Evil As Humans Ch33

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 33: The Legend of Resurrection

A beautiful Sunday came, but Yin Ren didn’t manage to play the game.

He had specially planned that if Lu Xiaohe or Sun Qinghui contacted him, he would pretend to have twisted his ankle or be absent. However, the person who contacted them was Fu Xingchuan—his top boss, the strongest combat power in Haigu, and the Minister of the Emergency Management Department.

Today, Haigu was sunny and cloudless. There weren’t many people in Shian Park like usual.

At this moment, Yin Ren was standing with Zhong Chengshuo on Shian’s training ground. Lord Ghost King seemed to be stretched so thin that one poke from a finger would make him collapse.

He knew that Shian would pay overtime, but he would rather stay at home.

Yin Ren looked at Zhong Chengshuo recently. If this person hadn’t reported Ge Tingting’s situation on Saturday, the two of them would be happily playing games right now instead of being dragged to the training ground.

The training ground was a vast dirt field, surrounded by exceptionally thick cement walls.

In front of them, Fu Xingchuan was dressed the same as always, but this time, he was empty-handed and didn’t have his long knife.

“I’ve learned about the general situation, and I’m pretty sure that the girl is a rogue corpse servant.” Minister Fu rolled up his sleeves. “Corpse servants are difficult opponents. They are good at physical attacks, so you need to get familiar with them in advance—especially Zhong Chengshuo.”

Zhong Chengshuo humbly sought advice. “But she hasn’t received formal training.”

“Anyone can become a corpse servant as long as they have the talent coupled with hard training. Even if rogue corpse servants have no one to guide them, their talent can’t be underestimated.”

Yin Ren: “Then we should find Qin Ge to spar with…”

Fu Xingchuan smiled. When he snapped his fingers, it caused the ground to suddenly move.

Above the trembling soil, smoke and dust accumulated as mud splattered. On the grassless ground, a three-meter-high wolf made of bones quickly took shape.

Rat bones, bird bones, snake bones—countless fine bones were flying in the air.

The smell of soil and bones mixed together and quickly bonded into strong wolf claws and sharp fangs. The huge skull was pieced together by countless small skulls. The tiny eye sockets turned into dense black holes that overflowed with a strong evil qi.

The bone wolf circled Fu Xingchuan for a while, then stopped by his right hand and lowered its head obediently.

On Fu Xingchuan’s left side, a human corpse emerged from the dust.

The corpse was wrapped in a linen robe full of talismans and iron chains. Its flesh clung to its body, showing an abnormally dark blue color. Its hair was thinning, its eyes were shriveled and cloudy, and its nails were frighteningly long. Its deformed mouth was slightly open, stuffed with a dark red object that they couldn’t tell whether it was a cloth or stone.

Compared to the humble “bone wolf”, this corpse that had just stopped by Fu Xingchuan’s left side wasn’t as subservient.

“Proficient in both the abilities of a ‘ghost master’ and a ‘corpse servant’ and integrating them, this is a ‘ghost general’—the rank I happen to be in.”

Fu Xingchuan lit a cigarette and slowly blew up a mouthful of smoke.

“Today, I’ll only use the ability of a corpse servant to fight you.”

The ten fingers of the human corpse were slightly open, allowing its nails to reflect a metallic-like light. The giant wolf leaned down, assuming a position as if it were ready to pounce at any moment.

What bullshit,’ Yin Ren thought. In principle, the two of them hadn’t had any combat training. Forget himself, Zhong Chengshuo would be beaten to the ground in an instant.

“There’s equipment on the other side of the table. I’ll give you ten seconds for you to pick one. Ten—”

Zhong Chengshuo: “That corpse…”

“Former colleague who donated his corpse as a teaching aid… Five, four, three—”

The two rushed to the table.

Zhong Chengshuo picked up a gas mask, while Yin Ren casually grabbed an umbrella.

Fu Xingchuan made no comments. When the two stood still, he picked up his cigarette and made a gesture.

The giant wolf let out a silent howl and rose into the air, trampling on Yin Ren’s umbrella and instantly bending it. It spread out its ribs at the same time, causing countless extremely thin bones to drill towards Yin Ren’s mouth and nose.

Yin Ren floundered symbolically, then allowed himself to be stepped on by the wolf’s paw and started coughing frantically.

At the same time, the human corpse flashed behind Zhong Chengshuo.

Zhong Chengshuo’s movements weren’t chaotic. He sidestepped, blocked with his hands, and took advantage of the attack to kick the corpse in its knee. As a result, the corpse didn’t even buckle, and he only reaped pain in his toes.

This distracted him, which the corpse took full advantage of to bully him further. A sharp fingernail tip had poked a hole in Zhong Chengshuo’s neck.

As long as it wanted, it could easily tear open Zhong Chengshuo’s throat in an instant.

The whole battle lasted less than ten seconds.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

Fu Xingchuan’s cigarette burned only for a short time. He chuckled as he approached the two lying in the mud and looked at them from top to bottom.

Yin Ren spat out a bone in a daze with blank eyes. “I should have run away.”

Fu Xingchuan glanced at him speechlessly. “…And Xiao Zhong?”

“I chose the wrong opponent.” Zhong Chengshuo was still lying down as he contemplated. “Judging from the props we chose, it was more appropriate for me to deal with the bone wolf and Yin Ren to deal with the human corpse.”

“Bullshit,” Fu Xingchuan said. “Do you think your opponent is a meal waiting for you to casually select it?”

He stretched out his hand and pulled the two of them up. The smell of smoke sprayed all over their faces.

“The strengths of corpse servants may be different, but their weaknesses are uniform. They’re good at manipulation, but they can’t be distracted from casting spells, and can’t protect their bodies… Now, I’ll give you two minutes to discuss tactics. Nothing will change when we resume again.”

Fu Xingchuan flicked the cigarette butt away and stood back in his original position.

Yin Ren didn’t want to suffer this kind of torture again. Zhong Chengshuo was staring at the mud on his cuffs and seemed to be thinking about a similar problem. A few seconds later, the two of them took a step forward almost at the same time.

“I have an idea…” “We’ll wait…”

“You first…” “Ah, no, you should speak first…”

In the end, it was Zhong Chengshuo who spoke first. Just like the game yesterday, the two’s tactics were immediately in sync.

The two minutes passed quickly. The bone wolf and the human corpse attacked again.

This time, the two acted together. Yin Ren took the lead in pouncing on the corpse. With a turn of his feet, he hooked the neck of the corpse with the end handle of the umbrella and held it back. “Zhong Ge, hurry!”

Zhong Chengshuo didn’t hesitate for half a second. He put on the gas mask, slid underneath the giant wolf, and rushed straight to Fu Xingchuan.

The giant wolf instantly jumped back and tried to bite Zhong Chengshuo. At the same time, the bone fragments on its body spread out again and rushed towards Yin Ren.

Yin Ren was still trying to hold the corpse back. Seeing the bone fragments coming at him, he buried his face directly into the corpse, pressing his mouth and nose on the linen clothes of the corpse.

Wasn’t it just the smell of corpses? He could endure it.

In a sense, was this like the underworld version of <It Takes Two>? Lord Ghost King was having fun while suffering.

Zhong Chengshuo seemed to have encountered a tough opponent. He was rolling around, and his clothes were torn up. He seemed quite panicked. However, the giant wolf couldn’t hold him down. Zhong Chengshuo managed to evade it and successfully rush to Fu Xingchuan.

Then he was swept to the ground by Fu Xingchuan.

“Good, you catch on quick,” Fu Xingchuan commented with satisfaction. “If you really want to fight that girl, as long as you can get close, you’ll have a considerable advantage—ah, remember to be careful of knives and stun guns.”

“The training is over?” Yin Ren slid down from behind the corpse and asked hopefully.

“What are you thinking? It’s only been a few minutes.”

Fu Xingchuan bared his teeth.

“Continue. Practice until you can grab the cigarette in my mouth.”

“You, uh, aren’t you busy?” Yin Ren moaned. “We already grasp the concept. Can’t we just go back and practice by ourselves?”

“Practice with what? Air? You must practice in a real combat situation with the threat of death. I just happened to have the day off. Let’s see… It’s 10 now, so I’ll accompany you until 4.”

Yin Ren grimaced. It was hard to hold back, saying, “You call this a day off?”

“And,” Fu Xingchuan glanced at him lightly, “aren’t you completely useless, ghost master?”


At 4 in the afternoon, the training ended.

Zhong Chengshuo finally grabbed the cigarette from Minister Fu’s mouth. It had to be said, the number one powerhouse of Shian was like a flood—from beginning to end, in addition to only using the abilities of a corpse servant, Fu Xingchuan only dealt with Zhong Chengshuo with one leg.

The training lasted for most of the day, but Fu Xingchuan only used his hand to light his cigarettes, pull people up, and snap his fingers.

The strength of the cultivators in Shian couldn’t be underestimated.

Yin Ren was paralyzed at the refreshment bar outside the building, making no effort to hide the exhaustion on his face.

With Fu Xingchuan watching him, he was forced to use a little evil qi and try his best to act the part of “a ghost master without a ghost” as naturally as possible.

Throughout the battle, Yin Ren had to pay attention to controlling his strength and suffered just as many blows as Zhong Chengshuo, who was repeatedly beaten. Lord Ghost King was full of grievances and ordered three ice cream sodas in one go.

As for his partner… After training, Zhong Chengshuo went to wash himself in Shian’s bathroom for over an hour. Given the state of the training ground’s hygiene, Yin Ren suspected Zhong Chengshuo intended to scrub his skin off.

By the time Zhong Chengshuo finished cleaning himself, the horizon was already stained with a red haze.

“Are we still going to play games when we go back?” Yin Ren sucked up the last bit of cream in his soda and asked pitifully.

He really needed a little leisure to comfort himself.

“There’s no time. I have to run at night after dinner.”

Yin Ren: “…Didn’t we exercise enough?!”

There were obvious bruises on Zhong Chengshuo’s neck and shoulders. Although Fu Xingchuan sent them special medication for bruising, Comrade Zhong Chengshuo didn’t look like he was okay.

“But the night run must be done three times a week. It’s already Sunday today. Anaerobic exercise is not the same as aerobic exercise,” Zhong Chengshuo explained.

Yin Ren: “……”

What aerobic and anaerobic? Yin Ren only felt that his partner was slightly ill.

Would most people be so cruel to themselves? Having said that, Fu Xingchuan seemed to be the same way. Was the corporate culture at Shian like this?

“I see. You can go.” Yin Ren finished the last sip of soda wearily. “I plan to go out for dinner tonight, so don’t wait up.”

“Bring your phone and don’t go too far.”

“Yes, yes,” Yin Ren replied listlessly.

Zhong Chengshuo stared at him for a while. “…I’ll play with you for a bit before going to bed.”

Yin Ren’s spirit lifted. Not bad, Comrade Xiao Zhong. It seemed that <The Art of Communication> occasionally had positive effects.


That night, Yin Ren decided to try luosifen, which was prohibited from takeout by the “household rules”.

He had staked out a luosifen shop near Ping’an Manor in advance. Since Miss Hu Tao didn’t like this kind of food, she couldn’t give him any recommendations and could only make a few references.

“Put on your mask and tie your hair into a bun… Yes, it looks more low-key. Choose a corner of the shop. If someone tries to take pictures of you, scare them by claiming you’ll sue them for portrait rights.”

“I remember. Thank you.”

“Nn, remember to turn off sleep mode on the tablet and keep the automatic continuous broadcast.” Hu Tao replaced Yin Ren and was sitting upright in front of the tablet.

Facts had proven that luosifen did have a strong smell, but in the end, it was nothing compared to a pile of rotting corpses. The rice noodles were fragrant and smooth, and the soup had a spicy and sour taste. Yin Ren had a lovely time slurping it up.

However, at the moment he stepped out of the shop, his shoulders sank inexplicably.

From the corner of his eyes, Yin Ren saw two ghost hands on his shoulders. The ten fingers of the ghost’s hand were as long as a human arm and were sticking firmly to him. The surrounding scene seemed to be covered with fog, and the neon lights became cold and dim.

The human voices in his ears disappeared instantly, leaving only a low, empty laughter. His limbs appeared to be bound by something and dragged to move on their own.

This visitor wasn’t good.

Yin Ren felt for a moment that there were five evil spirits attacking, and they all had good morals. He sensed the smell of a ghost master, so it wasn’t easy for him to add them to his meal.

Yin Ren himself was dragged away, gradually stepping into a dark and desolate area, and finally walking into an abandoned bungalow.

He wanted to see what kind of medicine in gourds these little kids were selling.

At the moment he walked into the bungalow, the windows and doors on the four walls of the empty place suddenly disappeared. The entire room turned into a gloomy, closed box, with only a little blue light of unknown origin left.

There were two-meter-tall “people” standing in each of the four corners. They were pale and thin and stood facing the corner, mumbling endlessly. Those raving words seemed to have substance, sealing the room’s surroundings tightly.

Yin Ren’s shoulders lightened, and the next moment, an evil spirit flashed in front of him.

When he raised his eyes, he saw three smelly, black holes.

That evil spirit had a baby-like head, no beads in its eyes, and no teeth in its mouth. Its body was deformed, extending two meters long. A pair of withered arms grew from the ground, and its lower body was like the tail of a snail that had been torn off. Its innards and flesh were rolled together and mixed into a ball of oozing, wet mucus.

This thing was strong, but it couldn’t compare to Shian’s Xiang Jiang; it was probably on par with Fang Yuanyuan.

There was a nervous look on Yin Ren’s face as he secretly made a judgment in his heart.

“Ghost master, Yin Ren.”

The evil spirit approached a little closer. Its voice was cold.

“…It’s not easy tracking the insect corpses of a corpse servant.”

“Insect corpse? What insect corpse?” Yin Ren gulped and decisively played dumb.

The ghost smiled but didn’t respond. Its three holes were still staring straight at Yin Ren.

Yin Ren took two steps back and continued to spout nonsense. “Not to mention this, but why are you looking for me? I’m just a newcomer and don’t even remember who I am. Let me go.”

There was a ghost master behind these evil spirits, and with him hiding his strength, Yin Ren couldn’t distinguish if they were enemies. Yin Ren didn’t intend to fall into the traps of others.

“Newcomer. Haha. Newcomer… Well, you’re certainly a newcomer with great abilities. Don’t you have a purpose for joining Shian?” The ghost’s dark eyes rushed towards Yin Ren. “It’s better to join forces with us… We can help you.”

“Help me? Who are you guys?”

“Now that things have come to this point, don’t act like you don’t know.” The ghost snorted. “Let me say this one last time. Don’t play dumb.”

In an instant, more than a dozen fingers popped out from the surrounding walls and firmly grabbed Yin Ren.

Yin Ren: “……” He felt wronged. He really had no idea the origins of these evil spirits.

The ghost approached again, its rancid breath spraying on Yin Ren’s face.

It whispered seductively, “We don’t care about your purpose. It doesn’t matter what you want to do… Join us. Money, status, women—we can give you things that Shian can’t…”

“Are you willing to stay at Shian and climb up little by little? With Fu Xingchuan and Li Nian in charge, you will never reach the top. Why reject what’s near and instead seek the far?”

Yin Ren suddenly came to a realization.

Yin Ren: “I see. You’re poachers.”

Ghost: “……”

Yin Ren: “I have no plans to change jobs for the time being.” He didn’t need money, status, or women. He just wanted Shian’s cafeteria.

He took out his cellphone and gripped it tightly.

“What a fool. Pity he doesn’t know what’s good from bad!” The ghost laughed angrily. “There’s no talisman paper. I’d like to see how you—”

Yin Ren had gotten proficient at typing with one hand.

[Yin Ren: @Hu Tao Jie, SOS.]

[Yin Ren: There are perverts.]

Ghost: “……”

Ghost: “?” What kind of strange summoning method is this?

Evil qi started to overflow, creating a fishy storm.

A female ghost covered in blood emerged from behind Yin Ren. Her robe was soaked in black blood, and the edges were full of tear marks. Her face was severely distorted, and her long, black hair fluttered in the wind, covered with broken flesh and blood scabs.

Evil qi and resentment exploded in the small room, causing the temperature to plummet.

The four ghosts at the corners turned around in an instant. They raised their heads, which didn’t have any facial features, and all “looked” at Hu Tao as they continued to whisper loudly. The ghost retreated to the base of the wall as more fingers poked out of it.

Did this kid actually form a pact with such a powerful ghost? The ghost tightened its grip on Yin Ren’s body while its dark eyes turned toward Hu Tao.

If he were allowed to develop in Shian, it would be better to kill the grass before it roots.

Hu Tao, making her grand debut: “……”

Hu Tao: “Didn’t you go out to eat luosifen? What the hell is this place?! What’s going on with that wall? So gross! It’s like popping blackheads. Urgh, I’m gonna be sick…”

Yin Ren: “Please, sister. I’ll buy you milk tea later. Don’t worry, they are all weaker than you.”

“Leave it to me!” Hu Tao floated valiantly to the middle of the room.

One second, three seconds, ten seconds; everyone remained motionless.

Hu Tao turned her bloody face and said, “Okay, now what should I do?”

Yin Ren, Ghost: “……”

Yin Ren: “Attack them?”

“Oh, I’m not very good at fighting.” Hu Tao laughed awkwardly. “I just died and didn’t receive continuing education after death…”

“Sister, just treat them like they’re your enemy.”

Yin Ren felt helpless. He put his hand behind his back and quietly performed a spell. He decided to give Miss Hu Tao some help—if it was just a small illusion, it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

Seeing the ghosts in front of her gradually change their appearance, Hu Tao stopped laughing. She slowly tilted her head and stared at the ghost closest to her without saying a word. The blood on her body was getting thicker.

With strong evil qi accompanied by cold killing intent, Hu Tao felt like a severe winter storm, especially with her clothes and hair swaying violently. In the next second, she flashed in front of the ghost and grabbed its chest.

Ghost: “Wait—”


Hu Tao tore open the ghost’s chest. The “flesh and blood” full of evil qi were torn by her like a vegetable leaf.

Under her hands, the thousands of fingers were like grass being ripped up with a slight pinch. The sound of flesh being torn was endless.


The four faceless ghosts weren’t spared either, as they were torn meticulously by her. Hu Tao looked like she was sorting out her clothes as the remnants of those evil beings were neatly packed into a pile by her.


She tore the ghostly remains into small pieces and chewed and swallowed them carefully. She hummed a small tune as the room’s walls gradually turned black and red.

When those eyes full of hatred turned around, Yin Ren had already stepped back without leaving a trace.

What exactly did she see?

It seemed that compared to Zhong Chengshuo, he still needed to get to know this one better. Yin Ren sighed and lifted the illusion.

“…Enough, sister. Calm down,” he said. “That’s enough.”

On a bloody Sunday, except for the five ghosts, only Zhong Chengshuo was injured.

When he came back from his run that night, Yin Ren was already waiting upright in front of the game console. Zhong Chengshuo finished tidying up, and he sat down beside him. Out of some kind of habit, he subconsciously sniffed when he was close to Yin Ren.

Zhong Chengshuo: “……”

Zhong Chengshuo’s face distorted a bit. “…What did you eat tonight?”

“Luosifen mixed with 82-year-old evil spirits.”


“I’m just joking.”

At the other end of Haigu, upstairs of “Xiaohe Supermarket”.

Lu Xiaohe helped massage her mother’s body with a smile. “Mom, let me tell you, my new colleagues are so fun.”

Xiaohe’s mother leaned quietly on the bed. Under the torture of cancer, she was a little thin and out of shape. However, her facial features were quite similar to Lu Xiaohe’s, and her eyes were full of brilliance.

“Happy with work?” Xiaohe’s mother’s tone was relaxed.

“Yes, today I even saw them wail in the group chat, saying they wanted to get off work early so they can play games—haha, I told you my position isn’t hard, right? I don’t have to work overtime like they do.”

Hearing “game”, Xiaohe’s mother smacked her lips. “It’s a pity your father is out. Otherwise, the three of us could still play poker.”

“He can’t get off today.”

“Let’s play for a while?” Xiaohe’s mother propped herself up. “What kind of games are there in the store? The one where we can play together like we used to.”

“Oh, <The Legend of Resurrection>, right? I’ll get the console.”

Lu Xiaohe got up to get the console.

<The Legend of Resurrection> was released eight years ago and was relatively unpopular. In a sense, it could be described as a failure.

The plot was simple—a prince was taken away by Death. Players needed to collect various materials and hand them over to the palace magician so he could resurrect the prince’s soul.

It focused on “offline scenes” and was mainly a game aimed at families and gatherings. The management, exploration, and combat systems were comprehensive, but the process was too long and didn’t meet the actual needs. At first, many small shops bought the console and planned to rent them to students to play, but the business was bleak.

Xiaohe Supermarket was one of the unlucky businesses.

Lu Xiaohe kept the game. Starting a few years ago, they would play together on weekends. Later, when Xiaohe’s mother’s health deteriorated and Lu Xiaohe joined Shian, they forgot about it.

“When did we last play this?”

After turning on the console, Lu Xiaohe slowly checked the save archives.

“Yes, yes! Haha, we haven’t finished the novice village mission yet. Come on, mom. It’s time for us to rescue the ‘harassed girl’… Do you remember the controls?”

“Who do you think I am? Of course I remember.”

On the rough screen, two characters stepped into the mission scene. Beside the girl NPC with braided hair, a rogue NPC was laughing…

[Haha, bitch. You’re here now but want to go back?]

The author has something to say:

Comrade Xiao Zhong asked for help overnight: What should I do if my partner is marinated in luosifen? Help!

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