Evil As Humans Ch39

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 39: The Dragon and Death

The night view of the other world was as lovely as ever, but the two children didn’t have time to enjoy it.

According to Feng Qi, there were a lot of people around the residence of the black market boss, Pepafer.

“They are from Knights, or two kinds of Knights united.”

Feng Qi squatted in the bushes as he started counting with his fingers.

“There are also several court mages and even a black mage in Pepafer’s own residence… Man, how could the scale of the Dragon of Destruction be so easy to get? We’re triggering a hidden plot.”

His face was filthy and the fabric on his chest was soaked in pus and blood that had been dried. The boy’s pupils were completely broken and muddy, like the eyes of a long-decomposed corpse.

His heartbeat was fast and faint, and his breath was full of sweet blood.

Ge Tingting let out a sigh. “What should I do next?’

How strange. She had forgotten when she last ate, but she didn’t feel hungry at all, and her spirit was even better than before.

“Act according to the original plan. Sister, look, the Knights are in ambush. They don’t know where Pepafer is hiding. Let’s sneak in first and steal the scale.”

“Do you know where the scale is?”

“You can vaguely feel it, right, Ibby?” The boy hugged the young dragon in his arms tightly—for some reason, it couldn’t fly anymore.

“Yes, Pepafer made the dragon scale into a necklace and hung it around his neck,” the young dragon explained weakly. “But my information isn’t very clear. I’m sorry, great adventurer…”

“Let’s go and steal the necklace.” Feng Qi petted its head. “Maybe it’s too tired these days. When we finish the task, let’s take a good rest.”

They carefully avoided the Knights that were looking around and walked along the corner of a wall.

The grass rustled while the torchlight reflected the old-fashioned stone bricks. The huge moon was obscured by clouds, seemingly covering the surroundings with a black veil and dimming everything.

The two children went straight to the location of the “black market boss Pepafer”.

However, they didn’t know that they were being followed by a “delivery driver” and about five men in plain clothes.

Xiao Wu was dressed as a food delivery driver and was pretending to “ask for directions” to the plainclothes people beside him, while maintaining a distance not far from the two children.

“Follow the two children closely. They know where Master Liu is.” The rear commander instructed through the headset. “The electromagnetic waves in this place are abnormal, and it’s affecting my drone. Be careful.”

The delivery driver, Xiao Wu, replied, “If Shian can’t even find him, how can these two kids?”

“At present, it seems that Sunken Society is providing them information,” the rear commander said. “And those two children were sent as bait, so they probably have some special skills.”

“Awesome.” Xiao Wu’s delivery box was wobbling behind his back. “Okay, got it.”

“The situation of those two children isn’t right.” Sun Qinghui was following closely beside Xiao Wu. “Can you save them first?’

“It’s not that we don’t want to. How can I put this… We have to treat those two children as high-risk nuclear waste that are running around disobediently. The situation is complicated now, and we have to ensure the safety of others.” Xiao Wu replied with a bitter face.

The abilities of the two children were unknown, and he hadn’t mentioned the cultivator that “Master Liu” had found. One was bad enough, but they would be facing enemies from both sides.

Sun Qinghui looked at the two children anxiously. “Our side is fully cooperating here. It’s important to save people.”

“I know, I know,” Xiao Wu said.

About ten meters away, the children moved forward in secret, gradually approaching Villa 8.

Villa 8 nominally belonged to a jeweler. Its location was good; it faced south and had a little shade in front with an open courtyard, and behind it was the forest garden of the villa area.

At this moment, the lights were on inside, the curtains were drawn, and flashes of figures moving from time to time could be seen.

As soon as Sun Qinghui followed near Villa 8, he received a message from the narcotics police. “We found backbone members of the ‘Master Liu’ organization in Villa 8 and are preparing to make an arrest. The suspects on your side are also present, they…”

The tone of the narcotics officer was a bit heavy. Sun Qinghui suddenly switched it to speakerphone.

“They seem to have a sudden emergency. Quickly let people from Shian know…”

“Fuck!” Xiao Wu yelled.

Just after hearing the words “sudden emergency”, Xiao Wu rushed straight to the vestibule of Villa 8 not caring whether he would be exposed.

He put the food delivery box on a flower bed and opened the lid, then took out a thick stack of takeout tickets from his pocket and took a deep breath.

“Your takeaway has arrived. Please go to the designated location to pick it up as soon as possible!” He yelled loudly.

With a flick of his wrist, about four takeout tickets flew out in response. They shot at the door of Villa 8 and were glued neatly to it.

The next moment, a loud bang was heard.

Xiao Wu’s food delivery box suddenly floated into the sky and fell hard to the ground. The inside was empty, but countless dense roars and crawling sounds gushed out.

One of the sounds surged towards the window, causing the glass to explode. Another sound rushed in Feng Qi’s direction; its chilling chewing sound penetrated the night.

In front of the garden of Villa 8, a few steps away from Xiao Wu, Feng Qi stopped struggling and collapsed weakly on the ground, finally regaining his smooth breathing.


A while back. Ge Tingting and Feng Qi had just arrived near Pepafer’s residence.

Before Feng Qi could figure out how to enter, he was noticed by a black mage in the room. In the blink of an eye, before Feng Qi had time to react, his neck was fiercely strangled by a smoke demon.

The boy’s arms and legs swung desperately, and the tiny plastic sword in his hand fell to the ground.

The ugly demon seemed to be made of smoke and mist, with four red lights embedded in its head. They floated in the air like ghosts, passing through the bricks, stones, and grass from time to time, but the pair of giant hands seemed to have a solid form, tightly choking Feng Qi’s neck.

Ge Tingting’s bird bones and insect corpses passed through the smoke demon in vain. She rushed forward, trying to bite at the hands. However, her attack was useless—Ge Tingting tried her best to bite, but only bit her own lips, causing bright red blood to pass through the black smoke and fall straight to the ground.

They were too reckless.

The two of them thought this task would progress step by step, leaving them at least a possibility of winning. However, after all the hard work to sneak into their destination, only despair was waiting for them.

Because of the language barrier, they couldn’t even ask for help.

Ge Tingting rushed over to the smoke demon again and fell to the ground. Her nails dug into the crevices of the stone tiles, and her limbs became numb with fear.

The stone pavement was icy and slippery as rain began to fall. The warm skin attached to it gave the appearance of being buried ahead of time.

The two had just arrived at the vestibule, but a minute before the battle had even begun, they were already defeated.

“Sister… Sister, you… escape first. The quest… I…”

Feng Qi’s entire body was twitching. Dark red blood dripped from the corners of his mouth, and his legs couldn’t stop struggling.

Ge Tingting’s piles of bones were shaking to the point where they would fall apart. “The quest is over! Stop!”

Unfortunately, the black mage in the room didn’t let go. He only sneered as a pair of cold hands also started strangling Ge Tingting’s neck. In the struggle, Feng Qi tried to reach for the sword on the ground, which made the demon give a sharp laugh and kick it away.

The past few days of amazement, joy, and a little pride in his special power were instantly shattered by this kick.

‘Are they going to die?’ he fearfully thought.

This other world was a lot like <The Legend of Resurrection>, but was this really a game?

What would happen if they died? Could he reload the save file again?

If he couldn’t…

In the suffocating, endless pain, Feng Qi’s tears couldn’t stop overflowing from his eyes. He didn’t know if he was lucky or unfortunate, that just before he lost consciousness, a court mage had rushed to the scene.

With an order from the man, several famine worms came sprinting in.

They were about four meters long, with large, lamprey-like mouths densely embedded with human teeth. The famine worm went straight to the demon. They squirmed and entangled the demon as their lamprey-like mouths firmly covered the demon’s head.

Amidst the splashing of black blood and the sound of chewing, Feng Qi collapsed on the ground weakly, almost fainting from coughing so much.

“Sister, you run away first.” While the famine worms were entangled with the demon, he shivered and picked up his sword. “You go first… I’ll get the scale…”

“Give up. Let’s give up.”

Dirty bones protected the two of them as Ge Tingting grabbed Feng Qi’s arm tightly.

“We’ll stay in this world… I can be your sister. We don’t have to clear the game… This mission is too dangerous…”

“Sister, you go first.”

Feng Qi looked at the building next to him and didn’t directly answer her.

“Look, the people from the Knights are here. They will catch you.”

“I don’t—”

“No!” Ibby, who fell not far away, raised its head and shouted with difficulty. “The man in the room isn’t right. That’s not Pepafer… It’s similar, but it’s not right. Mission correction. The dragon scale isn’t here! Not here!”

Fang Qi was in a daze for a while. “Ibby, you…”

“I, ahem, I just noticed that Pepafer has found a double. Those henchmen and black mages are just a cover-up. He wants to escape! He… He’s still nearby. I—I’ll take you there…”

The night rain was getting heavier and heavier. The young dragon staggered and flew up.

“The quest must be completed,” it repeated weakly. “Great adventurer, the quest must be completed…”

Feng Qi gritted his teeth and stood up with his sword. He followed the young dragon into the darkness. His cloak was soaked in blood, and he looked miserable.

The people from the Knights got closer to Ge Tingting. The court magician who saved them was saying something, as if trying to calm her emotions.

“I don’t understand!”

In the thunderstorm, she screamed at them.

“Stop talking. I don’t understand what you’re saying!”

Piles of bones slammed against the people around her. Ge Tingting wiped the blood from her mouth and ran in the direction of where Feng Qi disappeared.

The people of the Knights wanted to stop her, but they were hit by a few small fireballs from the house. They were caught in a battle, and only sporadic footsteps remained from behind Ge Tingting.

Ge Tingting ran through the rain curtain aimlessly. Not far from her, Feng Qi had run to the atrium of the courtyard. His figure was hidden by the trees.

Almost there. Almost there…

Thud thud thud.

The sound of bodies falling to the ground rang out, and the footsteps behind her disappeared.

Following the sharp wailing of the worms, Ge Tingting’s scale exploded. Her heart was beating loudly like thunder, and she didn’t dare to look back.

“That little bitch runs quite fast.” A voice sounded close to her back and then gave a low chuckle. “Hell has no door but you still came*.”

*Comes from the saying “There’s a door to heaven, but you don’t go; there’s no door to hell, but you break through”. It means asking for trouble. It’s often used by bad guys to good guys (kind of like gloating to them when the good guys are trapped).

This was the last thing Ge Tingting heard before she lost consciousness. Unfortunately, like before, she still couldn’t understand what it meant.

More than ten meters away, Feng Qi was still running.

His ears were filled with the sound of rain. Only the sight of the rickety Ibby was left in his eyes. In the darkness, the white young dragon was particularly conspicuous.

Thud thud.

With a heavy ankle, Feng Qi fell to the ground.

“Come on, no need for such grandiose posturing.”

A pair of feet paced in front of him. Feng Qi raised his head with difficulty. He couldn’t see the person’s face, but he could see Ge Tingting being dragged like a sack by that person.

[Let her go!]

Feng Qi couldn’t understand what the man was saying, so he could only shout as loud as he could.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Are you really crazy?” Countless spider-like severed hands crawled out from the shadows and rested intimately at the man’s feet. “Kid, your work is done. You can go to hell now.”

‘A necromancer, just like Ge Tingting,’ he thought.

But this person was much stronger than Ge Tingting. His sin value was 116… He had killed more than a hundred people…

The strength difference was too great.

Feng Qi lowered his head weakly. Through the seemingly endless, heavy rain, he struggled to look at Ibby, who was not far away.

The man threw Ge Tingting casually aside, walked forward, grabbed the boy by the collar, and shook him. He then kicked the boy hard in the stomach. This kick was so hard that Feng Qi was almost knocked out.

After making sure the boy couldn’t move, the man picked up his backpack and dumped the contents onto the lawn.

“Garbage, garbage, garbage… Oh, there it is.”

The man took out a wooden box engraved with runes from his pocket, then took out a thick red cloth that looked like skin from the inside. He squatted down cautiously, wrapped his hands in the red cloth, and grabbed something that he had dumped out.

However, just as he was about to pick the thing up, a small hand grabbed his pants.

[Don’t…] Feng Qi could barely open his eyes as he coughed and pleaded.

“I don’t understand,” the man muttered. He casually moved and stepped on the boy’s hand.

The boy whimpered as bloody tears dripped down his cheeks.

“He said, don’t touch his things.”

A relaxed voice sounded behind the man.

The man’s movements stiffened. The hands around quickly formed a formation. They raised two fingers and bared their teeth and claws like poisonous spiders.

“A person from Sunken Society? It’s boring to bully children. Would you like to play with someone more exciting?”

“Who are…”

Before he could say “you”, the rain curtain moved, and the red cloth and object he was about to grab disappeared together. The man turned around in shock and looked at the uninvited guest.

It was obviously raining heavily, yet the person wasn’t wet at all.

His long hair was scattered, and his black shirt blended into the night. His eyes were red like burning coals. The thing under the red cloth had no support, but it floated in his palm. Lined with the crumpled red cloth, the palm of the stranger seemed to have bloomed into a strange flower.

“It turns out that this is the source of the corruption. It doesn’t look like an old object.”

Yin Ren rubbed the thing in his hand, then put it under his nose to smell it.

“It indeed has evil qi. Did you make this? How?”

The corpse servant of Sunken Society swallowed his saliva. He knew he should attack, but he couldn’t control his limbs, as if they were frozen. Like a rat being targeted by a snake, he was drenched in cold sweat, and his body wouldn’t move.

What a dreadful aura…

“You don’t know?” Yin Ren was a little disappointed. “Your goal was so clear. I thought you were here to reclaim it.”

“Yes… but… I…” The corpse servant’s tongue seemed to be knotted.


“I don’t… know…” he replied with difficulty. “It’s just orders from… above…”

“Well, it’s fine if you don’t know.”

Yin Ren grabbed the thing tightly, wrapped it in the red cloth, and stuffed it into his pockets.

“This thing is very interesting. I’ll take it.”

The corpse servant’s pupils trembled. His teeth chattered while he struggled to get up—dozens of severed hands rushed towards Yin Ren with their nails gleaming faintly in the night.

Yin Ren smiled.

“No need for such grandiose posturing,” he repeated what the man had said previously. “Your work is done. You can go to hell now. Oh, what else did you say? Oh, right.”

He casually gestured.

The severed hands that had pounced halfway suddenly stopped in unison. They crawled all over the ground for a while and gradually turned in the direction of the corpse servant.

“Hell has no door, but you still came.” Yin Ren smiled like a spring breeze.

Feng Qi looked at the scene in front of him in a daze—the necromancer’s spell wasn’t complete yet, but all his skeletons had turned around uncontrollably. Under the counterattack of the spell, they tore his body apart.

In Feng Qi’s blurred vision, the beautiful “Hero” walked in the direction of Ge Tingting first.

He carried her to the woods under a small awning and gently placed his hand on top of her head—a wisp of black qi crawled up to the man’s hand and disappeared to who knew where.

Ge Tingting curled up in a ball on the dry ground, and her breathing became steadier.

The man nodded in satisfaction and walked toward Feng Qi.

“Now it’s your turn,” he said. “Your situation is going to be more troublesome.”

“You can understand me.”

Feng Qi regained a little strength. He supported his body with all his might, and a trace of brilliance appeared in his eyes.

“You—You are…”

The young dragon swayed staggeringly as it flew back, stopping at Feng Qi’s feet. Feng Qi looked at the young man who was one step away from him, and his voice gradually changed.

“You’re the Dragon of Destruction,” he said tremblingly. “You’re the Dragon of Destruction, Oberskras! You—You can become human?”

Yin Ren let out a small puff of laughter.

“Quite apt.” He stepped over the bloody skeleton. “Well, that does sound more exciting than a vampire prince.”

Feng Qi bit his lip and took a deep breath.

“Thank you for saving us,” the boy said waveringly. “We don’t want to challenge you. Although we don’t know why you came here, our target is Pepafer, the black market merchant. He—he’s about to escape…”

“Ah, that drug dealer.”

Yin Ren easily picked up the boy and looked in a certain direction.

“Well, don’t worry. I don’t think he’ll get away.”

“Why?” Feng Qi shrank up, not daring to move.

“Based on your current level of corruption, you can probably identify it. Here, see for yourself what’s in that direction?”

Feng Qi hesitated for a moment. He resisted the urge to retch and cast a scanning spell in the direction pointed by the “Dragon of Destruction”.

“…Two black mages, an elf smith, and the black market boss Pepafer.”

“Mm-hmm,” Yin Ren encouraged him.

“And, there’s also…” The boy swallowed. “And… ‘Death’?!”

“Huh.” Yin Ren raised his brows and sniffed in the direction again. “That kid Zhong Chengshuo is stronger than I thought.”


Time reversed before it rained.

When Zhong Chengshuo stepped out of the corridor, the surrounding surveillance had already been disabled.

As he expected, Sunken Society had already destroyed the cameras and was always ready to intervene.

Master Liu’s subordinates were exposed, and most of the police and Shian forces were concentrated in Villas 2-8 of the villa area. However, Zhong Chengshuo didn’t even look that way and walked straight to Villa 18 in the opposite direction.

At the beginning of the year, Villa 18 was rented to a small company. That company went bankrupt a few months ago, and the owner hadn’t been able to find a new tenant.

Zhong Chengshuo had been calculating the electricity consumption data of nearby vacant houses. Compared to the previous power consumption, the power consumption of Villa 18 had slightly increased.

The door to the villa was firmly locked. Zhong Chengshuo skillfully pried open the window and slid into the room like a spider.

The room was dark with no light. Zhong Chengshuo bent down slowly—there were fresh footprints on the dust on the floor, and fingerprints were marked on the armrests.

Based on the characteristics of the footprints, there should be four adults in the room, two of whom were carrying heavy objects, as there were more obvious differences in the force between the footprints on both sides.

Zhong Chengshuo pulled up his hoodie, slipped up the stairs like a cat, and sneaked into the second floor.

The sound insulation of the villa wasn’t very good. Behind the door panel of the parlor on the second floor, two voices could be vaguely heard.

One of them sounded like an old man. “This Xiao Liu sure is rich. Did you see that Mud Meat Zhang and the Great Immortal Wu are here… This person even spent enough money to invite ‘King Yama*’, but unfortunately, he didn’t get him. These three are considered the strongest among us Nightwalkers.”

*(阎王) Also known as King Yan or King Yanluo, he’s the King of Hell and the God of Death. || This is actually quite apt as you will find out later why. I’m going to use King Yama for his nickname as even he himself uses it as an account name (later down the line).

“It’s a pity that ‘King Yama’ doesn’t take this kind of shady job,” an old lady replied.

“If he doesn’t take shady jobs, then why doesn’t he go to Shian? He must be calculating something… I’m just a little curious, old man, is ‘King Yama’ more powerful than Shian?”

Following this question, the old man couldn’t help but gossip about “King Yama”.

This person appeared seven years ago and quickly reached the pinnacle of the “Nightwalkers”. He was quick and ruthless. As long as he took the task, no matter how strong the evil being was, the task would be a cinch and there would always be a fierce death.

As the saying went, “If King Yama tells you to die at 3, who would dare to stay until 5?*” Over time, the Nightwalkers simply gave him the nickname “King Yama”.

*(阎王叫你三更死,谁敢留人到五更) Proverb referring to there‘s no delay in the death of a person.

The old lady was obviously not interested in the topic. “What comparison? King Yama is a lone wolf, while at Shian you have to bring a partner when you act. At least, Xiao Fu is seriously registered as a ghost general. Who knows what kind of occupation this ‘King Yama’ is? That guy has never shown his face, so they don’t even know if he’s a man or woman.”

“If he’s about the same level as Fu Xingchuan, then he must be at least a spirit smith, a witch*, or perhaps even a ghost general?”

*Wu Zhu (巫祝) Often refer to as witches/shrine maidens/ancient priests/shamans. In ancient times, they dealt with ghosts and gods.

“You think Shian is so idle that they couldn’t find anyone else besides him? What are you speculating here?”

The old man still didn’t give up. “Hehe, I just suddenly had a thought. Could ‘King Yama’ be a scholar?”

“Enough. Those scholars don’t even have a broad view. It’s fine if they can touch what they can touch, but they are completely blind to the things they can’t touch.”

Listening to their conversation… It seemed that it was a pair of cultivators from Nightwalkers; an old man and woman.

Zhong Chengshuo had never heard the voices of these two before, which meant they shouldn’t be within the top ten among the Nightwalkers, but he knew the person they were walking about.

“Mud Meat Zhang” was a spirit smith that was extremely strong, but he wasn’t good at fighting. The “Great Immortal Wu” was a strong folk ghost master. This person ate both black and white and was reluctant to part with dirty work, so they refused to join Shian.

Zhong Chengshuo was quietly hiding in the corner of the abandoned house, calculating quickly in his heart.

The old man and woman lack physical strength, so most likely they were ghost masters. The two of them were located at the center of the residence, so most likely there was a ghost guarding the key passage.

This place was heavily guarded, plus Master Liu had invited “Mud Meat Zhang”, who was good at disguise, and the eye-catching “Great Immortal Wu”… Zhong Chengshuo could probably guess Master Liu’s “substitute plan”.

‘What a pity,’ Zhong Chengshuo thought to himself.

If Shian hadn’t intervened, he would have been able to settle the matter when “Master Liu” tried his best to invite him.

The author has something to say:

Hee hee (?

Stripping the vest* is fun!!!

*(马甲) An online term referring to when more than 2 IDs are registered in a forum, the most common used or well-known ID is called the main ID, while the other IDs are called vest IDs. || This is basically saying, Zhong Chengshuo’s vest ID “King Yama” has been exposed (to the readers).

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