Happy Doomsday Ch93

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 93: Protector

Qian Yigeng originally had a virtual chassis. Although he was wearing a sturdy helmet and goggles, he was still a little confused when the fist smashed into him. On the rebound, he tripped over the body of his subordinate and fell flat on his ass.

“His protective clothing is poisonous.” Ji Xiaoman didn’t waste this opportunity. She tried to raise her voice. “Be careful.”

“Guess what, goons like to use their hands.” Yu Le wrapped the fabric in his hand a little tighter. After struggling in the Sea of Ruins for so long, he didn’t show much surprise at Qian Yigeng’s crude routine. “I can tell just by looking at that kid He An.”

Qian Yigeng struggled on the ground for a while, clutching his groin as he hissed in cold air. Unfortunately, the protective clothing was pretty effective as he didn’t seem to have suffered any serious injuries. The fat man supported himself against the wall and finally stood up while panting.

“You have the guts to do it again? I’d like to see how long those layers of clothes can last!” Qian Yigeng patted the dust off his body while shouting loudly. “Are you that girl’s helper? You seem quite powerful to be able to lend a hand to this kind of broken goods—”

As he spoke, he wanted to open the electronic wristband and contact more subordinates to come help, but when he opened the operation interface, all the command buttons disappeared, and only blood-red smiley faces were lit on the light screen. He looked around subconsciously in a panic, and another person on the opposite side took off his gas mask and gave him an unfriendly smile.

“You… You’re the one that Piebald found…”

Qian Yigeng gulped. The current state of affairs began to deviate from his estimate.

Generally, organizations were reluctant to use beauties as the first-line cannon fodder. When it comes to killing intent, if they acted on it, a beautiful face wouldn’t soften anyone. It was better to use them as gifts or assassins. In a melee, a prominent face would attract more attention and be more likely to be targeted. But if he reversed this thinking, there was only one possibility for such a character to appear here…

The opponent’s strength was strong. No matter what their background was, it was definitely not so simple.

Since Ji Xiaoman had no intention of being obedient, now wasn’t the time to worry about future interests. Qian Yigeng turned off the light screen fiercely and raised his voice. “Kill. Kill them all!”

After that, he took out another gun from his other pocket and shot straight at He An, who was also by the wall.

It was fine if he didn’t hurt the cybernetic brain. If the body was mangled, it wasn’t a big deal to create another. It was much easier to deal with Fu Yu’s possible doubts than to lose his life. After all, no matter how he looked at it, He An was the type who would act in accordance with his own interests. As long as he killed Ji Xiaoman, He An would not simply cut off contact with him—he didn’t know why, but the android treasured his memories. He could see this.

However, just before he could pull the trigger, the gun was shot down by a bullet that came out of nowhere. Due to his protective gloves, it failed to pierce Qian Yigeng’s finger, but it also created enough impact.

Qian Yigeng howled in pain and dropped the gun in response.

Ruan Xian put down his gun, ready to accept the chaotic scene in the next second.

The only few remaining men in the room rushed towards their respective targets at the same time. The man who was stepping on Ji Xiaoman’s back lowered his gun, while two men rushed towards Ruan Xian, who was smaller, while the remaining ones fired several shots at Tang Yibu. Yu Le was closest to Qian Yigeng. He didn’t bother to take out his gun and kicked one leg to the side of Qian Yigeng’s head, as if he had made up his mind to reward his opponent with a concussion first.

Yu Le’s foot connected directly to Qian Yigeng’s helmet. Ruan Xian’s bullets flew out of his guns, while Tang Yibu stretched out his hand and directly pierced the chest of the enemy in front of him.

The man who was about to kill Ji Xiaoman had less luck and lower quality equipment than Qian Yigeng. The hand that was holding the gun was blown apart by the blood bullets, and before he had the chance to even scream, he was smashed to the ground by another corpse—Tang Yibu had directly used a corpse as a weapon and threw it at him, causing two human bodies to slam into a corner.

Ruan Xian, who gave priority to saving Ji Xiaoman, didn’t have time to defend himself and was pounced on by the two subordinates. Although his recovery was amazing, his current wrist strength was at most the level of a normal person. In the end, time was limited, and Ruan Xian only had time to kill one of them.

At almost the same second, Qian Yigeng was kicked into the corner by Yu Le. If it weren’t for the fact that he was clenching his fists like he was gripping a lifeline, the metal chain in his hand would have been thrown off.

In just a few seconds, only one of Qian Yigeng’s men was left in the room—The man was two meters tall, burly and strong, and with his weight advantage, he had Ruan Xian in a fierce restraint as he pressed a gun against the side of Ruan Xian’s head.

“Nobody move!” His voice sounded a bit broken.

Tang Yibu subconsciously stopped moving; only his finger twitched slightly. Ruan Xian could probably guess what the other party was thinking.

It was difficult for a bullet to directly kill an S-type Prototype, but it was enough to expose its special features. If Tang Yibu exerted the strength he had before, he might be “saved”, but that meant Tang Yibu would expose himself in front of Yu Le and Ji Xiaoman.

A choice that had nothing to do with life and death but was still bad enough.

Perhaps he should have let the girl be shot in the head so he wouldn’t fall into such a dilemma. Ruan Xian sighed slightly in his heart. It wasn’t that he didn’t calculate this, but the girl’s despair and a damn sense of déjà vu clouded his judgement, and he couldn’t make the most reasonable choice.

Fortunately, Ji Xiaoman didn’t spend precious time stunned. At the first moment of gaining freedom, she rolled on the spot holding Tiantian-Q2 and took the injured android girl away from the center of the melee. At the moment Ruan Xian was restrained, she was standing up, intending to rush in the direction of Qian Yigeng.

“Quite sentimental. Not bad, not bad.” Seeing that Yu Le also stopped moving, Qian Yigeng’s voice had a bit more peace of mind. “Be good, I won’t be particular—”

Tang Yibu’s fingers moved again.

The iron bead let out an earth-shattering “gwah” and jumped up. At that moment, when the hostage-taker was distracted, Tang Yibu volleyed it like a volleyball in an inexplicable direction.

The bowling ball-sized iron bead bounced on the wall and hit the side of the hostage taker’s head directly. Before the big man could react, one side of his skull instantly shattered. He fell lopsidedly and lost his breath. The iron bead turned dizzily on the ground a few times, finally stood still, and began to bark at the corpse as if it was cursing it.

Ruan Xian laughed.

It seemed that Tang Yibu’s fingers were not twitching subconsciously. He was silently giving orders to the iron bead at the moment he was taken hostage. The first reaction of the android was to not save him directly, yet also not abandon him either.

A wonderful feeling; the unexpected choice of the other party entertained him well—For a second, he even felt that the android was a little cute.

Seeing his last subordinate fall, Qian Yigeng panicked. He shrank in the corner like a ball, like a bloated pangolin. While the attention of the others was still on the corpse, the obese man held the only remaining gun in one hand and shook the metal chain in his hand fiercely with the other.

As he shook, the metal chain that was originally soft suddenly straightened, and once again plunged the mind access needle deeply into the back of the female android’s head.

Ji Xiaoman’s “mother”, who was still motionless just now, began to move again.

The female android bent her two hands this time, and the bones under the skin began to swim strangely, adjusting her body into a form more suitable for combat. Her appearance was no longer elegant and beautiful and was closer to a hairless bat than a human.

“If you want it done right, do it yourself.” Qian Yigeng hugged his body tightly. He seemed to have taken out all the self-protection devices at the bottom of the pressure box. Layers of translucent shield tightly wrapped around the corner he was in. Yu Le made another hard kick again, aiming for the chain in Qian Yigeng’s hand.

“Report. Numbers have decreased. Reprioritizing.” The woman’s mechanical voice echoed in the room. “Target is three people. Two men one woman. Recovery restarted.”

Qian Yigeng’s smug expression froze. He glanced at the four people outside the shield, plus the cold-faced Ji Xiaoman and the dying Tiantian-Q2 in shock.

“Two men and one woman?” he murmured. “Impossible, impossible… Disregarding Tiantian-Q2 and He An, are two out of three of you not human?! …Stop. Quickly she has to be stopped!”

Qian Yigeng struggled to get to the metal chain that was kicked away by Yu Le, but he didn’t dare to leave the range of the shield guard. He became so anxious that his whole body was trembling, as if he was suffering from some kind of epilepsy. However, Ji Xiaoman’s “mother” didn’t miss this rare opportunity. She smoothly yanked the chain off, then inserted the needle diagonally into the back of her neck, revealing only the head of the needle.

The attack of the female android said it all.

She ignored Tang Yibu and Ruan Xian, who were closer to her, and turned to attack Yu Le. Yu Le was taken aback, turned around beautifully, and avoided the woman’s terrifying deformed palm.

Her palm wiped the corners of Yu Le’s ill-fitting clothes, and the parts that were touched immediately turned into ashes. It was the same as the limbs of Tiantian-Q2 that came into contact with it—the latter was still leaning against the wall, the cross-section of the wound seemed to have been burnt off, and she was gasping in pain.

“Shit.” Yu Le raised his hand and fired two shots at the opposite side. “This woman has put me in front of the line. How could I not be happy about this? Come fucking help you two!”

Ruan Xian fired a few shots that flew like steam, but when they hit the woman’s skin, like they had hit Qian Yigeng’s protective clothing, they left no traces.

The female android was like a jumping spider. She danced around in the space with movements that were difficult to detect with the naked eye. She didn’t make any delicate attacking moves but turned herself into a weapon, trying to injure Yu Le, who was dodging her every move.

“The D-type is a specially strengthened product, and general attacks will not be effective. It’s indeed a very extraordinary style,” Tang Yibu said in a low voice. His eyes were moving along the opponent’s motion track.

After that, he went to pick up the iron bead again, trying to fire another steel cannonball. However, the latter obviously had a long memory—the iron bead stretched out its four feet and hurriedly hid in the crevice of a cabinet that Tang Yibu couldn’t reach and rattled vigilantly.

Tang Yibu: “……”

At the same time, mother05 kicked on Qian Yigeng’s protective cover and continued trying to capture Yu Le. Visible cracks could be seen on the protective cover, and the person inside screamed in horror as the smell of urine permeated the air.

Yu Le showed skills consistent with a great ruins pirate. Although his movements weren’t elegant, he avoided most of the attacks that exceeded the limits of mankind by rolling and crawling.

“I cover, you control. Find an opportunity for Yu Le to do it himself.” Seeing the woman stretch her dark alien palm towards Yu Le’s neck, Ruan Xian made a quick decision. “Now—”

He fired several shots in a row, and even if he couldn’t penetrate the skin of that thing, the impact was still real. Mother05, who was about to destroy her prey, was hit so hard that she finally turned her head and decided to give priority to clearing this deadly obstacle first.

Tang Yibu jumped down from the side of the low table, and using the strength from the table, pounced on the beast-like android. He turned himself into a human shackle as his two arms and legs neatly locked in place.

The two androids rolled almost halfway through the room. Their movement speed didn’t look big, but they left a lot of cobweb-like cracks on the floor.

Finally, Tang Yibu conservatively suppressed the opponent’s struggle. Mother05 couldn’t move. She didn’t roar angrily like a normal creature, and her voice was still terribly cold.

“Recycling blocked. Requesting support.” Her voice was neither high nor low. “Warning. You are destroying the future of mankind. Please give up resistance and cooperate immediately. Thank you.”

“Fuck your future of mankind.” Yu Le touched his neck with fear and raised his gun again. “Guns are useless on this thing, right? That needle is still in it. I can’t draw it out well. Do you know anything about it? Where is this thing going to attack…?”

A slender figure leaped in front of him, separating him from the imprisoned android—or mechanical alien.

Ji Xiaoman squatted down and used her hand to slash at several corners. With a few crisp “clicks”, her former mother’s eyes cooled down, and her struggle became less intense.

“D-type is particularly enhanced. I can’t completely incapacitate her. I can only weaken her.” Ji Xiaoman was riddled with bullet holes on her body but kept persisting as blood kept spatting out. “But… But can I have a word with her?”

Ruan Xian was silent. There was something similar to ash in the girl’s eyes, which made him inexplicably irritable. Tang Yibu tilted his head, nodded slightly after a while, and expressed agreement.

“Talk.” Yu Le shrugged. “Do I look really that inhumane?”

“Mom.” Ji Xiaoman’s voice was dry. “Do you remember me?”

“Remember.” Mother05’s eyes were clear. “I have known you for 5 years, 6 months, and 14 days. I am not your mother. You are a human named Bai Tian, citizen ID2239099821.”

“I know.” Ji Xiaoman’s voice trembled a little. “Since you remember, why—”

“Functions suppressed to a minimum. I will give priority to basic instruction to protect human Ji Xiaoman. The men over there hindered the normal operation of my cognitive function. I can only choose the most proximate target to protect.” The monster, who no longer looked like a human, answered solemnly, without the slightest sense of crisis in her voice.

“However, Qian Yigeng said that when he found you, you were attacking Ji Xiaoman herself.” Ji Xiaoman tried hard to restrain her tone but failed. “This is contradictory, but Qian Yigeng won’t lie about this kind of thing…”

The female android laughed.

The smile that appeared on her face that didn’t look like a human was inexplicably creepy. As that weird smile appeared, there was a faint shadow of her gentle mother in her eyes.

“I’m protecting her,” she replied earnestly. “Just like I want to protect you now.”

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