Criminal Psychology Ch187

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 187

Xing Conglian naturally wanted to say, “It’s none of my business if you’re going to die.” However, upon seeing Duan Wanshan’s graying temples, he swallowed back his irritable words.

He looked at the other and knew well that if he turned around now, he wouldn’t be able to return home in a short while.

Although the two reasons mentioned by this Doctor Duan weren’t discussed at length, each of them made sense.

It was right to pay off a debt, and since the debt owed was to a dying man, it made his reasons more meaningful.

This attitude reminded Xing Conglian of Lin Chen.

So he turned around and went back to the room and kicked the subordinate, who was stubbornly sitting on the ground and refused to leave. “Tell me, how did you get saved? Is it true that I have to pay off your debts?”


At the same time, in the monkey room, Lin Chen endured the aches and pains all over his body. He barely managed to raise his spirits as he said to Duan Yang, “Tell me your plan.”

Duan Yang was holding the key as he opened the door to the innermost laboratory.

The air from the air conditioner was blowing in his face.

There was a complete set of professional medical experimental equipment in front of them, which was different from the pure drug production factory outside. According to Duan Yang, there were more centrifuges and reactors… There was even an anatomy table separated inside. Of course, the dissecting table should be purely for the rhesus monkeys.

Overall, it was well equipped. The only problem was that the whole lab looked like it hadn’t been used for a while, as there was a thin layer of dust on the bench.

Duan Yang carefully swept the table with his hands, glanced at the surveillance camera hanging in the corner of the lab, and asked, “Consultant Lin, do you think it’s bugged here?”

With the cold air blowing from the air conditioner, Lin Chen shivered from the cold. For him, the current environment may not be as good as the sweltering cellar. He looked at Duan Yang and said, “It doesn’t matter if there is or not. Besides, we will die in two days.”

“Hey…” Duan Yang let out a long sigh, feeling helpless.

“There are no bugs here.” Lin Chen decided to change the topic.

Duan Yang was stunned. “How do you know?”

Lin Chen didn’t answer directly. He hooked his fingers at Duan Yang and pointed to several lab coats hanging on the wall.

Duan Yang understood immediately and tore off all coats and wrapped them around him.

The sudden warmth made Lin Chen feel comfortable. He put on a lab coat, barely opened his eyes, and asked Duan Yang, “How many coats are there?”

“Six… It seems like six?”

“What does this mean?”

“That there were six people doing experiments here?”

“Not necessarily, but there are signs that there were people here before. So that begs the question, where are they now?”

Duan Yang swallowed. “Chopped up by…?”

“Why chopped up?”

“Because they didn’t finish the research, so they were killed?”

“If the research isn’t complete, then why were you able to deduce from the masked man’s words earlier that he wanted you to analyze the drug components from the monkeys’ blood?” Lin Chen paused. “What kind of blood would the monkeys have to be fed to contain drug components?”

“Of course, it’s poison,” Duan Yang said.

“Since there are toxic chemicals, why has the research not been completed?”

“Consultant Lin, what are you trying to say?” Duan Yang was confused. Of course, he wasn’t like Xing Conglian, who knew everything.

“Okay, let’s start from the beginning.” Lin Chen asked him, “Why do you think you were kidnapped?”

“Because I offended Zhorui Pharmaceutical?”

“To be more specific, what is your inference about the cause and result of your kidnapping?”

“Because I accidentally exposed myself during the investigation of Zhorui Pharmaceutical, so I was kidnapped by them to do research in the Dana Region?”

“That is to say, you think this entire laboratory is part of Zhorui Pharmaceutical in the Dana Region, right?”

“Is it not?”

Lin Chen laughed. “Classmate Duan Yang, I think you’re much more confident than I thought.”


“After all, you think that your personal ability can replace the entire R&D department of Zhorui Pharmaceutical. Otherwise, why would they kidnap you and send you thousands of miles away?”

“I… That’s not what I mean. I really think it’s strange that they kidnapped us to come here.” Duan Yang’s face was about to blush. “Then… Consultant Lin, why do you think they kidnapped me?”

“Because you may be the one closest to the results of the study.”

“I don’t understand.” Duan Yang frowned.

“If you don’t understand, how can you expect me to?” Lin Chen looked at Duan Yang, motioned to the other party to turn his back to the camera. “Don’t look like you’re chatting with me so obviously. Anyway, pretend to be working.”

Duan Yang hurriedly turned around, and the first thing he did was take a cloth and start wiping the test bench. This kind of cleanliness obsession was beyond saving.

“I have some guesses, but it’s not complete yet.” Lin Chen lowered his eyes slightly. The high fever made him look at everything as if it had double shadows. He gently unfolded the wrapped white lab coat, looked at the cuffs and pockets where the edges were easy to wear, and then looked at the label. Finally, his gaze fell on the offset logo on the chest of the lab coat. It was still a jaguar and python symbol, but the golden offset print was cracked. Obviously, this lab coat had been worn and washed many times.

“Consultant Lin, what’s wrong with the lab coats?” Duan Yang asked upon seeing this.

“This coat has been worn by people for a long time.” He emphasized the last two words.

“Yes, you have already made it clear just now. This means that there have been people in this laboratory who have been doing experiments, but now those people are gone. What does this mean?”

“It doesn’t explain much. You can think about it from another perspective. There used to be a laboratory related to Zhorui Pharmaceutical deep in the rainforest, but now there are no people in this lab. This is the result we’re seeing now.” Lin Chen coughed twice in a low voice. He resisted the desire to cough violently and continued, “From the result to the reason, I think there are two possibilities. The first may be that, as you said, the successive drug researchers here have not completed their work, so they were chopped up for feed.”

“What about the second?”

“The situation in the Dana Region is complicated, and Zhorui Pharmaceutical shouldn’t have much energy to expend armed forces here. So the only possibility is that they found militants in the Dana Region as partners. That is, the leader of this jaguar and python symbol. In connection with Professor Duan’s drug research, it was highly possible that Zhorui Pharmaceutical had conducted their new drug development here. After completing the research, they left without a trace, leaving their ‘partners’ at a loss, forcing them to act recklessly and randomly kidnap people everywhere. Finally, they stumbled upon you, who ventured into this matter haphazardly.”

“This is impossible!” Duan Yang said immediately. “Zhorui Pharmaceutical develops drugs, not poisons. As you said, they found many people, so why me?”

Lin Chen felt a splitting pain in his head and finally couldn’t hold back from coughing violently.

Duan Yang hurriedly squatted down in front of him. “I won’t interrupt. I won’t. You can continue.”

“I don’t understand the relationship between drugs and medicines. This is not my specialty. It’s up to you to find out, but if your professional level is not enough, then forget I said anything.” Lin Chen looked up and glanced at Duan Yang. “As for why they found you, there could be many possibilities. Maybe it’s because you are particularly handsome. But you should think about where you posted those reports and research results on the new drug that made them discover you,” Lin Chen said sternly.

Duan Yang’s face tightened, as if he were aware of something and suddenly said, “If what you say is true, then the new drug launched by Zhorui Pharmaceutical this time really has a very serious problem. It may be a new type of neurodegenerative drug or a corresponding derivative. The R&D personnel of Zhorui Pharmaceutical withdrew from the country after the experiment was completed, leaving only the experimental animals. So they probably played a trick on the militants in the Dana Region?”

Lin Chen said, “This is just an inference, and there may be loopholes and irrationality.”

“That’s right. According to what you said, the researchers who conducted the research here before were employees of Zhorui Pharmaceutical, so why did they kidnap me instead of the previous researchers? Also, who is that masked person? Since Zhorui Pharmaceutical completed the research in this laboratory, the previous researchers should also have relevant research materials. Why did the masked person go to such lengths to kidnap us and say that all our research materials are only the monkeys here… Ah, no, he also mentioned people. Where did they come from?”

Duan Yang asked too many questions, which gave Lin Chen a headache. “I’m not sure why they kidnapped you. It’s very likely you were an easy target and that your research results were more relevant. Zhorui Pharmaceutical needed to find a partner in the Dana Region, but given their strength in the country, hiding a few researchers would be easy.” Lin Chen propped up his head with one hand, looking at the young man in front of him with a smile on his face. “And I can answer your second question as well, because all my deductions are based on the answer to your second question.”

“Consultant Lin…” Duan Yang said depressingly. “I’ve noticed that you like to keep people in suspense.”

“No, I just give you a certain amount of time to think about the problem,” Lin Chen said softly. “Well, the answer is, you have never seen a real psychopath.”

Duan Yang shuddered.

“In fact, the masked weirdo you just saw is a fraudster,” Lin Chen curled his lips as he said with disdain.

Duan Yan was momentarily stunned before he said, “Frau… A fraudster?”

“Specially, the more ignorant and backward the area, the easier it is for scammers to succeed. Often some small trick can convince others, so the primitive tribe’s rituals and shamans have a lot of say.”

“I didn’t mean that. Why do you think he’s a fraudster?”

“A person wearing a white ceramic mask and using an electronic voice changer—do you think he’s very scary?”

“Yes, it feels mysterious. Could he be our acquaintance and don’t want us to recognize him?”

“What you said is one possibility. But you can see that everyone here is familiar with him, which means he has always been dressed this way, so this kind of mystery is the feeling he deliberately created, mainly supported by acting and costumes, not by his own character.”

Hearing this, Duan Yang plucked up the courage and said, “Do you have any evidence?”

Lin Chen found it funny. Few people distrusted his judgment so much, but he still nodded and said, “Do you remember the office outside that we just passed by?”

“Is that his office?”

“Yes.” Looking at the young man’s puzzled face, he took the initiative to say, “There’s a photo of him and probably the leader of the militants hanging on the wall of the office, so I can basically be sure of this.” Lin Chen coughed lightly and continued, “But what I want to talk about is not his office, which looks like a pig’s nest, but the whiteboard on the wall.”

“I remember.”

“Can you understand what was written on the whiteboard?”

Duan Yang shook his head and said honestly, “It should be something like a chemical formula for calculation, but I’m not a chemistry major, so I can’t understand it.”

“That’s not his calculation formula, but a formula he found somewhere, copied it on the whiteboard, and pretended to bluff people on purpose,” Lin Chen explained to Duan Yang, who was still squatting in front of him. “The flow of writing when copying and writing normally is different. Generally, if we do a fluent calculation, pauses will appear at the end of each formula, but he often stops after writing half of a chemical formula and lets the pen stay on the whiteboard for a while to look at what he wants to copy before continuing to write. If you have a chance to walk out of this lab, you can pay attention to some prominent ink marks.”

“I understand.” Duan Yang pondered for a moment, then suddenly became serious. “If that is indeed a fraudster, then it all makes sense. The fraudster must have used some method to make the leader of the militants believe in him, so he was put in charge of the entire laboratory. He had been working smoothly before, but one day, the militant leader decided to collaborate with Zhorui Pharmaceutical to research a new type of drug. Originally, the research results should have been shared, and the armed group would certainly have sent someone to supervise the entire research. However, driven by the huge profits from drugs and pharmaceuticals, the people at Zhorui Pharmaceutical saw that the person sent to supervise them was a fool, so they decided to deceive their partner. As the person behind the research, the mask man could only resort to desperate measures and keep abducting people to complete the drug research.”

“Congratulations,” Lin Chen said lightly.


“Even you can make up stories.”

“Consultant Lin, don’t make fun of me.”

“No, I’m really complimenting you,” Lin Chen said seriously. “Some investigations are carried out meticulously in order to find clear evidence and gradually piece together the truth. But sometimes, you don’t have any evidence. All you have are scattered fragments. In that case, you have to look for a possibility that connects all the pieces and roughly reconstruct the truth of the event.”

“It’s the same as our doctor diagnosing intractable diseases,” Duan Yang said.

“I’m very pleased that you can understand my analogy,” Lin Chen said half-jokingly. “But there is another important reason why he looks for people from China instead of other countries.”


“Because he’s also from China. In this place full of Dana language, he’s the only one who can communicate with us, and basically doesn’t have to worry about us snitching on him.”

“I understand.” Duan Yang was stunned for a moment. “But you suddenly mentioned this because it’s very important.”

“Of course it’s important,” Lin Chen said. “But Mr. Duan, I’m still a patient. I have to sleep for a bit before I tell you why this is important.”

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, that explains why the mask guy thinks they can reverse engineer a drug in 3 days. Also, Lin Chen needs to stop speaking in tongues. No normal human can follow that train of thought, my dude.

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