Happy Doomsday Ch56

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky || https://kinkytranslations.com/

Chapter 56: Straight into the Sky

Yu Le had seen the pirate captain with the highest number of votes executed more than once.

The Order Supervisors would operate a light combat aircraft to follow the ship where the captain was located until the captain rushed out the Sea of Ruins in despair, and the fleeing ship crashed into the wilderness; or in the endless pursuit until their shuttle agent was exhausted, and the entire ship sank into the ruins, pulling all the pirates with them.

He once took people to salvage a ship stuck in the ruins. The honeycomb-shaped human tissue was interlocked with the soil, and it would shatter with a little touch. No one knew what the expression of the deceased was at the end. The corpses were mixed into a mess. Under the action of the shuttle agent, the torsos of different people were intermixed. Not to mention their identity, even the number of people couldn’t be determined.

After lighting a homemade cigarette, Yu Le fiddled with the operation panel a few times and adjusted the Walking Stones to automatic navigation.

His life was about to come to an end, but he didn’t have much feeling. Yu Le had foreseen such an ending since the day he decided to stand up to Fan Baiyan.

He was also prepared for this.

Tu Rui’s face was frighteningly ugly, and he clenched his fists tightly. His deputy captain was a person who came from the battlefield, and he was very smart. Tu Rui could definitely guess the impact of Duan Lili’s words.

Yu Le stood up from the driver’s chair. He whistled, took the unopened bottle of good wine back into his arms, and casually rolled up a pornographic magazine and stuffed it into his waist.

“Won’t you send me off?” Patting the dirt off his clothes, he winked at Tu Rui.

“You can find a way to get out of the Sea of Ruins.” Tu Rui took off his glasses and wiped the sweat from his forehead. “There is always a way.”

“What are you talking about. Are you sleep talking in broad daylight?” Yu Le waved his hand. “There are not even high bushes on the ground. Even if I’m lucky enough to get out of the Sea of Ruins, I’ll be just a lame rabbit, waiting for an eagle in the sky to catch it… Oh, when did you hide something more awesome than the Mainbrain?”

Tu Rui gritted his teeth and said, “You are fucking struggling.”

“Of course I have to struggle, but this is my personal privacy, so don’t come with me until you’re old.”

Yu Le didn’t look at Tu Rui’s face. He could guess what the other party’s expression was. It was better to say that since he had picked up the little leader of the rebel army who was rigid in doing things, he had let go of most of his heart—at least after he was crushed by the Mainbrain, this nonsense wouldn’t become useless too soon.

“I’ll go to the warehouse on the top of the ship to finish smoking this cigarette. If you have anything you want to tell me, there are still ten minutes for you to consider. Of course, it’s okay if you don’t come… Ouch, Lao Tu, how old are we? Can you stop your sniveling?”

“Fuck off. My nose is just stuffy.” Tu Rui’s voice was a bit muffled.

“Okay, I’m leaving now. Remember what I said before. Don’t really lose all my books.”

Tu Rui didn’t respond.

Yu Le smiled softly and opened the door. The two newcomers with good skills were blocking the door with complicated expressions. He didn’t know how much they had heard. However, now that he was finished, he didn’t have much interest in these things. Yu Le slowly exhaled a puff of smoke and watched as the beautiful boy surnamed Ruan silently got out of the way.

“Heh, how obedient.” He grinned and climbed the metal ladder with the wine bottle in his hand. “It seems like you two didn’t come for me.”

Tu Rui was so irritable that he paced up and down like a beast in the cage. Yu Le had a unique temperament, and once he decided something, even ten cows wouldn’t be able to pull him back. However, Tu Rui’s personality that allowed him to escape from the army was very useful. They had been together for less than two years. He had to admit that it was no worse than his days in the rebel army.

He could see that Yu Le wasn’t a born leader, but he never thought it would be so fast.

But even in the order of the original list… Unless Yu Le was willing to resign as the captain in advance, cross the desert on foot, and completely leave the sphere of influence of the Sea of Ruins, this situation was unsolvable from the beginning.

From equipment to strength, the Order Supervisors were different from the pirates in the Sea of Ruins. After all, even the rebels under Ruan Xian’s leadership suffered a complete defeat.

Tu Rui kicked the rusty chair at his feet fiercely.

“…Mr. Tu,” a calm voice sounded. Tu Rui raised his head, and before he could put away the blankness on his face, he subconsciously put his hand on the handle of the gun.

The two newcomers followed inside from the door opened by Yu Le, and the defensive lasers in the four corners of the hub ceiling instantly locked on the two of them. Tu Rui frowned and didn’t raise his defense. “If you want something, wait until the disinfection is over.”

“We don’t plan to stay here for long.” Ruan Xian admitted generously, disregarding the laser lights pointed at his chest. “So I came in advance to ask for a reward.”

“Okay, I’ll give you five minutes.” Tu Rui wanted to give a polite smile, but unfortunately, the corners of his mouth were stiff as if they had been glued shut. “It’s still the same as I told you. As long as it’s not the position of the captain or the deputy captain, I can agree to any of your requests.”

“We want to know the situation of the rebels.”

Afraid of arousing Tu Rui’s unnecessary vigilance, Ruan Xian didn’t directly put forward the request.

“Yibu and I want to join the rebel army, but the news we have found is vague. Some people say that Ruan Xian is missing, and some people say that the rebel army was disbanded two years ago. There are all kinds of claims. Looking at the development of the Walking Stones, it seems you didn’t have a small role in the rebel army. Mr. Tu, can you tell us the general situation? After all, this world is not suitable for tourism. If the rebel army is really finished, we need to find a place to settle down earlier.”

Tu Rui didn’t show much surprise.

“You are so determined to make a deal with me that I think it has nothing to do with this matter. There are Ruan Xian’s cronies in Petri Dish No. 1036, so it’s normal for people to come out of there to know something… It’s just that this transaction may not be fair to you, as it’s no secret to well-informed people.”

Tu Rui looked at the concealed door of the hub, and his tone was a bit haunted. “About two years ago, Ruan Xian and Fan Linsong had a falling out. They were regarded as the souls of the rebel army, so the negative impact was quite great. I didn’t know where Fan Lingsong went, and Ruan Xian’s temper became more… strange. The rebel army headquarters persisted for a while but didn’t survive the raid from the Order Supervisors twenty months ago. After that, Ruan Xian also disappeared.”

He took a breath and sped up his speech. “It’s not impossible to join. There are headquarters in various regions, but without Ruan Xian, failure is only a matter of time. It depends on your own thoughts. Anyways, I…”

Tu Rui stopped talking, his face full of bitterness.

“Can the soul of a person really disappear quietly like this?” Ruan Xian adjusted all kinds of emotions and naturally brought up the topic. “Forget about Fan Linsong, with the limited mobility Ruan Xian had…”

“He left by himself. Ruan Xian had avoided the Mainbrain for so many years. If he wanted to leave by himself, a few humans couldn’t stop him.”

“Where was the headquarters 20 months ago?” Ruan Xian took the topic away lightly again. “Let’s not talk about whether to join or not; we want to go to the relatively important headquarters.”

Tu Rui laughed hoarsely, with a trace of despair in his voice. “Young people are just boiling with blood. Since the two of you didn’t dig out my brain for analysis, you’re not with the Order Supervisors. However, there’s still a threshold. The strength you possessed now… Unfortunately, no. Otherwise, if you go there, you’ll just die.”

Professor Ruan, who was in a wheelchair, disappeared 20 months ago, and his last stop was bound to be the headquarters. Even simply inferring a geographical location, it was far more advantageous than blindly looking for it. Unfortunately, Tu Rui didn’t let his guard down even when he was in the worst of moods. Their hopes were slim, unless…

“If we can rescue Yu Le from the Sea of Ruins, is this enough to prove our strength?” Tang Yibu interrupted suddenly, turning his gaze to Ruan Xian.

Ruan Xian was stunned for less than half a second. He thought about Yu Le’s situation for a moment and pinched Tang Yibu’s wrist.

[Act.] He sent a simple message.

On the other side, the only stiff smile left on Tu Rui’s face also disappeared. He pushed his glasses up, and his whole person suddenly became gloomy. “Don’t joke around like this.”

“You won’t lose anything anyway.” Tang Yibu grabbed Ruan Xian’s hand with his backhand and took a step forward with an impeccable polite smile on his face. “At most, the two of us cause some chaos and lose our lives along with Yu Le. If we’re successful, at least your friend still has some hope of surviving.”

“…Yes.” Tu Rui didn’t think about it for long. He straightened his face and took out his gun. “If he dies and you live, don’t let me see you two again. If someone disturbs my brother’s last journey because of arrogance, I will personally destroy them.”


Tang Yibu let go of his hand, put his arm on Ruan Xian’s shoulder, and the smile on his face became more standard.

“But we have to borrow something from you.”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Yu Le kicked open the door of the small warehouse on the top of the ship and rubbed the iron wedge stuck in the waterproof canvas with his feet. The slightly faded army-green canvas clattered to the ground, revealing what was covered inside—

It was an old-fashioned modified off-road vehicle. It was shaking slightly with the slightly bumpy hull, and the tires made a slight friction sound.

In the next instant, the hairs on Yu Le’s back stood up. Someone was spying on him. He pulled out his gun and turned around.

The dim space was extremely quiet, without the slightest trace of any living thing. He let out a complicated sigh and patted the thick metal car wall with his hand, and his eyes softened.

In his short life, he had been with a ship all this time, but his sister Yu Xi preferred cars, or someone who liked to drive a specific off-road vehicle. Yu Le was very disdainful of this.

[When my bonus is paid, I will buy you a more beautiful one.]

[It’s a public car. What are you making a fuss about, kid?]

[I don’t care, sis. You said you are so beautiful, but to go out with that off-roader—oh, that contrast, so domineering! I don’t know if the people on the geological team see you like this…]

[Come here you brat!]

After the bonus was paid, he still bought a car, but he didn’t succeed in giving the car keys to his sister.

For the world at that time, it might just have been an inconspicuous small piece of news. Another low-level girl was harmed by a scumbag high on drugs, and they would let out a few sighs at most. Or those who were more malicious in their analysis—going to such a remote place after dark, it could be seen that that woman was up to no good.

With no savings and no worries, everything that followed made sense. Yu Le still remembered the exclamation of the crowd when he threw the monster’s head at the door of the police station. He still had no regrets.

A day lived counted as another day. Everyone would eventually die. There weren’t many such people in the world like him. Yu Le had no intention of falling but had no desire to live. He would usually count the days waiting for his death penalty and occasionally experience a little mood swing. He felt a bit of loss for the new car he bought—Before he went to commit his murder, he hid it well so that it would rot and disappear silently with him.

However, God had a big joke for him. A few days before he was sentenced to death, the entire society was the first to receive that sentence.

Yu Le spit the cigarette butt in his mouth out onto the ground and crushed it with the soles of his feet.

When Tu Rui was rescued at the beginning, part of it was due to his goodwill for the rebels, but mainly it was due to the logo of the geological team. He didn’t have a chance to know who his sister liked. He also knew that the injured person lying in the mud wouldn’t be his sister’s sweetheart, but he still couldn’t help but stretch out his hand.

It was all God’s will. Yu Le slowly exhaled the last puff of smoke.

Now, the death penalty was still here, and it was livelier than originally planned. This life wasn’t a loss after living for so many years and getting an incredible end.

He looked around the corner to make sure Tu Rui hadn’t caught up. Yu Le slapped the button on the door, and the ceiling of the warehouse on the top of the ship slowly opened. He flipped off the dark ruins with his middle finger, put the wine bottle on the chair, and began to burn the shuttle agent.

An infrared scan was immediately activated, and Yu Le spread out the pornographic magazine on his thigh but stared at the screen without blinking.

The modified off-roader slowly raised its front. At that moment, the metal wristband on his wrist received news. Seeing that Tu Rui’s name was on the screen, Yu Le didn’t pick it up.

“I’m a coward. I don’t even dare say goodbye in person,” he cursed in a low voice, glanced at the time, and stepped on the gas.

Half an hour had passed, and the voting results should be out. A flight signal was rapidly approaching his position from the sky, and it was probably an aircraft used by the Order Supervisor to execute the death penalty.

Yu Le calculated the signal height and grinned.

“Grandpa, I’m here, dumbass.”

He drove the thrust to the maximum, and the seat of the warehouse on the top of the ship exploded in response. The modified vehicle rushed diagonally above, dashing from the dark ruins to the twinkling starry sky, leaving the aircraft carrying out the death penalty behind.

The fleet of flying ships belonging to the Mainbrain had a streamlined silhouette with beautiful lines, as white as clouds. It created quite an eye-catching scene with a dilapidated off-roader plunging into the gap in the sky.

The Order Supervisors didn’t expect their target to be delivered to their door, or even sent over their heads. The aircraft dropped a load of tracking missiles. Those dangerous things circled in the sky and had a faint tendency to come back…

Under the abnormal spray of force, the heavy off-road vehicle leaped under the vast starry sky. It rose more and more slowly, and then fell in a close to free fall. Unlike falling straight down, Yu Le hummed a song, changed the direction of the fall with the remaining fuel, and rammed straight into an aircraft.

Under the action of inertia, the magazine and the wine bottle flew up at the same time. Wrapped in the brilliant starry sky, this moment seemed extremely long.

Whether it was hit or not, it was worth it…

Before the word “it” flashed through Yu Le’s mind, there was another series of huge explosions below. Huge stones flew wildly in the wind. One hit the bottom of his car, and the other smashed his car door. The magnificent starry sky was covered by smoke and dust as sand rushed towards the car, covering Yu Le.

Fuck life.

Fortunately, the infrared scanner was still working normally. Supported by another blast of wind and smoke thick enough to choke someone, Yu Le rushed towards the signal transmitter without hesitation—

As a result, as soon as he saw the outline of the aircraft in the smoke, before he could show a satisfied smile, he was firmly caught by a net. It slid through the metal wall of the off-road vehicle, pulling him squarely back, straight in a certain direction, surprisingly fast.

At the same time, the off-roader and the missile hit the aircraft together, and there was another earth-shattering explosion, like fireworks in the night sky.

Yu Le’s brain was blank.

He still didn’t react until he fell on a cushion with his feet facing the sky. He stared at the soft cushion that was filled in a pit for a while, and then looked at the ruins of Elysium beside him. It took him a full ten seconds to distinguish his position.

He was caught near the dead wall of Petri Dish No. 1036.

He raised his wrist stiffly, but it was a pity that the ordinary communication signal of the Walking Stones couldn’t reach such a distance.

“Mr. Yu, we met again.”

The young man with cold and beautiful eyes stretched out a hand to him. An iron bead was nestling at his feet, barking loudly at the net.

“This net is quite good, right?”

The author has something to say:

Ruan: In fact, the user experience is extremely poor. _(:з”∠)_

The iron bead agrees.

Tang: ??? Very fun.

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  1. Yu Le: I’m on death row, ready to die at any time
    *2 days before execution: the world ended*
    Yu Le: Aight, my luck is quite good, let’s live a little longer and count down to my death…
    *Fighting againt Fan Lao: Ready to be voted and executed by the Order Supervisors, then was saved again*
    Yu Le: Bruh, this aint normal luck, I just want to join my sister~


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