Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch179

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 179: The Variety Show Explodes!

Shen Jintai didn’t do anything all day. He’s been staying inside the hotel and swiping through the real-time comments that were pouring in online with his team. One member focused on Weibo, another on the forum, another on Baidu, and another on TikTok. Everyone had a clear division of labor and could report at any time.

Although the groundwork had been laid for a long time, a lot of preparations still had to be made. Everyone was extremely nervous when it came to the official announcement.

After brushing for most of the day, everyone’s hearts were finally put at ease. The comments were very good. Everyone was busy gossiping, but no one took the opportunity to hack them. The public’s curiosity about Yan Qiuchi and the support from the gold powders for Shen Jintai exploded into Weibo’s top two hot searches.

“It was right to be on the show,” Li Meilan said. “Now everyone’s focused on it.”

When it came to the internet, it felt as if it was now Shen Jintai’s world. No variety show had ever seen this kind of popularity before it even started broadcasting. However, it was well understood that having a top flow and being in an open relationship with an exceptionally good second generation on a variety show would create a level of excitement that would be unprecedented and that would supersede even any new shows in the future. From the gossip alone, this kind of pairing can be regarded as once in a century!

“Report! Yan Qiuchi has 640,000 fans, and the show hasn’t been broadcast yet. I don’t know what to say besides awesome!”

“Prince Yan has rubbed off the heat of the crown princess. Of course, this credit belongs to Touhua!”

“At ten o’clock tonight, the sisters who are squatting together, please come into the live broadcast building!”

“Today, a new trailer has been released on a certain station, but no one accompanied me to chat. Touhua couple are so sweet.”

“I saw it! I’ve been groundhogging all afternoon! I have taken Touhua, Zheng Siqi, and Bai Qingquan’s sugar, but in the end, they all left me with cuts in my mouth and abused me to death. Now there’s finally real sugar to take! I’ve watched Touhua say “my sweetheart” in French over a dozen times!”

“The section of them biking along the lake was really sweet. It’s like watching an idol drama. I think this variety show is far better than <When You’re Older> and <The East Palace is Coming> because it’s all real. Can’t anyone see my point?!”

“Hahaha, I get it. Although the TV series and movies are touching, they’re just fantasy. Touhua and Yan Qiuchi are actually true lovers. Seeing them, I can’t help but think more about them. When I imagine how they must be in private, I could feel my adrenaline rushing!”

“Fuck! I had no idea, but when you put it that way, I also felt an emotional burst!”

“This is the charm of a true couple. Imagine the underwear advertisement shot by Touhua, think about his waist, his ass, and those long legs, and then think about Yan Qiuchi…”

“Ahhhhhhh, I want to chase this show with you!”

The program team also held a media conference. Except for Yan Qiuchi, all five other stars attended, and some fans were even invited to watch the highlights together. Because time was tight, the conference was held on the day of the broadcast, and the clips from the broadcast were also limited. After the screening, everyone was interviewed by the media, and naturally, Shen Jintai was the focus of everyone’s attention.

This was his first public appearance after his romance announcement, so the media would not let him off easily. However, Shen Jintai, who was usually cooperative with the media, spared no words this time. He answered most of the reporters’ questions with, “You’ll know once you watch the show.”

Questions like “When did you and Yan Qiuchi start to fall in love?” or “Why did you participate in the show?” would all be answered in the show as well.

That night, before 10 PM, almost all the entertainment sectors, such as Douban and the Rabbit Zone, were swiped. The three major fandoms—gold powder, plum powder, and fresh powder—all went into battle. The name of the show, <Honey, Let’s Travel> was heavily searched, and the TV stations paid unprecedented attention to this program. After the news was over, they began to roll out the advertisements and sponsors of the show.

Shen Jintai felt he could only watch the show by himself. To watch it with others, whether it be with Fang Fengmei or Xiao Tang, would be too embarrassing. After dinner, he turned on the TV and watched it alone in his hotel room.

Before the show started, Bai Qingquan called, “Sister, your variety show is going to be explosive. I have never seen a variety show with such high popularity before it started. I heard that President Yan has almost 800,000 fans!”

“So you should hurry up and think about it. If you come, our show might be even more popular.”

Bai Qingquan smiled and asked, “Is President Yan by your side?”

“He’s still in the company. After going on vacation for a week, there’s a ton of work piling up, so he usually stays late in the office.”

Bai Qingquan said, “It’s about to start! Ah, I’m going to chase, and I’ll share my experience with you after watching it!”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Jintai looked at the time; it was already ten o’clock.

The TV station was also eager. When the advertisement just finished airing, there was no buffer at all, as it immediately entered the broadcast.

The intro clip at the beginning was very emotional, and almost all the highlights they shot that week were included. Although the footage was short, just the fact that he, Zheng Siqi, Yang Lizhi, and the three others appeared in the same frame was enough to make netizens bark like groundhogs.

“The most beautiful variety show in history!”

“What did I see just now? Did Touhua take off his clothes again!”

“I never get tired of watching Yang Lizhi run barefoot in a red dress!”

“That shot of Zheng Siqi’s brooch. Ahhhhhh! My royal highness, you are so handsome! Mother, I want to marry him!”

“Touhua is still the best match with Zheng Siqi. Wuwuwu, Jintai Qiongying is the girl’s last stubbornness!”

This nearly three-minute clip ended with a dinner between the six of them in the evening. The owner of the restaurant praised Shen Jintai and Zheng Siqi, saying, “You two are a perfect match.”

Then it showed Shen Jintai leaning slightly sideways towards Yan Qiuchi and asking the boss with a smile, “Then do you think I’m worthy of this gentleman?”

Finally, he smiled and said, “He’s my boyfriend.”

Although there was no one around, Shen Jintai’s face turned red when he watched this scene. He stood up and jumped around the living room, then went to pour himself a glass of red wine. While drinking, he saw Yan Qiuchi open the door and come in.

“Has it started already?” Yan Qiuchi asked while panting.

Shen Jintai smiled and said, “I thought you had to work overtime until midnight again.”

“Today is the premiere, so I have to see how it goes.”

After all, it was his first time on TV, and he was very curious about what he was like on TV and how he performed.

“You’re really photogenic,” Shen Jintai said.

Usually, the camera would add ten pounds, making a lot of people’s faces bigger than normal, but since Yan Qiuchi’s face wasn’t big to begin with, his facial features became more vivid. Although he’s not as handsome on TV compared to Shen Jintai, he wasn’t inferior to others. Compared with other male actors, his clear and noble temperament made him stand out.

“Have you had dinner yet?”

Yan Qiuchi nodded, pulled off his tie, and sat down on the sofa. He seems a little uneasy. Shen Jintai smiled and laid down in his arms. Yan Qiuchi was taken aback for a moment, then hugged him. Shen Jintai moved his body and finally rested on Yan Qiuchi’s thigh to watch the show together.

He was not only watching the show but also browsing on his phone to watch the real-time ratings.

As the most popular variety show in recent years, before it even started airing, <Honey, Let’s Travel> had already broken the record in the first minute. After a few minutes it dropped slightly, but in the second half, the ratings went up again.

Before the show was over, their “Honey” WeChat group exploded. He clicked and saw that Guo Weimin and the others were extremely excited. The ratings were good, but the reputation was even better.

Shen Jintai hurriedly searched Weibo for real-time comments. Despite having five stars on there, the one that was discussed the most was Yan Qiuchi.

“Damn, I’ve been following Prince Yan for half a year, and I never knew what kind of person he really is. Today all I can say is handsome.”

“He spoke French so well. His voice is so sweet. He definitely deserves to be a top student from an Ivy League school!”

“He dotes on Touhua so much. He doesn’t talk much and acts cold, but his eyes are always on Touhua!”

“Yes, yes, especially that scene 30 minutes in. Touhua said something, and he looked back and suddenly smiled. His eyes were full of love.”

“I think he really has the temperament that male stars in the entertainment industry don’t have, and he doesn’t have the greasy feeling of a wealthy businessman. He’s very pure and gentle. I feel that after this show is broadcast, he’ll explode!”

“It’s only been an hour and a half, and his fans have already soared to 1.2 million!”

In the gold powder group, when the broadcast first started, everyone was screaming groundhogs for Shen Jintai, calling him their brother or son. As the show started to progress:

“Yan Qiuchi speaks quite standard French.”

“He is quite polite. He doesn’t try to grab the camera. He also puts in the work and doesn’t let my brother take his luggage.”

“I saw that when he was packing his luggage, his clothes were only one-third of my brother’s. He said that my brother’s good looks were the most important. It was such a sweet moment.”

“It’s true, there is no procrastination, no inferiority, no arrogance, and a little handsomeness… although it is not comparable to my brother!”

“Okay. I’m already openly in love with my brother’s relationship. You are your own people, so don’t hold back. Let me be the first to boast. He’s really fucking handsome. His legs are so long, and his head-to-body ratio is so good!”

“Wuwuwu. I was slapped in the face. That bathroom scene was so sweet that it made my heart tremble! But I was originally a poison fan*!”

*Refers to irrational fans who only like their own idol and hate and hurt other artists around their idol.

“Hahaha, that scene was hotly searched on Weibo. The program team is not human! They cut it off too early!”

The author has something to say:

The groundhog continued to howl.

Kinky Thoughts:

They are going to have an aneurysm when Yan Qiuchi takes off his clothes during the hot spring scene.

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