Criminal Psychology Ch186

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 186

Xing Conglian gently waved away the smell of rotting corpses in the air and looked at the person walking at the end of the corridor.

The setting sun in the rainforest fell from the ceiling, and the orange-yellow light brought by it sprinkled on that person, giving the figure a strange sense of sacredness. However, Xing Conglian felt it was probably due to the person’s identity having some kind of bonus.

Because the visitor was actually in tatters and was leaning on a wooden cane. He had dark skin and looked more like a farmer returning from the fields than an expert scholar, but this was indeed the second purpose of his trip.

In the ranch medical station, he was entrusted to find someone; a respectable and handsome doctor who was a resident of the Gaomeng Tribe. The doctor’s name was Duan Wanshan, and he was the legendary founder of the basic medical system in the Dana Region. Because he was so handsome, countless doctors from all over the world were inspired by him to come to the Dana Region and assist in healthcare.


Xing Conglian looked at the person standing in front of him and felt that this person seemed to be a little bit too far from the word handsome; just like the gap between a buyer’s expectation and reality on Taobao.

But at this moment, the man who looked like a farmer walked up to him, stood up straight, bowed slightly, and extended a hand to him. “Hello.”

Xing Conglian had a cigarette in his mouth. He reached out his hand to shake hands with the person. As the sunlight fell, there was a feeling of a successful reunion after a long journey of thousands of miles.

When Xing Conglian retracted his hand, the doctor in front of him staggered slightly, barely managing to maintain his standing position.

Xing Conglian looked down and noticed that the doctor’s pant legs were in tatters; the left leg was rolled up to the knee while the right was completely down, making it difficult to see the condition of his legs, but Xing Conglian was sure he saw faint dark brown stains adhered to his right ankle.

There was even some viscous liquid dripping down his ankle.

Xing Conglian frowned and asked, “What do you want?”


Lin Chen felt that what he heard just now was unbelievable.

To summarize, the weirdo wearing the white ceramic mask that was standing in front of him and Duan Yang explained that the reason why he kidnapped them to Dana was because he needed them to complete an unfinished research on a neurotoxic drug. The time limit was three days, and if they couldn’t complete it, then they would become food for the rhesus monkeys, just like their predecessors.

The rhesus monkeys in the cages squeaked horribly, as if welcoming them as food. Factually speaking, rhesus monkeys were basically vegetarians, so eating human flesh may not be so pleasant for them.

As they continued on their journey, the kidnapping case became increasingly bizarre, as if it were a scene from a spy thriller movie. If they added in underground passage crossing or special forces helicopter rappelling, then for just 9.9 yuan, he could watch this strange and bizarre film through group purchasing.

But this time, Duan Yang’s reaction was faster than his.

The young man asked, “How did you find us, and why do you think we can complete this research?”

Lin Chen felt relieved as these questions hit the bullseye.

The masked weirdo laughed, making the inorganic electronic sound harsh.

“You don’t need to know this.” He stretched out his hand and pointed to the vast monkey cage around him. “The materials are all here.”

Duan Yang showed a sick look in his eyes. “Even if you want to make us the drug, are you going to give us the chemical composition analysis?”

“There is no such thing,” the masked weirdo responded and chuckled.

Duan Yang asked incredulously, “You’re asking us to create a drug out of thin air?”

“Doesn’t all scientific research start from scratch? Besides, you have my babies.”

Duan Yang frowned, thought for a moment, then replied, “You mean, some of the monkeys here have been fed poisonous products, but some have not. We need to find out which ones have been fed the poisonous products and analyze their blood composition?”

“I’m not responsible for answering your questions.”

“Okay, we can do it, but there is a requirement,” Duan Yang said.

“Do you think you’re qualified to make a request?”

“My shixiong is injured. He’s the leading figure in drug research, so I want hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and aztreonam to save him…” Duan Yang heavily emphasized. “If something happens to my shixiong, I’ll definitely not be able to complete the research, and you’ll need to find someone else.”

Lin Chen watched the young man lie without even blinking.

The masked man stood there and looked at them solemnly for a while. “Write down what you want.”

Duan Yang immediately pulled out a piece of paper from the side of a cage and quickly wrote down those life-saving items. He tore off the paper and handed it over.

The masked weirdo looked at the paper and stuffed it in his pocket. “I hope we have a happy cooperation.

Duan Yang nodded. “But where are we going to experiment? I don’t see any centrifuges inside the lab. I need a complete medical laboratory.”

The other party threw a key over, pointed to the door at the end of the monkey room, then turned around and left.

Lin Chen saw a contemplative flash on the young man’s face.

“Wait!” Suddenly, he spoke again and stopped the masked weirdo.

The other party didn’t look back.

Duan Yang raised his voice. “Even if I extract the corresponding toxin ingredients from the monkey blood, that doesn’t mean it can be used by humans. Drug research itself is a very complicated process.”

“It doesn’t matter. I have someone.” The ending tone of the masked man slightly rose. “We have everything you need.”


Xing Conglian saw many people.

In the large space on the second floor of the factory building, there were densely packed Gaomeng people. The windows of the factory building were covered with curtains, and those curtains looked more like patchwork or various colorful clothes and scraps of fabric.

Xing Conglian looked away. The number of people present was about five to six hundred, and everyone had reached the end of their strength. Men and women were naked, and everyone had a decayed expression and a dead silence on their faces. The air on the second floor was cleaner than that of the “morgue” on the first floor, but it wasn’t much better. The smell of so many people who haven’t bathed for a few days was terrible enough, not to mention that most of the men present had injuries on their bodies, and the air was filled with the sour smell of rotting flesh.

However, when they saw outsiders like them, the Gaomeng people became vigilant, and their faces showed the hateful eyes that those gun-wielding soldiers had shown before, with an obvious will to prefer death to surrender.

Xing Conglian pushed on the door with one hand, looked at the gray-faced doctor beside him, and said, “Mr. Duan, as I said just now, I’m here to find someone.” He continued, “Mr. Duan, I have already made it clear that I came here primarily to find my people, not to save lives or treat the injured.”

Duan Wanshan said, “I know. I’m also taking you to find your subordinate, but I just need to pass by here.”

As he spoke, he leaned weakly on his crutch and limped into the crowd. “I know you don’t care about the Gaomeng people at all since you haven’t asked us how we were forced into this situation, but the truth of the matter may be different from what you think.”

Xing Conglian looked at the painful but persistent faces and then at the back of the doctor in front of him.

Although Duan Wanshan looked seriously injured, he was full of energy when he spoke. Xing Conglian was forced to follow him and listen to his nonsense.

“First, it’s fake news saying that the Gaomeng people organized a massacre.”

“How do you know it’s fake news?” Xing Conglian asked.

“Because I released the news,” Duan Wanshan replied simply.


While speaking, they had already passed through the crowd and walked to the window. Duan Wanshan lifted a pair of trousers from the window, then quickly moved out of the way.

Suddenly, a whistling bullet blasted through the air, shattering the glass and piercing where he originally was before finally embedding itself into the opposite wall.

“What’s why.”

Even Xing Conglian was startled. He raised his brows and instantly understood the other’s meaning. However, it was still unpleasant to have someone suddenly tear off this veil of shame in front of him.

“I have been in Dana for many years. I understand the rules of the game in the international community too well. Zaratul is just a puppet for big countries to control the Dana Region. In 1998, 2006, and 2013, Zaratul held three confrontations here. Did anyone care about the massacre of the aborigines?” Duan Wanshan said calmly. “Maybe the international community will pay a little attention to the massacre of aborigines, but if it’s Zaratul’s doing, they will just brush it under the rug, right?”

When he said these words, Duan Wanshan didn’t feel like that old farmer. The knowledge and insight revealed in his bones couldn’t be faked. Xing Conglian rarely felt like being held by the neck and being told to “just stand by and watch” by someone. He irritably spat out the cigarette he had just lit and stepped on it. “Okay, I’m not secretary general of the United Nations. It’s not my job to deal with things like genocide.”

Duan Wanshan leaned on his crutches, tapped the ground, turned around, and walked towards the room on the other side.

“But you have to take care of this matter.”


“Two reasons.” Duan Wanshan’s voice became low and steady this time. “First, I save your men, so you have to repay me.”

Former subordinates,” Xing Conglian emphasized. “The problem is that if it weren’t for you, my former subordinates, including myself, wouldn’t have come here in the first place.”

“That’s why I have another reason.” Duan Wanshan took him to the doors of several rooms. He took out a key, unlocked the chain on the first door, and walked in.

There was a small light in the room. Naturally, it was impossible to have such a thing as an electric light in a place like an abandoned mine, so the light came from a field military lighting equipment that Xing Conglian was somewhat familiar with.

The light illuminated most of the indoor space, and there were only two people in the room. One was sitting, and the other was lying flat on the ground.

The moment he saw the man lying on the ground, Kang An, who had been following him, suddenly rushed over like crazy, but before approaching the other party, he suddenly braked and became cautious. He only dared touch the other’s cheek lightly with his fingers and softly call, “Xiao Wu…”

Xing Conglian was angry to the point that he wasn’t able to speak.

The two people in the room opened their eyes at the same time. Xing Conglian obviously saw that the faces of the two invariably showed a “gone through hell” expression.

Xiao Wu, who was lying on the ground, jumped up and pushed Kang An away. He rushed up to Xing Conglian and said in a daze, “Boss, why are you here?!”

“You ask laozi, so who am I supposed to ask?” Facing the pale and concerned face of his former subordinate, Xing Conglian finally felt relieved.

“Sorry, I didn’t do a good job and bothered you,” Xiao Wu said respectfully.

“Boss, I thought I would never see you again in my life.” Xing Conglian lowered his eyes and found another person tugging at his pants while crying. “Why are your clothes so wet?”

Xing Conglian couldn’t help but kick him. “There are people outside. How do you think I got in?”

“From the river?”

Xing Conglian didn’t bother to answer. He beckoned with his hand at his subordinates and turned to walk outside the room.

There was no movement from the people in the room.

Wang Chao’s weak voice sounded. “Xiao Wu, Xiao Liu, let’s go.”

But the two people in the room stubbornly stood still.

Xing Conglian stopped and looked at the doctor standing by the door. “Maybe you don’t know much, but I really don’t like people forcing me to do things.”

“I would like you to hear my second reason why I’m asking for your help.”


“Because I’m about to die.”

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