Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch178

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 178: Touhua Slays!

With glazed eyes and clutching his stomach, Shen Jintai thought he was wrong, very wrong. He was still working, recording a program, yet how could he die. Did he forget that Yan Qiuchi had been holding back for many days? Did he forget how scary Yan Qiuchi could be?

He didn’t forget, so he died, but he had no one to blame but himself.

While it was still midnight in France, it was already morning in China. The Reuters video of <Honey, Let’s Travel> on the Seine River had been circulating everywhere online, making Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi flood Weibo for a day.

Fang Fengmei didn’t dare to look at first, for fear that they would scold her son again. Later, she couldn’t resist, so she looked around and found that everyone was gossiping. After reading everyone’s comments, she found there was no ***.

*Clarity: Was originally censored. I would assume it’s shit talk or something of that nature.

Everyone was waiting for the official announcement. It seemed their strategy of slowly boiling a frog in hot water* was the correct path. The gold powders and passersby had generally accepted it, and because there hadn’t been an official announcement yet, everyone was looking forward to it, to the day when they officially announced their relationship to the world.

*Metaphor referring to the inability or unwillingness of people to pay attention to or respond to an emerging threat. || In this case, they were slowly making people get used to their relationship so that when they finally announce it, there won’t be much backlash since everyone got used to it.

Though extremely exhausted, he still had a show to do, so Shen Jintai had to get up early the next morning. When he got up, the first thing he did was look in the mirror and check his neck. Fortunately, Yan Qiuchi didn’t kiss his neck this time around, and what was below the neck would be covered up.

Thankfully, they did the hot springs scene yesterday, so he didn’t need to strip down. He took a long breath, supported himself on the bathroom door, and shook his leg. At least he could still walk thanks to the secret reward Xiao Ai had left him. Still, these rewards had done him more harm than good!

Because whenever Yan Qiuchi looked at it, he would say, “Don’t say you can’t do it again because I don’t believe you.”

Shen Jintai: “…”

He could barely contain his anger. “You’ve overdrawn several times! There will be no next time!”

“It’s just twice…” Yan Qiuchi said. He was restrained and gentle.

In actuality, Shen Jintai wasn’t really angry. He did quite enjoy it, and Yan Qiuchi was gentle this time around, though in their second round, Yan Qiuchi was a bit more powerful. Still, his love for Yan Qiuchi was now unprecedented, and he also enjoyed this kind of intimacy.

After washing up and getting ready, everyone was to gather at the restaurant booked by the program group for breakfast. The people in the program group stared intently at their expressions in the early morning.

“Yes, yes,” the assistant director said with some excitement. This was the kind of ambiguous and sultry feeling that they wanted. It was truly amazing how much the aura around two people changed after they had sex last night. This kind of strangeness was very shallow and light, and the inexperienced wouldn’t be able to pick it up, but for those paying careful attention, they would find a lot of clues.

Amongst the group, Wang Siyi and Tang Ye also changed. The two of them deliberately quarreled before going to bed yesterday, so Wang Siyi was pretending to be cold towards Tang Ye. However, the two actually slept together last night.

Wang Siyi and Tang Ye were already in love before they came on the show. Despite that, they were invited by the program team, and the script given to them was to act as a single man and woman who’d fall in love while traveling together.

The two of them were putting on a front. Wang Siyi’s face was cold, and despite Tang Ye’s various courtesies, she did not warm up at all. The coldness between the two of them provided a stark contrast to Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi. Their pair looked obviously sweeter than they had been in the previous two days.

For today’s shooting, they would explore the town of Evian together. The group was divided into three pairs, each with their own activities. Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi rode bicycles around the lake. The scene of two handsome guys against the backdrop of the lake and mountains was like they were filming an idol drama.

The crew had arranged two bicycles for them at the beginning. After riding for a while, Yan Qiuchi stopped and asked if Shen Jintai wanted to sit on the back of his bike.

Shen Jintai tapped his foot on the ground and said, “Why?”

“I just want to carry you.”

Since his ass felt a bit uncomfortable, he immediately got up and sat behind Yan Qiuchi when he heard his offer.

Yan Qiuchi said, “Hold on tight.”

Shen Jintai squeezed Yan Qiuchi’s waist while Yan Qiuchi took his hand and hugged him.

The program group was very happy. It seems that their scheming had not been in vain as the progression of this couple had advanced by leaps and bounds.

Once they had let go, they didn’t feel embarrassed anymore. Gradually, they had adapted to the existence of the follow-up cameras and were now displaying their intimacy more openly and acting in a more natural manner. In the latter half of their travels, Shen Jintai thought that part of it was due to the program team but also to his inner feelings. He gently pressed his head against Yan Qiuchi’s back, smelling the unique scent of Yan Qiuchi, as he recalled the events from last night.

His heart became hot, and his ear flushed red. He felt he had been completely “transformed” by Yan Qiuchi and was starting to become addicted to him. After all, this was what a young man of his age should look like when he is in love. Shen Jintai was already starting to crave the warmth of Yan Qiuchi’s body and the feeling of him biting his ears.

The show was right. The two of them have never been together like this, 24 hours a day, and now that he’s in such a situation, he has found the feeling of being in love.

Today was their free excursion. Yan Qiuchi silently made up his mind that, when the show is over, he would find another time to travel with Shen Jintai. By then, it would be just the two of them without any cameras around and he would be able to unscrupulously kiss Shen Jintai.

It wasn’t just their pair; the other two pairs had also begun to develop pink bubbles. Even Zheng Siqi and Yang Lizhi would occasionally have some bursts of ambiguity when they were alone.

The couples variety show was officially on track and continued this way for a week. On the day of returning back to their country, Shen Jintai and the others went to the variety show’s TV station to promote <Honey, Let’s Travel>, while Yan Qiuchi directly went back to his company headquarters.

It was early in the morning after returning from his recording as Shen Jintai dragged his tired body back to the hotel… <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> had been finalized, but he still had his room at the hotel, which remained the same. It had become his other fixed residence in the city. After taking a shower, he went to bed first. Yan Qiuchi didn’t come back until past two in the morning.

When Shen Jintai heard noises, he opened his eyes in a daze. He saw Yan Qiuchi come out of the bathroom wrapped in a bathrobe. Seeing Shen Jintai awake, Yan Qiuchi headed back into the bathroom to blow dry his hair. He was afraid of disturbing Shen Jintai, so he was planning to let his hair air dry.

Still overcome with sleep, Shen Jintai fell asleep again until he was awoken by Yan Qiuchi at seven in the morning the next day.

“What are you doing today?” Yan Qiuchi asked while eating breakfast.

Shen Jintai laid down on the bed and ignored him. Yan Qiuchi laughed, kissed him after eating, and left for work. Shen Jintai slept until past ten before he got up. When he took a shower, he scolded Yan Qiuchi multiple times. He found that Yan Qiuchi was insatiable. The man wanted it every day and every night!

Shen Jintai had bought a lot of things from abroad. He first went back to his house to visit Shen Ruhai and Shen Xiaomei. He had lunch while he was there. Shen Ruhai asked him, “Have you been to the Yan’s house?”

Shen Jintai said, “Not yet.”

“Then go and visit them,” Shen Ruhai said.

Liu Qi smiled and said, “You really need to rest more. You’ll look better that way when you go out.”

Though the trip was supposedly a “vacation”, he was still recording a show and was on a tight schedule, so he didn’t have much chance to rest. On the other hand, his relationship with Yan Qiuchi had grown a lot closer, so he was quite satisfied with this. When Fang Fengmei saw him, she gave him a hug and said, “You look so much more energetic.”

Shen Jintai also went to visit Yan Tiefeng. Yan Tiefeng’s recovery was going well, and he could walk on crutches now.

It was mid-March, so Nancheng had started to heat up. The program team from <Honey, Let’s Travel> officially announced that at 10 a.m. tomorrow they would release the trailer for the second season. The trailer showed the scenery of France. In it, Zheng Siqi and Yang Lizhi had taken the lead. Yang Lizhi, who was wearing a red dress, ran desperately in her high heels. The scene was wild and enthusiastic, as behind them were the newcomers Wang Siyi and Tang Ye. Finally, Shen Jintai and Yan Qiuchi were the finale. Their clip was at night while they were on the cruise. They were leaning against the boat’s handrails, looking out at the illuminated Statue of Liberty. Suddenly, Shen Jintai clasped Yan Qiuchi’s hand and looked back at the camera.

This shot was done in slow motion. When Shen Jintai looked back, he smiled and raised his hands as Yan Qiuchi looked back towards him. His bright and gorgeous face gave off an icy gentlemanly demeanor as Shen Jintai’s voice provided the narration.  “Honey, let’s travel.”

The trailer abruptly ended and instantly exploded.

All six people reposted this trailer on their Weibo, though the matching text was different.

Yang Lizhi and Zheng Siqi’s text was: [Setting off with friends.]

The text on Wang Siyi was: [I’m Wang Siyi. Pleasure to meet you.] Then she @Tang Ye.

Tang Ye posted: [It’s not just the scenery that’s being harvested.]

Shen Jintai was the last to post. He didn’t put any text and only @ a special account with two red hearts. When you clicked on the @ account, it was sent to an account named [Yan Qiuchi].

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Touhua’s official announcement!”

“A top stream is a top stream. It’s been circulating for so long that it stands to reason everyone should know it by now. Still, Weibo collapsed again as soon as the official announcement was made today!”

“I was wondering why I couldn’t open Weibo anymore. Can someone take a screenshot for me *bows*! Although the two of them have long had stone hammers, I still want to see the official announcement from Touhua himself with my very own eyes!”

“Fuck. Did you see Touhua’s avatar on Weibo? He’s changed it!”

“What changed? What am I missing?”

“I don’t understand this. This is the landscape picture that Prince Yan confessed to him using all those screens in the beginning, Qiuchi Yingjintai!”

“The two of them are so romantic. I strongly suggest that if they get married in the future, they should go to such a place to take their wedding photos. Qiuchi Yingjintai, Qiuchi Rijintai!”

“The sisters upstairs are so violent, but I like it!”

“The broadcast will start in two days. Let’s squat for the ratings for the premiere!”

“As a fan who started watching this CP a few years ago, I’m really emotional right now. The love story of these two is so bloody and torturous. Now I want to cry whenever I see their love story!”

“The show hasn’t been broadcast yet, but it seems Yan Qiuchi already has a bunch of passerby fans. They all got caught up in the trailer. The two of them looking back at the scene together is too good! Among the flowers of brothers-in-law in the entertainment industry, isn’t Yan Qiuchi the most handsome, youngest, and rich?!”

“For such a top talent, he managed to slay the TV series, then slay the movies, then slay the variety show, and finally he slays in love as well?!”

“All you need is just one word: slay!”

“It’s not just Touhua who’s standing as the top flow by himself. He’s going to take his man to the top as well!”

The author has something to say:

Groundhog netizens are ready!

Kinky Thoughts:

Shen Jintai slaying so much you think he’s some kind of demon hunter, but sorry that’s Dong Zhi’s job~ Plugging in my other project: Bu Tian Gang.

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