Criminal Psychology Ch161

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 161

What he asked was, if their hypothesis was true, what was the real reason Song Shengsheng chose to commit suicide a few hours before the fan meeting started?

He couldn’t continue to bear it and wanted to get rid of Xiang Ye’s control and use his death to expose these shady things?

The more he learned about Song Shengsheng’s experience, the more Lin Chen believed that he would not easily choose to die.

Although he and Xing Conglian had no evidence in their speculation on many past details of the case, such as the tooth or the reason why Song Shengsheng was unable to speak, it was even more likely that their reasoning was fundamentally untenable. There was no bug in that tooth, and no one threatened the lives of Song Shengsheng’s fans. Song Shengsheng just didn’t want to live anymore, and he died of world weariness.

But what if they were lucky enough to guess it correctly?

Song Shengsheng, who lived under the shadow of Li Jingtian, didn’t commit suicide, nor did he do it despite all the grievances he suffered and went to prison. He was monitored every day and didn’t choose to commit suicide on any of the days he was being monitored. Then why did he commit suicide nine years later?

Why was it on the early morning of June 1st?

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian. “Apart from Xiang Ye threatening Song Shengsheng with the lives of fans or some other person so he couldn’t seek help from the police, is there any other reason he couldn’t go to the police?”

“I can’t think of any other reason,” Xing Conglian said bluntly.

Lin Chen thought that if even Xing Conglian couldn’t figure it out, then the people behind the scenes most likely couldn’t either.

Lin Chen said, “According to what you said, he lived to protect those whose lives might be threatened. Then he chose to commit suicide. Did he give up protecting those people? Are we ignoring the most fundamental problem?” There was a very terrifying speculation in his heart. Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian and continued to ask, “If he’s not dead, what will happen next?”

“What will happen?”


“Nothing. Everything is the same as arranged before. Later, his fan meeting will be held, and he will return to the stage to meet with people who have insisted on loving him for many years…” Xing Conglian suddenly paused as if he thought of something.

Lin Chen nodded and continued, “Song Shengsheng didn’t hesitate to cut his throat. It happened to be in the early morning hours before the fan meeting. It was neither too early nor too late, so Xiang Ye had to cancel the meeting at the last minute. Song Shengsheng is strong. He survived to protect certain people. Then, I think he chose death to protect those people. If my analysis is correct, his death is most likely to prevent something terrible. The fan meeting was to be held on June 1st. That’s to say, a terrible thing will happen at the fan meeting, and he could only use his death to stop it.”

Lin Chen suddenly had a realization. “Song Shengsheng won’t suddenly give up on his beliefs. He chose to commit suicide, which meant that the chips that were threatening him with had been upgraded. Please tell me, what does this mean?”

Xing Conglian replied, “People will die at Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting. Therefore, after he knew this, he could only prevent the worst from happening by committing suicide.”

This was simply a fantasy hypothesis. However, the analysis that was often regarded as fantasy was truth. Even if Lin Chen didn’t want to think about it, he still quickly captured another possibility—Xiang Ye didn’t want to make Song Shengsheng popular again because he wanted to use Song Shengsheng to make money.

Lin Chen turned around, pushed open the door of the autopsy room, and rushed in.

Just as Song Shengsheng’s body was about to be put in the freezer, he grabbed the medical examiner and shouted, “Wait!”

The oncoming cold air chilled him. Song Shengsheng’s eyelashes drooped, and his face was serene. There was no trace of despair, grief, or unwillingness in his death. He sat in the bathtub, looked up at the vast starry sky outside the window, and didn’t hesitate to slit his throat.

It happened in the early morning hours before the fan meeting. It was neither too early nor too late, so Xiang Ye had to cancel the fan meeting at the last minute.

This wasn’t due to depression, world-weariness, or a last-resort resistance. This was the most sober choice, the most precise calculation, and the most magnanimous death.

Because he only had this path and no other options.

Lin Chen wanted to touch the terrible wound on Song Shengsheng’s neck but was stopped by the medical examiner. “What are you doing?”

Song Shengsheng had done so many things with his death that he must have also used it to point out the real culprit.

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian and asked in an extremely calm tone, “Suicide, mass murder. What does that remind you of?”

Xing Conglian frowned and pondered, then suddenly opened his eyes wide and stared at him. “The dark web live broadcast?”

After Xing Conglian finished speaking, they both rushed out the door at the same time.

Xing Conglian ran down to the first floor and shouted in the hall of the police station. “Wang Chao! Wang Chao!”

He shouted so loudly that everyone around him turned their heads and looked at him. Finally, the teenager’s depressed voice came, “Here, Captain.”

Wang Chao’s voice floated out from some random office.

“Get out and go to the parking lot, now!”

Xing Conglian was running towards the parking lot outside while he was speaking. Lin Chen could understand his anxiety, but he couldn’t understand why his first reaction was to go to the car under such circumstances. But he still trusted Xing Conglian’s determination and followed him out.


Under the scorching sun, the interior of the Jeep was so hot it was difficult to breathe. Xing Conglian didn’t even hesitate to start the engine. When he turned the car around and returned to the entrance of the police station, he happened to catch Wang Chao, who was rushing out.

Wang Chao climbed into the car panting, and before he could close the door, Xing Conglian had already stepped on the gas and driven out.

“What the hell, Captain…”

“Shut up and listen to me,” Xing Conglian interrupted. “We now suspect that the reason Xiang Ye planned Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting is to carry out a new round of live death broadcasts. First, tell me the latest news of Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting progress.”

Wang Chao was so shocked that it looked like his body would explode. He grabbed the back of his seat and asked, “Captain, this is a motherfucking god unfolding*. Why is Xiang Ye planning a live death broadcast? This is impossible. He took the initiative to cancel the fan meeting!”

*Term used to describe when there’s a huge leap in the plot that develops in an extremely fast direction.

“He wants to cover it up,” Xing Conglian said coldly. “Just check on whatever I ask you to check, and cut the crap.”

Lin Chen suddenly came to his senses. He thought of Mr. Meijing, who had disappeared without a trace. From the beginning, Xiang Ye was just an illusion to attract their attention. Because he canceled the fan meeting on his own initiative, it was difficult for them to realize the problems behind it. Xiang Ye also actively cooperated with the police investigation, and he was already detained. It was easy for them to relax their vigilance due to being tired of investigating the case.

But, fundamentally speaking, if this was a live death broadcast, then Xiang Ye couldn’t do it alone. Including Mr. Meijing, who was still at large, anyone else could appear at any time.

But this time, where did Xiang Ye find so many brainwashed students?

Wang Chao quickly began tapping the keyboard, and after a while, his hands suddenly stopped.

“Captain, it seems that Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting was never canceled.”

“Finish speaking in one breath,” Xing Conglian said coldly.

“Song Shengsheng’s website, Baidu forums, and individual websites have all collectively issued a new announcement.”

Wang Chao quickly dragged the mouse and handed the laptop over. “This is a joint statement issued by 7 major fan websites.”

Lin Chen turned his head and quickly glanced at the content of the statement.

The joint statement of the 7 major fan websites stated that even though Xiang Ye and the Yansheng Performing Arts Group had canceled the meeting, the 7 fan websites had discussed with Yansheng Performing Arts after collecting fans’ opinions and decided to temporarily change the fan meeting into a memorial service and would hold it as usual.

The statement also said that although Shengsheng committed suicide due to depression, it was his wish to return to the stage. Even when he was suffering from depression, he wanted to come back and see them again. So, although Shengsheng had fallen before the concert, the fans couldn’t. Besides, many girls flew from other provinces and even abroad, and there were even more fans who didn’t manage to get a ticket, camping outside the performing arts center early. Whether it was for Shengsheng or these girls, the meeting had to continue. This was for Shengsheng and the wish of everyone who loved him.

In order to realize everyone’s wishes, the 7 major fan websites discussed it with the person in charge of the Cultural Center and the Yansheng Performing Arts Group and made a new decision. As long as all fans abided by the order, they would arrange for as many people as possible to enter the venue.

Lin Chen couldn’t help but sneer. This seemed to be the result of a joint discussion between fans, but it was most likely Xiang Ye’s will. Xiang Ye was Song Shengsheng’s first agent, so naturally he had all the publicity resources related to Song Shengsheng, which of course included the relevant account numbers of the initial high-level managers of all of Song Shengsheng’s fan sites.

He didn’t need to call on Song Shengsheng’s fans through mass media platforms. As long as he controlled the high-level accounts of influential fans, he could, of course, control most of Song Shengsheng’s fans.

Xiang Ye had no intention of giving up the plan from the start.

Just as Lin Chen was thinking, Xing Conglian had already driven them to the subway station.

He quickly stopped the car and said to Wang Chao, “Take all your things and get three sets of wireless headsets out.”

Wang Chao hurriedly opened his backpack. “Captain, where are we going now?’

“The subway.”

Wang Chao shook out three miniature headsets from the pile of scraps in his backpack, spread out his palm, and handed it to them. “Why?”

“There’s a traffic jam in the Lake Ludi Tunnel.” Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian and connected all the details again.

The Yongchuan Christine Cultural Center was located in the Xining Development Zone, surrounded by water on all sides. It was a huge island in the inner lake. Except for the tunnel at the bottom of Lake Ludi, there was only one access channel to Yongchuan Ave, and Yongchuan Ave was the main road of Yongchuan that was always jammed day and night.

Xiang Ye’s choice of the Christine Cultural Center was premeditated. Even the current traffic jam in the Lake Ludi Tunnel was probably Xiang Ye’s handiwork. Song Shengsheng used his own death to make things clear, but they didn’t think about it earlier.

Xing Conglian sensed his anxiety. He stretched out his hand and pressed his neck, then leaned in front of him and said slowly, “We’ll take care of this matter together. Trust me. Believe in yourself and also believe in Song Shengsheng.”

Lin Chen suddenly came back to his senses. “Okay,” he said.

In fact, he didn’t know where Xing Conglian’s transcendent confidence came from when he told him this. On a normal day, Xing Conglian would walk and gossip with him with squinted eyes, but deep down in his heart, he knew very well that Xing Conglian wasn’t an ordinary police officer who liked to drink beer and eat peanuts.

After learning that Xiang Ye might attack the cultural center, Xing Conglian’s first reaction wasn’t to stop and investigate the problem first, but to go there; after learning that the fan meeting would continue on a larger scale, Xing Conglian didn’t waste time investigating Xiang Ye’s motives, gathering related evidence, or calling his superiors to report the situation, and instead called Jiang Chao first.

As Xing Conglian was running, Lin Chen could hear his breath through the headset, which wasn’t disturbed at all.

They descended into the subway station through the turnstiles, and the long wind howled from the far end of the tunnel.

After giving a brief overview of the situation, bright train lights soon appeared from the distance of the tunnel.

“Yes, mobilize the police and rush to the Christine Cultural Center. Abandon the use of police cars and take the subway. At the same time, notify fire and medical staff that there’s a traffic jam in the Lake Lidu Tunnel and be sure to take Yongchuan Ave. Please cooperate with the traffic police department to divert traffic and set out as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.”

He didn’t know what Jiang Chao said on the other end, but it was probably along the lines of “Lao Xing, won’t this create a big fuss without clearly investigating?” or “If nothing happens, we have to take responsibility.” These words would be what anyone would say in front of a conspiracy theorist who lacked evidence. Xing Conglian aggravated his tone and said mercilessly, “Shut your mouth. Now, we are worried about the lives of thousands of people at the cultural center. This is a great responsibility that we can’t afford, so tell your boss and your boss’ boss exactly this.”

The subway train door opened, and they stepped into the carriage and sat down side by side.

Lin Chen glanced at the road map. Their location was 6 stops away from the Christine Cultural Center, which would take them about 15-20 minutes.

“Wang Chao,” Xing Conglian shouted.


“Give me the floor plan of the Christine Cultural Center.” At this moment, even the 18-year-old Wang Chao showed extraordinary calmness. He took out his spare tablet and handed it to Xing Conglian and added, “The internet speed on the subway is too poor, so it will take a while.”

Soon, a floor plan of the original construction of the Christine Cultural Center slowly unfolded. The picture was slightly stuck when it was rolling out. Taking this opportunity, Xing Conglian took the tablet and said, “Before calling the cultural center to evacuate the crowd, we must first come up with a plan. Otherwise, the crowd will panic, and a stampede could easily occur.”

Lin Chen realized again that a similar situation had happened before.

Perhaps the Ansheng International Shopping Mall incident itself was a rehearsal at that time. Xiang Ye planned the accident to calculate the reaction time of the relevant police forces. If this speculation was true, then he was afraid they would encounter a more detailed plan this time.

And when they began to evacuate the masses, it would alert Xiang Ye. This was why Xing Conglian didn’t call the cultural center first, but it was simply impossible to evacuate everyone quietly.

“Wang Chao.” Lin Chen said to the teenager, “First, adjust the surveillance cameras so we can grasp the flow of people inside and outside the cultural center.”

The teenager said with pain, “I tried just now, but the internet on the subway is really bad, so I can’t tap into the surveillance.”

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