Evil As Humans Ch105

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 105: Hunting

Time reversed a little.

Haigu, Shian Campus.

Lu Xiaohe kept moving the miniature screen, looking at the jumping data on the screen with her face covered in sweat.

“Hao Wenzhe, Lu Xiaohe, continue to investigate and try to locate the controller.”

Before they left the Ant Nest, Li Nian had instructed them.

The real-time judgment of the front line was handed over to Hao Wenzhe, while Lu Xiaohe’s head swelled up to the size of a basketball as she assisted with the data. The reaction screen of the evil qi in Gengsheng Town became like a sieve, with dense red dots pressing against each other on the terrain map, enough to make someone with agoraphobia faint on the spot.

They varied in size, flickering on and off and disappearing one or two at a time, making the entire screen chaotic and disorderly. Lu Xiaohe stared at it for a few minutes and felt her eyes blur.

“It’s the usual methods of the technical department from Sunken Society. Stimulate specific large-scale evil things, causing chaos in the evil qi to throw all the evil spirits into disorder.”

Hao Wenzhe wiped his nose and stared at the screen with both eyes.

“At this level of confusion, only close-range detection is reliable. Satellite images can only reflect part of the situation—you have to make your own guesses.”

Lu Xiaohe “Nn” twice.

She did have aspirations for promotion and salary increase, and she was also willing to challenge difficult problems, but since the establishment of Special Investigation Unit 9, she had a feeling of “over-eagerness” as if fate were pulling her scalp towards the sky.

The difficult tasks in recent months were almost more than her previous years combined.

Lu Xiaohe looked at the screen numbly. On the black screen, those blood-bead-like red dots were still leaking out… What was the C-level investigation team next door doing? Oh, right, they were investigating a mysterious blockage of the sewers in the community.

She thought the execution mission would be tricky, but she was too naïve.

Suddenly, a huge red dot disappeared.

Lu Xiaohe rubbed her eyes, thinking she had read it wrong. The dispersal of evil things required a process. Even if Fu Xingchuan personally took action, he couldn’t just make the enemy disappear instantly.

In less than ten minutes, the next one also suddenly disappeared.

Lu Xiaohe’s back went cold as she slid a chair to Hao Wenzhe’s side. As a result, before she could speak, Hao Wenzhe blocked her again without raising his head…

“It may be that the evil qi index exceeded the limit, causing the instrument to malfunction. Those evil things are too powerful. The only thing that can reach this kind of effect is to change the limit, ahem, Evil Fruit.”

“But the Evil Fruit must be paid with a human life. It’s impossible for us to miss such a group of ‘suiciders’. Shian’s operation is nearby. It’s meaningless to show up at this time.”

Lu Xiaohe opened her mouth.

…Maybe the other party has calculated this?

But this wasn’t the time to delve into things. She rubbed her temples, and the ever-changing data crackled in her eyes.

By simplifying the model of the change in evil qi concentration and the movements of the evil things, along with using AI-assisted analysis, she could probably determine the approximate direction of the impact. It was just that it took time for her to get a relatively certain value.

Lu Xiaohe adjusted the communication channel. Considering the battle of the top powerhouses couldn’t be distracted, she tried her best to remain silent.

But wasn’t it too quiet now?

A group of people in Gengsheng Town broke through the ground, and the sound of distorted signals could be heard endlessly. During this period, there was the whistling sound of wind brought by the levitation spell, and there were small noises from the activities of the crowd.

But after a jolt just now, the wind stopped.

While Lu Xiaohe was still reacting, Hao Wenzhe had already mercilessly applied electrical stimulation—of course, mainly targeting the three members of the Emergency Management Department.

“Headquarters, answer!” he yelled, furrowing his brows.

No one answered.

Hao Wenzhe poured half a cup of coffee fiercely as he tapped his fingers on the keyboard. Lu Xiaohe turned the chair around and saw that he had changed the indicator under the words “Fu Xingchuan” to the highest level and pressed the electric stimulation button again.

Lu Xiaohe: “……”

Under the extremely strong electrical stimulation, Fu Xingchuan’s channel made a few rough gasps.

“Headquarters,” Hao Wenzhe repeated.

Fu Xingchuan didn’t answer. He was short of breath, and his body temperature rose abnormally. After a while, the noise disappeared again, and Shian’s “#1 Ghost General” seemed to have lost consciousness again.

“Fu Xingchuan has fallen… The unsuspecting ultra-close range enemy attack started quickly, hitting all the staff. Fu Xingchuan woke up but didn’t say a word. This is good news—at least they aren’t dead yet.”

Hao Wenzhe’s eyes were glued to the electrical stimulation level.

“Most likely, this kind of attack is from a mole. The execution task is like this, so there’s no surprise this time.”

Lu Xiaohe pursed her lips.

“Aren’t there two outsiders acting together?” she asked hopelessly. “It could be those people…”

Hao Wenzhe didn’t answer directly. “Continue to check your data.”

After this, he pressed the electrical stimulation button again.

Lu Xiaohe turned back to the screen wall dejectedly and continued tapping on the keyboard.

She couldn’t help but think of the Archive mission before.

Zhong Chengshuo was dressed as if he was going to survive in the wilderness, and Yin Ren was wearing a t-shirt with “Most Troublesome” written on it. One had a serious expression while the other looked cheerful—both of which were rarely seen straightforward and pure, without any of the darkness of twists and turns.

…Among the two, was there really a traitor who didn’t like Shian?

Finding herself distracted, Lu Xiaohe pinched her thigh and focused on the data again.

It didn’t matter if she looked at it, but when she glanced over, she almost flew out of her chair.

[Fluctuation of evil qi in the area of Gengsheng Town: 6,745.23fR]

[Stable evil qi value within a radius of 2km in the center of the town: 2562.12~2574.38fR]

The latter was very close to the “stable evil qi value ≥3000fR” index that was that of an Evil Spirit.

Almost at the same time, a series of painful gasps appeared in the Shian’s channel.


Fu Xingchuan’s gasping voice came through.

“Why are there two missing?”


After Fu Xingchuan regained consciousness, he woke up Li Nian—he pulled out Professor Li’s thermos and poured out all the water in the cup on his partner’s face. Professor Li opened his eyes faintly, seeing two swollen goji berries still sticking to the bridge of his nose.

He glanced at Fu Xingchuan coldly, took out the medicine pack skillfully, and discharged six doses of a soothing awakening agent.

In the process, Li Nian quickly figured out the current situation.

Yellow Millet and Snake Swallowing disappeared along with the evil creatures into the mist. Only the high-raised ruins were left around them. The thick mist shook with the wind. The townspeople were also gone, and no one had approached them for the time being.

Just looking at where they fell, they were probably stunned by the collision of the two powerful evil creatures and had fallen to the ground under Fu Xingchuan’s protective barrier.

…But the number of people was wrong.

Except for Zhong Chengshuo, who had already left the team, their team had lost two more people.

Li Nian raised the syringe calmly.

Ren Jiying was the first to wake up after. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Professor Li’s wet face. Well, the mayor had seen such big scenes that she held back the scream in her throat.

Ren Jiying got up awkwardly, turned her head, and eagerly scanned the unconscious people around her.

“What’s going on? Shouldn’t she be with you?”

The new mayor swallowed. Her forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat, and her hair stuck to her skin in a mess.

“…Where’s Qi Xin?”

Li Nian continued to inject medicine into his own staff. “She was still there just now, right by your side. Maybe she fell—”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Ren Jiying’s trembling lips.

“By my side?”

Ren Jiying’s face turned pale, and her eyes widened slightly.

“The girl by your side. She’s wearing a small suit with her hair up in a bun… Isn’t that the one you sent over?’

“Qi Xin is in her forties, very fat, shortsighted, and has curly hair. Since you were going to the mine this morning and I had work, I let her guide you.”

She said tremblingly.

“Who are you talking about just now?”

Fu Xingchuan frowned.

After the underground meeting, Xiang Jiang briefly reported. When they woke up, Qi Xin was waiting for them at the homestay, as Ren Jiying had already gone to work, so they didn’t appear at the same time.

Seeing so many weird scenes in the underground at the Ant Nest, the girl had always remained calm—that was beyond a level of courage. Her calmness was more like “indifference” rather than because she was “brave” or “slow”.

But she was a partial science post and there was no evil qi or Evil Force on her, and she showed no hostility towards them. Fu Xingchuan had been fighting in chaos for many years, so he still possessed insight.

…She was like a detached observer.

The previous situation was urgent, so Fu Xingchuan simply thought she was strange. Now looking back, all her actions seemed to have changed.

Who was “Qi Xin”?

Or rather, what?

In the end, Minister Fu didn’t answer Ren Jiying’s anxious question. He just raised his head and looked at the mist-covered sky.

The red light of dusk disappeared, and the other side of the mist was darker than night. There was something more in the thick fog, and the touch was cold and sticky, making people breathless. The environment was obviously much calmer than before, but this calm was particularly terrifying at this time.

“Hao Wenzhe, report on the evil qi index.”

Fu Xingchuan stood up with a cough and patted the dust off his tunic.

“Li Nian, you and me…” He suddenly paused. “You and Xiang Jiang stay here to ensure the safety of the rest.”

Professor Li put away the empty syringes. “You’re going alone?”

His words were more like a statement than a question.

“Nn.” Listening to the terrifying readings in his headset, Fu Xingchuan wiped the dust from his face. There was no smile; only solemnity.

Li Nian knew what this expression meant—it meant that Fu Xingchuan was uncertain about the current situation, and this situation was enough to put their lives in danger.

“I see.” Li Nian nodded. “Keep in touch. Go and come back.”

Fu Xingchuan didn’t answer him.

The #1 Ghost General threw a pill in his mouth and rose into the air.


Near the circular loop, Zhong Chengshuo neatly climbed onto the top of the train. He was just about to raise his head when something soft fell beside him from the sky.

Yin Ren slid down from Yellow Millet. Under the red cloth, he was flat-faced and made a gesture to Yellow Millet. “Take it.”

Yellow Millet hurriedly shrank to the size of a marble and was stuffed into his pocket. In the next second, layers of protective shields unfolded around the two, and countless runes were scattered and arranged, almost turning into the “rings of Saturn” with the two as humanoid planets.

Zhong Chengshuo recognized his lover at a glance. “Yin Ren.”

Yin Ren: “Two minutes. Don’t talk to me.”


Yin Ren was silent for a few seconds, feeling that this person probably couldn’t understand his implication, so he could only add bitterly, “I’m angry. Very angry with you.”

Sure enough, Zhong Chengshuo showed a look of surprise and puzzlement, which was as irritating as he thought.

And under the confusion, the person really didn’t speak, so the degree of his irritation doubled.

…But this wasn’t the time for their first quarrel.

Under the layers of red cloth seals, Yin Ren stretched out his finger and pointed towards the center of the circular loop.

In front of the two of them, a vortex suddenly swirled in the sky. The mist gathered into water droplets and fell to the ground with a splash. The dense fog seemed to have been dug out, and the scenery was inexplicably clear.

Uncomfortably clear.

A black vortex stirred up in the sky, and under it was the source of the “sense of peeping”.

Qi Xin floated in mid-air.

She was still the same as when they first met her, in a slightly ill-fitting work suit and spotless cheap leather shoes. A few strands of hair floated across her pale face, sticking to the black blood on her lips.

Qi Xin watched the two quietly.

She leaned forward slightly, holding a black and red thing in her hands.

It was a dirty red blanket, already soaked in black blood. There were rotten and swollen limbs scattered around the edge of the blanket, and sticky, dirty blood was flowing down from those lifeless limbs.

Zhong Chengshuo’s pupils shrank suddenly—the body in the blanket shouldn’t have been so thin.

On the edge of the dirty red blanket, a small, half-dilapidated body was exposed.

In front of them, “Qi Xin” lowered her head indifferently and bit the edge of the bloody flesh. Her mouth wasn’t the size of a human, as she bit off a piece of meat the size of half a head in one bite.

It was like the flesh wasn’t something that once belonged to a human but a bloody marshmallow full of air.

Inhuman eyes and a forward-leaning body. Although the age and gender of the two objects in front of him didn’t match at all, Zhong Chengshuo couldn’t help but be reminded of a dark oil painting.

The atmosphere depicted resembled Saturn devouring his son*.

*Painted by Spanish artist Francisco Goya. It’s traditionally interpreted as a depiction of the Greek myth of the Titan Cronus (also known as Saturn in Roman mythology) eating his own offspring.

When she was with them, Qi Xin’s eyes were always dull. Now the plainness was torn apart, and inside was a creepy emptiness and indifference.

The bone bells on Yin Ren’s ankles rang frantically. One defense after another surrounded the two of them. His long, dark hair slid over his soft wings, ready to go at the edge of the red cloth.

He stared at the floating Qi Xin.

After living for thousands of years, he had never felt such a terrifying sense of oppression. If the “sense of peeping” was just a smashed rock, then what they were facing now was a towering mountain.

What was even more terrifying was that although Qi Xin’s body was thick with evil qi, to the point of almost boiling over, there was no trace of Evil Force leaking from her—the only remaining Evil Force undoubtedly came from her food.

Was there such a “thing” in this world?

The “weak” that came out of Dog Thing now seemed quite accurate. Yin Ren smiled bitterly in his heart—no wonder that guy was pretending to play dead. If he were Dog Thing and found such an existence by his side, he would definitely use all means to protect himself.

Not to mention he hadn’t regained all his power as an Evil Spirit. Even if he could use those powers freely, he may not be a match for the thing in front of him.

To Qi Xin, he was tantamount to a baby staring at a powerhouse. Although it was not an insurmountable gap, it was enough to make one despair.

They couldn’t even escape—with this power difference, if they showed their back to their opponent, they would only die faster.

That slender body that belonged to a woman exuded an intimidating aura that only belonged to the upper echelons. She may not be doing this deliberately, but vigilance already existed in the instinct of the weak.

Yin Ren subconsciously stopped Zhong Chengshuo behind him. The red cloth was already soaked in sweat, despite him looking quite calm.

The air almost solidified.

Qi Xin didn’t make a move. She swallowed the town’s former “protector” in front of them. Her eyes were clearly staring at the wreckage of the old mayor, but the strong sense of peeping never stopped.

She ate slowly and quite solemnly.

In less than half a minute, the blood-stained blanket fell from the sky, but before it could land, it suddenly disappeared without a trace.

As if it had been touched by the Evil Fruit.

After finishing her “meal”, she finally straightened her waist. Qi Xin followed the two people on the top of the train with her eyes and raised her bloody right thumb to slowly wipe her lips.

“You saw it.”

She was full of black blood as she spoke calmly.

Then she snapped her fingers, and the train stopped. Qi Xin stretched out her hand and pointed at Zhong Chengshuo and Yin Ren.


The moment he felt the murderous aura, Yin Ren didn’t hesitate.

As long as they could buy time, at least one of them may be able to escape.

He left the heavy protection and condensed all the Evil Force he could use to the surface of his body, then rushed straight in Qi Xin’s direction. It was just that as Lord Ghost King took two steps, he suddenly realized that his feet had become a little heavy…

Zhong Chengshuo had firmly grabbed his wing mass with both hands and hung firmly onto him.

Yin Ren: “?!”

Unfortunately, Yin Ren had already taken off. Before Yin Ren’s exclamation could finish, the two were already rushing to Qi Xin.

It may be that she had never seen such a pair rushing to death that Qi Xin tilted her head slightly, with a vague puzzlement in her eyes.

But she didn’t plan to figure out the reason.

The woman raised her hand and poked Yin Ren quickly and fiercely. It was obviously a simple action, but the evil qi it brought was as strong as substance. The red cloth fluttered as Yin Ren formed a circle of bone rings engraved with runes on his arm, taking the abrupt blow.

The runes dimmed, and bone fragments were sent flying.

The heavy defenses suddenly broke, and the sound of bones cracking could be heard. Yin Ren’s arms were instantly broken. Amidst the pain, he gritted his teeth and quickly repaired the wound.

Qi Xin let out a soft, “Huh”.

As she was distracted, Zhong Chengshuo pressed Yin Ren’s wings together, and a red blade pierced her neck.

The Evil Fruit that was supposed to annihilate all evil beings was no different from a simple dagger at this moment. The bright red blade cut through the flesh and sank deeply into Qi Xin’s neck, almost to the bone.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

She didn’t disappear.

Qi Xin’s expression was slightly surprised. Her gaze flashed past Zhong Chengshuo as if he was a dragonfly, then continued to look at Yin Ren. Zhong Chengshuo stopped his hand decisively, and with a grunt, half of Qi Xin’s neck was sliced open by a sharp force.

Yin Ren separated his mass of wings, quickly caught his bold lover, and pulled him back behind him.


The wound on Qi Xin’s neck turned outward, revealing a translucent, dark gray interior without a single drop of blood flowing out. She looked at Yin Ren up and down until her gaze rested on his mass of wings.

“Let’s see, which child you are from.”

Kinky Thoughts:

Well, I did suspect there was something off with Qi Xin in the beginning, but I didn’t expect this.

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