Criminal Psychology Ch156

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 156

In the end, Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting still adopted the internal ticketing model. Of all the 1,116 tickets for the meeting, 90% were allocated proportionally to the major support clubs, while the remaining 10% were open to the public.

And all the ticket revenue would be donated to a public charity that helps victims of sexual assault.

Although ordinary people were dissatisfied with the lack of public tickets, most of them still admired Song Shengsheng’s decision. The fans were even happier because, according to the detailed rules given in the ticket announcement, internal tickets would be allocated according to the number of years the fans have been at the fan club. Members who had been registered for more than 10 years were more likely to get tickets than those who had been registered for just 1 year. Specifically, it involved a complex proportional allocation method. In short, after Lin Chen listened to Wang Chao’s explanation, he asked, “Can you get them?”

Wang Chao stared at him with wide eyes. “A’Chen Gege, you actually doubt me!”

Later, it turned out that Wang Chao had managed to snatch more than a hundred tickets within a second after the tickets were issued. Xing Conglian had to twist the teenager’s ears and force him to relinquish the tickets he had snatched, and then beat him severely. He was also fined half of his allowance money after everything was settled.

Lin Chen looked at the electronic ticket he had just been sent on his phone.

The venue of the meeting was at the Yongchuan Christine Cultural Center, the place where they found the key evidence to convict Li Jingtian.

Their positions were in row 7, seats 11/12/13.

The start time of the meeting was June 1st, which was the day they negotiated with the Xinni Embassy to extradite Li Jingtian to China.

Later, Lin Chen discovered that all this was perhaps the result of God’s machinations in the dark.


The popularity of the Li Jingtian case online had gradually declined. After all, major events that could affect the history of the world happen every day. The attention of ordinary netizens would always be quickly attracted by these things. Except for Song Shengsheng’s name and the topic of his fan meeting, which started trending on Weibo the day when his tickets were issued, his name seemed to be fading away, which may be what Song Shengsheng wanted.

And in order to prepare for the fan meeting, Song Shengsheng had even more reason not to see Lin Chen.

According to the police officer who passed over the message to Xing Conglian, when Song Shengsheng went to the police station to make his statement, they had privately asked his opinion, but Song Shengsheng still refused to see him.

Lin Chen finally stopped clinging to this matter.

During the time they spent waiting for the fan meeting, he and Xing Conglian did other things. Of course, they would never admit that this matter had anything to do with them. After all, it was all done by Wang Chao.

On May 15, it was Xu Ran’s seventh day*.

*Clarity: According to Buddhist traditions, many mourning periods last 49 days, with prayers conducted every 7 days for 7 weeks. They believe that rebirth takes place within 49 days after death, so these prayers are used to facilitate the deceased’s journey into the afterlife. It is thought that 7 days after death, family members would gather as it is thought the departed returns home.

Xing Conglian worked overtime at the police station. In the morning, Lin Chen and Wang Chao went to the suburban cemetery first.

Because Xu Ran didn’t have any relatives, Lin Chen took the initiative to buy her a small plot in the beautiful cemetery.

On the tombstone, Xu Ran was smiling brightly. She was painted with light makeup, like a carefree little girl that had neither pain nor worry.

Lin Chen put down the lilies in his hand, stroked the tombstone gently, and then stretched out his hand to Wang Chao.

The teenager hurriedly took out a piece of paper from his backpack. It was the ticket to Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting. When Wang Chao grabbed tickets that day, he also grabbed one for Xu Ran. Not only did he print out the electronic ticket, he also used very thick cardboard to make it look like a real ticket.

Lin Chen looked at the picture of the girl on the tombstone, took out a lighter, and lit the paper.

The flames swallowed the ticket, which rolled up in gray burrs. As the embers fell, Lin Chen turned and left with Wang Chao.

They took a break that day. After going to the cemetery, Lin Chen took Wang Chao to the public library. The teenager finally recovered from some indescribable sadness. He carried his bag in the library hall and excitedly chatted with him, but after only walking for a while, Wang Chao refused to leave again. He lay outside the public rest area of the library with his backpack in his arms and said, “A’Chen Gege, I just remembered that I have an appointment with the trade union to form a group. You can pick me up later.”

Lin Chen understood and went into the library.

He remembered that more than a week ago, he and Xing Conglian were still discussing youth education issues with a relaxed attitude. Xing Conglian said he would give him the burden of choosing books for Wang Chao. He was thinking about bringing Wang Chao to the library on his next day off, but only after a week, when he really brought Wang Chao here, did he feel as if that was a lifetime ago.

He stood in front of the lined bookcases and walked aimlessly through rows of books. He would take one out, turn it over, and look at the strange drawings, then proceed to the next shelf.

In the rest area of the library, Wang Chao had found a place with his back towards the camera and sat down next to a long table.

The teenager pressed the brim of his hat, threw the red backpack full of various odds and ends on the table, pulled out his laptop from it, and pressed the power button.

But in fact, Wang Chao didn’t open but clicked on a certain video website.

Lin Chen had already picked out a fifth book.

The progress bar on the computer screen in front of the young man was slowly advancing. Finally, when the file was uploaded to 100%, he quickly pressed the enter key, slammed down his laptop, and hurriedly walked out of the lounge.

Lin Chen’s phone vibrated slightly. He glanced at the text message he had just received, picked up the seventh book, and walked to the librarian’s counter.

The weather was hotter this summer than in previous years.

Lin Chen waited for the bus at the bus stop with Wang Chao.

In the many air-conditioned rooms, netizens who had just opened MeTube, the most famous online video platform in the world, found that a newly uploaded video appeared on the homepage of the website.

Someone clicked on it and was so shocked they couldn’t speak. They watched the video twice, quickly downloaded it, and then uploaded it to another domestic video website. The initial secondary uploader changed it to be a more sensational headline than the original uploader—[Fengchun Royal One Surprising Underground Prostitution Den. Tragic Scene Like Hell on Earth.]

It had to be said that the second uploader was a born master of social media because the headline was too provocative. Within just half an hour, the video’s click rate had exceeded 500,000.

Countless netizens watched this brutal video on their phones, desktops, and tablets.

The video was dark and didn’t have any dubbing.

However, despite the picture being taken with a pinhole camera, they could see a fat, middle-aged man torturing a thin-looking girl on a water bed.

The girl was dragged by her hair, and her head slammed into the bedside table. The man kept punching her in her stomach. Though the girl’s face couldn’t be clearly seen in the video, the man’s excited and cruel expression made many people unable to bear to look at it again.

It was precisely because this video was too challenging to the bottom line of human morality that it aroused the monstrous anger of all netizens in an instant. Soon, the identity of the perpetrator was revealed. It was a famous entrepreneur in Fengchun who always played the role of a good husband.

What happened next was beyond anyone’s control.

When Xing Conglian connected the call to the captain of the Fengchun police force, Lin Chen and Wang Chao were eating curry rice in a small shop 3 kilometers away from the library.

The teenager was happily flipping through the books Lin Chen had borrowed.

When he saw <Tractor Maintenance Guide> he explained even more excitedly, “A’Chen, how did you know I like tractors!” He spoke as he stuffed a spoonful of curry rice into his mouth. “When I was young, I told my dad that my dream was to be a tractor driver.”

“Then what?”

“Then my father said okay,” Wang Chao said happily.

Inside an office of the police station.

Xing Conglian pulled the phone one meter away from his ears, desperately denying that the lewd video that had just occupied the top spots on major video sites and was spreading virally in his circle of friends was his masterpiece.

“Lao Chen, how could this be me? It’s really not. I’m at the station right now. Do you know how high the reports are piling up in front of me? Life is really hard!”

“Lao Xing, don’t think I don’t know how capable your technician under you is. Who else could it be if it wasn’t you? You’ve made a huge mess, you know!”

“I swear to God, there are many capable people in this world. You can’t wrong me just because someone under me is capable. Where’s the evidence? I also want to know who did this. It’s so great. Though, if you want me to think that you can tolerate this kind of cancer like Royal One for so long, I’ll start to doubt the purity of your team…”

Xing Conglian kept talking, and finally, the person on the other end of the line abruptly hung up, as if he were extremely annoyed.

Xing Conglian looked at the phone screen and smiled coldly.

Inside the curry shop.

Lin Chen just finished his drink that came with the meal. He hadn’t touched the lunch in front of him. He handed the teenager a napkin when his phone screen suddenly lit up.

He picked up the phone. Out came the pleasant voice of Xing Conglian. “Have you had lunch yet?”


Opposite him, Wang Chao suddenly stopped his movements with his spoon and made an O shape with his mouth. The curry that was stuffed in the boy’s mouth almost fell out.

Lin Chen hummed a few times on the phone, then set it down and said to Wang Chao, “Your captain was indiscriminately reprimanded by the captain of the Fengchun police force. He’s very angry.”

“What, was my action that remarkable? This is simply a windfall!” Wang Chao excitedly.

Lin Chen nodded and continued, “At the beginning, the internet surveillance department wanted to ban that video, but it didn’t. Now the entire network has exploded.”

“Brilliant!” The teenager raised his Coke and clinked glasses with Lin Chen lightly.

Lin Chen put down his Coke and said in a low voice, “However, the matter involved was so wide-ranging that even the high-level officials were shaken. It is said that they are already looking into the uploader.”

Wang Chao smiled and waved his hand. “Don’t worry. The advantage of public libraries is that even if they are powerful enough to find the real IP, it’s still useless. At any given time, hundreds of people are online in the library, so only a ghost can be found. Also, I chose to delay the upload time. When the video was uploaded, we were on the bus, and there’s also surveillance evidence, though that wasn’t particularly planned!”

Lin Chen raised his drink again to clink lightly with the teenager. “Thank you.”


Although there was only a short video about Royal One, this short video had become a fulcrum to pry open the above-ground and underground worlds of Fengchun, and not only Fengchun but the entire country was shocked by it.

Xu Ran’s case was reopened. Although Lin Chen and Li Jingtian confronted each other in the attack, and the audience had seen Xu Ran’s handwritten letter, there was no clear evidence in the letter that Xu Ran had been assaulted in Royal One. Therefore, after investigation, the clubhouse had strangely escaped, but now the situation was different.

The police department once again formed a task force to investigate Royal One. The scale of such an investigation was no longer something an individual could stop.

As the investigation gradually unfolded, names were unearthed one by one. The police then claimed that they had mastered the secret account books of Royal One and began to investigate the relevant people involved.

In those few days, gossip flew all over the country, and everyone in Fengchun and its surrounding cities was at risk.

The relationship between Royal One and CA Entertainment was unearthed, and some trainees at CA, including senior executives, were investigated. The public was most happy to see this kind of serial drama and was fascinated to see such ups and downs from it.

As a tainted witness, Mr. Lu Xu played an important role in the investigation process. Through his testimony, the police were finally able to investigate the communication equipment of the people involved.

Although most of the people involved in the case had already deleted the shady software on their phones in advance, if the prostitution software mentioned by Lu Xu really existed, then this kind of software would inevitably leave traces on the user’s phone and server. As long as the user wasn’t smart enough to throw their phone into the ocean, where it could no longer be salvaged or burn the memory, the existing data could always be restored.

Xing Conglian then used some means to get Fengchun to pass on that piece of data.

Wang Chao sat in front of the computer and stretched. He held up the lemon black tea he had just bought with one hand while he was typing on the keyboard with his other hand.

Lin Chen looked at him as he sat at the desk beside him and continued filling out reports.

Because the investigation into Royal One gradually deepened, he and Xing Conglian couldn’t hide the fact that they had sneaked into Royal One to investigate. Thus, a new round of questioning and detailed reports ensued. He felt that he was back to that painful career of scribing in high school again.

The sun was shining outside the window. After writing for a while, he let go of the pen and rubbed his arm. Suddenly, he saw the knife wound on his arm again.

The two cuts he made on his arm at that time had gradually healed and scabbed. The wound still looked a bit hideous, but when those scabs fell off, they would only leave shallow scars.

Lin Chen once again flipped out the electronic ticket for Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting on his phone. ‘I hope you are alright,’ he thought silently.

At this moment, Wang Chao suddenly began to tap the keyboard frantically.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The teenager shouted.

Before Lin Chen could react, the boy pushed his chair away like crazy, rushed out of the room, and began to dash to the police station compound. Lin Chen was stunned for a while, then hurriedly sent a text message to Xing Conglian, who was in a meeting, and followed after him.

Wang Chao ran very fast. Looking at the crazy back of the teenager, Lin Chen decided to stand still and wait for him to come back after a lap.

Xing Conglian quickly pushed the door open. He was out of breath as he looked around. Wang Chao had already run away, but the roar of the teenager could still be heard in the wind.

“What’s wrong with that kid? Did he become crazy looking at codes all day?” Xing Conglian asked.

Lin Chen frowned. He was worried.

Finally, Wang Chao’s figure running wild appeared again. Without saying a word, Xing Conglian outflanked him. Wang Chao seemed completely lost in his running and didn’t seem to care about the figure in front of him. When he reacted, he had no time to brake and slammed into Xing Conglian.

Xing Conglian took two steps back, failed to hold his ground, and was knocked down. However, he didn’t forget to protect the teenager’s neck and waist before he fell.

There was a muffled bang. Wang Chao was lying on Xing Conglian’s chest. He rubbed his head and didn’t react for a while. When he saw who he had bumped into, he immediately sat back in fright. “Captain, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to!”

Lin Chen hurried over and squatted down beside the two of them.

“Are you okay?” He asked Xing Conglian.

Xing Conglian simply propped his body up without any expression on his face. “What’s the matter with you?” he questioned sternly.

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian’s back. It seemed that he had scratched a large area of his back.

Wang Chao sat on the ground, dumbfounded, and was afraid to speak.

Lin Chen patted him on the back lightly. When Wang Chao was touched, he finally said, “Captain, I thought it looked familiar, but I can’t remember it.”

“What looks familiar?” Xing Conglian asked as he reached his hand out. Lin Chen understood and helped him up.

Xing Conglian patted the dust off his uniform pants.

Wang Chao said, “It’s the restored version of the prostitution software that Fengchun passed over. I think I’ve seen it somewhere before.”

Xing Conglian suddenly stopped bending over. “Speak clearly.”

Even though he asked the teenager to speak clearly, there was no way to explain clearly what he felt.

Wang Chao sat back in front of the computer and pointed to the source code of Royal One’s self-made prostitution software and said to him, “Every programmer has his own style when writing programs, just like everyone has their own style of speaking and writing. For example, the code you write is different from the code I write.”

“Of course I can’t write code,” Xing Conglian said coldly.

“That’s what I mean, Captain. Although programming language is relatively fixed, such as variable names and comments, everyone’s habits of writing things are different. What I mean when I say I think this source code is very familiar is that I have seen something similar written by the creator.”

Xing Conglian frowned. “There are so many mobile software programmers across the country that write thousands of codes every day, and you can tell?”

“I just think I’ve seen it!” Wang Chao couldn’t help but raise his voice.

Xing Conglian still wanted to speak, but Lin Chen glanced at him, so he stopped.

In fact, Xing Conglian was right. Not counting web pages, the source codes of phone software programming that Wang Chao have seen were astronomical. It was simply impossible for him to tell which codes were written by the same person.

But looking at the teenager’s sad face, he had no choice but to say, “Don’t worry. You can try to recall it slowly.”

“I can’t remember now.” Wang Chao clicked on various software irritably and kept turning it off.

“Is there a search algorithm that can be used?” Lin Chen asked.

“But I don’t know what to search for, so I can’t search for it. If it’s an article, I can use the audio link to establish a statistical model for comparison, but I really can’t think of the source code, and it’s impossible to store all the phone source code I’ve ever read on my computer.” Wang Chao kept scratching his head with anxiety. “A’Chen, you’re right. Why didn’t I pay attention? This may be my chance to save the world!”

The words of the teenager made Lin Chen feel a strange premonition.

He and Xing Conglian looked at each other and said to Wang Chao, “In fact, our brains are far more powerful than any computing machine we know now. If this is an unimportant piece of source code written by the same person, you’ll definitely not have such a big reaction. You’re even likely to ignore it, as you have done countless times before, but just now, your subconscious reminded you that the source code in front of you is very important, and the writing pattern reminded you of another code that the same person wrote that is important, which meant that the previous source code must have left a very deep impression in your mind. You can start from here.”

“I see…” Wang Chao said weakly. “But I’d better try searching or using keywords first, but do you know how many people in the world like to name variable names as food-related? Freaking foodies!”

Lin Chen patted the teenager’s head soothingly and went out with Xing Conglian.

“Is your back okay?” Lin Chen asked with a frown.

Xing Conglian leaned against the wall carelessly, lit a cigarette, and said, “What are you worried about?”


“That’s not what I mean.”

“I have a bad feeling. No matter what, try to use a tough approach. I must meet with Song Shengsheng.”


Lin Chen didn’t know why he thought about Song Shengsheng after seeing the familiar source code from Wang Chao. It was a knot in his heart that he couldn’t untie. He was afraid that if he couldn’t see Song Shengsheng, then the moment the wind sways the grass*, he would worry.

*(风吹草动) Idiom referring to extremely small changes.

14 hours before Song Shengsheng’s fan meeting.

May 31, 11:00 p.m..

Lin Chen sat on the wooden sofa at home, watching the rehearsal. Song Shengsheng had entered the Yongchuan Christine Cultural Center earlier today.

Wang Chao was still thinking about the source code of the prostitution software sold by Royal One in his room. Even in the living room, Lin Chen could hear the teenager’s collapse.

The incident at Royal One was becoming more troublesome as there were some high-level figures involved, so Xing Conglian was invited to have some tea by the task force, so he hadn’t returned despite how late it was at night.

Lin Chen held the remote control and turned up the volume a little.

The towering, giant building stood on the outskirts of Yongchuan. The camera moved forward. There were reporters who came to interview, and fans who heard the news crowded in the square of the convention center. The fans held various solidarity banners and lined up in a disciplined row. They looked more like a well-trained brigade than fanatical groupies. Only when Song Shengsheng’s van drove by did they start screaming.

The reporter was very excited and said, “Did the audience hear the shouts behind me? After going through many tribulations, Mr. Song Shengsheng finally decided to hold a small fan meeting to give back to the hardcore fans who have always supported him. Although the meeting refused media interviews, our TV station will still broadcast live the entrance of the arts center for everyone. Please lock in to Yongchuan Satellite TV.”

Before the reporter’s voice fell, the van drove into the VIP passage and stopped.

Xiang Ye, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, got out and opened the door for Song Shengsheng and his female assistant.

Song Shengsheng was styled up today. He wore a skull burnout t-shirt, and his hair was slick back. He still wore a mask, and he just glanced at the fans on the sidelines before he withdrew his eyes and walked towards the entrance.

The picture flashed away, but the screams were endless.

Lin Chen’s brows furrowed tighter. He didn’t know if he was seeing things. Although Song Shengsheng looked very good, he didn’t have the firm look of that day in his eyes when he was looking at the camera.

The media reporter said, “We see that Mr. Song Shengsheng seems to be recovering well. We sincerely hope that tomorrow’s fan meeting will go smoothly.”

The reporter then put the microphone in front of the fans behind him and said, “Are you excited?”

“Excited!” The fans shouted in unison.

“Is there anything you want to say to Mr. Song Shengsheng?” As if infected by that happy atmosphere, the reporter asked with a smile.

The fans looked at each other, then one of them made a gesture of counting down to three, two, one.

The girls, who were different in age and appearance but all equally happy, shouted in unison, “Shengsheng, no matter what happens, we will always protect you!”

Lin Chen would never forget such a bright and brilliant voice for the rest of his life.

The entertainment news began to broadcast different content.

There was a creaking sound from the door opening outside the house. Lin Chen put down the remote, opened the door, and went out.

Xing Conglian was at the door with a haggard face.

Lin Chen looked at his slightly smiling face and asked from a distance. “Looking at your expression, I’m afraid there’s good news, right?”

Xing Conglian walked towards him and said, “Song Shengsheng said he will meet you, but the time will be after the fan meeting.”

“Can’t it be before the meeting?” Lin Chen asked suddenly.

Xing Conglian stopped.

Lin Chen knew his request was excessive. He knew how hard Xing Conglian worked to get Song Shengsheng to agree to see him. According to Xing Conglian’s style of doing things, he might have entrusted the Fengchun or Yongchuan police to apply pressure on Song Shengsheng.

But he still looked at Xing Conglian firmly. “I have to see him before the fan meeting.”

Xing Conglian stared at him with tired eyes and then nodded. “Okay, let’s go right away. You go and call Wang Chao.”

Countless times later, Lin Chen deduced what happened in those days, trying to find a possibility to prevent it from happening.

For example, he should believe more in his feelings and block Song Shengsheng from the start to question him about what was going on, instead of being blinded by some seemingly good appearances; or he shouldn’t have planned action against Royal One in those precious ten days, so that most of his and Xing Conglian’s time were filled with never-ending official investigations and paperwork; even, if Xing Conglian could drive the car faster that day, maybe everything would end in a completely different way.

However, in the words of Xing Conglian, the occurrence of established facts couldn’t be changed by human will. They weren’t gods, let alone having the ability to reverse time. They were truly ordinary humans, so the only thing they could do was to move forward with sadness and gratitude.


Although they set off quickly, it was almost 4 a.m. when they arrived in Fengchun.

Along the way, Lin Chen forced Xing Conglian to play Song Shengsheng’s songs in the car. Wang Chao was singing along as he recited codes while he was half asleep.

Even in the early hours of the morning, Yongchuan was still brightly lit. Lin Chen looked down at the entire city from the bridge and suddenly felt heartfelt despair at a certain moment.

The light was still there, but the thick blackness spread from the ground, as if it were about to devour all living things, and everything would never get better. At that time, he felt boundless despair.

He covered his eyes and burst into tears for no reason.

4:13 a.m..

He would always remember the time when Xing Conglian stopped the car at the entrance of the Yongchuan Lihao Hotel.

Downstairs in the hotel, there was the sound of deafening sirens, and the ambulance and four police cars lined up in turn. The night sky was strangely purple, with miserable red and blue. He looked around blankly. He didn’t know how he was able to walk to the door of the hotel.

In the lobby of the hotel, Xiang Ye had his back to him, but his body was hunched over. He was talking with a policeman and looked exhausted, while another girl beside him was desperately crying. A few hours ago, Lin Chen had seen that girl on TV. She was Song Shengsheng’s assistant.

The bad premonition that had lingered in his heart for many days finally came true. Lin Chen walked towards Xiang Ye, step by step. He directly reached out and grabbed the social elite by the collar and said, in a trembling voice, “What happened?”

Xiang Ye’s eyes cracked. Lin Chen was, in turn, yanked by his neckline by the other party.

Xiang Ye roared, “Lin Chen, how do you still have the face to come here. Shengsheng is dead. You killed him. He said he didn’t want to see you. Why did you have to force him over and over again!”

Xiang Ye’s shouts were loud. Someone around him was secretly filming with a camera, but all Lin Chen could feel was as if someone had bashed him with a hammer.

At this moment, a powerful arm stretched out and gripped Xiang Ye’s arms with his backhand.

Lin Chen saw Xing Conglian.

Xiang Ye howled in pain and screamed miserably, but he kept talking. “I protected him, and I didn’t want him to get hurt again. Why do you keep pushing him? Yes, you did him a favor, but why did you keep putting pressure on him when he doesn’t want to see you? He said that if he sees you, he’ll think of Li Jingtian. He’s right in the end. You’re all the same.”

The dazzling light from the crystal chandelier caused countless emotions to surge in Lin Chen’s chest. He could no longer distinguish the colors in front of him, but after hearing what Xiang Ye said, he forced himself to calm down. He said in a cruel tone that even he felt was inhumane, “First, I did not murder Song Shengsheng. Because I was on my way here, I have a sufficient alibi. Second, I have never had contact with Song Shengsheng. The person who could’ve forced him to die could be you. Finally, tell me how he died.”

Beside him, the girl’s sharp cry was about to pierce their eardrums. Lin Chen turned his head and glanced coldly at the source of the sound. The girl stopped crying instantly.

“If your boss doesn’t answer, it’s up to you to answer me personally and tell me how Song Shengsheng died.”

“Shengsheng… Shengsheng…” the girl sat on the ground sobbing. “Shengsheng… in the bathroom… in the bathroom…slit…slit his throat.”

Hearing these words, Lin Chen could hardly stand still. He staggered violently. At this moment, Xing Conglian held his back firmly.

He suppressed the bloody feeling in his throat, pinched his palm hard, and looked around, forcing himself to stay awake.

“Take me to the scene,” he said to the police officer next to him.

“Why are you going? Shengsheng didn’t even want to see you when he was alive!” Xiang Ye shouted almost frantically, unlike his gentlemanly persona.

“Mr. Xiang Ye, please cooperate with the police investigation. Otherwise, I will arrest you for obstruction of justice.”

Under this situation, Xing Conglian still maintained a transcendent calmness. He quickly showed his credentials to the police officers in the hotel lobby and said in a businesslike tone, “Hongjing police force, Xing Conglian.”

The policeman nodded quickly. “I know. I know you and Consultant Lin.”

“Now take us to the scene.”

Seeing that the police officer looked hesitant, Xing Conglian nodded and continued to say, “You can refuse me, but believe me. I will call everyone at the scene, and there will always be someone who will nod, so don’t waste time.”

Kinky Thoughts:

The fuck? What is going on here? Why are all the people who don’t deserve to suffer being killed, while those that should suffer are still alive? I didn’t sign up for this dog abuse.

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