Criminal Psychology Ch178

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 178

It had been a long time since Wang Chao had seen his boss get so angry.

Are you kidding me?! That dumbass Huang Ze actually dared kiss his boss’ person in front of his boss’ house, by his boss’ front door. If this wasn’t being tired of living, then what was?

Wang Chao cautiously raised his head and glanced over. He felt that his boss’ gloomy face could summon hundreds of thousands of dark clouds from the Dana Rainforest, turning them into a violent storm.

He pulled at his collar, inexplicably feeling that the air pressure around him was decreasing and becoming stuffy, as if it were being blown out by a steamer. It seemed like it was going to rain again.

At this time, even that idiot Kang An felt the abnormality and pulled Wang Chao over and asked, “Damn, what’s going on with the Boss? The last time he had this expression, I seemed to have some bad memories.”

Of course it’s not good, damn it!

Wang Chao hugged his laptop tightly and glared at Kang An. “Are you still alive?”

“Seems like it.” Kang An scratched his head.

“No, the fact that you’re alive is an illusion.”

When he said this, his boss’ cold eyes had already swept over him.

Wang Chao hurriedly shut up, while Kang An unknowingly inquired, “Boss, were those two people a couple just now?”

God knew how much Wang Chao wanted to scream at the top of his lungs. The world was truly terrible. He really didn’t want to be in the same camp with this idiot.

At this time, the coldness in his boss’ eyes could already solidify. It seemed as if he was holding back an evil fire that had nowhere to vent and could easily be ignited by anything.

“Why are you still on the boat?” His boss lit a cigarette as he asked Kang An.

Kang An grabbed the side of the boat tightly. “Boss, after we find Xiao Wu, we’ll never bother you again!”

Wang Chao simply suspected that Kang An simply had hearing problems. What the hell was Kang An doing, showing off his affection right in front of the boss?

The next moment, his boss immediately got up and kicked Kang An without hesitation. Wang Chao forcibly grabbed his boss’ waist and shouted, “Boss, Boss, I have pulled out all the surveillance. Do you want to see what’s going on?”

Only by mentioning his A’Chen Gege would his boss calm down a little. Having said that, his boss took a deep breath and sat back in the cabin.

As the wooden boat cut through the waves, Wang Chao pulled him to the cabin and called up the surveillance at their front door. He turned his laptop away from Kang An and said, “Boss, I won’t let that idiot Kang An watch.”

His boss didn’t even look at him and just stared at the screen.

Wang Chao slowly began to adjust the screen. Huang Ze slowly appeared on the monitoring screen.

At the beginning, the sky was still bright as Huang Ze simply stood under the eaves of their home, waiting for a long time—from sunset to twilight, until there were no pedestrians left wandering the streets. He simply stood there, like a statue.

His A’Chen Gege had returned home after nightfall. The moment he saw Huang Ze, his A’Chen Gege expression showed a clear sense of annoyance.

Wang Chao cautiously peeped at his boss’ face. It seemed to have eased a little.

After that, his A’Chen Gege walked up the steps, but Huang Ze had insidiously blocked the door. The two of them were talking, and Huang Ze’s expression looked angry.

Although he couldn’t read lips, he still managed to easily recognize his boss’ name based on the mouth movements. Seeing his boss’ sullen face and looking at Huang Ze’s appearance, it seemed most likely that Huang Ze had reported some wrongdoing to Lin Chen. What a despicable person.

His boss bit the cigarette butt and looked at Huang Ze as if he were looking at a dead man.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed. His A’Chen Gege had said something that made Huang Ze angrier. Huang Ze dared to raise his hand to slap his A’Chen Gege.

Seeing Huang Ze raise his hand to slap Lin Chen, Wang Chao felt the weak flame in his heart was about to start a prairie fire. Huang Ze was no longer stepping on his boss’ bottom line, but also hitting him with a combination of punches. When A’Chen Gege and Huang Ze were about to leave, he hurriedly pressed the pause button. He was really afraid that his boss would watch the video again and immediately call a helicopter to take him back so he could kill Huang Ze.

At this moment, his boss suddenly spoke.

“Rewind back a bit.”

What his boss said was inexplicably strange, and his face wasn’t as cold as it was just now. Wang Chao obediently obeyed his order and worked as quietly as a chicken.

They watched the scene before Huang Ze started his actions. Although he couldn’t read lips, his boss obviously knew!

Wang Chao tentatively asked, “Boss, what did A’Chen Gege say that made Huang Ze so mad?” However, his boss just held his cigarette and said nothing. He felt that A’Chen must have said something cruel—after all, he had never seen anyone surpass A’Chen in terms of ability to anger people to death.

However, he only received a one-word reply. “Continue.”

Wang Chao obediently played the same picture more than a dozen times as his boss watched it.

Although he didn’t know what A’Chen said to rile up Huang Ze, in the picture, his A’Chen Gege was calm and unabashed, that he even thought it was kind of cute.


“Cut off this section and delete everything else. Delete the hard drive and throw it into the river.” Suddenly, Xing Conglian pointed to the two cut-off points.

“What—why throw it in the river?” Wang Chao was taken aback.

He didn’t know if it was something he said or what problem had arisen ahead, but suddenly, the boatman they hired screamed from the bow.

The man squatted down with his head in his arms and looked extremely frightened.

Wang Chao sat up straight and looked up, only to see pieces of abandoned wooden boats appear on the river in the distance. All boat types were wide between ends and wooden, indicating they were the typical boats used by the indigenous people of the rainforest. Pieces of jet-black wooden boats floated on the wide water like countless deadwood, creating a horrific scene. Judging from the terrain, they should have arrived at the dock of the Gaomeng Tribe, but for some reason, something had happened, causing all the boats to capsize and the entire dock to be abandoned.

He looked towards the location of the dock and finally knew why the boatman was holding his head in horror. On a small boat on the shore, there were two shabby-dressed armed men pointing two submachine guns at them. Looking at their gestures, it seemed they were preparing to let them dock, then rob them, and if they didn’t directly surrender, they would be killed.

Kang An had already keenly held down his gun and concealed it close to the side of the boat.

However, his boss stood up generously, kicked the gun in Kang An’s hand, and said coldly, “Who told you to shoot?”

“But what should I do if I don’t shoot, Boss?”

“Wang Chao.”

It seemed that Xing Conglian was too lazy to talk nonsense with Kang An and decided to use Wang Chao instead.

Wang Chao shuddered and whispered, “Kang An, you pig. It’s obvious that something happened here, and now that there are two survivors we can interrogate. How are we going to investigate if we kill them?”

Kang An scratched his head and thought this made sense, so he put his gun down.

The boatman shook his head while the bald bar owner hung up his phone. Wang Chao’s boss glanced at the other party and said, “Sail to the dock.”

The bald-headed bar owner just got off the phone with his girlfriend and was reluctant. “My dear Boss Xing, why do you want me to do these dangerous jobs?”

Wang Chao’s boss just stood up straight, like a javelin, and gave the bar owner a glance.

In short, Wang Chao knew what kind of look his boss gave, and the bald bar owner didn’t hesitate to climb to the bow and take over the job of the boatman.

The ship sailed towards the dock, bringing them closer to the two militants. As they got closer, they gradually detected a fishy smell in the air. It was about half an hour from the dock to the Gaomeng Tribe’s camp. The bazaar that was supposed to be lively was now desolate.

The stalls were overturned, and the ground was full of dead fish and shrimp. There were no aborigines stationed on the dock or in the thatched huts along the shore. Everything seemed abandoned and eerie.

Following his boss’ gaze, Wang Chao’s eyes finally landed on the two armed men.

The firearms used by the militants were about twenty years out of date. The barrels looked rusty, and their outfits didn’t look like they were from the Gaomeng Tribe. They were camouflaged uniforms, but their upper and lower bodies didn’t match, looking more like bandits.

The ship was getting closer.

His boss just stood in front of the two gun barrels unabashedly and asked in the common language of the Dana Region, “What happened here?”

The other side rambled a bunch of nonsense, something along the lines of handing over their valuables.

A look of impatience flashed across his boss’ face, causing Wang Chao to hurriedly grab the side of the ship.

At the moment the ship hit the dock, his boss jumped ashore, grabbed one of the muzzles, and raised it up while smoothly kicking the other person in the chest. The next second, his boss had restrained one of the bandits with his backhand and pulled the trigger. Gunshots sounded like beans popping on a piece of turf. The person who was kicked to the ground didn’t dare move rashly.

“Last chance,” his boss said coldly.

There was another burst of Dana language, which was along the lines of the two being mercenaries that were just passing through. When they came, the dock was already empty. They were just looking for valuables and weren’t deliberately there to rob them.

Sure enough, his boss didn’t want to listen to the nonsense of these two Dana men any longer. He directly punched the one he had restrained, knocking him unconscious, and then kicked the two rusty guns into the river. Then, without hesitation, he stepped on the body of the other bandit and headed towards the shore.

Wang Chao and Kang An looked at each other. Following their boss’ actions, they both stepped on the body of the bandit obediently and followed their boss into the depths of the rainforest.


In the courtyard of Unit 3 Yanjia Lane.

Lin Chen closed the wooden door and locked it carefully. Because he had been away from home for too long, everything in the yard seemed unfamiliar at first glance.

He lifted the bamboo tube by the door and walked to the edge of the fish pond.

All the koi in the water had swum to the edge. He took out a handful of fish food from the bamboo tube and sprinkled it into the water. The koi surfaced, and the sound of them competing for food made the house a little livelier.

Lin Chen changed into his indoor slippers and walked into the main hall. Although he tried not to pay attention to the furnishing of the room, it was obvious that Wang Chao and Xing Conglian hadn’t returned home.

On his desk were a few books he borrowed from the library with Wang Chao at that time. One of them was the tractor maintenance book that the young teenager liked the most, which he had thrown on the carpet so he could read it at any time. There was also a cup of iced lemon black tea beside the book that had been sitting there for who knew how long.

Lin Chen walked over to pick up the book and put it back in place, then threw the empty cup into the trash can.

The kitchen counter was covered with a thick layer of dust. He wanted to take a rag to wipe them, but when he opened the faucet, he realized that one hand was wrapped in gauze.

It was also under the light that he discovered the wound on his hand had reopened because he had punched Huang Ze too hard just now. A spot on the suture had cracked. The blood had stained half the gauze red, and it seemed that if he didn’t restitch the wound, it wouldn’t stop bleeding.

He threw down the rag, poured some water into a watering can, and walked to the balcony.

Sure enough, the daisies and geraniums had dried up. Except for the heartless growth of mint and weeds, everything else showed the pitiful appearance of being exposed under the scorching sun.

Lin Chen symbolically poured some water on the plant in hopes of saving it, then called Duan Yang.

The little doctor at the pet hospital answered his call in seconds. “Consultant Lin, have you just arrived home?’

Lin Chen held the phone between his shoulders and poured the rest of the remaining water onto the mint leaves, then replied, “Something happened on the way, so I got delayed.”

“What’s wrong?” Duan Yang became nervous.

“It’s nothing. I just wanted to ask you, do you scold badly when you sew up wounds?” He put down the watering can and spread out his palm as he asked this.

Naturally, it was a fantasy to want a doctor who wouldn’t scold their patients who were wayward and reckless.

It took Lin Chen five minutes to walk back to Duan Yang’s pet hospital.

The little doctor began to ramble the moment he saw Lin Chen’s wound had opened up again.

“Consultant Lin, I’ve never seen a person like you who doesn’t take their body seriously. You just went home. How did this happen? Do you know that you can easily cause repeated wound infections like this? Did you take any anti-inflammatory drugs?”

A poodle in a cage also barked in response to Duan Yang’s words.

Lin Chen turned around and looked at the poodle and was reminded of Huang Ze again. He could only say, “I’m allergic to broad-spectrum antibiotics, so I can’t take them.”

The little doctor suddenly turned his head. “You know your body, yet why aren’t you careful? Are you trying to court death?!”

The poodle barked again.

Lin Chen sighed. “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

“If I were your attending doctor, I would be incredibly pissed off!” The little doctor had already picked up the suturing equipment and looked up at the ceiling. “There are too many pets here. Let’s go upstairs and finish the IV. I’m locking the door, and you’re not allowed to escape!”

Lin Chen nodded solemnly, expressing that he would be obedient.

To be honest, although Duan Yang liked to ramble, he was a professional doctor with strict medical training. His suture work was meticulous, and the stitches were more refined than those of Xing Conglian’s.

Because of the anesthesia, the wound didn’t hurt much. Lin Chen casually looked out the window. The air was humid and rainy, which unexpectedly made him feel a tightness in his chest.

Finally, Duan Yang finished his stitching.

Just as Lin Chen was about to speak, there came a piercing howl from downstairs.

As if the door were suddenly opened, someone was walking into the store in the dark of night, stepping onto the wooden stairs with messy footsteps.

Lin Chen looked at Duan Yang and asked, “Didn’t you say that the door was locked?”

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