Criminal Psychology Ch166

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 166

The Dana Rainforest was located in the middle of the Titan Basin. It covered an area of about 2.3 million square kilometers and was the second largest tropical rainforest in the world ten years ago. However, ten years later, due to the destruction of the forest caused by mining, the area of the rainforest was greatly reduced. All this content could be found by opening an encyclopedia, but there was only a small mention of the status quo of the rainforest, which was divided up by major armed factions that fought endlessly year round. Even the large and terrifying numbers of refugees weren’t mentioned.

Of course, the Dana area was listed as one of the six no-fly zones in the world by the FAA. Not only were there militants and refugees, but there were all kinds of ferocious beasts and uncivilized, primitive cannibal tribes. Most terrifying was the raging epidemic of infectious diseases due to the low level of medical and health care.

A virologist once joked that the area with the deadliest virus samples in the world wasn’t the central virus database of any country but the Dana Rainforest. This was actually not a joke, as he almost failed to get out alive.

Xing Conglian was keenly aware of the danger of this mission that he couldn’t give Lin Chen any promises. After all, the cruelest thing was to give up and let it be shattered.

Lin Chen shouldn’t have to experience such cruelty.

The flight was about to land in an hour. Kang An had sorted out all the materials on the table very doggedly, looking extremely guilty. Wang Chao was desperately stuffing pure water into his backpack while Xing Conglian just sat on his seat and kept tapping the table repeatedly.

He suddenly thought of Lin Chen again for no reason. If Lin Chen were here, he would definitely use a peaceful tone to analyze why Kang An was so anxious and kept hesitating to speak. But now that Lin Chen wasn’t here, he could barely guess what was going on in his subordinate’s head. Kang An’s request for help might put their lives in danger, so it made him uneasy.

In front of him, Mr. Kang was sorting out materials at a terrifying speed, as if he wanted to devour all the materials. Xing Conglian glanced at his subordinate and stopped tapping the table.

Kang An was so frightened that he wanted to throw out all the materials in his hands. Xing Conglian glanced at Wang Chao and said, “Go to the bathroom for a while.”

Wang Chao looked at them blankly for a moment, then suddenly shivered and fled to the bathroom as if he had sprouted wings, not forgetting to plug his ears as he ran.

“Mr. Kang, tell me what’s going on.”

The next moment, Kang An kneeled to the ground with a thump, refusing to look up at Xing Conglian.

“Mr. Kang, we are a formal department. Don’t engage in the underworld, okay? The scenes of deep relationship between a master and apprentice and guilty pleas are not very useful in modern dramas. My time is precious, so I’ll go back if there’s nothing major.” Although he said this, in fact, he knew better than anyone else that Kang An wouldn’t come to a retiree like him for help if he hadn’t encountered an extremely difficult problem that couldn’t be handled.

Finally, his subordinate raised his head, and his eyes were red. “Captain, this matter is all my fault. Xiao Wu and A’K might be crazy.”

“Go to a doctor if they’re crazy. Why come to me?”

“They disappeared along with thousands of people who were about to be slaughtered by the Gaomeng Tribe.”

“If they’re missing, find someone to look for them. Do I look like I’m a professional person finder?”

“It’s not like that, Captain. Something happened in the rainforest, and no one knows what. Xiao Wu and A’K suddenly went insane during the investigation process, and we lost contact. As far as I know, a similar situation has already occurred in the Dana Rainforest. Dozens of incidents occurred in major armed groups nearby, and some are saying it’s a curse…”

Xing Conglian wasn’t surprised at all. He said calmly, “Don’t talk about the paranormal. I still can’t do anything about curses and witchcraft.”

“Captain.” Kang An kneeled solemnly with his back straight. “Captain, I’m with Xiao Wu. Please save him.”

Xing Conglian looked at his subordinate, who was kneeling on the ground, in disbelief that he had almost spilled the water on the table.


Naturally, Lin Chen didn’t know that Xing Conglian was going through the biggest test of his career, which was how to correctly deal with the love problems of two former subordinates of the same sex. In face of this matter, any mysterious incident in the Dana Rainforest or the entrapment of thousands of people were suddenly pushed back a bit.

For Lin Chen, after the initial loss, there was a long and difficult period of worry.

The sky was getting brighter outside. Earlier today, Xiang Ye was in the detention center. Although the guards were already extremely strict, Xiang Ye still found an opportunity to cut this femoral artery. If a person wanted to die with all his heart, he would always find a way. He didn’t go to the scene, but according to Jiang Chao, Xiang Ye’s blood was splattered everywhere; seemingly, he died a miserable death.

For him, Xiang Ye’s death was an inevitable outcome, like the struggle between two people since ancient times.

However, Jiang Chao was still brooding over Xiang Ye’s death. For this reason, he was dragged by Jiang Chao to work overtime on another night shift. The second division of Yongchuan was filled with the sweet and bitter taste of instant coffee. The police station at night was still busy with official duties, and there were constant phone calls and the sound of police officers rushing in and out.

Lin Chen felt it was quiet, however. There was no sound of Wang Chao chewing potato chips or eating any snacks around him, and Xing Conglian would not suddenly make him a cup of tea and set it on the table, then pull him away from a case to relax and chat for a bit.

The handwriting on the computer screen began to blur. He was just checking the personal files of all members of the Song Shengsheng fan club. In fact, he suspected that some filtering procedures were embedded in Xiang Ye’s and Meijing’s ticketing system for the Song Shengsheng fan meeting. Only certain members were selected. Because for Meijing, he had to strive to obtain the maximum benefit from any action. However, looking at more than 3,000 different materials, Lin Chen once again became confused.

Only when he manually investigated the case would he find that he missed Comrade Wang Chao even more. For this kind of thing, if he gave it to Wang Chao, he would get the exact result in half an hour.

He looked at his phone. It had now been more than 50 hours since Xing Conglian and Wang Chao suddenly left, which meant that Xing Conglian and Wang Chao had reached any point on the earth. And yet, so far, his phone hadn’t rung once. Although he knew that Wang Chao and Xing Conglian had their reasons for not telling him, wasn’t it reasonable to tell him that they were safe or that they would be leaving for a bit after landing? Since they hadn’t reported their safety, it meant what they were doing wasn’t safe.

He wanted to call Xing Conglian, but when he picked up his phone, he put it down again.

After all, Xing Conglian had said, “I’m very sorry” before he left, and he didn’t even add “Wait for me”. After the irritating period when he heard this, Lin Chen gradually calmed down. He began to analyze the relationship between him and Xing Conglian and started to think about the deep meaning contained in what Xing Conglian had said to him.

If Xing Conglian said, “It’s not a big deal. Let’s talk when I come back”, then the problem shouldn’t be serious and he would do as he said.

And if Xing Conglian had said, “I’m very sorry. Wait for me.”, then the problem should be relatively serious, but it wasn’t unsolvable.

But he only said, “I’m very sorry”, which meant that the situation may be out of Xing Conglian’s control, so he couldn’t make any promises to come back.

Perhaps after watching the computer for so long, Lin Chen felt pain in his eyes. He propped his elbows on the table and covered his eyes with both hands. He really rarely had this kind of moment where he was at a loss and felt powerless. He didn’t even have a direction to find someone. He didn’t know what was going on, he didn’t know who the man was who was wearing the rubber green boots, and he didn’t know why Xing Conglian would suddenly make up his mind to give up his peaceful life and leave resolutely. Now the only clue he could grasp was the cigarette Xing Conglian was holding in his hand.

He was considering whether he should go to that small shop next to the Xinni Embassy to find out more about that pack of cigarettes. Thinking of this, he had already grabbed his coat and stood up.

“Consultant Lin…” Just as he stood up, a long call sounded behind him.

Lin Chen turned around and saw Jiang Chao’s smiling face.

“Captain Jiang, is there something wrong?”

Jiang Chao rubbed his hands, then his face, and said excitedly, “Consultant Lin, your hunch should be right. There really is a specific list filter module on the ticket distribution system for the Song Shengsheng fan club, but we can’t grasp what it is yet.”

Lin Chen was taken aback and was unable to recover from his thoughts just now. “What did you say?”

Jiang Chao’s eyes glowed, which was the look that police officers would have when they reached a breakthrough during an investigation. “Meijing and Xiang Ye should have wanted to kill certain fans of Song Shengsheng. You’re right. Their attack was premeditated and well organized. Most likely the motives aren’t just to retaliate against us police!”

Lin Chen nodded and patted Jiang Chao on the shoulder a little absentmindedly. “Mm, a major breakthrough. Keep going.”

“Consultant Lin, where are you going?” Jiang Chao asked suddenly.

“Out for a break.”

“Then… have you finished reading Song Shengsheng’s fan club information? What do they have in common? The members of my other two groups have also been studying, but there has been no breakthrough yet.”

“I haven’t finished reading it yet. I’ll tell you if I have news.” Lin Chen was about to bypass him and go out.

“I know, I know you’re tired and in a bad mood because Lao Xing left. Then do you think I can accompany you for a walk? Just around the police station compound. The scenery there is quite good. Later, you can get a few hours rest in the lounge, and I’ll give you a call,” Jiang Chao said earnestly.

Lin Chen glanced at the position at the door without nodding.

“I’m mainly afraid that I haven’t found out the exact motives of the criminals. What if they want to organize another attack on Song Shengsheng’s fans? This is an urgent matter.”

Indeed. Compared with the thousands of fans who could be in danger again, he didn’t need to worry too much about his two extremely capable friends.

Lin Chen sighed. He put down his coat and sat down again in front of the computer.

I hope you guys return safely.

He tilted his head to look at the sinking sun outside the window.

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