Evil As Humans Ch108

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 108: Spiritual Contract

Five minutes before Qi Xin disappeared.

If it weren’t for regulations, Fu Xingchuan would really like to smoke a cigarette.

The bloody spear of his life-giving blow hit Qi Xin right in the bullseye but failed to cause the slightest damage. It was true that the two members of Unit 9 cooperated flawlessly and twisted Qi Xin into pieces in an instant.


Of the two, one of them manifested power directly from nothingness into red ropes—truly spiritual.

The other wielded a dagger and moved extremely fast to the point where people couldn’t make out the details, but Fu Xingchuan had a feeling that the crimson knife light looked a bit familiar.

Unfortunately, he was too far away and couldn’t feel the power attributes around the two. It was great that they were doing such a good job of suppressing their abilities.

Fu Xingchuan moved his fingers, holding a non-existent cigarette while his eyes were blank.

Perhaps he shouldn’t have shot that bloody spear and exposed his existence, but he couldn’t afford the consequences of “Zhong Chengshuo is innocent” and “Zhong Chengshuo might die”.

Although facts proved that the little beast was also a fraud. His left hand was probing Shian, while his right hand was disturbing Qi Xin. The judgment of the deception was instantaneous. Zhong Chengshuo was undoubtedly a veteran in combat.

‘It’s too difficult to be a person with a moral bottom line,’ Fu Xingchuan thought gloomily.

Now he could only bet on one thing—

When he woke up from his coma, the “man in red” who was riding Yellow Millet that he witnessed was probably Yen Ren. That kid was strong enough to control a Class A-A evil being, but his powers to simply stun them showed that he wasn’t hostile to Shian.

At least there was no hostility at the moment.

Dressed in red with Yellow Millet on his feet, this was an extremely powerful evil creature. Was Yin Ren the “same kind” as the figure in the mural, or was that figure in the mural actually “him”?

Minister Fu bowed his waist and continued to look into the distance.

The troublesome spirits were talking to Qi Xin shards. Unfortunately, his technique was limited. The images given were quite rough, and Fu Xingchuan couldn’t distinguish the lips of those people.

Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo weren’t hostile to Shian, but that didn’t mean they had good intentions towards him either. Now Qi Xin came with an unknown purpose, but it didn’t seem like she was in the same camp as those two.

What are their motives…

Minister Fu hadn’t smoked half the cigarette that he imagined yet when his back suddenly felt cold.

He didn’t stay for less than ten seconds when there were two more breaths behind him. Looking at the vicinity of the circular loop, he couldn’t find the figures of Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo.

Fu Xingchuan closed his eyes.

They’re coming.

The wound on his shoulder was painful and numb, which was the result of the drug suppression. As soon as he threw the blood spear, his state became unsuitable for fighting. Minister Fu turned around slowly. He dove one hand into the pocket of his tunic as the marquee of life flashed in front of his eyes.

In front of him stood the target of this “execution mission”.

Yin Ren’s long hair was loose, and his body was tightly wrapped in red cloth that resembled an ancient costume. The wounds from his shoulders to his chest were healing at a speed no human should have… Most of Zhong Chengshuo’s jacket was in tatters, revealing unexpectedly fair skin with only a few scratches on it. This kid was firmly holding his sampling box, and his face was full of brilliance as if he had a great harvest.

Were they here to silence him or…?

Fu Xingchuan straightened his back and cleared his throat, just intending to make a sufficiently deterrent opening statement. As a result, before his mouth opened, Yin Ren trotted up to him.

“I’m sorry!” Yin Ren’s tone was so sincere that it was scary. “I didn’t mean to conceal my personal situation.. I’m indeed, uh, not human.”

Fu Xingchuan: “?”

Is this… explaining?

Yin Ren pinched an extremely complicated spell causing Fu Xingchuan’s shoulder to emit a burning-like creaking sound.

Along with green and black smoke floating out, the wound caused by the poison arrow healed quickly. His exhausted limbs slowly stretched, and fatigue melted away like the snow. Except for the emptiness due to exhaustion of power, Minister Fu’s body didn’t feel any pain.

In the pocket of his tunic, Fu Xingchuan’s hand twitched, almost pressing on the most advanced security alarm.

He squinted at Yin Ren and said nothing. To be honest, Fu Xingchuan didn’t know if he wanted to create a sense of oppression or simply had nothing to say.

He would let these two act and see what tricks they were up to.

“Minister Fu.”

Yin Ren took out a colored marble-like thing from his pocket and spoke solemnly.

“Does this count as confessing to receive a lighter sentence? It’s indirectly surrendering itself and gaining merit by confessing to its crimes, right?”

Fu Xingchuan glanced at Yin Ren’s palm and almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

After living for so long, he didn’t know that Yellow Millet had the ability to become smaller. That evil thing that was chasing them was now crushed like an asteroid and was now lying obediently in Yin Ren’s palm, suddenly looking like a rainbow lollipop without a stick.

Zhong Chengshuo’s gaze was more focused than Fu Xingchuan—Comrade Xiao Zhong stared at Yellow Millet, rubbing his fingers on the edge of the sampling bag. Yellow Millet seemed to feel something and nestled hard into the palm of Yin Ren’s hand again.

Yin Ren gathered up his old cushion. “This is Yellow Millet. It has no malicious intentions, but it was controlled by Sunken Society using magic.”

Yellow Millet tried its best to show weakness, letting out a trembling, “Puff…”

Fu Xingchuan’s head swelled to the size of a bucket.

What is going on?

With two identities exposed, shouldn’t there be a dialogue between the strong and the strong? What was this atmosphere like that felt like a work review error meeting?

Yin Ren’s strength was unpredictable, Zhong Chengshuo was immune to spells, and there was no need to talk about Yellow Millet. If he picked any one of them casually, they weren’t an enemy he could easily deal with. Fu Xingchuan had thought about many possibilities, but he really didn’t expect this kind of development.

“Do you recognize this Yellow Millet?” Minister Fu really couldn’t hold back and tried to pivot.

Yin Ren considered his wording. “We used to be colleagues, so I know it very well. You know, Yellow Millet only eats evil things. This one is very lazy and has no interest in actively hurting people.”

“Puff, puff, puff!” Yellow Millet sincerely agreed.

“…I’m not doing a background check on it.” Fu Xingchuan laughed dryly. “This Yellow Millet has at least a thousand years of cultivation. How old are you?”

Yin Ren: “……”

What’s with modern people? Why does everyone keep asking this sad question?

“Or rather, I should ask…”

Seeing that Yin Ren didn’t answer, Fu Xingchuan straightened his tunic, which was covered with blood and dust.

“Is the person on the ant’s nest mural you?”

Yin Ren’s smile froze for an instant.

Since he could confirm that the person on the mural was himself, it would only be a matter of time before Fu Xingchuan deduced that he was “Zhong Yi”.

Sure enough, the #1 Ghost General wouldn’t be so easy to fool. In the next second, Lord Ghost King realized a problem.

Sometimes, “not answering immediately” was also a kind of “answering”.

Sure enough, Fu Xingchuan didn’t wait for his answer. Minister Fu pressed his temples frantically, and his tone became erratic. “Zhong Chengshuo, you… Forget it, we’ll check it ourselves.”

Zhong Chengshuo pushed up his glasses. “Good luck.”

Fu Xingchuan wasn’t in the mood to pursue this person’s attitude. He sat on the ground, flat on his ass, and took out a cigarette from his pocket.

After taking a long puff, Fu Xingchuan looked at Gansheng Town in the night. “…If you two wanted to be detrimental to Shian, at that time in the underground ant’s nest, you had countless ways to kill Lao Li and me. The two of you staying in a C-level investigation team—you have something you want from Shian, right?”

When he said this, he didn’t look at the two of them and showed his back frankly.

“If I report the situation, Yin Ren will definitely be fully inspected and guarded. Zhong Chengshuo will definitely be fired. You can guess this, but you still choose to communicate with me.”

“Well, we discussed it. This is a deal.”

Zhong Chengshuo’s eyes would dart toward Yellow Millet from time to time.

“Fu Xingchuan, you’re a powerhouse who sincerely wants to protect Haigu and knows what actions are most appropriate.”

“It’s useless to flatter me.” Fu Xingchuan took a hard puff from his cigarette and exhaled. “But I can’t drive you to Sunken Society… Haa, how troublesome.”

He raised his hand and spat out the cigarette into his palm.

The originally soft smoke condensed into a sharp blue and white blade, cutting open the wound just healed by Yin Ren. Bright red blood gushed out in an instant and floated upwards against gravity. They stretched into scarlet filaments and spun out runes one after another.

The bloodshot lines intertwined in the night, turning into gorgeous and terrifying giant patterns. It was three meters high and floated quietly in front of Fu Xingchuan.

“Forget Zhong Chengshuo. There’s a complete set of criminal laws governing him.”

Fu Xingchuan moved the bleeding wound, and the huge blood array above the wound moved slightly.

“Yin Ren, since you passed the physical examination, there must be entities that are similar to humans… You can figure it out yourself.”

Yin Ren looked up at the cobweb-like blood as he casually rubbed Yellow Millet with his fingers.


Zhong Chengshuo also walked to his side. “What is that?”

“A kind of spiritual contract,” Yin Ren said. “The type that is binding on both parties. It’s quite fair… Well, in general, I can’t indiscriminately harm innocent people, and Fu Xingchuan needs to guarantee my freedom. At most, he can only tell Li Nian. It can be regarded as a temporary peace agreement.”

“What will happen to you if you violate it?” Zhong Chengshuo said curiously.

“My own strength will backfire, and even the slightest injury will be serious. This is an agreement based on cognition that can’t be falsified.”

Yin Ren’s palm cracked, and a ball of blood squirmed and flew out.

It also turned into filaments, penetrated the bloodshot gap made by Fu Xingchuan’s blood, and drew out another spell. When the two met, the blood circle immediately collapsed into blood beads and then disappeared into the air with a bang.

Well, Fu Xingchuan personally dared to make this kind of spiritual contract—Yin Ren knew in his heart that even if he was seriously injured, there were still many ways he could destroy Haigu. This agreement couldn’t be 100% binding.

If this was any other official from Shian, they would never take the risk of cooperating with an evil being at such a level.

“I still have some questions.”

After the spiritual contract was concluded, Yin Ren spoke solemnly.

Fu Xingchuan blew out smoke violently: “Ask.”

“You know the situation between me and Zhong Chengshuo. Can we continue to get promotions and raises? What about year-end bonus? Leaving aside the spiritual contract, I’m not human, so is the labor contract still valid? Can I still be Zhong Chengshuo’s partner?”

Fu Xingchuan: “…”

Fu Xingchuan: “?”

He suddenly realized something, stood up trembling, and stubbed out his cigarette butt.

“Damn, wait!” Minister Fu pointed at Zhong Chengshuo with his index finger, which was trembling slightly. “You know that Yin Ren is a thousand-year-old evil?”

Zhong Chengshuo innocently said, “Nn.”

“Are you serious with him? Isn’t it just an excuse for joint activities?”

Zhong Chengshuo replied with a harmless expression, “Yes.”

Fu Xingchuan was silent for a full five minutes.

“Yes, you can. Both of you can do whatever you want. As long as you don’t cause trouble, you can do whatever you want.” Fu Xingchuan finally spoke in a sleepwalking tone. “I’ll tell you what to write in the report later, but this Yellow Millet, I need to collect first—”

He went to grab Yellow Millet, but the naked evil thing instantly turned into a stretched rice cake, half of which was pulled far away by Fu Xingchuan and half of which held tightly to Yin Ren’s palm.


Fu Xingchuan continued to pull expressionlessly until Yellow Millet lost its form of a ball and was stretched out even longer.

“Puff—puff—” It puffing almost resembled howling.

“You see, it doesn’t want to,” Yin Ren said cautiously.

Fu Xingchuan’s eyes were beyond exhaustion. At this moment, they were dull, almost looking like Zhong Chengshuo’s.

“Oh,” he said. “Then you take care of it, and you’ll be responsible for the consequences if something happens.”


“When others ask later, you will say that Xiao Zhong was left behind, so Yin Ren went back first to find him after waking up. For the rest, we’ll discuss it when we get back to Shian,” Fu Xingchuan said as he lay calmly on the ground.

Zhong Chengshuo squatted down next to his head, and his face was full of doubts.

“I’ll be in a coma for ten minutes. I need a break.” Minister Fu closed his eyes bitterly.


Haigu, Municipal Hospital, a certain ward.

The old man looked out the window.

It was late, and the appearance of the house was more clearly reflected than the scene outside the window. The glass window became a half-mirror, reflecting a wrinkled, aging face.

“That guy acted without authorization again.”

He hissed at his own image.

“That guy has been disagreeing with your approach for a long time. Is it okay to let him come over now?”

The old man’s mouth opened and closed, but the image on the window remained motionless.

“The inferior product got out of control, and the mountain town was destroyed. The tragedy spreads among the people… It was obviously an excellent opportunity to test our ‘theory’, but it swallowed the inferior product directly. I know that Gensheng Town is its territory, but—”

The image watched him silently.

“…Okay, I admit, its power is indispensable.” The old man snorted coldly. “Will Sunken Society give this up? Let ‘Ms. Qi’ handle this mess herself..”

“I will judge for myself who should be excluded.”

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