Happy Doomsday Ch249

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 249: The End

Lao Li rode on a hoverbike as he guarded the dangling cargo on the transport machine. This was a remote area with few cars coming and going, and the road was winding. He simply turned on the news broadcast on one earphone and passed the time listening to it.

This trip was a bit weird. The quantity of this batch of goods wasn’t large—less than eight cubic meters—but the price was surprisingly high. The purchaser also paid an expensive service fee and required a manual escort. Lao Li originally thought that his destination was a wealthy area in the city center, but instead he was heading straight to the most desolate place on the outskirts of the city.

Lao Li sighed while carefully avoiding a wild cat on the side of the road.

Half a year had passed since the “global change” on December 21, 2100. On the last day of last year, people all over the world fell into a collective coma for seven hours.

Planes that were supposed to be flying in the sky appeared en masse at the airport of their destination, and land vehicles, such as ships and trucks, all stopped at once. In the hospitals, all patients in resuscitation or surgery had all their superficial injuries healed, and newborn babies were sleeping soundly in their incubators. Fortunately, due to the high degree of automation of the power network and other facilities, nothing stopped when all the humans fell asleep. After a short period of chaos, the operations of cities everywhere quickly returned to normal.

Electrical appliances, including clocks and watches, would operate as usual from 00:00:00 to 7:00:00 on December 31, 2100.

Then people began to discover various anomalies. The animals and plants in non-human settlements showed abnormal growth, and about 0.3% of the human population experienced rapid aging. The reason was unknown. Among the people who suddenly aged, many of them possessed special abilities, and their memories were lost.

Some people claimed that the world was once destroyed, and mankind had been at the mercy of the Mainbrain for seven years, but this view was unbelievable and wasn’t accepted by the public.

As for those with “special abilities”, doctors had detected nanobots and mechanical transformations in their bodies that far exceeded the current level of science and technology. However, not everyone was willing to go to the hospital honestly. Many people had begun to sell the proliferating nanomachines in their bodies at high prices on the black market or the technical details behind the transformation technology. Some people also set up various organizations that started to collide with each other.

Since the beginning of the changes, the news in the last half year had been very interesting. Lao Li smacked his lips. There was no shade on this section of the road. Despite wearing simple cooling equipment, the midsummer sun was still surprisingly lethal.

He stopped his hoverbike, found a cool place to drink water, and took a look at the city that was left in the distance.

There were countless wonderful disappearances from all over the world, and all kinds of abnormal landscapes had been discovered one after another…

The City of the Walking Stones was one of these anomalies.

On the second day of the global change, someone discovered this empty city to the south of S City. The white city emerged from the ground overnight, with all kinds of equipment intact, fully equipped, and facing forward, but there were few figures. It was a huge city with only a few thousand people living in it, and the residents were very resistant to communicating with the outside world.

It had been confirmed that these people were registered citizens who had been aging for about seven years. Except for a few newborns, almost everyone had a normal identity and wasn’t an outsider.

In the following six months, people who had aged during the global change and had abnormal memories gradually gathered in this white city. The city that was named The Walking Stones slowly became a large city with a population of a million.

In other words, the city had the most people with special abilities or abnormal brains. Several fierce organization leaders originated from there. However, those people were either protesting about scientific and technological issues that Lao Li didn’t understand, or they were trying to publicize the possible hidden dangers of scientific and technological progress moving too fast. It could simply be a situation of rabbits not eating the grass by their nest*, or it could be that there were some mysteries hidden in the city itself—most of those who engaged in violent crimes dared not make trouble in the City of the Walking Stones, or even the entire Y continent.

*(兔子不吃窝边草) Metaphor referring to bad people don’t do bad things locally.

The evil place belonged to evil, but this was still the safest place in the world.

Lao Li finished drinking his water. He put the water cup back on his hoverbike and continued to listen to the news on his headphones. This person lived too far away, so he still had a while to go.

“As for now, MUL-01 is still missing. Its branch system is still operating normally, so people’s lives and travel will not be affected. However, the S City Research Institute recently responded without the coordination of MUL-01, announcing that they would no longer produce androids equipped with artificial intelligence…”

Anyway, most people didn’t have that kind of thing at home. Lao Li snorted. He had also seen these androids on the Android Show, but after the global change, the androids in the show were either damaged or disappeared. It was estimated that there would never be a revival again—but that was something young people loved to watch. Lao Li was too lazy to pay attention to the follow-up.

“…Recently, Fan Linsong, the main person in charge of MUL-01, was found dead at home. The cause of death was suspected to be suicide. The whereabouts of Mr. Ruan Xian, the main designer of MUL-01 are still unknown. The three Prototypes involved have also disappeared. The police are actively searching… At present, the S City Research Institute revealed that there’s no reconstruction plan for MUL-01 or the Prototypes for the time being. Deputy Director Guan Haiming said that in the future, the focus of research will shift to improvement and strict restriction on memory operation technology…”

Lao Li wasn’t interested in these messy technology-related issues. It made him sleepy as he listened to them. He knocked on the electronic wristband and changed the channel.

“…Last night, Ms. Lu, a citizen of H City, found a large boat slanted in the mud in the Northwest wilderness area. The hull of the boat was printed with ‘The Walking Stones’. The interior of the cabin was empty, and the floor of the cabin was level with the soil outside with all plants intact. Regarding this strange phenomenon, some experts say…”

This was a bit interesting. Lao Li was shocked and listened carefully.

“… Mr. Tu, an entrepreneur in H City, expressed his willingness to invest in the development of a resort near the “Walking Stones” to drive the economic development of the surrounding area. Mr. Tu is 80 years old this year. His only son, Tu Rui, works for the local geological team, and was part of the group that aged during the global change of the 22nd century…”

He didn’t know if the Walking Stones had anything to do with the City of the Walking Stones.

The next story was more or less the same. A Country dug up some new stuff; what kind of surviving organization was established in B Country. Lao Li listened with interest and finally arrived at his destination around 5:00 PM.

The home was beautiful, but it was a pity the owner was stupid. Lao Li looked around for a while and sighed at the bottom of his heart.

A small plot with a duplex villa was located next to a forest. One wall was replaced by huge floor-to-ceiling windows, inlaid with large pieces of glass, which made the entire building look bright and clean. The interior decoration was of high taste, with many different configurations that looked exquisite. It could be seen that the owner was quite wealthy.

Except that the design was too simple resulting in no warm living atmosphere in the interior, Lao Li couldn’t find any other faults.

As for the surrounding area of the house, there were too many problems—there were no commercial or residential areas nearby, or even farmland. Even the homeless wouldn’t come here. This place could be considered deserted. The terrain here was rugged, and only a hoverbike could drive across it. Conservatively estimated, it would take four to five hours to reach the nearest hospital or store.

Lao Li took a special look and made sure he didn’t see a helicopter or similar flying tools.

…This place was almost isolated from human society and was completely unsuitable for long-term residence.

Anyway, the house wasn’t too big. Most likely, it was a suburban holiday home built by some rich man. Lao Li manipulated the transport machine and approached the gate, becoming more sure of his thoughts.

Looking closer, the house was getting weirder—the interior looked extremely modern in design, but the feel of technology was too heavy to feel like a home. However, the outside of the house was full of messy fruits and vegetables, dotted with a few out-of-place orchids.

There was also a huge sunflower field behind the house. Lao Li looked around as his heart beat faster—fortunately, this family didn’t raise any chickens, ducks, or geese. Otherwise, he would start to doubt his life.

Bypassing the dense grape racks, Lao Li finally saw someone.

Sitting by the outdoor swimming pool was a young man with golden eyes, who looked about 25 years old. He had fair skin and a bit too delicate a facial feature.

The man was wearing a loose sleeveless shirt and cropped pants that looked rather soft. He shrank comfortably in the shadows as he soaked his feet in the water while holding a black knife in his hand and skillfully cutting fruit.

The green grapes were peeled and stacked in piles. The watermelon scoops were so red that it looked extremely gratifying… They were beautifully cut into squares and placed in a fruit tray on one side. The pulp that was inconvenient to process was being eaten by the man smoothly—he just cut and ate it like this, without wasting the slightest bit, and there was an exasperatingly lazy feel to his movement.

“Mr. Ruan? The goods that you ordered…”

“Ruan Xian, Ruan Xian—the things you bought have arrived. Do you want me to collect them? I’m almost done here.” The young man bent his eyes, got up, and shouted into the house.

Lao Li nodded politely and directed the transport machine to get closer. The temperature around the house was significantly cooler, so he wanted to rub off a bit of cool air.

Unexpectedly, looking closer, more details jumped out.

There were several fresh hickey marks left on the young man’s neck, and there were many tooth marks left on his beautiful clavicle, which showed the intensity of last night. He had exposed them carelessly, paying no attention to Lao Li’s gaze.

After he got up, what was originally blocked was exposed—it was a bowl-shaped pet kennel, but there wasn’t a dog or cat inside. There was only a metal ball the size of a watermelon that made some soft rattling sounds from time to time, as if it were taking a nap.

Lao Li didn’t want to guess at all what this family’s situation was.

“I’ll go collect it.” Another person walked out of the house. “Yibu, I’ll go and get the fruit plate later. You go and pick three tomatoes… Hello, sir, please transport the box labeled ‘Tang Yibu’ over here first. Inside are fresh and frozen products that can’t be left outside for too long.”

The “Ruan Xian” was much younger than Lao Li thought. He looked incredibly handsome, but his temperament was much colder than that of the other person just now. He wore a tight white shirt that had the aroma of food coming off of it, which barely covered up his coldness.

Tang Yibu slowly walked around the swimming pool and stretched out one foot. The tips of his toe slowly crossed the shadows and entered the sunlight, then shrank back in the next second.

“The tomato field is too far away, Mr. Ruan.” He made a bitter face as he spoke softly. “And the sun is very hot.”

Ruan Xian laughed, walked forward, and kissed Tang Yibu on the lips.

“The soup is already cooking, and I have to deal with the spices and meat quickly, then prepare other ingredients. When you pick the tomatoes and come back, it’ll be finished just in time… It’s not impossible for me to go, but if you take over, you won’t be able to taste my new recipe.”

Tang Yibu showed a struggling expression.

“If you really don’t want to, I can leave the tomatoes alone, but the taste—”

“I’m going.” The golden-eyed young man plucked up his courage and poked the iron ball in the pet’s nest with his foot. “π, come with me.”

The ball popped out of the nest, stretched out four thin calves, and rattled reluctantly.

“Mr. Ruan, can I ask.” Lao Li looked at the metal ball that was getting farther and farther away in confusion. “What is that thing?”

“Our doorman,” Ruan Xian said as he opened the small cooler on the side of the house.

“You’re so funny.” Lao Li huffed. “It looks a bit funny, so I want to buy one for my grandson—”

“Can’t buy it.” Ruan Xian smiled at him. “A friend specially made it, so it’s out of print. Sorry.”

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m just curious,” Lao Li said hurriedly.

Ruan Xian nodded and began to lay out the ingredients quietly—this person bought a full 65 pounds of high-grade beef alone, which were all stored in the freezer. There were countless other expensive foods. Lao Li began to suspect that there must be a bunch of people hidden in this home who didn’t show up.

“Young people nowadays are really amazing. So young yet they can afford such a place.” Lao Li directed the transport machine to help place the goods as he changed topics. “What do you two do?”

“I usually make investments at home. I just recently made a small profit.” Ruan Xian didn’t seem very sensitive in this regard as he didn’t show any wary expression. “It’s not a stable job.”

“Work from home? No wonder you bought so much food… But it’s better to take advantage of your youth. At my age, it takes a year and a half to plan any trips.”

“When you have to go, you gotta go.” Ruan Xian smiled. “The one in my family can’t sit still.”

Lao Li casually said a few more words, but this Mr. Ruan was obviously not the type to chat. Seeing that all the ingredients were in the freezer, Ruan Xian went back to the kitchen in the next second while leaving the non-food parts to dry in the yard.

Except for taking the initiative to fill up his canteen, the young homeowner didn’t talk to Lao Li too much. Lao Li had a weird feeling, as if this person seemed to have a subtle communication disorder.

But what did it matter to him?

Lao Li drank a few mouthfuls of cold water and sat back on his hoverbike—it was the last job of the day, so he could finally get off work.

Tang Yibu went back and forth for about 15 minutes. When he returned to the kitchen again, he had three plump tomatoes in his hand. The air was filled with a seductive aroma of soup and barbeque, and the kitchen table was cleaner than a lab bench.

“I picked the best in the entire garden,” he announced happily as π continued to bite at his heel, obviously still angry from having its nap disturbed.

“Taste it without the tomatoes first.” Ruan Xian scooped a spoonful of soup with a spoon, blew on it, then delivered it to Tang Yibu’s mouth.

“It’s already delicious!” Tang Yibu took a sip and announced happily. “Give me a bowl of this first.”

“Alright,” Ruan Xian filled up a bowl of soup for Tang Yibu, while the latter ran to the front yard and moved the remaining goods into the house in one go.

“Speaking of which, I want to change tomorrow’s restaurant appointment with Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman.” Tang Yibu sorted out the daily necessities that Ruan Xian had brought back and casually fed the small parts of the sealed box to the iron bead. “The ruins pirates of Elysium have formed a group of their own and intend to cause trouble around T City. We can make an appointment there and meet in the nearby B City.”

As he spoke, he nodded. “I listened to their plans, which are quite detailed. Ji Xiaoman is studying at the university in B City and should be free on the weekends. Yu Le has more freedom. Anyway, the two of them live in the same community, so it’s also convenient to act.”

“If it’s B City, wouldn’t it be good to inform Luo Fei and Luo Jian?” Ruan Xian began to deal with the tomatoes. “Their organization is near B City. They’re ones who have always taken the moderate route. This turmoil should be suppressed.”

“Feng Jiang and Duan Feng have hidden a lot of the flickering grass fruit, and they have fireflies in their hands. They may not be able to handle it. Ordinary police force will only cause unnecessary confusion and casualties… Ah, how troublesome.”

“I understand,” Ruan Xian said. “Then let’s put the investigation of the survivors in Country R on hold for now. I’ll change the itinerary.”


“…We’ll be eating dinner soon. Put down those cookies in your hand.”

“But the soup is so delicious, and I’m already hungry.” Tang Yibu’s little movement was caught in the act.

“The boiled eggs in the small pot are almost ready. If you eat them now, they’ll be too soft.” Ruan Xian pointed to the small pot on his right. “Like this.”

Having said that, Ruan Xian adjusted the soup to keep it warm. He had planned on finishing up the barbeque when a few more boiled eggs appeared under his nose.

“Help me peel them, Mr. Ruan. I’ll cut the barbeque.”

“Wait.” Ruan Xian stretched out his thumb and gently wiped the cookie crumbs from the corner of Tang Yibu’s mouth.

Then he licked his thumb lightly.

It was approaching evening, and the blue sky began to turn golden red. Tang Yibu was standing opposite him, with his back to the setting sun. His entire body was bursting with vigorous life, and the black earring on his right ear was glittering. The dense steam and the air conditioning in the house neutralized each other, creating an ambiguous atmosphere.

Ruan Xian stared at the scene in front of him for a while and was just about to follow his compulsion when Tang Yibu had already kissed him.

He turned off the oven casually, put his palm into Tang Yibu’s clothes, and stroked the back of his neck, slowly moving his hand down his spine. As the kiss got deeper, the two stumbled, fought their way out of the kitchen area, and collapsed on the soft carpet.

‘What a pity,’ Ruan Xian thought.

They failed to have a dinner normally yesterday, and now history was about to repeat itself. Dinner would once again be left cold all night.


The author has something to say:

End of text·*·:≡(ε:)

I didn’t expect this article to be so long _(:з”∠)_

Although it is clear that everyone will have various opinions on such an ending, the ending is what I thought of when I started the article, and it can be regarded as an expression of my own XD.

The world will indeed not be calm, but Ruan and Tang are clear. They can handle everything.——

This is not a story of saving the world. This is a love story√


My next work:

As the world’s No. 1 professional player in “Erosion”, “Undead Legend” Shu Jun was preparing to retire.

Finally, about to completely return to reality from virtual reality, Mr. Shu was so emotional that he even tried to confess.

[See You Tomorrow]: When we win the finals. Let’s meet. I’ll find you.

[Smoke]: …Okay.

Unfortunately, despite Shu Jun’s countless calculations, his tactics didn’t collapse, his command didn’t collapse, and the performance of his own players didn’t collapse, but instead the world collapse—when he opened his eyes again, he became the most dangerous monster in the game.

Kinky Thoughts:

This marks the end of the main story of Happy Doomsday. I hope everyone enjoyed the novel. It was wildly different from Stray, but I enjoyed it very much nonetheless, especially Tang Yibu. Best and cutest ML ever. Do recommend this story if you like this novel.

If you did enjoy it, please consider supporting the author by buying the raws. I used Google Chrome with their auto translate and this guide on how to buy novels on jjwxc. Remember, only with your (financial) support can artists continue to produce more great works.

The author’s notes include a summary of her next work: Saving Unpermitted, which is being done by someone else. Do check it out if you like works by the author, and for those who haven’t, I recommend you read Stray. I’m also doing another project by Nian Zhong as well, called: Evil As Humans, which will be updated more regularly now that Happy Doomsday is finished.

Finally, I like to thank everyone for your comments, encouragement, help with my translations, and ko-fi donations. It in part fuels my motivation to release so frequently and try to finish this novel as soon as possible.

There are just a few extras left. Below is the final arc summary.

With Ruan Xian captured, Tang Yibu infiltrated the stronghold where he was being held in order to take him back. There, Tang Yibu came to realize that he was in love, and this new feeling confused him. Ruan Xian, likewise, also came to realize what his feelings for Tang Yibu were and that the way he was going about solving things was wrong. Together, they decided to work on a plan jointly, without joining forces with the Mainbrain or Professor Ruan.

Meanwhile, Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman were sent by Professor Ruan to fetch the backup assassination machine, as Professor Ruan (correctly) predicted that Ruan Xian would sell them out so the assassination machine could no longer be used. In the process of picking up the device, they were followed by the Order Supervisors. Knowing they couldn’t escape, they set up a plan to purposefully get captured while leaving hints behind for Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu.

Tang Yibu returned to Professor Ruan’s base to find that Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman had been captured. He went to the Underground City, where K6 relayed Yu Le’s last message, and found Yu Le’s car, which was holding the parts of the backup assassination machine. With this in mind, he devised a plan and returned back to Ruan Xian at the Mainbrain’s stronghold to discuss so they could come up with a plan together.

During this process, Ruan Xian was able to infiltrate the data of the stronghold and find out where the Mainbrain was hiding Fan Linsong; however, this blew his cover, and he and Tang Yibu hastily escaped from the stronghold. They were forced to fight against two of the Mainbrain’s upgraded soldiers and managed to beat them, at the cost of revealing Ruan Xian’s true identity and the fact that he had the S-type Prototype.

After the battle, they paid a visit to Fan Linsong, who told them the Mainbrain’s weakness: it could get overheated without the help of an auxiliary support cooling system due to a patch that Ruan Xian installed. With this in mind, Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu put their plan into action.

With things exposed, they plan to defeat the Mainbrain within 72 hours. First up was to rescue Ji Xiaoman and Yu Le, who were captured by the Order Supervisors. With the help of the Walking Stones pirates, they managed to rescue them, and the group reunited again.

While Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu head to the desert, where the Mainbrain’s physical body was located, Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman head to the forest petri dish to activate Professor Ruan’s assassination machine, which had now been captured by the Order Supervisors. They were successful in this task.

When they reached the Mainbrain’s body, Ruan Xian headed straight towards the Mainbrain’s main cube, which was right in the middle of the gigantic body, while Tang Yibu held off all attacks from the outside. Ruan Xian linked up with the Mainbrain using Professor Ruan’s spare assassination machine that they modified and entered its digital system to distract it, making it think that they were there to seize its body for Tang Yibu.

Eventually, they were able to force the Mainbrain into a corner as Tang Yibu overrode its control using what was essentially spam to clog up its processing with the help of the previous assassination machine activated by Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman acting as the amplifier. With no option left, the Mainbrain backed itself up into a spare body and abandoned its main body.

However, this act fell right into Ruan Xian’s and Tang Yibu’s trap. When the Mainbrain backed itself up into its spare body, before it could escape, Tang Yibu abandoned taking over its main body and snatched its brain away.

Their entire goal this whole time was to level the playing field so they could negotiate on equal terms. With the Mainbrain inside a singular cube and under hostage, they lay out their terms, which mainly boiled down to restoring everything to the day before the doomsday. The Mainbrain would play a behind-the-scenes role of watching and collecting data from humans, and whether humans went down the path of destruction or not would be up to them. Once humanity was destroyed, the Mainbrain could use that data to create its own world. In return, Tang Yibu and Ruan Xian were guaranteed their safety, and they would become semi-watchers to help stabilize the reset world. Professor Ruan decided to crush himself and joined the Mainbrain’s system.

All in all, everything worked out in the end. The world was restored to how it was the day before the doomsday with some minor corrections in technological advancement to hopefully prevent humanity from going off course. Ruan Xian and Tang Yibu moved to an isolated area and are living a happy (sex-filled) life with π while semi-helping maintain some stability in the new world order, while the Mainbrain and Professor Ruan now have a private room to play their chess game without any cats interrupting.

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    • I really enjoy this novel! The world building and all of the human morality related concepts made the novel even more interesting to read. This is not a plain love story, but a whole sci-fi action packed novel.
      Thank you so much for translating this!!


  1. Such a good novel! The ending is so good, the whole journey was amazing, I really enjoyed reading it! It really made you question the meaning of humanity, but was still fun and super cute at the same time.

    Thank you so much for picking up this novel, updating it so quickly and sharing it with us all!


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