Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch166

Author: 公子于歌 / Gong Zi Yu Ge

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 166: The Interaction Between Film and Reality

Perhaps it was due to his having slept for a few hours just now, but Yan Qiuchi tossed and turned. He got up in the middle of the night to drink a glass of water. After he finished his glass, he went into the bathroom and didn’t come out. Shen Jintai opened his eyes in a daze. He wanted to go to the bathroom to have a look, but he was so sleepy that he didn’t move.

After a long while, Yan Qiuchi had returned to bed. He hugged Shen Jintai from behind, buried his head in his neck, and kissed his ears. Yan Qiuchi’s lips were soft and had a hint of coolness to them.

After such a night, Shen Jintai thought Yan Qiuchi was really good. Although he had strong desires and suffered from skin hunger and thirst, he still restrained himself when he needed to be restrained. This restraint was extremely moving, as it showed the extent of his love.

Shen Jintai’s acting was immersive. He felt that if he fully wants to enter the emotions of the characters, the less he experiences reality, the better. Therefore, in the two days before filming the highlights, he stopped running roadshows and stayed with the crew. Except for acting and thinking about his character, he did nothing else.

On the day of filming the climax scene, it happened that Shen Ruhai and his family came to visit the set.

It was coincidental that the father-son relationship in <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> was particularly similar to his current relationship with Shen Ruhai. Their emotions, especially the father’s, were restrained, and they didn’t know how to express them. In the past, he hadn’t been a good father, but now that they were more connected, the line was awkward and alienated.

The difference, though, was that the father-son relationship in the drama was a lot stronger and reflected that of a blood kinship*.

*Clarity: Shen Ruhai is not really the transmigrated Shen Jintai’s father, so he doesn’t feel a “blood” kinship that could be said about Xu Xingchen and Xu Dahai.

Xu Xingchen’s and Xu Dahai’s relationship had once been severed, but it had now vastly improved. The son was now an adult, and the position of power had been reversed. Xu Xingchen would lead his old father to bask in the sun, accompany him to buy vegetables, pick up clothes for him, and make meals according to his taste, all while trying to encourage him to mentally exercise so he could retain his memory.

The father has now become a child, and the child has now become the father. Time was cruel and indifferent, but family affection was warm and everlasting, so it could brace against it, generations after generations.

One day around noon, Xu Xingcheng was cooking in the kitchen while Xu Dahai was sitting alone in the living room watching TV. When Xu Xingcheng came out with a steaming plate of food, he almost dropped it when he saw water dripping down the chair that Xu Dahai was sitting on.

He hurriedly put down the plate, walked over to take a look, and asked, “Did you wet yourself?”

Xu Dahai stared at the TV set, but his mind seemed to be lost in a daze. He turned his head and looked at Xu Xingcheng. “Huh?”

Xu Xingchen couldn’t tell what was going on in his head. He helped Xu Dahai up and made sure that he wetted himself, then confirmed that his pants were indeed wet. Xu Dahai then seemingly woke up, as if from a dream, and with surprise. He quickly became embarrassed and started to panic as he stuttered, “I… I don’t know. I…”

Xu Xingchen went to his bedroom and got him a new set of clothes and said, “Change out of those clothes and go wash them, then change into this set. Do you want me to wash your clothes?”

Xu Dahai didn’t speak. He took the fresh pair of clothes and went into the bathroom. Xu Xingchen sat blankly outside for a while before getting up to grab a mop and dragging it on the floor to clean up the mess. The food on the table was no longer warm. He walked to the kitchen to bring out the soup. Halfway through, he suddenly put down the bowl in his hand, propped it against the stove, and stood there motionless. 

When the food was ready, Xu Dahai hadn’t come out of the bathroom yet. He knocked on the door and heard Xu Dahai say, “Why are you rushing me?” The tone had hints of anger.

Xu Xingchen said, “I’m not. The food will be cold if you keep dawdling.”

He stood in the living room for a while, as if he suddenly thought of something, then turned around and went into Xu Dahai’s room again. He rolled up the quilt and sure enough, he saw a padded jacket lying in the middle of the bed. He picked up the padded jacket and found that the bed was damp and there was a large wet stain.

Most likely, when he found out that he had wet the bed, he was probably too embarrassed to clean the sheets. He stripped the bed of its sheets and put it out in the yard. Xu Dahai had just come out of the bathroom, paused when he saw this, and didn’t say a word.

After eating, Xu Xingchen went to wash clothes while Xu Dahai smoked in the living room. Xu Xingcheng was also embarrassed, but his feelings were far more complicated than just that. Xu Dahai remained silent for the rest of the night. After the awkward experience, neither of them knew how to face each other.

When Xu Xingchen woke up the next morning, Xu Dahai was gone. He thought Xu Dahai had run away from home, and in a panic, he ran out and looked for him. He searched for a long time, but in the end, it was futile.

Chinese New Years have already passed, and there were no young people in the neighborhood. He had been away for so many years that he didn’t know many people, so he could only rely on Yu Chenglin for help. Without saying a word, Yu Chenglin found a few friends and searched for all the places that Xu Dahai tends to go to.

Unable to find him Xu Xingchen became more anxious and worried until he saw Xu Dahai driving the electric car and coming towards him slowly. When he got out, Xu Dahai took out a bag of chestnuts and said, “It’s still hot. For you.”

Xu Xingchen was so overwhelmed with anger that he threw the bag to the ground. “Where did you go? You didn’t even take your phone with you. Don’t you know how worried I was? Or is it because you’re used to living alone and have forgotten about your son?”

Xu Dahai probably didn’t expect him to be so angry, and he said, “I forgot to take my phone… you… Why are you so angry at me?”

As he said it, he bent over to pick up the chestnuts that had scattered all over the ground. After picking them up, Xu Dahai entered the house silently as he heard Xu Xingchen calling someone in the yard and saying, “He came back by himself. Thank you and sorry for the trouble. Tell everyone that I’ll invite them to dinner when I have time.”

Xu Xingchen hung up the phone and entered the house with a gloomy expression. Seeing Xu Dahai’s back, his anger disappeared. Joy filled his heart as he eased his emotions. “I’m not angry at you. I thought you ran away from home. You’re like this now, and sometimes you can’t remember who you are. I don’t know what to do if you get lost on the road without your phone. I’m always worried about you.”

Xu Dahai said, “Today, I visited a few nursing homes in Yangshu County and Zhaomiao County. After comparing them, I found that they were okay. The condition’s better than I thought, and there are a group of old men and women in there that I can get along quite well with.”

Xu Xingchen was taken aback for a moment and said, “For a childless person like me, you don’t want me to enter a nursing home when I get old, but it’s fine for you, despite having a son? Did I ever say that I don’t care about you anymore?”

“I’m not discussing it with you.” Xu Dahai suddenly regained his youthful strength. “I have already registered my name. I’ll go through the formalities tomorrow, so you hurry up and return to Beijing. It’s pointless to watch over me.”

“Are you disobedient again?” Xu Xingchen became serious. When he became like this, Xu Dahai would get scared and be obedient, just like he was when he was a child.

But this time it didn’t work. Xu Dahai said, “I feel bad for you, and it makes me uncomfortable that I can barely eat or drink. There hasn’t been a filial son for a long time, and our relationship was once severed. Eventually you’ll come to dislike me, and I will resent you. Our relationship has now improved, so why make it worse? Don’t worry. I won’t die alone. When the time is almost there, I’ll definitely contact you so we can see each other one last time.”

Xu Dahai sat down on the chair and continued, “Even if you watch over me 24/7, you can’t cure my illness. It’s only a waste of your time. How many months or even years do you plan to take care of me? You came back this time, and this is enough to satisfy me. I wasn’t a good father to deserve a filial son. I won’t cause you trouble, and I don’t want you to suffer with me. Why destroy the last bit of our father-son affection? If you have a conscience, just give me half the money I gave you some time ago, and I’ll take it to live in a nursing home.”

Shen Jintai turned his back slightly as he could no longer hold back and burst into tears.

Qiu Hong said, “Ah, no, you can’t cry.”

Shen Jintai paused for a while, blushed, and asked, “Is this reasonable?”

Cai Jun also felt emotional. His opinion was that he didn’t need to cry, but he could shed tears.

Qiu Hong still insisted on not letting him cry.

Shen Jintai’s crying scenes were good and especially contagious. The two dramas he had starred in, <The East Palace is Coming> and <When You’re Older>, had contributed famous scenes of his crying, but this wasn’t in line with Qiu Hong’s thoughts on Xu Xingchen. In <Welcome Rain on a Spring Night> he was seemingly weak but also had a very strong heart. He came out of the closet at 19 and went to college while independently supported himself financially. He had a sense of tenacity and stubbornness. If there were too many tears, the texture of the character would be watered down*.

*Clarity: He’s basically saying showing too many tears wouldn’t match the kind of character model that Xu Xingchen is (a strong person who overcame many difficulties in life).

This movie was similar to a documentary. The plot was trivial, restrained, and sensational. He was a persistent director and felt he would never compromise his style, so he would never give in. There was nothing wrong with Shen Jintai crying, as it showed that he was a good actor with delicate feelings and possessed great empathy.

“The crying scene should be left to the end.” Qiu Hong said, “If you endure a few more times, I’ll give you what you deserve in the end.”

He felt wanting to cry but not being able was too sadistic. Shen Jintai had no outlet to let it out and vent. Because of this dull pain, he didn’t feel right playing his role. Acting after crying was completely different than acting while under depression all the time.

Shen Ruhai’s family entered the set accompanied by Li Meilan and others. Liu Qi kept holding Shen Xiaomei’s hand, and she warned, “Be quiet and don’t disturb your brother’s filming.”

Everything around the three of them was unfamiliar. There were many staff members on set, but everyone was quiet. When they entered the set that was currently being filmed, Shen Ruhai greeted all the staff members very humbly, completely devoid of the usual domineering boss style that he once had.

He looked around and saw machines, cameras, lights, photographers, prop designers, makeup artists, costume designers, field directors, and the like everywhere, and they were all looking at one person. The person was sitting in the brightest place, lying on a dilapidated sofa. His side face appeared on the monitor and looked like a textured world. The ray of light seemed to have a life of its own as it wrapped around Shen Jintai, making him look familiar yet unfamiliar.

Shen Ruhai opened his mouth slightly and stared blankly. He noticed that Shen Xiaomei was tugging on his shirt, so he hugged her tightly as the light reflected off of Shen Xiaomei’s innocent and childlike eyes.

The author has something to say:

Family interaction inside and outside the play.

Kinky Thoughts:

Ah, this movie is emotional, but in a different kind of way than his previous ones.

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2 thoughts on “Your Rival in Love Gets Prettier Every Day Ch166

  1. “I wasn’t a good father to have a filial son” so now you’re even calling him unfilial? Are you old man? He literally left his entire life behind to come take care of you after you threw him out and you want more to consider him filial? Having Alzheimer’s doesn’t excuse your crappy behaviour mister!


    • Ah translation was a bit ambiguous. Better put would be “I wasn’t a good father to deserve a filial son.” He’s not calling his son unfilial but he doesn’t think he deserve it after what he did and he doesn’t want to burden his son anymore due to his illness.

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