Criminal Psychology Ch118

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 118

Women were probably good at changing their expressions.

Lin Chen could clearly see Liu Ying’s expression change from nervous to arrogant in an instant, as she seemed to know exactly who was behind that door.

Going by a guess, those who would knock on the door to Li Jingtian’s ward would be the staff of the embassy who were rumored to be coming to pick up Mr. Li Jingtian for his “transfer”.

Just as he had just finished humiliating Li Jingtian and the situation hadn’t subsided, the staff of the embassy appeared. The timing wasn’t very good. Lin Chen could only look at Xing Conglian apologetically.

Xing Conglian didn’t seem to care. He patted Lin Chen on the shoulder, indicating he didn’t need to worry.

However, since Xing Conglian was comforting him, most likely he also guessed who was behind that door.

Xing Conglian didn’t bother entangling with Liu Ying any longer. He looked down at the teenager, who had been sitting on the ground, and said, “Pack your things and get up.”

Hearing Xing Conglian intent of leaving, Liu Ying felt wronged. She arrogantly ordered the little assistant in the corner of the room. “Xiao Ke, go and open the door.”

The little girl shuddered, ran to the door tremblingly, and opened it.

There were four people standing outside.

It looked like a classic scene in a European or American spy war movie. The four at the door were all dressed in black uniforms; even their leather shoes were pure black. They wore sunglasses, and there was a headset cord that extended from behind the neckline of their suits. Their waists were bulging; it was obvious they were equipped with guns, which was covered by the hems of their suits.

Comrade Wang Chao looked at the four black-clothed men who were tightly blocking the door, stunned. The word “fuck” was almost written all over his face.

However, the four bodyguards or agents seemed to be accustomed to this sense of attention. They all walked into the ward and stood at the four corners of Li Jingtian’s hospital bed. One of them walked to the bedside table, turned around, and said respectfully to Li Jingtian, “Mr. Li, we were ordered by Ambassador Zhaohua to protect your personal safety in China.”

At least they didn’t address him with a weird term like young master, Lin Chen thought. Suddenly, he heard a sibilant sound coming from the room.

When he looked down, he discovered that the sound had been made by someone else. The teenager who was squatting on the ground was stuffing a power cord, laptop, and his Mentos candy into his backpack. Because he was moving so quickly, it created a lot of noise.

Wang Chao was naturally carrying out the arrangement of his boss, but as far as the situation was concerned, he didn’t seem to put those heavily armed agents from the embassy in his eyes at all.

With the cluttering noise in the background, the originally frozen atmosphere that was brought on when the black-clothed agents entered was slowly melting.

Upon seeing this, Liu Ying’s face turned ugly again, as if all the momentum she had gained had been lightly pressed back.

“You’re finally here. If you hadn’t come, Jingtian would’ve been forced to death by these Chinese police.” Seeing this, she walked up to the four embassy agents and reached out and pointed at Xing Conglian.

Lin Chen was a little surprised. He thought Liu Ying would accuse him, but now it seemed that Xing Conglian would have to shoulder the blame.

Xing Conglian just stood there indifferently. Suddenly the weak singer on the hospital bed spoke.

“It’s okay. It’s just a simple inquiry. Although the police officer’s words were a bit excessive, it’s not a big deal.”

Li Jingtian seemed to have recovered from his humiliation. He gathered his mood and seemed to excuse Lin Chen, but such an excuse was obviously provocative.

Naturally, those who could work in the embassy were people who could understand subtext. Hearing this, a man in black standing beside the hospital bed saluted Li Jingtian, then turned around and walked in front of Xing Conglian.

Looking at his aggressive attitude, it was obvious he wanted to warn Xing Conglian, but before he could speak, the teenager who had been packing things up interrupted.

“What’s your name?”

Wang Chao’s voice was clear and crisp.

The embassy agent didn’t expect that someone would dare ask such an arrogant question given the current circumstances, but the teenager sitting on the floor was even more arrogant than expected. After all, this was a young man who dared to scold an idiot in front of the ICPO, so just asking for his name was already quite polite.

The black-clothed man who was about to “settle accounts” with Xing Conglian seemed greatly offended. He took off his sunglasses and looked at the teenager who dared speak out. He thought his gaze was iron-blooded and cold, but the young man sitting on the floor that was packing his thing didn’t have any look of panic or fear.

“What’s your ID number?” The teenager on the floor asked; his tone was even elegant. “I’m asking you now as a Chinese police officer. This is to protect the safety of Mr. Li Jingtian. What if you’re fakes pretending to be from the embassy and wanted to kidnap Mr. Li Jingtian? My god, if this happens, we don’t know what kind of scolding we’ll get!”

“No need to act so hypocritical. As if you really cared about our personal safety,” Liu Ying interjected. “I know them. They are indeed from the Xinni Embassy.”

Wang Chao snickered and tugged at the corners of his mouth. “I’m not worried about that, but what if you’re also a bad person, Auntie~”

Hearing her referred to as an auntie poked Liu Ying’s spore spot. The manager finally removed her condescending look and angrily pointed at the teenager on the ground and scolded. “How dare you!”

Liu Ying was about to lose her temper, but Wang Chao took a page out of Xing Conglian’s book and ignored her. Instead, he looked up at the “all black” in front of him and continued to raise his chin. “I’m asking you.”

The face of the man in black darkened.

Although he really wanted to step on this noisy and annoying kid, it was clear that what that noisy and annoying kid was saying was reasonable. Since it was reasonable, he couldn’t be too excessive.

“Shen Chenggong, ID number: 30697012,” the agent spat out. Rather than feeling anger, Shen Chenggong could only feel that this was too unbelievable. China was always a state of etiquette, and their attitude towards them had always been courteous, but since when did a small technician from the local police force dare to provoke them like this?

“Did I ask you for your name? I just asked you for your ID number. Hey, I thought you would be called 007. Shen Chenggong doesn’t sound cool at all. Lao Zhao’s ability to name his agents is as bad as ever.”

Shen Chenggong was taken aback. If he understood correctly, this Lao Zhao that came out of this little policeman’s mouth was referring to his immediate boss, Mr. Zhaohua, the current ambassador of Xinni to China.

What kind of rank did this little policeman have to dare call the ambassador directly by his name and even refer to him as “lao*”. For those not in the know, they would really think this little policeman was quite familiar with the ambassador.

*Clarity: As a reminder, adding a Lao in front of someone’s name when addressing them is a sign of closeness.

Shen Chenggong narrowed his eyes but saw the little policeman below just smiling. The little policeman squinted his eyes into a slit, and then, in front of everyone, he took out a laptop that had been stuffed in his backpack and turned it on. He entered a series of numbers in the search box that Shen Chenggong was quite familiar with, as they were the ID number he had just given.

Shen Chenggong didn’t know what search system the teenager used, since it didn’t look like a system that belonged to the Chinese police and was even more unlikely to be the system used by the Xinni Embassy, but soon, all his personal information was retrieved.

He saw a photo at the top of the page at first glance. It was taken when he first joined the Xinni embassy. Although that was half a year ago, this was indeed his most recent official photo. It could be seen that the information update speed of this system in the hands of this little policeman was quite fast.

Shen Chenggong became vigilant.

However, as if threatening him, the little policeman dragged the scroll bar at an extremely slow pace. From what kindergarten he attended to what awards he received in high school, from what army he served in, to what operations he participated in, his most intimate personal details were revealed one after the other.

Even when the scroll bar was about to end, he saw that his most private family information was attached to the end of the profile.

Despite the fact that he had faced threats before, this little Chinese cop was quite daring to threaten him in broad daylight. After realizing this, Shen Chenggong became furious and wanted to say what that manager had just said: “Who are you and how dare you threaten me?”

Thus, with anger in his heart, he asked, “This police officer, I don’t think you have permission to read these records. I take it that you’re threatening me?”

“Eh, why do you think so? Oh, I’m really just doing some casual research. It’s all for Mr. Li Jingtian’s personal safety. Who knows who you are? What’s wrong with being a bit more careful?”

“I don’t think your boss and your boss’ boss will agree with what you’re saying to me now.”

The implication was that this kid’s status was too low, and if they were to log a dispute, who knew what would happen? So, it was better if he kept his mouth shut.

However, the little policeman, whether it was because he didn’t know, was really too stupid or pretending to be stupid to know, ignored his warning. “Yo, Mr. Shen Chenggong. Are you actually the deputy military attaché of the Xinni embassy?” The young man whistled as he gave a nonchalant look at the singer on the bed. “Your family is not bad. So powerful that a deputy military attaché came to get you.”

Shen Chenggong sneered. “Perhaps you look down on my status as a deputy military attaché, but since I have this status, I can do many things without having to bear any consequences, including killing you.”

When Shen Chenggong said this, he wanted the little police officer to understand the stakes, since it was impossible for a person like him to remain indifferent after witnessing his family’s information being exposed.

After he said this, Shen Chenggong turned to look at the boss of the little policeman—the one who had been standing at the end and witnessing his subordinate provoking him but remained unconcerned.

He glanced at Xing Conglian from head to toe and was surprised. The appearance of the other party showed he wasn’t pure Chinese. Despite that, this person was still able to hold a high position under the Chinese system. Most likely he had some background, but this had nothing to do with him. He had seen many Chinese policemen who looked like mighty men but were actually soft-legged shrimps. He raised his brow at Xing Conglian and took his sunglasses from his shirt’s front pocket, ready to put them on.

Just as Shen Chenggong moved, Xing Conglian also followed suit.

In the next second, he felt a pain in his wrist. The police officer was already in front of him. Before Shen Chenggong could react, severe pain hit his knees and elbows, and he was knocked to the ground by the other party.

He couldn’t even tell what skills Xing Conglian had used. Before he could consciously fight back, his face was already stuck to the tiles on the floor, and his waist and arms were being severely restrained by the other man.

Then, there was a crisp click in his ear. Shen Chenggong looked with difficulty towards the sound and found a black mess on the ground. It was his sunglasses that the other man had crushed.

The black lens shattered on the floor, and a leather boot stepped on it.

Despite his situation, Shen Chenggong wasn’t angry. He didn’t even need to look up to know that there were three black guns pointed at the man who dared press him to the ground at this moment.

No matter how good the other’s skill was, what was the use? After all, this was no longer the age of cold weapons.

Shen Chenggong was waiting for the moment when the other party stiffened due to the threat of the guns but was only met with severe pain on his wrist and waist; the other party had increased his strength. Then, Shen Chenggong felt the man approach his ear and say, in an extremely calm tone, “Mr. Deputy Military Attaché, you should also know that when your words have killing intent on our country’s administrative law enforcement officers, that allows me to act. After all, we have the right to self-defense.”

Shen Chenggong laughed dumbfounded. “Mr. Police Officer, I admire your courage and strength. You may be very skilled, but if I order them to shoot, do you think you have a chance?”

This was a threat and a retaliation, but Xing Conglian had no intention of letting go. His leather boots were still stepping on the sunglasses, and his knees were still pressed against the deputy military attaché’s waist. His face was still calm, and his tone remained relaxed. He lowered his head a little and leaned closer to the military attaché’s ear, as if he wanted to retaliate with something more severe, but then, everyone in the ward was shocked.

It was as if he had been hit by a bus, but Xing Conglian simply apologized. He dragged out his tone and then lazily said to the man on the ground, “Alright, stop talking and get out.”

After Xing Conglian finished speaking, he let go of the military attaché that was on the floor.

Mr. Deputy Military Attaché didn’t expect the matter to end so easily.

He got up from the ground and patted the nonexistent dust off his clothes. His men were still holding their guns, but Shen Chenggong thought he and the policeman knew each other well. It was impossible that there would be any gunshots.

He looked at the Hongjing policeman, who could subdue him in an instant. The policeman had a shallow smile on his face. However, what made Shen Chenggong wary wasn’t the policeman’s skills, but his attitude of treating a diplomatic dispute that could occur at any time as a joke. Ordinary police officers wouldn’t have such confidence.

“Who are you?” Shen Chenggong asked.

“Xing Conglian, captain of the Hongjing Police Criminal Division.”

The other man stretched out his hand generously. Shen Chenggong looked at the hands that had subdued him just now and gritted his teeth as he shook them.

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