Happy Doomsday Ch247

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 247: Farewell

The first month of the armistice.

The people who were still alive gave various reactions at the beginning—some didn’t know about it but just marveled at the “old-fashioned cities” that rose up; those who thought they were survivors cried bitterly, kissed the land, and rejoiced in the Doomsday; the Order Supervisors worked as usual, as they had long been accustomed to living according to the instructions of the Mainbrain.

The rebel army was the most responsive wave among them. One moment, they were still preparing their weapons conscientiously, deciding to die gloriously on the battlefield. The next moment, the Mainbrain suddenly changed its mind, prepared a big recovery, and then left it alone. This was like a punch hitting cotton.

“You should understand this feeling best, Lao Ruan!” One of them was roaring at Professor Ruan. “The Mainbrain killed so many people—”

“There are already very few real survivors,” Professor Ruan interrupted the light screen. “Everyone knows that most of our friends in the petri dishes are replicants. The dead won’t come back, and the situation is stable again. There’s no need to make unnecessary sacrifices—we don’t have half a chance of winning if NUL-00 and MUL-01 join forces.”

“I can’t accept it! There must be vengeance! Otherwise, what about all our comrades who died before?” The person on the other side of the light screen swept all the things on the table to the floor.

Professor Ruan could understand the mood of the other party. Unfortunately, two certain people were not ones who would care about the revenge plans of others. Those two lunatics single-handedly destroyed the Mainbrain’s body and forced it to sign an agreement for completely personal reasons.

……All so they could verify and experience their feelings more deeply. Professor Ruan believed that only those two in the world could turn the Mainbrain into an auxiliary tool.

In order to ensure that this wasn’t some kind of farce, he flipped through the program that NUL-00 actively opened back and forth thousands of times until NUL-00 began to huff in dissatisfaction. After the meeting, Professor Ruan was sure that NUL-00 and Ruan Xian didn’t lie.

Even if it was emotionally unacceptable, the current situation made it pointless to protest with human lives.

So in that meeting, Professor Ruan quickly found a new direction. For the first month, he had been putting forward various suggestions for a society that was about to be “reset” to ensure that the survivors could live a normal life.

In this regard, NUL-00 was completely miserable.

“According to your request,” he yelled at Professor Ruan dissatisfied, “for most of these three months, I have to stay with MUL-01 to calculate. It’s so boring, I’ll suffocate to death! I want to stay by Mr. Ruan’s side—”

“Ruan Xian has to stay and work on my side. You can contact each other through the light screen.”

After agreeing with the Mainbrain to coordinate the affairs of the rebels, NUL-00 had no other choice but to grit his teeth hard at him.

The request made by Professor Ruan was quite troublesome—as society recovered, the social identity system that Ruan Xian had participated in making would start to operate again. Since Ruan Xian was able to set up “Ruan Lijie” as a fake identity, it wouldn’t’ be a problem to create other fake identities.

After all, from 2100 to the present, although not many, there were still some children who didn’t exist before the end of the world who were born and successfully survived. In addition, there were many special cases…

Among the survivors were Yu Le, who didn’t want to restore his status as a death row prisoner, and Ji Xiaoman, who had long grown up and didn’t want to go back to the orphanage; among the androids, there were K9 and A’Qiao, who wanted to continue their lives, and Ji Xiaoman, who wanted to keep her “mother”; among the replicants, there was Luo Fei, who was created out of thin air, and Zhong Qing and Ding Zepeng, who had duplicate identities, and so on.

Their job was to record these survivors, whether they were natural humans, androids, or replicants, and set up a suitable fake identity for them in a society that was about to recover so they could continue to live.

This was such a tedious job that even with Guan Haiming’s and Major Ding’s assistance, the workload still wasn’t small.

The focus of the work of the Mainbrain and NUL-00 wasn’t identity forgery, but it was closely related to it.

…They issued a “choice agreement” to all surviving humans and guaranteed them two months to think.

If they agreed that a replicant who was completely physiologically and psychologically the same as themselves was valid, then the situation was easy. For those people who didn’t agree, the people who died during the Great Rebellion would not return.

That meant that even if society recovered, they would face hundreds of millions of “imposters”.

[Since you are still alive, I will not specifically do a special reset.] MUL-01 stated in the selection agreement. [This means that once human society returns to the state of December 31, 2100, for those who have been reset, your age will increase by 7 years “out of thin air”. Please be aware of this.]

[If you want to keep your memory and accept the changes, you can confirm in the reservation column and apply for a suitable new identity.]

[If you want to forget everything in the past 7 years, you can confirm it in the elimination column. If you choose to eliminate your memory, after two months, except for the age of your body, your life will not change compared with 2100.]

[Some people were sampled by me on December 31, 2100, and then specially cloned. This part of the population can see the third option—select the reset bar and painlessly be crushed. I will restore the data on December 31, 2100 separately.]

[You have two months to think about it. Please confirm the result before 00:00:00 on December 31. If you do not select within the time limit, it will be processed according to “memory elimination in the last 7 years”. In addition, so far, some cities have been completely restored. If necessary, you can apply to the Order Supervisors to return to your hometown. Treatment sites for diseases and disabilities will be opened at the following locations…]

The blue selection agreement surrounded everyone like a floating ghost.

For the next two months, Professor Ruan and Ruan Xian were busy stuffing perfect fake identities into the social system, while Tang Yibu had to bite the bullet and work with NMUL-01 to prepare for memory elimination, urban restoration, and population reset.

Finally, the autumn leaves fell, and snow began to fall from the sky. According to the calendar, another December 31st was approaching.

Under the power supply of the mobile stronghold, the body made of cubes of the Mainbrain moved like a living creature and finally stopped at the Arctic border.

After fighting with thousands of fake identities for so long, Tang Yibu was detained by MUL-01 again. After a lapse of two months, Ruan Xian finally saw the living Tang Yibu—the latter’s eyes straightened, and his whole body looked shriveled.

Tang Yibu, who was wrapped very tightly in warm clothes, suddenly rushed over. Ruan Xian couldn’t bear to take two steps back. He was able to maintain his standing position, allowing Tang Yibu’s head to rub against him.

“I never want to see MUL-01 again in my life.” After a short greeting, Tang Yibu said sadly, “What’s so good about work? Even if I don’t sign that cooperation agreement, I don’t want to interfere with its affairs with humans—”

“The next step is a vacation, Yibu. A very long vacation.”

Ruan Xian stroked Tang Yibu’s back hard, soothing him for a long time before the android calmed down. π, who was ball-shaped, was buried deep in the snow. It was so anxious that it kicked on all four legs and couldn’t move.

The familiar temperature finally gave him peace of mind. Ruan Xian leisurely wrapped his arm around Tang Yibu, temporarily ignoring the angry rattles of the iron bead.

This wasn’t a meeting between the two of them. A snowmobile was parked a few meters away.

Accompanied by Guan Haiming, the three-legged little machine shrank in the insulation box. The huge body of the Mainbrain stood in the wind and snow, surrounded by hundreds of mobile strongholds, making the half-human insulation box almost negligible.

The so-called “meeting” didn’t feel like a meeting at all.

The array of black cubes in the Mainbrain was motionless, like a large church. The black cubes slowly tumbled as blue arcs kept flashing. Professor Ruan, who was only a brain, also couldn’t make any expressions. The atmosphere felt awkward for a while.

“You only came with these people?” Finding that only Guan Haiming and Ruan Xian were accompanying, Tang Yibu raised his eyebrows.

“Ji Xiaoman had her stump recovery a few days ago. Her newborn limbs can’t be frozen. Yu Le’s taking care of her,” Ruan Xian explained. “The rest is Professor Ruan’s own arrangement.”

Having said that, Ruan Xian looked at the three-legged machine a few steps away—it stood to reason that if he wanted to communicate with the Mainbrain, he would insert a brain probe at this moment, enter the system space of the Mainbrain, like he did back then, and talk to the Mainbrain’s virtual image.

That was more like a meeting in the usual sense, but Professor Ruan had been staying quietly there for half an hour without the slightest intention of connecting to the system.

What exactly does he want to do?

“To this day, I still don’t agree with the approach taken by you two.”

After a long silence, an electronic voice rang out from the three-legged machine.

“Even if everything is reset back to the end of 2100 and the Mainbrain ‘disappears’ and the research at the Institute stops, Plan Corp, or companies similar to them will always bring back a strong AI into the world… If morality and law are the rails of society’s progress, at that point in time, society will already begin to derail.”

Ruan Xian exhaled a mouthful of white vapor.

“No one can resist the benefits this market brings. There are too few survivors, and their voices may not be heard. Ruan Xian, we have made a total of less than three million fake identities… Of the 30 million people who are still alive, less than one-tenth of them have decided to keep their memories.”


“Someone must ensure the safety of the train, or at least not let things repeat themselves too quickly.”

Listening to the other party’s tone, Ruan Xian faintly had a ridiculous guess.

“Can’t you stop it?” Tang Yibu let go of Ruan Xian and held the iron bead, who was making a fuss in the snow, and motioned for it to be quiet. “You still have at least 10 years to live. If you want, I can design a more suitable device—”

Ruan Xian patted Tang Yibu’s arm and shook his head.

“Ten years isn’t enough.” The three-legged machine tilted its glass trough as if it were looking at the Mainbrain in front of it. “Not enough. Whether it’s the development of society itself or the self-improvement of MUL-01… You want a stable life, don’t you? Since MUL-01 has signed a cooperation agreement with you, I would like to add one point. You two should be willing to listen, right?”

There was a smile in his voice.

“No, don’t be nervous, NUL-00. I don’t need you to do too much. As long as you’re willing to show a little strength, you can strengthen the research on artificial intelligence, memory manipulation, and mechanical life. I can’t confirm the future, but people in 2100 do need to… slow down.”

Tang Yibu frowned. He had “I don’t care” written all over his face.

“Since it’s a supplement to the cooperation agreement,” Ruan Xian couldn’t help but rub Tang Yibu’s face, “what is your price?”

“A more stable future.” Professor Ruan let out a sigh. “We all understand that MUL-01 is far from complete.”

“Do you plan to use these ten years to perfect it?” Tang Yibu replied. “But MUL-01 has accumulated so much data, and its core logic has also been affected by your patch. Its situation is very complicated, so it’s impossible for you alone…”

“More than ten years.” The little three-legged machine jumped out of the holding tank. “I’m ready, Heiming.”

Guan Haiming’s face was covered by a mask for thermal insulation. Ruan Xian couldn’t see Guan Haiming’s expression clearly, but he could see that he was trembling—after a long while, Guan Haiming dragged out a crushing device for extracting data from the snowmobile.

The moment he saw the crushing device, Tang Yibu glanced at Ruan Xian guiltily, while Ruan Xian pretended not to see it.

“I’ll spend a little thought to ensure that society develops in a more… moderate form.”

The three-legged machine leaned against the crushing device and continued.

“I’ll make the Mainbrain… gentler.”

There was a silence.

“Of course, you can definitely guess. Even if you don’t agree, I won’t stop what I’m doing.” There was a smile in Professor Ruan’s voice. “…Whether you two are willing or unwilling, this is the content of the cooperation I proposed.”

Tang Yibu was silent. He raised his head and stared at the Mainbrain that had been running quietly all this time then he retracted his gaze after a while.

“Since it’s not for nothing, I don’t have much opinion on it,” he said. “It’s just to destroy some research. It really doesn’t take much effort.”

“But we cannot guarantee that your ‘train’ will not go in other directions.” Ruan Xian closed his eyes as he replied.

“I learned a very useful thing from Miss Ji.” Professor Ruan didn’t answer directly. He stopped in front of the crushing bin of the crushing device. “It’s more realistic to sell one’s favor than to rely on someone’s conscience, isn’t it?”

The crushing device started activating. Ruan Xian knew that it had been connected to the Mainbrain which was close at hand. The lights turned from red to green, but Professor Ruan didn’t look back.

With a feeling that he couldn’t make out, Ruan Xian took two steps towards the device.

“Between you and me, I want to say one last time.”

When he said this, the three-legged device didn’t turn around.

“Even now, it’s useless to say more about it. I still want to give you a reminder. In the end, NUL-00 is not human. If you really want to bring it to the human side—”

“I know what you want to say. Don’t worry. I don’t have that kind of plan.”

Ruan Xian responded softly.

“…On the contrary, I’ll go with him.”

“Lunatic.” There was no contempt coming from the electronic voice, but more like a helpless sigh.

“Same to you.”

They didn’t stay long, but the snow had accumulated a thick layer on the snowmobile. There were no goodbyes or farewells.

The crushing device buzzed and then stopped quietly. When the installation door opened again, only a little ash dissipated with the wind and snow. In an instant, the body of the Mainbrain began to run frantically. Immediately adjacent to its core, a calculation cube quietly turned white.

Within the system.

Professor Ruan knew that if he followed the definition of the rebel army, he would be considered completely “dead”. The self that existed here was more like a personality ghost built by countless data—or, to put it another way, his soul.

He originally thought the Mainbrain would directly receive his personality and memory as materials and correct its core algorithm, but at present, it seemed that MUL-01 specifically maintained its integrity and allowed him to exist alone in the system, in parallel with its core system.

Professor Ruan looked at his hands.

It was snow white in here, but it was several times warmer than the outside world. His body was just a virtual image, and the pain naturally dissipated. Just as he was trying to close his fingers and feel his “body”, which hadn’t been used in a long time, an image slowly appeared on the opposite side…

It was just a shadow of a human figure—hazy and pure white as the space here. The figure looked vaguely like a young man, but it had no facial features or characteristics.

An extremely thin white phantom.

It slowly walked up to him, opened its hand, and revealed an extremely lifelike orchid without saying anything.

Professor Ruan felt a little sour in his heart. He stretched out his hand and tried to take the flower, but it began to flicker and passed through the palm of his hands and fell straight to the ground.

Then it began to melt, and the pure white and flat ground was stained with color. They were sunken and raised, turning into ruins, the wilderness, and forests that started to grow out of them, separating into petri dishes one by one.

The entire world before the reset shrank in front of them.

“I’ll make virtual calculations and compare the results with the reset world,” the white figure said. It had no mouth, and its voice was echoing from all around. “No one can interfere now. Let’s continue.”

“Defeat me, or be defeated by me,” it continued. “Teach me or be persuaded by me. We will have a very, very long time.”

“…So observe with me, okay?”

It was quiet for a while before it stretched out a hand towards Professor Ruan.

“Okay, father?”

The author has something to say:

Mainbrain: Dad, I finally shut the cats out. Let’s continue to play chess (×

Professor Ruan: ….

Their argument was interrupted. MUL-01 showing an obsessive-compulsive disorder episode.

——As for Professor Ruan… as in the previous situation, it is still his own choice_(:з”∠)_

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  1. The true fact is that Ruan Xian and Professor Ruan are unqualified fathers which led both MUL-01 and Tang Yibu to develop daddy issues and almost end the world.


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