About Me

I wanted to read novels that were untranslated so I figured I would MTL and edit them myself and share it with others. As translations are done via MTL I can’t vouch for its accuracy. They are edited and fixed to provide a more cohesive and coherent reading experience.

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Translation Disclaimer:

Translations are done using MTL (machine translations). I use a variety of machines translator in order to try to ensure the accuracy, though as stated, I can’t vouch for it. Translations are then written out with grammar, spacing, and flow fix to provide a cohesive and coherent reading experience. This disclaimer is to be upfront about my translation abilities (or rather lack thereof).

Rather than a translator, I’m more of an editor that fixes the MTL translations. I hope that my fixes provide a more enjoyable reading experience and I’m open to any feedback.

At the end of the day it’s done through a machine so don’t expect professional quality.

You can support me through my ko-fi. Your support goes towards trying to keep the site ad-free. Thank you for your support!