Happy Doomsday Ch252 [End]

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 252: A New Beginning

Yu Si hugged the waist of the person in front of him. The oncoming wind was damp and cold.

The hoverbike crossed the complex terrain and headed deep into the mountains and forests. Yu Si freed up one hand and adjusted his collar.

“Don’t move around, asshole! Do you want to fall off?” The rebuke came from the front in an instant.

“Sister,” Yu Si whispered.

“You’re a grown man now, but you don’t seem like it at all.” Yu Sheng raised her voice. Even if it was her twin brother behind her, she didn’t mean to be merciful at all. “I told you the road here is dangerous… Damn, I don’t understand who would live in such a shithole.”

“The terrain is complicated. There’s no need to drive so fast.”

“I always feel as if someone is watching us… Forget it.” Yu Sheng glanced at the rearview mirror and accelerated.

The Walking Stones City had been developing steadily for more than 30 years, but the surrounding area of the adjacent mountains hadn’t been developed. It was more common to say that in order to protect the ecology, as a well-known combat machine operator, Yu Sheng had also heard some rumors—the soil in this vicinity was special and extremely difficult to develop on.

Uncle Tu, who had been in contact with their family for a long time, also said that there were no mineral deposits nearby, so there was no need for development in terms of transportation, and simply left it at that.

Something was wrong. The scenery in this mountainous area was beautiful. Even if a resort was developed, they wouldn’t lose money. However, she was a combat machine operator and not a real estate developer, so Yu Sheng had no intention of getting to the bottom of it.

It wasn’t until the last few days, when her father officially stepped down, that this little question was answered.

“Why are you stepping down?”

Just yesterday afternoon, Yu Sheng yelled at her father—although Yu Si was her younger brother, he had a simple and quiet temperament. He was devoted to mechanical research and was unwilling to do management work.

The drama of competing for the position of heir to the company didn’t appear at all. On the contrary, even Yu Sheng’s enthusiasm wasn’t high.

Her father, Yu Le, was already in his sixties. However, at a time when the average human lifespan was 122, her father was barely in his prime. She tinkled with the small calculator in her heart, estimating that her father would at least manage the company for another decade, and she could still get away with operating the combat machine for longer.

Unexpectedly, her father ran away halfway through the job.

“Why am I stepping down?” Yu Le roared back angrily. “Laozi is over sixty. Sixty! In the last century, at this age is when people give up their seat. If I don’t retire, I won’t have any fucking time left, get it you annoying girl?”

“That was last century!” Yu Sheng slammed the table with both hands and roared back at her father. “You haven’t reached the legal retirement age yet!”

“Because I’m rich!” Yu Le said justifiably. The father and daughter faced off like two fire-breathing dragons.

Yu Sheng choked back her words at the last second.

“Unfilial, ah.” Yu Le took advantage of the victory and wiped away his nonexistent tears. “I’m going to tell your mother that I promised to travel around the world with her yesterday, but because her daughter didn’t want to work and is being greedy…”

“I earn a lot of money now too,” Yu Sheng muttered.

“Can you afford your mechanical transformation studio?”


“You promised me,” Yu Le continued slyly.

“I’m still young! I’ll die if I have to sit in a conference room every day.” Yu Sheng scratched her head hard. “Dad, I know you’re great, but I don’t think I have extraordinary business acumen… Yu Si is more ideal. He has a wife and children. I…”

“Worried that you can’t hold up?” Yu Le smiled suspiciously. “Hey, I called you two to come. Your mother and I are officially ‘stepping down’. I called two people to this meeting. Yu Si, stop eavesdropping and come in quickly!”

“Now that you both are grown up and have your own families, it’s time to tell you… Fuck off, you shitty girl. Do you think all my business trips are meetings? You’ll be scared to death if you knew the truth!”


As a result, the old fart pretended to be mysterious and didn’t explain anything. He just gave them an inexplicable address and went abroad with their mother the next day. She didn’t know if it was an illusion, but she felt the aura of her parents was like that of primary school kids who had just gone on vacation.

The address was in a barren mountain area, and the answer was close at hand. Yu Sheng sped up the hoverbike to its maximum and rushed to the destination.

She had imagined many things before. Since it was acquaintances of her parents who would live in a shithole that even birds wouldn’t crap in, maybe it was two people with strange quirks.

Seeing the lush fruit orchard outside, Yu Sheng’s guess became a little firmer.

As a result, as soon as she stopped the car, a dark shadow pounced on her.

In a short glance, Yu Sheng saw a large metal mouth, like a mouthpiece from an insect. She took a deep breath, pressed her brother to the ground, lowered her body, and crossed the hoverbike in a series of movements like flowing water.

The thing screamed and gnawed off the handle of the hoverbike.

“π, come back. It’s a guest.” A voice that unexpectedly sounded young rang out.

The terrifying giant deformed mouth shrank back, revealing a round metal ball that fell to the ground. Its three small eyes flashed. Four thin legs protruded out and it stepped back obediently and rubbed against the young man’s pant leg.

“Good skills.” The other side smiled brightly, holding a basket full of strawberries in his right hand. “Do you want strawberries? I can split some with you.”

“It’s over,” Yu Sheng whispered to Yu Si. “He was being so mysterious before. That old fart didn’t raise some illegitimate child, right? If mom knew this, she would definitely kill him herself…”

Yu Si was obviously worried about the same thing. He gulped and swallowed his spit.

The golden-eyed young man’s smile twisted downward.

“Where are Mr. Yu and Ms. Ji?” He stuffed the strawberry into his mouth and aggravated the pronunciation of “Mr. Yu”.

“Our parents are traveling abroad. Dad asked me to come to see you…?” Yu Sheng looked around, but didn’t see the second figure.

“Come in and we’ll talk.” The beautiful young man swallowed the strawberry and wiped his mouth. “You can call me Tang Yibu.”

Yu Sheng looked at the hoverbike that had been chewed with some agony and dragged her brother, who was still lost in thought, into the house. This duplex villa was the style of decades ago, but it was really clean and open. Even when they were inside, it had the same relaxed feeling as if they were outdoors.

There was no sign of another person in the house.

“I think Mr. Yu sent you two over probably to want you to continue our ‘transaction’… plus a little more.” Tang Yibu politely poured two glasses of water, then started to wash the strawberries. The small pot on one side exuded a sweet aroma of chocolate.

Yu Sheng didn’t touch the glass of water. The young man a few steps away gave her a very bad feeling. She couldn’t tell where that feeling came from, but it was extremely clear. It was just like an animal encountering its natural enemy; that feeling was deeply engraved in their bones.

Sweat slowly oozed from her forehead as the ceramic knife she used for self-defense slipped into her cuffs.

“Transaction?” Yu Si, who had always been quiet, spoke first.

“Both of your parents are members of the Red Ghost, but now they are no longer young. It’s natural for them to want to take a vacation.” Tang Yibu carefully went to the basket and stuffed another one into his mouth. “But our agreement with them is not familial, so you may not be willing to cooperate with us—”

“Red Ghost?” Yu Sheng stretched out her arm, faintly, to protect her brother. “The criminal organization that’s been wanted for more than 30 years?”

Her voice was a bit hoarse.

The Red Ghost wasn’t an ordinary criminal organization. It was currently wanted by more than two dozen countries. Unlike other survivor organizations, the Red Ghost didn’t deliberately destroy anything but targeted vicious organizations with the most destructive appetite for killing. In a sense, they were murderers who specialized in sniping murderers.

However, even if they killed sinners, a murderer was still a murderer. Although the Red Ghost had many supporters, the laws of various countries weren’t just for decoration.

Not to mention, the Red Ghost itself had no intention of donning a righteous hat—those found at the scene of a purge were often bloodied and in a gruesome state. It was obvious they had no intention of taking the pro-noir hero route. The good news was that the people who were doing it didn’t look like they enjoyed killing itself, but more like they were just completing a certain mission.

Yu Sheng was past the age of following idols. She didn’t have any special affection for the Red Ghost, but she didn’t dislike them either. Having said that, suddenly finding out that her parents were members of the Red Ghost was a blow that definitely wasn’t small.

Yu Si crossed his fingers and said nothing.

Tang Yibu didn’t rush to advance the topic. He ignored the young siblings behind him and began to dip the washed strawberries in melted chocolate and place them neatly on a plate. The sun was shining through the glass wall. Coupled with the lush greenery outside, this scene was somewhat pleasing to the eye.

“What deal did mom and dad make with you?” Yu Si took in a breath. “Let’s talk about it first.”

His sister, Yu Sheng, had always been sharper than him. Right now, she was breaking out in a cold sweat, which meant the other party was definitely someone dangerous. His son had just turned one month old, so Yu Si didn’t want to make any trouble. Tang Yibu didn’t seem hostile, so it was better to stabilize the situation first.

Anyway, the other party looked at most 25 years old. Maybe, like himself, he was probably dragged into this mess by the previous generation. But in regard to his parents, the other side saying “our agreement with them” was a bit odd…

“I provided investment guidance to Mr. Yu while Mr. Ruan helped Ms. Ji improve the mechanical design drawings. In exchange, they use their status to provide us with a certain amount of social asylum and conduct field investigations that couldn’t be completed by the internet.”

Tang Yibu licked the chocolate off his fingertips.

“In the case of the two of you, I can continue to provide investment guidance to Miss Yu Sheng, and Mr. Ruan can also continue to help Mr. Yu Si with his mechanical designs. You will have access to a world that’s completely inaccessible before. I promise, everything will be very interesting.”

He glanced at Yu Sheng, who was still breaking out in cold sweat as he added the last part.

“What if we don’t agree?” Yu Sheng cleared her throat. “Human judgment cannot replace the law. You can’t be sure that the people you killed are guilty.”

Since her parents only provided technology and information, it must be these people who did the killing. Since dad dared to let them come here, the other party wouldn’t kill them.

“It doesn’t matter. Please go back if you don’t agree.”

Tang Yibu tasted the strawberry chocolate he made, nodded in satisfaction, and didn’t look back.

“According to the temperament of the two of you, you will never report your biological parents—but if the police find us, your parents will certainly be implicated, but Mr. Ruan and I can disappear at any time. This is not something Mr. Yu and Ms. Ji can easily do. Besides, you two helping is simply icing on the cake. I don’t mean to force you from the start… That was on Yu Le’s part.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” Yu Sheng took a deep breath. “We really won’t report our parents, but before we talk about cooperation, I have to figure out, how are you sure—”

“You ate fried noodles with two eggs and soy sauce last night and opened a can of beer. Your husband is still on a business trip in Country F. He made a call to you at 21:29:04 last night, which lasted for 13 minutes and 22 seconds. If you want, I can repeat the content.”

“You’re spying on us?!”

“Mr. Yu Si left work 4 minutes and 11 seconds early yesterday. Before going home, he ordered a 2,898 yuan H-brand toy bear for his son and bought 3 dozen champagne roses for his wife.”

Tang Yibu turned his head. His golden eyes had a wonderful, transparent texture in the sun.

Yu Si’s face paled instantly. He clenched his fist and said nothing.

“Mr. Ma Houfu got up today at 05:43:21 today. Starting at 06:39:04, he made five phone calls and began to do a summary of the activity route of the target of concern. He went out at 08:19:20 today…”

“No, wait a minute. Who is Ma Houfu? We don’t know this person.” Yu Sheng was still emboldened to interrupt.

“…And led five people to successfully catch up with the target at 09:27:56, intending to carry out the kidnapping of the target, Mr. Yu Si.”

Yu Sheng stood up. “What?!”

“They followed your brother for a week. According to the contents of the call, they intend to strike in recent days. Yu Le revealed the idea of retiring to some people in the Yu Group in advance to set out the bait.”

Yu Sheng felt cold in her heart.

Indeed, Yu Si was a better target. Her younger brother was a typical scholar; civilized and meek, so he could be well controlled. Her relatives had always been her weakness. If they wanted to make her compromise, kidnapping Yu Si was more effective than kidnapping her. However, this wasn’t the point at the moment. The point was…

“Do you know everyone’s activities?” Yu Sheng felt a chill go down her spine. No matter what, people’s energy was always limited. Not to mention that there were so many people in this world. This person had to eat and sleep, so it was impossible to watch everyone all the time.

This was something that humans couldn’t do.

“I do. Now even refrigerators have intelligent sensing devices. As long as people are near electrical appliances, I can always get information. At the same time, it’s not difficult for me to process that information.”

Tang Yibu seemed to read her thoughts.

“Even if I’m distracted for the time being, my ‘brother’ will help collect information. You guessed it correctly. I am indeed not human. You don’t need to worry about the accuracy of the information.”

Yu Sheng closed her mouth and took a step back. She had never seen anything like this before. After so many years, bionic research would always encounter some kind of problem, so similar creations like this should’ve disappeared long ago.

On the other hand, if Tang Yibu really worked with her parents, his age shouldn’t be this young. Why? Since he needed to eat, why wasn’t he aging?

Yu Si’s concern was elsewhere. “Suppose I cooperate with you—I mean, suppose—can you guarantee the safety of our families?”

“Before you die naturally, yes.” Tang Yibu nodded. “Your parents made a similar request back then.”

“Deal.” Yu Si’s voice wasn’t loud, but it was firm. “Whether my sister agrees or not, I will cooperate with you on our behalf.”

There were countless question marks flying in Yu Sheng’s mind, swelling inside her head. “I… I need to go back and think about it. You can leave your contact information.”

“No need. If you make up your mind, it’s enough to find a contact tool and call my name. This applies to you too, Mr. Yu Si. You have one night to think about it, and we’ll talk about it in detail tomorrow.”

Tang Yibu made a look like he was sending off guests.

“The kidnappers…” Yu Sheng immediately asked.

“Mr. Ruan should have solved it. The two of you can return home at any time. As for the situation about me and Mr. Ruan, after you confirm the cooperation, you can ask Mr. Yu and Ms. Ji.” Tang Yibu wrinkled his nose and made a face full of “you should go”.

Yu Sheng carefully looked at the “thing” in human skin in front of her. Why did he suddenly let them leave? Would her father really tell the truth when she returned? The person in front of her had an aura of danger. Yu Sheng wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to plunge into another, more terrifying danger in order to avoid this one.

Tang Yibu cleared his throat very loudly.

“Excuse me.” Yu Sheng coughed dryly, then paused. “My car was bitten by that orb just now. I wonder if you have any repair tools here?”

“I already asked π to pull out a new one from the warehouse.”


“Take care.” Tang Yibu seemed afraid they would change their minds, so he took another step forward.

“Let’s go, A’Si, back to our parents. We need to discuss things.” Yu Sheng had already stepped out of the room.


As a result, as soon as the two of them went out, they saw the reason for Tang Yibu’s sudden rush—the other owner of the house stepped into the yard, was equally young and beautiful, and was well dressed. The “Mr. Ruan” glanced at them, nodded slightly, then walked straight in the direction of the door.

Before Yu Sheng and Yu Si started the hoverbike, they could see the two figures kissing in the foyer.

“Weirdos.” Yu Sheng clicked her tongue and rushed out of the isolated courtyard.

Inside the room.

“Yu Le’s and Ji Xiaoman’s kids?” Ruan Xian walked inside and took off his blood-stained coat.

“Yes. Yu Le probably found the person who was following his son, and it wasn’t easy for him to do it himself, so he simply asked them to come to our door in advance.” Tang Yibu picked up a chocolate-covered strawberry and stuffed it into Ruan Xian’s mouth. “It may be he’s scared about his children and thinks we’ll only take action at a critical moment.”

“That old fox.” Ruan Xian swallowed the strawberry and shook his head. “That group of people have a criminal record and have been taken away. It’s fun to pretend to be a bounty hunter occasionally.”

He then raised his head and saw Tang Yibu’s serious expression and quickly added, “The dessert is very delicious.”

Only then did Tang Yibu raise the corner of his mouth in satisfaction. “Right, I squatted in the strawberry orchard for a long time and picked the biggest ones.”

“Is that why your hair is all messed up?”

Tang Yibu tried to smooth out his hair stained with grass clippings with his hands.

“I’ll do it. Come here.” Ruan Xian laughed. He leaned on the sofa, took off the coat and tossed it aside, and took out a comb from the cabinet. Tang Yibu grabbed the snack tray full of chocolate-covered strawberries and sat happily on the carpet.

Ruan Xian carefully combed the smooth and soft hair, as if it were as fragile as spider silk. Tang Yibu chewed strawberries, raised his head from time to time, and would stuff one into Ruan Xian’s mouth.

A few minutes later, Tang Yibu’s hair was beautifully tied up, and the grass clippings were brushed cleanly away.

However, the owner of the hair didn’t seem satisfied.

“I smell like chocolate.” Tang Yibu pointed it out seriously, with a strawberry in his mouth. “You have chocolate on your hands. It’s better for me to take a shower.”

Then he blinked slyly. “You also smell of blood. Let’s shower together.”

“You did it on purpose.”

“I did.”

Ruan Xian looked amused at Tang Yibu. He ate another strawberry, then stuffed the last one into Tang Yibu’s mouth, causing the cheeks of the android to bulge.

“Good,” Ruan Xian said with a smile as he patted off the chocolate powder in his hands.

The atmosphere in Yu Le’s house was quite tense.

With their parents traveling, only the siblings were left in an empty living room.

“Come on. Just tonight, let’s sort this out… Let’s turn off everything.” Yu Sheng sighed, took out the communication wristband, and turned it off.

“It’s useless, sister.” As a senior mechanic, Yu Si pointed this out. “Smart devices are used in many places at home. You can’t completely shut them down.”

“Even if we turn off the electricity?”

“Both the central AC and the refrigerator have backup batteries.”


Not far away, the sensor light on the refrigerator flashed, unnoticed by the siblings.

“Do you think they will agree?’

Professor Ruan sat down on the sofa in the virtual space and stared at the siblings on the screen.

Unlike the pure white space more than 30 years ago, he gradually understood the usage of this virtual space. Professor Ruan had restored it to his residence when he was at the Institute, and MUL-01 had no opinions about this.

It was no longer the white human form that it was at the beginning. It faintly had the form of a young human, but its face was still a vague mass with no facial features.

“There’s a 99.999999998% chance that they will,” MUL-01 replied peacefully.

“I think so too.” Professor Ruan’s tone was brisk. “Let’s keep watching.”


In a certain corner of the living room, a very realistic, three-dimensional map of the world floated in the air. It was shrunk so small that the details could not be seen clearly.

But at a cursory glance, everything was thriving.

The author has something to say:

I remember someone asking before: Will there be a problem with the two protagonists killing people in a legal society? There must be a problem. XDDD

In the end, the two became dangerous and wanted criminals. Doesn’t this have a sense of déjà vu?……

After that, everyone will live well ☆-σ(>ω0)b


Thank you all for your support! This novel is now over.

It’s an attempt at an alternative protagonist’s character. The protagonists in this novel and the previous were probably bipolar hhh, but they are still the same, and have many flaws OTZ, but I have already touched a bit of the edge! Striving to improve in the next novel——

The next novel “Saving Unpermitted” can be seen in the author’s column ←

The title of the fourth book has also been decided. The slightly wuxia “Send Off” ←

The above two books are expected to be completed in 2020. If the number of words is well controlled, perhaps a fifth book will be opened. This time I want to finish all the rough outlines of the book first and then do it! And then write a million more. I’m a such dog (…..

Finally, thank you again for your genuine support, everyone! See you in the next book~ XD

Kinky Thoughts:

With this, we reached the conclusion of Happy Doomsday. I hope everyone enjoyed the novel. If you did, do recommend it.

Please consider supporting the author by buying the raws. I used Google Chrome with their auto translate and this guide on how to buy novels on jjwxc. Remember, only with your (financial) support can artists continue to produce more great works.

Regarding the author’s notes, Saving Unpermitted is being worked on by a different translator, and as for Nian Zhong’s fourth novel, “Send Off” (rough translation for now)… No comment on that for the time being. I am working on her fifth novel, Evil As Humans, which will now have regular updates now that Happy Doomsday has wrapped up. You can also check out her first novel, Stray, if you like this author’s work (I highly recommend it, as this was the novel that made me fall in love with this author).

Finally, I like to thank everyone for your comments, encouragement, help with my translations, and ko-fi donations. It in part fuels my motivation to release so frequently.

With that, there is one last treat. This is an extra extra from the author’s blog, where she writes mini updates for her characters (usually on special holidays). It’s not officially on jjwxc, but I’ve decided to translate it. She usually updates this yearly, so check back each year on those special days for a new update.

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