Criminal Psychology Ch159

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 159

“Song Shengsheng is the stupidest person I have ever seen.”

Li Jingtian was finally able to sit down properly. He asked Xing Conglian for a cigarette, which Xing Conglian handed over, although his face was full of displeasure.

Lin Chen always felt that he had seen evil in the world, but the story told by Li Jingtian still made him unable to feel any light.

According to Li Jingtian, the first time he saw Song Shengsheng was at a global concert tour. At that time, Song Shengsheng sang high on the stage, tore off his shirt, and then winked in his direction. Li Jingtian felt that Song Shengsheng was seducing him.

What happened later was that one party was deliberate while the other was unaware.

For Song Shengsheng, Li Jingtian joined CA Entertainment as a trainee, but his status was far from Song Shengsheng. At that time, Song Shengsheng was the darling of the media, blessed by the gods. He was chic and willful and even dared to kiss female models directly at cocktail parties. Seeing these things every day, Li Jingtian had the urge to cut Song Shengsheng’s throat directly and watch him lie in a pool of blood and bleed to death, but he knew he couldn’t, not because of his conscience, but because he hadn’t gotten Song Shengsheng yet.

Later, Li Jingtian was able to make inroads into the company and was about to make his debut. He finally got a little closer to Song Shengsheng’s circle of friends. Their singing practice room was downstairs from Song Shengsheng. He could always see Song Shengsheng talking or laughing with someone, but occasionally, when passing in front of him, he never glanced at him once. He even deliberately tried to walk up to Song Shengsheng once, bending over and bowing, greeting “Senior Song”, but Song Shengsheng just nodded slightly at him, said nothing, and didn’t even ask his name. This was the most unbearable thing for him. Song Shengsheng had completely touched his bottom line.

Li Jingtian couldn’t bear it anymore. He inquired about an underground bar that Song Shengsheng often went to. It was a place that the paparazzi didn’t even know about. It was secretive. Li Jingtian used some methods and started working at the bar. He slowly observed and understood Song Shengsheng, knowing that there were always different girls around him, knowing that although he liked to play with girls, he was always alone when he went home, and knowing that he liked to drink a lot and would black out after getting drunk.

Sure enough, the roles of a bartender and customer were the easiest to cultivate. He and Song Shengsheng slowly became familiar. Song Shengsheng sometimes would get tired of playing and would sit down alone in front of the bar, squinting in the dim light while drinking ordinary soda water, and would chat with him. When they first met, he unabashedly told Song Shengsheng that he was also an artist at CA Entertainment. Because he couldn’t accept the company’s unspoken rules, he had a hard time, and it was difficult to make a living, so he was forced to work in a bar.

“He actually believed the story I made up casually and said he admires me very much.” Li Jingtian laughed. “Don’t you think he’s stupid?”

“What happened later?” Lin Chen asked.

“Later, later on, he started to work hard for the company’s senior management to let Mu Zhuo and I make our debut as soon as possible. He also recorded a video with us. He actually helped me.” Li Jingtian narrowed his eyes. When he recalled that time, he actually showed a sarcastic smile on his face. “Then I thanked him, and we became friends. Sometimes, when he gets drunk at the bar, I will send him home. He was defenseless against me. He thought I was poor and would often secretly bring me delicious food. Why do you think there are such innocent and lovely people in this world?”

Lin Chen sat opposite Li Jingtian, unable to restrain himself from imagining the scene at that time.

Maybe at the bar, maybe under the streetlight, Song Shengsheng would confidently talk to Li Jingtian from the bottom of his heart and take care of him like a junior brother in class. He would pat Li Jingtian’s head, looking casual about it, but he actually cared about Li Jingtian’s feelings. He protected him and took care of him, but he never knew what kind of beast he was facing.

“Then one day, Song Shengsheng got drunk in the bar again. He hugged a woman and refused to let go. He would always ignore it when he drank happily. I took him away from the woman and sent him home. I think that time was simply given to me by God.” Li Jingtian hooked the corner of his mouth proudly and looked at them. “Consultant Lin, you’re smart. Can you guess what happened after?”

Lin Chen took a deep breath and said slowly, “For a person like Song Shengsheng, it’s impossible for you to imprison him in chains, because even if you break his legs, he will desperately climb out as long as he’s still breathing. Then, to control such a person, you can only use his kindness.” Lin Chen didn’t know how he could maintain such a calm tone. “He was drunk that night, and you made him mistakenly believe that he hurt you. Only in this way will he be firmly controlled by you. Am I right?”

Hearing what he said, Li Jingtian suddenly choked on the smoke and burst into tears of laughter. “Consultant Lin, you’re really the smartest person I have ever seen. The next morning, I deliberately made a lot of noise and spread blood everywhere. I sat on the bed and cried and told Song Shengsheng that he had raped me. I desperately said no, but he forcefully held me down and inserted it. I didn’t expect he would actually believe it. Don’t you think he’s an idiot?” Li Jingtian wiped away his tears from his laughter and continued, “Actually, as long as he turned me around and looked at my ass, he would know it wasn’t blood that came from my anus, and the bruises were done by me knocking into things, but for a dumbass like him, how could he know to check?”

Lin Chen didn’t dare stop and think about the scene at that time. As long as he thought of the deception Song Shengsheng had suffered, he wished he could go back decades ago, dragging Song Shengsheng from back then to look at exactly who Li Jingtian was…

But now it was decades later, and he didn’t have the ability to travel through time, so he could only ask coldly, “Then, I think if a person like Song Shengsheng found out he raped you, he might actually impulsively go to the police station and surrender himself. How could he obediently be controlled by you?”

“I praise you for being smart just now, yet you’re being stupid again? At that time, I begged him not to call the police. I still wanted to make my debut. An undoubted trainee who was sexually assaulted by a big star would definitely be abandoned by the company.”

Lin Chen lowered his head slightly, then raised it and stared at Li Jingtian. “Continue.”

“Consultant Lin, it’s not easy for you just now. This is just the appetizer. The content behind is quite heavy.”

“I pretended to be recuperating and lived in his house for a while. I faked having a mental illness, and sometimes I started to self-harm or lock myself in my room all day without saying a word. He was very worried and afraid that I had developed psychological issues, so he sent me to a psychiatrist. In fact, this was just ordinary acting. The me who saw him for the first time was the real me, but he thought I was crazy. I pressed him against the tiles of the bathroom. He resisted desperately, but he didn’t dare to hurt me. I said to him over and over again, ‘I love you’ as I entered him again and again. His body was really soft and hot. His blood dripped on my feet and his eyes—you should’ve seen it—it was so sad and heartbreaking.”

The cigarette in Li Jingtian’s hand had already burned out, but he still took a puff through the filter without tobacco.

“You made him mistakenly think you were mentally disturbed because of his violation, so he felt guilty and let you do whatever you want?” Lin Chen was a little suspicious.

“Yes, after I fucked him, I hugged him and said I was sorry. I left him disappointed and started to self-harm. I told him the psychiatrist said it was post-traumatic stress disorder. I asked him to stay away from me, and he softened again.” Li Jingtian chuckled. “How can there be such a soft-hearted and easy-to-deceive person in this world?”

“There’s a problem,” Lin Chen said.

“What problem?”

“Since you completely controlled him, why did you frame him for raping Mu Zhuo and send him to jail later? Did you get tired of him?”

“That’s him looking for death by himself, okay? If he obediently listened to me, there wouldn’t be any problems. I still ‘love’ him well…”

“How was he looking for death?”

“He went to seduce others in front of me. He was lewd and went around making waves. At that time, he was on tour, and the news was all about him getting a room with someone else. He had the smell of another woman on him. He also provoked me and said that if I can’t get him up, he’s going to find another man.” Li Jingtian smiled cruelly. “Don’t you think he’s courting death?”

“He noticed something was wrong, and he was testing you.”

“Do you think Song Shengsheng’s IQ is that high? You can say whatever you want.”

“I’m pretty sure he was testing you, and you did expose your crazy nature under his persecution at that time. He knew what kind of person you were, and he said he was going to the police, but you did it first.”

Li Jingtian shrugged. “At first, I didn’t think much of it and took some videos and warned him that if he said anything, I would put them on the internet and let all his fans know what a slut he is. But then, suddenly one day, he had the guts to tell me I could make it public, and he didn’t want to play with me anymore. He was really courting death~”

“So, you acted ahead of time, and together with Mu Zhuo, falsely accused him of rape?” Lin Chen spoke slowly, word by word. “You used the same method to frame him twice.”

“Aren’t I amazing?” Li Jingtian asked with a smile.

“It’s still wrong.” Lin Chen looked up at Xing Conglian. “If he already knew your true face at that time, he would have no reason not to tell the police what kind of person you are.”

“Maybe he wanted to go to jail and get fucked by more men?” Li Jingtian said.

Lin Chen ignored him and glanced at Xing Conglian, then continued, “Li Jingtian, let’s sort out the clues. First, Song Shengsheng mistakenly believed he hurt you and was controlled. Then, after a period of patience, he realized that you have a problem and noticed your true face by testing you. Then, you threatened him with a sex video and the like, forcing him to submit to you. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore and expressed his desire to go to the police, but before he could, you conspired with Mu Zhuo to get him ahead of time. Am I right?”

“Basically.” Li Jingtian smiled again. “I’m taking the initiative to report the crime and have a good attitude. Can I ask for leniency?”

Xing Conglian frowned and said, “Two questions. First, why didn’t he call the police immediately after he noticed your true face, and even gave you a second chance to coerce him. Second, when he finally couldn’t stand you anymore, he still gave you the opportunity to turn yourself in, and even didn’t tell the police what you did to him in the end.”

“Yes, it’s very strange, which is why I said he loves me, but you don’t believe it.”

“What do you think?” Xing Conglian asked Lin Chen. “Why did Song Shengsheng do this?”

Song Shengsheng tested Li Jingtian for the first time and discovered his true face, but in the end, he didn’t go to the police. Something must have happened during this time that forced him to give up this idea.

The only possibility was that Song Shengsheng’s idea of calling the police was known to someone, and the other party used some method to stop him, and that person was most likely Xiang Ye, who brought him to his debut and whom he had always trusted deeply. Assuming Xiang Ye represented the will of CA Entertainment and forced Song Shengsheng to give up the idea of calling the police in order to protect Li Jingtian, who had a powerful family background, then Xiang Ye was truly terrifying.

Lin Chen pondered for a moment and drove all emotional thoughts out of his mind. He asked Li Jingtian, “In fact, there’s another question. When such a big thing happened, CA Entertainment protected Mu Zhuo and gave up on Song Shengsheng. Was it your family that put pressure on CA?”

Li Jingtian said, “Consultant Lin, use your brain. Song Shengsheng raped Mu Zhuo. What does that have to do with me?”

“This is strange.” Lin Chen’s mind turned. “CA has no reason to give up a superstar to protect a pawn, unless…”

Xing Conglian said, “Unless, Song Shengsheng’s imprisonment is what CA Entertainment wanted to see, and they are the ones who silenced him.”

“But this still doesn’t make sense,” Lin Chen said. “The proportions of the two sides are too different. If I were a senior executive of the company, I would definitely put Mu Zhuo, who dared to make trouble, to death. Why would I abandon Song Shengsheng?”

Xing Conglian said, “If it weren’t for the power behind Mu Zhuo, there could be only one possibility.”


“Song Shengsheng was out of control,” Xing Conglian replied.

Lin Chen suddenly woke up.

That’s right. They always regarded Song Shengsheng as being weak and easy to deceive. Since Song Shengsheng dared to test Li Jingtian, he wasn’t a soft persimmon who could be squeezed by others. Indeed, Song Shengsheng was too kind, but that didn’t mean he was really stupid. Smart and kind were not contradictory words.

Looking back at all this, the motivation behind Song Shengsheng’s deliberate provocation of Li Jingtian for the second time and causing him to go to jail was completely different.

Lin Chen suddenly realized that if he were in Song Shengsheng’s situation, he would have to face a perverted rapist and a company that firmly controlled him. If he wanted to get rid of this terrible darkness, he could only choose to die or hide in a place where their tentacles were difficult to reach, such as a prison.

It was even very likely that he was provoking Li Jingtian and also his own company at the same time in order to force both parties to the extreme and see what they would do. If he still wanted to survive, then going to jail was his best choice at the time.

Lin Chen thought that if he were Song Shengsheng and lived in such a hopeless and painful situation, he might have chosen to commit suicide much earlier, rather than insisting on looking for a ray of freedom in the darkness of despair. Lin Chen suddenly felt so uncomfortable that he couldn’t help it. Song Shengsheng, I think I have started to respect you even more. I really want to talk to you.

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