Criminal Psychology Ch129

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 129

The air in the thin blanket quickly became sultry due to the dense carbon dioxide they exhaled.

In the quiet love suite, in the middle of the night, under a blanket, both Xing Conglian and Lin Chen panted and lifted the blanket at the same time.

Perhaps because they were panting too loudly, or maybe it was because they were breathing too much together, but Xing Conglian once again heard Wang Chao’s high-pitched voice ringing in his ears.

“Captain, A’Chen! What are you doing?! You can’t treat A’Chen Gege like that, you beast!”

“Shut up.” Xing Conglian felt that the situation wasn’t right, but he still steadied his mind and asked, “Where did you drive the car?”

“Ah! I’m at Heping Avenue, YOYOYO*!”

*Slang for LOL.

Wang Chao’s voice became even louder.

The sound of the night wind clashed with the sound of the crazy engine, mixed with the hearty laughter of the teenager came through the headset. Xing Conglian said coldly, “Park the car at Heping Avenue and tell us the current situation.”

However, Wang Chao had fallen completely into the extreme excitement of drag racing. “The situation? The situation is very cool! Hahahahaha, Captain, are you asking me? Beg me!”

Xing Conglian rubbed his temples and began to regret, deeply.

“You’d better not let him touch the steering wheel in the future.” Immediately, Lin Chen’s voice sounded close to his ear.

“Indeed.” As he said this, he could hear the sound of the car rubbing against some cement surface through the headset again, so he looked at the ceiling and couldn’t help but add, “Consultant Lin, according to your experience, interpret what’s wrong with this. How the hell can touching a steering wheel be no different than smoking marijuana?”

“The reverse-upgraded version of road rage.” From Lin Chen’s voice, Xing Conglian couldn’t hear any traces of drunkenness, but he was convinced Lin Chen was still inebriated. Although he didn’t lose his ability to think and act, his thinking and logic weren’t as clear as usual.

“Some people, when they encounter some ‘trigger points’, will become another person.” Lin Chen’s clear and drunken voice sounded.

Xing Conglian would like to ask, “For example, if you encounter alcohol, is that the same?”

However, Wang Chao had interjected into their conversation with interest. “Captain, A’Chen, what are you doing? Are you just purely chatting underneath the blankets? Fuck, at least pretend a little. Aren’t you afraid you’ll get caught? Get high*!”

*Org. written in English. It’s netizen language referring to enlivening the atmosphere (get excited, get happy).

As soon as Wang Chao finished speaking, before Xing Conglian had time to ask what he wanted, he suddenly felt the person next to him move.

Lin Chen lifted up the blanket and suddenly rolled over onto him.

Naturally, laying shoulder to shoulder was completely different from this current posture. Although Lin Chen had just straddled him in the darkness, at that moment, Xing Conglian could clearly picture the position they were in.

Lin Chen had sat down from his waist, and his legs were spread apart. His feet were covered by a cotton blanket, with his ankle exposed.

In fact, the word slender may not be appropriate because, while Lin Chen was thin, he was well-proportioned, which was a typical example of someone being thin but not delicate. However, in Xing Conglian’s opinion, Lin Chen’s ankles were still slender and fair.

Xing Conglian didn’t know why he was imagining these kinds of things right now, but when he thought of Lin Chen’s legs that were further up, suddenly it became Lin Chen’s hands.

Lin Chen’s hands were now gently propped up on his chest, shaking lightly as he breathed.

He looked at Lin Chen’s face. Right now, his consultant’s eyes had changed from indifferent and emotionless to misty; distinctly gentle from the loss of focus.

It was too gentle.

Xing Conglian opened his mouth lightly, trying to say something, but before he could speak, Lin Chen slowly leaned down, pressing their stomachs and chests together…

Then, at the moment when their lips and teeth were about to intertwine, Lin Chen turned his face, buried his head in the crook of Xing Conglian’s neck, and breathed gently.

Because he was very close, Xing Conglian discovered that Lin Chen was indeed drunk. His body was hot, and he smelled full of absinthe, with the unique sweetness and warmth of alcohol.

Although Xing Conglian believed the gasping was just Lin Chen’s uncomfortable groaning due to alcohol, those warm breaths that sprayed in his ear, side, and neck had an unexpectedly seductive effect.

In the deep night, next to one of his ears, the breathing of one of his same-sex friends sounded, while his other ears picked up the sound of the night wind and a teenager’s wanton laughter. When he was almost about to pull out the headset and put his arms around Lin Chen’s waist, there was a sound of braking, an engine stalling, and the laptop opening and closing from the headset. In an instant, those sounds became clear.

Lin Chen must have heard it too, because his voice was calm as it rang in Xing Conglian’s ears. “Wang Chao, continue to check on Lily.”

Xing Conglian couldn’t tell how he felt right now, but he thought it was truly like Lin Chen. Under such circumstances, he was still focused on investigating the case.


In the Jeep, Comrade Wang Chao heard Lin Chen’s voice assigning him a mission, but he didn’t immediately start looking for information.

As a professional and upright electronic information practitioner, he naturally carried more than one laptop with him.

After stopping the car, the first thing he did was quickly open a small video in Room 1105 of the Oho Hotel, and then, after carefully placing the tablet and adjusting it to a perfect angle, he began to search for what Lin Chen asked him for.

“Lily doesn’t sound like a real name,” he muttered as he hacked into Royal One’s system. After flipping through a few pages in boredom, he looked up and saw two vaguely overlapping figures in the dark picture. He thought to himself, ‘My god, it’s a pity there are no potato chips here!’

Comrade Wang Chao sighed regretfully, then lowered his head and looked through the photos of the background page by page. God knew why normal people would want to make themselves into such a ghastly look. Their almost indistinguishable faces flashed before his eyes, suddenly dazzling him. Going through the photos was useless and only made him want to vomit. He quickly turned off the webpage depressingly and obediently looked at the salary records.

Sure enough, how could a shady place like Royal One put money on the salary records!

He looked through all the records and found that none of the princesses or young masters in Royal One had any salary records or social security records. Wang Chao recalled the magnificent building and suddenly felt it was like a dark, cannibalistic cave.

He touched the goosebumps that appeared on his arms and continued to report. “A’Chen, I haven’t found Lily’s real name yet, because there’s nothing in their system that can prove Lily’s identity. The social security and medical insurance records of all the staff don’t include the young masters and princesses who accompany customers at the table.” As Wang Chao replied, because he was too busy looking for the blank records, he didn’t have the mental energy to continue to observe the dynamics between the two on the tablet.

“What about medical records?”

At this point, he was startled to hear his boss’ voice, which was deeper than usual. It was even a little hoarse, with a hint of forced calmness.

Wang Chao grinned, and then he heard his brother A’Chen speak again.

Lin Chen said, “Yes, clubs like Royal One must have regular medical examination records presented to customers to prove that their people are clean and problem-free, and hospital medical exam records are supposed to be difficult to falsify.”


Wang Chao became aware of this and immediately began retrieving medical examination records from all large and small hospitals in Fengchun. Sure enough, he found the regular medical examination reports of Royal One.

However, although he found the report, he also stumbled upon a bigger problem. He looked at the names and photos of the reports woefully and said to the two on the other end, “I found the records, but Captain, A’Chen, you have to wait a bit. The photos of these people here are all liquefied into a mess. I can’t use the photo retrieval function, so I have to compare each medical record one by one!”

“How long will it take?” Xing Conglian asked suddenly. As if he thought of something, he said, “Wait, if the alarm is because of Lu Xu’s snitching, they will most likely go to Room 1103 where Xu Ran’s incident happened, so keep an eye on it.”

“I’m keeping an eye on it,” Wang Chao hurriedly replied. He looked up at the erotic pornographic video, pressed the recording button, and then pulled out another tablet and brought up the full surveillance of the elevator and emergency exit.

The moment the picture appeared, Wang Chao’s heart almost jumped out of his throat. As Xing Conglian said, a group of heavily armed security guards had just taken the elevator up to the 11th floor.

At the same time, he looked at the video recorded by the pinhole camera in the room again. He returned to the main interface of the other party and found that someone was turning on the video in room 1105 to view it. He quickly said, “Captain, someone really went to it. Ahh!”

Because there was no corridor surveillance, Wang Chao felt like a blind man.

“Captain, a team of security guards just went to the 11th floor, and there are people watching the video in your room. Hurry up and act! Don’t just be still. If you’re exposed, you’ll be caught!”

He shouted nervously, but after he finished speaking, he heard his brother A’Chen’s weak and calm voice. “Wang Chao.”

“I’m here, A’Chen Gege!”

“Turn off the video of our room and don’t watch it, then delete the ones you just saved.”

Shit. What are you doing that you don’t want to be watched!

Wang Chao shuddered and couldn’t help but look around the Jeep. The surroundings were pitch black, but why was his back so cold!

“No, A’Chen Gege, how can I record your video? Later, I can also help you delete it. Believe me. I’ll take care of it!”

“Turn off the surveillance,” Lin Chen repeated solemnly.


With the end of Lin Chen’s last words, Xing Conglian heard the clear sound of the door opening and many people entering the room to search in Room 1103 next door.

Lin Chen obviously discovered that too, because his consultant raised his head and put a little distance between them as he stared at him in a daze.

The tips of their noses touched each other. Lin Chen was obviously hesitating.

But soon, Lin Chen seemed to have made a decision. Xing Conglian felt Lin Chen’s body start to slide backward, and at the same time, he arched his back.

Xing Conglian guessed what Lin Chen wanted to do in an instant. He grabbed Lin Chen’s wrist and said softly, “No need to do this.”

After he finished speaking, he pushed his knees hard, protected Lin Chen’s neck with his other hand, turned over, and pressed Lin Chen under him.

Because of the sudden inversion, Lin Chen was lying on the bed with his head up. Xing Conglian looked at the person under him quietly and found that Lin Chen was still staring at him. His eyes were gentle and serious.

His hand was still between Lin Chen’s neck, which made Xing Conglian recall what Lu Xu had said when he approached Lin Chen.

He said, “You smell good.”

At that time, Xing Conglian felt this sentence made him sick, but at this moment, he leaned on Lin Chen and couldn’t help but think of it.

Although there was no incense smell in the love suite and Lin Chen didn’t smell of soap or shower gel, Xing Conglian still felt Lu Xu’s words weren’t wrong. The smell on Lin Chen’s body was clean and refreshing, which was quite comforting…

And it was really fragrant.

Footsteps came out of the next room, one after another. The security guards obviously didn’t find them there, but perhaps the next moment they would knock on the door to the room where they were.

It was truly a tense moment right now. One door away were the security guards who were chasing them, but he was quietly lying on the body of his friend and colleague.

Xing Conglian felt that he hadn’t been this stimulated in a long time, but, although his senses were stimulated, he suddenly felt he needed to calm down.

Because Lin Chen was calm.

“Sorry.” He reached out and caressed Lin Chen’s face, and then started to move.

When Lin Chen heard Xing Conglian apologize, he felt choked up for a while. It was truly a bittersweet moment.

Lin Chen looked at the man on top of him.

The surroundings were dark.

This may be the only opportunity in his life, and a person who was as unlucky as him may not be able to get the same opportunity a second time.

He would not get drunk again; not forced to enter an erotic love suite with Xing Conglian after being drunk; he would not be pressed down under Xing Conglian to avoid the chasing security guards; and be as close to Xing Conglian as he was now.

The current situation was the result of numerous coincidences.

Now he only needed to simply raise his head and kiss Xing Conglian’s lips. Xing Conglian might push him away or he might respond to him, but it was more likely that Xing Conglian would regard this as just common drunken promiscuity, and he could even explain that there were some drugs added to the drink he had consumed.

He would definitely be able to find an excuse for this gaffe.

But Lin Chen knew exactly where his physiological response came from. When normal men experience movements such as theirs, even if they were facing a wall, they would still react a little. What was more, this was the Xing Conglian he loved. Even if he were hugged by him, this would make him happy.

How normal all this was.

It was normal enough that he could reach out and put his arms around Xing Conglian’s neck, kiss him, confess to him, and seriously state his physiological response.

However, this was the wrong time, the wrong place; everything was wrong.

Because more than half a month ago, Xu Ran suffered inhumane abuse in the room next door, and there was probably someone who had suffered just like Xu Ran on the bed they were lying on, perhaps even more inhumane things.

But in the final analysis, it was because Lin Chen was clear that it was the most irresponsible behavior to use being drunk as a cover-up, so that he could use it as an excuse if his test failed. At least, Lin Chen thought he didn’t want to use such an excuse. He wanted to respect Xing Conglian more.

Lin Chen stared at Xing Conglian’s dark eyes. He didn’t know whether he was drunk or not. If he was really drunk, it turned out that people could still be sober and rational even after being drunk.

Desperately sober.


It took a long time before Wang Chao’s voice sounded in their ears again.

“Captain, A’Chen, the security guards are gone.”

Xing Conglian finally stopped.

That was a really awkward moment. Lin Chen nodded at him and tried to control his expression as usual.

“We’re going to the next room. Open the door for us.” Xing Conglian rolled off of him. His voice instantly switched to a calm, clear state. He acted as if nothing had just happened.

However, Lin Chen still saw traces of panting on his chest.

“Holy shit, Captain. Are you guys seeking death?” Wang Chao shouted. “You’ll be discovered!”

“It’s fine. When they come to outflank us, we’ll have a chance to leave. Can you control an elevator? I remember there’s another elevator next door to room 03. We’ll go to the basement parking lot. Can you help us find a way to leave safely?”

Xing Conglian looked at him and commanded logically and clearly.

“Oh! That’s a good idea! The elevator is computer-controlled, so I have no problem opening it for you,” Wang Chao responded solemnly.

“By the way, call us a taxi at the exit of the parking lot.” Xing Conglian raised his watch and glanced at it. “It’s 1:05 a.m.. After five minutes, open the door to the next room.”

“Roger!” Wang Chao said. “But Captain, I can also drive and pick you up!”

“I want to live a few more days,” Xing Conglian said coldly, and Wang Chao sensibly shut up.

“Are you okay?” After Xing Conglian arranged everything, he turned his head and asked Lin Chen.

“I’m going to wash my face.” Lin Chen sat up in his bed and fumbled out of it in the dark. However, because he was probably too restrained just now, his muscles were tense, so his legs suddenly twitched when he stepped on the ground in pain, and he staggered violently. Just as he fell to the bedside table, thinking he needed more calcium, his waist was supported by a broad and strong hand. Xing Conglian had wrapped his arm around his waist and said, “Be careful.”

This was really an afterthought.

Lin Chen felt that his face must be red.

In the end, it was Xing Conglian who helped him to the bathroom.

Lin Chen turned on the faucet, lowered his head, and let the water wash over the top of his head and the ends of his hair. The biting cold made him suddenly sober up.

For a minute, none of them spoke. There was only the sound of water flowing through the porcelain sink. When Lin Chen raised his head again, he saw Xing Conglian standing with his arms crossed. As he calmly puffed out rings of smoke, there was a faint odor of smoke in the air.

Now it was more like an afterthought.

Lin Chen pulled out a towel and wiped his face, adjusted his mood, and finally said, “What time is it?”

“There’s one minute and three seconds left.” Xing Conglian looked at his watch as he responded.

Then, there was silence between them again.

Lin Chen dried his face and looked at his eyes in the mirror, which had become red from the alcohol. He said, “Xing Conglian.”


“Your skills should be good, right?”

“Is Justice Bao satisfied?”

“Uh, do you need me to recuse myself?” In the quiet bathroom, the joking voice of Wang Chao sounded.

Lin Chen suddenly thought that if he hadn’t known that Wang Chao was listening and that someone was watching them, he might really have made a move on Xing Conglian.

It seemed he wasn’t such a righteous man either.

Thinking of this, he laughed with relief. Sure enough, everything was wrong.

He put the towel back on the shelf and said to Xing Conglian, “Let’s go?”


Wang Chao was always the typical example of efficiency taken to the extreme.

When they walked out of the love suite, the door of the next room opened in response.

There was no need to be reminded. At the moment when Xing Conglian opened the door, Lin Chen thought that the security alarm of the entire building would sound again.

After all, their purpose was different. After entering, Xing Conglian turned on all the lights in the room.

However, when Xing Conglian wanted to take out his gloves and inspect the room, they both were stunned…

Because the furnishings, though they looked the same as the one next door, were completely different.

This room was very new and seemed unused.

The carpet was spotless, and the cabinets still had burrs. Under the bright light, the bed and cabinets, and even the handcuffs hanging from the ceiling in the room, seemed to glow with a shiny luster.

Lin Chen sniffed the air, which was filled with formaldehyde and the smell of banana water that would only be found in newly renovated rooms.

It seemed that someone had just completely remodeled this room.

Indeed, if they remembered the deleted video records, how could they not clean up all the physical evidence.

It would be strange if any evidence could be found here.

Beside him, Xing Conglian squatted down and touched the carpet, then raised his head and said to him, “The carpet is also new.”

“It seems they are much more meticulous than we thought,” Lin Chen said lightly.

“Captain, A’Chen, the taxi has arrived… What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing. We just reached a dead end again.”

After Lin Chen finished speaking, Xing Conglian took out his phone and took a few photos of the scene from multiple angles.

Afterwards, Xing Conglian quickly put it away, glanced at his watch, and then asked, “Wang Chao, report the current situation.”

“A group of security guards is rushing down from the 13th floor, and another wave is outflanking from the emergency exit on the 7th floor. Hurry!”

Xing Conglian nodded.

As if he had timed it perfectly, Xing Conglian went to the back door and glanced at his watch again.

About ten seconds later, he suddenly opened the door, and almost at the same time, the indicator light for the elevator that had just reached the 11th floor lit up.

At the moment when the elevator closed, Lin Chen seemed to hear a team of security guards shouting out from the emergency exit.

As the elevator slowly sank, Lin Chen didn’t have the slightest fear of being chased; rather, he felt quite calm.

If Xing Conglian knew what he was thinking at that time, he would probably hold his hand and say, “What a coincidence. When I was on the bed just now, I looked at you with the same calmness.”

However, they were now in an after-the-fact state and couldn’t communicate with each other.

Therefore, the two of them simply faced the smooth inner wall of the elevator, waiting silently for the moment when the door would open again.


The process of escaping from the parking lot was smooth.

Wang Chao’s ability to command was quite good, and Xing Conglian’s sense of direction matched it frighteningly well.

Lin Chen followed Xing Conglian through hordes of luxury vehicles, listening to the footsteps that were chasing them from far behind. At the moment when the security guards were almost close enough to smash their baton into the car window, they got into the taxi that Wang Chao had called in advance.

The taxi driver stepped on the gas and looked at the angry, nervous, and disappointed faces of the security guards. Lin Chen actually felt like he was escaping from ascension.

The driver was also frightened. Although he subconsciously stepped on the gas, he still shook his hands nervously when he saw the security guards waving their batons while rushing towards him. “Who the hell are you?”

“Police. Handling a case.”

Xing Conglian quickly flashed his badge.

The moment the driver saw the badge, he seemed to have powered-up and slammed on the gas again. The taxi smashed through the guardrail of the parking lot, flying like an arrow released from a string, and flew frantically into the distance.

“Police. It’s great you’re the police. I really want that place checked out. It’s best if it gets shut down!”

After the taxi driver said this to them, the taxi started zooming down the wide road at a speed of no less than 100 kilometers an hour.

Xing Conglian put his hand on the car window. He glanced at the name on the badge and praised the taxi driver. “Master* Guan, there are very few men with a strong sense of justice like you. Ordinary men can’t wait to soak in there all day.”

*He’s addressing him as shifu (关师). It’s a term frequently used for cab drivers or other skilled laborers in modern times.

The driver blushed and said honestly, “I can’t afford to go. It’s too expensive.”

Xing Conglian laughed heartily.

“What case are you investigating?” The driver asked again.

Lin Chen glanced at Xing Conglian and heard him reply, “It’s not convenient to speak of it.”

The driver gave a long “Oh” and said, “I mean, it’s no wonder those security guards are like mad dogs. Don’t worry. I’m a top-notch driver. They won’t be able to catch up!”

“Do you often come here to pick up customers?” Xing Conglian suddenly asked.

“Occasionally, but who hasn’t come to Royal One to pick up a few people if you’re working the night shift.”

Xing Conglian’s eyes lit up. “Then do you know where the princesses of Royal One usually live?”

“I don’t know about that.” Master Guan laughed shyly again. “I’ve come here to pick up guests a few times, but I can’t tell who the young masters and princesses inside are.” As Master Guan said this, he suddenly seemed to remember something. He smacked his forehead and said, “Wait, wait, let me ask for you. We have a radio station. I can ask about it!”

Before Xing Conglian had time to refuse, Master Guan had already pulled out his walkie-talkie and shouted, “Hey, which one of you often does business at Royal One? Do you know where the princesses and young masters usually live?”

Soon, chattering voices from many night shift drivers sounded on the radio.

Someone said, “Lao Guan, what’s wrong with you? Are you dissatisfied with your wife?”

Another person said, “Yes, Lao Guan. Finally, you want to have some fun!”

The middle-aged man named Lao Guan coughed twice, pretending to be righteous, and interrupted them. “Be serious. Right now, I have two police comrades who are handling a case. I’m asking for them.”

“Are they real cops?”

Lao Guan looked back at Xing Conglian. Xing Conglian nodded, took the walkie-talkie, and said to the drivers, “I’m Xing Conglian. My police badge number is 20151014xxx. You can verify it.”

Following that, more chaotic sounds erupted from the radio station.

“It’s really Mr. Police Officer!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Mr. Police Officer!”

“I hope everyone can provide clues to what Master Guan asked just now. It will be very helpful for us in solving the case.” Xing Conglian’s relaxed voice quickly calmed the commotion on the radio.

Taxi drivers were probably the most enthusiastic group in the city. When they heard there was a police investigation, the drivers immediately began to give ideas. Some said the girls lived on the east side of the city, while others said they lived on the west, but there was no accurate number.

Finally, a Mr. Driver who seemed to have received the notification suddenly said loudly, “I—I—I—I know, uh. Just now, Master Chen called me in a hurry and asked me to listen to the radio. I know. Royal One, uh, I usually pick up a few ladies there every night and send them home. Most of them lived on Red Street, but cars can’t be driven in, so I don’t know where they live!”

Lin Chen glanced at Xing Conglian again.

“Thank you very much,” Xing Conglian said sincerely to the drivers.

On the subsequent drive to Red Street.

Master Guan chatted with them. Most of the time, Mr. Driver was telling them about his heroic experiences and those of his old buddies who had rounded up thieves or transported supplies to rescue teams.

Although they couldn’t exchange the same stories with him, listening to his pleasant boasting voice, because of the effect of alcohol, Lin Chen fell asleep again.

By the time he woke up, Master Chen had already driven the car smoothly to the location of Red Street.

He and Xing Conglian got out of the taxi, only to find that, at some point, it was slightly drizzling. The rain hardly wetted their clothes, but it plunged the entire city into a misty fog.

Xing Conglian took out his wallet to pay, but Master Guan pushed it away. “You’re the police handling a case. It’s appropriate for citizens like us to assist. I don’t want your money!”

Xing Conglian was used to paying, and rarely did he encounter a situation where someone would refuse payment. He smiled and said, “You’re quite enlightened, but money still needs to be collected for services rendered. We also have our own rules.”

“Oh, I’m not charging you anything, or else I’ll be teased to death by those guys later!”

Seeing the 100-yuan bill about to be crushed by them, Lin Chen stepped forward and said to the driver, “You can accept it. If you don’t, I’ll report him for not paying a taxi driver when I go back.”

Lin Chen thought that his face must have looked serious, since after he said it, Master Guan finally accepted the money.

Xing Conglian had already gone ahead, and Lin Chen followed after him.

“Mr. Police Officer.”

Suddenly, the hoarse voice from smoking too much of the middle-aged driver sounded from behind them.

“Royal One isn’t really a good place. Can you shut it down?”

The streets in front of them were dark, and behind them was an ordinary citizen who was making a selfish request.

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian.

Xing Conglian’s figure paused under the streetlight, before it turned back. He stopped in front of the taxi, bowed forward solemnly, and said, “Don’t worry.”


Just like Royal One was named Royal One, Red Street was exactly as it was named.

From beginning to end, there were endless spa parlors with most of the doors closed. They walked slowly inward and found that there were still a few shops open. The air was filled with a dirty smell that came from the sewers. The alley was narrow but just wide enough.

Lin Chen and Xing Conglian walked side by side, bathed in the veil-like drizzle and fog in the alley.

The shops were glowing with pink light, and some of it flowed out from the cracks in the doors while others leaked from the floor-to-ceiling windows. Lin Chen looked at the shops that were still open and saw that most of them were filled with ladies lying in various promiscuous positions. Some were extremely old, while others looked as if they had just become adults.

It was really late. Most of these ladies were lying on sofa beds and didn’t even have any desire to attract guests.

The problem had become clear again.

How were they going to find Miss Lily’s residence in this long street full of alleys?

“Wang Chao, did you find it?”

“No!” The teenager responded angrily.

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian. Apparently, Xing Conglian’s order had prevented him from driving again, which made Wang Chao angry.

However, Wang Chao could only voice it, as Lin Chen heard the sound of him clicking on a mouse. “I just checked the medical examination records of the hospital. You don’t even know what I saw. God, just now, I’ve seen five cases of AIDS, not to mention countless cases of herpes and genital warts. A’Chen, I feel like I’m going crazy. I feel so uncomfortable.”

“Ah, I know,” Lin Chen said calmly.

“Why is this happening? Why do they have to do that kind of thing? Can’t they make good money!”

“Wang Chao,” Lin Chen stretched out his hand to hold back Xing Conglian and stood with him under the quiet light. “Not everyone is entitled to choose their own life.”

“But—but why are they so unclean? Wear a condom? Is it that difficult?!”

“Actually, you can look at these people from two points of view. First, they are indeed engaged in illegal industries. From this perspective, you can despise them and spurn them without any problem, but you can also imagine what kind of family they grew up in and what kind of life experience they have, which caused them to live such a life of selling their bodies. Of course, it’s true that they broke the law, and their life experience is just our speculation, but I think… Among those girls, there must be people who wanted to go to a good college and make a decent living by working in an office. I think some of them want such a life, but, really, not everyone in the world is qualified to choose their own life trajectory, and even some do not know they have the right to choose.”

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian.

The other party did not speak, but instead placed his hand between his neck and gently shook it.

This was a slightly intimate and familiarly comforting action.

But at that time, neither of them noticed that this action was not only intimate but also ambiguous.

Probably because they had slept together just now, even Lin Chen didn’t feel anything strange, as if this were normal and natural.

After a long silence, he finally asked, “Well, did you find Lily yet?”

Perhaps it was because of what Lin Chen said, Wang Chao’s voice had some choking in it, but the teenager quickly adjusted his emotions and said to him, “Found it, A’Chen. Lily’s name is Zheng Wenli, female, 21 years old.”

“Any information on her residence?” Xing Conglian quickly asked.

“Wait for me to check her records.”

After a while, Wang Chao said, “Damn, I found it. It’s really in Room 502, No. 3-117, Red Street. Zheng Wenli’s card paid the utility bills for that place. God, that old driver is really experienced!”

The teenager sincerely sighed.

Lin Chen stopped and looked at the house number. They were about to reach it.

In fact, he was a little surprised. He thought that a princess like Lily, who worked in a high-end club, should have enough income to provide her with better housing, but there was obviously no so-called better housing on this street.

No. 3-117 was an old-fashioned residential building with mottled walls. The corridor door was open, revealing a rusty door frame. Lin Chen looked up, and there were all kinds of dazzling underwear hanging from the balcony. Some windows were lit with pink and purple lights, which looked quite ostentatious. Lin Chen thought they had found the right place.

However, the process of finding Miss Lily was quite difficult. They stood in front of the locked, old-fashioned iron door and fell into trouble again.

Xing Conglian rubbed his nose and asked Lin Chen, “Is it illegal to break into a private residence?”

Lin Chen leaned against the handrail of the stairs, feeling a little dizzy. “What do you think?”

“Can you not report me?”

Lin Chen silently turned around.

Kinky Thoughts:

Keep in mind that Wang Chao is only a teenager, so the things he says sometimes can be immature, but as an 18-year-old raised by Xing Conglian and given his experience with the police force, I would’ve imagined he would be more worldly.

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with prostitution, and it shouldn’t be looked down upon. Unfortunately, many people who go into it are often victimized and exploited, and some are even forced. As Lin Chen says, it’s best not to judge others, especially when you don’t know their circumstances.

Just some food for thought.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Lin Chen and Xing Conglian were pretending to fuck in this chapter.

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