Happy Doomsday Ch84

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 84: Red Ghost

Unless you acted strictly according to the clock, there was no real day and night in the underground. Yu Le woke up early, exhaled, and pulled off the iron bead that was napping on his belly.

Captain Yu pulled out a bag of snacks from the drawer in front of the car, and a high-calorie, greasy sweetness stuck in his throat. Yu Le threw the package at the rattling iron bead, changed his clothes, then moved to the back of the car and got himself a cold glass of water.

There was no one in the back of the car.

The iron bead didn’t make a fuss, so it seemed that Tang Yibu and that kid surnamed Ruan hadn’t returned last night. Up to now, Yu Le never thought that those two in the backseat were simply survivors with a bit of skill. Defeating Fan Baiyan in the Sea of Ruins and personally saving him was something that a normal survivor wouldn’t be able to do. Yu Le didn’t believe in coincidences. Most likely, they were also involved in the destruction of the flickering grass.

But as long as they weren’t people from the Order Supervisors, he didn’t care much about their true identity.

Anyway, they were only passersby, and they were destined to walk on different sides of the road. It was just that the so-called “couple status” was something Yu Le thought was just a cover to hide their behavior, but now it seemed that it may really be true.

Forget it. That had nothing to do with him.

Yu Le threw an effervescent tablet into the water, happily turned on the car music, and began to listen to a song. After this trouble was over, he would take the two boys for a walk around the old rebels’ site, and then have nothing to do with them any longer. Next, he would just hang around this shithole for a while, find a way to get a plastic surgery machine, and then rush back to the Sea of Ruins as soon as possible.

He was satisfied with the current atmosphere, although he couldn’t figure out the details of those two boys who were quite bloody.

Seeing that Qian Yigeng wasn’t pleasing to the eye, Yu Le admitted that there were some personal reasons. He didn’t really expect the two young men to mess around with him together. After all, even if they wanted to get something from Qian Yigeng, there were simpler ways.

“Your two dads haven’t come back yet.” Yu Le comfortably adjusted his newly changed pants and tore some plastic wrapping paper for the iron bead. “Who knows where they went to shoot. You will have to make do with me for now. If they don’t come back before 9, we can only go to the little girl.”

As a result, not long after he laid down again, the two of them directly opened the door and entered the car. Tang Yibu was carrying about five boxes with an indescribable sense of satisfaction on his face.

“I went to uptown to get something to eat,” Ruan Xian explained simply without concealing it. “I got the news from Ji Xiaoman yesterday, so we stopped by uptown to verify. It is indeed Qian Yigeng’s shop. She didn’t lie.”

“Oh—” Yu Le twitched his nose and tilted his eyes at Tang Yibu. “Did you two do it alone?”

“Just a few explosives. Five stores were enough for the two of us. With too many people, it would be easy to attract attention.” Ruan Xian took out a box from Tang Yibu’s hand, stretched out his arm, and handed it to Yu Le through the car window. “I’ll call you when there are more shops. Here, fried buns from Uptown.”

The expression on Tang Yibu’s face froze slightly. He looked at the box with some pain, but his gaze quickly slipped back to Ruan Xian, as if the other party was a large fragrant fried bun. Ruan Xian noticed the other party’s gaze, and instead of avoiding him, he looked back with a smile that had a bit of banter and gentleness.

Since he gave Tang Yibu a joke gift, the other party’s attitude had been a bit off. If Tang Yibu was previously a behemoth with sharp claws that had a touch of ferocity and murderous intent behind the warmth, now he was more like one that retracted his claws and was revealing the soft squishy pads underneath.

Ruan Xian thought for a while but couldn’t figure out which string he had moved from the android. Tang Yibu used to observe him a lot, but now there was a clear upward trend.

Since the other party didn’t mind his craziest side, Ruan Xian naturally didn’t have any shame about it.

If it had to be said, Ruan Xian even enjoyed the other party’s gaze that seemed as if it was about to drill a hole into his bones—The beautiful poisonous butterfly stopped at his fingertips, and while it was still dangerous, he still wanted to kiss its wings.

He stretched out his hand and gently touched Tang Yibu’s eyebrows. “It’s delicious when eaten warm. Don’t let it get cold. You can watch it after eating.”

Yu Le was shivering with numbness. He quickly took the box and stuffed a fried bun into his mouth. “Indeed. Uptown is quite far from here. You two sure can run around. I’m not as strong as you youngins. Laozi has limited physical strength.”

After that, he glanced at Ruan Xian, whether intentionally or not. “You two are quite capable. I’m guessing Qian Yigeng won’t be stupid enough to open his stores in the same place.”

“It was enough for us to steal hoverbikes, so I didn’t call you.” Ruan Xian returned his gaze with an unblemished smile.

“How nice that you have objects to bully. We had a lot of trouble yesterday. What are your plans for today?” The fried buns were stuffed with leeks and eggs, and while the noodles tasted a bit bitter, the other flavors weren’t much different from before the end of the world. Yu Le swallowed and started chewing as tears almost ran down his face. “Do you want to bring that girl?”

Not to be outdone, Tang Yibu also opened his plastic box and stuffed buns into his mouth. The iron bead desperately gnawed at the packaging box given by Yu Le while staring at Tang Yibu in the back seat in a dazed posture stance as if it wanted to go to both sides.

“We verified the accuracy of the store yesterday, so today we have to verify the accuracy of her other information.” Ruan Xian broke the buns apart and stuffed them with Tang Yibu. He only took the two boiled eggs. “We are going to rob people. Interested?”

“Don’t forget what laozi originally was,” Yu Le responded enthusiastically as he sucked the leek leaves from his teeth. “Where are you going?”

“Nearby.” Ruan Xian smiled slightly.

After arriving at their destination, Yu Le began to regret eating so many buns for breakfast.

Instead of robbing people directly, the two young men went into the basement of another store. The same blood-stained operating table and the same pool of bodies. This time the brain barrel was fuller than the previous one. The fried buns started moving back to Yu Le’s throat and began to dance around it.

He heaved for some time and took some medicine in the corner to settle himself. “What are you two doing? Are you addicted? Hurry up and finish it. Laozi is going to throw up.”

“Just a minute.” Ruan Xian looked at the light screen in front of him. “We need to calculate the location of where to set the bombs. Wait a moment.”

In order not to alarm the people in the store too early, they had no plans to take away the cybernetic brain, but this didn’t prevent them from investigating these cybernetic brains. Ruan Xian was responsible for reviewing Ji Xiaoman’s initial programs of those imitation cybernetic brains, while Tang Yibu began to crack the contents of the old-fashioned cybernetic brains.

When it came to the cybernetic brains, Ji Xiaoman didn’t hide anything, as Ruan Xian did find the exact same trigger in those imitation cybernetic brains. They were exactly like those detonating bombs, enough to blow open the head containing the cybernetic brain and also the heads of the customers as well. The emotional simulation circuit also had the same damage. Other than that, there were no other problems.

But during the discussion last night, the little girl’s expression was indeed a bit weird. Ruan Xian didn’t quite believe that he would read it wrong, but he always felt that something was off with the old-fashioned cybernetic brain.

“Mr. Ruan,” Tang Yibu called softly, his voice as low as a whisper between a couple.


“There is something wrong with this batch of old-fashioned cybernetic brains.” Tang Yibu leaned closer. “The original program inside prohibits the embedding of external positioning programs. This has not been destroyed, but in addition to the memory-erasing hardware, there are other things added to it.”

“Sure enough, Qian Yigeng will not simply use ‘properly imprisoning them’ to solve the tracking problem.”

“I remember this program. They called it Return South Wild Geese,” Tang Yibu said. “It was originally a procedure used by the manufacturer for recall, but the tracking was modified by an external procedure.”

“The effect of the modification?”

“If it’s forcibly activated, the android equipped with an old-fashioned cybernetic brain will return to Qian Yigeng by themselves.” Tang Yibu lowered his gaze. “There is no individually designated effect; they will all go back together.”

At the same time, Qian Yigeng was furious.

“The City Defenders are useless! There’s not even a single clue. There are no news or any suspects!” Qian Yigeng gritted his teeth. There was a hot breakfast on the table, but he didn’t take a single bite. “I have invested the most money in the stores in uptown and the goods are of the highest quality. Now? Except for those counterfeits made by Ji Xiaoman, there’s not a single old-fashioned cybernetic brain left. Fuck… Son of a bitch!”

Someone must be jealous of his cake. Qian Yigeng wandered gloomily around the table. His subordinates, standing not far away, all frowned and lowered their eyes, staying silent as they weren’t much use either.

The subordinates had run a big circle and returned without any success. There was no movement on the side of Chang Yaqi, his biggest opponent, ‘General Chang Sheng’. Even if Qian Yigeng had always disliked the one surname Chang, he wouldn’t meddle in his shit. Chang Yaqi wasn’t a low-key person. If he did this, he would definitely run in front of him and brag.

His opponent was more vicious and dangerous. They swung around in lower town, kidnapped Ji Xiaoman, robbing him of his best mechanic, and turned around and blew up five properties that he was most proud of, hitting all his sore spots. All they left behind was a signature, as if they were a shadow.

What did the other party want? Swallow his market, or just want to drag him into the quagmire? Qian Yigeng kept pacing around the round table. The xiao long bao, made from refined white flour, that sat on the table was gradually getting cold, but he still had no appetite.

“Regardless of Ji Xiaoman, did you find Tiantian-Q2?” He took a deep breath and decided to focus on the losses that could be recovered. “That little girl can’t run far in that dress. Put out the word. If anyone dares to hide my goods…”

“Not found.” the original shopkeeper, flower peacock “Piebald” took a step forward. The bruises on his face hadn’t disappeared. “It’s like she just evaporated… No, no. We’ll keep searching for her again today. We’ll definitely find her for you.” Seeing that Qian Yigeng’s face was turning purple, Piebald quickly changed his tone.

“I also heard some wind.” The Loach, who was unlucky to be with flower peacock at that time, also moved two steps forward. “There were big changes in the Sea of Ruins. Two big guys fell at the same time. The two big ruins pirates on the east and west side both died. Well, even if the Order Supervisors killed them, one of them was killed by the other.”

Qian Yigeng stopped. “Continue. “

“Could it be that the rebels are back? The one who was killed was playing with drugs. Didn’t Ruan Xian oppose these very much at the beginning, including us… Maybe it was to kill the chicken to warn the monkey*.”

*(杀鸡儆猴) Metaphor referring to punishment of one person to warn others.

“You’re the fucking chicken!” Qian Yigeng’s entire neck flushed. “Isn’t Chang Yaqi a ready-made target for those who mess with drugs? Besides, laozi’s in the machine business. Ruan Xian himself didn’t do anything to me! Aren’t they more concerned with the Order Supervisors? What kind of shit are they up to engaging with ordinary people? What dumbass rebel army?”

“That’s right.” Piebald hurried to help. “The rebel army wouldn’t use such a creepy logo as their signature. That thing looks like the mark of a fucking serial killer.”

Qian Yigeng took a deep breath. “Keep looking for me. If there’s no useful news today, no one will be paid. In addition, find someone to contact the cripple. Ji Xiaoman can’t be found, but the goods can’t be broken.”

He grabbed a xiao long bao with his hand and bit hard. He glanced at the clocks all over the wall and said, in a muffled voice, “The mind access needle is in my hand. Whether Ji Xiaoman is willing or forced to follow those people, she will come out when the time is almost up. That girl is a hard bone to pick. I’ve been very gentle with her. If she really causes trouble for me…”

Qian Yigeng swallowed the buns and wiped the oil from his mouth viciously.

“Then she shouldn’t even think about playing house anymore. Tools are tools. Ordinary computers have administrator rights. Do you really think you can keep them as individuals who will stay by your side?”

“We brothers need to have a name.” Loach quickly changed the subject. “There’s no banner and all day long we just keep saying ‘that gang’ ‘that gang’. How can they respond? Since it’s not the rebel army…”

Qian Yigeng squinted at Loach, then at the blood-red smiley face in front of him before huffing out his nostrils. “Just make up one. The signature is like a horror movie. Let me see. Ghost… Just call it the Red Ghost.”

Loach glanced at the red ghost crystal ornaments on the table, thinking that the name was really not much of a deterrent. Unfortunately, Qian Yigeng had a rare expression on his fat face, so he had to smile and say, “It’s good, very good.”

“Boss Qian.” Before Qian Yigeng had time to put away the light screen, a new message jumped out. “He An is outside. He wants to see you. “

“…Tell him to come in.”

The author has something to say:

Me: Red Ghost.

Gay friend: Red (underwear) Ghost.

Me: ………………….

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