Criminal Psychology Ch111

Author: 长洱 / Chang’er

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 111

It wasn’t so much an inference as a refutation of some previous things.

Previously, onlookers had analyzed the incident of Li Jingtian’s throat being slit as a farce directed and acted by him.

Then, Li Jingtian’s fans would inevitably refute this accordingly. In the debate between the attackers and defenders, it was easy for sparks of thinking to collide. They just need to sit down, eat ice cream, and watch as the fans quarrel.

@BirdsInTheSky: Refuting two points: (1) If this was a self-directed and act of throat-slitting farce, why did Jingtian walk out of the emergency room by himself? Why didn’t he pretend to be hanging on by a thread? Even if you suspect him of doing this, don’t you think that’s just too stupid? Why wouldn’t he complete his self-acting? (2) The real and fake posts on Weibo are even funnier. You say that Jingtian posted the photos of his wound in order to gain sympathy and then deleted the post because he was scolded. Won’t he know he would be scolded if he did this? (3) In summary: The person who planned the whole incident is behind the scenes, making everyone think Jingtian is hyping the incident of his throat being cut in order to frame him and ruin his reputation.

Lin Chen looked at it for a while. When he stretched out his hand again, he realized that he had finished eating the entire cup of ice cream.

“It tastes pretty good, right?” Xing Conglian asked him from the side.

“It does.”

Xing Conglian even looked at him with intriguing eyes, not because he had finished the ice cream, but because of the trend of the online comments.

The matter had come down to this. Although it seemed complicated, like a mess without any leads, in fact, Xing Conglian’s solution to the problem was quite enlightening. In such a complicated situation, they didn’t need to guess who was behind what, because the goal of the mastermind behind the scenes would be reflected in public opinion.

Now, the view of Li Jingtian’s throat-slitting incident had become clear.

First: There were some people who disliked Li Jingtian and believed that this was a farce and acted by him.

Second: Li Jingtian’s fans believed that there was “someone” who was scheming to frame Li Jingtian.

Next, Li Jingtian’s fans discussed this “someone”.

@TianFan: Don’t you get it? It’s too obvious that someone wants Jingtian’s reputation ruined. Since the police have done nothing, let’s list the people who have wronged him recently. It’s pretty clear who’s behind it, right?”

@GreenIsBrightGreen: Seeing Liu Jie protecting Jingtian so fiercely, it wouldn’t be his brokerage company, Maodun. Our Jingtian is so popular in the circle. It can’t be that whore, right?

@RedIsOnFire: Impossible. How can that chicken be so powerful?

@TianFan: Not true. That chicken can come up with a trick to slander our Jingtian and accuse him of rape. Who knows what else she can do!

@RedIsOnFire: Speaking of that, how can normal person think of slandering other people with QJ*? Has she hated Jingtian for a long time? If one plan didn’t work, come up with a different one?

*Slang for rape.

@TheSkyIsAFloatingCloud: That bitch is so disgusting. Is she even human?

As soon as this conspiracy came out, some onlookers began to criticize.

@CannedPeaches: Li fans talking about who’s framing your Jingtian and coming up with a crazy scheme created by a rape victim in order to retaliate against him, huh?

@LittleTomatoSlicedNoodles: Li fans are really dumping all the blame on the victim. Why aren’t you tired of this trick?

Lin Chen leaned back in his chair. The little girls’ verbal abuse was uncomfortable to read, but the discussion or quarrel between the two sides had indeed gradually merged with the evidence they had.

If the nightingale in that bunch of roses symbolized the prostitute herself, then it would be a symbol of her desire to retaliate against Li Jingtian at any cost and her deep-rooted resentment towards him. This seemed plausible.

Then, on the surface, it seemed that this was indeed revenge against Li Jingtian for some unknown reason. First, falsely accuse him of designing a fake throat-slitting incident, then expose him for being the director of the scheme. This possibility was far more likely than Li Jingtian trying to whitewash himself. However, Lin Chen couldn’t help but vaguely feel that something was off.

Not to mention the hacking of other people’s Weibo accounts and posting of the photo, the fake blood used at the throat-cutting scene was professional—something that you could normally only get on a set. Could a prostitute accomplish all this?

And more importantly, what kind of resentment could make a person do these things?

Lin Chen rarely hesitated like this. At this moment, he suddenly heard the person next to him say with emotion, “Hey, it seems that our image of ‘inaction’ has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts?”

Lin Chen was taken aback. Xing Conglian’s words seemed unfocused, but in fact, they were targeted.

“Yes, this incident may be more terrifying than we thought,” Lin Chen replied.

Wang Chao was drinking water from across the table. Hearing what they said, he scratched his head and asked, “What’s the matter? Is there any new progress?”

However, Xing Conglian didn’t seem ready to deal with him and instead asked, “Why is it more terrifying?”

This was simply a knowing question. Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian and answered, “Because it’s weakening the credibility of the police.”

Now, he finally understood why Liu Ying said those words at the entrance of the emergency room.

Li Jingtian’s manager didn’t care if the police were at the scene or not. She said those things to make fans think that the police didn’t actually care about Li Jingtian’s case.

This was creating a trend in public opinion.

Then, once the results of the police investigation weren’t favorable towards the side supported by public opinion, it would be considered that the police’s position was biased. In Lin Chen’s opinion, at that time, it seemed the police in Fengchun also experienced the same pressure.

“It’s not too scary if the police have more or less credibility. At least not as bad as vigilantes.”

What Xing Conglian was referring to were those children who were eagerly discussing the mastermind behind all this on the internet.

Although those children now only suspect that someone was targeting Li Jingtian, if more people supported their arguments, they would subconsciously regard this suspicion as a conclusive fact.

“That’s right.”

Xing Conglian laughed noncommittally and asked him, “Consultant Lin, how are you feeling now?”

“Do you want me to tell you the truth?”


“It feels like we’re fighting a 1,000-year-old fox spirit,” he answered truthfully.

Hearing what he said, Xing Conglian laughed dumbfoundedly.

“What fox spirit?” Wang Chao shouted again. The teenager’s expression was so anxious that he almost climbed onto the table.

“Mr. Xiao Wang, why don’t I buy you an ice cream to settle you down for a while?” Xing Conglian knocked on the table and motioned for him to shut up.

Wang Chao became a little angry. “Have you finished reading it?” he asked.

Lin Chen nodded, indicating that he could take back his laptop.

Wang Chao quickly snatched it back, looking like a fish that had been out of water for a long time or a traveler that was dying of thirst in the desert.

As he snorted, his hands quickly flew all around as he tapped something on the keyboard, and finally, he slammed the back button three times. He suddenly raised his head. “I see!”

He slapped the table with a bang and glanced at the waitress behind the bar to make sure the other party couldn’t hear his voice. He leaned his face closer to the two of them and whispered, “Li Jingtian deliberately arranged his own throat-slitting case in order to completely turn his rape case into a revenge case against him by some mentally ill patient, right?’

During this time, there was about a second or two of silence.

At least Lin Chen and Xing Conglian were stunned.

In the end, it was Xing Conglian who pouted as if to say: “How did this kid suddenly become so enlightened? Is there any hope of salvation?”

Looking at the vibrant teenager in front of him, Lin Chen sighed slightly and asked, “Weren’t you supporting Li Jingtian just now?”

“Hey, A’Chen, don’t you know I’m sick?”

Lin Chen looked back at Xing Conglian, confused.

“It’s a disease caught in middle school. The symptom is self-righteousness,” Xing Conglian said.

As Wang Chao was speaking, he turned the laptop upside down.

Kinky Thoughts:

Ah, yes. There’s nothing like internet detectives thinking they’re professionals. What could possibly go wrong there? See: Reddit accusing some innocent guy of being the Boston Marathon bomber.

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