Criminal Psychology Ch128

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 128

“Why can’t they be reimbursed?” Lin Chen couldn’t help but ask with a smile.

“Contraband products. The finance department won’t reimburse you for those, so I have to pay for them myself.”

Hearing what Xing Conglian said, Lin Chen felt both funny and annoyed. At any rate, he was a man who took out a bunch of membership cards casually, but he was so brokenhearted by the fake checks that were five yuan a piece. It was terribly confusing.

They chatted, and while talking, he followed Xing Conglian into the remote bathroom at the end of the corridor.

Xing Conglian became cautious. As an experienced policeman, he pushed open every bathroom stall to check and then nodded at Lin Chen. “No one.”

“Wang Chao?” Hearing this, Lin Chen called to the teenager listening on the other end in a low voice.

Wang Chao’s voice sounded in their ears again inside the bathroom, where it was only the two of them.

“A’Chen, I just checked the strings of numbers given by the captain. The owner of the phone number is Lu Xu. He was imprisoned for three years for organized prostitution. After he was released from prison 12 years ago, he…” The teenager paused and then said, in disbelief, “Has never had any social records.”

“What do you mean there are no social records?” Xing Conglian asked.

Just after inspecting the stall, Xing Conglian was leaning against the marble wall by the window. When he heard Wang Chao say that Lu Xu didn’t have any social records, he couldn’t help but ask rhetorically.

Wang Chao said, “That is to say, there was no payment information for housing, medical care, or social security when Lu Xu was released from prison. Not only that, but he also doesn’t even have bank card records, let alone Alipay. It feels like he’s a ghost!” Wang Chao specially lowered his voice and said, “Captain, this damn Lu Xu is so terrible. He doesn’t have any social records after being released from prison, which probably means all his transactions are cash-based. I don’t believe he’s not doing shady business!”

“I see.” Xing Conglian nodded. He rubbed his hair and said to Lin Chen, “Lu Xu lives so cautiously. It’s very likely he’s a small boss of a prostitution ring. He introduced Xu Ran to Li Jingtian, so it’s very possible that he’s a ‘key person’ that we’re looking for.”

The door to the bathroom where Xing Conglian and Lin Chen were suddenly pushed open as soon as Xing Conglian’s voice fell.

Xing Conglian glanced at Lin Chen from a distance and saw him nodding at him, so he turned around and pretended to walk inadvertently to the wall-mounted urinal in the corner. After he reached the position, he opened his zipper and casually looked towards the sink again.

He saw Lin Chen standing in front of the sink, gently turning on the faucet as he slowly rolled up his cuffs. Lin Chen bent down, splashed a handful of water on his face, and rubbed his face twice, as if he were in a state of drunkenness and trying to sober up. In short, the level of their performance was superb.

Like all men who were bored when they were relieving themselves, Xing Conglian moved his eyes to the man who had just entered the door.

It was a middle-aged man who had a fat belly. He had a wide forehead and convex eyes, but he wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, looking like a bloated toad. He was so fat that the belt on his pants could hardly hold up his pants. Xing Conglian noticed that the man’s black suit cuffs were stained with blood and his knuckles had hard brown smudges that looked like caked blood.

Xing Conglian saw him walk towards Lin Chen, turn on the faucet, and begin to wash his hands. The other party seemed to notice him and glance at him. Instead of looking away immediately, he shrugged at the man indifferently and finally turned his gaze back.

The space in the bathroom became quiet again, leaving only the sound of gurgling water echoing.

Just now, Wang Chao didn’t hear either one of them respond and quickly shut up.

In fact, if the middle-aged man had pushed open the door later and hadn’t interrupted Wang Chao’s report, they would have heard him say, “Captain, I found a picture of Lu Xu when he was in jail. I’ll send it to your phone.”

If Wang Chao could’ve finished speaking or sent the photo directly to them without saying anything, they would realize that the person in question had just walked into the men’s bathroom where they were.

Amazingly, sometimes things were so coincidental, it was as if there was a screenwriter or some brain-dead author behind the scenes, arranging these coincidences. If Wang Chao hadn’t been interrupted, Xing Conglian would know that the “key person” they were looking for was five meters away from him and was having some unclean thoughts about his consultant.

Obviously, Lu Xu didn’t walk into this bathroom because he knew in advance that two police officers were investigating him, and it wasn’t because Miss Lily tipped him off either, because at this moment, she was fighting with the other girl over the distribution of the check book, and there wasn’t time to check its authenticity.

Getting down to business, when Lu Xu received Lily’s message just now, he thought it was just an ordinary guest who wanted to have fun. He stopped in the restroom to wash the blood off his hands since he just finished educating two disobedient girls. This just happened to be the closest men’s restroom to him.

Lu Xu turned on the faucet, rubbed his hands, and looked around boredly. When he saw the man standing by the sink, he almost instantly forgot about washing his hands.

It was a young man who looked very indifferent. The other party was thin, but not like a matchstick. He had a beautiful back and a thin waist, and a very handsome and noble aura that gave him a sense of unattainability. In short, the young man washing his hands was unlike the other young masters in this place and was the type he preferred.

Lu Xu thought he might be some rich man’s plaything, well-bred and favored, so he couldn’t be blasphemous.

The reason Lu Xu came to this conclusion was because he analyzed Lin Chen’s clothes. Lin Chen had rushed from Hongjing to Fengchun overnight, so he was still wearing a white shirt that was soaked from the day’s sweat. The shirt looked dirty and a little old, and of course, cheap.

After mixing in here for a long time, Lu Xu could tell who was wearing big brand-name clothes and what year style. The clothes of this young man next to him obviously didn’t belong to any luxury brand. It was ordinary, cheap clothing from a typical mall. It had the obvious signs of having been washed many times, as there was a natural fragrance of detergent. Lu Xu became itchy thinking of this.

In fact, if he hadn’t drunk so much alcohol, he would have thought more deeply. If the people around him were just playthings raised by rich people, how could they be dressed so poorly?

But at that time, Lu Xu didn’t have time to think so deeply because Lin Chen had put his wet hands down and stood up.

The spotlight on the sink was bright, and Lu Xu smelled the clean scent of detergent.

Lu Xu watched as a crystal-clear drop of water flowed down the young man’s cheek to his jaw. Lu Xu wiped his wet hands on his shirt twice, then put his arms around the waist of the young man beside him.

Unlike the young man’s hands, his body appeared flexible and warm. Lu Xu reached out and touched the other’s cheek.


Looking at the handsome and angular face of the young man, Lu Xu leaned down. He felt the scent of fresh green leaves that was mixed in the air, which made him want to bury his head in the other man’s neck and sniff his body.

From the time the fat, middle-aged man moved his gaze toward Lin Chen, Xing Conglian had already felt the sordid desire from that gaze. He quickly zipped up his pants and walked towards them, but his steps weren’t as fast as Lu Xu’s hands. The distance from his position to the sink was too far. Before he could reach Lin Chen, the fat palm of the middle-aged man had already touched Lin Chen’s cheek. This made Xing Conglian furious. People like him rarely get angry. At that time, he was about five steps away from Lin Chen and had already clenched his fists and sketched in his mind the most painful way to take this bastard out without killing him. He was ready to swing his fists fiercely, but suddenly, everything seemed to have entered a state of slow motion.

He clearly saw Lin Chen at the sink, pulling his hand out from under the running water, turning off the faucet, and then turning around. Lin Chen’s left hand was holding the fat palm that touched his face, while his right hand was raised high and pressed on the back of the middle-aged man’s head. Then, he saw Lin Chen’s hands, which usually held pens or books, grab the middle-aged man’s hair and pull. He held the other party’s bloated head back as he pressed it down abruptly. Lin Chen immediately took a step back, and at the same time, his knee hit the lower part of the middle-aged man’s ribs. When he connected to the middle-aged man’s stomach, Lin Chen let go and watched as the man covered his abdomen as he kneeled to the ground, slowly falling down.

Although Lin Chen’s movements were broken down slowly in Xing Conglian’s eyes, in fact, his set of movements to his knee strike was completed within a second.

It was precisely because Lin Chen’s movements were fast and ruthless that the middle-aged man’s scream wasn’t heard immediately. Experienced people knew that a hard blow from the knee to the stomach would be so painful it was impossible to breathe, let alone scream.

At that moment, Xing Conglian felt the preciousness of life for the first time.

He slowly shifted his gaze from the middle-aged man on the ground to his advisor.

However, Lin Chen acted as if nothing had happened just now. He turned around calmly, turned on the faucet again, pressed on some soap, and continued to wash his hands. Xing Conglian felt that he couldn’t see through Lin Chen’s psychological reaction to what just happened.

The water washed over the lavender soap on Lin Chen’s hands, over his slender fingers, and then flowed down from his slightly clear fingernails.

Xing Conglian swallowed.

It was quite frightening to see him wash his hands as if nothing had happened after beating someone.

It wasn’t until Lin Chen finished washing his hands and turned off the faucet again that the unfortunate middle-aged man on the ground finally began to scream. Xing Conglian quickly came over and knocked him out.

“Are you okay?” He finally searched his guts and found a response that he could express concern without being too over the top.

However, hearing what he said, Lin Chen raised his brows at him as if to say, “How could something happen to me? What nonsense are you talking about?”


No matter where they were, of course, when they hit someone, they had to leave as soon as possible. Although they were the police, they were conducting an unannounced visit, so they couldn’t make a big ruckus.

Xing Conglian felt regretful walking out of the restroom because he couldn’t take a swing at the unconscious man.

After leaving, Lin Chen took out his phone and dialed the string of numbers they just got.

As if it were too coincidental, the moment the phone connected, the sound of extremely vulgar electronic dance music came from the door behind the men’s restroom that they had just left.

Lin Chen stopped in his tracks and looked at Xing Conglian in bewilderment.

“Tell me, when I was calling just now, how likely is it that someone else called that idiot at the same time?” Lin Chen looked back at the restroom’s door and asked.

God knew that even if Lin Chen called someone an idiot, he really didn’t want to kill them.

“Small,” Xing Conglian said.

Lin Chen curled his lips, turned around, and walked back to the restroom just now.

Perhaps, nothing could be more refreshing than letting someone go, but fate forced you to continue your uncompleted mission.

Xing Conglian walked to the sink.

Lin Chen had already turned the faucet on again, picked up a handful of water, and sprinkled it on the head lying on the ground.

The middle-aged, fat man lying unconscious was stimulated by the cold water and instantly woke up.

Lu Xu, who was as heavy as a few sacks of lead, seemed a little unclear about what just happened. He bowed toward the sink and braced himself to get up.

The moment he raised his head, Xing Conglian obviously saw the look of horror in his eyes, and this look reached its peak when Lin Chen turned back as he locked the restroom door.

“Who are you and what do you want!” Lu Xu shouted in panic.

Lin Chen didn’t answer.

Xing Conglian grabbed Lu Xu by his collar and dragged him into the nearest stall.

Although he admitted that he was being a bit heavy-handed, he wasn’t too fierce. Despite that, the middle-aged, fat man in front of him slid directly from the toilet seat to the ground. “You two, I’m really sorry. I drank too much just now and was out of my mind. I’m sorry!”

Lu Xu changed his face as quickly as flipping a page in a book, almost to the extreme. He sobbed and begged for mercy, then began to slap himself in the face.

This was a typical hob* begging for mercy. Once they realized that they were in trouble with someone they couldn’t afford to mess with, they would start frantically begging for forgiveness, disregarding all human dignity.

*Internet term refers to someone who’s arrogant and unreasonable.

Xing Conglian glanced at Lin Chen and saw him just leaning against the wall opposite the stall, with his arms crossed and without any expression on his face.

This meant: What happens here is not my responsibility.

Xing Conglian felt that he was a grunt collecting accounts for his boss. He squatted down and continued to hold the back of the middle-aged man in front of him by the neck and said helplessly, “I’m not going to kill you. Don’t be so nervous.”

As soon as he said this, Lu Xu cried even more miserably, causing Xing Conglian’s eardrums to hurt.

“Brother, I’ll beat you again if you keep crying.”

As soon as Xing Conglian’s voice fell, Lu Xu stopped crying. This kind of slick guy was really difficult to deal with.

Xing Conglian pointed to the toilet and then said to Lu Xu, “Open the lid.”

The fat middle-aged man wiped off his snot and tears, turned around carefully, knelt on the ground, and opened the toilet lid.

Then, unexpectedly, Lu Xu actually stuck his head into the toilet.

Xing Conglian was shocked to see this. What’s wrong with this guy?

At this moment, Lin Chen finally spoke up.

Xing Conglian listened to his consultant click his tongue impatiently and said slowly, “What are you thinking? I didn’t want you to drink toilet water. Answer a few questions I have.”

Hearing Lin Chen’s voice, Lu Xu suddenly wanted to push his head out of the toilet, but because he had stuffed himself in too tightly, he bumped the back of his head when he pulled out.

He groaned in pain, then quickly shut up and sat down on the toilet extremely obediently. It seemed that Lin Chen’s education just now had improved his memory.

Xing Conglian retreated behind Lin Chen. Obviously, what Mr. Lin said now would be more effective than him.

Lin Chen stood with his arms crossed and pursed his lips slightly, looking as cold as ice.

“Do you know Xu Ran?” Lin Chen asked directly.

Lu Xu suddenly raised his head.

At that moment, a very stern look flashed in Lu Xu’s eyes. Xing Conglian saw the cruelty, indifference, and unsympathetic look in them. He believed that Lin Chen probably saw the same thing.

However, Lin Chen didn’t say much. He just took another step forward and said, “I ask. You answer. It’s very simple. I don’t want to repeat the same question a second time.”

Lu Xu changed back to his timid appearance again and said, “I… I know Xu Ran.”

“What’s your relationship with her?”

“Who are the two of you?” Lu Xu asked curiously.

“I didn’t give you the right to ask questions,” Lin Chen said loudly. “On Sunday night, three weeks ago, did Xu Ran come to Royal One?”

Lu Xu’s eyes darted twice, as if he had guessed something. He clasps his hands into fists, showing great panic. “Mr. Policemen, this really has nothing to do with me!”

“How long is the sentence for organized prostitution?” Xing Conglian heard Lin Chen ask him.

“Fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years or life,” he replied.

When Lin Chen heard this, he turned to the middle-aged man on the toilet. “Did you hear that? People like you usually have no way of coming out alive if they go in.”

“It’s really not my fault!” Lu Xu began to cry. “This was all voluntarily done by that little bitch, Xu Ran. She came here that night but was working normally. I don’t know why she was like a chaste woman that day and refused to obey. Later, she was beaten badly by the guests and thrown out through the back door.”

Hearing this, Xing Conglian was shocked. He looked at Lin Chen, but Lin Chen still had an indifferent, otherworldly look.

“That’s all?” Lin Chen asked again.

“Yes…” Lu Xu replied.

“You haven’t told me who the guest was.”

“Mr. Police Officer, I really don’t know who they are. Look at the people who come here. Everyone pays attention to privacy. How can a little ass like me know who the guests are? I’m responsible for telling the girls the room number and letting them in.”

“That is to say, before Xu Ran entered the room, she didn’t know what kind of guests she would face, right?” Lin Chen asked.

Hearing this, Lu Xu suddenly regained his energy, and his tongue became slicker. “Mr. Police Officer, I know you have good intentions, but think about it. How long has that little bitch been in this business? How can she not know anything? Don’t be deceived by her… Later, that little bitch said it was Li Jingtian who raped her. She really wanted to blackmail him. I guess that didn’t work out for her in the end, so she went to sue someone else. Haa, bitches like her use such tricks all the time. I’ve seen a lot of it before…”

Suddenly, Lu Xu’s words stopped, because Lin Chen walked extremely close to him. He leaned down and grabbed the back of his head again, causing Lu Xu to scream in pain.

Lin Chen put a slight force on his hand and raised the middle-aged man’s fat face. “I told you to answer what I asked, so why aren’t you listening?”


“Answer my question. Before Xu Ran entered the door to that room, did she know who the guest would be?” Lin Chen continued to apply force to his hand.

Seeing his consultant leaning over slightly, Lin Chen’s thin back and arms had become taut due to the exertion. Xing Conglian swallowed again.

“Yes, she didn’t know!” Lu Xu replied.

“Which room… Which room did you send Xu Ran into?”

“Room 03, on the 11th floor,” Lu Xu replied without hesitation.

“One last question. Where is the private room booked by CA Entertainment today?” Lin Chen said calmly, without giving Lu Xu another chance to speak. “I think you’re very used to taking CA’s business, so I don’t want to hear you say you don’t know where, okay?”

“9th floor! 901!” Lu Xu quickly replied.

Lin Chen nodded as if satisfied. He let go of Lu Xu and walked out of the bathroom without turning back.

Upon seeing this, Xing Conglian walked to where Lin Chen was just standing, took out his phone, and shook it in front of Lu Xu. “I recorded all that just now. Watch your mouth. If anyone knows that we’ve been here, then…” he said as he made a motion of slitting his throat.

After Xing Conglian finished speaking, he heard the sound of the restroom door opening and closing.

He rushed out the door and followed Lin Chen. Lin Chen was walking in front but was obviously staggering, so he rushed up to support him. “What’s wrong with you?” He couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Chen shook his head and said, “I seem to have drunk too much.”

“It’s just half a glass of absinthe,” Xing Conglian said in disbelief.

“What’s the ABV?” Lin Chen asked.

“Uh…” Xing Conglian thought for a while, then replied, “The one you drank just now seemed to be 55%.”

At that moment, Lin Chen’s mind churned up countless curses.

What “just half a glass” and what “only 55% ABV”? 55% already belonged to the category of spirits. Half a glass of that stuff could completely make people intoxicated, which was equivalent to getting locked up until sober and fined for drinking and driving.

Does everyone drink vodka like wine in your country?

Holding back all kinds of nausea and dizziness that were churning up, he said to Xing Conglian, “Let’s go to the 9th floor.”

“We’re already in the elevator, and I have already pressed 9 just now.” Xing Conglian’s voice sounded uneasy around him.

Lin Chen continued to rub his brows and forcibly focus his attention. “That Lily has a problem. She must know something. We’ll go find her later… Wang Chao…”

After he finished shouting, the nervous voice of the teenager sounded from the headset again, as prompted. “A’Chen, I’m here. Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Lin Chen paused before he continued, “Thoroughly check the identity and background of Miss Lily. Just now, even Lu Xu, who runs the prostitution ring, didn’t know who Xu Ran was going to face. Why did Lily hand over his contact to Xing Conglian after he mentioned Li Jingtian’s name? She should know something. There’s something up here.”

“Oh, oh, okay, A’Chen Gege!” Wang Chao’s voice sounded exceptionally well-behaved.

Soon, with a soft ding, the elevator door opened again.

When he walked out of the elevator, Lin Chen heard Xing Conglian ask with concern, “Can you hold on?”

“I’m fine,” he said.

Although he said he was fine, he felt as if he was stepping on clouds instead of soft carpet. He looked at the room numbers next to him and calculated according to the order of the rooms. Room 901 should be at the end of the long corridor. Lin Chen had never felt that a corridor could become this long.

His head was getting heavier. Through the doors of the private rooms, he felt he could clearly hear many shouts and laughter coming from inside. Some people were singing, and some were screaming. Everything around him seemed to be fragmented like a reflection after the glass shattered.

Fortunately, Xing Conglian was by his side. He tried to guide Lin Chen’s body with his hands.

Just as he was about to walk to the end of the long corridor with great difficulty, suddenly, a nervous call from Wang Chao came through his headset. “Captain, A’Chen, the security system of Royal One seems to have issued an alarm. The alert is aimed at you!”

Lin Chen suddenly sobered up.

“Speak clearly.” Xing Conglian lowered his voice.

“I don’t know. I don’t know for the time being. There are too many blind spots in the surveillance here. I just saw a large number of security guards rushing out of the lounge. Their destination is the 9th floor. Did you threaten Lu Xu just now? He dares to seek death?!”

Wang Chao prattled on.

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian, but the other party just turned his head and said to him, “I just hit him lightly.”

“Lu Xu is more courageous than we thought.”

Standing at the door of Room 901, Lin Chen noticed that his tone had become cold.

Through the thick, frosted glass, he could see some lights and figures coming from his head.

Perhaps Mu Zhuo was inside, and maybe even Li Gaoqiang. Perhaps there were more clues just a door away from them, but now they had no way to get in.

Although they were separated by a door, it was like a gap in the sky.

Lin Chen retracted his gaze and heard Xing Conglian ask Wang Chao, “How’s the surveillance situation?”

“A security guard is going to the 9th floor. Captain, there’s an emergency exit on your left.”

“I know.”

As he spoke, Xing Conglian led Lin Chen into the emergency exit.

As soon as he walked from the bright area into the dim space, his eye had a short period of discomfort. Lin Chen squinted and continued to listen to the unusually calm dialogue between Xing Conglian and Wang Chao.

“You just said there’s no surveillance on the 8th and 9th floors here?”


“But this building has more than 20 floors. What’s upstairs?”

“It seems to be a hotel upstairs, called the Oho Hotel!” Wang Chao said.

“Is there any surveillance?”

“Let me check it out. Captain, what do you want to do?”

“Just now, Lu Xu said he sent Xu Ran to room 1103, so if I’m not mistaken, there should be close ‘business contacts’ between the hotel rooms upstairs and the clubhouse downstairs…”

“Shit, Captain. Are you saying the upstairs is the prostitution den of the club? Wait, do you want to go upstairs?”

“Open a room for us in the hotel on the 11th floor,” Xing Conglian said decisively.

Lin Chen realized that Xing Conglian had asked him to hold on to the cold iron handrail as he led him up.

“Huh? Captain, are you kidding me? You want to hack the system, so you’ll just hack it. You want to open a room, so you’ll just do it? How can you be so domineering and cool!” Wang Chao’s hands were flying. The more nervous the teenager got, the more talkative he became. Suddenly, the button clacking sounds stopped. Wang Chao said nervously, “I just saw a security guard on the 7th floor walking into the emergency exit. I suspect they will come from downstairs to outflank you, so you have to hurry and get to the 10th floor in 20 seconds.”

Sure enough, before Wang Chao’s voice fell, the sound of rapid footsteps echoed in the emergency exit beneath them.

Lin Chen tried his best to follow Xing Conglian, making his steps as inaudible as possible.

The sound of door panels opening and closing quickly filled the emergency exit on the 9th floor. In the dimness, Lin Chen saw Xing Conglian nod at him, and they started running to the 11th floor.

“Wang Chao!”

The exit was within reach as Xing Conglian shouted.

“I took a look at the 11th floor. Room 5 happens to be empty. Go out from your passage, then turn left. The penultimate room is there. The good news is that although there’s surveillance on the 11th floor, I found it to be false surveillance, which means it won’t pick up anything. I wish you good luck and hope you don’t get caught!”

After Wang Chao finished speaking, he quickly hit the Enter key.

Xing Conglian slammed open the door of the emergency exit.

There was soft carpet under his feet and a long passage in front of him. Lin Chen walked in the corridor with Xing Conglian.”

“The third door. It’s open for you.”

As Wang Chao spoke, the door lock in front of them lightly flashed. With a soft click, Room 1105 opened in response.

Xing Conglian quickly opened the door to the room, and Lin Chen followed in a flash.

The moment the door closed, Xing Conglian stood at the entrance, habitually wanting to turn on the lights.

Wang Chao’s voice sounded again. “Captain! Wait, I suggest you don’t turn on the lights and go quickly to bed…”

In the dim space, Xing Conglian pressed the headset repeatedly, thinking that there was something wrong with his ears. “Are you kidding me?”

“No, Captain, I’m not joking.” Wang Chao’s voice sounded a little awkward. “Didn’t you ask me if there’s surveillance on the 11th floor? It’s fake monitoring, but there are pinhole cameras installed in every room. Shit, well, to be honest, I saw a lot of discord going on in many of the rooms. I suspect the hotel is secretly recording pornographic videos for their guests. Captain, I think I need my eyes stabbed by needles after watching these.”

Xing Conglian was confused. He digested it for a while and then asked a somewhat idiotic question, “So, we also have them in our room?”

“Yes, but it’s pitch black now. If you turn on the lights, you’ll be in trouble!”

At this moment, Xing Conglian heard Lin Chen’s voice. “So what about room 1103? The room of Xu Ran’s incident. Are there any records?” Lin Chen asked.

After Lin Chen entered the room just now, he sat down on the carpet while leaning against the wall. He tried to stand up but obviously failed.

Xing Conglian hurriedly squatted down and helped him sit down again.

Wang Chao obediently checked the records, then replied apologetically, “There should be, but I checked and found that room 1103 doesn’t have any video records since three weeks ago. The video from then was obviously deleted, so…”

“So, our trail is broken again,” Lin Chen whispered.

“These people are really courageous.” Xing Conglian suddenly became alert. There were all kinds of elites and dignitaries at Royal One. In the face of wealthy and powerful people, the club actually dared to secretly record them. Then this wasn’t simple boldness. Obviously, they had other plans for these secretly recorded videos.

Xing Conglian thought of this and found another problem. If Li Jingtian dared to accept a girl from Lu Xu here, it would show that he was comfortable here. In other words, Li Jingtian didn’t know that he was secretly being recorded.

So if he didn’t know that the guest rooms of Royal One would secretly record videos, how could he spend the effort to clear all video files in his room afterwards?

There were obviously more questions that deserved a deeper investigation, but at this moment, they had no way to pry further.

“Wang Chao, you try to gather some ‘evidence’ of their backstage.”

“What evidence, Captain? The opening record or something?”

At this time, Lin Chen spoke. He patiently said to Wang Chao, “He’s asking you to find some sex videos of dignitaries in the background records…” Lin Chen spoke bluntly. He took a breath and continued. “After all, we’re not the local police of Fengchun. Our hands and feet would be tied, and for places like Royal One, it’s very likely they wouldn’t work on non-priority activities. Then, fighting fire with fire is the best way.”

Xing Conglian was a little surprised that Lin Chen was so drunk, yet he could clearly explain his thoughts for him in an organized manner.

“I understand. A’Chen, Captain, what you mean is, take the opportunity to get some videos and post them online. If the local tyrants who patronize here see their ugliness being secretly recorded, they will be furious and will do their best to kill Royal One. This club will definitely be finished in Fengchun by then.”

“You know, so do it quickly,” Xing Conglian said.

He thought things had been thrilling enough, but Wang Chao screamed again.

“Captain, I saw some security guards coming to outflank the parking lot. Fuck me, I’m just the support. Why should I be responsible for pulling agro!”

In this case, Xing Conglian couldn’t criticize Wang Chao. The sound of movements came from the headset.

Wang Chao seemed to have moved to the driver’s seat. The engine sounded, and the teenager’s voice became excited. “I’m going to drive! Go, go, go!”

“He can drive?” Lin Chen asked suspiciously.

“Yes. He has a driver’s license since He was 16 years old.”

“Then why don’t you let him drive the car occasionally.”

“Because his driving… is really bad.” Xing Conglian admitted to Lin Chen.

Sure enough, the sound of a vehicle collision and alarms after the impact sounded.

He could tell from the indistinct engine sound coming from the headset that at this moment, Wang Chao was driving his Jeep at a speed of 100 kilometers an hour on the urban road.

Although it was already late at night and there were relatively few cars on the road, it seemed like it was an exciting night.

Xing Conglian rubbed his temples and wanted to sigh helplessly, but the irritating voice of this brat sounded in his ears again.

Wang Chao’s voice was hoarse, like he had swallowed a hundred cough syrups. “Captain, I forgot to tell you. You have to go to bed and put on a show. Although I opened the door for you, if there’s no one on the bed in the video, those perverts watching the small video screen will definitely become suspicious!”

Hearing this, Xing Conglian finally began to look at the room.

Although the light wasn’t turned on, there was a glimmer of light from the gap in the curtains, which allowed Xing Conglian to roughly see the outline of the room.

In the middle of the room was a round, fun bed. Xing Conglian felt that, judging from the nature of the room, it was likely to be a waterbed.

Above the waterbed, there were two handcuff-like things hanging from the ceiling.

A whip and a fun chair were placed on one side of the room. Xing Conglian dared to imagine that there must be a plethora of sex toys stuffed in the bedside table on the opposite side of the waterbed.

“Consultant Lin, are we going to bed?” He retracted his gaze and asked Lin Chen in a low voice.

Lin Chen was probably drunk. Although it was difficult for Xiang Conglian to see his expression clearly, after hearing him say that, Lin Chen struggled to stand up again by himself. As he leaned against the wall, he said, “Cut the crap and help me up.”

People would say that a person could easily become another person after drinking, but Lin Chen seemed to become a bit violent when he drank.

Xing Conglian thought this, and recalled the scene of Lin Chen beating Lu Xu severely just now. It was rare for him to be a little timid, but he still helped Lin Chen up and brought him to the bed.

Sure enough, the fun bed was indeed a waterbed. When they lay down, occasionally they would roll together.

Xing Conglian drew a thin blanket from the pillow and covered the two of them from head to toe. While Lin Chen was lying next to him, a warm breath came.

Xing Conglian discovered that he hadn’t had experience lying on the same bed with someone else in a long time.

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