Evil As Humans Ch3

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 3: A Suspicious Person

Perhaps because there were such a large number of “people”, that the Resentment Basket tended to be more aggressive than self-absorbed grieving ghosts. They craved the negative emotions of the living, and they liked to wrap people into their bodies and squeeze them for nutrients like sugarcane.

Just by looking at the description, one would know it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. As an “after-effect”, the chewed person would have a minor illness or a major disaster, depending on their personal circumstances.

The Resentment Basket obviously was here for food.

The Resentment Basket slammed on the brakes right in front of the two of them. Fortunately, it still had an instinctive fear. Unfortunately, with its limited intelligence, it rolled its eight eyes and failed to understand where the fear came from.

It finally moved its body cautiously, deciding only to harm the “human” that looked more adequate.

The Resentment Basket curled up, and after covering its “face”, it made a heavy breathing sound. A faint fishy smell was mixed together with the fishy smell from the rainwater. The next moment, its huge body stretched out, and the front end of the Resentment Basket slammed up. The hand-like structure was slightly folded, as if it wanted to lean closer and whisper something terrible.

It ran straight towards the young man in front of Yin Ren.

The Resentment Basket wrapped around the young man’s body, and the cocoon squirmed like it was digesting something. The person was strangely “embedded” in its body, with only his face and arms exposed, creating a ridiculously bizarre scene.

Yin Ren couldn’t even laugh.

The man was wearing a Resentment Basket several dozen times larger than himself, but his strength didn’t diminish at all. His hands were still warm and steady, and his eyes were firmly fixed on Yin Ren, with no abnormal expression on his face.

This time, the two “people” who were in an embarrassing deadlock became three, and the atmosphere became more subtle.

Without tasting a new pain, the Resentment Basket quickly noticed the abnormality. It twisted its body and retreated back to its original position in confusion.

The corner of Yin Ren’s eyes twitched—the Resentment Basket felt perhaps its eating posture was wrong, so it planned to retry.

The fishy smell in the air turned into a foul stench. The ugly fleshy skin surged, and the Resentment Basket slid over again.

This time, it slowed down. Its outer skin oozed mucus under the streetlight. There was a squeezing sound that made the scalp tingle, and the person in front of Yin Ren was “devoured” by the huge flesh cocoon again.

His entire head sank into black and red flesh covered in blood, leaving his two hands that were grabbing Lin Ren like shackles exposed.

The hands remained motionless.

The skin of the resentment basket wriggled more violently. The bulging raised meat flesh almost rubbed against the tip of Yin Ren’s nose. The flesh of the cocoon rose and fell like waves, with the man’s face appearing from the Resentment Basket from time to time.

The man didn’t even blink. It seemed that he wasn’t affected in any way.

Seeing that it couldn’t eat, the eyes of the Resentment Basket became bloodshot. Most people would get angry when they find themselves unable to pick up noodles with their chopsticks.

How miserable.

Yin Ren glanced at it sympathetically and probably had a clue…

Those who didn’t believe would not be blessed by the gods, and likewise, they would not be affected by evil.

There had been similar rumors among cultivators in the past. The less you believe, the less impact.

If a person didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, then it was useless to pray to them, but they were also immune to almost all spells from demons and spirits. Such people couldn’t detect ghosts and gods, so the latter would have no influence on them and would simply treat each other like air.

Unfortunately, Yin Ren had never met such a person.

Among mortals, the more fanatical pray and worship every day, while the more ordinary would pay attention and seek out good luck while avoiding bad. In an atmosphere that had been passed down through thousands of years, few people were completely “unbelieving”.

Now it seemed there was one standing in front of him.

What did this mean? This meant that while the whole world thought he was suspicious, the person in front of him couldn’t see through him. Yin Ren was quite pleased and suddenly felt that this person had become much cuter.

Yin Ren even retracted his wrist and led the person in his own direction. Who knew that the person’s grip was extremely stable, so while Yin Ren tried to move, the person didn’t budge an inch.

The person in front of him clenched even tighter and increased the force of his grasp. The strength was so great, it was like he had just met his long-lost brother.

The Resentment Basket was getting angry. Seeing Yin Ren “snatching its food”, it ignored its instinctive fear. The Resentment Basket flung itself and used the momentum to fly over to Yin Ren like a whip, trying to wrap the two of them together.

If the young man in front of him could see this, the next scene could be said to be exciting…

The moment the Resentment Basket touched Yin Ren, it froze from head to toe, and even the squirming of its skin stopped. After a twitch, the cocoon immediately curled up into a ball. Its eight human eyes twitched wildly between its fingers, and its pupils were full of fear.

It completely forgot to run away.

The Resentment Basket seemed to be pulled by an invisible hand as its body changed shape like dough. With vague chewing sounds, the flesh and blood were being sucked out by an invisible mouth, as if it was water draining from a tank with its stopper removed.

The entire process was so smooth and quiet that the Resentment Basket couldn’t even let out a scream.

In the blink of an eye, the bloated body disappeared in place, leaving only a few drops of black coagulated blood on Yin Ren’s clavicle. The next moment, those few drops were also absorbed by his pale skin, leaving no trace behind.

Yin Ren smacked his lips. He got an unexpected feeding, and his mood became more comfortable.

The thunderstorm became clear again. The streetlights no longer flickered, and the warm yellow light sprayed down, creating a pleasant, moving scene.

It took less than three minutes from when the Resentment Basket appeared and disappeared.

Sharp sirens sounded from the other side of the street. The police lights could be seen at the end of the darkness. Yin Ren didn’t recognize the lights, but he could read the relaxed expressions of the people across the street.

Most likely, they were all officers, and they came faster than Yin Ren had expected.

“My ‘family’ is here to pick me up, right?”

Yin Ren continued to let the man grab him and even showed him a kind smile.

Compared to Uncle Zhang, who escaped in the middle, this one led him to “enter the world”.

Regardless of the attitude of the other party, this was considered a certain fate. Yin Ren wanted to be friendly, or at least appear more human-like—regular Evil Spirits wouldn’t care about the names of ordinary humans.

So he smiled very gently, so gently that one couldn’t tell he had just killed a Resentment Basket.

“It’s a pity I don’t remember your name.”

The man was taken aback for a moment and sized up Yin Ren for a while.

“It’s Zhong Chengyue*.” He spoke the words solemnly, one by one.

*Clarity: His name is Zhong Chengshuo but it’s often mispronounced as Chengyue. This won’t be explained until Chapter 10.


The Shian Building was still brightly lit.

After tossing all night and seeing that it was about to be dawn, both sides finally stopped their summoning spells—the Evil Spirit never responded and the unknown force conceded first, so Minister Fu asked the Shian Group to terminate their spellcasting.

The people who came to work the next shift had arrived, but those who worked overtime couldn’t go home. The “Evil Spirit” was a big event. Just in case, everyone had to be on standby. Everyone moved out of the break room beds and chairs, and regardless of their gender, they all slept directly in the area.

Minister Fu didn’t sleep. He collapsed in his chair and used his tablet to read the report.

As soon as the white light flickered, it illuminated the dark bags under his eyes. He looked like he was a freshly unearthed zombie.

The Shian Group was a state-owned enterprise. The Haigu Branch and the Haigu Police Department had always cooperated. As long as the application was made in accordance with regulations, the Shian Group had the right to view the internal information of the police station.

For example, like now.

An Evil Spirit had broke out last night, and there were a total of 35 abnormal activities that occurred in Haigu and the surrounding suburbs. After a busy night, the staff ruled out unrelated cases, such as sudden emergencies, family conflicts, street fights, theft, and the like, and only 6 people came into contact with an “abnormal phenomenon”.

Minister Fu—Fu Xingchuan took a sip from his energy drink and narrowed his eyes.

[Abnormal behavior: 1 person

Concentration of evil qi on body: 1.03~1.05fR (extremely high)

Personnel: Guo Laifu (47 years old, male)

Location: Heping Road, Shangguang District

Overview: Guo Laifu is a serial murderer on the run. Came to Haigu 4 days ago. According to the investigation, the person used a fruit knife to cut off his nose, poked his ears with chopsticks, and dug out his eyes with his bare hands. When discovered by our staff, this person was peeling his skin off at a crosswalk.

Guo Laifu is currently admitted to Haigu Hospital and is in a coma. The cut nose, eyeballs, skin, ect. were all swallowed by Guo Laifu himself. His vision and hearing are greatly damaged and may not return to normal.]

[Direct eyewitness anomalies: 3 people

Concentration of evil qi on body: 0.12~0.17fR (medium)

Personnel: Chen Xiao (24 years old, male); Wang Rongrong (29 years old, female); Zhang Le (25 years old, male)

Location: Ka’an Road, Donghe District

Overview: The three of them are employees of Haigu Coral Reff Co., Ltd. They met for drinks and returned late. Together, they witnessed a man in a suit carrying a “red bouquet”. The three of them found that the “bouquet” was suspected to be made of blood-stained internal organs and took the initiative to call the police.

The three of them were greatly stimulated and didn’t want to go out. They stayed at Haigu Police Station for the time being and were comforted by our staff.]

[Suspected abnormal contact: 2 people

Concentration of evil qi on body: 0.06~0.08fR (low)

Personnel: Zhong Chengshuo (28 years old, male); Anonymous (male, unknown age, suspected to be 20-30 years old)

Location: Changling Road, Xizhao District

Overview: Zhong Chengshuo said that he witnessed Anonymous carrying a controlled knife and wearing a mental health facility gown, and took the initiative to call the police. Anonymous’ appearance exceeds normal standards, has no aggressive behavior, and carries a dagger suspected of being a spiritual weapon.

The two of them were conscious and emotionally stable. The police station was unable to confirm the identity of Anonymous. The two of them are now being taken to Shian by Team 7. They are expected to arrive at 7:15 in the morning.]

It was very likely that there were clues to an “unknown Evil Spirit” somewhere here.

The three people who witnessed the “man in suit” could be ruled out.

An Evil Spirit that had been dormant for thousands of years, even if it deliberately pretended to be an adult, it was impossible to give itself the appearance of wearing a suit and holding a bouquet. Moreover, Fu Xingchuan had the impression that a well-known news anchor died in Donghe District a few days ago. The classic image of that person was a “suit” and a “bouquet of roses”.

The people involved were clear so the matter could be handled by Team 7 of their Special Investigation Unit.

To say the most suspicious…

An Evil Spirit had an entity and there was no theory that it possessed others. At present, the most unusual was Guo Laifu of Shangguang District.

He was obviously over the perimeter of evil qi concentration, which exceeded the standard. It was very likely he had been exposed to a pollution source with excessive evil qi values… But the Shangguang Distract was the farthest away from the Xizhao District, which was certainly the outbreak point of the evil qi.

There were cases in the Xizhao District, but these cases weren’t really worth mentioning. Just by looking at the concentration of evil qi, the two relevant people had at most been exposed to the “phenomenon” of grieving ghosts.

Fu Xingchuan glanced at the upper right corner of the tablet. It was already 7:00. He took out a half-eaten chocolate bar from the drawer and stood up with a sigh.

Anyway, Guo Laifu couldn’t run, so he’ll meet with the two boys in Xizhao District first.

Fu Xingchuan pounded on his waist, turned back to the report, and glanced at Zhong Chengshuo’s personal information.

As his line of sight went all the way down, Fu Xingchuan’s eyebrows first slightly raised, then frowned. He sat back in his chair and quickly turned a few more sheets. The more he looked at it, the more solemn he became.

After a while, he touched the phone on the table.

“Hello, Xiao Hao? It’s me, Lao Fu. Say hello to Xiao Xiang for me. Regarding the Xizhao District incident, I will come in person. This time, the observation level of this inquiry has been adjusted to the highest level. Put your pile of messy things to use.”

After speaking, he moved the phone away from his ear and ignored the other side’s protest along the lines of “don’t talk nonsense”. When the roar was over, Fu Xingchuan put the phone back to his ear.

“Hm? No, those two’s evil qi aren’t particularly strong, but their identities are intriguing—one is of unknown origin and was carrying a spiritual weapon, while the other has a unique origin. Let’s say my intuition could be wrong.”

“Okay, don’t be so verbose. I know it’s unorthodox, so I’ll have the expense deducted from my salary. If Lao Li asks, you can explain for me.”

Having said that, Minister Fu cut off the call at lightning speed. He closed the information on Zhong Chengshuo and took a closer look at the photo of Yin Ren that he had just received.

Time was tight and the tasks were heavy, so the photo was taken in a rush. In the photo, “Anonymous” had long hair, but even with the poor photography, it couldn’t cover up his excellent features.

“…It’d better be a coincidence.”

The author has something to say:

Atheist: Add magic resistance according to firmness level (×

The prologue is over!

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Kinky Thoughts:

This marks the end of the prologue. Releases will be sporadic until Happy Doomsday wraps up. Happy Halloween, everyone.

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