Evil As Humans Ch101

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 101: Butterfly Wings

“This place has a lot of problems. If it continues to drag on, something will definitely happen.”

In front of her were the townspeople behaving strangely, and around them were evil things with disordered movements. Ge Tingting looked at the text on her phone in confusion, quite at a loss about what Fu Xingchuan meant by “something will definitely happen”.

But they understood the instructions.

Blasting a ruined building? Ge Tingting turned her head nervously and looked at Xiang Jiang.

“I can’t do it. I don’t have enough strength.” A few seconds later, Xiang Jiang replied blankly. “There are two newcomers next to me and ordinary people around. I can’t guarantee their safety.”


“Huang Jin is good at crafting spirit bombs. We can try—”


Not long after Ge Tingting’s AI voice sounded, Xiang Jiang glanced at her coldly as he interrupted.

“Well, I’ll give you five minutes.” Fu Xingchuan seemed as if he didn’t hear anything, and his tone remained casual. “With your strength, there must be a way… Aren’t you the best at dealing with this kind of place?”

After speaking, the #1 Ghost General directly cut off the call.

It was almost evening, and half the sky was dyed with a red haze. The haze dyed the mist with a little warmth, but failed to add any heat to Xiang Jiang. Xiang Jiang’s original pale face added another layer of white, making him seem unlike that of a living human.

“Ah… Ah…”

The townspeople let out meaningless shouts. The uniform sound spread from the streets to the alleys, from the houses to the ruins, leaving a disturbing echo in the mountain mist.

Two huge bony hands grasped the edge of the ground as two red flames flickered in the skull’s eye holes. Countless evil beings that Ge Tingting couldn’t name climbed up the giant skeleton and mixed perfectly with the townspeople as they wandered outside Huang Jin’s red paper barrier.

Compared to the townspeople holding murder weapons, these evil things weren’t very aggressive. They crowded more and more, causing the mass of evil things to overflow, burying the three metaphysical posts from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes as if they were in deep snow.

Seeing that the skeleton’s hands were about to shoot down, Xiang Jiang threw a circle of burning incense. The burning incense inserted themselves into the cement rooftop, and black smoke like ink appeared from the top. The black smoke continued unbroken; it condensed but was not scattered, loosely gathering above their heads.

The hands of the giant skeleton patted the smoke like a rock-solid iron cage.

Under the shock, the evil spirits scattered.

Huang Jin’s red paper barrier made an overwhelming tearing sound, and the deep red on the paper quickly faded. He subconsciously grabbed two wood chips spirit bombs—since the big explosion in the Archive, he always carried a lot with him in case a violent person temporarily needed it.

They gave him a weird sense of security.

Huang Jin threw the wood chips on the ground, causing them to flutter everywhere and exuding a manic, evil qi unique to spirit bombs.

“Hurry up and blow up a building. My spirit bomb is enough. We just need to drive the people away.” Huang Jin stared at the breach in the red paper barrier as he said this numbly.

He kept wondering over and over again if this was really a C-level mission of Shian.

He really didn’t know what those Nightwalkers, who frantically wanted to go ashore, were so crazy about. After these two missions, Huang Jin only felt his original gloom had been tempered into anxiety and hair loss, despite being only in his 20s.

Xiang Jiang crossed his arms.

In the swaying black smoke, he watched people moving in unison outside the paper barrier. Those dead-like eyes remained motionless. Huang Jin wasn’t sure if he had heard his words.

Xiang Jiang’s eyes shifted from the numb faces of those whose hands were clenched with weapons, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. The mountain wind blew his earrings slightly.

“Haa… It’s fine.”

Xiang Jiang didn’t pay attention to Ge Tingting and Huang Jin. He muttered to himself, accompanied by a dry laugh, without the slightest smile on his face.

“Xiang Hai, work.”

As soon as Xiang Jiang’s voice fell, a ghost emerged from behind him. The ghost was exactly the same, including his appearance and how he was dressed. At first glance, it looked like his soul was separated from his body.

Xiang Hai had no expression when he was first called out. He raised a pair of empty eyes and looked at the distant mountain with only a silhouette left in the mist, then turned his head and looked at the townspeople who were besieging them—he specifically picked a crowded place and ignored all the evil things around him.

As his “gaze” moved, the concentration of evil qi around him sharply increased. Even Ren Jiying, a science post, was affected. She stared blankly at the strange townspeople, red paper, and black smoke, as she tremblingly puffed out white steam.

“It’s cold,” she said.

Ge Tingting couldn’t hear her voice. After the “gaze” stopped, Xiang Hai let out a scream that was about to burst their eardrums. His mouth opened to an extent that was impossible for any human, and the skin on his cheeks turned into sticky and piercing fleshy lines.

Ge Tingting and Huang Jin staggered at the same time, almost falling out of the black smoke protection circle.

“This is a mountain town. It used to be a mountain village,” Xiang Jiang said softly. “The place you hate the most.”

The clothes behind Xiang Hai squirmed and burst like balloons, revealing two butterfly wings, but if they looked closely, the wings were made up of countless human faces—mainly the heads of young women, with a very small number of boy’s faces embedded in them.

The faces of those people gathered into abnormally large butterfly wings. The scale was countless withered and shriveled old hands, which neatly covered those faces.

At this moment, those scaly hands opened together. The faces under the palms were exposed, revealing countless pairs of resentful eyes that were wide open, staring at the townspeople a few steps away.

Xiang Hai’s spine broke, and his body became deformed. Countless bloodstains gradually appeared on his limbs, almost breaking into meat paste.

It really looked like a butterfly with its abdomen curled up.

He only had one of his faces intact as he continued to scream with his mouth wide open. On those wings and from his wound, hundreds of blood-stained hemp ropes shot out at the same time, binding the nearest townspeople.

Those hemp ropes were soaked in foul-smelling grease and pus, with rough edges. They looked incredibly old that they could break at any moment, but when they bound the townspeople, it was impossible for them to move.

The evil qi and murderous aura mixed, radiating a strong, bloody, and rancid smell.

Ren Jiying, who couldn’t see it, was fine. Huang Jin fell on his ass, dropping wood chips all around.

“Blow it up.” A blood-stained hemp rope brushed Xiang Jiang’s face one after another, but he didn’t look back at Xiang Hai.

Huang Jin’s eyes were still staring at the terrifying human-faced wings. His fingers trembled as he gathered the spirit bombs, quickly piling them to one side on the ground.


“Blow it up.” Looking at the townspeople who were trying to break free from the hemp rope, Xiang Jiang ordered impatiently.

Ge Tingting wanted to stop Huang Jin, but she didn’t have time to type.

They didn’t know what Xiang Jiang was thinking. Needless to say, the donut girl had already broken a piece of the hemp rope, not to mention that Ren Jiying didn’t have any protective measures on her. If the building blew up like this…


The office building itself wasn’t too big. Two thirds of the first floor were blown up by the spirit bombs, which made the building lose its balance. A deafening sound of collapse rumbled as the building fell towards a deserted area in the center of the town.

…And judging from the chase just now, there had to be townspeople hiding there!

Ge Tingting and Huang Jin were hung up by hemp ropes. The two held Ren Jiying tightly so she wouldn’t fall eight stories.

Everything happened instantaneously.

As if things were moving in slow motion, the 8-story building slowly collapsed.

Xiang Hai was floating in the air, staying in his original position, with his human-faced butterfly wings fully unfolded. More hemp ropes bounced around and were grasped by those old “scaly hands” that were vomited out of the young faces. The ropes rushed towards the townspeople in the depth of the smoke and mist.

Xiang Jiang had launched a thousand hemp ropes towards the ground. Just looking at the scene, it was like a poor worm that wanted to break free of the “hemp rope spider web” but couldn’t do it.

Was this the end? Ge Tingting desperately grabbed Ren Jiying’s sleeve. Mayor Ren’s work shirt was covered in dust, and she was out of breath. She tried hard not to look at the void under her feet and firmly retained her consciousness.

Huang Jin’s attention was all on grabbing hold of Ren Jiying, but in this short moment, Ge Tingting had never thought so quickly.

There were still many townspeople ambushing below. If Xiang Jiang missed them, there would be heavy casualties.

Would the master of the Emergency Management Department, the #1 Ghost Master of Haigu, make such a terrifying mistake? As a rookie who had just entered the industry, was she really qualified to question this senior?


Ge Tingting gritted her teeth and clenched her free hand tightly. Her nails dug deep into her palms.

“Wo!” The moment the floor collapsed; she yelled wildly something that no one could understand!

Under the ruins, countless bird bones emerged from the ground.

The most indispensable thing in mountain towns were wild animals. The bones of birds were thin and strong. They span species and ages to form a “patchwork of skeleton birds”. Corpses were extremely sensitive to vitality. As soon as the skeleton birds were born, they rushed towards the living in the dust and mist.

The skeleton birds didn’t attack. They grabbed the townspeople’s clothes, regardless of whether they had hemp rope or not, and pushed them out of the collapse range.

The minds of evil things were all on the group floating in the sky. They ignored the fast and light movements of the small things.

Ge Tingting felt a chill in her heart.

Her skeleton birds caught three hundred and nineteen people, three of whom didn’t have a hemp rope on them.

…And with her current ability, she probably didn’t find all the nearby townspeople.

But she didn’t have the strength to continue thinking.

This was the first time Ge Tingting had controlled so many corpses. Despite the strong evil qi of this mountain town, her seven orifices still spewed out back blood. Ren Jiying tilted her face, causing a few drops of blood to fall on it.

Ren Jiying narrowed her eyes for an instant in a daze, revealing a trace of worry.

“You guys…”

As soon as she uttered a few words, the abandoned building that had just collapsed halfway ushered in another explosion.

It was just this time, the explosion came from the inside.

Tens of millions of fire dragons rushed out from the explosion point, instantly dispersing the fog. In less than half a second, the group of fire dragons spread all over the ground, swept through the air, and wrapped the townspeople firmly with their bodies. The ruins fell into flames and instantly turned into dust. The evil spirits were swept away by dragon fire and suddenly dyed into clusters of cyan fireworks.

The glass curtain wall shattered into countless pieces in the explosion.

The brilliant lights swept across the glass surface, causing broken light to splatter everywhere as grand green and red fireworks burst out in the mist.

Fu Xingchuan was here.

Sure enough, at the same time, five people broke out from under the ruins and rushed straight into the sky.

Ge Tingting showed a weak smile, but her smile froze…

Behind the five people, a three-story colored “eyeball”, and thousands of evil beings followed closely. Unlike these blind and crazy evil spirits on the ground, these evil things were quite organized, chasing aggressively with a murderous aura.

…It turned out that they weren’t here to save them, but the group underground was also running for their lives?!

And based on how this thing looked, Ge Tingting felt it wasn’t good news. She had never heard of any giant eyeball, but the oppression it gave off was hundreds of times stronger than Xiang Hai’s in their party.

“…We’re screwed,” Huang Jin stated relatively objectively.

As Fu Xingchuan appeared, Xiang Hai retracted the hemp ropes. He lowered his head and looked at the three people under him with a dim expression.

Xiang Jiang flew nearby and looked at the huge green and red fireworks.

“Yes, we’re screwed,” he said lightly.


Yin Ren was pelted by the glass ballast and ash from the ruins.

Fu Xingchuan and Li Nian had kept a close watch on him so Lord Ghost King didn’t dare to wander even a strand of his hair. He could only hold Zhong Chengshuo in his arms. Zhong Chengshuo was well versed in the principle of self-protection. He didn’t struggle at all and even adjusted his position cooperatively.

Evening was approaching. The mountain mist was immersed in a blood-stained sunset. The mist swallowed up most of the light, but it was also much brighter than the ground. Yin Ren squinted unconsciously as he got out from underground.

“Very good. There are no dead people.”

The fire dragons frantically dispelled the mist as Fu Xingchuan wiped the sweat from his face.

Li Nian: “What are you going to do next?’

“Of course, run for our lives!” Fu Xingchuan said confidently. “The enemy is in the shadows while we’re exposed. We don’t even know who our opponent is. If we fight again, we’ll surely die!”

“Sure enough,” Professor Li replied helplessly.

“Take the four people over there later. Let’s transfer the nine of us together.”

Fu Xingchuan was still sprinting frantically. He took them to fly in circles near the ruins, picking places with complex terrain to squeeze into, trying to distance them from Yellow Millet.

Yin Ren was still hugging Zhong Chengshuo. The latter struggled at this moment, trying to break away from Yin Ren’s arms. Yin Ren didn’t have time to delve into it. He suddenly felt restless evil qi in the air and frowned slightly.

As the leader, Fu Xingchuan’s judgment was reasonable.

…Unfortunately, it was a few seconds too late.

Something rumbled through the ground. Behind them, Yellow Millet let out a high-pitched scream. The aura of spells became more intense.

Unsurprisingly, just as Fu Xingchuan turned his head and rushed towards the above ground team, the entire town shook. At that moment, everyone happened to be passing through an abandoned floor without glass.

Yin Ren instinctively grabbed Zhong Chengshuo, trying to protect him again…

But he only grabbed air.

Zhong Chengshuo had disappeared.

The author has something to say:

Think about it carefully. Xiao Yin can make himself cool so that Xiao Zhong can post*! (?

*(贴贴) It’s an internet term referring to the close relationship and interaction between two people (including love, family affection, friendship). It’s mainly used to describe the love between two people. || In this context, the author is saying, Yin Ren gets all the cool scenes, so now it’s time for Zhong Chengshuo highlights.

Xiao Zhong’s highlight moment is coming.

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