Evil As Humans Ch99

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 99: Zhong Yi

Zhong Chengshuo closed his eyes and continued to think amidst the strong winds.

Yin Ren, originally a human evil being, had the ability to drive many evil things.

From ancient times to the present, people would do whatever it took to pursue power. With such an attractive case in front of them, Sunken Society was naturally willing to study it for thousands of years. This, Zhong Chengshuo could fully understand.

Now it seemed that Sunken Society may have successfully created an imitation.

The imitation’s intelligence was quite high, commanded many evil beings, and expelled possible threats. It felt like there was a faint sense of déjà vu.

In the alternation of lights and shadows, Zhong Chengshuo opened his eyes again. The eyes behind the lens didn’t have a semi-gloss.

Alone, spirits and monsters were always with you. As you walked in the world, the gods would appear and disappear like ghosts, ensuring safety in all directions.

…Zhong Yi.

During the Gong Dynasty, the Great Celestial Master Zhong Yi pacified the six Evil Spirits alone. As long as anyone knew something about the metaphysical world, they wouldn’t be able to avoid the legend of the Great Celestial Master.

As “King Yama” of the Nightwalkers, Zhong Chengshuo was even more familiar with these legends.

The Evil Spirits couldn’t be looked at directly, so no one had witnessed the scene back then. Not even Zhong Yi’s own information was handed down to future generations.

Just like all strange people, Zhong Yi’s life could only be described with a few words…

He was born in a remote mountain village with divine power. He exorcized evil spirits and demons all year round and was invincible in battle. He was known as a “Stranger”. After serving in Huajisi, the emperor bestowed him the surname “Zhong” and he was called Zhong Yi ever since.

There weren’t any records that contained his real name. As for Zhong Yi’s appearance, it was circulated by numerous statues and paintings that there were countless iterations of him.

There wasn’t much serious information about this person, but there were many legends and anecdotes. Because of his wild appearance and fierce deeds, except for the metaphysical circle, most folks use his stories to scare children.

It was a closed mountain village that first spread the legend of Zhong Yi.

It was said that not long after Zhong Yi’s mother was pregnant, she ran into an evil spirit in the mountains and became crazy. The villagers tried to take care of her, but the lunatic ran away. Eventually, the woman disappeared into the mountain forest, where evil things were rampant, and no one had seen her alive since then.

Until one day, a woodcutter heard a toddler crying in the mountains. He followed the sound and found a broken female corpse that was shrunken around a baby. When the baby was found by the woodcutter, he saw that there were remnants of evil claws left on the baby’s mouth.

The woodcutter was so scared that he fled. When he returned home, he became seriously ill and died within a few days.

Unfortunately, the story didn’t continue further. People would only say that after Zhong Yi grew up, he often missed his hometown, and every year he would return to the mountain village and slay demons there.

Most of the descendants regarded this as a routine story to show a great man’s morality and simply laughed it off.

But was it really just a story?

In the Ant Den, many evil things chased after them among the carved columns and murals that spanned time. The pale, cold mist surged around, and the illusion of the ancient village in the Archive returned…

At the forefront of countless evil things, a red figure staggered forward, with bells ringing on its ankles. The evil things bowed their bodies respectfully, following the muddy path through the mountain village.

That figure would stop at the door and bang slowly on it, as if knocking.

[When the red light is on and the green light is burning, every household closes their door.]

[At midnight, when the fruit ripens, be careful what you say with your back to the door.]

[Pray for tranquility, wish for good fortune, and shut your eyes so you can’t see.]

[The rooster crows, with footsteps far away, that comes back next year to report the peace.]

Comes back next year to report the peace…

In the illusion, there was only the wreckage of the mountain village. According to the ballad at the time, before the destruction of that small mountain village, he would visit it every year.

Once a year, the villagers would offer fruits and vegetables and make a wish for him.

It was like a transaction.

“Red light barters; green light dispels evil”, “Separated by the threshold, they don’t see each other”… To this day, the story of that year was swallowed by history, yet similar customs were still preserved in the world.

Exaggerated portraits, lost information, and an illusory folk legend that villains continue to chase for thousands of years.

Zhong Chengshuo raised his head and looked at the seemingly endless doors and windows of the Ant Nest again.

Although there were still countless puzzles scattered outside, those that he knew were gradually completed, spelling out a crimson, inhuman eye.

The most powerful legend of mankind, the amazingly talented Grand Celestial Master, may not have been human before he became the “Great Celestial Master”.

The situation was almost clear. At this moment, Zhong Chengshuo only had one thing left to determine…

After all, the answers to his puzzles were all within reach. It was the first time he had been able to get personal confirmation from his “research subject”.

Zhong Chengshuo moved his fingers slightly, pressing them against the palm of Yin Ren’s warm skin.

“Yin Ren.”

“Hmm?” Yin Ren was drowsy from the wind. He squinted his eyes, and there was a bit of a nasal sound in his response.

“Is that you?” Since there was someone at his side, Zhong Chengshuo asked vaguely.

“What is…”

Yin Ren swallowed two sips of wind and became instantly sober. His partner knew that he was the “figure in red”, but Zhong Chengshuo still asked.

Is that you?

Sure enough, this kid noticed something.

Yin Ren turned his head. In the faint light that ran through thousands of years, he put an index finger on his upper lip and gently pressed it there.


Zhong Chengshuo had never looked at him so seriously. In the warm light, there was no arrogance or solemnity of being a legendary powerhouse in those eyes; only a little cunningness as if he had achieved something in his mischief.

It is you.

He couldn’t help but tighten his fingers. The swelling excitement almost made his heart burst.

Yin Ren sighed. Zhong Chengshuo held his hand so hard that he almost broke the skin. In the next instant, Zhong Chengshuo seemed to be aware of something and quickly let go of his strength.

Yin Ren had a subtle illusion—it seemed that it wasn’t his fingers that Zhong Chengshuo loosened just now but his fangs that were about to bite down.


Not long ago, in Haigu, underground of a certain company.

The entrance of the entire underground was hung with a sign labeled: [Second to Fifth Department of Technology] and a sign of [R&D Center, authorized personnel only] posted under the first sign.

Countless rooms were neatly stacked underground, surrounded by air, water, and electricity as if they were blood vessels. The indicator lights on the machinery were obviously extinguished, and invisible data flowed in the air.

Behind the door with the sign [Technology Department II-B2219] incandescent lights illuminated the room. One wall was embedded with gleaming machinery, which was similar to the style of the rear commander of Shian.

Unlike Shian, there were five to six people sitting in front of the machine.

They all had cigarettes in their mouths, and the collars under their shirts hung from their necks like wilted leaves. These people had different expressions, but there was a numb look hidden in their eyes.

The room had no windows and relied on the air conditioner for ventilation. Accompanied by tapping keyboard sounds, the smell of smoke, sweat, and coffee mixed together, and the cold air from the air conditioner that stirred up and down, it all formed a subtle atmosphere of an internet café.

The entire surveillance wall flickered continuously, and the images on the screen were images from all corners of Gengsheng Town.

The townspeople had taken to the streets, moving staggeringly. The screen appeared to be affected by electromagnetic interference. The fog originally flowed around the mountain town, but this time it poured into the town like a milky white ocean.

On the next wall, the values on the big screen kept rising. Huge skeletons straightened their bodies; their thin, giant figures shook violently, like grass in the wind. Floating cloud-like evil objects crashed into abandoned buildings.

It wasn’t dark yet, but the commotion of evil things in the town was surging.

There weren’t many cameras underground, and many detection devices that had been installed had been rendered useless. Gengsheng Town seemed to have been thrown into a frying pan. No matter whether it was above or underground, all the values fluctuated wildly like a roller coaster.

“The ‘Guardian’ of Gengsheng Town is angered.” A middle-aged man with a combover coughed twice.

“What’s going on? These readings underground are too outrageous. Didn’t the top tell us to mess with the two newcomers? Why are we following this kind of master?”

In front of the underground data monitoring screen, a young man with blonde hair bit his fingers hard. He only had four fingers in each hand and nubs on his remaining ones, which looked like they had been chopped off by a knife.

“The newcomer’s execution mission is matched with three people from the Emergency Department. This is too insane… It was originally supposed to be dealing with Snake Swallowing, but now it has dragged on to an Ant Nest where we can’t even take a piss.”

As the surveillance department of Sunken Society, their job was clear.

The two targets were sent into the depths of the cave, and Shian would inevitably send “undercover” veterans to rescue them. As long as the veterans were killed and the two targets were unharmed—with this alone, no matter whether Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo had secrets or not, their path to “promotion” would be cut off.

They only needed to monitor and report the latest situation in a timely manner, and someone would cast doubt on the two newcomers. There was no need to worry about whether they would recognize the truth, as Shian would most likely kick them out.

When the members of Sunken Society discovered that Qi Xin, an innocent clerk, was also involved, they almost opened champagne to celebrate. Involving the lives of innocent people was Shian’s bottom line.

As a result, this group of people were like cockroaches. Yellow Millet had been chasing them for so long yet there was no flaw in the front line.

“Minister Zou?” Another young man with a horse face asked.

“Minister Zou is on a business trip.”

Horse face: “Then who can make a decision on this matter? The ‘Guardian’ won’t listen to our orders, and if things get too serious, everything will be over.”

“Haa…” This time it was a haggard woman who sighed.

“What the hell is that evil thing called the ‘Guardian’?” The woman drooped her brows. “Except for our group, there must be thousands of people in charge of upgrading the town, right? It’s been so long, and batch after batch of experimental subjects have been tested, but the ‘finished product’ is hidden and not shown. Now it seems to be going out of control, and we don’t know anything and can’t do anything.”

“Don’t ask things you shouldn’t.”

The combover man put out his cigarette butt and exhaled a large cloud of green smoke.

“If you want to keep your life, it’s better to know less. The higher-ups have tacitly agreed to escalate the chaos to this point, so they must have their own plans.”


“Do you have any comments on my proposal just now?”

At the Haigu branch of Sunken Society, Wei Huaqian checked the report with interest and casually said into the phone.

“…Fu Xingchuan and Li Nian appeared in Gengsheng Town so you want to trade the Gengsheng Town project for their lives.” Minister Zou, who was currently on a “business trip”, was sitting in a speeding car with his ears glued to his phone.

“Yes. Those two are willing to execute the newcomers, so why shouldn’t I take advantage of it?” Wei Huaqian’s voice came from the speaker. “Besides, there’s something wrong with Gengsheng Town. This is a good deal… After all, that thing is just an imitation, and it has long lost its sanity.”



“The project of Gengsheng Town has been intermittent for thousands of years. This year is my tenth year in charge. It would be a lie to say I don’t care about it,” Minister Zou said. “But the state of the ‘Guardian’ is indeed unstable, and it’ll cause trouble sooner or later, so fair enough.”


“However,” Minister Zou changed the subject, “in order to take care of the ‘Guardian’, our department has invested tens of millions. Since your Haigu branch wants to give up in advance, you have to take out some bargaining chips.”

Wei Huaqian snorted without surprise.

“Your requests?”

“I want to go through the ‘original’ records of your Haigu branch.” Minister Zou stood in front of a barren, wild mountain. “The text and materials of the Ant Nest in Gengsheng Town are all kept by you, and they are not in our database.”

“I have been guarding the imitation product in Gengsheng Town for a decade. I want to see the real product.”

“Yes, but they are stored in the mountain area west of the city, so you have to go see them alone.” Wei Huaqian laughed.

Minister Zou also laughed back. “Sometimes I envy Shian. They share information so happily.”

“In this case, we also have the spirit of sharing,” Wei Huaqian said slowly. “It’s just that for extremely sensitive information, Shian also has their own confidentiality level.”

“The information you want to see are records of ‘limit of power’ in human history, one of our ultimate goals. They all say that there are gods standing above our heads, so it’s better to respect them.”

Wei Huaqian took a sip of tea and gently placed the teacup on the wooden table. Through the glass filled with tea, the original dark red wooden table looked a bit brighter.

Unfortunately, it was far from the red he had seen at first.

After a few casual instructions, Wei Huaqian hung up. The order to fully activate Gengsheng Town had been issued, and the ‘Evil Guardian’ had gone crazy. Within two hours, he would be able to see the ugliness of the two masters of Shian.

There was a saying referring to raising soldiers for thousands of days and only use them for a while*; raising an “Evil Spirit” was roughly the same. Even if “that thing” in Gengsheng Town was a failure, it wasn’t something normal humans like Fu Xingchuan could handle.

*(养兵千日,用兵一) Idiom referring to saving strength at ordinary times and using it when necessary.

Wei Huaqian relaxed his nerves a little and lay on the sofa next to the wooden table.

He bit his finger, drew a blood symbol on his brows, and began to remember the shocking records again.

Unlike Shian, who had lost their data, there were images of the figure in red left in the Ant Nest. The murals were just “photos” for reference. The more important information had been carefully transferred to other places after being sunk…

It was a dialogue with the “figure in red” that had been going on for hundreds of years.

As the manager of Sunken Society of the Haigu branch, Wei Huaqian watched the record for the first time.


More than 1,300 years ago, in the middle of summer, the wasteland.

There was a large Yellow Millet slumped between the branches, looking like a colorful cushion. A man was reclining on Yellow Millet, holding a half-eaten watermelon tightly in his arms and trying to read scripts through his eyehole.

The man had a mask full of runes on his face, and two layers of red cloth wrapped around his body with weird seals hung around them, barely shaping a human form. Even so, the compelling Evil Spirit still infected a coldness all around.

It was summer, but the branches and leaves of the tree had withered, and there was a thin layer of frost that appeared on the surface of the leaves.

Groups of fat, evil things lay under the trees. If they were swapped for animals, the scene might be a bit more gratifying. However, since it was those hideous creatures, it only added more horror to the picture. About three to four children wearing doll hoods hid behind the tree; their huge hoods were mainly exposed, and their exaggerated smiling faces were covered with dust.

An envoy of Sunken Society kneeled respectfully under the tree.

“…Master Zhong Yi,” the man called cautiously.

“Master Zhong Yi, Master Zhong Yi.” The man on the tree didn’t respond for a long time, and there was a bit of suppressed irritability in the voice of the envoy of Sunken Society.

“Master Zhong Yi—”

“Oh, you called me.” The man on the tree suddenly became aware and put down his notebook and watermelon. “…Wow, an actual living person!”

The envoy of Sunken Society: “……”

Zhong Yi gestured, and Yellow Millet slid down from the tree, spreading itself into a soft ball. Then Zhong Yi rolled his body carelessly and fell on Yellow Millet’s body in all directions.

Wrapped in layers of seals, he stood up with some difficulty and approached the envoy of Sunken Society.

“Aren’t you uncomfortable getting close to me like this?” he asked beamingly. “Could it be that my newly thought seal worked… Wait.”

In Zhong Yi’s voice, the original high mood dropped. He leaned down and observed carefully for a moment. “What, a spell to stop disasters and transfer all bad luck from encountering evil beings to others… How boring. You can leave.”

The envoy of Sunken Society: “…Master Zhong Yi, I haven’t said anything yet.”

“Then say it.” The red figure sat on Yellow Millet, which made a soft puff. “Get down to business then.”

“My lord, I’m a priest of Sunken Society and have admired you for a long time. Your Lordship has been abandoned by the world and cannot fully enjoy the world of mortals. We are willing to share the worries of Your Lordship…”

“What? What abandonment?”

Zhong Yi’s tone was surprised.

“You brought your own disaster-proof talisman just to tell me this… Most people who run into me will soon meet King Yama. Isn’t it normal to hide from me? What, are you guys the type who, ‘although people may die, you’ll rush to do business anyway’?”

It may be that because he hadn’t seen anyone for so long, Zhong Yi couldn’t stop grumbling. The content included but wasn’t limited to “I don’t want to destroy it myself” and “Peace is precious, don’t you get it?” and the like, but there was also a bit of earnestness in them.

Yellow Millet actively echoed, “Puff, puff, puff!”

There was a layer of sweat on the envoy of Sunken Society—Yellow Millet alone was enough to cause a great catastrophe, yet it turned out that it was being used as a chair cushion for the person in front of him, and very happily at that.

“My Lord, doesn’t know…” The envoy quickly changed the subject. “The current emperor is stupid, the people are miserable, and Huajisi has done nothing. If Your Lordship is willing to come back with us…”

“Hey, Huajisi is not responsible for that kind of thing.” Zhong Yi shook his head. “Since you can’t stand it anymore, you should recruit talents and form a rebellion. It’s none of my business if the Emperor is stupid.”

“The people are suffering—”

“If I personally intervene, they’ll suffer ten times more,” Zhong Yi said sincerely.

The envoy frantically wiped his sweat with his sleeve and changed the subject again. “The legality of the gods is still there. Your Lordship suffers from corrosion by Evil Force every day. We have done a lot of research on this and can help you out of this sea of suffering…”

This time, his statement was quite practical.

Wei Huaqian clearly knew that Evil Force was like arsenic. If exposed to a huge amount over a short period of time, the body would quickly collapse.

If people wanted to survive, they could slowly “pickle” themselves with the environment and gradually allow themselves to adapt. The so-called Divine Descent was nothing more than an excellent “pickling environment” formed by natural disasters.

But there were also side effects—short-term exposure to a lot of Evil Force could cause the body to become disordered and collapse. The brain would not be able to respond in time, causing paralyzing effects. To coexist with the invading Evil Force for a long time, it was necessary to endure the suffering of the heart daily.

Zhong Yi wasn’t as relaxed as he had shown.

However, the so-called “Great Celestial Master” didn’t buy this spiel, and it was obvious he was irritated by having it mentioned.

The momentum around Zhong Yi’s body changed.

Although it was only a video recording, the overwhelming momentum was still shocking—with Zhong Yi as the center, the surrounding grass and trees quickly withered and decayed. The reptiles on the ground turned over, and the birds dropped one by one from the sky. The former turned into empty husks blown away by the wind, while the latter’s white bones were slanted on the ground.

“You have quite the tongue, daring to treat me like a three-year-old child.”

Zhong Yi’s voice sank.

“Huajisi heals evil spirits that invade the body and comes up with hundreds of medical records to help the common people. What about you? You only know how to experiment with the living and call it ‘thorough research’. I’m not interested. Leave.”

Yellow Millet was discerning. It crawled back to the tree and stretched itself into a cushion. Zhong Yi returned to the dead tree using a levitating spell and continued to read his script.

“I thought you wanted to meet me at the expense of your life so you could bring some news about ghosts and evil spirits and perhaps have a meal together.” Zhong Yi sighed softly. “What a pity… If you don’t leave, those terrible things by my side will fuck you up.”


More than 1,200 years ago, in autumn, deep in the mountains.

The red cloth on Zhong Yi’s body was more than a dozen layers thicker. He had wrapped himself in a dark red cocoon, completely devoid of human form.

When the envoy of Sunken Society found him, he was putting his exposed feet into a stream. The clear stream rushed past his feet as the legendary Great Celestial Master lay on his back by the riverbank like a loveless red bean worm.

There was a lot of special ink and white paper scattered around him. A wooden bird, which was used to send messages, was pressed on the paper, and there was a large ink stain on its wings. Yellow Millet blocked the wind on the side of the white paper, so that the paper wouldn’t be blown away by the mountain wind.

Evil things stood in a row farther away, trying to stretch their bodies and showing details of their appearances.

There were vivid stick figures drawn on the rice paper under their feet, but it was a pity that they were accompanied by more than a dozen lines of bad characters that looked like dogs crawling. From this distance, the envoy could see a little more clearly. The brief introductions and weaknesses of various evil things were written on them in extremely large white characters.

In many places, he didn’t seem good at writing, so he had to use specious small images instead.

“Great Celestial Master.”

The envoy’s voice was calm and humble.

“You guys again.”  Zhong Yi snorted. “How many lives did you take on this trip to stop the disaster?”

Compared with before, there was a slight weakness in his voice.

“We have detected signs of an Evil Spirit along the coast,” the envoy said. “I came to ask the Great Celestial Master to help pacify the disaster and return the land to peace.”

“You…” Zhong Yi paused strangely before he finished speaking. He thought for a moment and cleared his throat. “Easy for you to say. First help me write fifteen pages; then I’ll be willing to talk to you in detail.”

Envoy: “?”

“Huajisi’s records on evil beings have to be handed in every half a month,” Zhong Yi said deeply. “Today’s the deadline.”

Envoy: “…?” Half a month, fifteen pages… You haven’t written a single page, have you?

However, the envoys who came to see the Great Celestial Master were all carefully selected. The envoy patiently wrote on the pieces of paper following Zhong Yi’s narration.

Seeing that the envoy was silent, several children with big-headed doll hoods came running over and crowded together to watch.

“Go back!” Zhong Yi gestured them away.

The envoy humbly asked, “What evil things are they?”

“Just homeless children.” Zhong Yi’s attitude improved quite a bit after seeing the envoy’s hard work. “Their minds aren’t open yet, so they are affected less. I’ve put layers of seals on their hoods and clothing, so it’s not a problem.”

“But according to our estimation, even children can’t spend more than 91 days with Your Lordship. Otherwise, they will likely die,” the messenger said tentatively.

Zhong Yi became solemn. “Do you know what this means?”

“I hope the Great Celestial Master will enlighten me.”

“This means that we can walk together for eighty days, nearly three months.” Zhong Yi sounded happy.

“I teach them some spells, and they teach me things about the outside world. It’s quite interesting.”

The envoy paused and didn’t speak again.

Half an hour passed. The envoy from Sunken Society finished writing the fifteen-page report on evil things. Celestial Master Zhong said “Ah!”, and responded to the news of the Evil Spirit on the coast. Huajisi had just sent a letter this morning. In view of worldly customs that dictated “first come, first served”, he could only refuse the meeting with Sunken Society.

“However, you have memorized the characteristics and solution of these fifteen evil things, so it wasn’t a loss.”

Zhong Yi laid back on the riverbank and immersed his feet in water again, splashing it around.

The messenger nodded gently as he signaled with his hand hidden in his sleeve. The sky suddenly darkened, and a giant evil thing suddenly descended from behind the clouds and went straight towards the children.

Who would have thought that Zhong Yi didn’t panic at all? He maintained his lying positions and yelled at the group of evil things.

“Dinner!” he said happily.

Immediately afterwards, he kicked the water with his left foot, and several ice arrows shot out, landing right into the hand of the envoy who was holding a talisman.

“You can also eat this one here.” Zhong Yi tilted his head toward the envoy with difficulty as he happily added.

Countless evil things rose into the sky and swirled out of the vortex. The giant evil thing that Sunken Society had nurtured was torn apart, leaving behind a dark rain of blood that fell from the sky. Under the blood rain, Zhong Yi straightened his body freely; the crimson fabric around him wasn’t stained with a single drop of ghost blood.

Invisible evil spirits raged everywhere, causing the stream to splash up waves more than three meters high. The dead leaves in the late autumn shot wildly like hidden weapons, hitting against trunks with loud cracks. Several fragile trees broke off and turned a corrupt brown-black color.

The envoy was held in place and couldn’t move as several zombies rushed forward enthusiastically. The picture ended with a mouthful of withered yellow teeth.


More than 1,100 years ago, in midwinter, on a rocky beach.

The seal around Zhong Yi’s body was like annual rings, covering him to a height of more than three meters.

There were no longer children around him; only groups of evil things. Zhong Yi sat on the soft Yellow Millet and flew slowly against the ground as the evil procession slowly walked through the thick ice surface. Looking from a distance, it looked like a long strip of colorful flags.

That person had become stronger.

The mist slid against the ice surface, and a trace of blood rolled out from time to time. Just looking at Zhong Yi from a distance, a kind of destructive fear would penetrate the bones in an instant.

Even a spectator like Wei Huaqian, who had traveled for thousands of years, would be infected by that weird fear and forget to breathe for a while.

It wasn’t an envoy that Sunken Society had sent this time.

They held a grand blood-sacrifice ceremony in the center of the glacier.

One hundred and eight men and women were naked with runes painted on their skin. They walked on stilts made of locust wood; their lower bodies were surrounded by fresh internal organs from nowhere; their legs were deeply cut; and the soles of their feet were pierced by wooden nails on the stilts. Steaming blood flowed down from the stilts, covering the thick ice with black and red blood.

They formed a circle, and in the center, where the blood was densest, was an extremely neat tower of human corpses. Despite the description, the corpses were immaculately clean and were frozen into a blueish white by the cold wind and were scored out of order. At a glance, it looked like a smooth stone.

Zhong Yi’s evil procession stopped before the blood sacrifice.

Facing those fanatical men and women, he clicked his tongue loudly.

“Specially making a blood sacrifice that summons an Evil Spirit? I thought everyone would have something to eat again,” Zhong Yi said sadly. “There’s obviously no Evil Spirit nearby… or do you suspect that I’m the Evil Spirit?”

The people of Sunken Society ignored him as they continued to sing their mantras frantically.

Zhong Yi swayed in place. He seemed to want to dig out his ears, but he couldn’t reach out.

“Forget it. I know my body well. I’m still half a living person.” His voice was mixed with fatigue and a smile. “Some time ago, I even predicted the date of my death—I can only live for six months, but an Evil Spirit wouldn’t be so short-lived.”

The members of Sunken Society were still singing madly.

“It’s a pity you didn’t use the disaster prevention technique this time. How unfortunate. Since you have seen me with your own eyes, you only have a few days left of your lives… hack, hack!”

At the end, he suppressed his cough.

“A monster like you…”

The man in the lead stopped singing and looked at Zhong Yi.

“A monster like you will only become a more dangerous monster after death. Huajisi must be crazy to have kept you until now.”

“Maybe it’s because Huajisi has a brain and knows what mutual benefit is, unlike you guys who are overly obsessive.”

Facing the blood and corpse tower, Zhong Yi was chatting calmly.

“As for after I die… becoming a fierce ghost is unlikely. People have to be obsessed to become ghosts, and I have already lived a very happy life.”

“As an Evil Spirit, well, that’s more terrifying. At that time, I’ll find a secluded place and die peacefully, leaving only a skeleton.”

“…Unlike you. You have nothing left.”

After he finished speaking, Zhong Yi added this in a hoarse voice.

“You wasted these hundreds of lives just to make this stupid test… It’s a pity that you’ll die here as well.”

Ring, ring, ring.

He jumped off Yellow Millet and stepped on the ice with his bare feet. The silver bell vibrated frantically on his ankle.

“Dinner,” Zhong Yi said with a smile.

As soon as his voice fell, a few circles of air blasts swept out in all directions, with Zhong Yi at the center. The mist on the ice was blown into circles, swaying like milky white flames. Behind Zhong Yi, Yellow Millet swelled into a round sphere, and its pupil suddenly dilated.

Around that person, some kind of invisible net seemed to be rising.

“But you have reminded me.”

In the murderous aura that was soaring, Zhong Yi murmured softly.

“I have to get myself a tombstone when I have time. And then I’ll write my own name—”

Before his sentence was finished, the recording was cut.

Like a tsunami of fear crashing down, before the evil things could touch the 108 people, they all fell straight onto the ice, breathless. They fell extremely neatly, adding a fence of locust wood made of human flesh around the corpse tower.

After the record was played, Wei Huaqian took a deep breath. He slowly opened his eyes and wiped off the blood mark on his forehead.

It was perfect. This was simply a human body that reproduces power comparable to the gods.

As for the pain corroded by the Evil Force, they now had many means to pass it on. Objectively speaking, the corrosion caused by the Evil Force allowed Zhong Yi to live without aging for more than three hundred years, far exceeding that of normal humans.

The Divine Descent thousands of years ago created a Zhong Yi. The Divine Descent twenty-eight years ago created their research result.

In contrast, the latter was inferior to Zhong Yi.

Their research had to continue.

Unfortunately, Zhong Yi was dead. He didn’t know how their creation would last against Zhong Yi when he was at his peak.

The author has something to say:

The ideal Great Celestial Master: Fighting evil for the safety of one side.

The real Great Celestial Master: It’s dinner time, everyone! Woohoo!

Kinky Thoughts:

So this is why Yin Ren likes the sofa so much. I didn’t expect Zhong Yi to be Yin Ren… which begs the question of the name…

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4 thoughts on “Evil As Humans Ch99

  1. omg my brain didn’t go in this direction at all… was the emperor who named him surnamed zhong too or not? i don’t remember if it was mentionned
    also what the heck, they had cameras to record stuffs more than a thousand years ago?


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