Evil As Humans Ch107

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 107: Stillborn

“In addition, be careful of ‘Mr. Qiu’.”

After Qi Xin said this, the only remaining body fragments made a sizzling sound as they became more transparent in the air and were about to disappear.

The speed of the vortex in the sky gradually slowed down, and the surrounding mist was thinned by the evening wind. The remnant Evil Force dissipated, becoming weak and broken, transforming into rich but ordinary evil qi.

Yin Ren was floating in midair. He left a few circles of the red rope around his body so that Zhong Chengshuo wouldn’t fall. He finally had time to heal the wound on his shoulder, and when the high tension was relieved, Yin Ren realized that his throat was dry and cold sweat had permeated his back.

Thousands of years ago, he had never seen such a weird opponent.

The “thing” that Qi Xin ate just now smelled a bit like an Evil Spirit, and it was very likely that that was the original target of her trip—a crappy imitation of the Great Celestial Master Zhong Yi, an evil thing that could transform into an Evil Spirit.

But it was devoured by Qi Xin as if it were bread.

Judging by Qi Xin’s tone just now, if it weren’t for “other mysteries” of his own situation, Yin Ren might have also become Qi Xin’s meal.

What exactly was this “woman” who was mixed into their team? What was her position and purpose?

…No, it was better to send this heavyweight trouble away first.

With his head full of problems, Yin Ren instinctively held his breath and watched Qi Xin, who was about to disappear.

Zhong Chengshuo: “Miss Qi, your approach isn’t appropriate.”

The Qi Xin fragment that was about to disappear stopped fading. The remaining eyeball fragment turned, and its pupil stared at Zhong Chengshuo. Yin Ren choked on his saliva and started coughing.

“You didn’t explain anything to Yin Ren.” Zhong Chengshuo calmly pointed out. “And the so-called ‘Mr. Qiu’… The ‘surname Qiu’ isn’t a common name, but there are still many people who possess it—about 200,000 to 300,000 men. How can you expect us to be careful?”

Qi Xin: “……”

“If you hope for Yin Ren to be safe and survive, I suggest you give us clearer information.” Zhong Chengshuo straightened his glasses as he held the sampling bottle tightly in his hand.

After fighting for so long, Qi Xin looked at Zhong Chengshuo solemnly for the first time.

“You’re also a little interesting. No wonder you can act with ‘him’.” She spat out the words from her broken mouth, unknown how she was able to make a sound. “Don’t you have the most basic fear?”

Zhong Chengshuo didn’t answer and just had a look of “Let’s get down to business” on his face. Yin Ren froze in place, not knowing whether he should intervene or not. He awkwardly tightened the red rope again, in case Zhong Chengshuo accidentally offended the powerful figure in front of him.

Fortunately, Qi Xin didn’t make another move.

“Teach you step by step? I don’t want to betray my own kind for the time being,” she replied calmly.

“I gave you enough hints. The rest is up to you. If this cub doesn’t live up to expectations, it won’t be useful when it grows up.”

Yin Ren looked at her numbly.

The answer was correct. He was really indefatigable. He didn’t want to go out looking for trouble to find out all the details!

Lord Ghost King couldn’t wait to go home with one click, wrap himself up in a blanket, and have a big fight with Mr. Zhong about “acting safely”. He didn’t care about the truth, the big picture, or justice; he couldn’t benefit from any of them anyway.

He just wanted to check in to work in the new era and enjoy his life without provoking anyone. Was this too much to wish for?

But Yin Ren had the same premonition—if he dared show anything, he would spend the night in Qi Xin’s stomach.

So Yin Ren frowned and froze himself into an unfathomable statue.

Qi Xin’s remaining eyeball was still staring at Zhong Chengshuo. “But in order to reward your bravery, you can ask me a question—a question that has nothing to do with Yin Ren or me. I will answer according to my mood.”

Zhong Chengshuo’s originally calm face instantly wrinkled. There were too many mysteries in the whole matter. Yin Ren would be the head of that science post, and there was probably an extra copy of “One Hundred Thousand Whys”.

Fortunately, in terms of seeking knowledge, he could rest assured since it was Zhong Chengshuo.

“What is an ‘Evil Spirit’?” Zhong Chengshuo said as he raised his eyes.

A simple and general question but was surrounded by a myriad of mysteries.

Qi Xin smiled.

Although her left eye and lower jaw were only left, the smile still looked obviously weird.

“A stillborn.” Her voice was fluttering and faint, slightly hoarse. “…In terms of the concept of humans.”

As soon as her voice fell, Qi Xin’s fragments completely disappeared.

She had left.

Under the orbit of the circular loop, only Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo were left staring at each other.

“I tested it just now. Fu Xingchuan is watching us.” Perhaps it was because Yin Ren’s expression was really ugly that Zhong Chengshuo spoke first. “We have to figure something out.”

The ugliness on Yin Ren’s face instantly multiplied eight folds.

He was so focused on paying attention to Qi Xin that he completely forgot about that flying spear just now…His life crisis was not over yet!

“Will I look a little weaker if I faint now?” Yin Ren gasped in pain.



Ge Tingting sat on the muddy ground, trying to keep her eyes wide open.

Night fell and the mist became thin. The evil things in Gengsheng Town continued to wander aimlessly, while the evil things that chased them from underground disappeared without a trace. If it weren’t for the messy ruins around her, she would almost suspect she just had a nightmare.

Things hadn’t improved.

Not long ago, almost all the townspeople in Gengsheng Town mobilized. Now there was no one in the area, and the entire mountain town was dark.

In the chaotic night, uncontrollable howls and shrill screams followed one after another as the elderly and children cried in despair together. Compared with the previous pursuit in a weird state, the current Gengsheng Town seemed more interesting—that was, it was a bit more human compared to an insane asylum.

Due to the weird situation, Ren Jiying gave up asking questions about Qi Xin’s whereabouts.

She scratched her hands on the sand a few times, reluctantly got up, and walked towards Li Nian. “What the hell is going on?”

This time, in addition to fear, there were obvious worries in her inquiry.

“Something had affected them before.”

Li Nian glanced at the large numbers returned by Shian. They had dropped quite a bit and were still rapidly falling at this moment.

“…Now that whatever it is has disappeared, the state of these people is close to being awakened from their sleepwalking, so panic is inevitable.”

In fact, he only said a few words to lighten the situation.

The “xenophobia” in Gengsheng Town had reached the point of disregarding the law. Such collective evil should have appeared in a real war. Judging by the corruption here, it was difficult to say how long these people have been corrupted.

This dream was too long.

In the “affected” state, people’s thinking would be completely different. Now that the influencing factors had suddenly disappeared, it was difficult for the brain to deal with such a gap. Not to mention, the previous townspeople turned a blind eye to the evil things in town, which may be part of the influence.

Not everyone was a science post, so for most mortals, it was like waking up in hell.

Ren Jiying’s reaction was fast.

“In other words, they don’t know where they are or what they are doing…” And there was no order around; only chaotic ruins.


Li Nian picked up the phone. When the fog dissipated, he could immediately call for support from personnel in neighboring areas.

“Wait a minute.” Ren Jiying swallowed. “You have a lot of equipment. Do you have something that can amplify sound, like a PA loudspeaker?”

Li Nian’s movements stopped.

“I need to take responsibility for this place first.”

Even though she knew the townspeople couldn’t see her, Ren Jiying subconsciously brushed her short hair. Her face was covered in mud and ash, making her look quite miserable, and even her tone was full of uncertainty.

But she still spoke.

“If this continues, something may happen before support comes… I have to do something.”

Li Nian lowered his head. “It’s a pity we don’t carry such equipment.”

Ge Tingting breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the bloodstains from her face. She also didn’t have such an ability. If Fu Xingchuan was here, or even Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo, perhaps they would be able to find a way…

Ren Jiying’s expression darkened. She held her arms out and sat quietly in the same place. Her eyes were more at a loss and desperate.

Fwish, fwish.

The soft sound of gravel rubbing against the soil was heard.

Ge Tingting subconsciously turned her head and faced Huang Jin, who was looking hesitant. The former Nightwalker had a flat face as he moved his butt a little uncomfortably.

“Why are you looking at me?” Sensing his teammate’s gaze, Huang Jin turned his head and muttered.

“You have a solution?” In the night, Ge Tingting’s AI voice was particularly clear.

“Shhhh!” Huang Jin gritted his teeth. “I can’t help. I just…”

He glanced at Ren Jiying again and muttered in bits and pieces, as if he were trying to convince himself. “Anyway, this is not within the scope of our work. They made us suffer so badly before… It’s none of my business…”

Amidst the constant ghostly howls, a normal person might not be able to make out the murmurs. Fortunately, Ge Tingting’s speech recognition system was made by Shian, and it was top-notch quality. Huang Jin’s muttering became text stacked up like mountains in front of Ge Tingting.

Ge Tingting silently stuffed the phone in front of Huang Jin, and the AI voice said loudly, “Oh!”

Even though he was covered by night, Huang Jin still flushed. “What’s the matter? Am I wrong?”

Ge Tingting didn’t say much and just blinked at him.

“No problem.” She lowered her AI voice. “Your abilities are yours. I didn’t ask for your position.”

They had been rolling in the mud for too long, and their kindness to others was extremely limited, but…

“As a senior, I want to say that if you really believe so firmly, you wouldn’t try so hard to convince yourself,” Ge Tingting continued in a low voice.

…But if they could abandon all their good will, neither of them would be here.

“Okay, I just don’t like her expression.”

Huang Jin looked at Ren Jiying from the corner of his eyes and scratched his hair vigorously. As a result, he had pulled so many roots out at once that he became terrified and abruptly stopped.

“I previously helped Ding Lizhi come up with a sound-amplifying spirit device for her songs… It’s doable, but if we want to cover the whole town, we need to lay it throughout the town.”

Ge Tingting remained silent.

Her gaze moved away from the interpreted words, and her eyes widened slightly.

In the dust, something was struggling to crawl. After a while, dozens of bone birds with missing wings and broken legs circled above her head.

Not far from the two of them, Xian Jiang was hugging his knees, with two vague eyes showing through the gap between his bangs.

In the shadows, the disgust in those eyes flashed.


Ren Jiying’s voice exploded into the night. It passed through the fog and turned into radio waves and signals leading to the distant Haigu.

[Everyone, don’t panic… The mist is contaminated by a chemical leak from neighboring areas. It’s harmless to the human body but has a strong hallucinogenic effect…]

[The relevant staff will come soon and check on your health tomorrow… Their leader, Mr. Li, has already arrived and has a few words to say…]

The sound of the stereo was slightly distorted, but it was clear enough.

“What did you say?”

In the technical department of Sunken Society, Minister Zou roared in the communication.

“Yellow Millet, Snake Swallowing, and the ‘Imitation’, brought over hundreds of evil creatures with them. The town full of civilians is under lockdown… Now you’re telling me that Yellow Millet is missing, Snake Swallowing is out of control, and the Imitation has disappeared? And Shian has nothing to do with this?!”

“Let alone a hundred evil things; even if it’s a hundred pigs, shouldn’t they at least break one of Fu Xingchuan’s legs?”

“No, I don’t know… The Evil Force was too strong just now, so we can only record approximate data, and Shian can only pass through satellite…”

“Don’t bullshit me. Answer me!”

“Yes, they all seem to be fine.”

The person in charge of Unit 2 of the Technical Department’s face twisted into a bitter gourd as he tried desperately to explain.

“Before, we relied on Yellow Millet to suppress Snake Swallowing, but Yellow Millet seemed to have disappeared… As for that Imitation, there’s also a possibility of collapse. Just now, we detected a peak of Evil Force and there was an explosion…”

“Now that the townspeople are basically awake, we can locate Snake Swallowing. If we force it to use its talents, we might be able to incite violence and chaos…”

At the same time, on the stereo, the voices in Gensheng Town continued.

[…Thank you Professor Li for your explanation.] Ren Jiying hadn’t drunk water all day, so her vocal cords seemed as if they were being rubbed with sandpaper. Her voice was hoarse and unpleasant. [Most likely due to this case, some people may still be affected by hallucinations. Please stay safe…]

There was no echo from the loudspeaker.

The screams and cries became weaker, but they continued.

In the chaos, most people still chose to ignore her, just like they had done before.

[I know everyone doesn’t accept me. I know everyone trusts the old mayor more, as I only tell you to tear this or that down every day… I have not been accepted in the past few years…]

After a while, Ren Jiying’s voice sounded again.

This time there was no smile in her voice—only determination, revealing a trace of willful stubbornness.

Her speed of speech was getting faster, as if she was going to vomit out all her words.

[To be honest, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing, and I don’t know what will happen in the future, but the days have passed. In any case, we have to move forward…]

[This is also my hometown, so no matter what, I will definitely be here until the end, until I find a way out…]

[Please go home and rest immediately. If you have any concerns, we’ll talk in person tomorrow!]

“As long as Snake Swallowing can be located—” the researcher of Sunken Society wiped off his sweat and checked the data quickly.

“Wait, there’s a reaction from Yellow Millet!” Another researcher almost broke his vocal cords. “Great, as long as Yellow Millet obeys us… Eh? What is it doing?!”

Thousands of miles away.

Ren Jiying’s voice wafted over the mountain town, and following it, there were blurred and swirling colors. They were like snowflakes with only shadows.

Yellow Millet, a Class A-A evil creature, attacked in the form of cognitive manipulation, and was especially good at expanding emotional influence.

All it took was a seed in a person’s heart—a moment of sorrow, or a moment of peace of mind.

Under the night, the train stopped on the rails, and everything was silent.

Apart from…

“Puff.” Yellow Millet maintained its size as a marble and lay honestly in Yin Ren’s palm.

Yin Ren put his hands together, holding Yellow Millet solemnly.

“Minister Fu.”

Lord Ghost King’s voice was deep and sad.

“Does this count as confessing to receive a lighter sentence? It’s indirectly surrendering itself and gaining merit by confessing to its crimes, right?”

The author has something to say:

Qi Xin a riddler. Xiao Zhong doesn’t allow Qi Xin to be a riddler. Qi Xi insists on being a riddler. (ry

Yin Ren: Cosmic cat.jpg

Kinky Thoughts:

Arc is over. Summary below.

With high suspicion cast on them, Shian decided to assign an A-level mission, an execution mission, to Unit 9 in order to find out Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo’s true nature. They suspected that either one or both could be a plant, whether it was from Sunken Society or another force, and wanted to know what their motivation was for joining Shian.

Led by Xiang Jiang, the head of the Emergency Management Department, Unit 9 embarked for Gengsheng Town, which Shian believed to be a base of Sunken Society. As soon as they entered the town, they noticed many things amiss. There were many evil spirits lingering about, and the town was full of hostility that was chalked up to xenophobia. They stayed with the mayor of the town, who also seemed like an outcast from the town.

Their mission was simple. They needed to investigate the town’s mines in order to find out what Sunken Society was up to. In the following day, led by the mayor’s assistant, Qi Xin, they entered the mines that once made Gengsheng Town prosperous but now were dried up, leaving the town in shambles.

While in the mines, Yin Ren, Zhong Chengshuo, and Qi Xin fell into a trap, got separated from the other members of Unit 9, and were swallowed up into the depths of the mine. Minister Fu and Minister Li were following them closely behind in order to investigate and intervene when necessary. Eventually, they had to reveal themselves, as the trap that triggered was actually part of an evil being called Snake Swallowing.

Snake Swallowing started to chase the members that were swallowed underground, eventually forcing them to run into an unexplored area. Here, it was revealed that they encountered an Ant Nest; a place where Sunken Society conducted their experiments for many generations. There were murals on the walls that depicted what their goal was. Seeing those murals triggered Yin Ren’s memory, at which point he realized the figure in those murals was of him.

Here, we get Yin Ren’s backstory. He was once the famous Great Celestial Master Zhong Yi who was revered by everyone as a great exorcist who sealed away the 7 Evil Spirits. Shian mistakenly believed that the figure in the murals that controlled thousands of ghosts was part of the Evil Spirits, but in actuality it was Yin Ren.

Yin Ren had close ties with Huajisi, which was the ancient version of Shian thousands of years ago. He provided Huajisi with information about evil beings, which they then compiled into <The Book of Exorcism> which was passed on to the present day. Sunken Society also existed back then, but their goal was to obtain Yin Ren’s power.

The experiments they conducted in Gengsheng Town were basically to create an imitation of Yin Ren in order to harness his power and break the limits of humanity. Before Unit 9 could investigate further, they were chased by another great evil, Yellow Millet, which was actually Yin Ren’s sofa cushion in the past.

Meanwhile, on the surface, the other members of Unit 9 and Mayor Ren Jiying were being chased by the villagers. Something had influenced their xenophobia to the point where it reached an abnormal state, and they ignored the laws and wanted to kill them. Since it was against Shian’s principles to harm innocent civilians, they could only run and avoid.

Eventually the two separated teams meet, along with the two great evils, Yellow Millet and Snake Swallowing, and the influenced townspeople. Along the way, Zhong Chengshuo disappeared, leaving Yin Ren behind. When the two evils collided, Yin Ren knocked everyone unconscious and revealed himself. Yellow Millet finally recognized its old master and behaved obediently, while Snake Swallowing, seeing the tremendous power of Yin Ren, cowered in fear and ran away.

Yin Ren left with Yellow Millet to find Zhong Chengshuo and ordered Snake Swallowing to watch over and protect the members of Shian.

Meanwhile, Zhong Chengshuo went to find the source of all the corruption in the town and the thing responsible for controlling Yellow Millet, Snake Swallowing, evil things, and the townspeople. Eventually, he reached the railway loop at the center of the town and encountered the original mayor, who had now turned into a half-evil being.

We then finally learn the background of what happened to Gengsheng Town. Gengsheng Town used to be prosperous due to the rich mineral deposits in the mine. The mayor developed the town, eventually allowing it to reach its peak comparable to a big city. Everyone benefited from the prosperity but eventually prosperity dwindled. Due to the Divine Descent that happened 28 years ago, the mineral deposit dried up and the mining city no longer produced any goods.

The mayor, who was on the mountain at that time, was almost killed after being crushed by falling rocks, but Divine Descent saved him. This was his first step in turning into an evil being.

The townspeople, who once experienced prosperity, were unwilling to leave the dying town and begged the mayor to save it. Under intense pressure and the corruption of the Evil Force, the mayor eventually turned into half an evil being and was transformed into almost an Evil Spirit.

Using his similar aura as Yin Ren, he was able to confuse Yellow Millet and in turn, Yellow Millet’s power was able to control Snake Swallowing and influence the townspeople with its cognitive abilities. After Yin Ren’s death thousands of years ago, Yellow Millet went into the mines to sleep but was unknowingly captured by Sunken Society. Sunken Society wanted to create a Yin Ren and used the mayor that was contaminated by the Divine Descent to experiment on this, exploiting the mayor’s weakness of wanting to save his town.

It was then revealed that the town was simply a breeding farm for Sunken Society. Underground was where they conducted experiments in raising thousands of evil spirits along with Yellow Millet and Snake Swallowing, and they provided them with food that came from the corrupted town on the surface.

Things came to a head when the old mayor was taken away and it was revealed that Qi Xin was an extremely abnormal and powerful being of unknown origins. Her goal was to eliminate the mayor, who would become an Evil Spirit.

Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo had a great battle with her and managed to beat her with the help of Fu Xingchuan.

Now, some mysteries have been revealed while others arise, and Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo have to deal with Fu Xingchuan, who now knows about their true power.

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