Evil As Humans Ch64

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 64: Investigation

Fu Xingchuan looked at the report speechlessly.

On the surface, Yin Ren was a person who had “experienced great misfortune but remained optimistic”, which was indeed Bai Yongji’s target type.

Yin Ren’s testimony was basically in line with the traces of the scene, but the “accomplice” that he spoke of couldn’t be found, so suspicion couldn’t be ruled out. Every time there was a case related to an Evil Force, this guy would always get involved in various forms, which rang the intuitive alarm bell in Fu Xingchuan’s head.

So he specially sent relevant personnel to follow up and monitor.

During the follow-up investigation, every diplomatic conversation of that person would be recorded. Naturally, it included a conversation with the owner of the shredded chicken cold noodles shop…

Minister Fu looked at the word “wife” in the report suspiciously, trying to figure out its hidden meaning.

The alley where Yin Ren was attacked did lead to the soup shop. Not long ago in the evening, Yin Ren went to buy two servings of stewed pears and specifically asked for one to be packed with less sugar.

No matter how he looked at it, it should’ve been bought for Zhong Chengshuo.

Fu Xingchuan scratched his head. This information was a bit beyond his ability to comprehend. He was also familiar with Zhong Chengshuo’s information. The straight-laced Comrade Xiao Zhong had always been uninterested in romance, and there was no sign of him liking the same sex.

As a result, only a month had passed before Comrade Xiao Zhong became the “wife” of Yin Ren from the stall owner’s mouth.

Minister Fu put away the information and felt exhausted as he looked to the other side of the desk.

Li Nian was drinking tea emotionlessly.

“The two in Unit 9 are quite troublesome. They’ve been resting for four or five days already, right?” Fu Xingchuan sighed and decided to change his train of thought. “It’s almost time for them to come back.”

Professor Li: “Do you still want to let them work in the field?”

“Field?” Fu Xingchuan smiled bitterly. “The first time they were out on the field, there was cognitive pollution. The second time, they encounter a strong corruption from an Evil Force. This time, not only was there a strong corruption of Evil Force, there was also an unknown sniper… We must keep watching them and continue to let them go out in the field. I believe that an Evil Spirit will reappear in the world again.”

Luckily, there were still remnants of Evil Force on Bai Yongji’s body. Unfortunately, the mysterious sniper position was too far away, so Shian couldn’t determine the source.

The staff found bullet fragments at the scene, but the bullet materials were ordinary. They did, however, find it was mixed with some suspicious ingredients. Even if the damage was beyond recovery, it still had a strange suppression of Evil Force.

Even if Shian’s research on the Evil Spirits was ongoing, the principle behind it was completely beyond their understanding.

“Speaking of that sniper, his purpose seems to be to eliminate Bai Yongji and the source of corruption. If Shian were to appear at that time, it’s not unreasonable for Sunken Society to not want ‘Charon’ to fall into our hands…” As for the destruction of the source of corruption, it could be counted as incidental.

Fu Xingchuan rubbed his eyes and muttered his analysis.

“It can’t be men from Sunken Society. They’re at most in a cooperative relationship.”

Li Nian sneered. “If there is really that kind of talent in Sunken Society, why not let him take us out? That sniper, whatever his origin, is something that Sunken Society can’t control.”

“Also, what do you think of this ‘wife’ in the report—”

“I don’t want to read it.” Professor Li snapped the cap off the bottle he was holding. “You’d better consider work arrangements for those two first.”


When Yin Ren returned to Shian again, he visited with Lu Tanfei. Zhong Chengshuo should have gone with him, but as soon as Comrade Xiao Zhong stepped into the Shian building, he was called away by Professor Li.

The situation of the victims this time was so special that all seven victims were left on Shian’s campus for treatment. A week later, they had returned to their human form, but their bodies were still tightly attached to the fused appliances.

The thin Lu Yuanyuan was lying on the bed. His legs were fused to a TV set, but his mind was sober.

The memory of the incident was removed by Shian, so Lu Yuanyuan thought he had encountered an accident on his way to buy something. The TV set that was connected to his legs was sealed with fabric and was described as “some kind of special treatment machinery”.

Lu Tanfei had returned to his normal appearance as an old man and stayed by Lu Yuanyuan’s bedside the entire time.

“Grandpa!” Lu Yuanyuan turned his head and poked his face towards his grandpa by the bedside. “Grandpa, I’m sorry. I was careless…”

Being corrupted by the Evil Force, even if it was completely removed, there would often be sequelae—”being able to see ghosts” was just one of the most insignificant sequelae.

Lu Tanfei stretched out his hand cautiously. The thin hand stopped above the boy’s forehead. When he was about to touch it, he tremblingly retracted his hand again.

Ghosts and evil spirits would always have an impact on living things.

“It’s not your fault. It’s Grandpa’s fault.” Grandpa Lu couldn’t stop muttering, and his smile was uglier than his crying. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Grandpa will always be with you from now on…”

Yin Ren didn’t disturb the two of them. However, before he could close the door, a figure rushed into the ward.

It was rare to have a peer of the same age. Feng Qi was hugging a game console and came to greet the new guest excitedly. He politely greeted Lu Tanfei, then sat down beside Lu Yuanyuan. “My name is Feng Qi. I’m also here for treatment. Do you want to play together?”

Lu Yuanyuan blinked. “Okay.”

Yin Ren showed a smile and closed the door gently. Lu Tanfei followed out, leaving the two children to play inside.

“I want to continue to follow you. I want to become stronger.” There were still pale red tears on the old man’s face. “At least strong enough to hug Yuanyuan so as not to affect his body…”

“You will,” Yin Ren said as he moved towards the next ward.

Ge Tingting was in Fan Yong’s ward. Because she actively provided support in this case, Shian specially gave her a bonus. Ge Tingting had gone to buy eight cups of milk tea, one of which was on Fan Yong’s bedside.

The mover was fast asleep. Half of his body was liberated, while the other half that was merged with the chair hung at the end of the bed, but it didn’t seem to cause any discomfort. Fan Yong was amazingly thin, but the expression on his face was peaceful.


In the last ward, the name plate showed “Ding Lizi”.

She was melded with a guitar, and at this moment, it was firmly stuck to her chest. The sunlight streaming in through the window was just right, with golden rays striking her diagonally. Suddenly, it seemed like she was going to play her guitar.

The young girl leaned against the head of the bed, smiling as always. However, two weeks of a nightmare-like experience still left traces on her body. Compared to the photos, Ding Lizi was a lot thinner, and her face was still in a daze.

As the first victim to wake up, Ding Lizi refused to have her memories erased.

“I finally have the lyrics, and I don’t want to do it again.” Was the reason she gave to Shian. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”

Huang Jin sat near the hospital bed, swiping his phone silently. Just by looking at his face, he was a bit more haggard than Ding Lizi. He had dyed his hair back to black and cut it short, removing that ruffian aura that belonged to “Lu Guangzu”, leaving only gloominess behind.

Seeing Yin Ren stop at the door, Huang Jin put his phone in his pocket and stood up silently.

“I’ll be back in a while,” he said to her.

The sound insulation at Shian’s ward was good. With a soft click of the door, it was as if there were two worlds between them.

“It seems that Ms. Ding is recovering well.” Yin Ren crossed his arms and spoke in a brisk tone. “Since you’re still here… Shian intends to let you atone by working?”

The police had enough evidence to convict Huang Jin. However, this person had a weird ability to “see people’s thoughts”, so it wasn’t suitable for centralized detention.

Huang Jin pulled up his pant leg in silence. There was an electronic monitoring anklet around his ankle that was slowly flashing.

“I’ll serve my sentence at Shian.” He lowered his eyes and didn’t look at Yin Ren’s face. “Thank you this time. As I said last time, if you’re worried about me talking too much, I can give you my birth date and bazi…”

“No need. Your hang-ups are quite obvious, so you won’t do stupid things.” Yin Ren smiled. “I’m just a little curious… You can see Zhong Ge’s thoughts and understand mine, so in your eyes, what do I look like?’

“…” Huang Jin hesitated for a long time. As if finally accepting his fate, he answered, “I can’t see what you’re thinking at all.”

“The surface of a spirit weapon will have running thoughts—the spirit smith will give it rules through runes for its operation, which is similar to a person’s thoughts, which is why I’m very good at making spirit weapons.”

“Plants, animals, and evil objects will have simple thoughts. Without language and behavior as references, I can’t interpret their runes… but I can see clearly. I just don’t understand it.”

“You’re different. I have never seen this situation. The thinking on your body is like a mosaic, chaotic and unclear, so I can’t concentrate on reading it at all.”

The smile on Yin Ren’s face froze.

“You mean, in your eyes, I’m a large moving mosaic?”


Yin Ren: “……”

He was sluggish for a few seconds before he slowly took something out. “You said there would be thoughts on the surface of spirit weapons. What about this thing?’

Huang Jin took the phone and held it for a while. “Strange, there’s also a simple mosaic on it… Is this a spirit weapon you made?”

The spirit smith seemed to be seriously puzzled, as if the words “your mosaic is leaking” were on his face.

The visual impact of seeing a large mosaic pulled out of a phone stained with mosaic was also quite strong. Yin Ren put away Dog Thing and only felt that the world in front of him was getting more unkind.

“Just take it as it is,” he said numbly.

Could it be that Dog Thing was also an Evil Spirit? Was there really such a weak and useless Evil Spirit in this world?

And it had never classified itself as “an Evil Spirit that’s defined by humans”.

Knowing that Huang Jin couldn’t see his thoughts, Yin Ren began to think freely on the spot.

…Forget it. Dog Thing was in his hands, and its biggest threat was just barking loudly. He had plenty of time ahead, so he could explore slowly. He would have the means to resist when the attack came. There were quite a few things he didn’t understand now, and this was just one of the less important ones.

For him, the sniper of unknown origin was a little more troubling, but even if the sniper attacked again, he could protect Zhong Chengshuo the first time, so he could do it a second time.

Rather, why did he protect Zhong Chengshuo?

In Huang Jin’s eyes, the mosaic slowly squirmed for a while as it swayed away melancholically.

At this moment, Zhong Chengshuo was sitting in an empty conference room. The air conditioning was turned on, so the temperature inside was much cooler.

Not long after, Professor Li pushed the door in, causing the green plants by the door to shake gently. He was still dressed in an old-fashioned suit and had an expression like he had just eaten three students alive.

“Recently, Yin Ren has been our key investigation target. The frequency of accidents surrounding him is a bit high, and you know there aren’t so many coincidences in the world.” Li Nian looked directly into Zhong Chengshuo’s eyes as he got to the point. “And you have passed our investigation. You’ve been in contact with Yin Ren long enough. If you have the intention of changing partners…”

“No, I don’t want to change partners.” Zhong Chengshuo’s sitting posture was unusually upright, and his answer was unusually straightforward.

“Even if he might bring you more danger?” Professor Li’s demeanor was unsurprised.

Zhong Chengshuo: “Danger often means new discoveries.”

Li Nian pulled out a chair and sat down. He quietly stared at Zhong Chengshuo for a while.

“A little personal advice.”

He recounted without emotion.

“Don’t get too involved with those who are not related to science. The world in your eyes is completely different.”

“One day, you will part ways because of these differences.”

Zhong Chengshuo raised his eyes. “But your partnership with Minister Fu is very stable.”

“Because we’re not friends,” Professor Li commented indifferently. “Besides, it’s obvious Fu Xingchuan won’t live long. It’s already a miracle that he’s still gasping for air.”

Zhong Chengshuo: “…..”

For a moment, he suddenly felt Professor Li Nian was absolutely well versed with <The Art of Communication> and was committed to putting the content into practice.

Zhong Chengshuo: “Thank you, but I still don’t have thoughts of changing partners.”

Li Nian nodded without much persuasion.

“Then I need to inform you in advance that your next mission is dangerous. Taking into account the development of previous field operations, your mission will be completed on Shian’s campus this time.”

“An internal mission?” Zhong Chengshuo clasped his hands and frowned slightly.

“Remember that crazy Guo Laifu?”

“I do. A murderer who has symptoms of ‘crazy ravings’ and lost his mind,” Zhong Chengshuo answered rigidly.

On the rainy night when he met Yin Ren, Guo Laifu ate his eyeballs and nose and severely pierced his ears. After Shian woke Guo Laifu up, he couldn’t even handle his own bowel movements and would only scream wildly from time to time.

Later, Feng Qi specifically interpreted this person’s madness. Except for “Mom, I’m afraid”, Guo Laifu didn’t say anything else that was meaningful.

No matter how anyone looked at it, he was plain crazy.

“It turns out that conventional treatment has had no effect on him, and we haven’t found any lesions in him. Next, we need an investigation team to enter his mind and organize his ‘spirit files’.”

Zhong Chengshuo was silent for a while before he was sure that he heard it correctly. “Enter his mind… Does this mean hypnosis or something?”

“No, it’s entering it in a physical sense. We have our methods, and that’s also the reason why Shian chose this place to establish its headquarters,” Li Nian explained indifferently.

“It’s fine for non-science posts, but for science posts, this may be a task enough to shake their foundation of faith. I repeat, Zhong Chengshuo, you’re very talented. If you continue to partner with Yin Ren, you’ll inevitably be affected by our investigation of him.”

“If you have thoughts of changing partners, you can talk to me at any time.” Finally, Professor Li stood up and ended with those words.

Zhong Chengshuo also stood up.

When he met Professor Li, he always assumed a cautious appearance, and the expression on his face was always serious, but at this moment, facing Professor Li’s back, Zhong Chengshuo showed a smile.

“We won’t have a day when we part ways,” he said softly.

“Perhaps our world isn’t that different.”

Li Nian left as Zhong Chengshuo stood quietly in the empty conference room for a while.

[Final Fruit: Do you want to eat coconut chicken tonight?]

[Fruit Knife: Eat.]

[Final Fruit: The stewed pears from two days ago were pretty good.]

[Final Fruit: Let’s go to the night market together tonight. I’ll take a look at that shop. My parents might like the taste.]

[Fruit Knife: No!!!]

[“Fruit Knife” withdrew a message.]

[Fruit Knife: I don’t mean anything by that. I’ll just buy it for auntie and uncle. The night market is crowded and dirty. You won’t like it. Were the stewed pears too sweet? Just tell me what you didn’t like.]

[Final Fruit: I’m going to buy vegetables over there. Don’t you like the shredded chicken cold noodles? You can get a serving.]

[Fruit Knife: Let’s eat rice instead.]

[Final Fruit: What’s wrong with you?]

[Fruit Knife: I’m tired of cold noodles. I especially want to eat rice.]

[Final Fruit: No, why don’t you use your emojis anymore?]

Yin Ren threw a 😖 emoji and didn’t reply.

Zhong Chengshuo cocked the corners of his mouth.

At the same time, Haigu, a certain underground area.

A figure sitting by a photo wall was talking to someone.

“Mr. Wei, we understand that ‘Charon’ is very important to Sunken Society, but in that situation at that time, it was going to fall into Shian’s hands. Mr. Qiu made a clear judgment on his own. We have no other intentions.” There was a soft female voice coming over the phone.

“’Charon’ isn’t so easy to catch. You could have used another arrangement.” Mr. Wei didn’t sound very happy.

“Mr. Qiu has his own targets,” the female voice continued. “We cannot interfere with his will.”

“Then please tell him, at least let… No, please ask him to ignore two targets. There are two people on Shian’s side that cannot be touched.”

He turned his head sideways and looked at the wall of photos beside him.

This was probably the most hapless photo information wall in history. It was incompatible with the dark atmosphere of the underground space.

On half of the wall was a handsome young man with glasses. There were pictures of him going to and from various grocery and convenience stores. His bag was always stuffed with vegetables, eggs, and fresh lean meat. His expression was more serious than the uncles and aunties around him.

On the other half of the wall was a young man with long hair who was ridiculously beautiful. In the photo, he was sitting in various corners of the night market like a fly in the corner of a shop, eating with a serious expression, like a thumbnail of an eating video.

“Shian’s special group, Unit 9, Zhong Chengshuo and Yin Ren. Please don’t touch these two. The others are up to him.”

“I see. I’ll convey it to Mr. Qiu,” the gentle voice replied. “Do you have any special arrangements here?”

“You don’t need to worry about the rest.”

Mr. Wei sneered and glanced at the photo wall beside him again.

“We have our own arrangements.”

The author has something to say:

Huang Jin may become the person least affected by Xiao Yin’s appearance.

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