Evil As Humans Ch133

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 133: Health

With a swoosh, Yin Ren spread his limbs and gathered all the diaries.

In the darkness, the translucent black wing clusters extended to every corner of the room. Yin Ren held those notebooks in his arms as if he were embracing a person.

Maintaining this posture, he felt the sensation of spreading his wings and felt the pages of writing.

The first diary of Zhong Chengshuo started on September 1st, more than 20 years ago. It was well-preserved, with the first page neatly written with “Grade 1, Class 1 – Zhong Chengshuo’s Diary” in neat and mature handwriting that didn’t look like that of a child.

Throughout the diary, he wrote about his height and weight and always included the phrase “I’m fine”. On some dates, the young Zhong Chengshuo would add additional notes, such as “Physical examination today” or “School sports day today,” mostly related to his physical health.

His middle and high school diaries were similar, without any teenage fantasies or plans related to exams. His diaries always contained the same phrase: “I’m fine.”

Except for three days.

The first detailed record appeared on a certain day during Zhong Chengshuo’s third year of middle school. During the summer vacation, Zhong Chengshuo went to another city to attend a training course because his parents were too busy. He didn’t know whether the food at the training course was good or bad, but the person who was in charge always preferred to serve fast food, like fried chicken and hamburgers, so the participating students’ weights all increased.

Except for Zhong Chengshuo.

Among a group of overweight boys and girls, he stood out. He lived, attended classes, rested with other children, and ate with a moderate appetite, but his weight didn’t change at all. The children were sensitive and couldn’t help but discuss this anomaly.

[I’m fine.]

[Also, this seems a bit unnatural. I need to eat a balanced diet.]

[A balanced diet is good for all living things.]

After briefly recounting the event, Zhong Chengshuo wrote this.


The second detailed record appeared on a certain day when Zhong Chengshuo was in his sophomore year in high school.

Based on the record on the cover, Zhong Chengshuo was admitted to the best high school in Haigu.

Yin Ren had heard of this key high school. In order to get into a good university, students in their sophomore year started to work hard. Excluding early morning exercises, the students studied from 7 in the morning to 10 in the evening every day, with most of them staying up late to study in their dormitories. Even after midnight, at least 80% of the dormitory windows still had lights on.

Despite their young age and resilience, this kind of high intensity studying still took a toll on their spirits. Among the students in the key class, having varying degrees of dark circles under their eyes was the norm.

Only Zhong Chengshuo, who ranked first in his grade, was an exception.

Like most top students, he got up at 5:30 a.m. to memorize vocabulary and went to bed at 12:30 a.m.. As a result, not only did he not have dark circles under his eyes, but his skin was also shockingly good.

With excellent academic performance and a remarkable physical state, his classmates would occasionally inquire about what health supplements or skincare products he used.

[I’m fine.]

[Also, this is a bit unnatural. I need to maintain a regular schedule.]

[A regular schedule is good for all living things.]

As he was about to enter his junior year, Zhong Chengshuo wrote this down.


The third detailed record appeared on a certain day when Zhong Chengshuo was in his freshman year.

He entered A University with nearly perfect grades and was about to become an adult.

At that time, he lived in a four-person dormitory on campus and would inevitably change clothes in front of his roommates. His three roommates included one who was skin and bones, one who weighed nearly 300 pounds, and only one who had a normal body type, which was still considered “average”—a well-proportioned figure but not exactly “fit”.

With his good looks and impressive physique, Zhong Chengshuo quickly caught the attention of others. Some people would intentionally or unintentionally inquire about whether he achieved his physique through sports.

One of his overweight roommates would frequently ask him for advice on “how to lose fat and gain muscle.”

[I’m fine.]

[Also, this is a bit unnatural. I need a pair of glasses and moderate exercise.]

[Moderate exercise is good for all living things.]


Yin Ren held those pages of paper, and for a moment, he wasn’t quite sure if he understood the hidden meaning behind the words.

Ordinary people could obtain a healthy and attractive body through healthy eating, regular rest, and moderate exercise. However, in the case of Zhong Chengshuo, this process was subtly reversed—

To explain that healthy and attractive physique, Zhong Chengshuo needed to rely on these measures to “provide a reason.”

If it were someone else doing these things, Yin Ren might consider the possibility of “trying to fit in”. But this was Zhong Chengshuo. Let alone pursuing conformity, whether he could even think of “using these methods to fit in” was a question in and of itself.

Moreover, he was very committed to maintaining his physical health.

What was even more frightening was that, except for a recent period of time, these diaries were recorded without fail, every day, spanning Zhong Chengshuo’s entire life since the first grade of primary school.

His cleanliness was formed from primary school’s “health and hygiene” to graduate school’s “animal pathology”.

Although Zhong Chengshuo didn’t record it in detail, he would write a few sentences summarizing the necessity of maintaining a hygienic state after every major flu or epidemic. As for bleeding and injury, if not for knowing Zhong Chengshuo, Yin Ren would have thought that the owner of the diary was the world’s most afraid-of-death person.

No illness, no accidents. Zhong Chengshuo grew up in a textbook-like, healthy human template.

His height and weight were increasing, and important health-related activities were recorded, complemented by the phrase “I’m fine” to the point of boredom.

As time drew closer to the present, Yin Ren’s presence became stronger.

[I’m fine.]

[When Yin Ren made a gun gesture towards me, my heartbeat inexplicably accelerated, and my body temperature rose.]

[I’m fine.]

[When in contact with Yin Ren, my heartbeat and body temperature still become irregular for no reason.]

[I’m fine.]

[I have an urge to get close to Yin Ren, but also a slight sense of rejection. But I think I really like him.]


Yin Ren couldn’t read on.

Zhong Chengshuo’s records were calm and straightforward. He didn’t hesitate to use the word “like,” which always accompanied “heart palpitations” or “unconsciously attracted”. But now, they all turned into sharp nails, hammering into Yin Ren’s heart.

In over 20 years and nearly 10,000 diary entries, there was only one sentence that didn’t relate to “health”.

[I hope we can walk to the end smoothly. It’s the first time I want to tell the truth to someone.]

Zhong Chengshuo wrote this on the day they confirmed their relationship.

A huge monster curled up its body in the underground space, and the rustling sound of flapping wings resonated as Yin Ren buried his face deeply into the pages.

The pain in his heart was unbearable.

A millennium ago, he could control countless evil creatures, but at this moment, he couldn’t even control his own sore eyes.

Ever since Zhong Chengshuo disappeared in front of him, Yin Ren almost immediately put on the mask of “Grand Master Zhong Yi”. In order to find ways to get Zhong Chengshuo back, he must show absolute power and a tough stance.

…Perhaps the only person who truly knew his true nature was the person who “wants to walk with him to the end”.

He wasn’t commanding at all, nor was he that tough.

“Zhong Chengshuo…”

Yin Ren gritted his teeth and forced himself to stop thinking about those neat and pure “likes”, and forced himself back to reality.

Zhong Chengshuo left records and hoped that he would get them. This was probably more than just “delivering relics”. These diaries couldn’t be directly handed over to Shian.

Compared to simply recording his life, it seemed that he was more like carefully “raising” and observing himself, like a diary of observing a rare animal.

Is Zhong Chengshuo really just an ordinary human?

Yin Ren held onto those papers tightly, and pain mixed with a faint hope squeezed his chest. This person was difficult to fathom when he was alive and even more mysterious after he died.

Will all these puzzles be solved when he finds Zhong Chengshuo?

In the dark space, a small screen lit up.

The background picture was still “Zhong Chengshuo wearing a nightcap and yawning”, which Yin Ren secretly took on a certain morning, and it hadn’t been changed yet. The Ghost King quietly held the notebooks left by that person in the world and typed quietly with both hands.

[Fruit Knife: I received your gift.]

[Fruit Knife: I have new clues and will find you soon.]

[Fruit Knife: I should say it a few more times. I really like you. I’ve never been so uncomfortable before growing up! 👊]

[Fruit Knife: Why don’t you believe this? If you do, you can definitely come back.]

[Fruit Knife: Say something to me.]

Yin Ren waited for half an hour, facing that bright screen.

After half an hour, he packed his things and left the darkness.


Haigu Municipal Hospital.

Huang Jin lit a cigarette and sat near the hospital flower bed.

He still couldn’t get used to smoking, so he could only hold it in his hand. The blue-gray smoke rose in spirals, and Huang Jin’s thoughts drifted around with it—

At this point, the situation of the members of Unit 9 had been determined.

Lu Xiaohe was already lame, and when she was attacked, she was closest to Fu Xingchuan and sustained the lightest injuries among all the science posts. Her internal organs and bones were intact, and she only suffered a slight concussion. After her skin wounds were sutured, Lu Xiaohe woke up quickly.

After waking up, she kept staring at the ceiling with a blank expression.

The personnel from the other branches fared worse and were still in a coma.

Ge Tingting was even more severely affected. When she joined Shian, she had already been undergoing psychological treatment for a long time. Now that she had seen Zhong Chengshuo being brutally shot in front of her, she was still trembling all over and couldn’t calm down.

With such a major security incident at Shian, Fu Xingchuan hit rock bottom. If he were to request a transfer from Unit Nine now, Shian would probably not refuse…

Huang Jin lowered his eyes. For some reason, this time he couldn’t feel any relief when he thought about this.

He took a deep breath and extinguished the cigarette after only a few puffs. Just as he was about to turn and head back to the hospital, he saw a huge mosaic carrying a suitcase rushing towards the hospital gate.

As it passed by Huang Jin, the mosaic named “Yin Ren” moved as if saluting.

“Starting today, I will be staying here.”

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