Evil As Humans Ch106

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 106: Come Back Early

Yin Ren’s heart was rapidly beating.

His heart was just a mimicry, but the experience of being human was engraved deep into his bones, and all kinds of cognition were stubbornly rooted in his body.

Right now, the tips of Yin Ren’s tongue were numb, and his heart was about to burst. The broken arms recovered as before, but the pain lingered like a ghost.

Lord Ghost King didn’t have time to think about the safety of the world and its follow-up process. There was only one simple thought left in his mind…

He must live.

He was alone, and at that time, he felt unlucky. If he died, he died. When the seal was first broken, Yin Ren felt every day he lived was simply a bonus, like an exceptionally peaceful dream. If the heavens made him turn back into a pile of bones, he would just lie down and accept it.

But now it was different.

His wings clung to Zhong Chengshuo’s body tightly, like a dragon holding its treasures.

All the soft feathers on the remaining wing clusters exploded. Yin Ren’s black hair scattered and the red cloth around his body flowed like water. His face was slightly exposed from the flowing red cloth, and his red eyes were full of fighting spirit.

His thoughts were racing.

He couldn’t throw Zhong Chengshuo away—the enemy in front of him wasn’t like Kong Wanqing’s kind. Zhong Chengshuo knew it wasn’t easy to change direction in mid-air, and he would become a human target.

Unable to use the wing ball for defense—purely in terms of strength, Qi Xin could easily penetrate his wings.

So he could only continue to fight.

“Let’s see, which child you are from.”

After the single blow failed, Qi Xin stopped her offensive.

With most of her neck cut open, a clear curiosity appeared on her face for the first time. Just looking at it wasn’t enough. She twisted her arms at an angle that no human could reach, and she suddenly stretched out and grabbed Yin Ren.


It was like an explosion. With Yin Ren as the center, scarlet filaments erupted.

The gauze-like red cloth was instantly scattered into thousands of red ropes, each as thick as blood vessels. In an instant, they covered the entire world in crimson like fire.

Those suppressed Evil Force and destructive power turned into red ropes that intertwined with the air, creating a chaotic yet strange geometric beauty. Countless red ropes grew, intertwined, and bent. From a distance, they looked like a blooming flower with fine petals.

Unable to retain strength, but also couldn’t cause catastrophe. To unleash all the power, but also to compress it into a tiny space.

Yin Ren had never manipulated his Evil Force so finely. In the process of pulling, the familiar sharp pain returned again, as if his body seemed to be crushed into fine pieces.

All of this was just in half a second.

Qi Xin’s fingertips touched the red ropes before touching Yin Ren.


The surrounding red ropes went crazy in an instant and entangled Qi Xin’s joints like snakes. Thorn-like things protruded out, and the out-of-control Evil Force all penetrated Qi Xin’s body.

Unfortunately, Qi Xin didn’t respond. She just moved her head and looked at the wrist bound by a red rope…

A red knife light flashed by.

Just in an instant, her right hand disappeared with a swish.

Qi Xin’s right hand and wrist were lopped off and fell to the ground. After a successful blow, Zhong Chengshuo retreated like lightning and jumped back above the red ropes.

Qi Xin’s brows twitched.

Zhong Chengshuo’s weight suddenly disappeared and Yin Ren thought he had fallen. Seeing that familiar figure, Yin Ren’s wings froze in the air, and his heart stopped in shock.

The three of them were at a high altitude above the circular loop, which was comparable to the top of a ten-story building. In the void, there were only countless thin ropes made out of magic.

Zhong Chengshuo crouched diagonally behind Yin Ren. His entire body stretched into a squat with a posture ready to go. There was only a red rope under his feet, but his body was as stable as a bud on a branch.

Zhong Chengshuo took out a sample bag that was dangling behind his back and found there was no trace of damage on it. The Evil Fruit trembled endlessly in his hand, making a slight buzzing sound.

Seeing Yin Ren’s gaze, the man tilted his head, showing a look full of innocence.

…Does this guy have a death wish? Was that two minute cold war not enough?!

Yin Ren almost cursed out his lungs. He clenched his teeth, and with a suffocating breath, the brilliance of various spells ignited around him.

Curses, ghosts’ spells, illusions, enchantments. Techniques of different systems were all matched in pairs and varied, forming a rotating eight-trigram formation behind him.

The setting sun sank behind the dilapidated building, and the bloody mist rose again. Between tens of millions of red ropes, countless dull radiances rose one after another and finally became chaotic gray and black.

“…Nothing new.”

The curiosity on Qi Xin’s face faded a little as she retracted her broken wrist.

“Forget it… No matter whose child you are, I’ve found you, and you’re mine now.” She gave a twisted smile, with almost all her teeth exposed. “It’s rare that I can have a good meal today.”

She wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and narrowed her eyes.

It was like a bomb had been detonated. The blood mist brought by Yin Ren was blown away in an instant. The surrounding red ropes were like frightened earthworms, squirming and fleeing.

Countless black droplets spurted out from Qi Xin’s broken wrist, and they ejected at the two of them like bullets. The air suddenly became thick with mucus, and a heavy sense of oppression fell from the sky.

Yin Ren’s head buzzed. He was extremely familiar with this process. If the power gap was too large, as long as the prey was subdued by the overwhelming power, the next step would be to be eaten.

He gritted his teeth and commanded the red ropes to resist with difficulty. His control was truly unskilled, and he was half a beat slower, missing some fish that slipped through the net and they passed through his rope shield. Zhong Chengshuo was splashed on his arm and didn’t respond. On the other hand, half of Yin Ren’s shoulder was exposed to the liquid droplets, turning into a sieve in an instant.

Fortunately, although the sense of oppression was strong, it was unexpectedly tolerable.

This time, Yin Ren didn’t care about his bloody shoulders. He directly drew out all the gushing blood and used it to strengthen the countless magic arrays behind him.

Zhong Chengshuo didn’t seem to notice the “oppression” in the air at all. “…Are you okay?”

Then he didn’t forget to add, “It’s been two minutes. I can talk to you now.”

Yin Ren: “……” Either this person was really bold, or he was completely unaware of the seriousness they were facing right now.

Yin Ren: “I can’t die.”

At the moment he turned his head to answer, hundreds of spells behind him activated at the same time, hitting Qi Xin like a meteor shower. Hundreds of rays of light turned into sharp arrows, causing the mist to swirl, almost like a tornado.

Zhong Chengshuo reacted at a speed that wasn’t human. He jumped out almost at the same time, hiding himself behind countless brilliance.

With such a move, Yin Ren really did save the strength to protect him.

The advantages of a top science post were highlighted at this moment—Zhong Chengshuo’s aura completely disappeared. Not to mention Qi Xin; even Yin Ren, who was a spellcaster, couldn’t find him.

Qi Xin’s body was suddenly overwhelmed by countless lights.


Just a few kilometers away from the battle between the three, Fu Xingchuan was sitting on the roof of an abandoned building. His complexion was abnormally ruddy, and a piece of talisman paper full of charms was attached to his brows.

The pupils of his eyes flicker between bright gold and dark. There were two deep cuts on the palm of his hands, and countless blood beads flew out of his wounds…

Not far from Fu Xingchuan’s side, the blood beads were torn into countless blood-covered threads that intertwined with each other endlessly and condensed into a red and black spear. The spear emitted an ominous, dark light and made a raving noise in the air.

“Those two brats… Not only did they hold back, but they also left behind the thousands-armed Guanyin*.”

*In Buddhism, Avalokiteśvara, also known as Avalokitasvara, is a bodhisattva who contains all the compassion of all Buddhas and is the principal attendant of Amitabha Buddha on the right. He has 108 avatars, one notable being Padmapani (lotus bearer). In Chinese culture, he’s depicted in a female form and is known as Guanyin. || In this context, Fu Xingchuan is referring to how Yin Ren’s ropes look like Guanyin (with his thousands of ropes looking like arms, which is similar to how Guanyin is sometimes depicted) That and also his strength that’s like a god.

Thinking that he had given these two special training before, Fu Xingchuan gave himself a self-deprecating laugh.

He simply felt a yearning for a vacation.

Minister Fu groaned. Seeing the blood on his palm gradually diminishing, he took out a bag of blood with his name written on it. After tearing it apart, the blood in it floated up by itself and continued to melt into the spear.

The forbidden technique of using living human blood was the strongest move that Minister Fu could currently use.

It stood to reason that this technique would drain all of the caster’s blood, which would be regarded as a “life-threatening blow” in a literal sense.

Fortunately, modern humans had perfect blood-drawing equipment and preservation technology. In addition to the longer preparation time required, this technique could keep him alive even if he used it. After the first pack of blood ran out, Fu Xingchuan fumbled and tore open a second pack. His hands were busy, but his eyes were elsewhere.

Through the heavy fog, Fu Xingchuan stared intently at the battlefield not far away.

This wasn’t a battle that his “weak self” could join head-on.

As a veteran of Shian, Fu Xingchuan’s judgment in combat level was always excellent. As a normal human, getting involved in a battle of three monsters at this time was tantamount to courting death.

Leaving aside the inexplicable Qi Xin, Fu Xingchuan couldn’t even see through Yin Ren’s strength.

Spells were no better than science. Even if one were a genius, it would take a long time to accumulate such knowledge, technology, and combat experience. There was no possibility that this young man was in his early twenties.

If Yin Ren was an evil thing, most likely he was quite old and could successfully avoid the screening and identification process of Shian, so Fu Xingchuan couldn’t infer his strength.

As for Zhong Chengshuo, this kid was even more outrageous—even if Yin Ren and Qi Xin were two people of unknown origins, Zhong Chengshuo’s grades from elementary school could be found. God knew how this kid mutated into this.

Oh, and this guy and Yin Ren were “in love”.

What a complete mess. Fu Xingchuan only felt that his brain had borne a burden that it shouldn’t bear, and he wanted to rush to the edge to “stop the operation” several times.

What a pity that he didn’t bring along Li Nian so the two could suffer together. Fu Xingchuan turned his head and glanced faintly at the blood spear that was being completed. The #1 Ghost General looked sad, as if hoping this spear would simply take him away.

He would continue to sit on the mountain and watch as the tigers fought.

Fu Xingchuan rubbed the blood spear that was gradually forming. The evil qi on the spear’s body became deeper, and the tip of the spear was pointed at Qi Xin’s head.

Before the execution mission was over, as long as the two of them weren’t detrimental to Shian, no matter what kind of origin they were or what kind of strength they had…

As a boss, he had the obligation to protect them.

A few kilometers away.

The glow of the spells dissipated, and Qi Xin was still standing in the same place. After eating nearly a hundred of Yin Ren’s spells, she was completely unscathed.

In response, Yin Ren was expressionless. He inserted one hand into the wound on his shoulder, using his five fingers as a pen and blood as ink. Larger and more dazzling techniques gradually took shape behind him.

Zhong Chengshuo was rarely distracted, but he gave Yin Ren a deep look. It was hard to tell what emotion was going on in those dark eyes of his.

“It’s all mediocre goods. Give it up.”

Qi Xin put away her exaggerated smile and bent her body slightly. Amidst the sticky sound of blood and flesh ripping apart, one of her eyeballs stretched out of her eye socket like a snail and stopped in front of Yin Ren.

In the next instant, only a whooshing sound was heard, and the eye was cut off by the Evil Fruit. Zhong Chengshuo used his backhand to grab it and quickly stuff the eyeball into a sampling bottle.

Qi Xin: “……”

She flashed back, avoiding the Evil Fruit that swung again.

Being a powerful, nonhuman thing, an inevitable trace of “Is there something wrong with you?” appeared on her face. This fragile human was constantly dangling in front of her, as annoying as a buzzing fly.

A pure black bead condensed from Qi Xin’s fingertips, but before her fingers moved, Zhong Chengshuo was like a bird with a broken wing—he suddenly fell from the air.

His fall was so sudden that Yin Ren and Qi Xin both lowered their heads at the same time. At this moment, a strong wave of power exploded in the distance and rushed towards them.

A blood spear broke through the air and landed right into Qi Xin’s temple.

An orthodox technique from Shian.

In the blink of an eye, Yin Ren instantly understood Zhong Chengshuo.

Indeed, this person had noticed their own small actions and anticipated what Shian might do.

Zhong Chengshuo wasn’t the object that he wanted to protect. This guy was also an extremely cunning hunter.

Yin Ren sighed slightly, and his heart moved.

This time, it wasn’t magic that was activated.

As Zhong Chengshuo fell, the blood spear struck. Qi Xin didn’t lose her fighting power, but she was distracted momentarily.

In that short moment, with a buzzing sound, all the red ropes in the space straightened.

A breakthrough was exactly what he needed.

Half of his body was stained with blood, and the red cloth was so dark that it almost turned black. Yin Ren’s complexion was pale, his pupils were dilated, and his breathing and heartbeat stopped.

From the beginning, he was sure Qi Xin wasn’t an opponent that he could defeat by magic. As a nonhuman being, her control over power and aura was terrifying.

But the Evil Fruit had cut her neck and her hand, and she wasn’t able to recover afterwards. For some reason, Qi Xin wasn’t good at dealing with physical attacks.

This could be some kind of restriction, and it was also his only chance to seriously injure his opponent.

Under the cover of countless spells, Yin Ren became crazily familiar with the operation techniques of these “red ropes of Evil Force”. Forcibly controlling those powers was like tearing out the nerves in his own head.

Fortunately, he had long been accustomed to pain.

In the “all-or-nothing” spell bombardment, time passed little by little. The red ropes used for assistance were stretched into murder weapons with sharp edges like blades. Once he caught a flaw, Yin Ren didn’t leave Qi Xin any time to react. The red ropes twisted towards her from all directions.

Qi Xin let out a “huh”.

There was a crackling sound of flesh and blood being separated.

The red rope gathered together, and Qi Xin’s body was twisted into palm-sized pieces. There were no bones or flesh in the broken section—just a translucent black substance.

Immediately afterwards, all the red ropes withdrew. Yin Ren wasn’t careless. He panted as he concentrated all his strength and wrapped layers of barriers around himself. The “falling” Zhong Chengshuo shot out a transparent steel wire from his hand and neatly jumped back onto the red rope.

He smiled jerkily at Yin Ren.

Yin Ren gave a weak smile back.

While the red ropes were entangled, Yin Ren stretched out his blood-stained right hand and swung it down like a slash.

When the qi exploded, it sent fragments of Qi Xin everywhere—at least they weren’t covered with corruption. As for the aftermath, that would be Shian’s headache.

However, Qi Xin’s fragments remained motionless. They continued floating in midair in their separate forms.

After receiving such a severe injury, Qi Xin’s aura wasn’t even slightly disturbed. Strangely enough, her hostility disappeared.

A few seconds later, as if to express a “truce”, some fragments fell to the ground and disappeared like melting snow. In the void, Qi Xin only kept one eye, a mouth, and a hand.

Yin Ren put away his performing hand, and his heart almost froze.

…This situation only represented one thing.

The “Qi Xin” in front of them was most likely just a controlled puppet, or a division from the main body. This kind of technique wasn’t uncommon, but with Qi Xin’s terrifying strength, they had some preconceived ideas.

At present, it seemed that the destruction of the body would not cause damage that their opponent would “care” about.

“While applying spells as a cover up, you arranged your ultimate move? You weren’t suppressed by my aura and still had leeway to focus on multiple objectives…”

“Ha… Haha… So that’s how it is…”

On the jaw fragment that still remained, her mouth gradually curled up—the smile was almost genuine.

“’You’ are still alive. No… No, it should be said, ‘You’ are back… I knew it would be like this…”

“You have to grow up quickly. Come back soon and kill us well.”

Qi Xin’s voice was full of weird satisfaction.

“In addition, be careful of ‘Mr. Qiu’.”

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