhi’s sunlight talismans and didn’t burn out as quickly. Under this kind of roasting, the heads of the ice sculptures slowly began to melt, and it wouldn’t be long before the two people inside could get out.

The group didn’t stay in one place for long. Behind the corridor were one room after another, modeled after European castles, with portraits hanging on the walls, draped four-poster beds, and European-style sofas, but everything was made of ice. The luxury made people feel chilly.

They passed through the rooms and walked up the stairs at the end of the corridor, going up to the second floor, then the third floor, which were all much the same. Because the octopus said that Elizabeth might be on the top floor of the castle, they didn’t look at each floor carefully until they stepped onto the staircase of the fourth floor. Suddenly, without warning, countless icicles fell from above.

“Fall back!”

Icicles fell like rain, forcing them to take refuge in the nearby corridor and stopping everyone from moving forward.

“Hey, you guys!” A cry rang out not far away, and a dark face appeared in the sight of Dong Zhi and his companions. “Follow me, I know another passage that leads up!” The person beckoned to them.

“I recognize him. He is Kenta’s friend. Let’s follow him!” Dong Zhi said.

Dong Zhi had a deep impression of Suge because Kenta, a disciple of Master Xinchai, had introduced him and said that he was also an apprentice of some kind of witch doctor. Suge was outgoing and talkative and had even invited Dong Zhi to visit Thailand at the time.

Now, seeing Dong Zhi and the others retreating, Suge hurriedly said, “Kenta and the others are upstairs. I’ll take you there!”

“Have you found the golden apple after all this time?” Dong Zhi asked.

Suge was panting as he replied, “We’ve been trapped on the sixth floor, along with the French. Everyone is trapped in an ice cage, except me. It’s so good to see you. I can’t save them alone!”

He led the group to the end of the corridor, where there was indeed a narrow staircase. It was easily mistaken for a dead end because it was blocked by a wall, causing people to miss it.

“Is Kenta also on the sixth floor?” Dong Zhi asked.

Suge nodded. “Yes, he is.”

Suge led the way, and Dong Zhi and the others followed behind. Suddenly, Octopus Meika said, “I sense an evil aura approaching.”

Liu Qingbo retorted angrily, “Aren’t you one of the evil auras too?”

Suge was taken aback and turned around. “Who’s speaking?”

“Our new friend we just met,” Dong Zhi said with a smile.

Octopus Meika was unhappy with Liu Qingbo’s comment. “I am a worker assigned by the organizing committee, not an evil aura! Haven’t you been to a haunted house? I’m like one of the staff inside, being beaten and scolded for little pay!”

Li Han’er was surprised. “You actually know about haunted houses? Have you been to the human world?”

Most of the time, this octopus seemed like a naive creature, but sometimes it displayed unexpected intelligence.

“I haven’t been there, but Elizabeth has. I heard it from her,” Octopus Meika said.

Dong Zhi brought the topic back. “Where is the evil aura?”

“I don’t know. It was close just now, but it seems to be getting farther away,” Octopus Meika replied.

Everyone was confused and had no idea what it was talking about.

Then, Liu Qingbo, who was walking behind Dong Zhi, suddenly tapped him on the knee.

Dong Zhi was caught off guard and instinctively fell forward onto the steps. The people behind him also stopped.

“What’s wrong, captain?” Liu Si, who was behind them, couldn’t see what had happened.

Suge also stopped and looked confused.

“It’s nothing. Liu Qingbo just had another fit of madness. I’ll teach him a lesson after we get the golden apple,” Dong Zhi said lightly.

Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes.

The others were completely bewildered.

Only Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo knew what had just happened.

Just a moment ago, Liu Qingbo hit Dong Zhi’s upper body and caused him to fall crooked on the steps. He had to use his elbow to support his body, and his gaze naturally lowered. From his angle, he happened to see Suge’s steps up the stairs, but he discovered a shocking phenomenon.

Suge’s heels didn’t touch the ground but were slightly raised upward with a small and subtle arc. It wasn’t obvious, so they hadn’t noticed it before, but this was obviously very abnormal because no normal human would walk like this.

Unless they weren’t human.

In the hotel in Changchun and on Changbai Mountain, those who were killed by monsters and manipulated as puppets all walked like this.

However, Suge spoke and behaved normally, and even his anxious emotions were just right. The bells on Dong Zhi and the others’ bodies hadn’t even rung. If it weren’t for Liu Qingbo’s sharp eyes, they wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Dong Zhi was almost sweating with anxiety, but he didn’t say anything, not even glancing at Liu Qingbo. He continued to follow Suge as if nothing had happened, but one hand had quietly reached into his pocket, ready to use the sunlight talisman at any time. He intentionally slowed down his pace and argued with Liu Qingbo. Liu Qingbo also noticed his intention and cooperated very well. The two of them argued from the fourth floor to the sixth floor. Li Han’er and Liu Si thought they really had a falling out and quickly tried to stop them, but Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo didn’t stop, but instead their arguing intensified.

“Liu Qingbo, don’t think I won’t do anything to you. If you have the ability, fuck off then!”

“Who do you think you are? It’s just because your master is Boss Long that you were able to become the team captain. Otherwise, how else were you chosen?”

“Then you can fuck off now!”

“Do you want me to leave so you can go back and complain? I won’t!”

Liu Si and Li Han’er looked at each other, not understanding why the two of them suddenly argued as if they were going to fight for real, even though they often argued with each other. However, they were also worried that things would really get out of hand. Liu Si quickly advised, “Qingbo, just talk less!”

Li Han’er also said, “Yes, Captain, we’re close to the golden apple. Don’t start infighting now!”

Dong Zhi snorted, unusually tough. “What infighting? He and I are not on the same side. He always puts on airs and thinks he’s better than others. Look at Lao Zhang and Lao Yang. Who isn’t dissatisfied with him?”

Zhang Song: …I didn’t say anything this time!

Yang Shouyi: I got shot even when I’m not even involved.

Despite the two of them arguing loudly behind, Suge never turned his head and kept walking forward. The others were busy trying to stop them and didn’t notice this detail. Only Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo secretly paid attention. As soon as Suge stepped onto the sixth floor, two sword lights shot at him from behind, unexpectedly from Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo, who had just been arguing fiercely!

However, Suge seemed to have eyes on the back of his head. He jumped up flatly and leaped more than three feet high, directly rushing up to the top of the dome like a monkey. At the same time, he let out a creepy laugh.

“Long time no see, my friend. How have you been?”

The voice sounded like it came from underground, and yet it seemed to surround them from all sides, sometimes far away and sometimes near.

The octopus shouted, “It’s the evil aura!”

Without needing to say anything, Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo already knew that the remnant of the heavenly demon were indeed hiding in the shadows, waiting for them to come to it.

Suge flew up to the dome and rushed towards Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo again, holding a huge icicle that he had broken off a wall sculpture halfway through, and thrusting it towards their heads!

His expression had lost its liveliness, appearing dull and speechless. His limbs seemed to be controlled by invisible threads, and his whole body was like a puppet without free will, becoming a tool of the demon to kill his companions.

The icicle came down, and everyone scattered to avoid it. The ground, also made of ice and snow, was hit with a huge force, and a hole was blasted open. Cracks rapidly spread from the hole. Before they could grab onto something to stabilize themselves, the ground collapsed with a loud noise!

One level, two levels, three levels…

The collapse was like a domino effect, unstoppable. The ice and snow buildings were sturdy yet fragile. Once the supporting points collapsed, the entire structure could no longer be sustained.

Dong Zhi, Liu Qingbo, and Liu Si were walking at the forefront and were the unluckiest. The three of them fell from the sixth floor, but they quickly realized that even though they had reached the first floor, there was no solid ice on the ground as they had imagined. Their bodies were still falling rapidly until they fell into cold water.

Li Han’er, Zhang Song, and Yang Shouyi, who were walking behind, managed to grab onto an unbroken ice ladder and escape unscathed.

They turned pale as they watched their companions fall.

“Let’s go save them!” Zhang Song wanted to jump down but was pulled back by Li Han’er.

At the critical moment, the cool headedness of women came into play in their minds.

“We must first find Elizabeth. Meika said that Elizabeth is the owner of the ice castle, and only she has the power to suppress the heavenly demon and the monster it wants to awaken and avoid greater disaster!”

“Han’er is right!” Yang Shouyi also realized. “The captain and the others are powerful and should be able to hold on for a while longer!”

“Let’s go!” Zhang Song hesitated for a moment but made up his mind and climbed up the remaining ice ladder.

Saltwater rushed into their noses and mouths, and their bodies were instantly enveloped in coldness. In the unfathomable ocean, the three of them lost the composure of practitioners and could only struggle to survive like ordinary people.

Although Liu Si had transformed from a willow tree, his water skills weren’t particularly good; he could barely swim. His thick clothes became heavier after being soaked in seawater, and he was soon dragged down. At this moment, a tentacle reached out and wrapped around his arm, pulling him up.

After surfacing, Liu Si finally breathed a sigh of relief. He found that the octopus monster had become a lot bigger. Although it was not as exaggerated as when it was first encountered, it was now as big as a round table with ten people sitting around it. Even the tentacles have become thicker so it was no wonder they could be dragged out of the water.

“Oh my god, if such a beautiful ice castle is smashed into a big hole, Elizabeth will go crazy!”

Hearing the octopus complain in his ear, Liu Si raised his head, and he saw the ice building above his head with a huge hole. Although this only occupied a corner of the entire ancient castle, the castle wouldn’t collapse in a short time, so how could they have fallen directly into the water from the sixth floor? Wasn’t the ancient castle built on an island? Did they smash through the island?

Before he could think of an answer, there was the sound of violent fighting not far away.

The sea water rose from the sea from time to time and immediately turned into a human form, just like the guardian of the sea god Poseidon in mythology, holding a halberd, while attacking humans.

The object of their attack was three Frenchmen.

There was nothing here except for inexhaustible seawater in all directions and an endless stream of shape-shifting sea monsters. The exhausted Frenchmen who were fighting against them were still unable to break free from their grasp. Bullets were useless against these sea monsters formed from water, and swords could only serve as self-defense. However, when these sea monsters swung their halberds, they could truly cause harm to human bodies.

When Dong Zhi and them descended, the three Frecnhmen were already covered in wounds and in a sorry state.

Now, the sea monsters had discovered a new target: three Chinese people.

The waves surged and condensed into humanoid forms in mid-air, wielding halberds and slashing down towards Dong Zhi.

“Don’t hurt my friend!” Octopus Meika angrily shouted.

The sea monsters paused for just a moment before continuing their attack.

Dong Zhi quickly rolled to the side, not caring about his posture, as survival was the most important thing. Octopus Meika exclaimed in surprise and fear, “They seem to be controlled by an evil aura and aren’t listening to me at all!”

The French, who had previously looked down on Dong Zhi and his companions, suddenly saw them descend from the sky. Even the French captain, who despised Dong Zhi the most, became so excited he couldn’t help shouting.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

“Stop shouting! We’re not deaf!” Liu Qingbo retorted. He swung his sword and split a sea monster in half turning it into a puddle that accumulated on the ground. But more sea monsters quickly emerged from the water, making it impossible to kill them all. It was no wonder that the exhausted Frenchmen were already as good as dead, even though they were still standing.

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Bu Tian Gang Ch137

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 137

Facing such a small octopus that was completely different from the arrogance just now, Dong Zhi actually felt a trace of guilt.

“Sorry, we didn’t know you were a staff member invited by the organizing committee. Can your eyes still recover?”

Octopus: “Yes. My eyes and tentacles can regenerate.”

Dong Zhi squatted down. “Then I’ll go back and tell them to pay more remuneration, okay?”

“Really?” The octopus raised its head and stared at him with its only remaining eye.

Dong Zhi: “But we still have a few questions. I hope you can help us answer them.”

Octopus: “Half a ton of fish for one question.”

The corners of Dong Zhi’s mouth twitched. “Okay.”

The octopus was immediately elated. “Then ask!”

Dong Zhi: “Have you seen the remnant soul of a heavenly demon? Or, have you ever seen a person possessed by a demon?”

Octopus: “What is a demon?”

Dong Zhi was speechless for a moment, then could only say, “It looks like a cloud of black air, but in fact, it can enter the body of the living and control their minds, performing behaviors that are different from ordinary humans. For example, digging out people’s hearts.”

Octopus: “Ah, then I have seen it. Is that a demon?”

Everyone was shocked.

Dong Zhi asked, “Where is it?!”

Octopus: “I don’t know, but I saw him when he dug out the hearts. He ate several human hearts, but one person ran away.”

Tom hurriedly said, “That’s me! Why didn’t you stop the demon at that time?!”

The octopus asked strangely, “Why stop it? The rules of the competition only prevent me from harming humans. It didn’t say that I have to protect them.”

Liu Qingbo was suspicious. “You saw it? Why didn’t it kill you?”

Octopus: “I don’t know. Why should it kill me?”

Liu Qingbo: “Your power is so great. Why didn’t it attach to your body and use your power to kill?”

The octopus was silent.

Liu Qingbo became more convinced that his speculation was a possibility. He had already drawn his sword before he heard its confused voice.

“I don’t know. It did try to attack me, but found that it couldn’t control me, so it ran away… I remember!”

The octopus said aggrievedly, “It said that I was too stupid. I kept thinking about eating fish all day long in my head, and my strength wasn’t strong enough. It felt like it was a shame to enter my body.”

Everyone: ……

It was rare that his thoughts aligned with Mara’s, but Liu Qingbo felt no honor.

The ignorant octopus was like a child whose spiritual wisdom hadn’t fully developed. It was both powerful and childish, and even the words it was saying couldn’t make people laugh or cry.

“So is it still on this island?” Dong Zhi asked.

Octopus: “No, it went to another island, because there’s a more terrifying monster on it. It should have gone to find it.”

Dong Zhi: “What monster?”

Octopus: “I don’t know, but it’s terrible. I can sense its power, which is extremely huge and profound, making it irresistible. I dare not approach it. It’s sleeping now, but I don’t know when it will wake up. If it wakes up, it will be a very terrifying scene. The sea will flow backward, the sun will be replaced by the moon. I will also die!”

It spoke in a confused manner with mixed-up language, but they could hear the extreme fear in its tone.

Zhang Song frowned and said, “Is that monster also invited by the organizing committee?”

Octopus: “No, no. They don’t know it exists. No one knows it exists, but I can sense it. The demon you mentioned should be able to do the same, so it went to find it. I was scared. Oh, I’m going home…”

Everyone never expected that the huge octopus that was so powerful just now turned out to be a monster with a child’s mind after shrinking.

Liu Qingbo said viciously, “Don’t cry. Answer our questions carefully. Which island did it go to, and what’s on the island?!”

As a result, the octopus cried even louder.

Li Han’er couldn’t bear it and bent over to comfort it with a warm voice. Perhaps due to the gentle power of women, the little octopus’ cries finally subsided, and everyone’s sore heads were relieved.

“Meika.” Li Han’er even got the octopus’ name. “Aren’t you afraid that the monster will wake up? We’re going to destroy the demon to prevent it from waking up the monster, but you have to tell us which island the demon went to and what is on the island before we can be sure we can defeat the demon.”

Octopus Meika said, “There is ice, glaciers, and a huge city of ice and snow on the island.”

Li Han’er was surprised. “The ice and snow haven’t melted?”

Meika: “The mist is an enchantment, frozen with ice and snow, so it won’t melt. They deliberately brought the glaciers here, but they don’t know there is a monster beneath them. The monster is sleeping and must not be awakened. Otherwise, there will be big trouble.”

The “they” it was referring to was Group 51.

Li Han’er: “Since the monster is sleeping, the demon shouldn’t be able to wake it up, right?”

Meika: “No, it can get into the consciousness of the monster, anger it, and then control it.”

Tom looked at Dong Zhi. “Dong, we must find Lilith immediately, tell them the truth, and then go destroy the demon!”

Dong Zhi continued to ask Meika, “Is there a golden apple on this island?”

Meika: “No, only silver coins. Do you want them?”

‘It’s good that it’s not fish or shrimp,’ Dong Zhi thought. “Where are the silver coins?”

The little octopus opened its mouth and spat out several silver coins.

“Here. It’s all here. Take it!”

Liu Si picked up the silver coins, causing the little octopus to let out a gasp. As if discovering a new world, the octopus excitedly said, “You’re not human either!”

“I’m not.” Liu Si smiled.

Meika was very curious. It looked at him up and down with one eye. “Then is this also a disguise using illusions that you look like this?”

Liu Si shook his head and said, “I have studied through cultivation and have undergone a complete transformation of my body. I won’t be easily seen through by others.”

Meika: “How can I transform? I want to transform too!”

Liu Si smiled. “Isn’t it good to be an octopus?”

Meika said in distress, “It’s not very good. I can only live in the ocean all the time. After leaving the coast, humans will treat me as food.”

Dong Zhi, who had just cut off a section of the tentacle not long ago, felt a little guilty, but Tom, who had eaten the charcoal-grilled tentacle slices, felt even more guilty. The two looked at each other by coincidence and quickly looked away.

Meika continued, “If I can transform into a human, I don’t have to stay in the water all the time, and I can eat more delicious fish. I heard that grilled fish is more delicious than raw, right?”

In the end, it was just for fish. Liu Si was also a little speechless about this unambitious octopus monster. He said, “It should be, but it is indeed more convenient to be able to change shape at will. If you’re interested, you must learn Chinese first. There are many methods of cultivation, and only those who know Chinese can understand them correctly.”

Meika: “Okay, then can you teach me? I can give you a gift. Do you want a shark or a whale?”

Liu Si: “…Neither.”

Dong Zhi came up with an idea. “How about this? If you can maintain this reduced body shape, after the competition is over, we’ll communicate with the organizing committee and take you back to China. I will take you to a place where there is also an elder who has awakened his intelligence from animal form. If he is willing to accept you as his disciple, you will learn many useful skills.”

The Wuzhiqi had kept a promise to stay underwater for thousands of years, willingly. However, Dong Zhi thought that if he had a disciple to teach, it might alleviate his loneliness. Besides, he had damaged one of the octopus’ eyes, so he had to repay the debt.

Of course, if the Wuzhiqi wasn’t satisfied with this disciple, then Dong Zhi would also find a way to compensate the octopus. The Special Administration Bureau was full of talent, and it shouldn’t be impossible to accommodate an octopus.

The octopus was elated. “That’s great. Then I’ll wait for you to finish the competition and follow you back to China!”

Tom interrupted the octopus’ elation. “Wait, Meika. I want to know. How are my companions?”

Meika: “Who is your companion?”

Tom: “It’s one of the teams that came in.”

Meika said honestly, “Some are dead, and some are still alive. I don’t know who’s dead and who’s still alive.”

Tom was shocked. “How did they die?!”

Meika: “There seems to be some infighting. One of them is possessed by a demon, which is the one I mentioned before.”

Tom said in a low voice, “Isn’t it already gone?!”

Meika: “It doesn’t have a fixed form and can be divided into many parts. The part that called me stupid is its main body, but outside of its main body, it has also split up some clones to occupy human consciousness. Do you understand what I mean?”

Tom didn’t understand.

Dong Zhi said, “The heavenly demon’s remnant soul may have already taken action on the ship. After possessing someone, it uses temptation and manipulation to pass on the demonic qi to people with evil intentions, using them to commit killings. We’ve encountered one in the forest before. Now, what we can do is hurry to Princes Island and stop it before the demon’s remnant soul awakens that monster.”

Meika said, “That’s right. Besides the monster, there is also my friend Elizabeth on Princess Island. She has the golden apple. I can take you to find her.”

Dong Zhi asked, “Is Elizabeth also hired by the organizing committee to help?”

Meika nodded its head. “Yes, we all signed a contract. She will be responsible for stopping you from getting the golden apple. In return, she will receive many beautiful dresses.”

Dong Zhi suddenly thought about the organizing committee, which had told them the riddle about the golden apple.

“Could it be the riddle that the beauty shrouded in the clouds will eventually take off her mysterious veil is referring to your friend?”

“Beauty?” Meika naturally praised its friend. “Elizabeth is indeed beautiful, and she’s very shy. The only thing she cares about is art. If the art is destroyed, she will be very angry.”

Everyone suddenly realized that they had found the truth.

Dong Zhi said, “Meika, can you take us out of this maze?”

The octopus was quite happy to be able to visit its friend. “Yes. Before you came, I had already visited this maze several times, and I remembered the route!”

“You remembered all the complicated routes?” Zhang Song wasn’t quite convinced that an octopus could remember the route out of a maze.

Meika sensed his doubt and unhappily said, “Of course! Have you ever seen an octopus that speaks English?”

Zhang Song: …No.

Meika said proudly, “I must be the first octopus that speaks English, and the only one!”

The little octopus got up from the ground. When Dong Zhi saw its eye, he felt sorry for it. He lifted it up and let it point in the direction as everyone followed along.

“When will your eye recover?”

“Maybe in a dozen or twenty days. Octopus have strong regenerative abilities.”

Dong Zhi apologized. “I’m sorry. The enemies we encountered before were all very fierce, so we had to give it our all each time.”

“It’s okay.” Meika didn’t seem to mind. “I will use this to get more pay from them. This time, I want ten tons of fish. What do you think?”

Dong Zhi couldn’t laugh or cry. “Where can you store so much fish? And you can even become small. Can you eat all that fish?”

Meika: “I can keep track of it. I’ve been trading with them like this for years. They owe me more than ten tons of fish now, and with this catch, it will last me for a long time. I can even remember the route through the maze, let alone what they owe me! The only reason I shrunk down to talk to you is all for communication. Normally, I prefer to be my original size, swimming freely in the ocean. All marine creatures give way when they see me. Aren’t I majestic?!”

The octopus was originally an intelligent creature. Meika, who was in front of him, was obviously smarter than an ordinary octopus and possibly even smarter than ordinary humans. After all, humans wouldn’t be able to remember the route out of a maze. If Meika could carry out systemic learning, perhaps its wisdom would one day surpass many humans.

“I know a dragon who also loves food. You’ll be able to become good friends when you meet.” Dong Zhi was talking about Kan Chaosheng.

Meika: “A dragon? Can it breathe fire?”

Dong Zhi: “No, no. He’s not the kind of dragon in the west, but a dragon in the east. He hasn’t really become a dragon yet, but will soon.”

As the two of them were chatting, Liu Qingbo suddenly made a sound from behind and grabbed Dong Zhi.

“It smells like blood!”

Everyone else also smelled it. They drew out their weapons to be on guard.

Meika said, “There’s no danger ahead.”

But Dong Zhi and the others weren’t at ease. They walked slowly around the corner and found a corpse lying on the ground.

Tom exclaimed, “Isn’t this the female astrologer?!”

Liu Qingbo stepped forward to check and found that she had been dead for a while. Her fingers were stained with blood, but there was no wound on her hand, indicating that the blood was someone else’s. There was also a blood hole in the center of her brows, which should have been caused by a bullet.

Tom also squatted down. He looked at it for a while and said, “This should be our bullet.”

Liu Qingbo: “We suspected before that she might have been possessed.”

Coupled with the fact that they heard gunshots during the day, it wasn’t difficult to make the connection.

Dong Zhi asked the octopus, “Are there any remaining monsters in the maze now? Can you feel them?”

Meika: “I used to be able to see as long as I got bigger, but now you have cut off several tentacles and one of my eyes is gone. I’m seriously injured and need to recuperate. There’s nothing I can do for the time being.”

Tom: “What about my companions? Can you tell where they are?”

Meika: “They have either left or they have gone back to the fork in the road. There is no other test here except me.”

Of course, the demon was an accident. Mara’s remnant soul was elusive and unpredictable. Everyone expected the beginning, but not the process. Aside from this accident, the levels of the four islands had their own characteristics.

Diana Island was a forest infested with zombies.

Rose Island had the harpies.

Full Moon Island had a maze with a giant octopus monster.

Princess Island had a beautiful city of ice and snow.

If there was no demonic qi infested by the remnant soul of the heavenly demon, everyone would be looking towards Princess Island, which would also be the destination of their ultimate goal, the golden apple.

Dong Zhi tried to call William using the cellphone he gave him, but he couldn’t get through.

Zhang Song and the others curled their mouths, thinking that no matter how powerful the technology was, it wasn’t as reliable as a sword. But looking at Tom’s gloomy face, they didn’t say this out loud.

Although Tom was anxious, he had no choice but to follow Dong Zhi and the others and continue onward.

With the octopus leading the way, everyone returned to the fork in the maze again. Before dawn, they had already walked out of the maze smoothly, but along the way, they didn’t encounter any humans again.

Tom was concerned about Lilith and William, so he didn’t want to go to Princess Island with Dong Zhi, so Dong Zhi gave him the cellphone and told him to keep in touch with William and the others. If necessary, he could take the speedboat to Princess Island to find them, or he could withdraw from the competition.

Under Tom’s gaze, the group of six, together with the octopus monster, took a speedboat to Princess Island.

The fog outside Princess Island was far more intense than that of other islands. The almost milky white mist surrounded the entire island, forming a natural barrier. As the speedboat approached, Princess Island gradually appeared in their sights behind the white fog.

Li Han’er thought to herself that her concentration was good, but at this moment, she couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

The island was almost covered in white.

The castle on the island was built by glaciers, as if a fairy tale had suddenly leapt out of a book into the real world.

However, this place wasn’t close to the polar regions. The ice and snow were all transported here and fixed in place by special methods. For the sake of this competition, the Americans certainly went all out.

“Who drew Princess Island before?” Yang Shouyi asked.

“The French and the leaders of Southeast Asia,” Li Han’er said.

Because the French had teased them with Grace before, everyone didn’t have a good impression of them. If the French were the first to win this competition, it would be more irritating than if William and the others won.

“Is there any test on this island?”

It was Meika who answered them, “Only the ice trap and Elizabeth, but Elizabeth won’t let them get the golden apple so easily.”

Liu Qingbo: “What’s your Elizabeth good at?”

Meika: “She has soldiers—many soldiers—who can come out at any time, anywhere.”

This sentence sounded a bit vague, but Dong Zhi and the others soon knew what it meant.

At the moment they set foot on Princess Island, the city of ice and snow, as if sensing their arrival, created countless sharp thorns made of ice that pierced through the ground and sprouted around them like a silent welcoming ceremony.

Everyone was startled and hurriedly dodged, but the ice thorns emerged far faster than they thought. Within seconds, the thorns had rapidly surrounded them, forming a large expanse of white ice crystals as far as the eye could see.

Liu Si reacted a little slower and narrowly missed having a sharp ice crystal pierce through the sole of his foot, creating a pair of holes through his shoe.

“Meika, can you contact your friend?” Dong Zhi asked.

The little octopus was slumped on Dong Zhi’s shoulder and replied weakly. “I can’t. All my body’s energy has been depleted. Even transforming into a larger size is very difficult.”

Everyone had to walk cautiously through the ice and snow. Li Han’er was inattentive and brushed against a sharp edge of an ice crystal, immediately tearing her clothes.

“Be careful. These ice crystals are even sharper than real swords!”

In such a world, ice and snow were no longer just a breathtaking natural phenomenon or a work of art for viewing. They were deadly weapons.

Dong Zhi suddenly felt that even if the French team arrived here before them, they might not necessarily have an advantage. Besides, the other team didn’t know that the golden apple was on this island. They might have turned to other islands after encountering setbacks. So overall, the rules of the game were quite fair. While strength was undoubtedly important, luck also played a significant role.

When they finally made it through this patch of ice thorns, they found another large patch emerging from the ground.

Zhang Song was impatient and drew out his sword. With a flick of his wrist, the sword flew out and directly cut through the thorns and ice crystals in front of him, leveling everything below his calves.

More thorns continued to grow, and the light from the sword intersected and crisscrossed in the air, creating a dazzling white. Under the sunlight, shards of ice crystal covered the path they had walked on, shining like scattered jewels that no one had picked up. Meika was amazed to see this, and as they sheathed their swords, they expressed regret. “You guys should keep going!”

Dong Zhi couldn’t laugh or cry at the octopus. Despite its large size and intelligence, it was definitely not more mature than Kan Chaosheng in terms of mental maturity.

“We need to enter this ice city. Are there any traps inside?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I haven’t been there before. I’ve been living under the arctic ocean all this time, but Elizabeth has a lot of weapons, and this is her world.”

As if in response to the octopus’ words, snowflakes falling from the sky condensed in the air for a moment, turning into soldiers in armor with spears in their hands.

Throwing beans to make soldiers*!” Yang Shouyi’s tone was full of astonishment. He didn’t expect that someone would be proficient in such Taoist techniques in this kind of place.

*Idiom referring to the legendary story where a general was able to create an army out of farmers by scattering beans on the ground and shouting a command, causing the beans to transform into soldiers. Figuratively, it means to be able to turn something small or insignificant into something big and powerful.

“That Elizabeth should be able to control ice and snow!” Liu Qingbo said. He had always been a person who grew braver in battle and faced difficulties head-on. This time, he brought out his Fumo Sword, and he couldn’t wait to show it off.

However, foreigners didn’t know the origins of the Fumo Sword or who Zhong Kui was. He was frustrated that he couldn’t gain a sense of accomplishment from killing zombies, but now that there were so many enemies, he became excited. The Fumo Sword seemed to sense its owner’s emotions and was restless in his hand, buzzing loudly and eager to be used.

Kinky Thoughts:

Meika is so cute!

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Bu Tian Gang Ch136

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 136

The tentacles were long. Dong Zhi specially picked out the fat and tender meat and cut it. After filling a small bag, he stood up contentedly.

“The weather is cold now, and this is raw. It can at least keep for a day. This means we don’t have to eat dry food all the time.”

Empathizing with the same kind, Lui Si, who also transformed to a living form, looked at the scattered tentacle “corpse” that had been cut into pieces on the ground and couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth while softly whispering, “What if this thing is poisonous?”

Dong Zhi said, “It’s okay. The tentacles of ordinary octopuses aren’t poisonous. If the tentacles were poisonous, we would have been poisoned a long time ago. I brought salt and cumin, so there’s no need to waste it.”

Liu Si originally had some psychological barriers, but when he heard about cumin grilled octopus tentacles, he couldn’t help but silently swallow his saliva.

Liu Qingbo: “…I can understand salt, but why did you think to bring cumin?”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “When we were staying in Los Angeles, I went to the back kitchen. The chef found me favorable and gave me a small bottle of cumin powder. At that time, I thought that foreigners liked BBQ and might bring it for grilled meat, but who knew that they didn’t bring any and we ended up with grilled octopus.”

Liu Qingbo held his forehead. “Who taught you this habit of bringing everything with you? Does Boss Long know about this?”

Long Shen, who was far away in the eastern ocean, couldn’t answer this question. Dong Zhi happily packed up the pieces of tentacles and continued forward.

They weren’t sure if it was because of the loss of a tentacle, but along the way, they didn’t encounter any obstacles. They also didn’t run into people from the other teams. Until the evening, when the sun set, everyone had been walking in the maze for an entire day.

Compared to fighting zombies in the forest, naturally it was easier here, but everyone, including Dong Zhi, always felt that danger was lurking under the calm, and the upcoming night was the best protection for it. Often many accidents happen late at night, not during the day.

Dong Zhi looked up at the sky and said, “Let’s wait until it’s completely dark before stopping to rest. We can still walk for a while.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a few drops of dark liquid on the ground at the corner in front of him.

It was blood.

Dong Zhi subconsciously wanted to step forward but was grabbed by Liu Qingbo. Dong Zhi gave him a comforting look and pulled his hand away as he slowly approached.

A person was leaning against the wall. His body was half-turned, and his eyes were closed.

When the other party heard the sound of footsteps, he immediately opened his eyes again and made an attacking posture. When he took a closer look and found that it was Dong Zhi and the others, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s you guys!”

Dong Zhi was also surprised that the other party was actually Tom, who William said disappeared in the maze halfway.

“Why are you here?”

Tom said weakly, “Don’t mention it. Do you guys have any food? I’ve finished all my dry rations.”

Dong Zhi: “Did you bring a BBQ stove?”

Tom: “Yes. I still have it in my backpack.”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “Then I invite you to have some BBQ octopus with us.”

Liu Qingbo: ……

The American was so hungry to the point of dizziness that he couldn’t even remember to ask where the octopus tentacle came from. Dong Zhi took out the mini grill from his backpack, skewered the octopus pieces, and grilled them. He also sprinkled salt and cumin on them, and in an instant, a fragrant smell wafted over, making even Liu Qingbo’s mouth water, let alone Tom’s.

The other party didn’t wait for the octopus slices to be fully cooked. He grabbed them and stuffed them into his mouth, greedily gobbling them down. His expression was so moved that he almost cried.

“God bless. Fortunately, I met you. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be monsters who killed me, but starvation!”

He finished off most of the big bag of octopus slices and looked at the nearly empty bag apologetically. “Sorry, I ate your meal.”

Li Han’er and the others didn’t speak but only stared sharply at him, making Tom break out in a cold sweat.

“What’s wrong? Did I eat too much?”

Li Han’er: “Are you feeling unwell?”

Tom touched his stomach. “No, it’s good. My stomach is full, and it’s very delicious!”

The corners of Liu Qingbo’s mouth twitched. “Since it’s delicious, you can have the rest.”

Tom was moved. “You’re so kind!”

After saying this, he reacted belatedly. “But where did you get these octopus slices? Could it be…”

His face turned a little pale as Dong Zhi comforted him. “It’s not what you think. We fished it from the sea.”

In a sense, octopus monsters should indeed live in the sea.

Tom was comforted and didn’t dare delve into it anymore, so he hurriedly divulged what had happened to him in the past two days.

Tom was walking in front of Lilith, but when he turned the corner, a tentacle suddenly stretched out. Before he could make a sound, it blocked his mouth and swept him away. He was caught off guard and couldn’t react in time, failing to take out his gun. In the end, he almost fell into the octopus’ mouth and became food. Fortunately, a group of Nordic people passed by and rescued him in time.

At the beginning, the Americans, Africans, and Northern Europeans were the ones who landed on Full Moon Island. However, after Tom disappeared, the Americans chose to withdraw halfway. They first went to Rose Island, which was infested with harpies, and then brought the British and Southern Europeans back.

In other words, if there was no accident, there should be many teams in this maze now.

Although Tom didn’t find his companions, he was happy to meet humans instead of tentacles, so he joined the Nordics. There was also a Russian member there. It was said that the other party was Anton. He was separated from his companions on Rose Island. Since he couldn’t find his companions and didn’t want to retire early to affect the honor of the team, he came to Full Moon Island alone. He also encountered the tentacles in the maze and was rescued by the Nordics.

Walking with a group of people was, of course, much safer than walking alone, but Tom didn’t expect that this was the beginning of his nightmare.

All of them rested on the spot that night. Tom’s sleep quality was never good, but because he was too tired during the day, he soon fell asleep and fell unconscious until he was woken up by a sharp pain in his chest.

“It was this little guy who saved my life.”

Tom took out a little squirrel from his arms. The other party was holding a pine nut and gnawing endlessly on it without making any sound. It wagged its big, fluffy tail and seemed to be in a good mood.

“This is my little pet. It’s very sensitive to smells. It bit me in the middle of the night and woke me up in pain. Guess what I saw?!”

Zhang Song was inpatient. “Don’t leave us hanging. Hurry up and tell us!”

Tom said that he saw a scene he would never forget.

In the darkness, a person squatted in front of another person, took out a bloody heart from his body, and chewed it with gusto.

After all, Tom was a practitioner, and no matter how frightened he was, he wouldn’t scream like an ordinary person. He thought he was dreaming and stared intently for a while, only to find that everyone else, except himself, had fallen asleep in various positions on the ground, covered in a mixture of the smell of blood and sweetness that was so strong it made people sick. However, they had not been awakened by the smell.

Tom quietly pulled a gun from his pocket, but the slight movement still alarmed the other person. The person stopped eating and turned his head to look, at which point Tom pulled the trigger.

“The exorcism bullet was useless on him!” Tom’s breathing was short. “He rushed towards me. I fired a few random shots, turned around, and ran away. He kept chasing me, but he couldn’t catch up. I ran for a long time before I was out of danger!”

Dong Zhi glanced at Liu Qingbo and immediately realized that, most likely, that person was possessed by the demonic qi.

“Did you see him clearly? Who is he?”

Tom shook his head. “I only know it must be a man, but in fact, I couldn’t see him very well. It was too dark, and I was too anxious at the time to carefully look.”

Dong Zhi patted him on the shoulder. “Then you can go with us.”

Tom nodded and looked at them carefully. “You guys—none of you are possessed, right?”

Dong Zhi asked for a bell from Li Han’er and threw it to Tom. “Tie it around you. If a monster approaches you, it will ring.”

Tom whistled. “How magical. Is this your eastern exorcism spell? What is it called?”

Dong Zhi lied. “It’s called an Octopus Bell.”

Li Han’er: ……

Tom murmured, “What a strange name.”

Night had arrived. Everyone gathered around a fire to rest. There were high walls to block the wind, so it wasn’t too cold. This was probably the only advantage over staying in the forest, since the wind kept blowing at them from all sides.

The news brought by Tom was very useful. At least now they knew the demonic qi was also in this maze, and they would be more vigilant.

It was Zhang Song and Yang Shouyi who kept vigil at night. Perhaps it was because the team was heavily guarded that the first half of the night was calm and safe. After the second half of the night, Zhang Song yawned and was about to wake up Yang Shouyi when something changed.

He saw countless huge black shadows falling from the sky, sliding down the wall from above, silently touching the people resting against the base of the wall.

At almost the same time he yelled, the bells on everyone’s bodies also rang.

Tom yelled, “The Octopus Bell is ringing! The Octopus Bell is ringing!”

“Shut up!”

Liu Qingbo and Li Han’er spoke at the same time as two sword lights struck the tentacles on the wall.

Although those tentacles were huge, they were extremely flexible. Despite not having eyes, they accurately sensed threats. At the moment when the sword lights were about to hit them, the tentacles shrank quickly, causing the sword lights to hit the wall and leave two deep indentations behind.

A few tentacles waved in the air and immediately fought with everyone.

The tentacles had great strength and strong destructive power. Most of the time, they were heavily pulled down. Even if people dodged, the tentacles would hit the maze wall, causing broken bricks and stones to fall. Even if it wasn’t fatal, it was still painful.

Li Han’er was busy dealing with the tentacle in front of her when suddenly another one appeared behind her, wrapping around her waist and lifting her up in the air. Liu Si’s eyes were sharp, and he acted quickly. He whipped his whip at the tentacle, causing it to shrink back in pain. Li Han’er fell from mid-air and flipped over, landing steadily.

Tom also drew out a big knife on his back to fight the tentacles. Despite his tall stature, his speed wasn’t bad. However, the tentacles were impervious to the knife. Only by infusing a blade with true qi could he cause damage. Otherwise, even bullets were useless. For a while, the sword lights and whip shadows danced around the thick and tough tentacles, leaving scars on them, which seemed to only anger them and make them launch an even fiercer attack.

A tentacle was thrown against the wall. The yellow stone brick wall quickly cracked, and the gap immediately widened. In the loud noise, the wall collapsed like a building and pressed down on everyone.

The tentacles seemed to be aware of the damage the brick wall could cause them, so they started to slam against the wall.

Visibility was originally in the dark. Even though Zhang Song and the others were agile, they could only protect their heads and were unable to avoid injuries to their hands, feet, and backs. Their faces were also scratched by the flying stones. However, the tentacles continued their rampage and even increased in number, dancing above everyone’s heads while being covered by the mist. The strong smell of the sea spread around them and was almost suffocating.

Liu Si whipped his whip and fended off the tentacles that came towards his head, but immediately another one attacked from behind. He reacted quickly, turned around, and launched an attack. However, the immense strength of the tentacle almost dragged his whip away. Liu Si poured his qi into it, causing the whip’s aura to become fierce and icy, like the wind on top of a cold mountain. The cold made the tentacle helpless and unable to find a gap to invade, so it switched targets, looking for another victim.

Zhang Song held a talisman in one hand and a sword in the other. After igniting the talisman with flame, he shot it out with his sword qi. One after another, the talismans fell onto the tentacles. The tentacles seemed to fear the fire and immediately shrank back. Zhang Song was like a person who discovered a new world, slowly, step by step, moving forward. Mount Longhu was rich and powerful, and Zhang Song was the legitimate heir of the Neishan School. No one knew how many talismans he brought this time. Although the fire talismans he used now weren’t as valuable as the Shangqing pill, they were still valuable goods for ordinary Taoists without any source. If they saw Zhang Song treating the fire talismans as toys, they would definitely curse him for wasting money.

Tom cut a gap in the tentacle with his knife and was so tired that he was gasping for breath. When he turned his head to look at Zhang Song, his eyes straightened.

“Oh my god, are you a magician or a wizard who knows who to play with fire?”

Zhang Song rolled his eyes. “You’re ignorant. This is called talisman magic!”

Tom imitated his tone, “Talisman flowers*?”

*Clarity: Because Tom isn’t a native Chinese speaker, he misheard Zhang Song say talisman magic [fu hua] (符花) and pronounced it back as talisman flowers [fu fa] (符法).

Because he was distracted, a tentacle slapped down and almost hit Tom’s shoulder. At a critical moment, Zhang Song pulled him back and used his sword to fend off the tentacle, causing his hand to become numb from the impact.

Compared to Zhang Song’s dazzling skills, Yang Shouyi seemed much more stable, but his attack wasn’t weakened in the slightest and was more than enough to fight three tentacles alone.

Although everyone was unhindered by the attack of the tentacles, this was only temporary. The owner of the tentacles was a giant monster with great strength. Even if they were practitioners, it was still difficult to deal with it, and with the passage of time, the loss of physical strength would only increase, which would eventually doom them.

Dong Zhi put on thick gloves, leaped onto a brick wall, and climbed up through the gaps between the bricks on the wall. He was fast and looked like he had practiced climbing trees on the rooftop of the Special Administration Bureau building all day—the wall was five or six meters high. When Dong Zhi climbed to the top, he turned on his flashlight and tried to find the body of the octopus monster.

To capture the thief, first capture the king. If they wanted to stop the tentacles, they had to completely get rid of the octopus monster.

The light of the flashlight was limited. The huge body of the octopus writhed and waved in the darkness, covering a large area of the city wall. As far as the eye could see, the source of the tentacles couldn’t be seen.

Without saying a word, Dong Zhi jumped directly onto one of the tentacles and grabbed it tightly with both hands. The tentacle felt something and shook hard in the air, trying to get rid of him, but Dong Zhi grabbed the suction cup of the tentacle and started climbing up on it. The tentacle failed to shake him off.

Liu Qingbo was stunned, but that didn’t stop him and instead he imitated Dong Zhi and grabbed the tentacle closest to him and climbed up.

There was mucus on the tentacles, which made things slippery. If it weren’t for the dense suckers, it would be impossible for anyone to grab it, especially when the octopus monster kept waving its tentacles around, making an even greater obstacle for their action. Liu Qingbo’s hands were sticky and slippery. As he smelled the fishy smell like seafood itself, he almost gagged.

“Fuck your uncle, Dong Zhi, I only wore this outfit*!” Not only did Liu Qingbo have to hold onto the octopus tentacle, but he also had to hold his breath from time to time due to the smell, which was more uncomfortable than being slashed with a knife.

*It’s an expression expressing frustration or dissatisfaction with one’s current situation, implying that they weren’t adequately prepared and didn’t expect to encounter a difficult situation. || In this context, Liu Qingbo is basically just venting his frustration.

Dong Zhi ignored him, or more precisely, Dong Zhi was unable to divert his attention to Liu Qingbo. He struggled to move to the end of the tentacle and aided by the light of the flashlight, saw a huge black shadow moving on the city wall from more than ten meters away. Its body was so huge that it was like a small mountain, which was truly a rare sight.

In order to find the stone tablets, in the underground river behind Liang Xuan’s tomb, they had fought against a three-headed giant python, but compared with the behemoth in front of them, the three-headed giant python seemed petite.

Dong Zhi found himself encountering a difficult problem.

There was only a small portion of the suction cups on the end of the octopus tentacle. He had climbed to the end of the suction cup, and beyond that was a smooth tentacle with no friction. He couldn’t stabilize his body on it, let alone get close to the octopus monster.

Dong Zhi laid on the tentacle, being tossed around like he was on a rollercoaster. He was racking his brains, but then he saw Zhang Song “playing” with the tentacles with talisman fire below. His eyes lit up, and he suddenly had an idea. He took out a Sunlight talisman from his pocket, chanted a spell, ignited the talisman, and threw it towards the tentacle.

The octopus monster was highly sensitive to fire. As soon as the symbol touched the tentacle, it immediately retracted. Dong Zhi was ready for this and held on to the tentacle tightly. He felt like he was riding a rocket as the tentacle retracted, bringing him closer to the octopus monster.

He had made the right bet!

Excitement, anticipation, and nervousness surged through him. He gripped his Changshou Sword. Having lost his flashlight somewhere along the way, he had to rely on instinct to judge how far he was from the octopus monster.

There seemed to be something blocking his way ahead, but Dong Zhi wasn’t sure. At that moment, a vigorous roar came from behind.

“Dong Zhi, your grandmother is a bear*!”

*(奶奶个熊) Offensive expression generally use to insult someone’s intelligence or character. It’s a euphemism for the more explicit and profane insult (grandmother’s legs), which is considered even more offensive.

Dong Zhi felt that Liu Qingbo might have become angry because he wasn’t as smart as him. He had recently directed his anger towards his uncle, but now he was directing it towards his grandmother. Dong Zhi wanted to tell him that both his uncle and grandmother had passed away long ago and that he had to look for someone else*.

*Clarity: Basically, Liu Qingbo first cursed using his uncle, and now he’s cursing using his grandmother. This is a joke on those curses in the literal sense that Dong Zhi’s uncle and grandmother are already dead, so it was better to find another curse saying from a relative that was still alive.

Liu Qingbo didn’t have talisman fire, so he couldn’t use fire to force the tentacle back like Dong Zhi. He could only cling to the tentacle as it thrashed about. While cursing Dong Zhi’s mother, he struggled to take out a flashlight and turned it on.

Because he was too far away, the light could only vaguely illuminate a silhouette, but it was enough!

Dong Zhi saw a pair of dark and round eyes slowly turning, which then flashed away under the light of the flashlight, allowing him to instantly determine the direction of the octopus monster.

With a flick of his wrist, the Changshou Sword turned into sword light and flew towards the target. The sword was cold, like dazzling starlight in the eternal night, and it was able to break through all the dark prisons and finally reach the other side of light.

The moment the sword light came into contact with the octopus monster, he seemed to hear an extremely shrill scream. It wasn’t a substantive sound, but it was like a heavy hammer pounding a hole in his mind. The shock caused Dong Zhi’s body to shake violently, almost causing him to fall from the air. The tentacles also trembled violently, swinging in the air with an even crazier arc, as if reflecting huge pain from the body’s owner.

At the same time, not only Dong Zhi but an earth-shattering cry sounded in everyone’s mind.

Liu Qingbo’s hand trembled, and he almost dropped his sword.

He subconsciously thought it was Dong Zhi crying, but then he realized that it sounded wrong. Such an impactful soundwave couldn’t be emitted by a human.

Holy shit, the noise is terrible!

He watched in disbelief as the tentacles he was holding suddenly shrank sharply, quickly shrinking to a size that was thinner than his sword. He could no longer hold on to it and fell directly from the air.

Dong Zhi was similar but a little better than Liu Qingbo. He managed to land on top of the wall. With a buffer, he didn’t fall too badly. The Changshou Sword also fell from mid-air and Dong Zhi reached out to catch it.

The huge tentacles disappeared in an instant, leaving everyone stunned. They didn’t know what happened. Only Dong Zhi, who was the closest, was able to guess the truth. He hurriedly took out his phone from his pocket and took a few random shots.

From his high vantage point, Dong Zhi was indeed able to find something useful quickly: a black lump under the base of the wall on the other side.

The thing moved slowly on the ground. Because one eye was blinded by Dong Zhi, black blood was flowing out and formed a small puddle underneath its body.

Dong Zhi was stunned as he looked at the octopus, slightly larger than his palm, unable to imagine that this was the octopus monster that had almost swept away everyone just now.

The crying continued in his mind. Whether it was the behemoth or the delicate little octopus in front of him, the crying voice was equally harsh and unpleasant. Zhang Song couldn’t bear it and shouted, “Stop crying!”

The little octopus really stopped crying, but its voice still trembled. Everyone’s temples seemed to ache along with its voice.

“They lied to me. They said only my tentacles would be cut, but they didn’t say my eyes would be stabbed too!” the octopus cried.

Dong Zhi discovered that the soundwaves transmitted by the little octopus could actually be turned into a tangible language and passed through his mind. Although it was English, it indicated that this octopus monster could communicate.

“Who are they?” he asked.

“The people who brought me to this island,” the little octopus replied.

“The organizing committee? Did they send you here to test us?” Dong Zhi asked.

Octopus: “Yes, they said there would be a competition here. They asked me to come to this island and act as an obstacle. I will be rewarded after the competition.”

Dong Zhi: “What’s the reward?”

The octopus cried out, “If you cut off one of my tentacles, they’ll compensate me with a ton of fish, but they didn’t say that they would compensate me if you poked out my eyes!”

Everyone: ……

The author has something to say:

Let’s wrap up this part first and then move to the other side of the story, Boss Long’s plot. Otherwise, there will be suspense left, so we need to let Boss Long fly for a little longer~


A small theater that has nothing to do with the text:

Dong Zhi: Master, I brought some local specialties back for you.

Long Shen: A specialty from the United States?

Winter Solstice: No, seafood.

Long Shen: ???

Kan Chaosheng rushes over: I want it!

Dong Zhi: …You’re both born from the same root. Why are you in such a rush to kill each other?

Kinky Thoughts:

“The same kind” refers to all non-humans. Whether it’s Kan Chaosheng, Liu Si, or the octopus monster, they basically cultivated enough to gain sentience, knowledge, and form similar to that of humans.

It’s kind of a joke as once they gain this cultivation form, it would be considered cannibalistic to eat “the same kind”, which is why Liu Si empathized at first when Dong Zhi was harvesting the tentacle.

Thinking it from another perspective, if one day cows, chickens, ect, possessed human knowledge, can communicate with you, will you still be able to eat them?

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Bu Tian Gang Ch135

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 135

After getting down to business, everyone lost interest in idle chatter. Liu Qingbo got up to arrange sleeping bags, and everyone else was busy with their own things. Four teams of more than 20 people formed a row on the shore far from the sea, which looked like an adventure team outing.

Dong Zhi didn’t expect that the old-fashioned British brought only sleeping bags while the carefree Americans came with tents. Although they only had two, it was enough for their team of five to sleep in.

Watching the Americans set up their tents, the others didn’t say anything but were inevitably envious. Looking at the shabby sleeping bags in their hands, their enthusiasm immediately faded.

Although there were many people, everyone still maintained a certain degree of vigilance. There were people in each team who were responsible for the vigil. Those on night watch gathered together around the fire and chatted, making things livelier. The person in charge of the vigil for the southern European team was a Greek who wasn’t fluent in English. Most of the time, he just listened to what others said and remained silent.

Dong Zhi originally wanted to keep the vigil, but William quietly pulled on his clothes and took him into the tent.

“We suspect that the golden apple isn’t on this island.” William lowered his voice, making it clear he didn’t want the two parties outside to hear.

Dong Zhi learned from him and also lowered his voice, as if they were having an underground meeting. “Why do you think so? You got this news in advance?”

William smiled bitterly. “Why don’t you believe me? If we knew this in advance, do you think we would let our companion disappear here?”

Dong Zhi: “Okay, sorry. Please continue.”

William: “There are two main reasons for my suspicion. One is that this doesn’t match the riddle of the golden apple. The beauty shrouded in the clouds will eventually take off her mysterious veil. Don’t you think this riddle is like talking about a certain mountain hidden in the mist?”

Dong Zhi: “All the islands are shrouded in mist, including the maze here. I think the riddle itself is very unreliable. It seems that it could be applied to any of the islands, but it doesn’t seem to match.”

William: “But the maze is so ugly. It obviously has no resemblance to beauty like a woman’s. Even the name isn’t related. At least Diana Island and Princess Island have some relation.”

Dong Zhi: “…Maybe there’s a beautiful woman waiting for us in the maze?”

William shook his head like a tambourine and said, “No, no, no! That’s too scary! Don’t you think of anything when you see the maze?”

Dong Zhi was at a loss. “Think of what?”

William sighed. “Easterners! Forget it. Like I told you before, the people in charge of organizing the competition are obsessed with Western mythology, especially Greek and Norse mythology! I suspect that the maze here is an imitation of the Cretan maze in Greek mythology. Have you heard of the myth?”

Suddenly, Dong Zhi remembered something.

This was also a well-known Greek mythology, but it couldn’t be blamed that Dong Zhi didn’t think of it. After all, he was a native of the East. If William had said something before, he would have immediately realized it was the story of the Water God*.

*Clarity: Dong Zhi is referring to Poseidon (in Greek mythology), but he’s using the name Gongong, which is the name of the water god in Chinese mythology. Note that these two are not related, as they have their own mythic origins in their respective cultures. The term is used in a general sense in this context.

Legends had it that the wife of the king of Crete fornicated with the ox of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and gave birth to a son that was half-human, half-bull, which became the Minotaur*. The king built a labyrinth for him, imprisoned him in it, and regularly sent boys and girls to it.

*Half-man, half-bull that resides in the Labyrinth created by Daedalus and his son Icarus. This was Minos’, the king of Crete, punishment for keeping the snow-white bull he offered to Poseidon as a sacrifice. Poseidon then made his wife, Pasiphae, fall in love with a bull and mate with it, eventually giving birth to the monstrous Minotaur. It was eventually killed by the Athenian hero Theseus.

Dong Zhi: “So you mean, the monster in the maze is possibly the half-human, half-bull monster?”

William: “Not necessarily. Even if the organizing committee can find harpies, they might not be able to find this legendary ancient monster. Besides, it was killed long ago. Maybe it’s something else, but it must be dangerous. After all, our companion fell inside. What’s more, there are demons watching us. The possessed Japanese you mentioned won’t be the first, nor will he be the last.”

Dong Zhi suddenly showed a gloomy smile. “That’s right. I may also be possessed by a demon.”

William was taken aback and quickly reached out to touch his gun. When he saw Dong Zhi smirking, he knew the other party was deliberately scaring him and couldn’t help but collapse his shoulders. “Dong, don’t scare me. My bullets don’t have eyes!”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “It’s just a joke to lighten the atmosphere. I didn’t expect you to draw your gun so quickly!”

It was not just simply quick. In almost the blink of an eye, the gun was already in William’s hand. Previously, Dong Zhi had always thought he was too carefree when speaking, but now he realized that the American’s strength was quite impressive.

William blinked at him. “Then do you want to consider helping me persuade Miss Li to date me?”

Dong Zhi: “No problem. I can convey it for you, but it’s up to her whether she agrees or not.”

“Oh my god, you’re the cutest person I have ever seen! When I first saw you, I knew you must be a lovely friend and rival!” William said affectionately, wanting to give him a hug, but Dong Zhi pushed him away mercilessly.

“Hurry up and get down to business!”

William said, “Well, I suspect that someone outside has been possessed by a demon.”

This time, it was Dong Zhi’s turn to be taken aback. He subconsciously thought that William was also joking with him, but when he raised his head, the other party’s expression was serious.

He also became serious. “Are you sure?”

William nodded. “At that time, we decided to go to Rose Island to see the situation. We happened to meet the British and Southern Europeans fighting the harpies. This stuff has been said already, but what I didn’t mention was that after that, we searched for the whereabouts of the golden apple and passed the night. That night, I fell asleep soundly, but suddenly I felt a chill in the back of my neck, followed by a pain in my back. If it weren’t for being alert quickly, I might have died.”

As he spoke, he took off his coat and pulled down his clothes. Dong Zhi saw five purple bleeding marks on his back, which resembled a person’s five fingers. The strength was so great that it seemed as if it wanted to penetrate flesh and rip out his heart.

“Who was next to you?”

William said, “The deputy captain of the British team, the man who was sitting next to Liu just now, but it shouldn’t be him, because he was asleep when I woke up. However, that doesn’t rule out that he was just pretending. I thought it was a monster that was lurking in the dark and hurriedly told the others to be vigilant. Then nothing happened. They laughed at me for making a fuss, but when I heard you talking about the Japanese being possessed, I felt that there may be something weird that night. In short, be careful. I only told Lilith about this. We are still observing whether the people on our team are reliable or not.”

Dong Zhi: “Thank you. I’ll pay attention.”

William smiled and said, “Is this just a verbal expression of gratitude?”

Dong Zhi: “Do I owe you a favor?”

William: “Yes, get Miss Li to date me.”

Dong Zhi was expressionless. “Fuck off.”

Leaving William’s tent, there was nothing amiss on Dong Zhi’s face, but when he passed by the campfire, the bell on his body suddenly rang.

Jingle, jingle!

The sound was so subtle that only he could hear it.

Dong Zhi’s footsteps paused.

There were five people sitting next to the campfire.

An American, two Britons, and a pair of men and women from the southern European team. Dong Zhi remembered that they seemed to be Italians.

Liu Qingbo and the others weren’t introverted, but they didn’t like to interact too much with practitioners from other countries. While the other three teams also came from different countries, they had similar backgrounds and values, making it easy for them to get along. At this point, Liu Qingbo and his team were almost done resting, while the others were still chatting enthusiastically. They were only missing some barbecue to turn it into a party.

There was a range limit on the bell. Li Han’er said that it would only ring if it was very close. For example, the distance between Dong Zhi and William in the tent just now, but William was normal and the bell didn’t naturally ring.

And now, Dong Zhi was also very close to these five people, which triggered the bell.

Was there a problem with the British man closest to him, or was there a problem with the Italians?

Although the American was sitting on the opposite side and was the farthest away, he was also suspected.

Dong Zhi was considering whether to walk around them to test it, but that would be a bit obvious.

Since he was standing still, he had attracted the attention of the five people.

“Hey, Dong. Why are you standing still? Do you want to come over and join us around the campfire?” One of the Italians greeted.

“He seems to have lost his soul since he came out of William’s tent. Isn’t it because he confessed to William and was rejected?” the British man joked.

Everyone else laughed.

Dong Zhi also laughed. “I just heard you talking about barbeque just now, so I got a little hungry.”

When he mentioned barbeque, everyone else couldn’t help but drool.

In fact, it wasn’t necessarily because they were hungry, but since they boarded the ship, they hadn’t eaten any delicious food, and after arriving on the islands, they had been eating dry rations for several days in a row. Now, even if they could only eat grilled sausages, they would still find it delicious.

Suddenly, everyone smelled something.

At first, they thought they were hallucinating due to gluttony, but when they turned their heads, they saw Dong Zhi take out a bunch of vacuum-packed sausages from his backpack at some point and hand them to his team members. As soon as Yang Shouyi got his sausage, he wanted to skewer it with his sword and roast it, but the sword had just been stained with zombie blood the day before. Li Han’er couldn’t bear to watch, so she took out a bamboo hairpin and asked him to roast it with the hairpin, then take the sausage off once it was cooked to roast the next one.

Everyone had become numb to the seemingly endless surprises coming from their captain’s backpack, but it was the first time the foreigners saw it, and they stared in amazement. The Americans had brought tents but didn’t bring sausages. William shamelessly came over to mooch some food, and Dong Zhi gave him one.

“You came just in time to get the last one.”

William looked at the small and exquisite sausage in his hand, opened the package, and quickly finished it in front of the envious eyes of others. Finally, he smacked his lips and said, “This is the most delicious sausage I have ever had. It even has the faint fragrance left by Miss Li’s bamboo hairpin in it!”

Yang Shouyi rolled his eyes. Why wasn’t he praised for his good roasting skills?!

The corner of Dong Zhi’s mouth twitched, and he patted William on the back. “Spit it out for me. That’s my sausage!”

William hurriedly said, “No, no, thank you for your gift. It’s because of your generosity that I can eat such delicious food!”

While the two were bickering, Dong Zhi took the opportunity to lower his voice and told him about the bell ringing just now.

William looked shocked. “Who do you think it is?”

Dong Zhi said, “I’m not sure. At that time, your companion was farthest from me, so I suspect the other four more. You can also observe and communicate at any time you have news.”

William made an OK gesture.

With this discovery, Dong Zhi had to stay behind to keep watch. He gathered Liu Qingbo and the others, privately told them about the situation, and asked everyone to be vigilant and observe secretly. However, nothing happened overnight, and the next morning, before dawn, everyone had packed up and was ready to enter the huge maze.

From a distance, the maze looked like a huge fortress standing on the yellow desert, blending in with the island. As they approached, they realized that the maze was even larger than they had imagined. Standing beneath the five- or six-meter-high walls, they felt a sense of insignificance. If it weren’t for them being practitioners, ordinary people who entered the maze would find it difficult to get out.

The four teams entered the maze together, but not one could foretell what would happen. There was no thread that the Princess of Crete used to help the hero escape the labyrinth*, so everyone coincidentally made marks on the ground or the walls to avoid getting lost.

*Clarity: In the myth, Princess Ariadne fell in love with Theseus and decided to help him. She gave him a thread and told him to unravel it as he penetrated deeper into the Labyrinth, so he would know his way out once he killed the monster. Because of this, he was able to escape the Labyrinth after slaying the Minotaur.

Inside the maze, besides the tall walls, there was nothing else. The walls were rough but sturdy. Zhang Song had to exert some effort to make marks on the wall with his sword to draw talisman symbols. The others also made their own distinct marks, with the British using a twig dipped in red ink to insert into the gaps between the bricks.

Sure enough, as the Americans said, not long after they had walked, everyone turned a corner, and three forks appeared in front of them, leading in three different directions.

There was a female astrologer among the southern Europeans. She took out tarot cards and divined that the middle passage was the most auspicious, so she decided to take the middle path. The British looked at Dong Zhi and Lilith, then followed the Southern Europeans.

Lilith asked Dong Zhi, “Which way do you want to go?”

Dong Zhi said, “Whichever way is fine.”

Li Han’er said, “Life is death, and death is life. The doors of life and death here are interconnected, and every path contains both vitality and hides death. No matter which path you take, the result will not change.”

She didn’t speak English, so Lilith didn’t understand. Dong Zhi had to translate for her. “What my companion means is that everything is relative, and safety is also accompanied by danger. You can choose.”

Lilith: “Then we’ll go right.”

William waved his hand at Dong Zhi. “Remember your cell phone and contact me anytime you need anything.”

Dong Zhi couldn’t laugh or cry and thought that even if they got in touch, given the distance between them by then, they wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Watching the Americans go, Zhang Song made a mark and asked Liu Qingbo and Dong Zhi, “Why did you keep staring at the female astrologer just now?”

Liu Qingbo said, “She was one of the five people around the campfire last night.”

Dong Zhi said, “Do you doubt her?”

Liu Qingbo: “I don’t know, but after what you said last night, I went to test it out. So far, I have had close contact with three people, and my bell hasn’t sounded. The only ones I haven’t had close contact with are the female astrologer and the British guy named Luke.”

Li Han’er suddenly said, “I think it’s the female astrologer.”

Liu Qingbo raised his brows. “Why?”

Li Han’er: “When the captain took out the sausage last night, everyone else’s attention was more or less attracted. Only the woman glanced away and didn’t seem interested.”

Zhang Song said, “Maybe she’s trying to lose weight, or that women tend to be more reserved.”

Li Han’er raised her eyebrows slightly. “Do you have to argue? I watched her several times, and she doesn’t seem interested in eating or even trying to resist. She is completely different from the others. Unless she’s vegetarian, most people who have been eating dry rations for days and suddenly smell the aroma of grilled sausages would at least take a look.”

Seeing that the two were about to argue again, Dong Zhi quickly interjected. “Well, anyway, we didn’t go with them, so let’s just be cautious.”

The maze that accounted for most of the island was indeed vast. After Dong Zhi’s team separated from the others, they followed the path for a few hours. During this time, they encountered countless forks. Until noon, the big sun was hanging above their heads, and they didn’t know how far they had walked. They could only tell from the marks they made that they had probably reached the center of the maze.

Everyone leaned against the wall to rest for a while, and Liu Qingbo couldn’t help complaining, “How long do we have to walk? It was better fighting zombies!”

As if to respond to his words, a loud bang sounded not far away.

“It’s the sound of gunfire!” Li Han’er reacted quickly.

In fact, they received firearms training, and each of them was given a gun before departure, but they were all loaded with regular bullets. For them, using a sword or talisman was faster than using a gun, so everyone’s guns were buried at the bottom of their backpacks. If it weren’t for the fact that they had to turn them in when they returned, they would’ve just thrown them away to save trouble.

Needless to say, it had to be people from the other three teams who used guns.

After one sound, about four more sounded in succession, vaguely mixed with shouts. Everyone’s hearts were gripped with anxiety, but they couldn’t see what was happening, and they couldn’t help feeling agitated.

They couldn’t help but prick up their ears to listen, but after that sound, the surroundings were quiet again, but there was a feeling of tranquility before the storm.

They looked at each other, and they got up at the same time, clenching their weapons.

Dong Zhi was about to say “continue walking” when there were rapid footsteps approaching and a familiar figure appeared in front of them.


Dong Zhi had never seen William show such an anxious expression. The other party always had a carefree smile on his goofy face, but now that face was full of panic, as if he had encountered the most difficult obstacle of his life.

“There are monsters. My companions have been attacked. Come and help me!” he said hurriedly.

They didn’t have time to think. Dong Zhi and the others quickly followed.

“Did you fire the gunshots just now?”

“Yeah!” William didn’t look back. “There was a huge monster with many tentacles that suddenly appeared and attacked everyone. Only I managed to escape!”

Dong Zhi: “Then how do you know that we were here?”

William: “I was running around and stumbled upon you!”

“Wait!” Dong Zhi said.

William stopped and turned his head impatiently. “Please, Dong. My companions are waiting for me to save them!”

Dong Zhi took out his cellphone. “Here’s your phone back. You left it with me just now!”

William reached out to take the phone, but suddenly the hand holding the phone turned into a sword, which startled him, and he quickly stepped back!

Liu Qingbo attacked him with a sword, causing William to dodge as he angrily said, “Are you crazy?!”

Dong Zhi said, “When you saw us just now, there was no surprise on your face. It seems that you expected it. Who are you?”

Zhang Song and Yang Shouyi blocked William’s retreat on either side and directly forced him to the corner of a wall.

But William suddenly smiled strangely, and his figure turned into a huge fuchsia pillar of flesh, which danced frantically and rushed towards everyone.

Liu Qingbo cursed. “What the fuck is this?!”

“It’s a squid’s tentacle!” Yang Shouyi shouted.

“Your head’s a tentacle!” Zhang Song angrily said.

The fleshy column was thick at the top and thin at the bottom. The tail was slightly curled, and there were dense suction cups attached to it, which seemed to have a special gravitational force that could suck swords onto it. They had to exert some strength to pull their swords back, and when the sword struck, they could feel a slight elasticity. Wasn’t this a huge tentacle?

The tentacle was familiar to them and could speak, which was unheard of, but at the moment, the group didn’t think much about it. They just wanted to keep the tentacle and study it carefully. Liu Qingbo jumped up and hugged the tentacle, climbing up to the top by sliding along it. Then, he found that the tentacle had crossed over the maze’s walls, and there was an even larger tentacle attached to the other end of the wall, stretching from one end of the wall to the other.

Liu Qingbo gasped.

Could this be some kind of octopus monster?

Without hesitation, Liu Qingbo transformed his Fumo Sword into sword light and slashed towards the tentacle at the top of the wall. For demons and monsters, the Fumo Sword was their natural enemy. Under the sword light, the tentacle as thick as an adult man’s body was cut in two, and the other end seemed to have felt the pain, quickly retracting and soon disappearing.

The large part that was cut off by him fell to the ground. Zhang Song was a little slower flashing away, and the tentacle hit his feet, causing him to scream in pain as he scolded Liu Qingbo, “Won’t you pay attention!”

Liu Qingbo’s answer was to directly roll his eyes.

When they looked at the tentacle again, it turned out that when it was coiled up during the attack, they didn’t realize its actual size, but now that it was stretched out, it was at least three meters long, with a thinner tail and a thickness comparable to an adult man’s thigh.

Liu Qingbo jumped down. “This should be just part of its body. I seem to have seen it run away just now!”

Li Han’er picked up the tail of the tentacle and smelled it. “It smells like the sea.”

Zhang Song: “That’s an octopus monster. How could this thing run from the sea to the maze? And looking at the size of this tentacle, how big is the body?!”

Proportionally, even if this octopus monster was about the same size as the maze, it wouldn’t be that surprising. The problem was, where was it hiding?

Yang Shouyi recalled how it had transformed into William’s appearance just now and that it could speak human language, so he asked in disbelief, “Can this octopus monster take on a human form?”

Liu Si said, “Ordinary octopuses have the ability to pretend to be other creatures in the ocean. If this one is so huge, it’s not surprising that it can turn into a human form and speak human words. But in the end, this was simply an illusion. As soon as Lao Liu’s sword slashed just now, the illusion was broken.”

Li Han’er said solemnly, “Then we must be careful. If it turns into our appearance and replaces one of us without anyone noticing, it can be quite dangerous.”

Zhang Song disagreed. “We didn’t separate. Even if it wants to plot, it’s not hard to discover. At most, it can only become us to deceive the other teams. Just like now, we saw through it at once… What are you doing?”

He looked at Dong Zhi, who was squatting on the ground and pulling out a knife to cut the tentacles into pieces.

“Cutting up our supper!” Dong Zhi replied without raising his head.

Everyone: ……

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Bu Tian Gang Ch134

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 134

Seeing several speedboats getting closer, Li Han’er said in disbelief, “Didn’t they land on this island? Why are they coming here again on a speedboat?”

Dong Zhi joked, “It may be we’re seeing things, and it’s actually a group of zombies.”

But no one thought he was joking. Everyone actually thought it made sense, and they grabbed their weapons, looking wary.

The speedboat quickly docked, and the Americans jumped off the top. William, who was shouting on the speedboat just now, was the first to get off.

He looked excited. “Hey, Dong! What a coincidence. I wanted to call you, and we just ran into you!”

Yang Shouyi: “If he has turned into a zombie, with this language ability, he must be at least a level 6 zombie or above.”

Dong Zhi couldn’t laugh or cry.

But it wasn’t just the Americans. A total of three speed boats came over. The other two were carrying the British and the Southern Europeans. Compared to the Americans, the latter two looked much more miserable.

Seeing their faces were strange and motionless, William’s steps slowed down, and his smile faded a bit. He asked suspiciously, “What happened? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

Dong Zhi: “My companions suspect your existence is an illusion, but in fact, you’re all zombies.”

William laughed. “My god, why would you think that? Are you so crazy about killing zombies? I’m the real William—your old pal. Don’t you remember the cell phone I gave you? Zombies won’t remember this!”

Liu Qingbo sneered. “That’s not necessarily true. The zombies we met before were using weapons to attack. How many living experiments have you done on that island, and how many people have turned into zombies?”

Seeing the scowls on their faces, William quickly put away his joking demeanor and raised his hands. “Don’t get angry. Calm down. I didn’t put zombies on that island!”

Dong Zhi said, “Zombies are different from monsters. They were all ordinary people during their lifetime. The zombies we encountered have evolved and are able to use tools. This shows that sooner or later, they will evolve to a level of human wisdom. You must know something.”

“Let me explain.” A young woman walked over from behind William. It was Lilith, the captain of their team.

“The discovery of the zombie virus was accidental, but unlike in movies, TV shows, or novels, some people deliberately research it with malicious intentions. Once, when we were chasing a wolf demon, we found a victim who was infected with this unknown virus. It was initially suspected that this virus was composed of wolfsbane, the rabies virus, and demonic qi. However, the discovery was too late. A group of people have already been infected. In order to avoid the continued spread of this virus, Group 51 transported them to one of the islands here for long-term observation.”

Lilith frowned, then continued, “This island was originally an experiment base, but it was abandoned later. In order to observe the zombies, some staff members left behind tracking records. Who knew that later the zombies would have mutated and evolved, and the staff would also fall? We found that although these zombies are fearless, they still have some fear of exorcism marks, which may be due to the demonic qi in their initial composition. In the end, we could only set up an exorcism barrier on the edge of the forest to prevent them from escaping. As for the zombies using tools, we really don’t know. It seems that they have evolved after long-term wandering. That’s all I know.”

Hearing her explanation, the faces of Dong Zhi and the others finally improved.

Dong Zhi asked, “The forest is full of zombies, and there’s no food. How can they maintain their attack power?”

Lilith said, “At the beginning, we would regularly airdrop some live animals down. Later, we stopped feeding them and wanted to see how long they could survive without any food source. We later found that these zombies were almost immortal. They did show signs of exhaustion, but this took at least three years, so there are signs, but it’s very slow.”

Speaking of this, she hesitated for a moment. “I heard that some people in Group 51 think that humans may be able to get inspiration from the delay of life exhaustion from the zombies. They hope to extract anti-aging elements that can benefit ordinary people.”

Liu Qingbo sneered. “So you guys have been treating them like treasures all this time? Come on, the reason they don’t easily get tired is because they have demonic qi inside their bodies! Do you guys also want to try injecting some demonic qi in your bodies?”

Lilith smiled bitterly. “Some people think that demonic qi can be controlled within a certain safe range and can benefit mankind. This issue has been debated by the Minister of Internal Affairs for a while now, but I can only tell you this. The party that proposed to completely eliminate the zombies finally won. We can’t risk dancing with the devil.”

Zhang Song sneered. “In other words, you have long known that there will be zombies on that island, and you brought us here to help destroy them!”

William yelled from the side. “You can’t say that. Every island is dangerous. We don’t know which island you would draw. Moreover, didn’t I provide you with a lot of information?”

Dong Zhi said, “We didn’t encounter anything dangerous that your information provided so it’s useless. Since you have concealed the zombies from us, then there must be other things that you’re also hiding.”

William: “Come on, we don’t know a lot about the contents of the competition. We’re just newcomers to Group 51. Even if we have the advantage as the host, those above won’t tell us much. Just like this Full Moon Island. We thought it was dangerous, so we didn’t get very close at all. We turned around and went to another island. Since we’re all here, why not explore together?”

It was best not to bite the hand that feeds you. Dong Zhi realized that even though the Americans might know a lot, they weren’t necessarily obligated to tell him everything. The fact that he could come to them for cooperation was an opportunity, and he naturally wanted to take advantage of it. Therefore, he relaxed his expression.

“Let’s talk about the situation on your side first.”

William told them that the news they had received in advance was just piecemeal. They only knew that the golden apple was related to a certain behemoth, but they didn’t know exactly what that behemoth was. After they landed on Full Moon Island, they saw this earthen city and wanted to send out two people to investigate first. If the situation wasn’t good, or if they felt that there might not be the golden apple on it, they would immediately leave and go to another island instead of wasting time. If they encountered any danger, they would release flares in time and let the people outside come rescue them.

Lilith said, “I went in with Tom.”

After Lilith and Tom entered, they found the earthen city was actually a huge maze made of earthen walls. The walls inside divided the huge space into countless roads, which were intricate and complex. If one wasn’t careful, they could get lost in it forever. The two of them didn’t dare to separate too far, sticking extremely close to each other for fear that something might happen. They didn’t even walk too fast and made many marks along the way to prevent themselves from getting lost. However, something did go wrong.

“Tom was walking in front of me. There was a corner at that time. I hadn’t seen it clearly, but he seemed to have been suddenly dragged away by something. He disappeared before my eyes without making a sound!”

Recalling the previous events, Lilith became a little nervous. Her other companions patted her on the shoulder silently to comfort her. She took a deep breath, then continued, “I hurried to catch up, but something strange happened. The front was completely empty, and there was no Tom, as if he had just simply vanished.”

Dong Zhi and the others looked at each other.

“What do you mean vanished?”

Lilith: “Vanished. I don’t know how to explain it. You have to know that he was right in front of me. From being dragged away to me catching up, it took at most two seconds. Tom is agile and strong, but he just disappeared out of thin air. I was stunned at the time. I shouted for him and looked around for a while, but found no trace of him. I knew he must have encountered some kind of unknown danger, so I took advantage of the fact that the exit wasn’t far and decided to leave first and discuss this with William and the others.”

William said, “Among our members, we all have mobile phones to contact each other, but we can’t contact Tom. The rest of us argued for a long time and finally decided to go in and save him, but after entering, everyone searched for a day and couldn’t find Tom. There was nothing inside except the maze of earthen walls. At that point, we decided to give up and go to another island.”

Liu Qingbo looked at the city wall that was at least six meters high and asked suspiciously, “How did you back out and return the same way? Flying Chinese kung fu?”

William asked curiously, “What is flying Chinese kung fu? “

Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes. “Don’t change the subject.”

William shrugged. “Well, actually, um, we brought a personal aircraft.”

He turned around and showed Liu Qingbo and the others his aircraft. It actually looked like a backpack but contained flying machine’s equipment. Only half the space was used to store things. They had never seen this kind of equipment before, so it was probably the latest black technology from the United States.

Li Han’er looked at it curiously. “How do you control this aircraft? Does everyone have it?”

William smiled. “This requires a little skill. Of course not everyone can do it. For example, it requires body balance. We all need to receive special training before we can use it.”

He didn’t elaborate, and Li Han’er didn’t ask more. She felt that the world was so big and that there were so many wonders. These Americans weren’t like practitioners but more like people who only used modern technology and strayed into a fantasy world full of monsters.

William then added, “But when it comes to beautiful ladies, I certainly have nothing to hide. After the competition, let’s go for a cup of tea, and I’ll slowly tell you all about it. How does that sound?”

Li Han’er said, “Forget it. I rather not know.”

William looked deflated while the Englishman next to him laughed mercilessly.

Lilith became irritated. “Gentlemen, can we get down to business?”

William hurriedly said, “Okay, okay.”

William described that after leaving the maze, they went to Rose Island, but encountered an overwhelming number of harpies. The harpies attacked them mercilessly, as if they were crazy. The British and Southern Europeans also encountered the Americans in the process of fighting the harpies, so everyone joined forces to defeat them and then left the island.

Dong Zhi said, “I remember the Russians also went to Rose Island. Didn’t you see them?”

The British captain, White, shook his head. “No, we didn’t encounter any Russians along the way, but those harpies were definitely strange. I have encountered them once before in Scotland and know they understand human language and don’t act that crazy. I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems as if they were suddenly bewitched by some kind of magic.”

He looked at William and the others. “Could it be that the organizing committee did something?”

William smiled bitterly. “The competition is for competitive exercise, not for killing people. I think something must have gone wrong in this competition.”

Dong Zhi interjected. “It may be related to the influx of demonic qi.”

He briefly talked about his team’s experience in the forest. It was just as thrilling as the other islands. After hearing that a Japanese was possessed by demonic qi and could command zombies to ambush and besiege them, Lilith’s face changed drastically. She muttered, “Things really are wrong. It shouldn’t be like this!”

White had lingering fears. “So, the sudden madness of those harpies may also be related to demonic qi?”

During their discussions, the Southern Europeans kept silent as if they were invisible. Most of the time, they just went along with the commands of others, reducing many disagreements.

William said, “The only good news is now we have ruled out two islands. Diana Island and Rose Island. The golden apple shouldn’t be there. What’s left are Full Moon Island and Princess Island, where the French is. Let’s hope God blesses Princess Island with no golden apple!”

Dong Zhi asked, “So what’s in the maze?”

William shook his head. “We don’t know. If we knew, maybe we wouldn’t have lost Tom. Now that we have four teams here, maybe we can make plans so we can be more efficient without harming each other’s interests.”

Everyone had no objections. At this time, the sky gradually darkened. Everyone decided to rest first, come up with a plan, and enter the maze early tomorrow morning.

There were few trees on Full Moon Island. They were scattered about on the periphery of the maze. The old trees were withered and dying, but it was enough to give them firewood for the night. With many hands of varying strengths, the task became easy. In no time at all, they all returned with several large bundles of branches on their backs.

Putting some branches against the stone wall, White took out his lighter but couldn’t light it, most likely because it was too damp. He borrowed a different bundle from his companions, but even those branches were damp as well. After several attempts, he failed to light a fire.

Zhang Song, who was next to him, curled his mouth when he saw this and directly pulled out a talisman. His mouth opened and closed a few times, and the talisman caught fire between his two fingers. He threw the talisman at the piled-up firewood, and it instantly burst into flames. The fire was raging, glowing in everyone’s eyes.

The British: ……

William grinned and thought in his heart that it was wise for him to choose the Chinese to form an alliance. He couldn’t help but gloat, and he said to White, “Why don’t you seek help from our Chinese friends?”

The Americans and the British didn’t have much conflict, but they didn’t really get along privately either. They often didn’t see eye to eye with each other, so White responded coldly, “You can seek help yourself. No need to use us as an excuse.”

William shrugged. “We don’t need it!”

He turned his head and fired a shot at the pyre. It wasn’t a bullet that came out of the barrel, but a flame. Fire instantly ignited at once, but in order to pose in a handsome posture, his shooting technique was a little awkward, making a twig bounce off from the flames and hit Lilith in the forehead.

Lilith was furious and raised her hand to beat him, which William quickly avoided.

White laughed mercilessly.

When fire was finally lit for all four teams, the captains and vice captains on each side sat around the fire to discuss strategies.

Now that the Americans were missing Tom, there were only five people on their team.

The British didn’t lose anyone, but the red-haired Grace had caused so much trouble with Dong Zhi’s team that White was afraid she would cause more trouble after she came, so he left her at the hotel and didn’t bring her. Now there were only six of them; the same as Dong Zhi’s side.

One of the Southern Europeans was seriously injured in the fight with the harpies. The injured person was still in a semi-comatose state and was placed by his companions to rest by the fire, which was equivalent to losing a fighting power. Thus, they only had five people on their team.

Lilith said, “I have a suggestion. There are many forks in the maze. We won’t always be together and will inevitably be separated. Whoever finds the golden apple first must signal before leaving the island so others can see it. What do you think?”

Everyone thought this was a good idea. Not only would it prevent robbery, but it would save everyone time, so they all nodded in agreement.

The British brought their own flare guns, so Lilith gave Dong Zhi and the captain of the Southern Europe team a flare gun.

Lilith: “Our companion is Tom. If you see him tomorrow and he’s still alive, please help him. We’ll be very grateful!”

White asked, “Do you have any photos?”

William thought for a moment and then said, “I’ll draw a picture.”

He took out a pen and paper and drew a sketch on it.

Dong Zhi leaned over curiously to look. In the next second, he couldn’t wait to slap himself from two seconds ago.

William turned his head to him and asked, “Nice, right?”

Dong Zhi: “…Does he have a lot of acne on his face?”

William: “That’s nonsense!”

Lilith rubbed her forehead. “Alright, stop drawing! He’s probably around six feet tall, quite burly, bald with a golden beard, and round-faced. You should be able to recognize him when you see him.”

Everyone looked at William’s sketch and felt that Lilith’s description was more graphic.

They all agreed they would look out for him. Lilith once again expressed her gratitude and asked, “Do you have anything to add? If not, let’s rest early.”

Dong Zhi thought for a moment, then said, “I hope that in this competition, everyone will try to stand united when facing monsters. Even if you see the golden apple, don’t ignore the safety of your competitors. After all, monsters are our true enemies, and the glory that comes from that is more worthy of respect.”

Naturally, everyone nodded and agreed. As for whether they truly thought so in their hearts, it was unknown. White secretly laughed in his heart, feeling that Dong Zhi’s seriousness was a bit naïve. Of course, it was easy to say this kind of thing when it was all talk, but in a real battle, those who wanted to snatch the golden apple were considered enemies. And who would be merciful to their enemies?

However, he would later discover that it wasn’t Dong Zhi who was naïve but himself. The other party had said these words not to make their enemies merciful, but for their own good.

But at this moment, White had no such experience for the time being.

The author has something to say:

A small theater that has nothing to do with the text:


White: Oh, how naive!


White: Dad, show mercy!

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Bu Tian Gang Ch133

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 133

Long Shen stopped.

He didn’t hear the conversation between Otowa and Fujikawa. The reason he stopped was because he found himself in a mirrored space. With every step he took, he would enter a new mirrored space. These spaces were covered one by one and were endless. He would eventually be trapped in the deepest part of the space and could no longer break free of the enchantment.

“Li Ying, where are you?” he asked.

“I’m here!” Each of Li Ying’s mirror images replied, with countless identical voices stacked on each other, just like many people speaking at the same time.

Each Li Ying wasn’t far from Long Shen, but Long Shen could never reach them. The distance between the space didn’t look far to the naked eye, but in actuality it was infinitely far away, just like the stars seen by people on earth seemed to be the same distance as the sun and moon, but in fact they were hundreds of millions of light years away.

“Where’s Ding Lan?” Long Shen asked.

He had already asked this question before and now he asked it again.

“Ding Ge is dead!”



Countless voices sounded again. Long Shen quickly turned around. His sharp gaze swept across dozens and hundreds of “Li Ying”, as if to observe their expressions and discern authenticity from them.

On the other side of the mirror, Otowa seemed to see through his intentions and couldn’t help smiling.

“Director Long, do you think you’re a god? Can you really tell the difference between so many Li Ying? What if they’re all fake?”

“Then I’ll kill,” Long Shen replied coldly. The sword light in his hand suddenly brightened as it divided into several directions and flew towards each mirror image. Its target was directly at all the Li Yings!

Wherever the sword light went, the mirror images would shatter one after another. Fragments fell all around him. After it fragmented, everything seemed to return to reality, but Li Ying disappeared and was replaced by Wu Bingtian.

The other party was struggling forward in a sea of blood and skeletons. He was using a whip to knock away the surging monsters, but those monsters would resurrect once they fell into the sea of blood. They seemed to be unkillable. Wu Bingtian’s face was pale, and there were already many wounds on his body. His neck had been scratched by monsters, and blood was slowly oozing out.

Though Wu Bingtian aimed for higher prestige, it didn’t mean he only knew how to flatter others. All officials below the Director of the Special Administration Bureau earned their positions through real skills and experience. If Wu Bingtian only knew how to suck up to his superiors all day long, even if he had the status of a master of Mount Maoshen, he wouldn’t be able to gain the support of others. His ability was demonstrated by his appointment as a deputy director alongside Long Shen and Song Zhicun.

As for how strong he was, newcomers like Dong Zhi may not know much, but Long Shen once explored the remains of a shipwreck under the Yangtze River with him. At that time, Wu Bingtian was able to hold his breath and stay underwater for nearly an hour without any diving equipment and even defeat a water demon. But now, this strong Wu Bingtian was trapped in a sea of blood. His hands and feet were entangled with demonic qi, showing a desperate situation where he had almost exhausted all his strength and was unable to move. He was facing a life-threatening crisis before his eyes as countless demonic qi rushed towards him.

When he turned his head and saw Long Shen, he couldn’t help being overjoyed and urgently cried out, “Help me, Long Shen!”

Long Shen stared at him.

Seeing that he wasn’t moving, Wu Bingtian became shocked and angry. “Long Shen, help me!”

Long Shen finally moved. The sword of light shot out from his hand and straight into Wu Bingtian.

Wu Bingtian watched in shock as the sword light got closer and closer, until it finally overwhelmed him with its light.

The light covered the sea of blood, causing the demonic qi to wail as it disappeared. Even Wu Bingtian vanished as well into the white light.

Otowa said in surprise, “Director Long, I didn’t think your heart would be so cruel that you could kill your own companions. Sure enough, you don’t have such cumbersome and useless feelings like ordinary people, right?”

Long Shen didn’t answer. He stood quietly, waiting for the white light to spread out and swallow up the sea of blood.

Otowa didn’t care if he answered or not and continued to ask, “Director Long, I also have a spirit weapon, which was transformed from the Gold and Silver Pingwen Zither. However, he actually fell in love with the enemy and, in the end, didn’t hesitate to destroy himself. Shouldn’t all artifacts be as cold-blooded and ruthless as you?”

On the edge of the burning white light, the sea of blood disappeared little by little, and then another scene beneath it was revealed.

An isolated island surrounded by the sea.

The trees were all tall and gloomy, and the bottoms of them were covered with moss.

Someone came flying from a distance. The figure was blurry and small, but Long Shen recognized it at a glance. It was Dong Zhi.

Dong Zhi was running fast. It was obvious something was chasing him from behind.

He was holding his Changshou Sword, and his face was stained with blood. Perhaps he had just escaped from a fierce battle.

“Master!” When the other party saw Long Shen from a distance, after a moment of surprise, he ran towards him.

There was a familiar light in the delicate eyes. Even if he didn’t look at them, Long Shen could still picture those eyes smiling in his mind; they were curved and the eyebrows were softened.

Long Shen liked seeing those smiling eyes, as if they could illuminate the world and be carefree.

However, it didn’t mean he was heartless or blindly optimistic. Dong Zhi just treated life with an optimistic attitude, including the people and events in his life. He was like a small sun. Although he was consciously ordinary, he always radiated warmth.

Warming others, warming Long Shen.


At the moment Long Shen blinked, Dong Zhi let out a scream.

A huge figure descended from the sky, pressing Dong Zhi to the ground.

It was a monster with eagle wings and claws. It had the body and face of a woman. Its long hair covered half of its face, but it was as wild and rough as withered grass. The long claws of the monsters pierced into Dong Zhi’s shoulders. Blood splashed out suddenly, and even a few drops splashed on Long Shen’s face, leaving a sweet and warm feeling on his skin.


As Dong Zhi fell to the ground in exhaustion, he dropped the Changshou Sword. He raised his slender neck sadly, not understanding why his master, who was nearby, didn’t help and just kept watching him being eaten alive by a monster.

Long Shen looked into Dong Zhi’s shocked eyes, and the expression in his previous memory had changed to disbelief at this moment. The other party even stretched out his wounded hand, as if he wanted to grab onto his clothes.


Long Shen felt a tug in his heart. Before he realized it, his hand had already stretched out.

But at this moment, a sudden change occurred, and all the sorrow in Dong Zhi’s eyes suddenly turned into a weird smile. The other party took advantage of the situation and grabbed Long Shen’s hand and dragged it in his direction!

Long Shen wanted to break free, but he couldn’t. The surrounding scenery changed again!

Otowa laughed. “It turns out that Director Long’s weakness is his apprentice!”

Following his voice, a white mist surged from an unknown place. Black monsters moved with the mist, shuttling around it as they whistled and howled endlessly.

Long Shen’s fingers moved slightly. His entire body was suddenly covered by sword light, isolating all the demonic qi. However, the demonic qi surged and quickly gathered, suppressing the sword light. The sword light was suffocating, struggling in a difficult battle with the demonic qi; the two sides were in a deadlock.

Fujikawa couldn’t help but say, “Lord Otowa, do you need me to take this opportunity to take him out?”

Otowa said lightly, “The demonic qi can’t harm him for the time being.”

Fujikawa was surprised.

From his viewpoint, Long Shen had broken through the mirror trap just now and immediately got caught in another one. Now that he had lost his opportunity, it would be difficult for Long Shen to win.

But just as Otowa’s voice fell, the sword light around Long Shen suddenly exploded!

The extreme light was dazzling, and even the reflection from the mirror was blinding. Fujikawa subconsciously tilted his head and raised his hand to cover his eyes.

“Huh?” Even Otowa couldn’t help uttering a meaningless cry, seemingly confused.

Long Shen’s voice came from the mirror.

“So you’re here.”

His tone was slow, as if he was pausing after every word. The volume of his voice wasn’t loud, but Otowa’s face changed slightly.

Fujikawa turned his head and saw the mirror was slowly cracking.

“Lord Otowa!” He couldn’t help shouting.

With a crack, the mirror completely shattered!

Otowa was originally sitting cross-legged, but he straightened his body, showing an unusual loss of composure.

“He found our location!” Fujikawa looked pale. He didn’t expect this ancient mirror to be vulnerable.

“No, he didn’t.”

Otowa calmed down, but his face was still a little gloomy. “He’s using spiritual speech.”

Fujikawa was startled.

The art of spiritual speech, as the name suggested, was a technique that attached to syllables and the attack is achieved through language.

This kind of technique had been shown in many works in Japan, but in fact, there were few people who could be proficient in it. It was rumored that this was something taught by the Great Amaterasu. Until now, as far as Fujikawa was aware, almost no one in Japan could master it. Even if they dabbled slightly, they could only use a few syllables at most.

But Long Shen’s spiritual speech skills had reached the state of “beyond practice*”.

*(言出必践) It’s an idiom referring to “words must be followed by actions” or “promises must be kept”. It’s often used to describe someone who always follows through on their words. || In this context, it has a double meaning. First, referring to that Long Shen has practiced spiritual speech to the point of mastery, and second, in the literal sense that his words are used as an attack.

The most important thing was that the mirror was broken, and they didn’t have a way to detect Long Shen’s movements.

Seeing Otowa’s gloomy expression, Fujikawa took a deep breath. He thought about this in his heart, but he didn’t dare say it.

On Wu Bingtian’s side, he wasn’t as miserable as the illusion Long Shen saw in the mirror, but his situation couldn’t be considered all that great either.

He was trapped in an enchantment of a sea of blood and skeletons, fighting against many monsters. His dragon bone whip was wrapped around the neck of a monster. With a tug and twist, the monster wailed and scattered, but immediately, more demons swept in from all directions, like an endless tide. Looking around, all he could see was blood red, an ocean of dead bones and blood, and countless demonic qi that covered the sky and turned dark clouds into blood clouds.

No matter how powerful Wu Bingtian was, in the end, he was just one person. There would come a point where he would be exhausted. Now that Otowa had turned into a demon, his demonic qi would naturally flow continuously and inexhaustibly. Unless Wu Bingtian could find the key to breaking the enchantment, he could be trapped here forever and be exhausted to death.

While his hand was holding the whip and his steps were still steady, on careful observation, his breathing was slightly faster than before.

There were two ancient mirrors in front of Otowa. Although Long Shen’s side was broken, there was still Wu Bingtian’s side.

As soon as Wu Bingtian’s breath changed, Otowa immediately looked over.

“It seems that Director Wu is still slightly inferior to Director Long.”

His voice overlapped and spread into the enchantment where Wu Bingtian was.

The words were like edicts, instantly turning into demonic voices and causing countless waves of demonic qi to surge. The sneaky Yaksha and skeleton soldiers transformed by the demonic qi rose from the sea of blood and attacked Wu Bingtian like an army. One wave fell and another surged up. Wu Bingtian stood alone in the same spot, unable to move. If any of the demonic qi got to him, it would corrupt his sanity and cause him to fall into defeat.

Hearing Otowa’s words, Wu Bingtian sneered. “If you have the ability, come and try it!”

Naturally, Otowa wouldn’t fall for such provocation. He was just happy to watch Wu Bingtian, trapped like a beast, struggling to deal with those monsters that couldn’t be killed. Compared to the calm on Long Shen’s side, it was much more interesting watching Wu Bingtian’s side.

Fujikawa Aoi whispered, “Your Excellency, there’s another person among the first group of people who came that hasn’t been found.”

Otowa said lightly, “Don’t worry about him. At most, he’s just hiding somewhere. When Long Shen and Wu Bingtian are about to die, he’ll naturally jump out to help and we’ll clean them all up at the same time.”

Fujikawa Aoi responded respectfully, lowering his head slightly, “Then Kitaichi…”

Otowa glanced at him. “Are you sure you want to restore your female disciple?”

Fujikawa lowered his body and prostrated. “Kitaichi was raised by me since she was a child. She’s no different from my daughter. She’s talented and intelligent. If she can be properly trained, she will definitely be the number one onmyoji in Japan in the future. I hate that she has been injured by the Chinese and is now bedridden. Please, for the sake of my loyal service to you, save her life!”

Otowa: “There’s only one way for me to save her, and that is to infuse her with demonic qi, turning her into a half-demon.”

Fujikawa trembled slightly and was silent for a long time. Still, resolute with his original intention, he said, “As long as she can wake up and regain her sanity, I will not hesitate.”

Otowa suddenly showed a weird smile, but the smile was fleeting. Fujikawa had his head lowered and didn’t notice it.

“Okay then, take this box to her. As long as she absorbs the magic qi inside, those old wounds will soon heal.”

Fujikawa was overjoyed. “Thank you, Your Excellency. I can’t thank you enough!”

With Otowa’s permission, he couldn’t wait to get up and leave. He walked out on crutches, passed through the corridor, came to an inconspicuous hut, and pushed the door in.

Kitaichi Eiko, the talented girl who made a stunning appearance on Changbai Mountain but was eventually seriously injured when she returned, was lying quietly inside. She seemed to be asleep, and her life was uncertain.

Since returning to Japan, Kitaichi, who had been severely injured, had been coughing up blood from time to time. Even her two shikigamis failed and dissipated. Not to mention her abilities as an onmyoji, she had difficulties just getting up and walking. Fujikawa tried his best but was helpless. Later, he went to Yinchuan to destroy the stone tablet in order to ask Otowa to save Kitaichi, but he didn’t expect that even he would almost die there in the end.

He wanted to save this disciple with all his heart, not only because of the bond between a father and daughter, but also because Kitaichi was the best of all his disciples. If there was no accident, Kitaichi would inherit his legacy and carry it on. This meant that his legacy would not decline and the name Fujikawa would be passed down forever.

Fujikawa knew very well that he himself was already the lingering sun after autumn*. His other disciples had fought against the Special Administration Bureau, and they were either dead or injured. Their talents and abilities weren’t as good as Kitaichi’s, so the only hope for his legacy lay solely with this female disciple.

*(秋后残阳) Metaphor referring to the end of something. || In this context, it means he knows his peak is almost over and someone else has to take over.

After getting the box from Otowa, Fujikawa was excited. He carried it in his arms all the way to Kitaichi.

He pushed the boy serving the decoction away and carefully took out the box. He put the box under Kitaichi’s nose according to Otowa’s instructions and then opened it.

Black air diffused out of the box, soon following Kitaichi’s breathing and jumping into her nasal cavity.

Otowa was now a demon. Fujikawa witnessed such power with his own eyes. Even Long Shen, who he couldn’t beat before, was trapped in an enchantment, unable to move an inch. If Kitaichi became a real demon, her strength was bound to become stronger than before, and the status of the Fujikawa school would continue to be stable as a rock.

Fujikawa stared at Kitaichi nervously, feeling a hint of anticipation.

When all the magic qi was absorbed by the girl, the black qi slowly flowed through her entire body along the veins on the surface of her skin. Her once fair complexion turned greenish-black at a visible speed, and the black qi slowly flowed under her skin, being absorbed by her body. Her skin gradually regained its fair complexion and was even whiter than before.

Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and the girl finally opened her eyes.

“Eiko!” Fujikawa couldn’t help but cry out. He looked at his proud disciple expectantly. “How do you feel?”

The girl looked dazed and struggled to get up from the couch.


Fujikawa: “It’s me. Are you uncomfortable? Do you feel the strength in your body has further increased?”

Kitaichi looked down at her palms. It was soft and white, with delicate fingers. Everything seemed to be the same as before she fell ill, but it also seemed to change a lot.

Her body no longer felt sore and weak, her internal organs and limbs no longer ached, and there was a surging power in her body. These forces were all gathered in one place, all of which were sending her a message.

“I’m hungry.”

Fujikawa was taken aback.

“I’ll let someone make you something to eat. You can take a good rest.”

After all, he was a little softhearted. He didn’t treat the girl in front of him as harshly as he did his other disciples. He raised his hand and tucked back the scattered bangs on the girl’s head behind her ears and was about to call for someone.

But when he suddenly turned around, he felt a pain in his back.

The severe pain came from his back, as if his flesh, bone, and blood had been cut open, and then the pain pierced his heart.

Fujikawa lowered his head.

There was a dent in his chest, and a hand pierced through his back, pulling out his heart. Blood gushed from his back, staining his entire back red as it flowed to the ground, seeping into the tatami.

Then there was a chewing sound behind him. Fujikawa turned his head slowly.


Kitaichi Eiko took another bite and ate the hot heart with relish. The heart that was still beating seemed to be a delicacy in her mouth. There was a look of contentment on her beautiful face. She didn’t bother to look up at Fujikawa, as if she was afraid he would steal her food from her, and continued to eat the heart until it was completely devoured.

She even stuck out her tongue and licked away the blood on her hands, little by little, even digging it into her nails. The pink tongue and the white fingertips formed an almost erotic ambiguity, but the room was deadly silent, and no one could appreciate such a scene.

“Master, your heart is delicious.”

Kitaichi finally licked her fingers clean. She raised her head and showed a bright and satisfied smile to Fujikawa.

With a thud, Fujikawa fell to the ground with eyes wide open, still filled with unbelievable shock and fear.

Kitaichi stretched out her fingers and dipped them in a bit of blood that was still flowing from her master’s wound. She put it in her mouth, puckered her lips, and seemed to feel that the taste wasn’t as good as before, so she didn’t go back for more. She slowly stood up. Her figure was delicate and weak, as if she were a little girl who had been bedridden for a long time, looking harmless and gentle. She looked around in confusion. After a while, she leaned against the wall and walked out, step by step.

Fujikawa laid on the ground and remained still, never moving again.

A few minutes later, one of the walls twisted and shook, and a person appeared in the room.

A young man walked towards Fujikawa, squatted down, and looked at him for a moment, then shook his head and said with a sigh, “Being killed by your most beloved disciple like this is considered karma.”

“I think this retribution is quite cheap for him.”

“Who!” Suddenly hearing a second voice, Yu Buhui instinctively looked towards the source of the sound, and a sword appeared in his hand.

“You haven’t seen me in a while that you can’t even recognize the voice of an old acquaintance?”

Another person “walked” out of another wall. It was Tang Jing who had followed Wu Bingtian and Long Shen.

After Tang Jing separated from Director Long and Wu in Tokyo, he went to Kyoto for a few days before coming to Atsuta Shrine to apply for a job.

The shrine recruited part-time mikos every year to help sell goods and attract customers during the tourist season. Tang Jing’s female attire and fluent Japanese were naturally quickly approved, but this kind of part-time status was limited, and generally he wouldn’t be able to enter forbidden areas of the shrine. Tang Jing used his identity to confuse a priest and asked him to reserve a place for him to help bring in offerings—the shrine would send people in regularly to bring in some melons and fruits every once in a while.

According to rumors, every time the mikos who were assigned to do this job would occasionally leave without returning. It was said that they were favored by the master here and were recruited to stay so they could train to reach a higher level, but there was also another rumor that this mysterious person liked to eat people’s hearts. Most likely, those mikos who have gone and never returned probably met misfortune.

Tang Jing knew that the latter rumor was the truth, but this didn’t prevent him from pretending to yearn for mystery and adore power, so he took the initiative to recommend himself to the priest. The other party might have known some inside information, as he hinted to Tang Jing not to be stupid, but Tang Jing acted perfectly like a high school girl and insisted on coming in and delivering the offerings. The priest had no choice but to agree.

So, while everyone else snuck in secretly, only Tang Jing came in openly.

After he came in, he didn’t dare go to the core area rashly. He first investigated the surrounding layout and ended up bumping into Yu Buhui.

Seeing him, Yu Buhui said in surprise, “You’re here too?”

Tang Jing nodded. “There’s also Boss Long and Boss Wu.”

Yu Buhui: “Ding Lan is dead.”

Tang Jing: “We expected it. His soul lamp was extinguished. Where’s Li Ying?”

Yu Buhui: “He should still be alive, but I don’t know where he is. The three of us also came in separately. The two of them joined up. Ding Lan blocked a fatal blow with his body to save Li Ying. If I had shown up, there would be only another body count.”

Tang Jing sighed. “You made a wise choice.”

Yu Buhui was silent for a moment. “But I have always regretted it. If I had come out at that time, I still had a certain chance to save them, but now I have completely lost that chance.”

Tang Jing patted him on the shoulder. “No, aren’t we here?”

Yu Buhui: “Otowa is an immortal who has already turned into a demon. He also has Kusanagi no Tsurugi to protect him, which makes things even more difficult to deal with.”

Tang Jing: “Even if we all die together, it doesn’t matter. Since we’re already here, what’s there to fear!”

Yu Buhui: “I heard your little lover is also here.”

Tang Jing smiled bitterly. “Maybe when we meet, the first person he wants to kill is me.”

Yu Buhui: “What are the arrangements from Boss Long?”

After Li Ying was captured, Yu Buhui had been lurking here.

This was the safest place outside the core enchantment and was still within Otowa’s territory. It was difficult for him to save people and kill Otowa alone. If he tried to save Li Ying and couldn’t kill Otowa, it would make Otowa more vigilant, which would make things more difficult if they were to infiltrate again, so he could only choose to wait and hope the Special Administration Bureau would send more people over.

“There are no arrangements. I’ll see how things go after I get in,” Tang Jing said while shrugging.

Yu Buhui was speechless. How can you be so casual?

However, he also knew that the situation here was complicated. Before he and Ding Lan came in, they didn’t have a careful plan, but when they entered, all their plans wouldn’t have worked anyway. Indeed, they could only act in accordance with what unfolded.

“Are you still chasing that little girl?” he asked.

Tang Jing chuckled. “When she went out just now, I’d already placed a tracking spell on her. It was given to me by Lao Wu. If it’s not authentic, I’ll demand compensation tenfold, and if it’s faulty, I’ll demand triple the compensation! After all, it’s from Yuanming Palace in Qingcheng Mountain.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his expression changed slightly.

“There are fluctuations in the enchantment. She seems to be moving. Let’s go and take a look!”


Under Yoshida’s farewell, Dong Zhi and the others took a speedboat to Full Moon Island.

This was an island that looked like a full moon from the sky; thus, it was named as such. Despite its romantic name, it didn’t reflect the dangers on the island. After their experience on Diana Island, everyone was cautious about the new island and never thought it would be easier or safer than before.

After they officially set foot on Full Moon Island, they were stunned by the scene in front of them.

Yellow sand, desert, endless.

It was hard to imagine that there would be such an island that was surrounded by the sea.

Compared with the wet and cold of Diana Island, although it was equally cold here, it was obviously much drier. The topography and climate were also different from Diana Island. The only thing in common was that the entire island was also covered in white mist, which made it difficult to tell whether it was day or night.

What appeared in front of them was a fortress made of loess in the distance.

Li Han’er snorted. “Why is the terrain and environment here completely different from Diana Island? Is it because of the mist?”

Dong Zhi said, “I guess this should be a man-made island.”

“Who would create this earthen city?” Zhang Song looked around.

It was truly appropriate to call the fortress an earthen city based on how it looked.

From a distance, those khaki-yellow buildings were short and flat, but they were like an unfinished earthen city piled up with only walls and no buildings.

“Americans, Norse, Africans,” Liu Si replied.

Liu Qingbo looked back at the seaside; beside their own speedboat, there was another one tied there.

“One of these three teams should have also landed here.”

They were on Zombie Island—ah, rather—Diana Island a few days ago, while the other teams were on different islands. They weren’t sure if whichever team was on this island had gained any valuable information. “It would be great if we could meet a team. At least we’ll know if they got anything from this island.”

If not, they could just turn around and go to the next island immediately.

“Didn’t the Americans give you a cellphone?” Liu Qingbo looked at Dong Zhi.

“Let me ask.”

Coincidentally, as soon as Dong Zhi picked up the phone, he heard the sound of a speedboat engine disturbing the waves from a distance on the other side of the foggy sea.

Everyone turned their heads, and after a while, a speedboat passed through the fog and entered their view.

There was a person standing at the front. Seeing Dong Zhi, his eyes lit up, and he waved vigorously. “Dong! Dong!”

Dong Zhi: “…Am I hallucinating?”

Liu Qingbo pursed his lips. “You’re not seeing things. It’s really the Americans.”

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