Evil As Humans Ch110

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 110: The Abyss

As soon as Yin Ren got into the green leather carriage, he closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to resist talking if he was awake.

The carriage was empty, so Yin Ren moved to an empty seat nearby. He curled up his legs and used his backpack as a pillow. Turning his face away from the back of the chair, he fell asleep.

He used a bunch of hair that had turned into red rope and skillfully created several bone talismans with seals inscribed on them. Yellow Millet maintained its size of a marble and was tied to one of the white bones on the red rope, transforming it into a standard keychain.

It hung on Dog Thing and looked quite harmonious with the hamster key pendant. The colorful ball swayed back and forth with the movement of the train, and Ge Tingting couldn’t help but glance at them several times.

In terms of the situation in Gengsheng Town, Yin Ren probably had no chance to go shopping, so where in hell did he get this from?

It was kind of cute.

As she was thinking about it, she saw the little thing that looked like a rainbow candy ball turn around, and a black dot that looked like a pupil was staring straight at her.

Ge Tingting: “……”

This train was so bumpy that it was causing her to see things, right?

She obediently took the bowl of braised beef noodles and slurped it while freeing up one hand to casually browse her social media feed. Due to the language barrier, she didn’t have many friends, and all her acquaintances were small managers who paid her wages.

Amidst the pile of flowery and fancy words and pictures that evoked feelings of spring and autumn, Shian’s artistic style stood out prominently.

[Huang Jin (junior): Why is it always so difficult for people to live?]

Ge Tingting continued to slurp her noodles and nodded as she swiped down.

[Luo Xiaohe (sister): Welcome home! When everyone comes back, I’ll treat them to a buffet and give them a warm welcome—!!! 🤗]

The accompanying picture was the header image of a famous buffet. Xiaohe Jie seemed to be in a very good mood.

As soon as she wanted to like it, she found Yin Ren’s like below.

Ge Tingting: “?”

My friend, aren’t you sleeping?

However, regarding the affairs of her seniors, it wasn’t something for someone like her to worry about. Ge Tingting stabbed her plastic fork into the braised egg and took a small bite. The savory egg white casually slid down.

[Minister Fu (leader): Hehe.]

The accompanying picture was of a Buddha statue with cracks on top of its head. Ge Tingting was unsure of what he wanted to express. There was obviously no Buddha statue in Gengsheng Town, and the picture was quite blurry, like it was a random picture found online.

Ge Tingting hesitated for a while, but in the end, she didn’t dare to like it.

After the mission was over, Fu Xingchuan specially added her and Huang Jin’s WeChat. Ge Tingting panicked at that time—when she was a dishwasher outside, the manager didn’t add her, but she wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask directly why.

If every newcomer was added, how many people would be on Minister Fu’s list?

She fell into a whole new world of confusion.

On the other side of Ge Tingting, Zhong Chengshuo had opened his unfinished book and was reading quietly. His left hand seemed to be stuck to the sampling box, and he was unwilling to move even an inch away from it, as if he were trying to hatch something.

Ge Tingting looked around and found nothing worth mentioning. She cleaned up her braised beef noodle soup bowl and laid it down on the plastic table that still had some residual heat and started dozing off.

For a while, except for Zhong Chengshuo, only three people in the Emergency Management Department were awake in the carriage.

The three looked in three directions, respectively. Among them, Li Nian’s gaze was glued to Zhong Chengshuo’s forehead; the latter looked indifferent.

Rumbling, the green leather carriage passed through the mountains, and the scenery on both sides was as lackluster as usual. It headed towards Haigu, which was full of high-rises, leaving the fog and decay far behind.

Everything was proceeding well. Zhong Chengshuo continued to read in silence.

As he guessed, Shian didn’t disclose the inside story of their execution mission. From Ge Tingting’s point of view, this was just an investigation mission that went awry. Whether it was “Qi Xin’s” abnormal condition or everything related to the “figure in red”, they were all hidden in the dark.

Afterwards, the real report of this mission would be sealed and marked with a higher level of confidentiality.

Fu Xingchuan didn’t ask him to hand in the samples he obtained, and he found more clues about the Divine Descent and Yin Ren’s past that were beginning to emerge. Zhong Chengshuo was extremely satisfied with this mission.

He had to get home as soon as possible and write down this incident—especially regarding that Old Mayor—in detail.

Thinking of the imitation that was the “Old Mayor”, Zhong Chengshuo couldn’t help turning his attention to the genuine product.

The top of Yin Ren’s head was facing him. Probably noticing Zhong Chengshuo’s gaze, an eye grew at the top of his head, rolled its eyes at him, and then quickly disappeared.

Zhong Chengshuo: “……”

Well, Yin Ren’s situation is a little weird, so he should keep that in mind.


Yin Ren’s strange state continued until the two returned to Ping’an Manor.

There would always be a rest period after a mission. This time, Fu Xingchuan exempted them from the medical examination process on the grounds that he had already “checked in person”. When the two arrived at their residence, it was just around noon.

Yin Ren walked behind Zhong Chengshuo. Pulling his face in a rare manner, he slammed the door shut and moved with a murderous aura.

Zhong Chengshuo quickly reacted. He jumped to the other end of the room, protecting the sampling box with both hands. Comrade Xiao Zhong hadn’t spoken yet when the entrance was full of evil qi. The curtains behind him closed automatically, without wind.

Originally, the room was bright and sunny, but it instantly became ten times darker.

“Oh, you’re back from that hellhole…” Hu Tao smelled a breath, and a head emerged from the room next door. She glanced at Yin Ren, whose face was so heavy that it was about to melt into dripping water, and instantly brake. She turned her head forcibly 180 degrees and whizzed back into her room.

“Zhong Chengshuo, let’s talk.” Yin Ren squeezed out each word with great emphasis between his teeth.

Zhong Chengshuo looked at him for a while and made a pause gesture, then ran back into the bedroom. When he emerged again, he had already changed into loose pajamas and was frantically wiping the ashes from his hand with a cleansing towel. The sampling box was missing. Yin Ren suspected that guy had locked his baby egg in a hidden safe.

Yin Ren watched as the man went through a series of operations. After two minutes, a pajama-clad Zhong Chengshuo was sitting in front of him with his hands on his knees.

“Go ahead.” Zhong Chengshuo pushed up his glasses.

Yin Ren’s side was full of energy that was slowly declining but wasn’t exhausted. Seeing this man’s usual innocent face, his nameless fire successfully flared up again.

He took a deep breath and put on a serious tone that could frighten mortals thousands of years ago.

“I’m very angry. Do you know why?”

Zhong Chengshuo’s face had a look full of confusion.

Yin Ren stepped forward mercilessly with a force in his hand, causing the first two buttons of Zhong Chengshuo’s pajamas to snap off and fly away. The front lapel of his pajamas was torn wide open, revealing bruises and abrasions underneath.

Yin Ren stretched out his finger and pressed on one of the wounds. The spell was spinning frantically at his fingertips, but the brilliance couldn’t touch Zhong Chengshuo.

“Don’t you understand yet?” Lord Ghost King gritted his teeth.

Zhong Chengshuo: “I have already disinfected them.”

“You know I can’t follow immediately, so you left the team to deal with the initiation.” In the dim living room, Yin Ren’s eyes glowed bright red like coal. “There are living people and zombies waiting over there… Okay, you, King Yama, are very capable and aren’t afraid of those small characters, but what about Qi Xin?”

Yin Ren said sharply.

“If I got there a little late, she might’ve killed you.”

Zhong Chengshuo looked at Yin Ren quietly but didn’t answer.

“She has an entity, Zhong Chengshuo, and I can’t even see through her strength. With that power, she can tear you into pieces with her bare hands! If she hurts you seriously, I can’t even heal you!”

Yin Ren pressed hard with his palm onto Zhong Chengshuo’s chest.

“Even if we don’t have this relationship, even if we are just friends, I will be scared to death if you do this. Don’t you understand?”


Zhong Chengshuo slowly touched Yin Ren’s wrist and held it tightly.

“I have the confidence to escape.” His tone was firm and steady.

“Then, if you’re really confident, do I have to say, ‘Wow, you’re so amazing’?”

Yin Ren grabbed the back of a chair with one hand and held Zhong Chengshuo with the other. His black hair was swaying windlessly, its ends shaking irritably. Zhong Chengshuo was firmly imprisoned in a cage of limbs and hair and could only look up.

“Now that you can escape, but when I lost control in the Archive, you said that even death might have been calculated. Why do you think so highly of me?”

Zhong Chengshuo maintained the posture of raising his head. “When facing you, I never considered running away.”

Yin Ren’s movement froze for a few seconds.

“Oh, really?” Yin Ren’s fierce red eyes were firmly locked on Zhong Chengshuo. “Should I thank you?”

“You’re welcome.” Zhong Chengshuo nodded politely.

Yin Ren: “……” Ah, such a person really made him want to explode. He had been sober for hundreds of years and had never seen a person like this.

The tips of Lord Ghost King’s hair swam like a snake on the ground, slapping the floor.

“So it seems to you,” he said almost angrily, “that there’s no problem with you going off on your own to deal with the initiation and not even waiting for an opportunity to discuss it with me first?”

“It’s not 100% no problem,” Zhong Chengshuo explained quickly, “but even if you were by my side, it’s still not 100% no problem.”

Yin Ren suddenly fell silent.

All his worries and anger were emptied, and his heart really stopped at this moment.

Indeed, even if he was by Zhong Chengshuo’s side… If at that time Qi Xin hadn’t stopped for an unknown reason, they might not have survived.

Zhong Chengshuo really knew how to grasp the key points.

All the hair no longer swam around. Yin Ren just looked into Zhong Chengshuo’s eyes and pursed his lips.

Strange eyes. Even when they were happy, there was no brilliance in them, like two withered deep wells leading straight into the bottomless abyss.

This person was also like an abyss.

The love and worry he invested would not stir any ripples. They would fall endlessly, and maybe they would collide with a little echo. But he didn’t know when a response would come back or how long he would have to wait.

Zhong Chengshuo wasn’t making excuses. This person couldn’t understand his worries from the bottom of his heart.

The probability was low, and the behavior was reasonable. For Zhong Chengshuo, it seemed that as long as he presented a “solution process” any matter could be completely turned over.

However, what made Yin Ren angry was that he was attracted by the ethereal voice in the abyss. The unknown, the distant… and even the pain and annoyance they brought.

That was right. Zhong Chengshuo didn’t understand his concerns, let alone worry about himself because there was “no danger”.

His anger eventually fell into the abyss of darkness, and he couldn’t make any waves.

Yin Ren released the back of the chair expressionlessly. He didn’t say another word, but walked to the sofa and sat on his knees in the corner of the sofa that was against the wall. Zhong Chengshuo blinked and watched as the man’s body quickly deformed and countless wings popped out, filling a quarter of the space in the living room, burying Yin Ren deeply inside.

“I want to be alone.” Yin Ren’s voice was muffled.

Zhong Chengshuo: “……”

Is this autism?

“What’s wrong?” Zhong Chengshuo took the opportunity to touch a wing.

Yin Ren didn’t answer. The wing mass shrank, and the feathers on the surface instantly became hard.

Yellow Millet noticed its master’s resentment and dragged Dog Thing around, trying to give this person a little deterrent as a powerful evil.

It was a pity that for a top science post, this soft dumpling was really no deterrent. Zhong Chengshuo squeezed it with two fingers and threw it directly into the bedroom.

“Puff, puff, puff!” Yellow Millet let out a weak cry as it banged on the door.

Zhong Chengshuo ignored it and didn’t go about his business as Yin Ren thought he would. He just sat in a chair with his hands crossed and his eyes on the floor in a standard contemplative pose.

Inside the dark living room, a man was staring at the floor, while in a corner, an evil behemoth had stuffed itself from floor to ceiling, creating a particularly gloomy atmosphere.

For a long time, Zhong Chengshuo pushed away his chair and sat on the uncovered part of the sofa. He leaned back on the hard feathers and slowly took off his glasses.

“Cats will hiss when they are angry, and dogs will wag their tails when they are happy. Spiders are born to know how to make webs. Most animals know to avoid the ‘eye’ organ, and many species have even evolved imitation patterns for intimidation. It’s interesting, isn’t it? They have such a powerful ‘instinct’ and don’t need education. They know what to do from the beginning.”

“People… People cry when they are sad and laugh when they are happy. People also have things engraved in their ‘instinct’, and I really want to understand it.”

Yin Ren: “……”

Zhong Chengshuo’s voice came through the wings, causing a slight tremor that made him a little itchy.

“But the instinct with ‘no education’ is very difficult to learn…”

As Zhong Chengshuo spoke, the feathers became softer.

He didn’t look back but instead looked at the sunlight that was blocked by the heavy curtains.

“There is only one of you in this world. I am worried that a mistake in expression will cause you and me to end here.”

“I don’t know what I feel, and I don’t know how to express it to you, so I have maintained the original approach—the approach of when you like me.”

Zhong Chengshuo’s fingertips gently slid over Yin Ren’s wings. His tone was as quiet as before, but a little strangely helpless.

“Sorry. Don’t ignore me.”

A group of wings struggled out from the large group of wings and squatted solemnly at Zhong Chengshuo’s feet.

“It’s not your fault. There’s no need to apologize.” A vague murmur came from the wings. “Forget it. Who told me to be an elder?”

It gently rubbed Zhong Chengshuo’s ankle.

“What are we eating tonight?” Yin Ren’s voice came from the mass of wings.

Zhong Chengshuo pinched the wing mass, as if he had made some determination.

“Go out to eat,” he said.

“It’s time. I want to take you to a place where we can solve this ‘contradiction’, one step at a time.”


On the edge of Haigu, a mansion in the mountains.

Fu Xingchuan stood nervously at the gate. He temporarily borrowed a powder puff from a female colleague to cover up the dark circles under his eyes.

Unfortunately, all the members in Unit 9 were on vacation and missed the earth-shattering news—the #1 Ghost General Minister Fu actually took annual leave!

“You’re still alive?”

The one who opened the door was a woman whose brows and eyes were similar to Fu Xingchuan’s. She looked older than him, but her complexion was much healthier. She looked at Fu Xingchuan up and down for a while, raised one brow, and clicked her tongue.

“Oh, sister,” Fu Xingchuan said weakly. “Help me go and tell our parents. I just want to see my ancestors.”

The woman withdrew her joking expression. “Ancestors?”


Fu Xingchuan also sunk his face in the same way.

“As the director of Hwajisi 900 years ago, he should know something.”

Kinky Thoughts:

It’s already difficult enough to deal with a gong with low EQ, but one that has 0 EQ?

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