Criminal Psychology Ch177

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 177

Lin Chen thought about the possibility of turning around and leaving. If it didn’t look cowardly, he would’ve turned around without hesitation.

However, Huang Ze’s cold and quiet gaze had already swept over, reminding him of the small river in front of his bedroom window in winter. There were even snowflakes floating in the sky, indicating just how cold it really was.

He put his hand in his pocket and walked towards Huang Ze.

Perhaps it was because Huang Ze had been standing still at the door for so long that the door light had dimmed, so when he walked to the door, his footsteps knocked on the brick pavement, causing the door light to come on, illuminating everything brightly, as if to welcome him home.

Lin Chen stood in front of the vermillion door, but Huang Ze remained silent and kept examining him from head to toe.

Although he wanted to go in and get away from Huang Ze, Inspector Huang was quite skilled at blocking the door lock, so he could only stand in front of Huang Ze and be watched like a stone statue.

Finally, when the door light dimmed again, Huang Ze said, “Why didn’t you answer my call?”

In order to avoid being pursued by Jiang Chao and his wife and the bombardment of calls after he escaped from the hospital, Lin Chen had turned off his phone. Naturally though, the reason why he didn’t answer Huang Ze’s call wasn’t because of this. “Oh, because I blocked you, so I didn’t get it.”

There was an obvious fluctuation in Huang Ze’s eyes. “Why?”

Lin Chen was surprised that Huang Ze would ask why.

“I think you’re too annoying.” He could only answer him truthfully.

Huang Ze was so shocked by this answer that it rendered him speechless. In the end, Inspector Huang eased his tone and pointed to the wooden door behind, giving himself a way out. “Won’t you invite me in?”

Lin Chen’s fingers twirled half a circle on the key ring in his pocket and said casually, “It’s not convenient to invite guests into other people’s homes.”

Huang Ze sneered. “Really, you also know that it’s someone else’s home, yet you have the nerve to stay here for so long?”

“Excuse me.”

“Lin Chen, I found that I haven’t chatted with you for a long time, and you have become even more shameless than before.”

“How shameless is it to stay as a guest?” Perhaps because he had rested for a while and gotten a recent infusion, he actually had the strength to talk to Huang Ze. “The housing prices are so high, so I try to save wherever I can.”

“Staying as a guest in a place like this?” Huang Ze turned around and pointed to the door plate of Unit 3 on Yanjia Lane. “Do you know how much this old house is worth? Even an ordinary police officer can’t afford to live in a place like this. Use your brain!”

“Too lazy to move.” Lin Chen felt that this conversation with Huang Ze kept going in a weirder direction, and it was embarrassing to quarrel with another man in front of his home. “You can say whatever you want but keep your voice down. The neighbors are asleep.”

“So what’s the result of your laziness?!” The sound of frogs croaking could be heard in the air. There were hardly any lights on in Yanjia Lane. In such a tranquil environment, Huang Ze was surprisingly angry. “Are you pretending that the owner of this house is still inside? In reality, did they not want to just leave? Are you going to stubbornly wait here for them until they come back?” Huang Ze paused, then said coldly, “Do you know what you look like?”

The most miserable place in his heart was poked, making it difficult for Lin Chen to calm down, but when he looked up and saw Huang Ze’s angry eyes, he felt there was no need to get upset. “Do you know where Xing Conglian went?” He frowned. “How do you know?”

Huang Ze became even angrier. “As captain of the criminal police force, Xing Conglian has been absent from work for no reason. Of course I have to check his whereabouts.”

Lin Chen rubbed the door key and said solemnly, “If you have something to say, just say it instead of beating around the bush. If not, please leave quickly and don’t be so off-putting.”

“At Yongchuan International Airport, a special plane came to pick him up. The flight number and the route are confidential.”

Lin Chen sighed. “So you don’t know either.”

“Heh.” Huang Ze suddenly seemed to have found something to attack his weakness. “What does ‘also’ mean? In fact, he didn’t tell you where he went either, right?”


After he finished replying, Lin Chen didn’t know how he had offended Huang Ze again, but Huang Ze got so angry that his expression turned livid, and he raised his voice. “I knew it. Does it look like he cares about you? He’s just playing with you. When he gets tired of playing with you, he will throw you out like garbage. Even your job was given to you by him. You will have nothing at that time, so how will you gain a foothold in society?”

The meaning behind Huang Ze’s words seemed to regard him as some kind of plaything for Xing Conglian. Lin Chen thought about it carefully and felt that the days of being taken care of by Xing Conglian weren’t bad. Still, he had to reply. “What can I do? Maybe go back and continue being a dorm manager.”

“You can obviously live with dignity. Why choose this kind of path?”

“What path?”

“Didn’t you already admit it on national television? You and Xing Conglian! You—” When it came to this point, Huang Ze couldn’t continue.

Only then did Lin Chen realize that Huang Ze actually believed the questions that Li Jingtian asked to humiliate him. He found this quite incredulous. “Huang Ze, I didn’t admit to anything.”

Hearing this, Huang Ze was taken aback, and then his eyes widened. They appeared to have regained some joy. He looked down at Lin Chen and calmly asked, “You have never slept with Xing Conglian?”

“No.” Lin Chen paused. Seeing Huang Ze’s lips curl, he continued, “Although I really want to.”

Before he could finish his sentence, Huang Ze had raised his hand abruptly. He put his fingers together, about to slap Lin Chen. Lin Chen raised his hand to hold back Huang Ze and took a step back, feeling pain in his wrist from the impact. Even a clay figure had a bit of anger. He sneered, “Inspector Huang, slapping someone is too girly.” He pointed to the surveillance camera mounted on the porch and added, “Pay attention to the consequences.”

In front of him, Huang Ze’s chest rose and fell, seemingly without any intention to calm down. It seemed that his mania was getting worse, so Lin Chen didn’t bother to say anything. He didn’t even look at Huang Ze, but turned around and left.

The next moment, he felt his arm being grabbed by Huang Ze, who then pulled him back and abruptly pushed him against the door. The back of his head slammed into the door panel as he stared at Huang Ze in a daze and was speechless. His lower back also painfully hit the copper nails on the door. He didn’t expect Huang Ze to forcibly pull his hands above his head and press himself against him.


Just as Huang Ze was about to lose his mind, neither he nor Lin Chen noticed the surveillance camera that was mounted under the eaves of Unit 3 on Yanjia Lane slightly moved.

As if they were watching a live broadcast, on the Dana River thousands of kilometers away, someone witnessed the events at the same time.

Wang Chao thought this matter was really fucking scary. In fact, just a few minutes ago, he was still swaying on a boat, quite scared by the rushing river on both sides. The banks of the Dana River, which cut through the rainforest, were lined with tall tropical palm and olive trees. Vines were intertwined along their trunks, forming a huge network. Occasionally, chimpanzees would swing back and forth on the vines. The atmosphere was hot and humid, giving off a fishy smell.

There were creatures such as water snakes or river eels in the swaying river. Their scales would brush against the dark green water, which made his hair stand on end.

Probably because he was so frightened by this unique ecological scene that he lay down on the boat and suddenly said to his boss, “Boss, do you want to check up on A’Chen Gege?”

At that time, Xing Conglian gave him a look of relief, as if he were saying, “This child has finally become more mature.”

As the water calmed, Wang Chao turned over and sat up. He took out his laptop from the waterproof bag and quickly pulled up the surveillance of the door where Lin Chen’s ward was in Yongchuan Second Municipal Hospital. At this time, it was quite late in China so there wasn’t anyone in the corridor, and they were basically staring at a wall thousands of miles away.

However, after staring at the ward for a while, Xing Conglian suddenly said, “He’s not in the ward.”

Wang Chao almost shouted, “Boss, what kind of special ability do you have?!”

“Switch the surveillance.” His boss coldly ordered.

In line with the principle of serving people, Wang Chao obediently began to switch through surveillance like a madman.

However, what he didn’t expect that Xing Conglian did was see Vice Captain Jiang’s beautiful wife suddenly rushing out of the ward in a panic, pulling a little nurse as if she were looking for someone.

He hurriedly adjusted the playback sequence to normal. Some time before that, his A’Chen Gege had changed out of his hospital gown and was dressed neatly. He then walked out of the ward graciously while there was no one in the corridor.

Wang Chao couldn’t help but be amazed by his boss’ intuition!

“What’s wrong with A’Chen Gege? He doesn’t like being in the hospital that much?” Wang Chao criticized solemnly.

But his boss just frowned, then he took out a cigarette and stuffed it in his mouth. Because the rainforest was too damp, the cigarette needed to be lit twice before it caught. At this point, Wang Chao realized his boss had become more irritated.

In the spirit of serving his leader, Wang Chao made the decision that he regretted for two hours and five minutes. He switched the surveillance to the door of their home as he said to his boss, “It’s okay. I think A’Chen Gege will return home. We…”

Before he got the chance to finish, Wang Chao was so frightened that he felt his soul would pop out of his body. Not even scary movies could scare him this much.

In the dark night, his A’Chen Gege, whom he hadn’t seen for many days, was indeed standing in front of the vermillion door of their house, but his posture couldn’t exactly be considered “standing”—because his A’Chen Gege was being pressed against the door and his hands were being locked above him head.

Thanks to the high-definition surveillance camera, from the side, he could clearly see the person who was holding his A’Chen Gege… The biggest dumbass in the world—Huang Ze.

Lines of barrage such as “Midnight affair”, “Why is a lonely young man kissing a stranger when his husband isn’t at home?”, and so on appeared in Wang Chao’s head.

However, he quickly returned to reality. “Boss, this shouldn’t be…”

As he was speaking, he was about to turn off the laptop, but at this moment, the picture changed drastically.

His A’Chen Gege somehow broke free from Huang Ze’s shackles and punched him with the hand that was still wrapped in gauze.

In the dark night, Huang Ze staggered back two steps and almost fell down the steps. He covered his cheek with one hand and looked ahead in disbelief.

On the other hand, His A’Chen Gege was calm and was standing upright, not at all like a boss who had just beaten up his boss, looking awe-spiring and invincible.

Without saying a word, or even a “fuck off”, the person who was forcibly kissed just stood on the steps, watching the dumbass Huang Ze, who was just injured, turn around and roll off into the darkness of the night.

The passionate scene was finally over. It took a long time for Wang Chao to calm down. He swallowed desperately for a while before he dared to look around.

From the position next to him, his boss took a deep puff of his cigarette and pressed it out on the edge of the boat. The feeling of anger had reached an unprecedented level, as if it were burning through the rainforest.

Wang Chao began to worry about the fate of the earth.

At this moment, Kang An, who apparently didn’t know the meaning of “death”, suddenly asked, “Wang Chao, Wang Chao, quickly step back and see if that was a kiss just now.”

Fuck.’ Wang Chao sincerely swore he had never seen such a blind person as Kang An in his life.

Sure enough, the face of his boss, who had just calmed down, turned livid again. He said in a cold tone, “Kang An, get off.”

Kang An glanced at the river in horror, then raised his head and said, “Boss, there are giant pythons in the Dana River. I’ll die.”

“I want you to die,” Xing Conglian scolded.

“Boss, calm down!” Wang Chao said as he rushed over and hugged the angry man’s waist, preventing him from kicking Kang An into the river.

“Get my phone,” Xing Conglian said coldly.

Comrade Xiao Wang was taken aback and hurriedly said, “Damn, Boss, please don’t use that kind of tone like ‘bring me my dragon-slaying sword’. What do you want to do?”

“It’s fine. I just want to find someone to do something.”

The author has something to say:

Wang Chao: Boss, what are you looking for someone to do?

Xing Conglian: Can you guess?

Kinky Thoughts:

My theory behind Huang Ze is that the author originally planned to write him as Lin Chen’s ex who had a falling out to do the incident that killed his sister which hasn’t been revealed yet, but decided not to or change it due to fans displeasure… since it seems the danmei fandom prefers pure first love (unrealistic really).

Because how can Huang Ze’s actions be explained? Even if Huang Ze likes Lin Chen, his actions so far are too inexplicable unless he’s really Lin Chen’s ex.

That or basically he’s the cannon fodder to stir up Xing Conglian’s feelings, which is a trope I’ve grown tired of. Maybe this will be explained later…

Speaking of pure first love, I really dislike how so many danmei always has to be the MC and ML never had any past relationships despite their age (I mean Lin Chen and Xing Conglian are close to 30 if I recall) before falling for each other (oh and how the gong is a stallion in bed with 0 experience). Perhaps I’m too old now and find this aspect not as romantic as my teenage heart used to envision. But I digress.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter. I also agree with you that she should have kept him as the ex if that was what she was originally planning. Their reactions to each other in the beginning chapters would make more sense. Also I too find the trope of being each others first love hard to believe at their age. Or they had no prior relationships. I’m fine with both but if the author was forced to change relationships because of pressure from fans, I find that sad.


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