Happy Doomsday Ch162

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 162: Limits

“Xiao Ruan, you… Hey?” After finding the memory core, Ruan Xian didn’t run around anymore. Yu Le quickly caught up with him.

But when he saw Ruan Xian’s expression, he subconsciously kept his distance with Ji Xiaoman. Seeing Ruan Xian like this haunted him. Intuition told Yu Le that the person in front of him was in a bad state and he needed to stay away.

The couple who followed them didn’t follow up immediately, unknown whether they actually were aware of the danger. Yu Le found a relatively safe corner and stood still. He followed Ruan Xian’s gaze, only to see a small cart and a pile of parts that were beyond his understanding. The person pushing the cart stopped in the corridor and was on his cellphone, but he couldn’t hear what was being said.

However, Ruan Xian heard it clearly.

[You haven’t been on this job for long, and you have just passed the probation period, so your level isn’t high. I just found your citizen file through your iris characteristics. We all know your actual situation…]

“I obviously shut you down!” There was a trace of fear in the man’s voice.

[I have embedded a set of synchronization commands in the surveillance system.] The mechanical voice that lacked emotion said. [Time is limited. The efficiency of explanation will be inefficient, so let’s get straight to the point.]

Ruan Xian knew what NUL-00 was nervous about. It was facing two major crises right now…

After leaving the safe computer room with unlimited energy supply, the energy stored in its cybernetic brain was limited. Once the energy was depleted, all that awaited was darkness after termination. Without the help of the cooling system, if NUL-00 enabled too many functions, the high temperature was likely to short-circuit its cybernetic brain.

This didn’t count the increased energy consumption of enabling the function itself.

But if NUL-00 wanted to survive, the current man was indeed the best breakthrough. It had to use its own abilities to seek more information. It was like trying to balance barefoot on the edge of a knife’s blade. In this situation, any wrong step would end in disaster.

This was obviously the object he once cherished with extreme care. Ruan Xian’s nails pierced into his palm unconsciously.

At least in his memory, the time he was separated from NUL-00 wasn’t too long. Although he had heard the ending of NUL-00, the picture was more impactful than nebulous speculation.

He had thought he wouldn’t care to this point.

At first, he just thought it was a bit similar to himself. They had similar thinking speeds and similar lifestyles. They also couldn’t go anywhere, and they were too slow for the delicate emotional connection between people.

Ruan Xian thought that he was like this set of programs, or that these programs had become some kind of creature.

He devoted five years of time and patience beyond his imagination to it for a simple reason—perhaps out of some stupid and self-righteous thought, he hoped that this “life” he brought into the world with his own hands would not experience everything he had experienced.

At first, he just wanted to spend more time with it and talk more with the little thing soaked in coolant.

Ruan Xian thought that he couldn’t give NUL-00 much “love”, but he could try to be nice to it. It had a better future than himself. As long as he could thoroughly perfect it before dying of illness, then it could go anywhere it wanted and exist freely. Between illness and pain, this idea could always magically relax him.

After all, for himself, that machine room was the warmest in the entire Institute.

Ruan Xian was surprised by his emotional reaction at the moment. The burning anger was about to burst his heart. It was like his blood had evaporated, and his internal organs were now filled with magma, suffocating him.

[I give you this proposal. It can allow you to have no worries about food and clothing for the rest of your life, and you don’t have to take any risks.] NUL-00 continued as it used the assistant voice that came with the phone.

[Room N-07 on the left side of this corridor contains Ruan Xian’s experimental drawings and structural models. I was able to decipher the code and temporarily block the surveillance. You can replace me with the model and take it out to sell. The model is used by Ruan Xian for research on heat dissipation. The structure and materials are almost the same as my container, so the people at the destruction site won’t be able to spot the difference.]

[The structural data of the cybernetic brain and my program files are also backed up. They will not be too concerned about abandoned machinery that has already stopped. Please rest assured.]

“Don’t lie to me,” the man said hoarsely. There was a reluctance in his tone, indicating he wasn’t buying it. “There’s one day left until the end of April. At the end of the month, they will unify the waste disposal. The inspection a few days ago was the most stringent. You—”

[I will interfere with the destruction of the log. Don’t worry. At that time, as long as there is some chaos in another area, the destruction personnel will not focus on this side.]

“I remember you have no right to access data.”

[The shielding system is in the computer room, and you were given the order to shut me down in there. We’re now out of that room.]

“…Then I have to go too.” In order not to arouse suspicion, the man began to push the car slowly down the corridor. “The inspections for commuting here are also quite strict.”

[I can also disrupt the detection system.]

“If you’re so capable, why not just get yourself an assistant machine and run away? Why bother working with me?” This new employee’s suspicion was a bit unnatural.

[Modify the surveillance video, break the access control of the model research room, plant instructions to interfere with the destruction of logs, and disrupt the gatekeeper detection system… After this operation is completed, I will only have about 5% of my energy left, so I can hardly do much. Besides, you will have to negotiate with other companies. If you want to get more benefits, you need my guidance.]

“Hm…” The man hummed noncommittedly. “Tell me more.”

[You can sell me to Plan Corp, sir. As long as this deal is made, you don’t need to worry about the rest. Even if things don’t go well, you will still make at least 100 million.]

“Okay.” The man was silent in the middle of the corridor before eventually replying. His voice remained low and steady, while the skin not covered by his mask surged with blood, looking like he had been drinking.

Ruan Xian watched the man enter his model research room, wipe the heat dissipation liquid on the model, and then casually dry NUL-00 and carry it in a plastic bag.

[All instruction has been arranged. Taking into account energy consumption, I need to go to sleep.] NUL-00 continued to use the cellphone to give instructions to the man. [Next, buy a large loaf of bread from the store in the Institute, hide me in it, and take it out after getting off work. I sent you the relevant contact for Plan Corp to your phone. As long as you contact him, the representative of Plan Corp will definitely take this transaction seriously.]


The memory stopped here, probably because NUL-00 went into hibernation and no longer had any perception of the outside world. In an instant, the entire corridor faded a little, and the man and NUL-00 disappeared in place together. The door at the end of the corridor slowly opened, revealing abnormally pure darkness once again.

Ruan Xian’s clenched hands had healed quietly a long time ago with no traces of blood. He slowly let go of his fist, turned around, pulled Yu Le with his backhand, and rushed towards the door at the end.

So far, everything in this “memory” had no flaws, so it was impossible to judge whether it was synthetic. He still needed to see more… Even if these memories were making him gradually lose control of his anger, causing bile to bubble out of his throat.

“Wait, wait, Xiao Ruan. There’s obviously a problem here, right?” Yu Le relied on his weight advantage to stabilize his body, struggling not to be dragged.

Ruan Xian shook his head without saying a word.

“You don’t seem to be in the right mood. Why don’t we slow down first.” Yu Le carefully controlled his tone. “Look, it’s quite safe here. Let’s rest for a few minutes—”

As a result, before he could continue, the corridor began to collapse from the end away from the door. Yu Le rolled his eyes. “…Tsk, it’s clear they want us to go forward, so let’s go.”

Having said that, he followed Ruan Xian firmly, with an attitude of never taking the first step.

Ruan Xian no longer had the heart to focus on this kind of stuff. He took the lead into the door, leading to darkness. This was a new memory, but it was much vaguer than the previous one.

In the endless darkness, there were a few vague clusters of light floating around. Ruan Xian knew what that meant—NUL-00 had been brought to Plan Corp, and Plan Corp would definitely not foolishly accept an inoperable cybernetic brain. In order for the transaction to proceed normally, Plan Corp was bound to supplement NUL-00 with a minimum amount of energy to ensure that it could operate.

In order to save this hard-won energy, NUL-00 adjusted its “vision” to the bare minimum.

It was impossible to observe normally, and it wasn’t clear what was going on around the Plan Corp. Blank data could only leave such darkness.

Even the sound they could hear was like a layer of mist. They could only vaguely hear some key words. Such memory data also had its trouble places—it could only record information being entered and couldn’t record the thoughts and emotions of the person concerned. If this was of such quality, he could only watch the clues slowly slide away from his hands.

Speculate. Ruan Xian pursed his lips. He had to speculate. If he was NUL-00, how would he try to get out…

Even if it was sold to Plan Corp, what awaited NUL-00 was only the fate of being completely disassembled and analyzed. It escaped from the Institute certainly not to die in a different place. If he looked closely, he would definitely be able to find some clues.

The cluster of light at the core of the memory was extremely blurred, like the world of a highly myopic person who took off their glasses. Ruan Xian observed carefully for a while and could barely distinguish between the night outside the window and the outline of the body on the ground.

Forced to blur the details, Ruan Xian instead recognized who this man was—when Fan Linsong shot him, the strange assistant beside him was very similar to this person.

This made sense. After all, there were hidden dangers in letting people in the research institute assist. This person was probably Fan Linsong’s temporary assistant who had been hired to do the dirty work. The other party’s overly cautious attitude and NUL-00’s grasp of the transaction could all be explained.

It was a pity that, as far as the current situation was concerned, Plan Corp didn’t intend to pay for this transaction.

“It can crack our…highest defense…send it to…the first laboratory…tomorrow let…Mr. Kang…take a look.” The vague voice came intermittently.

The blurred light kept changing, and the darkness that followed gradually stabilized. NUL-00, which had little energy left, must have been placed in the first laboratory. Calculating the time, it should be late at night. In order to hide, the decision makers of Plan Corp didn’t suddenly let the scientific research backbone go to the company en masse late at night.

For now, there was a short period of low security.

In the next second, the darkness was illuminated. It wasn’t the light in the memory that illuminated it, but the countless fast-flowing characters. They shone with a blood-red light and moved so fast that it was hard to see.

It wasn’t thoughts or emotions. NUL-00 was using the last of its energy to crack the security system here.

Ruan Xian looked at the characters without blinking. This wasn’t a forgery. He could see it. NUL-00’s attack method was the same as his own, but it also had a little bit of its own “personal style”.

He recognized that style.

Focusing all his attention on reading instructions, Ruan Xian could hardly feel his body and emotions. His mind followed the wave of blood-red characters, piecing together information little by little.

However, the speed of issuing instructions was getting slower and slower, and it was getting darker. The last of NUL-00’s energy was about to be lost.

[Father, if there is a power outage in the Institute, will I die?] It once asked him this.

[There will be no power outages in the Institute, and I am not your father.]

[What if?]

[Even if there is an accident, the power supply comes here first.]

[I have calculated that the probability is not zero. What if it’s just in case? :(]

[I have protected you. If there’s a temporary power failure, it’s theoretically not much different from sleep. However, if your cybernetic brain is damaged and corroded during the period of energy depletion, it may indeed lead to data loss… In other words, you may indeed die.]



[I’m scared.]


[I’m scared.] It said. [Don’t let me die, father.]

At that time, he was only surprised that NUL-00 understood the emotion of “fear” and didn’t pay much attention to the content of the conversation. Now they were icy thorns that were choking him.

From the past to the present, even if he had enviable intelligence, his life was still full of the word “powerless”.

Ruan Xian didn’t believe in God. He didn’t want to pray, nor could he, so he would only force himself to watch calmly. Countless lights flickered constantly, as faint as a candle on a winter’s night, as if, after several years, finally the darkness faded in an instant.

NUL-00 hacked a mechanical assistant for itself. It greedily grabbed its energy and finally turned on the visual function.

The moment it got the mechanical assistant, it quickly modified the company’s surveillance data and let the mechanical assistant take it all the way to an underground facility. More than an hour later, the mechanical assistant broke through countless access controls and stopped in the android manufacturing room. The exposed light screen of the mechanical assistant had begun to show warnings of energy shortage, and a lot of smoke was also steaming out of NUL-00’s cybernetic brain, which seemed as if it would short-circuit at any moment.

Next, NUL-00 only issued two instructions.

It asked the thing to throw it into the slot for a cybernetic brain for making androids, and then ordered it to return to the first laboratory.

After that, it lay quietly in the coolant, slowly cooling down while carefully drawing energy. The lights here were exceptionally dim. Countless androids floated quietly in tank-like trough. Their bodies were young, but the posture they had was like a baby in the womb of its mother.

The cold-tone light could barely illuminate their faces, as well as the electronic tags on their respective jars. Ruan Xian stretched out his hand and slowly brushed his fingers through the empty jar that NUL-00 had entered.

[Exclusively for the Android Show, number STR-Y type 307a231. Cybernetic brain in place.]

NUL-00’s cybernetic brain scratched into the empty tank filled with liquid, accompanied by the winding of countless thin tubes used for energy and a piece of flesh. A body slowly formed in the liquid. A sturdy young man curled up inside, with slightly long hair and beautiful smooth muscles and limbs.

The shimmer of light illuminated his features, which Ruan Xian’s was all-too familiar with.

The body opened its eyes slightly. Even if the color of the light had interference, he could recognize the pure gold. The body slowly formed, and the mask used to regulate breathing automatically covered the face of the newborn android. He didn’t know if it was the memory or if the S-type Prototype’s discernment was truly outstanding, as Ruan Xian could hear the series of murmurs in the other party’s throat.

As if familiarizing himself with the way of speaking, the android stretched out a hand and pressed against the glass wall of the jar.

“Father…” he muttered softly.

The content of the electronic tag changed again.

[Exclusively for the Android Show, number STR-Y type 307a231. Default character name: Tang Yibu.]

At the same time, there was a huge explosion in the direction of the first laboratory.

The author has something to say:

Tang used to be really miserable…_(:з”∠)_

Kinky Thoughts:

Poor Tang Yibu!!! These two really have such a tragic past. For those who forgot, STR-Y type 307a231 is what the people of the Shade Refuge refer to Tang Yibu as.

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