Bu Tian Gang Ch39

Author: 梦溪石 / Meng Xi Shi

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 39

Of course, it was much easier to be carried than to walk on your own. Since Dong Zhi was muddleheaded, his usual worries were gone, and he was only driven by instinct.

“Boss Long have you decided on a candidate to be your apprentice?”

Long Shen snorted.

Dong Zhi said, “I just summoned heavenly thunder once again and took out a demon. Would you consider me?”

Long Shen didn’t answer, but he felt more and more courageous. Although he was being carried, he lost control of his mouth as words continued to flow out.

“A potential apprentice like me, there won’t be this kind of shop if you pass this village*. Although Liu Qingbo is a bit taller than me, he’s not as handsome. With someone as good-looking as me, you’ll have a lot of face when you take me out in the future. Otherwise, if you take Liu Qingbo out, people will say, Boss Long, how can you find an apprentice that looks so much older than you?”

*(你错过这村,就没那店了) Metaphor referring to a rare opportunity that cannot be missed.

After a long time, Long Shen still hadn’t given him a response. He suddenly stopped and put him down. Dong Zhi thought he was angry, so he aporetically said honestly, “It was all nonsense just now. Don’t take it to heart.”

Long Shen: “The key.”

“Huh? Oh!” Only then did he realize that they had reached his dorm, so he hurriedly took out the key to open the door. The heat quickly spread across his face, and his saving grace was that the light above his head wasn’t bright enough for the other party to notice his embarrassment.

He opened the door and turned on the lights. Long Shen hadn’t left, so he most likely wanted to hear his report on what happened tonight. Dong Zhi stepped aside and let him in. He had returned back to his room, so of course he couldn’t let Long Shen continue to carry him. When he tried to move, his legs got so soft that he ended up kneeling directly in front of Long Shen, looking as if he was kowtowing to him.

Dong Zhi: …So embarrassing!

Long Shen: “You haven’t studied under a teacher yet, so there’s no need to be so polite.”

Dong Zhi really wanted to dig a pit and bury himself in it, but from this he found that Long Shen had a sense of humor. He just hid it deeply. It was only when King You of Zhou lit the beacon fires* and made fun of the warlords was he able to win the smile from his beauty. With his soft legs, he could elicit a sense of humor from Deputy Director Long, so it wasn’t a total loss.

*The story goes that King You was infatuated with his concubine Bao Si, who does not like laughing, and wanted to impress her, so he played a trick on the warlords of his kingdom and had the beacon fires lit. When they saw this, they all rushed to defend him, thinking the city was under attack, but it just turned out to be a prank. This made Bao Si laugh, so he kept doing it and eventually, when a real attack came, the warlords ignored the beacon fires, and he was ultimately killed.

After taking a break for a bit, he finally regained some strength. Dong Zhi recount to Long Shen what happened tonight.

Long Shen asked rhetorically, “How would you analyze it?”

Dong Zhi regarded this as a test, so he tried his best to raise his spirits and thought about it carefully before saying, “I guess that Hui Yiguang and Wang Qi do have grudges against each other. After Wang Qi turned into a vegetative state due to her car accident, her soul left her body and was somehow targeted by demons. I remember you told He Yu that people have seven emotions and six desires that spawn love and hate. The greater the desire, the greater it’ll attract demons. Wang Qi’s resentment provided energy for the demons, and in return they gave her unspeakable powers.”

Long Shen nodded. “Hospitals hold countless births, sufferings, illnesses, and deaths every day. It is a place of reincarnation. All walks of life mix there, so feelings, especially resentment, will be infinitely amplified. There are countless incarnations of the Archfiend, so even if the body is destroyed, the demon’s clone may still spread all over the world and even hide in places like hospitals to absorb energy to strengthen itself again. What you bumped into tonight was most likely one of its essence or clones.”

Dong Zhi frowned and said, “But we protected Hui Yiguang and destroyed Wang Qi’s soul. Are we right or wrong? Perhaps Hui Yiguang was truly like what Wang Qi said, and that’s why she hated her so deeply and wanted revenge.”

Long Shen’s expression was faint. “We’re only responsible for subduing demons, not soothing people’s hearts. Even if it was a doctor or a policeman, they could only save lives, but not hearts. The Special Administration Bureau performs a similar duty, but on a different level.”

Dong Zhi sighed. “Yes, no matter what the reason is, if you allow demons to exploit your weakness, then you should be subjected to punishment.”

Still, the reaction between Hui Yiguang and Wang Qi when they were confronting each other was too vivid. Everyone present, including Dong Zhi, didn’t think that Hui Yiguang was completely innocent in this matter.

She had concealed her relationship with Wang Qi in advance and tried numerous times to dodge answering questions about her boyfriend. With Wang Qi’s appearance, they could tell from Hui Yiguang’s tone that she wasn’t completely ignorant of the matter. She might have suspected it a long time ago, but because of her guilty conscience, she dared not admit it.

Long Shen seemed to see through his thoughts. “Many things have their own antecedents, and the results will only be known in the underworld. The so-called Heavenly Way exists in everything. If you and I follow it, then we may become its sword.”

Dong Zhi: “You mean, karma?”

Long Shen shook his head. “Whether it’s retribution or not, it’s just human wishful thinking. I think it’s better to use the law of conservation of energy to explain it more appropriately.”

Facing the puzzled look of the other party, he said, “If a person exudes a little bit of hostility to the world and to others, he’ll accumulate negative energy. After accumulating to a certain extent, he’ll naturally be hit by its backlash. This is the conservation of the Heavenly Way.”

Dong Zhi suddenly said, “So the ancient sages that emphasize walking in line with heaven, they didn’t necessarily mean that good people will receive rewards, but rather if you follow the Heavenly Way, you will naturally get Heaven’s blessings!”

Long Shen nodded slightly. “In the era of the end of the law, materialistic desires flowed, and people’s hearts were chaotic. It’s not unusual for many people to cross their bottom line and do anything for the sake of financial gain. In the end, they became the very same people that they had looked down upon in the beginning. This is a scene that is common that you will only see more of if you continue to engage in this kind of business.”

He paused before saying, “It’s not a bad thing to have a soft heart. It at least gives you a standard that you won’t cross, but when it comes to making decisions, you should avoid being indecisive and dragging your companions down in battle.”

“Yes.” Dong Zhi obediently nodded. He was exhausted after their conversation but wasn’t sleepy. He rubbed his face and yawned. “It’s so late. I hope I didn’t bother you too much.”

Long Shen: “I’m writing a report.”

Does this mean he was disturbed? Dong Zhi hurriedly said, “Then I won’t bother you any longer. I’ll rest after washing up.”

He sent the great god on his way and turned around, heading to the bathroom. After he washed up, he felt refreshed but even less drowsy. Touching his stomach, all the food he had eaten that night was consumed by all his nerves. He decided to buy some barbecue and brought it back. He thought there was someone still up writing a report, so he went to knock on said person’s door and was greeted by Long Shen.

Dong Zhi lifted up the bag in his hand, gave him a smile, and said, “Hungry? Would you like some?”

Long Shen said, “No, I’m good.”

With that said, he was about to close the door when Dong Zhi pulled out his killer move. “I can’t sleep and wanted to read a technical book, but I don’t understand many terms and I can’t find anything about them online. Can I read in here if I don’t disturb you?”

Long Shen turned his body slightly sideways, signaling him to come in. He was overcome with joy and fearing that the male god would regret his decision and change his mind, he hurriedly entered with the book in his arms.

The dorm room was like a studio apartment. It had one bedroom and a living room, but they were all connected as there was no walls dividing up the space. The Deputy Director’s dorm was the same pattern as Dong Zhi’s but his decorations was more unified. The walls were beige, and his sofa and bed were covered with a stain resistant sheet. There was a small bar that was connected to the kitchen. Overall, it looked like a mid-to-high-end decoration. Dong Zhi guessed that the Special Administration Bureau had spent most of the budget on office and staff rooms that they had no money left to pay for the actual property.

Long Shen said, “Make yourself at home. You can ask if you don’t understand something.”

Dong Zhi hurriedly said, “If you are too busy, I can just read on my own.”

Long Shen nodded, poured him a glass of water, turned his head, and sat down at the desk.

Dong Zhi swore to God that he really just wanted to study seriously, and he only came here with the mentality that if there was something he couldn’t figure out, there was a great god that could help teach him. However, when the person that you like was nearby, few people would be able to resist gazing at the object of their affection.

Long Shen had his back turned to him, writing hard, and showed no sign of turning around, but he was keen, so it was impossible for him not to notice the gaze behind him. And the gaze was locked on him for a while, then it turned away, then came back for a while, then turned away again, and thus continued all night.

Long Shen secretly shook his head and thought. ‘Can he really concentrate on his studies?’

As soon as this thought occurred, he heard Dong Zhi ask, “Boss Long, I want to donate all the money paid to me by Hui Yiguang.”

Long Shen didn’t lift his head. “How much did she pay?”

Dong Zhi said, “Three million, 300,000 for each of us. Although the matter came to an end this time, I didn’t think I did a perfect job, so I feel guilty and want to donate all the money.”

Long Shen finally stopped writing. “What do you think is perfection?”

Dong Zhi was taken aback by this question. He thought seriously for a while, then said, “Maybe it’s because I saw that the victim is not completely innocent, and the perpetrator is not without cause. As the saying goes, a poor man must have something to hate1, and a hateful man must have something to pity2Nine out of ten things in life are unhappy3, but all I ask is for perfection in my own heart.”

1(可怜之人必有可恨之处) Refers to a seemingly pitiful person’s unsatisfactory reality must’ve been caused by previous faults or was self-inflicted. Knowing that they are wrong, but not changing their ways after repeated teachings is the hateful thing about such people.
而可恨之人也必有可怜之处) Second part of the saying that’s not well known. It refers to there must be some kind of suffering a hateful person has gone through that made him that way, so he deserves our pity. 
*Clarity: Linked together, it basically means that not everything is black and white. Someone’s misfortune may not be because of their own doing and cause them to become resentful, so we should take pity on that. Life is complicated and you can’t simply judge whether a person is good or bad because everyone has different experiences and their own circumstances. These two sentences link together, allowing us to see how multifaceted human nature really is.
世间不如意事十之八九) Refers to how life isn’t as pleasant and ideal as it seems (AKA Life isn’t like a bed of roses). || In this context, Dong Zhi is saying he knows life isn’t perfect, but he’ll strive to do his best and what’s aligned to his “perfection”.

Long Shen looked back at him. “There will be more dangerous and unpredictable things in the future where good and evil might be hard to distinguish.”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “Then I will try my best to be perfect. One step at a time, I’ll strive to always do better.”

Long Shen nodded. “I will help you find a reliable charity to donate to.”

Outside of work, he rarely takes the initiative to put forward his own opinions and interfere with others, but this time, when he saw Dong Zhi’s eyes curling, he added, “You also worked hard this time. It’s not bad to receive some compensation. If you want to donate, donate half of it and take the rest.”

Dong Zhi was attentive when responding. “Then I’ll listen to you.”

Seeing Long Shen writing his reports by hand, he couldn’t help but say, “Why don’t you use a computer to type? It would be much faster.” There are few who would do handwritten reports these days.

Long Shen said, “It may be because I used to have very few opportunities to write.”

Dong Zhi thought that he just wanted to practice his penmanship, or maybe he wasn’t good at using a computer, but he didn’t expect such an answer.

Long Shen seemed to be in a good mood as he took the initiative to talk to him.

“Creating words is a significant difference between humans and creatures. Once it appears on paper, it has a life of its own.”

He casually pointed to the book spread out in front of Dong Zhi, and the black arial characters seemingly came to life in an instant, twisting their shapes as they jumped out of the paper. The word “human (人)” bounced around on its left and right sides, and the word “road (道)” rushed forward like a car knocking “human (人)” down. The words “older brother (兄)” and “younger brother (弟)” trembled on the side and, as a result, were shot in the ass by the word “open (张)”, which hit it with its bow and arrow. Then suddenly, they all became a ball of letters*.

*Clarity: I put in the Chinese characters so you can visualize what the characters are doing. Look carefully and see how each of them matches the description of their actions.

Dong Zhi was stunned.

Long Shen said, “Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Buddhism says that there are three thousand great worlds and three thousand small worlds*. What the human eye can see is only one of them. When life is created, it also creates other life. Our duty is to maintain the balance between our world and others.”

*(三千大世界,三千小世界) Referring to the three thousand great thousand world. In Buddhism, it describes the organization of our world. It refers to the world being formed by three kinds of “thousand worlds” split into small, medium, and large. The big thousands of worlds are integrated by the small and middle ones, with Mount Sumeru at the center.

With a wave of his hand, the word “open (张)” suddenly turned into dust and dissipated in the air, and the other words huddled together trembling in a ball of fright.

Dong Zhi thought they looked funny yet pitiful. He stretched out his finger and touched the word “human (人)” and found that he didn’t have a substantial touch. The character seemed to feel his approach and desperately wanted to hide. When his finger came close, it shattered instantly, popping like a bubble.

With another wave of Long Shen’s hand, the words flashed and returned to the pages of the book. They were flat now, as if the scene he had just seen was an illusion.

Dong Zhi sighed. “I suddenly felt that I had lived in the belly of a dog* for more than 20 years!”

*(活到狗肚子里去) Refers to studying/learning in vain. || In this context, he’s saying all that he had been taught and studied has been turned upside down by this new revelation.

Long Shen said, “Every stroke has a spirit. Being able to read and write with your own hands is the natural gift of being human. Many humans often feel small, but what they don’t know is that they have inadvertently created countless worlds.”

Dong Zhi became thoughtful as he looked at the boring textbook, which now seemed a bit more interesting, as if he was reading something from a different world. The more contact he had with Long Shen, the more mysterious he seemed to become. It was like his body was covered in a thick fog, making it difficult to clearly see, but it’s exactly this that drives people to want to get closer to discover what’s behind it.

Long Shen turned around continuing to write his report again, and from time to time he would hear pages turning from behind him. Dong Zhi had finally concentrated on reading his textbook and was no longer distracted as he stopped raising his head to stare at him.

The report he was writing was related to their discovery in Inner Mongolia. Although the work was handed over to a different group, Long Shen still had to write down everything so it would be explained clearly.

The directors above were not cultivators, so they did not accurately predict the severity of an Archfiend. He believed that this was related to similar incidents of the past, so the three deputy directors, Wu Bingtian, Long Shen, and Song Zhicun, had all agreed they should solemnly explain this to their superiors so as to prevent a more serious consequence from happening. Long Shen’s report was one of the speeches he was prepared to give in their subsequent meetings.

While Deputy Director Long was good at subduing and exorcising demons and had been a leader for several years, he was not good at writing reports. He stumbled, frowned, and wrote for over an hour. This report had been delayed for an entire week and could no longer be pushed off.

Such was Long Shen, the Deputy Director of Procrastination. He looked at the punctuation mark he had just written and breathed a sigh of relief, only to find that there were no longer any movements coming from behind him.

He turned his head and saw Dong Zhi was still sitting on the sofa with a book spread across his knees and his head crook to the side, as if he was unconscious. Long Shen got up and walked over, then patted him on the shoulder, rousing Dong Zhi. He woke up and rubbed his eyes.

“…Sorry. Did I fall asleep?”

Long Shen said, “Go back and sleep.”

Dong Zhi hurriedly packed up his books and apologized again. He originally wanted to come over to ask questions, but instead he fell asleep.

Long Shen didn’t reproach him. “You must be exhausted if you summoned Heavenly Thunder today. Before going to bed, make sure to practice your kung fu tona.”

Dong Zhi nodded obediently and walked to the door. Seemingly recalling something, he smiled shyly. “Boss Long, can I take the liberty to ask what my chances are of becoming your apprentice?”

Long Shen raised his eyebrows. “Why do you want to be my apprentice so much? According to the techniques you have practiced, even if you have not worshipped under the Hezao Sect, you have the opportunity to become a disciple of the Wu Bureau. He was born in Yuanming Palace on Mount Qingcheng. Their gate is comparable to that of Maoshan.”

Dong Zhi scratched his head and told the truth. “I only know that if I’m not able to summon thunder, they would not even look at me, but you treat everyone equally. Even when you were harsh on me at the beginning, it was just to prevent me from taking risks and doing things out of impulse.”

Long Shen said, “I’m not as good as you think. As for the apprenticeship, that has yet to be determined. So far, I have no plans to accept any apprentices.”

Dong Zhi felt disappointed, but after thinking about it, if he couldn’t become his apprentice for the time being, then neither could Liu Qingbo. They were all on the same starting line, but he had the advantage of living on the opposite door, which was close to the water tower*.

*Reminder: (近水楼台) Metaphor for getting some kind of benefit or convenience first because he’s closer to someone or something.

In fact, what he didn’t know was that before this, Liu Qingbo had already given waves of gifts to Long Shen; among them were even two antique swords that Dong Zhi couldn’t afford, as well as such things as specialty poison from Miaojiang, an ancient book on swordsmanship from the Song Dynasty, and the like. His net worth was so rich that he could dump Dong Zhi more than ten blocks down. Despite this, all the flattery was a slap on the horse’s leg*, as Long Shen didn’t accept any of them.

*(马屁拍在马腿上) Metaphor referring to wanting to please but the other party isn’t interested.

Unlike him, though, he could get treatment like sitting on the couch and having a face-to-face talk with Long Shen without giving a single thing. If Liu Qingbo knew about this, he might have become so jealous that his eyes would turn red.

But for Dong Zhi, he was like a child who “didn’t know their blessings when they were blessed1” and felt melancholic for a while before deciding to continue his efforts and keep up his perseverance. Every drop of water would wear away the stone2, and the mountains were moved by foolish men3.

1(身在福中不知福) Refers to living in happiness but not feeling happy.
水滴石穿) Refers to constant efforts will bring success.
愚公移山) Refers to having determination for victory and the courage to surmount every difficulty.

Early the next morning, Long Shen’s office welcomed a guest.

“Zong Lao.”

Long Shen welcomed her in. While he didn’t bow his head in the face of the chief director or even the higher-level leaders, he slightly lowered his head in front of this elegant middle-aged woman.

Zong Ling smiled and said, “I’m not bothering you, am I?”

Long Shen said, “No, it’s an honor to have you visit me.”

Zong Ling laughed. “It’s rare that you can joke. It seems you’re in a good mood today. Last time Wu Bingtian came to me, he said that he was afraid you would be dissatisfied with their group taking over Inner Mongolia, so he asked me to help, lest it leave some negative feelings in your heart.”

Long Shen said lightly, “He likes to think too much and complicate small matters all day long. If he put as much effort as this into his cultivation, he would’ve inherited the head of Yuanming Palace long ago.”

Zong Ling said, “The two of you are the mainstays of the Special Administration Bureau, so naturally your every move attracts much attention. He has always been heavy-minded. Instead of devoting himself to cultivation, he’s more suitable for mixing in with the officialdom. Jiang Jun is a person who likes to talk about law and order the most. Wu Bingtian fits his line of thought, so it’s inevitable that there will be favoritism, but he was sent from the top. I can’t easily interfere with him, but he’s usually fine during ordinary times. If you are dissatisfied, you can contact me to complain, and I’ll report it to the higher ups.”

Long Shen ignored Zong Ling’s exhortation and said lightly, “I am not dissatisfied.”

Zong Ling nodded and said nothing more, “How is the matter of the stone tablet progressing?”

Long Shen said, “You’re here just in time. I have something to tell you.”

He briefly explained Hui Yiguang’s affairs. As she listened, Zong Ling’s carefree expression gradually disappeared.

“It seems that there are still remnants of the Archfiend.”

Long Shen said, “As long as the world exists, resentment will always be there, and so will the Archfiend. It is an endless cycle that constantly pushes back and forth. People’s hearts are chaotic and resentful, which gives the Archfiend an environment of ample nourishment. I suspect that it was not completely destroyed at Tianyuan Building during the last incident. What Dong Zhi encountered with Hui Yiguang is most likely a remnant of the Archfiend.”

Zong Ling frowned and said, “You must find its ontological source before you can completely kill it. Of the three top demons, the Archfiend is the most active. If it’s not destroyed, there will be endless trouble in the future.”

However, it’s not easy to find the source of the Archfiend. There are many sporadic records of the Archfiend being born and wiped out in history, ranging from decades to hundreds of years. However, when resentment has condensed to a certain extent, the Archfiend will gradually be revived again.

Zong Ling said, “It’s not like its body hasn’t been found before and was seriously injured. After all, two hundred years had passed yet the Archfiend had lay low and dared not act rashly.”

Long Shen smiled. “That is one of Zong Lao’s achievements.”

Zong Ling coughed lightly. “That was many years ago. You probably heard it thousands of times. It’s quite old, so don’t bother mentioning it. I thought it went too smoothly when Tang Jing and the others eliminated the Archfiend on Tianyuan Building. However, even if it wasn’t wiped out, it must’ve been severely injured during that battle, otherwise it would not have scattered itself into remnants. Since you found one of its remnants in a hospital, if you search around the area with that hospital at the center, you may be lucky enough to find its body to take it out in one fell swoop. That would be ideal.”

Long Shen nodded and said, “After Hui Yiguang’s incident, it’s most likely spooked and I have taken more precautions, but I still have this intention. I’ll send people out and try to scout the area.”

Zong Ling said, “He Yu and Kan Chaosheng have all gone to Yunnan. You have only Zhong Yuyi here now, which may not be enough. I’ll provide three groups to come and assist you.”

Long Shen said, “That’s okay.”

Zong Ling said, “Speaking of this, the second group should indeed add a few more people. Do you have any candidates you fancy for this time around?”

Long Shen didn’t speak.

Zong Ling smiled. “Then there is? How rare. I have always felt you are too strict with your subordinates, but all of them can easily take charge and lead their own team.”

Long Shen frowned slightly, obviously disapproving. “Not Kan Chaosheng.”

Zong Ling smiled and said, “Well, he hasn’t been in shape for a long time, still acts like a child and is quite greedy. You are a dignified Deputy Director of the General Administration Bureau but have so little manpower compared to the others. It would be shameful if this were to spread, but if you really fancy someone this time, you should grab them quickly. I heard Wu Bingtian has eyes on a few good seedlings. The interview scores and total scores have already been released. They are with me. Do you want to take a look and open a backdoor for any of them?

Long Shen was about to say no when a knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.”

Dong Zhi pushed open the door and walked inside. He didn’t expect there would be someone else in Long Shen’s office, so he was taken aback for a moment before he recognized the person and hurriedly bowed before politely saying, “Good morning, Ms. Zong.”

“Good morning. Are you looking for Long Shen?” Zong Ling said with a smile.

Dong Zhi hurriedly said, “No, no, it’s fine. You two talk first. I won’t bother you guys.”

Zong Ling smiled. “Am I so annoying that you wanted to run away when you caught sight of me?”

Although he knew that the other party was joking, it still made him uneasy, so he told the truth of why he came. “I came to see if Boss Long would like to have a meal together at noon. Would you like to join as well, Ms. Zong?”

Zong Ling said, “It won’t be a bother?”

Dong Zhi smiled and said, “Of course not. I’m just worried since the scores haven’t been announced yet that others will misunderstand if they see me with you. If you don’t mind, it’ll be an honor.”

Zong Ling waved her hand. “Come now. I was only teasing. Go on now.”

Seeing that they were talking business and that he had been given amnesty, he quickly said goodbye and closed the door as he left.

Zong Ling smiled and looked at Long Shen. “Among the people you want to recruit, is it Dong Zhi? Or is it a step further, perhaps an apprentice?”

Long Shen was silent for a moment before he said, “He has insight, understanding, and perseverance.”

Zong Ling smiled and said, “He Yu and Zhong Yuyi have the same qualities you mentioned, but if they knocked on the door and asked you to have a meal together like he did just now, I would think that you would’ve deducted their entire year’s salary.”

Long Shen said, “He’s not a member of the Special Administration Bureau, so I cannot apply my standards to him.”

Zong Ling raised an eyebrow. “After he joins group two, can you still say the same thing?”

Long Shen: “Yes.”

Zong Ling laughed. “How about we make a bet?”

Long Shen frowned. “Zong Lao!”

Zong Ling raised her hand in surrender. “Alright, alright. I know that gambling is strictly prohibited in front of you. I’m not a rule-breaker. Do you really not want to look at the scores?”

Seeing that Long Shen didn’t answer, she smiled and said, “Then I’ll leave first so I won’t disturb you.” She got up and started to walk out. The moment her hand touched the doorknob, a voice called to her.

“Zong Lao.”

Zong Ling smiled.

A few days later, Dong Zhi received a call from Gu Meiren.

In accordance with the order, after Li Ying and Chi Banxia, it was Dong Zhi’s and Gu Meiren’s turn to watch Hui Yiguang, but the events of that night had broken their agreement. With the efforts of Dong Zhi and the others, Hui Yiguang’s affair was completely resolved. However, Cheng Yuan and the other four failed to arrive on time, so naturally the task of protecting Hui Yiguang fell on them.

However, after that day, Hui Yiguang was no longer troubled by her mysterious incidents. Rather, the story of her unsuccessful suicide attempt at the hospital spread like wildfire, and the media even photographed her being helped out of the hospital. Although Wang Qi was not as well known as Hui Yiguang, she had been a celebrity for a while. After her car accident, there were some media reports, but she quickly lost her popularity. As soon as Hui Yiguang’s matter came to light, someone dug into it and found that Wang Qi was also hospitalized in the same hospital. Even more coincidentally, it was the same night that Wang Qi was pronounced dead.

This led to the relationship between Wang Qi and Hui Yiguang being uncovered. News of their relationship in the beginning, and the fact that they had dated the same guy, was made public to the world. Nothing was kept secret and rumors continue to spread. Many people said that Wang Qi wanted revenge, so she haunted Hui Yiguang, wanting her to accompany her to the afterlife. Some say that it was Hui Yiguang’s guilty feelings for being a thief and that she owed Wang Qi, so she went there to commit suicide. There were even those who said Wang Qi’s death was related to Hui Yiguang. It was only after the surveillance video came to light, confirming that Hui Yiguang never entered Wang Qi’s ward, that the suspicion was cleared.

Fortunately, Li Ying and the others had foresight. When they went to Wang Qi’s room that night, they used a trick to disable the surveillance for a period of time. Otherwise, this would turn into a criminal suspense case and not just a supernatural one.

Still, Hui Yiguang was not as lucky as Li Ying and the others. She was completely sucked into the vortex of public opinion. Even her boyfriend had called and told her to not meet for the time being. She simply hid at home and couldn’t even finish up her latest film for the time being. Outside her house, there were a swarm of media reporters who would crowd the area as soon as she left.

During the past two days, Dong Zhi was recuperating. Since Cheng Yuan and the others were at Hui Yiguang’s side, they wouldn’t need his intervention. He had heard all the news about her from Gu Meiren.

At that time, Gu Meiren called him and asked if he wanted to visit Hui Yiguang together. After all, they had received 300,000 from her, so it would be good to do a “follow up”. Dong Zhi wanted to refuse, but after thinking about it, he agreed and made an appointment with Gu Meiren to visit Hui Yiguang together.

Kinky Thoughts:

Like I said, and maybe it’s just me, but you’re a pretty shitty friend if you start dating your best friend’s ex. And like I also said, the guy they were fighting over is hardly ever worth it.

My goodness I did not expect to delve into the philosophy of life trying to footnote idioms. Quite some heavy stuff, but very interesting. Just know that you shouldn’t judge someone just on the surface because you don’t know what kind of circumstances they’ve been through. Life’s hard and unfair. My life motto is: treat others as you want to be treated and be kind to everyone.

Oh my, Zong Ling is sure sharp. That’s a bet that Long Shen will definitely lose.

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