Criminal Psychology Ch117

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 117

“I’m not trying to influence your investigation, nor am I accusing you of anything.”

Unexpectedly, Li Jingtian was still humble and kind. His eyes were a little red, as if it were because Lin Chen’s attitude was too aggressive, which hurt his feelings. He stabilized his breathing and continued, “I just think your attitude toward my assistant is a bit too much. After all, I know that you’re not that kind of person.”

“What kind of person I am seems to have nothing to do with you.” Lin Chen finally turned around and continued to look down at Li Jingtian.

“Theoretically, it’s true. In fact, I understand that you should have prejudices against me.” As Li Jingtian spoke, he lay back on the hospital bed again. He put the blanket on himself again and said weakly, “Just now, I’m really sorry for causing such a big riot in the shopping mall, but I’ll never forget that it was you who saved my life. I just want to say thank you to you.”

His words were extremely sincere; a stark contrast to Lin Chen’s appearance, which looked as if he was looking at someone who owed him 30 million.

No matter who encountered such soft words, they would weaken; at least they wouldn’t be so cold, but Lin Chen was still Lin Chen. Xing Conglian looked at his friend and colleague with interest, who was still looking at the singer on the bed as if he were looking at an ant. There was no sign of shaking in the other party’s hands. He heard Lin Chen say in a calm tone, “I didn’t save you, or rather, my intention wasn’t to save you. In that case, your life isn’t important.”

“But you’re still my savior,” Li Jingtian insisted.

The current situation was extremely strange. It looked like Li Jingtian was desperately trying to attract Lin Chen’s attention with his good words and actions, but Lin Chen was completely dismissive of it.

This situation was so obviously abnormal that even Wang Chao noticed the strange atmosphere in the air and froze all his movements.

Just as Lin Chen was about to turn his head and seem to ignore Li Jingtian again, Xing Conglian saw a strange, irritable look suddenly appear on Li Jingtian’s face. The expression was fleeting—it seemed the singer’s level of control over his expression was truly first-class.

Li Jingtian became downcast and said to Lin Chen in a hoarse and sad tone, “I think, no matter what I say, you won’t change your opinion of me, right?”

As if he had reached the appropriate point, Lin Chen finally turned his head after several seconds of silence, and after ten minutes of them walking into the ward, Lin Chen finally looked Li Jingtian right in the eyes.

“Do you really want me to talk to you?”

As Lin Chen spoke, he walked closer to Li Jingtian, step by step. When he was a few steps away from the hospital bed, Lin Chen stopped in his tracks.

Xing Conglian thought it was because there was a chair with a backrest to the left of Lin Chen. As expected, Lin Chen withdrew his gaze from Li Jingtian and looked at the chair. The next moment, he grabbed the back of the chair and casually dragged it to the bed.

The chair legs scraped against the tiles on the floor, creating a harsh sound. The sound reminded Xing Conglian of the screams of some young creatures when they were pierced by the tip of a needle, but Lin Chen didn’t seem to be aware of it. He dragged the chair smoothly with his hand and finally threw the chair in front of Li Jingtian’s hospital bed, then sat down calmly.

Li Jingtian looked grateful when Lin Chen sat in front of him. After taking a deep breath, he slowly spoke. “I just don’t want my savior to have any prejudice against me. If there’s a problem that I can explain, I’ll do my best to make it clear.”

“Why do you think I’m prejudiced against you?” Lin Chen’s hands naturally fell to his knees. In fact, according to normal customs, he should have placed them in a more comfortable position on Li Jingtian’s bed, but Lin Chen acted as if he was afraid of touching germs and deliberately kept his distance from Li Jingtian.

“Your attitude towards me, including your posture, is telling me that you regard me as a suspect,” Li Jingtian explained patiently.

“Then do you think you have committed a crime?” Lin Chen still maintained his straight sitting posture like an evergreen tree.

“The only mistake I made today was causing chaos in the Ansheng International Shopping Mall. I caused so much trouble, and many people were hurt because of it. I’m really, very sorry.” When he talked about the accident, Li Jingtian’s gaze turned sad.

“It’s not some people. The Ansheng International trampling accident had a total of 12 victims who suffered different degrees of injuries. Three of them were seriously injured, including a 6-year-old girl.”

Hearing this, Li Jingtian was shocked. He looked at Lin Chen with mournful eyes and said, with guilt, “I’m really sorry. If I can, I like to bear part of their medical expenses.”

Lin Chen leaned back on his chair. “Well, the problems that can be solved by money are trivial matters.” He interrupted Li Jingtian impatiently, “You desperately wanted me to question you just now, right?”

“Yes, I want to clear my name,” Li Jingtian insisted.

“My questions might be unbearable. Are you sure you want to answer it?” While speaking, Lin Chen suddenly leaned forward. He propped one hand on the bedside table and looked at Li Jingtian with a leisurely gaze, like a hunter watching his prey step into the encirclement.

“If my answer can reverse your prejudice against me, then I’m naturally happy to answer them.”

Li Jingtian continued to stare at Lin Chen with a gentle gaze. He almost burst into tears just now, so his eyes were still moist. Looking at the soft and wet eyes, Xing Conglian felt the singer was violating Lin Chen with those eyes.

This kind of perception made him feel strangely irritable in his heart, but at that moment, Xing Conglian suddenly understood Lin Chen’s intention. In fact, he had never seen the same gaze in the eyes of any mentally sound person.

“Well, let me ask you. Have you offended anyone recently?”

Lin Chen obviously noticed the singer’s issue, or rather, he knew what the problem was from the very start.

“Mr. Police Officer, you may not know much about it, but I really am a person who likes to be kind to others, so, no. I haven’t offended anyone.”

At this time, Lin Chen had no expression on his face. There was no ridicule or sneering. He just looked at Li Jingtian calmly, but this calmness was terrifying.

“What you said is almost, in fact, laying the groundwork for the next turning point. Let’s move on. I don’t have much time,” Lin Chen continued casually.

“No… I don’t want to make any turning points. There is only one thing that bothers me, and I don’t know why… Well, you’re right. I do have a point to make. The only person I have offended recently is a girl named Xu Ran.”

Li Jingtian was extremely polite. Although his noble agent was more crude, Li Jingtian still referred to the person who accused him as a girl, rather than a whore. This was simply being cultured on an indescribable level.

“Oh, you finally mentioned that girl.” Lin Chen’s face was hidden under the bunch of pink lilies, making him look even colder. “Actually, you enjoyed it quite a bit, didn’t you?”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.” Li Jingtian’s tone became weak again.

“Well, let me be clear about what I’m trying to say. What I mean is, you really enjoy the feeling of being exposed to the media as a rapist, right? Those flashes, those rebukes on the internet—in reality, these make you extremely excited. Am I right?” Before Li Jingtian could respond, Lin Chen cut him off. “Needless to say, you’re a poor, pitiful victim. You know very well that there are some people in this world who are born enjoying the feeling of being victimized. What’s more, you know better than anyone else that no one will believe that girl’s words because you’re a famous person from nobility, while she’s just a whore… That’s all.”

Lin Chen’s voice was as calm as ever, without any sharp cadence, but when he finished speaking, even the manager who was by the window was speechless. The ward was completely silent, truly like a ward.

After being so humiliated, ordinary people would resist, but Li Jingtian simply lowered his head strangely. In the next moment, a drop of crystal tears flowed down his face, which was quite unbearable to look at.

His lips were stained with traces of tears, moist as a rose covered with dew in the early hours of dawn. “I’m sorry. It’s all my fault, but I really didn’t do anything to her.”

Lin Chen seemed satisfied with the scene in front of him, and he even laughed.

One person was crying sadly, while the other was laughing faintly. The scene around the hospital bed was becoming so disconnected that even the sun rays that sprinkled in from the window felt as cold as snow.

“Do you have a special sexual fetish?” Lin Chen suddenly seemed to remember something as he slightly leaned forward and asked solemnly.

An embarrassed expression appeared on Li Jingtian’s face.

Seeing the singer on the bed didn’t answer, Lin Chen suddenly stood up. He leaned down, about an arm’s distance from Li Jingtian, and asked seriously, “Do you like bondage or anal sex? Things like wax dripping aren’t to your taste. You only pursue the sense of control that comes from being restrained. I think you like that kind of thing very much.” As Lin Chen spoke, his face got closer to Li Jingtian.

Suddenly, Li Jingtian raised his head. His expression was still gentle and downcast, but in the very short tenth of a second, there was a strange sense of excitement in his eyes, as if there were a monster growing in the most sinister swamp and finally revealing its ugly tail.

Lin Chen didn’t seem to notice this as he kept asking questions. “Does raping a dirty whore give you extra sexual pleasure? You smashed her head against the wall, and when you saw her crying and begging for mercy, you were so excited that you couldn’t control your desire and came right on the spot?”

“Captain Xing!” Liu Ying almost screamed. “Are your subordinates here to humiliate us? I’ll file a written complaint with the embassy and the Hongjing police. Just you wait!”

Xing Conglian noticed that while the woman was shouting, her hands couldn’t help trembling. It seemed as if Lin Chen’s words just now had left a shadow in her heart.

Xing Conglian didn’t respond because he was waiting for Lin Chen.

At this time, Lin Chen finally stood up. He ended the inquiry with a gesture that looked like he was throwing Li Jingtian away as if he were trash, then walked to Xing Conglian’s side and nodded to him.

This meant, “I’m done. You can cover for me”, which only made Xing Conglian feel helpless.

“How could this be humiliation?” Xing Conglian shook his head slightly at Lin Chen, turned to look at the manager, whose face was distorted by panic and anger, and gave her a smile. “What you said, about a written complaint, I suggest you don’t do it.”

“Then, please, Captain Xing, have your colleague immediately apologize to Mr. Li Jingtian. Now! Such a request isn’t too much, right?” The woman responded coldly.

“No, I think you misunderstood me.” He put his hand on Lin Chen’s shoulder and said with a smile, “I mean, if you dare write a complaint, you’ll bear the consequences.”

“Are you threatening me?” Liu Ying’s expression was cold. She once again looked like a hissing cat that just had its tail stepped on. She raised her volume and took out her phone.

At this moment, the door to the ward was suddenly knocked on.

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