Criminal Psychology Ch127

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 127

All in all, things went smoothly.

The security guards successfully found the membership card to their club among the pile of cards taken out by Xing Conglian. It was a golden card that matched the style of Royal One.

At first, the security guards were a little hesitant because there were no markings on the card, making it hard to identify. Then, one of them took out the card reader and scanned it.

“Welcome, distinguished Super VIP member.”

The card reader recited in a very doggy, mechanical tone.

In an instant, the drop of a pin could be heard in the hall. The young masters and princesses looked at Xing Conglian as if he were a gold mine.

The stunned security guard came back to his senses as exclamations sounded in the hall.

Xing Conglian acted as if nothing had happened, like taking out a bunch of top membership cards for the elite clubs was as casual as paying bills in a supermarket.

He still acted like a dandy and ordered two beautiful “princesses” in the hall, including, of course, the pure and lovely Miss Lily.

Although the two charming young ladies pestered Xing Conglian to go to the private room, Xing Conglian didn’t have the slightest pity for jade*. He smacked his mouth and said impatiently, “Why are you talking so much nonsense? Like I said, take me to where it’s lively.”

*(怜香惜玉) Idiom referring to being tender towards women.

He dragged his tone and spoke languidly.

Finally, due to Xing Conglian’s perfect acting skills, they sat down in the luxurious hall of Royal One. When they arrived at this place, Lin Chen was at a loss for words.

Surrounded by bright purple lights and misty smoke, various changing spotlights dye the huge space with strange colors. On the stage was a blood-tingling erotic dancer. The floor under their feet trembled as laughter and sounds of kissing could be heard mixed among the explosive dance music, which was so loud it made their internal organs tremble.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience. In fact, Lin Chen admitted that he relied on his imagination for the laughter and kisses around him. The sound of the music was so deafening that he couldn’t hear what was being said near him, and because the surrounding lights were too dim, he couldn’t see Xing Conglian’s face clearly.

Of course, this was also because Miss Lily, whose tutu was so short that it didn’t cover half her thigh when she sat down, was squeezed between him and Xing Conglian. Miss Lily stuck to Xing Conglian as if she were an extension of his body.

Sure enough, the treatment of distinguished Super VIPs was indeed different.

Lin Chen raised the iced water that the waiter had just brought over, took a sip, and then realized what kind of drink it really was; a highly alcoholic drink.

He put down the glass and rubbed the space between his brows.

Xing Conglian finally made room. He took out his noble membership card from his shirt’s front pocket and threw it on the table. He said to the two girls around him, “Go get some drinks.”

Anyone with common sense in a nightclub knew that the majority of income for hostesses depended on the corkage fee. With Xing Conglian’s lax attitude, it seemed he didn’t care at all about how expensive the drinks were, so they could order as much and as expensive as they wanted.

The two girls were so happy that they jumped up abruptly and grabbed the card as if they were grabbing diamonds. They ran out, but didn’t forget to look back and blew a kiss at Xing Conglian, but Master Xing remained impatient. He leaned on the leather sofa and glanced at the two of them, causing the two girls to take a half step back with great interest before happily running away.

“Where did you get so many cards?”

Seeing the girls run away, Lin Chen stroked the rim of the cup, feeling a little dizzy.

However, the person who answered his question wasn’t Xing Conglian, but Wang Chao through the headset. “A’Chen Gege, don’t you see the nature of our captain?”

“Well… I have some understanding,” Lin Chen replied with a low smile.

“Cut the crap. Did you find that Li Gaoqiang?”

Apparently, Xing Conglian also heard Wang Chao’s words. Within a second, his tone changed back to the serious and calm tone of a police officer. However, after he reprimanded his little subordinate, Xing Conglian said to him in a gentle and joking tone, “It’s all necessary stuff to handle cases.”


“A’Chen Gege, don’t believe it. Let me tell you, the maintenance box in the trunk of the Captain’s car is full of all kinds of things covered in gold. You have to look through it when you have time!”

“Wang Chao…” Xing Conglian’s tone was sluggish. “The limited edition of Magneto’s helmet is gone.”

“No!!!” The headset exploded with the teenager’s scream. “No way!!!”

The teenager’s scream was so miserable that Lin Chen couldn’t help rubbing his ears.

“Where is Li Gaoqiang?” Xing Conglian asked again.

“He hasn’t swiped his card yet, so I don’t know what room they are in. Moreover, there’s a problem with the surveillance layout of this club. There are many blind spots. The surveillance on the 9th and 10th floors isn’t turned on at all. So, you’ll have to rely on yourself, muah.”

After Wang Chao finished speaking, he simply shut up.

“Trunk?” Lin Chen recalled the clues that Comrade Xiao Wang had provided earlier.

Xing Conglian coughed dryly and said, “Just let go of unimportant things.”

When he finished speaking, the girls that he had sent away came back. They reluctantly returned the valuable membership card to Xing Conglian.

Afterwards, the waiters brought over two trays of drinks, which were all foreign wines. The bottles looked expensive, but there weren’t that many, so the bill shouldn’t be too high.

Indeed, a big boss like Xing Conglian made even a hostess who was used to seeing all types of people yearn for him, so they weren’t willing to go too far all at once and possibly cut off future contact.

People were like this. When the temptation was great enough, everything could be changed.

The waiter wanted to open the red wine and brought over the decanter. Xing Conglian waved to him and asked the waiter to take it away. He opened the bottle himself and took two sips from the opening. It looked like he was drinking a five yen bottle of beer on the street, and he definitely didn’t think there was any difference between the two.

“Do you have any exciting things here?” Xing Conglian put down the wine bottle and asked the girl next to him.

The girls looked at each other, as if they thought rich people were too straightforward, and were eager to talk.

“I’m here to have fun, but I’m not having fun,” Xing Conglian said with a smile, but his eyes remained indifferent. Under the enchanting light, there was a hint of cruelty and bloodthirstiness, just like a rich man who pursued the ultimate cruelty and lust.

Lin Chen picked up the glass of alcoholic drink that looked like ice water and watched the young master perform.

“Aren’t we fun?” Lily and the other girl spoke tentatively.

Xing Conglian glanced up and down at the two girls with a smile on his lips. “How much for one night?”

“Five… Five thousand…”

“Your life is only five thousand?” After he finished speaking, he picked up another bottle of wine and took a sip, then put it down again. He said to the two girls, “Let’s go. I may be a little heavy-handed, but don’t worry. I can usually save your life.”

The two girls were so scared by what he said that they couldn’t control the expressions on their faces. Their entire body language indicated that they wanted to stay as far away from this gold master as possible.

Lin Chen thought this was really interesting. He never knew that Xing Conglian’s acting skills were so good.

“Sir, we don’t provide that kind of service you need here,” Lily said to Xing Conglian with a smile on her face.

“Oh.” Xing Conglian seemed less interested, as expected.

He then took out a stack of things from his pocket and slammed them on the table. Lin Chen looked around and found it was a stack of fixed checks, each with a face value of 10,000 yuan.

Lin Chen couldn’t help but take another sip of his drink to suppress his shock. He even felt that he would have a psychological scar on Xing Conglian taking things out in the future.

However, the man who was immersed in acting didn’t feel there was anything wrong with taking out a checkbook casually. He leaned on the table and said lazily, “Okay, tell me where to go to have fun, and the rest of the checks are yours. My patience is very limited.”

He moved quickly, and after speaking, he really started to tear off the checks one by one and stuff them back into his pocket. After a while, the checkbook on the table was one-third less.

The two girls watched the checks fly away, both longing and shrinking, but more so expressing their distress for the checkbook that was slipping away through their fingers.

Xing Conglian sighed and stopped suddenly. “I have a friend who said that your place is very good. He’s a little star.” He picked up the wine bottle on the table and took a few swigs, then stared at Miss Lily.

Miss Lily’s eyes fluttered, and she looked at half the checks on the table. Finally, she swallowed and said, “You—if you’re his friend, you should know.”

“A little star like Li Jingtian isn’t worthy of talking to me,” Xing Conglian said indifferently.

Lily’s face changed. When she heard Xing Conglian directly say the name, the girl changed from anxiety to nervousness. She looked around, covered her mouth, and looked at Xing Conglian in disbelief. Her entire body was completely frozen, like a sculpture.

After a long while, Xing Conglian started tearing up the checks again. Lily shuddered and said, “I—you… Let me ask for you.”

As she spoke, she took out her phone and sent two WeChat messages. After a while, the response over there seemed pretty good. The girl smiled as she showed Xing Conglian a number and said, “This is Lu Ge’s number. You can just call him.”

Xing Conglian glanced at the number, nodded, and got up and left, leaving the checkbook on the table.


Walking out of the door, Xing Conglian quickly reported a series of numbers in an empty space. “1893706XXXX.”

Lin Chen nodded, indicating that he remembered.

“Received!” The teenager, who had been listening to the entire scene, also reacted quickly.

Xing Conglian reeked of alcohol. He looked around and walked straight to the bathroom.

“Is the Captain pretending again?”

Lin Chen followed behind him, listening to Wang Chao’s question.

“Well, the young master probably spent about half a million just now,” Lin Chen replied.

“Shit, that’s a lot of money, Captain. Why don’t you buy me Magneto’s helmet!” Wang Chao shouted.

Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian with a smile.Xing Conglian slowed down and said to him with a sore face, “It’s just a prop. A prop. They cost five yuan, and you can buy them on Taobao. They can’t be reimbursed, making them especially troublesome.”

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