Criminal Psychology Ch96

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 96

Wang Chao was really good.

This was something that Lin Chen felt many times. In fact, if there was no Wang Chao, they would spend a lot of time on useless data retrieval in the process of handling a case, and the efficiency would be much lower. But as long as there was a teenager with a high IQ who was always online, very often they only needed to ask questions or pose ideas, and they would quickly get an answer, which indeed was quite convenient.

And this was probably one of the reasons why Xing Conglian always brought Wang Chao with him.

“A’Chen, do you see any milk tea shops over there? On the southeast corner, there’s a Hong Kong-style milk tea shop. The perspective in front of that milk tea shop should be very good.”

The teenager’s brisk voice came through. Lin Chen couldn’t help but look at the time. The time he spent thinking and searching was only about twenty seconds. He truly didn’t know where Xing Conglian had found this African child.

“I see it,” he replied.

“I sent you a software to crack the Wi-Fi password to your email. If the owner of the milk tea shop doesn’t give you the Wi-Fi password, you can crack it yourself!” Wang Chao added.

“Aren’t you from Africa? How does a milk tea shop do business if they don’t provide Wi-Fi?” Xing Conglian scolded.

“It’s possible they won’t give it to you if you don’t buy something!”

“Isn’t it enough to show your ID?” Xing Conglian responded.

Lin Chen quickened his pace as he walked toward his destination. Listening to the two voices on the other end, he suddenly felt that even if there was a problem, it could be solved.

“But if you crack it, wouldn’t it be cooler and more technical?” Wang Chao retorted in dissatisfaction, and then proudly explained to him, “A’Chen, do you know why you need to connect to the Wi-Fi? In the event of a large-scale accident, with so many people at the scene, the cell signal would be easily clogged. However, if the internet facilities aren’t violently damaged, their speed will be smoother to use. If your phone signal doesn’t work, you can always use the internet. What do you think?”

“I think your worries are making me panic,” Lin Chen replied.

“Aiya, A’Chen, don’t be afraid. No matter how dangerous the situation is, our Captain has experienced it. You have to believe that I will protect you in this kind of trivial matter!”

Lin Chen tilted his head slightly and walked along the periphery of the crowd to the milk tea shop. Has Wang Chao ever been in a dangerous situation before?

After thinking for a bit, he asked in a low voice, “How dangerous?”

“For example, rescuing a group of precious cultural relics under the pressure of air raids, in the desert, or from terrorists all around the world!”

“What are you, writing a novel?”

On the other end of the line, Xing Conglian had given Wang Chao a smack.

Lin Chen smiled. It really was like a novel-like life.

Suddenly, he felt Li Jingtian’s singing stop.

At the end of the song, the singer stabilized his breath, and his panting sounded rough.

The audience began to scream, and the occasional excited shouts were particularly abrupt against the black background sound.

When the singer let out a low laugh, the scene instantly stopped.

He said, “Thank you very much for coming today…”

His voice was low. Although Lin Chen couldn’t see the stage clearly, he could clearly feel an unusual sadness of the scene.

Logically, he should have stopped now and listened carefully, but inexplicably, he began to jog towards the milk tea shop that Wang Chao had pointed out.

“Do you know which floor the mall’s broadcasting room is on?” He asked Wang Chao. “I need to get to the broadcasting room.”

“I don’t know. According to their website, Ansheng International doesn’t appear to have a broadcasting room. I’m also looking for it, but it’s either on the top floor or the negative first floor. Do we want to take a gamble?”

“Gamble what? Cut directly into the broadcasting system.”

“Captain, can you be more civilized? How can we just casually cut the broadcasting system? Do you think we’re hackers?”

The two of them continued to argue on the other end of the line again, but Xing Conglian obviously no longer had the intention of joking with Wang Chao. He said coldly, “Do whatever I tell you to do.”

“Okay, okay. No need to get so fierce.”

“Transfer the floor plan of the mall to another computer. I’ll take a look,” Xing Conglian continued.

At this time, Lin Chen no longer had the energy to listen to them. He found that no matter where the broadcast room was, he might not have time to get there.

Li Jingtian was still talking on stage, and he couldn’t see the specific situation on the stage because of the crowd.

“I know something happened recently that made you worry about me. I’m really sorry. Although the timing is out of place, I still want to come out and thank you all…”

The singer on stage was showing his true feelings.

Lin Chen looked around. Luckily, there was a row of dining chairs for people to rest on right outside the milk tea shop in front of him. He quickly dashed a few steps and climbed onto one of them. Because the shop assistants were all crowded around the railing to watch, no one stepped forward to try and stop him.

What was even more fortunate was that the Wi-Fi password of the milk tea shop happened to be written on the door of the shop. He connected to the wireless network and glanced at the signal, which became full again.

He hung up the phone and switched his communication method. As he stood on the chair, he looked down towards the lobby.

“Don’t say that. Don’t be like that, Jingtian!”

“Come on, we all know Jingtian!”

Taking advantage of his pause, the girls responded one after another.

As their tender and sincere voices rang out, flashing lights on the scene exploded like fireworks.

The singer suddenly looked up with a bright smile on his face. He grinned, showing a row of white teeth and a sweet dimple on his left cheek. He bowed sincerely, and said, “Actually, it seems that I have said too much, that it might feel deliberate. I just want to say you’re free to judge right or wrong. Thank you very much for your support. I love you, really.”

“Jingtian!!! Jingtian!!! We love you!!!”

The girls frantically waved their props as they shouted and screamed. Some even burst into tears in excitement.

The mall became noisy again as a brisk prelude sounded from the stereo. Unlike the previous two bitter songs, this seemed to be a light and sweet love song. Li Jingtian waved his hand to the audience and said with a smile, “This song is dedicated to you. It’s my confession.”

He gave them another sweet smile, which caused the fans to scream again.

The scene became loud. Some people were clapping in harmony with the rhythm, some bobbed their heads, while others continued taking pictures.

Lin Chen pressed his phone against his ear. Wang Chao seemed to be reporting something to Xing Conglian.

“Captain, it’s calculated. The flow of people on the scene is 200% over capacity.” The person on the other end of the phone paused, as if he had seen an incredible sight, and shouted, “Shit, why is Director Zheng letting people in again?!”

Hearing this, Lin Chen’s gaze moved to the stage. The atmosphere on and off the stage was good. The fans were singing briskly to the music.

Where is the problem?

He looked at the row of black-clothed guests in the audience. Huang Ze and the others seemed to be getting up and preparing to leave. At the same time, the fans in the audience were waving support lights. There was a girl in a red dress standing on stage with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. She seemed to have been arranged by the staff to go on afterwards to dedicate flowers to the singer.

It was a bouquet of green roses, wrapped in pure black and gold paper. The girl wore a mask, and most of her face was covered by her long hair, making it impossible to clearly see her.

Wait a minute.

Why is the girl who’s offering flowers wearing a mask as if she didn’t want to be photographed by others?

Don’t fans occasionally go on stage? Is it normal for them not to want to take a photo while hugging their star? How is it reasonable for her to cover her face at such a moment?

“Xing Conglian, call Director Zheng right away!” Lin Chen restrained the urge to jump down from the chair and rushed to the railing as he shouted to the other end of the phone.

As he spoke, the girl in the red dress who was holding a bouquet of flowers in her hand stepped on the stage to the brisk melody.

The singer on stage saw someone walking towards him with flowers. During the interlude, he whistled along with the melody and looked gratefully at the girl in a red dress. His eyes gleamed, looking a bit shy.

The entire audience almost fell into the sweet atmosphere full of love.

The distance between the two was getting closer. The breathing between them seemed clearly audible. Li Jingtian saw a bunch of green roses that covered most of the girl’s face. He saw the girl’s eyes glowing, full of enthusiasm. His gaze fell on the bow hairpin on the top of her head. He thought to himself, if he hugged her, his chin would rest right on top of the hairpin.

“Thank you.” He took the bouquet of green roses handed to him by the girl and looked a little embarrassed in response. Before he could carefully observe the rose in his arms, he was hugged by the girl. As expected, his chin nestled right against the top of the girl’s fluffy, soft hair. Between his nose came a rich scent of refreshing lemon shampoo mixed with roses, creating an intoxicating smell.

He didn’t know if it was because of the sudden embrace of the two on the stage that there was a commotion under the stage. In the crowd, his fans began to scream. The way the girls expressed their excitement was only through screaming.

He put his arms around the girl’s back and felt that the person in his arms suddenly stood on their tiptoes. He was surprised to see slightly rose-scented lips approaching for a kiss. He wanted to avoid it, but it was too late.

The next moment, he felt something wrong with his neck. The girl’s white fingers slipped from his neck, and in a trance, he felt himself being pushed away by the girl. Despite being a big man, he became unstable when he was pushed.

Under the stage, chaos erupted as screaming filled the air, but the emotions from the scream changed.

No longer did they sound excited, but it shifted to fright and loss. The voices were harsh, like a giant hand was wrapped around those sweet throats, making the voice hoarse and scared.

Is it fear of death?

What happened?

Li Jingtian regained his senses and looked for the girl who had presented the flowers to him just now, but he only saw the girl’s figure jumping down to the back of the stage. Her black hair drew a graceful arc in the air, and then her figure disappeared into the emergency exit corridor.

He gazed back at the flourishing roses in his hand while the other hand touched his neck. As if he had touched something wet and slippery, he wanted to open his mouth, but suddenly felt he couldn’t make even half a syllable.

His microphone fell heavily on the ground, creating a deafening roar from the stereo. Countless people covered their ears.

A drop of bright red blood dripped down from his neck.

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