Evil As Humans Ch88

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 88: Kiss?

Gengsheng Town at night was comparable to a horror movie set in a warehouse, with three steps leading to a small evil and five steps to a great evil.

There was a customary “soft curfew” for the town. The shops would close early, so few would have their signs still up. Under the moonlight, there were more handprints and scratches on the signboards. There were rickety shadows squatting on the side of the street, while trees and bushes would rustle in the windless night.

After leaving the group of rookies in Unit 9, Xiang Jiang didn’t bother to hide his hostility any longer.

Spells were inlaid at the soles of his feet as he ran fast. Along the way, no evil creatures would rush up to attack him. His exaggerated earrings swayed wildly in the airflow and would clack against his jaw every few steps.

Although it was August, it was cooler in the mountains. Xiang Jiang was wearing a patchwork long sleeve fat sweatshirt with a bunch of colorful cloths hanging from him, but there was not a single trace of sweat on his face.

In a sense, his image was unusually consistent with the style of the evil things on the street.

Xiang Jiang bypassed the corner of the street and kicked mercilessly through a sewer lid that was lifted. Something that resembled a human head was poking out of it, and half of its head was taken off by the kick.

Its broken skull spewed thick black blood causing the surrounding evil creatures to swarm, gleefully eating this evil creature’s head. The latter was still “alive” with a piece of its skull missing, cursing from its various mouths.

Xiang Jiang didn’t bother to turn his head.

He soon arrived at the only hotel in town. Fu Xingchuan was sitting on a stool at the entrance, holding a braised duck leg that had two gnaw marks on it.

The lights in the front hall of the hotel were dim, and the night was dark, which made the duck leg even darker, giving it quite an off-putting look.

Xiang Jiang twitched his nose subconsciously, but he couldn’t smell anything.

There was no pie falling from the sky in the metaphysical world. The more powerful the so-called talent, the greater the price paid. Unlike Fu Xingchuan’s steady “academic schooling”, Xiang Jiang became a ghost master entirely based off of unconventional methods. After his ability became stronger, his five senses drastically faded.

“Sit.” Fu Xingchuan wiped his hand and dragged out another stool from the side of the flower bed.

Xiang Jiang didn’t answer but took a step back. “Minister Li isn’t here?”

“In his room. He’s busy reviewing his students’ theses. Just report directly to me. He doesn’t care about your performance.” Fu Xingchuan didn’t mind Xiang Jiang’s attitude. He retracted the stool casually and began gnawing on the duck leg again with a leisurely and contented expression.

Xiang Jiang hummed, still standing in the same spot, about a few steps away from Fu Xingchuan. “Everything is normal at the moment, but I need to know about the fog. This isn’t in the plan.”

“Giant ghost hitting the wall. We just did a closed test. It can’t stop the signal or the top science posts, so it’s fine.”

Fu Xingchuan had finished eating his duck leg clean. He casually pinched it, causing the duck bone to instantly support itself as it jumped to the trash can.

Xiang Jiang silently watched the duck leg bone bounce up and down.

“Take it as it comes. There are three possibilities for why the formation appeared—either we are purely unlucky, or some people here are also interested in Unit 9… Or, both.”

Xiang Jiang: “Why isn’t it aimed at Shian?”

“There’s no point in shutting down Unit 9. At least Lao Li and I can’t think of a reason.” Fu Xingchuan laughed. “If they find that Lao Li and I are here, Sunken Society will be eager to drive us away. It’s not like they’re ignorant about the situation.”


Xiang Jiang turned his gaze to his feet again. He was wearing a pair of shoes, one black, one white, but his white shoe was stained with traces of trampling on evil things, which made it quite conspicuous.

The thick stains slowly flowed down the ground and were quickly absorbed by the cracks.

As the person in charge of this area, Xiang Jiang was fully aware of the particularities of “Gengsheng Town”.

Everyone here was corrupted with varying degrees of Evil Force, though the overall degree of corruption was very light. Despite that, Shian couldn’t determine the source of the corruption. According to the science posts, unless the earth regularly poured corrupted rain, it was impossible to achieve such an effect.

There were no ordinary people under the influence of an Evil Force. The people in Gengsheng Town were more or less all crazy, but they hadn’t developed to the level of “giving birth to an ability”.

Compared with the living, the performance of the evil things here was more eye-catching—they were like mushrooms after the rain; growing wildly here with some new varieties appearing from time to time.

Sunken Society worked hard in this close area for many years to build such an evil mountain town, whose aim wasn’t to test Shian’s firepower.

Xiang Jiang changed the subject. “Are we still proceeding according to plan regarding Unit 9?”

“Proceed.” Fu Xingchuan pulled out a wet towel. “If the sky falls, I will hold it back. Besides, the fog is also an opportunity. It’s better if the scene is bigger. We might be able to find the source of the phenomenon in Gengsheng Town.”

“Understood,” Xiang Jiang said succinctly. “Where are the supplies?”

Fu Xingchuan grinned, stretched his muscles, and dragged out two large plastic bags from the hotel hall.

“Here, lunch boxes. I also brought a lot of braised meat and mixed vegetables. Young people have big appetites. Remember to give some to Mayor Ren. It’s not easy for her.”

Xiang Jiang’s cloudy eyes moved, showing some blatant disgust. “The processed food here…”

“No ingredients. I have been using illusions. They thought I was one of ‘their own’ who came back to visit a relative from some other place. The amount they gave me is quite sufficient. Let me tell you, this pack of pickled vegetables is spicy, while this pack isn’t as spicy…”

After solemnly introducing the supplies for Unit 9, Fu Xingchuan took out a brand-new duck leg.

“Xiao Xiang, do well.” Minister Fu bit into the flesh as he mumbled indistinctly. “It’s up to you to get those two in Unit 9 to play more.”


An hour later, Xiang Jiang returned to the homestay as scheduled, bringing hot lunch boxes and mixed vegetables.

The five people from Shian set up a simple “braised food buffet” on the table. Even if the windows were full of evil things, the fire in the room became much more intense.

The braised vegetables were the unique flavors of a mountain town. The duck and tofu were delicious, and the mushrooms and potatoes were spicy and crispy. Yin Ren ate very comfortably, barely able to keep his mouth free.

Xiang Jiang frowned when he heard Zhong Chengshuo’s report about the “fight”.

“That group of people is a gang. I see them every time I come. They have used this method to screw up a lot of external projects.”

He mechanically ate his lunch box as he explained in a few words.

According to Mr. Xiang, the “old man was in charge”. This place was tough and extremely xenophobic. For safety reasons, Mayor Ren only dared let important guests stay at this homestay. The important guests were mainly government-related personnel.

“Their eyes were probably not as good as Zhong Chengshuo’s, so it’s easy to get tangled up with them. Before, at least eight people were forced to get involved in their disputes. This group of people slandered them for abuse and violence, and those who reported it lost their jobs and left.”

In the end, he didn’t need to finish. Even the old antique Yin Ren understood—anyone with a little ability consciously would avoid this troublesome place in the future, so naturally it was difficult to get things done.

“Why are they doing this? Is there any benefit?” Ge Tingting asked in confusion while she chewed on the braised vegetables. The AI’s speech didn’t delay her from eating.

“How should I know?”

Xiang Jiang put down his chopsticks. His appetite wasn’t even as good as Ge Tingting’s.

Huang Jin’s focus wasn’t on the living. He gave up on the compass that was spinning like a fan and said with a stifled voice, “Not to mention the fog, there are too many evil things outside. Is this really okay?”

“Surely it’s fine. Otherwise, how can Xiang Ge be in charge here for so long?” Yin Ren saw Xiang Jiang’s expression of “too lazy to speak”, so he happily answered.

After half an hour, the group of five became two, and the living room was replaced by a bedroom.

“There must be a problem. After all, Xiang Jiang has been in charge for so long and hasn’t solved it.”

Facing Zhong Chengshuo, Yin Ren’s tone became solemn—that was if he hadn’t been lying flat on the bed.

“Nn.” Zhong Chengshuo spit out the foam of his toothpaste and hummed in agreement.

Tonight, they would be sleeping together in a dignified manner…

The three semi-partitioned bedrooms were quite close. After a brief discussion, Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo took one room; Ge Tingting and a large pile of spirit weapons took another room; and Huang Jin, with an aggrieved look as if he had lost all hope, accompanied Xiang Jiang.

It was a pity that Huang Jin’s suffocation couldn’t affect Yin Ren’s good mood.

After washing up, Zhong Chengshuo hesitated for a while before he changed into his pajamas in front of Yin Ren.

Lord Ghost King was upright and turned to his side, without looking at Zhong Chengshuo from the back of his head.

But he was confidently happy because of this little thing.

Zhong Chengshuo’s thinking was so erratic that even Yin Ren’s 300 years of experience couldn’t grasp it. Recently, this person showed a little closeness from time to time that would also give him the feeling of being tickled by the tip of a small animal’s tail.

The single beds in the room were separated by half an arm’s length, which was no different from being connected. After a soft rustling sound, Zhong Chengshuo sat lightly on the bed, exuding the refreshing smell of herbal toothpaste. Yin Ren couldn’t wait to turn around and meet those familiar eyes.

Zhong Chengshuo was still wearing his glasses and sat in a reclined position with a book on his pillow. It seemed he didn’t plan to rest immediately.

“You were right just now. The situation here is complicated. We’d better not do anything during this execution mission.” Zhong Chengshuo sat by the bed and was carefully wiping his glasses.

Considering that Xiang Jiang’s room wasn’t too far away, his voice was as soft as a whisper.

Oddly enough, when this person wasn’t wearing glasses, he looked more mature than when he was. Yin Ren liked the way Zhong Chengshuo wiped his glasses. That person would lower his head, causing his long bangs to droop slightly and pieces of his black pupils would appear between the black hair.

There was a strange sense of purity.

Zhong Chengshuo’s hands were very beautiful—the slender fingers were slightly curled, the nails were neatly manicured, there were not many fine lines on the skin, and there weren’t many raised blue veins. Zhong Chengshuo’s bone shape was quite good; the lines on his hands were thin but not weak, which made people want to unconsciously touch them.

The more Lord Ghost King looked at it, the more satisfied he became. Distracted, what Zhong Chengshuo was saying went in one ear and out the other.

“I said, we’d better not do anything.” Zhong Chengshuo could see Yin Ren’s absentmindedness and repeated it with patience.

Yin Ren: “…Mr. Zhong, you really think highly of me. Do I look like such a dedicated person?”

He didn’t plan to do anything at all.

Even if this was an execution mission, Shian would not go as far as to give them a test involving human life. When he first stepped into this place, Yin Ren began to calculate how to lie through this execution mission.

No one would punish a waste. Besides, if the sky fell, the big honchos would support them, so all he needed to do was just decisively lie down.

Thinking of this, Yin Ren laid down even more magnanimously.

Zhong Chengshuo was leaning against the head of the bed, looking helplessly at Yin Ren—even though King Yama was well-informed, he had never seen such an unmotivated evil being.

Yin Ren looked at him with a pair of ochre-red eyes, full of concentration and smile.

There were no calculations, no haze; the evil thing just looked at him straightforwardly.

Zhong Chengshuo didn’t look away. He found that even if he looked away, as long as Yin Ren was still looking his way, the words on the pages of his book would jump around, making it difficult for him to concentrate on reading.

What should I do in this situation?

After thinking for a while, Zhong Chengshuo jerkily bent down and moved his hands around to adjust his posture for half a minute.

After confirming everything was correct, he brushed away Yin Ren’s long hair and slowly lowered his face…

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