Evil As Humans Ch79

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 79: Rabbit

Wang Zhou looked at the transformed ghost fetus in front of him with fear.

Soon after Zhong Chengshuo entered, its expansion suddenly stopped.

The fleshy pillars connecting to the sky vortex withered and shattered as the dark, pitch-black ghost fetus gradually shrank. The intense evil qi dissipated, and the sense of oppression disappeared without a trace. Guo Laifu’s world of consciousness became day, and they could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

The campus in front of them returned to its original state once again.

Bao Linlin patted her face vigorously. “Reporting. Should we continue to rebuild the ‘artificial gap’?”

There was a little more relaxation in her voice.

“Continue.” Fu Xingchuan wrinkled his brows. “Lu Xiaohe, Zhao Shiyin, try rebuilding the pass—”

“Minister Fu, I received communication from Yin Ren.”

Lu Xiaohe’s unilateral communication interrupted Fu Xingchuan. She sounded shocked and confused, without any drowsiness in her voice.


“Yin Ren claimed that Kong Wanqing from Sunken Society was involved in the matter, and they will give a detailed investigation report after they get out. His voice sounded quite confident, so maybe he found something.”

“Yin Ren also said that Kong Wanqing has been eliminated. He and Zhong Chengshuo are safe now and only need to take a short rest inside.”

Fu Xingchuan instantly rubbed his stubbled chin. “Can you be sure the other side is in a normal mental state?”

“To be honest, not really.” Lu Xiaohe reported dreamily. “Since it’s Yin Ren reporting, his voice pattern, speaking habits, and characteristics match perfectly. Communication is gradually restored, and they are also wearing their wristbands, so I was able to get some physiological indicators.”

“Then what is the basis for your ‘unconfirmed mental state’?” Fu Xingchuan raised his brows.

“Emotional index.”

Lu Xiaohe sounded even more confused.

“The wristbands that Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo are wearing didn’t return any malicious emotions, but…”

Zhong Chengshuo not having any negative emotions was fine, but Yin Ren’s emotions were relatively normal. At this moment, that person’s “Expectation”, “Nervousness”, “Relaxation”, and “Anxiety” were all mixed together, and “Like” was so overwhelming it made her eyes hurt.

Combining Zhong Chengshuo’s “Like” with Yin Ren’s, it was like someone adding two chopsticks to her bar chart.

They exceed the typical threshold of “love”.

…When combined with the fluctuation of the two’s previous “like,” the development of this thing could be traced.

“Minister Fu, I think there are three possibilities.”

Lu Xiaohe briefly described the situation and then came to a conclusion with difficulty.

“First, the intruder did something. Second, they were bewitched by some kind of abnormal phenomenon. Third, uh, they fell in love.”

All three options sounded completely ridiculous.

The intruder didn’t come to the Archive just so he could release pink love waves. Anomalies would preferentially induce lust, so the emotional reading wouldn’t be so… innocent.

But who the hell would fall in love in this kind of shithole? Lu Xiaohe roared inside. Those who didn’t know would think those two bastards were visiting an aquarium.

Fu Xingchuan was silent for a long time. He found a pile of rubble and sat down, staring at the void inexplicably.

…This was really the most confusing class of newcomers he had ever brought. Even the knowledgeable Fu Xingchuan couldn’t think of a reason.

But he wouldn’t be stupid enough to believe what he was told.

“Xiao Lu, keep in touch with Yin Ren.” Minster Fu helplessly exhaled a ring of smoke. “Just in case, I’ll stay here and guard. I’m not going anywhere. There’s no need to increase troops on Shian’s side. Call someone to pick up Xiao Ge and Xiao Huang first.”


“In addition,” Fu Xingchuan narrowed his eyes. “Have Shian do a full set of tests to ensure everyone in Unit 9 receives the most comprehensive internal medical examination.”

“Understood.” Lu Xiaohe’s tone became serious.

“What did Lu Xiaohe say?” Wang Zhou approached curiously—the internal situation was strange, and Lu Xiaohe and Fu Xingchuan were using a one-line call.

“Nothing.” Fu Xingchuan continued puffing out smoke. “I just suddenly felt that Unit 7 is quite worry-free.”

At least breaking an arm or leg was still within the comprehension of normal people.

Bao Linlin and Wang Zhou: “……”


On campus.

Yin Ren cut off the communication and let out a long sigh of relief.

After all the ups and downs, his physical condition was surprisingly good, but he was mentally tired. It was just that the exhaustion was mixed with sweet excitement. Yin Ren stretched out beside Zhong Chengshuo, and his eyes couldn’t help but fall on him involuntarily.

He had helped lay Zhong Chengshuo down from the head of the bed and was now lying on the single bed. The man was sleeping heavily; his appearance was the same as always, but Yin Ren felt something was different.

For example, the man’s features suddenly became more pleasing to the eye.

Yin Ren couldn’t help but poke his hand. His fingertips slid down the side of Zhong Chengshuo’s face. Zhong Chengshuo seemed to recognize his aura. The man turned his cheek sideways toward Yin Ren’s hand. His brows stretched as he murmured vaguely.

Lord Ghost King froze in place.

Partner, accomplice, lover. Through the invisible, intangible role transformation, the touch of this person’s skin had changed a lot. It felt more lively and hot, as if something was about to invade his fingertips, causing his fingers to tingle and become numb.

An evil thing and a mortal had become lovers. Yin Ren had seen countless similar stories. Until now, he had a unique… lack of confidence in his own control.

Mr. Yin had never eaten pork but had seen pigs run*. How wonderful. His pig had started to run, and in the process, it had turned 360-degrees and done ten consecutive backflips.

*(没吃过猪肉,也见过猪跑) Metaphor referring to having not experienced things personally but have heard/seen them so you have some understanding || In this context, it’s basically saying, he has seen relationships but has never been in one, but he has some understanding of them. The author then uses the pig allusion from the metaphor to basically say, now he has experienced it, and on a much greater scale than he had imagined.

Yin Ren had never seen this scene before.

It was completely different from what was in the script, and it wasn’t at all similar to the feelings he imagined.

Was “like” such a tricky and hot thing?

His own experience of “taking care of everyone as a junior” was no longer applicable—rather than stripping away secrets and teasing mortals, he now had no idea how to get along with them. Lord Ghost King’s face was burning.

Guo Wei watched Yin Ren move around in confusion.

Yin Ren lay down by the side of the bed, burying his entire face in the sheets. He and Zhong Chengshuo were squeezed side by side on the single bed, one facing up, the other facing down, like two pieces of rice cake waiting to be turned over.

Somehow, Guo Wei felt that the long-haired brother exuded a sense of shame.

“Guo Wei.” Yin Ren’s voice was muffled by the bed sheets.


“I still have some snacks in my suitcase. You can eat them,” Yin Ren whispered. “By the way, go around the campus and see if you can restore some memories. If you can’t, we’ll help you after our break.”

Without the corruption and its source, Guo Wei had returned to his honest appearance. “Okay, thank you, brother.”

When the boy left, Yin Ren was still slumped inside the sheets, like a rice cake, until a hand touched his long hair.

Suddenly, Yin Ren almost bounced like a live fish.

“Yin Ren.” Zhong Chengshuo’s voice was low, beside him.

“You’re awake?” Yin Ren didn’t turn over and stubbornly kept facing down. “It’s only been a while. Get some sleep.”

“I can’t sleep well. I’ve been thinking about our affairs in a daze.”

Our affairs.

Yin Ren slowly turned his head sideways and found half a shiny red ear sticking out from the edge of the nightcap. The piece of light red looked like shallow scratches, making Yin Ren’s hands so itchy that he couldn’t help but rub them as presumptuously as before.

“Oh, mm.” Yin Ren thought for a while and responded primitively.

The two were silent for a moment.

“Actually, I have a question to ask.” Zhong Chengshuo turned to his side and stared at Yin Ren with his bright, black eyes.

Sure enough, a science post was a science post. Seeing such a scene, it was impossible for Zhong Chengshuo to easily let him go. Yin Ren put away his scattered thoughts and held his breath.

Zhong Chengshuo: “How old are you this year?”

Yin Ren: “…” What kind of weird entry point is this?

Yin Ren: “One—one hundred and eighty years old.”

Zhong Chengshuo was silent, but his black eyes held a lot of suspicion and a little condemnation.

Yin Ren’s gaze wandered. “…Actually, I’m three hundred and sixty years old, but I have been asleep for a while, so I cut it in half.”

Zhong Chengshuo continued his starring attack.

Lord Ghost King quickly gave up resistance. “Fourteen hundred years old… but I didn’t lie to you. I have slept for more than a thousand years, so it really can’t be counted. You should treat me as three hundred and sixty.”

Zhong Chengshuo: “…Okay.”

There was another burst of silence.

Yin Ren couldn’t hold back. He turned and poked Zhong Chengshuo’s face with the tip of his hair. “Do you have any other questions?”

That memory, that mountain village, his own huge body, Kong Wanqing’s weird death… With the insight of King Yama, he probably guessed that “Yin Ren is most likely an Evil Spirit”.

But Zhong Chengshuo didn’t ask.

Zhong Chengshuo was a person who used his broken hair for research. Now that they were getting closer, he had become more reserved.

“Are there really no other questions?” Just in case, Yin Ren asked again.

“There is, but that’s your worst memory.” Zhong Chengshuo pondered for a moment. “I don’t want to pry into… you because of my own curiosity. You’re now not only my object of observation, but also my lover.”

“The book says that it’s better to let things go with the flow.”

“…I see.” Yin Ren’s expression softened a little.

Zhong Chengshuo moved and leaned toward Yin Ren. His forehead gently rested against Yin Ren’s forehead. He closed his eyes again, and there was a fresh smell of mint on his breath.

“I actually bought two packs of chocolate chips.” Zhong Chengshuo spoke with his eyes closed. “There’s another bag in the luggage.”

“That brand tastes good.” Yin Ren felt the body heat and heartbeat of the other. Strangely, he developed a hint of sleepiness. “Let’s go back, and buy… some later…”

“Okay, wait until we go home.” Zhong Chengshuo also had some drowsiness in his voice.

“I want to go home now…” Yin Ren sighed softly, rubbing the tip of his hair against the bed sheet, and gently hooked Zhong Chengshuo’s thumb.

The absurd and bizarre night was over, and the sky outside the window gradually lit up as dawn was coming.

Warm breaths intertwined. On the small single bed, two people fell asleep together.


When the two woke up again, the sky on campus was already bright.

The main teaching building was safe and sound. Guo Wei repaired part of the campus by himself. However, the small part that remained—especially the areas that Zhong Chengshuo blew up—was still a mess. Zhong Chengshuo was debugging his equipment not far away, preparing to speak with Shian.

Yin Ren, on the other hand, sat with Guo Wei on the edge of the flower bed. The pomegranate flowers were in full bloom above their heads.

The dark hair swam across campus, hooking up the building rubbles and quickly putting them back together.

The twisted gate was restored to its original state, the hole in the wall fence was intact again, and the senior high school building and bathrooms gradually returned to their original appearance. The flattened building “healed” under Guo Wei’s powers, and the campus became closer to the day when Unit 9 had just arrived.

The phantoms of students came and went on campus, and above the campus was a clear morning sky.

“The specifics are this. Guo Wei, have you thought it through?” Yin Ren asked seriously.

Shian would continue to look for the cause of Guo Laifu, and he would be executed after he recovered. If Guo Wei continued to stay here, when Guo Laifu died, he would disappear as well.

Yin Ren looked at Guo Wei.

Guo Wei had completely returned to his original appearance, but his eyes were still clouded with the peculiar characteristic of death. At that moment, Guo Wei looked at the gate of the campus not far away. His baggy school uniform swayed in the wind.

“Mm, I’ve made up my mind. Even if I go with you, if I want to become a ghost, I still have to give up these things.”

Guo Wei stared at the campus, which was slowly returning to its original appearance.

People he knew well had come. Compared with before, there were a few more yellow flowers on the green lawn, looking like melting sunlight.

Yin Ren: “Yes, you will have to give them up.”

After all, pure obsession was the essence of a ghost, and this couldn’t be changed.

“But I won’t use a brutal method like Kong Wanqing. I’ll only seal up your memories.”

…But what should be forgotten must be forgotten. To forget or disappear, Guo Wei could only choose one.

“Yin Ge, do you know?”

Guo Wei didn’t directly answer him and kept staring at the campus gate not far away.

“When I was young, my mother was beaten so much by Guo Laifu that she had no choice but to escape to a foreign country. I don’t blame her, though. She still hugged me and cried for a long time before she left. I have thought many times that even if she can start a new life, I will always be a thorn in her heart.”

Yin Ren patted the boy on the back. Guo Wei was very thin, and he could feel the joints in his spine.

“After that, I went to school, and my grades were average. At that time, I thought, the world is more than me, and it won’t miss anything without me.”

“It’s meaningless to live. If only I could choose not to be born—I’m a nuisance to my mother, the village, and the school.”

Guo Wei’s eyes were a little red. He straightened his back stubbornly and didn’t wipe his eyes.

“But I have such good teachers and classmates. For the first time, I thought it’s a good thing to be alive… I also properly said goodbye to them, it’s great.”

Guo Wei looked at the blue sky in his memory and twitched his nose. “…Really great.”

“So, Yin Ge, this time, I want to choose ‘not to be born’ on my own.”


The phantoms of the students were playing around on the sunny campus. Several students in Class 2 and 3 stepped into the main teaching building with their backpacks and passed the two of them in front of the flower bed.

Guo Wei looked at the phantoms gently.

After a long time, Guo Wei took out a black ballpoint pen from his pocket.

“If you want Guo Laifu to return to normal, destroy this.”

The black ballpoint pen was simple in shape. Yin Ren had seen it with his own eyes. Guo Wei once used it to switch between day and night outside the campus.

“This is the memory that drove Guo Laifu crazy—it was the center of the outside world before and was particularly conspicuous.”

Guo Wei handed the black ballpoint pen to him with both hands, with such firmness that it couldn’t be rejected.

“In order to make sure you come to my school, I listened to Kong Wanqing’s suggestion and turned it into a pen and took it with me…As long as you give it a little stimulation, Guo Laifu’s head will be confused for about half an hour. Destroy this memory and he will regain his sanity.”

“In fact, when you were in the hotel, I deliberately caused the night. At that time, I ran to see you, but I was accidentally discovered by Zhong Ge.”

Having said that, Guo Wei lowered his head a little embarrassedly.

Yin Ren was slightly stunned.

…Zhong Chengshuo had seen Guo Wei before entering the school?

But he didn’t report this to Shian. Even though this information was of little value after entering the school, this wasn’t at all like Zhong Chengshuo’s style.

Guo Wei didn’t notice Yin Ren’s distraction. He continued in a low voice, “Before destroying it, if you want, I can take you in and have a look.”

“Then I’ll trouble you.”

At that moment, Yin Ren collected his thoughts.

Zhong Chengshuo was rightfully his lover, so he could just ask directly. Yin Ren reached for the pen, but his hand was grabbed halfway in mid-air.

It was Zhong Chengshuo’s hand.

Zhong Chengshuo had finished messing with the communication equipment. At some point, he approached. At this moment, he looked at the pen in his hand in silence, and his fingers moved slightly as he rubbed it repeatedly.

For a moment, Yin Ren almost thought he was going to snap it in half.

After a few seconds passed, Zhong Chengshuo seemed to have made some determination. He released his fingers and solemnly stuffed the pen into Yin Ren’s hand.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’ll know later,” Zhong Chengshuo said as he lowered his eyes.

Guo Wei looked at Yin Ren and Zhong Chengshuo. In the end, he decided to give up guessing Mr. Zhong’s charades. Guo Wei tapped his fingertips on the pen and directly activated the memory inside.

Like a dark room that was erected on the campus, the surrounding scene quickly dimmed. Guo Wei’s memory operation was much stronger than Kong Wanqing’s. The picture in front of the three of them was as clear as a movie.

Rapid gasping echoed in the room as Guo Laifu looked at his own body.

His hands, feet, and torso were all wrapped around an office chair. The person who bound him was very professional, and specially selected thick tape and cloth that wouldn’t leave strangulation marks. Not to mention struggling, Guo Laifu couldn’t even use his strength.

There was a gag in his mouth, and saliva kept sliding down from its corners.

Frighteningly, Guo Laifu quickly glanced around.

This was a fairly dim space, roughly forty square meters.

There were no windows, and the air was a bit humid. There were multi-layer shelves on both sides of the room, and the stainless-steel round cans on the shelves were tightly packed and neatly stacked. They were all the size of a human head, and each had a small label on it.

There was a long table in the middle of the room.

Guo Laifu’s gaze was fixed…

A figure was leaning on the edge of the long table. There were neat little objects piled up beside the man’s hand. They were blurred by the shadows, but they exuded a different kind of cold aura.

“You’re awake,” the figure said.

The figure stood up from the table and stepped out of the shadows. At the same moment, Yin Ren held his breath subconsciously.

He recognized the figure.

It was a young man wearing a creepy cartoon rabbit mask that Yin Ren was very familiar with. He was flipping through a small, hard-covered notepad in his hand.

“Guo Laifu, 47 years old, serial murderer on the run, a fringe member of Sunken Society. You came to Haigu four days ago. You killed five people with your own hands, sacrificed and dismembered the victim while they were awake, and the last victim was your own son.”

That person’s voice was distorted by a voice changer, but his calm tone remained unchanged.

“A very suitable research object.”

Guo Laifu’s eyes were glued to the ominous rabbit mask. He struggled frantically, but he couldn’t even move the chair.

“Mmmmmm—” His bound hands trembled slightly.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you.” The man put on black gloves carefully. “Murder is against the law.”


“When everything is over, I’ll help you pick a suitable city to surrender to.”

“Mmph!!!” Guo Laifu’s voice was full of shock and disbelief.

“Because in the end, you’ll always understand. Compared to being on the run, the police station is the place that will give you complete peace of mind.”

The eye holes in the rabbit mask were as black as the void, as if there was only an abyss under the mask.

The author has something to say:

Xiao Zhong: The book says go with the flow, so let’s take a look at the memory together.

Xiao Yin:

Xiao Yin: It was actually me who was complicit (x

So there is a reason for the lack of psychological descriptions of Xiao Zhong in this arc (?

On the first day of dating, Xiao Yin was shocked.jpg

Kinky Thoughts:

This chapter is too bittersweet. I was hoping Guo Wei would become a ghost and join Yin Ren, but he chose not to be born himself. That’s so sad.

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