• How often do you release?
    The goal is daily. You can find the release schedule of my projects on the home page.

  • Can I use your translation to translate into another language?
    Go for it. It’s not like I can stop you but credits would be nice.

  • Can I post your translations to other sites?
    I prefer you don’t but it’s not like I can stop you either. At least give credit where credit is due.

  • I found a spelling/grammatical error. Should I let you know?
    Please do. I prefer you leave it in the comment of that chapter so I know what to fix.

  • What is MTL?
    It stands for Machine Translations. I do not know Chinese and all my translations are done through a machine. You can read more about my translation style in my About Me page.

  • Can you disable ads?
    Unfortunately ads are from WordPress themselves and I have no control of it as this is a free account. I do not get any ad-revenue from them. To disable it, I would need to renew my account at WordPress which will be done with enough support through ko-fi donations. If you enjoy my work please consider contributing. Thank you advance.