Evil As Humans Ch129

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 129: A Few Steps Away


His partner died?

…Zhong Chengshuo was sacrificed? How could that be possible?

That person was fine, right in front of his eyes. Yin Ren’s almost paralyzed thoughts turned with difficulty. He resisted the dizziness and opened his eyes wide to see the orderly battle scene in front of him.

While his head was blank, his body was still moving on its own.

Yin Ren watched as he used a ghost control spell and quietly enhanced San Jie’s auxiliary magic. The golden light inside the skull was flourishing, and 14 genderless corpses with golden shadows surrounded the two cone-shaped monsters in the center.

“Great job!” Luo Wanxiang floated in mid-air using her jet propulsion device and gave the two a thumbs up.

Zhong Chengshuo was still concentrating on attacking the orange cone. He didn’t show off his skills like Luo Wanxiang but was like a lurking beast—most of the time was spent waiting and observing, and his shots were simple and direct, but he could always seriously injure the thing’s eyes.

Simple, but deadly.

With Yin Ren’s red light spell, the crimson highlights on the two cones grew in number. Lined with a circle of golden light from his spells, there was a bit more solemnity in this gloomy skull.

The situation had basically become stable. The two science posts caused continuous damage to the monster, and there were no giant insects rushing around. Ge Tingting and the others probably controlled them.

It was just that those little white monsters were still dishonest.

They took advantage of everyone’s attention on the cone monster, and some of them crawled towards San Jie and Yin Ren, while the rest trembled and penetrated into the darkness to follow the Yandu group that was blocking the bugs.

“Hu Tao, help Ge Tingting watch and warn them at any time!”

Yin Ren wouldn’t naturally miss this.

[1] Hu Tao replied weakly in the Coffin Nails group.

The former Great Celestial Master made a gesture, and a spell suddenly started, pushing the little monsters out wave after wave. The white monsters fluctuated layer by layer, like ripples on the ground. Occasionally, one or two daring ones would break through the ripples and wrap around Yin Ren’s toes.

However, Yin Ren’s skin was covered with a thick layer of evil qi, and the little monsters who had repeated their tricks were blown far away by the surging evil qi before they could touch his skin.

They crawled tremblingly and flew away with tears splashing, completely devoid of the creepy influence they had before.

As he felt the intermittent contact again and again, Yin Ren gradually developed a strange sensation.

He should know how to deal with these things, just like he should know how to yawn and blink.

It was difficult to express this feeling in words—a certain invisible and intangible “new organ” gradually awakened, trying to function awkwardly, like a newborn cub smelling the world for the first time.

The small monsters touched him lightly, one after another, and a layer of invisible and intangible barrier gradually formed around Yin Ren. This barrier was like eyelids, closely adhering to his skin. He felt like he was soaking in warm water, with his whole body feeling warm and comfortable.

The surrounding stench instantly dissipated, and the white monsters no longer looked so hideous.

With this barely discernible protection, the evil qi attached to his body seemed clumsy and superfluous, like trying to force a snake to shed its skin back on.

Yin Ren maintained this mysterious state, stepping on the crawling small monsters on the ground and slowly reducing the protective layer of evil qi. The small monsters’ eyeballs slipped into the gaps between his toes, cold and slippery, feeling like fungus.

The thick layer of evil qi gradually dissipated until it disappeared.

As he expected, with this new “protection”, even without the need for evil qi isolation, he wouldn’t be affected at all.

Thanks to these little things that crazily stimulated him, he seemed to have gained a whole new ability.

Yin Ren adjusted his breathing and once again confirmed that his emotions were very stable. Even if the white monster flooded his instep, he didn’t have the impulse to devour Zhong Chengshuo as before—to put it bluntly, he just wanted to find time to kiss Zhong Chengshuo when no one was paying attention.

How great.

Like a cat learning to extend its claws for the first time. In order to maintain this sensation, Yin Ren dared not be distracted. He worked hard to maintain it and walked in the cone’s direction, past Sang Jie. With only two science posts, Zhong Chengshuo and Luo Wanxiang, it was still somewhat difficult to restrain the two giants. Zhong Chengshuo was, after all, a mortal with a physical body, so Yin Ren had to pay more attention.

And there was nothing better than “battle” to train and control new abilities.

Zhong Chengshuo seemed to have eyes on his back. Yin Ren had just taken two steps when Zhong Chengshuo simply turned his head around.

Seeing Yin Ren walking freely on the white monster, Zhong Chengshuo looked somewhat surprised, but he just silently watched Yin Ren for a second without asking anything.

The rest of the battle was incredibly easy.

Whatever emotional influence the cone monster could have, for Yin Ren, it was just a stupid cone. With the three of them, Yin Ren, Zhong Chengshuo, and Luo Wanxiang, working together, not only were the monster’s eyes full of wounds, but dozens of cracks appeared on its orange shell.

One fatal weakness was thus compensated for, and Yin Ren was finally able to touch these things directly.

The “shielding influence” ability was useful, but it had to be driven by instinct and relied on grasping physical sensation. Yin Ren was very used to this kind of training method, and he just needed to go back and practice and study repeatedly.

So many years had passed that Yin Ren almost forgot what “ability growth” felt like. He was so happy at the time…


What does it feel like to be happy again?

He couldn’t remember at all.

[The competition didn’t end normally, right?] That voice said in his mind.

‘Yes, the competition didn’t end normally,’ Yin Ren thought slightly wearily.

What happened… afterwards?

From early morning until dusk, the two cone-shaped monsters went from being full of fighting spirit to being covered in wounds.

Everyone in Shian had reached their limit. Sang Jie was panting heavily, and her bone staff was dull and lifeless. Without power in her equipment, Luo Wanxiang had to limp and step on rotting flesh to continue fighting. According to Hu Tao’s feedback, the situation on the other side had also stabilized with some effort.

Zhong Chengshuo was still the same, showing no signs of fatigue on his face.

“Just one final blow left.” He evaluated the movement trajectory of the cone-shaped monsters. “The competition is about to…”

“Environmental disturbances detected. Scores recorded. Everyone evacuate!”

At this critical moment, Fu Xingchuan’s voice pressed in from all sides.

Before everyone could react, a crimson magical light illuminated the surroundings. The expensive Corpse Cage, worth millions, rotted away in an instant, leaving only yellow-white bones.

In the next moment, their vision suddenly distorted, and countless cracks like peeling wall paint appeared.

Without the cover of the Corpse Cage, the small monsters and the orange cones on the ground emitted smoke, and the latter burrowed into the cracks and disappeared.

The small white monsters weren’t so lucky. They screamed “Don’t want to die” and dissolved quickly in the air, leaving no trace of their remains.

Everything happened in just a few seconds. The space collapsed, and the three small teams with injuries all over their bodies regained their normal shapes and fell to the ground at the same time. The members’ injuries were different, but they all looked bewildered.

“There are hot towels in the cabinet on your right.”

Fu Xingchuan said to the nine people and the cat lying on the ground. As for the ghost, Hu Tao, she had already rushed out of the building when she heard the word “evacuate”.

Yin Ren couldn’t say whether he was disappointed or relieved when the competition was suddenly interrupted. He sauntered over to the cabinet, pulled out two hot towels, and draped one over his own neck before going to wipe the face of Zhong Chengshuo as per his request.

He needed to be the first to determine the extent of Zhong Chengshuo’s injuries.

Zhong Chengshuo stood still and obediently took off his glasses, allowing Yin Ren to wipe his face like scrubbing a statue.

Despite the cancellation of the competition, the surroundings were peaceful and clean. Yin Ren wiped his lover’s face, but the feeling of inner turmoil couldn’t be eased.

He couldn’t help but turn his head to observe the situation of the people around him.

Sang Jie and Luo Wanxiang simply put up two peace signs and gasped for breath while resting. Huang Jin and Ge Tingting moved to opposite corners, ignoring each other. Lu Xiaohe fell into a pile of machinery and groaned in pain while holding her waist. Fu Tianyi sat facing the wall, and the depression all over his body was visible to everyone…

In the center of the small room, the three masters were still arguing beside the bones.

Perhaps it was because Yandu’s performance in the group was so mediocre that the “#1 Evil Smith” couldn’t sit still. “Hey, Lao Fu, why did you stop without telling us? At least give us a heads up.”

“This doesn’t comply with the procedure.” Qiao Shang solemnly agreed. “There were no signs of alarm from the spirit weapons, so there was no need to be so anxious.”

“The ancestors have issued a warning, and the nearby space is abnormal. You all know Fu Wuya. He wouldn’t issue a warning for no reason.”

Fu Xingchuan took out a cigarette and put it in his mouth, but he didn’t light it.

“Now that the overall situation has been decided, if you’re uncomfortable, we can arrange other forms of extra matches.”

“But this warning doesn’t have any follow-up, and it’s not just about whether to have extra matches or not.” Zhou Gong’s smile was a bit forced.

“The B-level investigation team broke through the illusion array in the mountains. Isn’t that good? I’ve always felt that your B and C teams’ content seemed to be reversed from the beginning… Lao Fu, even if someone attacks, they should go after our B-level members first. Aren’t you too concerned about a group of C-level newcomers?”

Not far away, Yin Ren sighed inwardly. The three layers of defense inside and outside were just a test, and they all knew it.

Fu Xingchuan laughed and tried to smooth things over. “These are all our future talents. Didn’t I say before that these young people are a bit special and might have some new ideas? Let’s not forget that.”

Qiao Shang shook her head, looking unhappy. “We can talk about the extra match later, but the problem is your attitude… It only takes a few seconds to tell us. Are you really lacking those few seconds?”

Fu Xingchuan scratched his head and let out a sigh. “I really am lacking those few seconds.”

As he spoke, he didn’t look at anyone and just stared at a void; his expression was complicated.

Contrary to what they had expected, everything didn’t end smoothly. Even the “space anomaly” from earlier was just a false alarm.

The battle didn’t go wrong, and Zhong Chengshuo was still alive. The abnormalities in his body might be just a side effect of awakening a new ability, which filled Yin Ren with hope.

But the unbearable tearing sensation had not disappeared, and his mind still felt numb.

“Can we go eat first? Oh, maybe we should go back and clean up first.”

Yin Ren asked cheerfully, feeling in a good mood.

Maintaining the state of “isolating influence” required a lot of energy, and he was starving. After fighting in the corpse for so long, Zhong Chengshuo probably also wanted to take a nice hot bath.

Maybe they could wash together and have a kiss in the hot water.

“For now, let’s not separate.” Fu Xingchuan didn’t agree. “There might be some adhesive phenomenon in the space near the Corpse Cage, and there may be small gaps in the short term. When we reach the above ground, you can move freely.”

He had to say that this judgment was quite cautious.

…What went wrong? Why was his heart so resistant to “continue”?

Yin Ren thought blankly.

He remembered that they walked out of the door happily and followed the exhausted team upward.

He remembered they stepped on the upward stairs, and the old wooden smell drifted in the corridor.

He remembered they walked towards the exit, where there was no door panel. Through the arched doorway, they could see the red and green evening sky. The two masters of Shian walked in front, while Fu Xingchuan personally guarded the end of the team. The figures in front were folded into sections by the steps, and the wind from the outside carried the fragrance of the mountains and blew down along the steps.

He remembered holding Zhang Chengshuo’s wrist, speeding up, and walking in front of him. Everything was ordinary, just like the end of every small adventure. The Fu residence was nice, but Yin Ren had already started to miss home.

“What do you want to eat tonight? I want to have some night market cold noodles. I don’t know if the cook here can make it.”

“I asked about the recipe when I bought groceries,” Zhong Chengshuo answered seriously. “I can tell the kitchen staff.”

…Where did it go wrong, exactly?

The environment was so peaceful, yet Yin Ren felt more and more suffocated.

[Don’t resist the memories.] The voice appeared again, clearer than before.


Memory fragments…

Yin Ren suddenly realized something—something spewed out from the darkness and hit his consciousness directly.

It was the end of a “memory.”

The tired team climbed up the steps, only a few steps away from the arched doorway. A chaotic day was about to end, and the beautiful sunset was right in front of them. They would rest well for the night and compete in other ways tomorrow.

In order to quickly familiarize himself with his newly acquired ability, Yin Ren still maintained the “isolation” state. As long as he became stronger, the people he cared about would be in a little less danger… That was what he thought at the time.

His “isolation” did indeed isolate the influence of those abnormal monsters.

But it also isolated other things, such as the malicious surveillance of the sniper in the abandoned amusement park.

Familiar gunfire sounded, and Yin Ren’s mind was almost blank.

It was that guy.

Someone was shouting, but he couldn’t hear clearly, and the colors in his field of vision became blurry. Just like in the abandoned amusement park, Yin Ren desperately threw himself towards Zhong Chengshuo, trying to shield him from that person.

But what he touched was a warm and moist sensation.

It wasn’t a spell that was cast, as there was no hint of magic in the air. It was an ordinary bullet… a high-powered, purely scientific projectile with tremendous killing force.

It hit the center of Zhong Chengshuo’s chest and exploded inside his body.

Everything happened too quickly. Zhong Chengshuo touched his bloody and mangled chest; a look of shock still on his face, as he turned his head to look at Yin Ren. He seemed to want to say something.

Yin Ren pressed both hands on Zhong Chengshuo’s chest and activated one healing spell after another in vain. He blocked the direction from which the bullet came and instantly shattered several pieces of wall to build a safe shelter, then frantically tried to stop the bleeding.

A huge sense of unreality engulfed him.

If it was just the heart… If it was just the heart, then there was still hope. Shian had a lot of futuristic medical technology that was ahead of its time. They must have contingency plans for this kind of pure gunshot wound. Everything was not over yet…

But he had to stop the bleeding first. That was the only thing he could do…

Zhong Chengshuo struggled to stretch out his hand, his palm full of blood covering Yin Ren’s hand.

That person’s palm was still warm.

“This place really gives people a headache. It’s a pity that some people’s cleverness backfires. With just a little teasing, they come out in a hurry…”

A light and brisk voice sounded from the depths of the darkness. It was vague, like there was a layer of water film in between.

“Well, on second thought, you can’t hide in there forever. It’s just dying a little earlier now.”

There were a few gunshots again.

Yin Ren’s eyes were instantly covered with blood, and the hand that Zhong Chengshuo was holding onto his back twitched.

This time, the bullet bizarrely changed its trajectory and shot out from the wall behind Zhong Chengshuo.

This time, it hit Zhong Chengshuo’s head directly, ruthlessly exploding it.

Yin Ren’s body was splattered with hot blood and broken flesh. He stared blankly at the headless body in front of him, almost all the blood in his body was frozen.

Is it all a dream?

Just a surreal nightmare?

The ancient Ghost King forgot about those bizarre abilities, forgot about his own earth-shattering power. He stood dazed in place, like an ordinary person.

Not far away, the blood-red sunlight slanted through the archway. They shone red on the blood on the ground through the shattered “wall shelter”.


The blood on his hand was still warm.

It seemed that someone was injured around him and shouting loudly, but Yin Ren didn’t hear it…or rather, he heard it but didn’t understand.

He clenched the familiar body with trembling fingers.

However, countless semi-transparent black tentacles spread out from the wall, wrapping around Zhong Chengshuo’s body like sea anemones and violently pulled him into the wall.

Just like sinking into the water.

Yin Ren didn’t care if anyone was watching around him, and subconsciously wrapped his hair around—at least, he had to keep that person here.

At the critical moment, Yin Ren’s hair tightly wrapped around Zhong Chengshuo’s body as he spoke, refusing to let go. A small part of Zhong Chengshuo’s body remained outside, wrapped in wriggling, translucent tentacles.

Faint laughter came from inside the wall.

“That guy is really deceiving people. This one is indeed an ‘ordinary person.’ As for you… aren’t you an evil?”

As soon as the words fell, there was a sharp pain.

The hair that grabbed Zhong Chengshuo was cut off in unison, and he couldn’t feel Zhong Chengshuo’s body temperature anymore. The next moment, the tentacles suddenly retracted, accompanied by a distorted explosion, and the wall quickly returned to its original state.

Only a pool of blood and debris, and a few broken nylon straps remained in front of him. Zhong Chengshuo’s hard skin fell near the base of the wall, and the pages gradually soaked with blood.

His lover had completely disappeared.

Yin Ren stared at the wall, for a few seconds, or perhaps a century. He turned his head dazedly and looked at the door a few steps away.

Almost insane sadness and hatred overwhelmed Yin Ren’s mind, breaking through the icy coldness in his heart. He used his last bit of reason to press his temple with one hand.

He can’t lose control here. He can’t lose control here.

Absolutely cannot lose control here.

Whether it was Zhong Yi or an evil, if even his identity as an “Evil Spirit” was exposed, how could he get Zhong Chengshuo back?

‘…He had to snatch him back,’ Yin Ren thought in a daze.

Yin Ren watched his fingers touch his temple, and the magic suddenly started. Faced with bone-deep despair, he knew what to do.

The radiance of the magic illuminated the pool of blood, and Yin Ren decisively sealed his memories of the past few hours.


“How exactly did your partner sacrifice himself?”

The voice repeated the question.

“I remember.”

Yin Ren replied.

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