Bu Tian Gang Ch65

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 65

The next few days after, Dong Zhi would spend his time sleeping, waking, and then falling asleep again. His biological clock was completely disrupted. Sometimes he would wake up at night, watch TV for a while, pass out, and wake up again late in the day. Other times, he would sleep for the entire day.

Perhaps it was because of the disordered sleeping pattern, but he never saw Long Shen again. Disappointed, he had to inquire about it from the nurse and learned that his dear Master had actually been here a few times, but he was sleeping every time, so he only stayed for a while before leaving.

Dong Zhi felt helpless against his sleeping pattern. This was the consequence of inviting gods. He was drowsy all day long and his body remained very weak. On the days when he was awake, he felt that the ceiling was spinning even though he was lying in bed. Now that he was better, he could get up and walk for half an hour without dizziness, but then he had to lie down and sleep for a lot longer than usual, as if he was suffering from a serious concussion.

It was no wonder that his Master wanted to strictly forbid him from inviting gods again. If he continued like this, he knew that his body would collapse. He couldn’t help but be a bit afraid. As long as he was awake every day, he would practice his kung fu tona. Thanks to his diligence and perseverance in practice, he was finally able to stay awake longer.

Gu Meiren came to see him and said that Lin Xuan had visited him before. When he saw him sleeping, he sat there for a while, then left. Before leaving, he asked Gu Meiren to pay tribute on his behalf. He relayed to her that he wanted to say he was really sorry, and he left this compass behind as a gift as atonement. He said he would treat him warmly should he ever visit the Lin family.

After Long Shen’s verification, the compass belonged to a great master in the Qing Dynasty. This was not only an antique but also somewhat famous, so this gift was not perfunctory. Long Shen asked Dong Zhi to keep it, but he wasn’t familiar with using an actual compass. He felt it was good enough to use the compass app on his phone, so he later gave this compass to He Yu.

Being underground for so long and experiencing life and death together, Dong Zhi no longer cared too much about Lin Xuan’s previous action. Despite his background, he still relied on his own strength. Also, if it weren’t for them being on the Lin family’s territory that day, the Japanese would probably be even more unscrupulous.

Dong Zhi understood that when he walked outside in the future, it would be under the title of Long Shen’s apprentice. The title alone would scare off some ill-intentioned people but would also attract those with ulterior motives. Since he had decided to worship Long Shen as his Master, he couldn’t rely on falling back on his master’s name and fame. If he was caught, he could be used as a hostage to bargain with Long Shen. Not only was this a bad thing, but it was also shameful. He couldn’t allow this to happen, so he had to work harder.

Besides Gu Meiren and Lin Xuan, others came to visit him as well. Everyone stayed at the same hospital and was arranged on the same floor, but the wards were different. Some who had minor injuries would come back and forth every day when they were idle. Since Dong Zhi spent most of his time asleep, he didn’t know who came to visit him, and now that he could manage to stay awake longer, he finally had the chance to talk with his friends.

He also realized that he had made a big splash during the event this time.

The collapse of the cave gradually subsided, and the Northwest Branch began to send people to carry out search and rescue operations as well as excavate the area. Long Shen and Song Zhicun personally participated in this expedition. Only then did everyone else find out that there was a stone tablet under the alter, and this was the most important goal of their trip. At that time, the Japanese wanted to blow up the stone tablet. Long Shen and Song Zhicun were busy dealing with the Archfiend, while the others fought fiercely against the ghouls, Japanese, and the thousand corpse figurines. It was only Dong Zhi who had the opportunity to stop them.

Now that this information had come to light, even Zhang Song, who originally felt that Dong Zhi was too weak, could only hold his tongue. What’s even more amazing was the fact that Long Shen had accepted a disciple.

Since Dong Zhi was out of commission and in bed the whole time, he didn’t have the opportunity to publicize this news. Only when Song Zhicun half-jokingly told Long Shen that he needed to hurry up and accept an apprentice, or he’d regret it once everyone got snatched away, did Long Shen announce that he had already accepted a disciple.

When he uttered that word, everyone was in shock and the news quickly spread. Everyone knew how demanding Deputy Director Long was. Even when dealing with him, they’d be inevitably affected by that cold face that would make them involuntarily feel nervous. Although the title of being a disciple of Boss Long was extremely attractive, there were not many people who would dare take the initiative to fight for it like Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo.

When comparing Dong Zhi and Liu Qingbo, most people thought that Long Shen was more inclined towards Liu Qingbo. After all, the latter’s family background was solid, while Dong Zhi was a “halfway monk”. Those who become masters would prefer a worry-free apprentice. Even Ba Sang and Gu Meiren felt that there was little hope for Dong Zhi, but they couldn’t bear to tell him.

Yet, who knew that things would turn out to be this unexpected.

As Dong Zhi lay in bed listening to Gu Meiren relay all this information, he was lost in a trance, thinking how unreal all this felt.

“Are you okay?” Gu Meiren waved her hands in front of his eyes, calling him back to his senses.

“I’m fine.” Dong Zhi smiled.

Gu Meiren was still worried. “You’ve been absent-minded and in low spirits lately. What did Boss Long say?”

Dong Zhi rubbed his eyes. “He said this is normal, because I expended too much energy and physical strength when I invited a god, I can only slowly recover now.”

Ba Sang patted him on the shoulder and almost knocked him back down onto the bed. He was surprised. “Why are you like this?”

Dong Zhi yawned. “I have become Lin Daiyu* for the time being. You have to take good care of me.”

*One of the principal characters of Cao Xueqin’s classic 18th-century Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber. She is portrayed as a well-educated, intelligent, witty, and beautiful young woman of physical frailty who is somewhat prone to occasional melancholy.

Ba Sang: “Alright. When I go home, I’ll bring you a box of cordyceps to replenish your body. Is it true, though, that Boss Long accepted you as his disciple?”

Dong Zhi: “News already spread?”

Ba Sang and Gu Meiren both nodded.

Dong Zhi felt a bit embarrassed. In addition to the slight sense of joy from everyone knowing the news, he also felt a sense of achievement based on his efforts. If it weren’t for his inability to move right now, he wanted to jump out of bed and do a dance.

Gu Meiren said, “For several days now, Liu Qingbo’s face has been completely blackened. He’s probably furious.”

Dong Zhi laughed. “It’s okay, he’s just thunder with a little rain*!”

*(雷声大雨点小) Metaphor for someone who makes a lot of noise when doing things but has very little ability.

“Who has thunder with little rain?” Liu Qingbo walked in from outside with a suspicious expression on his face. “I seem to hear someone badmouthing me.”

Dong Zhi said innocently, “You heard me wrong. I’m praising you for being handsome like a jade tree*!”

*[Yushu Linfeng] (玉树临风) Idiom use to describe people, mainly men, who are very handsome and beautiful. They are compared to being as unrestrained as a jade tree. From the “Song of Eight Immortals Drinking” by Du Fu.

“Give me a break!” Liu Qingbo showed an expression of disgust before angrily saying, “It seems you are recovering well since you can still sit up and chat!”

Dong Zhi said tragically, “Well, you say? I used to like eating mantis shrimp so much, but recently I couldn’t eat anything. Just the sight of food would make me feel sick. I probably lose quite a few pounds by the time I’m discharged.”

Liu Qingbo: “That’s better than Chen Xun. He’s still lying in the ICU. His fate is still unknown!”

Dong Zhi: “How is he?”

Liu Qingbo: “Just out of danger now, but he hasn’t woken up yet.”

“I heard that someone seems to be scared and wanted to quit,” Gu Meiren said abruptly.

Dong Zhi was taken aback. “Who?”

After struggling through many hardships and escaping danger, those who were lucky enough to survive had become more courageous and competitive, while others had become more afraid and would naturally shrink back.

Dong Zhi immediately thought of Chi Banxia.

Liu Qingbo seemed to have read his mind as he said, “It’s not Chi Banxia. It’s Ou-Yang Yin. I heard it as he was making his report.”

Having said that, he curled his lips. “It’s okay to leave. It’s not suitable to be in this business if you’re timid!”

Gu Meiren remained silent. In fact, when she encountered danger underground, she also retreated several times. She even thought about reporting in and quitting once she left the cave, but when she resurfaced, she changed her mind. She had become accustomed to this tense and exciting pace and knew that if she returned to normalcy again, it would make her feel uncomfortable.

Liu Qingbo glanced at them. “You guys go out first. I have something to talk about with Dong Zhi.”

Gu Meiren and Ba Sang looked at each other. They were both worried that he was still angry because of the news about Long Shen accepting Dong Zhi as his disciple, that he was going to beat up Dong Zhi in the ward.

Seeing that Dong Zhi nodded, the two of them went out. Gu Meiren still didn’t feel at ease, so she said, “If you need anything, just call us.”

Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes.

Dong Zhi yawned. “Have you found your Feijing Sword?”

Liu Qingbo blushed immediately and gritted his teeth as he carefully said, word for word, “Why ask, when you should know the answer in your heart?”

Dong Zhi was dazed. “Well, I wasn’t with you later on!”

Liu Qingbo said angrily, “Of course it’s gone! The river is so deep. How can I possibly find it?! Why don’t you go and search for it for me?!”

Dong Zhi smiled. “Aren’t you sacrificing your ego for the bigger ego*? You’ll have the opportunity to find it in the future. Besides, I remember that you have many famous swords in your household!”

*It means to give up on one’s own interests for the greater good. || In this context, which would be the Feijing Sword.

Liu Qingbo’s face was gloomy. “Did Boss Long really accept you as an apprentice?”

Dong Zhi nodded. “I’m sorry. I meant to tell you. Boss Long has accepted me as an apprentice. It happened after I was separated from you. After I was hospitalized, I didn’t have the chance to make it clear to you.”

Liu Qingbo was unconvinced. “Am I that inferior to you? Does he prefer one who shamelessly flatters?”

Dong Zhi yawned again. The number of times he’d yawned recently was catching up to the combined total of yawns he’d done in the 20 years of his life.

“Old Liu, how mundane of you to think that. Do you think Boss Long is the type of person who likes to listen to sweet words? If this is true, I most likely wouldn’t be his candidate. Before me, there were plenty of others who were better and stronger than me. I don’t know what Boss Long has told you, but I think he has some consideration as to why he didn’t want to accept you. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be fine if he accepted the both of us?”

Liu Qingbo was silent. What Dong Zhi said was right. When he went to Long Shen to confirm, Long Shen told him that his foundation itself was impeccable. The only thing he lacked was the adjustment of his mentality. As long as these two things can conform together, even if he didn’t have a master, it was only a matter of time before he stepped over the threshold. For him, an apprenticeship was just superfluous, because his problem had never been whether he needed a master or not.

Liu Qingbo still remembered that he asked why Dong Zhi? He was so weak. Would it make him feel more successful if he could train someone like that?

Long Shen said, “Your personality is stronger than Dong Zhi’s. You already have your own opinions on swordsmanship. You don’t need others to add icing to your cake. You just have to follow your own path, while he is like a blank piece of paper that needs guidance when it comes to swordsmanship.”

Liu Qingbo was finally convinced and had to admit that what Long Shen said made sense. When Long Shen taught them, Liu Qingbo had frequent reservations about what he said. He would ponder and verify them before believing in Long Shen’s words, as this was a natural reaction to those who are knowledgeable in swordsmanship, while Dong Zhi always chose to believe in them without raising any concerns. He would believe and do as Long Shen say, and this was the biggest difference between the two of them.

Dong Zhi comforted him, “Come now, Master have led me to his door, but the practice will depend on the individual. If my mud can’t support the wall*, then it’ll be useless for me to worship Boss Long as my Master. Since this is a big deal, I’ll invite you to hotpot later. If one meal isn’t enough, we’ll just make it two!”

*(烂泥扶不上墙) Metaphor referring to due to poor ability or low level, one is not able to be acclimated.

Liu Qingbo rolled his eyes, “Do I have to go if you invite me?”

After waiting for a long time without hearing an answer, he condescendingly moved his eyes from the ceiling. He had now fully accepted the outcome. Dong Zhi had already tilted his head to the side and had fallen asleep. His hand was still hugging his abdomen as he didn’t even have the chance to put them down.

When Dong Zhi woke up, he didn’t know when Liu Qingbo had left. He simply ate and slept like this, living a life like a pig for another half a month until his Master and doctor announced that he was finally in good condition, and he could return home with everyone.

Many things had happened within the past half month.

Chen Xun pulled through and survived. Rumors had it that he wanted to withdraw, and the leaders respected his wishes. In the end, Ou-Yang Yin decided to remain in the Special Administration Bureau but worked for the logistics team doing civilian work and would not be on the front line.

Not only Chen Xun, but two others who went through this escapade wanted to withdraw as well. Although they managed to survive, not everyone was willing to risk their lives, even if they were practitioners.

In the end, counting the deaths of Zhou Yue and Xing Qiaosheng, there were only fourteen people remaining.

With Long Shen holding Fujikawa in his hands, Song Zhicun stepped forward and began a tug-of-war negotiation with Japan.

Due to their persistence and Zong Lao’s remarks, the higher ups finally agreed to their plan and asked Japan to exchange Fujikawa for Dong Jilan, but Japan was unable to fulfill this. In the end, they finally agreed to exchange him for another agent, who was a national treasure level cultural relic who had been secretly detained for many years. In addition, $50 million USD was also part of the compensation in exchange for Fujikawa Aoi’s safe return from China. At this point, even Long Shen had to accept the fact that Dong Jilan had already died.

These things were learned by Dong Zhi much later. Now, he only needed to be concerned about his own life. As for the rest, there would be others to stand guard behind.

In other news, after the cooperative excavation between the branch office and state troops, the alter where the stone tablet was located was found. The alter was excavated and sealed off as a military restricted area. The elders of Mount Longhu and Maoshan worked together to lay a talisman array, adding an extra layer of protection around the stone tablet. The area had constant monitoring, with guards sent to monitor the area all hours of the day and night. This time, let alone Fujikawa Aoi, even an Archfiend would not be able to touch the stone tablet so easily.

Before returning to Beijing, Dong Zhi heard that He Yu and Kan Chaosheng had also returned, but before he had the chance to reunite with old friends, when he got off the plane, he and the others were taken to the suburbs.

“There’s not another sudden assessment, right?” Everyone was beyond terrified.

“I don’t think so. Look at this guy. He’s still weak and can barely walk. What kind of assessment can he take?” Someone said as they pointed to Dong Zhi.

Dong Zhi hadn’t eaten much on the plane, and now he felt even more nauseous from the motion sickness while sitting in his seat.

“Anyone who’s only been eating white porridge for a month will have weak legs. Now, give me a mandarin duck pot and I can resurrect with full vitality.”

Li Ying laughed. “Would you like another bowl of dandan noodles?”

He wasn’t sure if it was due to the motion sickness, but when Li Ying mentioned dandan noodles, Dong Zhi covered his mouth and wanted to vomit even more.

Liu Qingbo said coldly, “Is this motion sickness or morning sickness from a pregnancy?”

Dong Zhi didn’t even have the strength to bicker with him as he was afraid the minute he opened his mouth, everything would be released. When he got off the car, he was still pale and light-headed.

Upon seeing this, Long Shen said, “Give me your hand.”

Dong Zhi thought his master wanted to comfort him by touching his hand, so he hurriedly stretched it out but saw that Long Shen was aiming at the position of his tiger’s mouth and pinched it.


The screams startled countless birds in the forest.

Long Shen: “Is it better?”

Dong Zhi wanted to burst into tears. He dared to be angry but did not voice his complaints, as he only nodded bitterly for fear that Long Shen would pinch him again.

Long Shen said, “You can press this acupoint for motion sickness in the future, and you’ll get immediate results.”

Even if it works, it was just using pain to divert his attention!

Dong Zhi found that after he began his apprenticeship, he had more physical contact with his master. For example, when his master instructed him to practice his swordsmanship, he would teach him with his hands. Unfortunately, his master would never show him mercy and was even harsher than before, and he never relented when he was scolding or training him.

However, facing Liu Qingbo’s jealousy, Dong Zhi had to pretend that everything was going great and could only swallow all his blood and tears back into his stomach. This was truly a life that was mixed with misery and joy.

After getting out of the car, when everyone saw their destination, they felt that this was definitely another trial.

In their view was a stone road leading into a dense forest that was silent and deserted.

Surprisingly, rather than the imagined thrills that they thought of, Long Shen and Song Zhicun led them to the depths where there lay a cemetery. Many people were already gathered there waiting for them, headed by Director Jiang and Wu Bingtian.

When Dong Zhi looked around, he saw a few familiar faces that were unexpectedly there. Everyone was wearing black suits or Taoist tunics. When they saw them, they all only nodded slightly, instead of the usual smiles and warm greetings.

Two tombstones were erected, with the names Zhou Yue on the left and Xing Qiaosheng on the right.

When they all came to a standstill, Wu Bingtian looked around for a while before saying, “Today, there’s a piece of news that I want to announce to you. The reason why you’re here is because, like Zhou Yue and Xing Qiaosheng, you’re all officially now members of the Special Administration Bureau. However, unlike you, they will be sleeping underground while you have the chance to listen to my words.”

“I know that this good news should be in an auditorium where we solemnly announced it to the audience, but Xing Qiaosheng and Zhou Yue, our two comrades, will never have the chance to wear good-looking clothes, to go on dates with friends and lovers, to celebrate with them, like you will. In order to let them participate in the induction ceremony, we finally chose to be here to announce this good news to you.”

Two once fresh, smiling faces had now become photos that would solidified forever on these monuments.

Many people lowered their heads quietly as tears swelled in their eyes.

Wu Bingtian: “I now announce that Zhou Yue, Xing Qiaosheng, Li Ying, Dong Zhi, Liu Qingbo, Zhang Song, Ba Sang… With a total of 16 people have now officially become members of the Special Administration Bureau of the People’s Republic of China from today onwards. Next, please follow me to take the oath.”

“I am willing to dedicate this body to the country and the people.”

“I am willing to dedicate this body to the country and the people!”

“To fulfill my duties and be loyal to my country.”

“To fulfill my duties and be loyal to my country!”

“Strictly enforce the law, fair and unselfish.”

“Strictly enforce the law, fair and unselfish…”

Wu Bingtian stood in front of the monuments as he read each sentence one by one, and everyone followed. It was uneven at the beginning but became more sonorous and neater.

The leaves rustled in the wind as the sunlight mottled, as if this was the silent response from Zhou Yue and Xing Qiaosheng.

After taking the oath, Wu Bingtian said, “The bureau is already handling the formal entry procedures for you. This year, every member who has just joined the General Administration Bureau will have a probationary period of one to two years. During this period, they will be assigned to a branch office for internships. The specific units will be arranged by the higher-ups. It will be implemented in about a week. During this time, you should all take a vacation and get a good rest.”

Everyone was taken aback. They thought they had passed the training exam and had finally entered the General Administration Bureau, where they would begin working. Unexpectedly, there was still a probationary period.

Someone asked, “Boss Wu, can you also be eliminated during the probationary period?”

Wu Bingtian: “Of course. This probationary period is like your daily job. If you encounter a case, you will be involved in it.”  

Seeing that everyone had nothing else to ask, he said, “I like to invite Director Jiang to say a few words to everyone.”

During the applause, Director Jiang cleared his throat and began to “say a few words”. First, he affirmed everyone’s performance on the Yinchuan trip, then he paid homage to the sacrifices of Zhou Yue and Xing Qiaosheng, and then he recalled the past and encouraged everyone to learn from their companions’ sacrifices and continue to fight bravely on the front line.

Dong Zhi stared at Zhou Yue’s and Xing Qiaosheng’s tombstones in a daze, imagining that they would jump out of their graves at any moment to fight the director. This thought was both funny and sad.

Fortunately, everyone was used to Director Jiang’s style. When he finally finished speaking, he remembered there were also two other Deputy Directors next to him.

Director Jiang turned to look at Long Shen. “Then Boss Long will also say a few words.”

Long Shen had always had a concise style of speaking. If it only needed a sentence to be conveyed, then he’d really just say a sentence. “I don’t want you to be deserters, and I don’t want to add your tombstone here in the future.”

Song Zhicun’s tone was much gentler. He smiled at everyone. “Everyone has just been through life and death. After this, you have gradually grown into qualified warriors. I have no other explanation. I just hope that you can do a good job during this probationary period. At the end of next year, there will be a worldwide exchange conference for practitioners around the world, where we’ll be competing in various competitions representing our country. I hope that when that time comes, I can see you fighting for our country’s glory.”

It was a very special induction ceremony.

Dong Zhi heard from He Yu that all the previous inauguration ceremonies were held either in an auditorium or on the rooftop of the Special Administration building. He didn’t expect that this time it would be held in a cemetery. Including him, this may be a scene that everyone will never forget for the rest of their lives.

Dong Zhi recalled that Long Shen said he had been here before the Special Administration Bureau started, so he must’ve witnessed the lives and deaths of countless companions and had to send off countless people.

When Dong Zhi thought about this, he couldn’t help but turn his gaze to the man dressed in all black, standing next to the tombstones. He was looking up at the white tombstones of Zhou Yue and Xing Qiaosheng.

Every tombstone records a person’s joys and sorrows.

Every tombstone records the time they spent protecting the peace.

Because of them, there could be peace and joy for ordinary people.

Before he had met Long Shen and these people, Dong Zhi had never felt how lucky he was to be able to live safely to the present. He was able to eat, drink, and party as he pleased. In the future, maybe he, or perhaps Li Ying or Ba Sang, or even Song Zhicun or Long Shen, would also die for their country and lie here, becoming the owner of one of these tombstones.

These tiny seeds that inadvertently fell into the soil and were buried deep underground, were moistened by the rain and morning dew, would break through layers of obstacles and finally give birth to the tender leaves and new branches that would grow into the bright and brilliant scenery that guards the tombstone one day.

The light from the sky would bathe their petals, just as it covers the hearts of everyone.

After the inauguration ceremony, Dong Zhi deliberately found an opportunity to walk side by side with Long Shen.


Long Shen heard his voice sounded hoarse, so he pinched his chin. As soon as he lifted his face, he saw that Dong Zhi’s eyes were red. He must’ve just cried. Seeing this scene made Long Shen lost for words. His apprentice was too sentimental, but this was normal. After all, the newly dead were their companions. He Yu and Kan Chaosheng, who are used to these types of things, wouldn’t be sad, so they wouldn’t shed tears at every turn like these newcomers.

Dong Zhi’s voice was thick and nasally. “Master, I’ll work hard to try and not drag you down. I’ll go on missions with you in the future, and I can be your right and left arm. Please teach me more skills.”

Since he had accepted a disciple, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to be addressed as “you”, but Long Shen did not care for such minor details.

He nodded when he heard the words, “Okay.”

Dong Zhi took the opportunity to ask, “When?”

Long Shen: “Are you in good health?”

Dong Zhi scratched his head. “But I’ll be assigned in a week. I’m afraid it’ll be a place too far away from Beijing, so I can’t come and consult with you.”

Long Shen: “I know.”

Dong Zhi wanted to ask again when Song Zhicun shouted “Boss Long” cutting him off. Long Shen walked over, leaving Dong Zhi behind.

At this moment, he felt his shoulder being slapped fiercely. Dong Zhi was unprepared and almost fell to the ground.

“Now that you have a master, you forget your brother!”

Looking up, he saw a burly man with a kid who looked to be about five years old.

He Yu still had that untrustworthy look. He had fractured his bones and was now on crutches. He gave Dong Zhi a wink and said, “You did it. When we’re away, you accomplish so many things quietly!”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “I was looking for you. I heard that you were injured in Yunnan. How are you? Are you okay?”

“It’s just a fracture. I’ll be able to bounce back after removing the plaster!” He Yu hugged him on the shoulder. “Cut the nonsense. Now that you have entered the Special Administration Bureau and were able to worship a Master, isn’t this a double happy moment? What should you do? Don’t you have a good idea in your heart?”

Dong Zhi said, “Of course to celebrate by eating!”

He Yu didn’t let him go easily. “How many meals?”

Black lines appeared on Dong Zhi’s face. “You can decide, okay?”

Kan Chaosheng cracked his knuckles. “The first meal will be fried chicken. The second meal will be Tanjia cuisine*, the third meal will be roasted duck, the fourth meal will be hotpot, the fifth meal will be skewers, the sixth meal will be seafood, the seventh meal…”

*Clarity: I previously translated this as Tanjia cai, a dish, but after researching it more, I believe he’s talking about Tanjia cuisine, also known as Bangyan cuisine. It’s a combination of Cantonese and Shandong cuisine that is moderately salty and sweet and is especially good for cooking seafood.

Dong Zhi was so scared that his soul was about to fly away. He hurriedly said, “It doesn’t count if you decide. He Yu’s the one that’s injured, so he gets to decide!”

He Yu touched his chin and pondered as Kan Chaosheng squinted his eyes and threatened him silently.

Taking advantage that Kan Chaosheng wasn’t looking at him, Dong Zhi silently mouthed to He Yu, “Gift, you, game, pack.”

He Yu smiled. “Well, it’s not easy for Xiao Dongdong to go all out this time. He almost lost his life. We have to be nice to him. Besides, a fat sheep can’t be slaughtered for just one meal. These days, we need to pay attention to sustainability.”

Dong Zhi: …

He Yu: “Just three meals, each of which should not exceed one hundred yen per person.”

Dong Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and gave He Yu a thumbs up. To prevent Kan Chaosheng’s mind from remaining on food-related content, he hurriedly changed the subject. “How was Fuxian Lake? Has everything been resolved?”

The author has something to say:

Big fat chapters from today onwards. Xiao Dongdong has officially started his job. It’s time to start learning skills from his master and take the lead. There’re still many more things waiting for him.

Kinky Thoughts:

This was a very emotional chapter. At least He Yu and Kan Chaosheng are back. Going forward, the chapters are much longer than most of the previous so… can’t guarantee that updates will be daily.

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