Stray Ch262

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 262: Answer to the Question

Oliver had never been so relaxed.

Nemo’s phantom had no temperature, and the behemoth under his feet would not disappear because of this relationship. The absurd and crazy parts of the world hadn’t changed, as if he seemed to be embraced by those cruel facts and become reassured in the deeper and darker night.

In the meeting just now, Nemo, the Pillar of the World, didn’t object to Oliver’s rescue plan. Everything returned to the right track and moved forward slowly over time. There were no more puzzles and no more panic in their lives.

Oliver leaned back on the shimmering Demon King’s skull, so comfortable that he almost fell asleep. The tired knight spread out his limbs on the stout branches and raised his head.

Nemo, who was sitting on top of the skull, lowered his head and smiled. His two hands gradually moved down from the top of his lover’s head, passing through the soft hair, passing by his ears, and finally his fingertips touched his chin, and his palms just covered most of Oliver’s cheeks.

“What do you want to talk about, Ollie?”

“Let me think about it… Why did you save me in the first place? Not the first time in the Border Forest, but it was the first time against Witherspoon. You hadn’t, uh…”

Oliver muttered. Just like the little boy who was overly enthusiastic and talked to himself about his imaginary friend dozens of years ago.

“…Hadn’t fallen in love with you yet.” This time his “imaginary friend” gave a gentle response.

“At that time, I thought that the courage of the son of Lopez was commendable, and it was a pity to die like that. With this human as a shield, I may be able to walk on the surface longer.”

“Son of Lopez.” Oliver stretched out a hand and poked the tip of the Demon King’s phantom’s nose. “This statement is really cold, Your Majesty.”

Nemo wrinkled his nose subconsciously but didn’t mean to avoid that finger. “Then what do you prefer to be called, my fiancé?”

Oliver’s ears instantly turned red.

“On this point, I miss the old you, Nemo.” Oliver coughed dryly, rubbing his ears to conceal it. “I’m the only one embarrassed. It’s a bit unfair.”

“I don’t think you’d hesitate to choose between ‘a little shame’ and ‘inhuman coldness’.” A bit of unconcealed amusement leaked from Nemo’s tone.

“There are too many things I remember, and many small things have become irrelevant—but that’s it. Don’t worry, I won’t go to the extent Jesse does.” Nemo showed a serious, thoughtful expression. “I think there is still a gap between ‘a little shame’ and ‘no shame’.”

“Maybe I can help you get it back in other ways.” Oliver turned his face away, rubbing his ears with increasing force causing it to glow red in the moonlight.

“I am looking forward to it.” Nemo raised his eyebrows.

Then he was quiet for a few seconds, as if thinking.

After half a minute of quiet silence, the Demon King spoke again. “When Flint Lopez mentioned you at the bottom of the Abyss, he probably never thought about the current scene.”

“I didn’t exist at that time, so why did Dad mention me?” Oliver looked at the twinkling stars.

He was a little aware of what Nemo wanted to do.

“Oh, his exact words were—‘Sonia and I agreed that if it’s a cute daughter, we’ll name her Olivia. If it’s a son, he’ll be named Oliver. By the way, I want a daughter more than anything else.’” Nemo cleared his throat, imitating Flint’s tone in his memory.

“…You don’t need to add the second half of the sentence specifically,” Oliver responded bitterly.

“It’s the truth.” Unfortunately, Nemo didn’t hold back and laughed outright.

Then his expression softened. “At first, Flint rambled with Ulysses, no, rambled with me all the way. About your mother, about you, about his future home. Ollie—Maybe he never mentioned your mother to you, but at the bottom of the Abyss, he repeated everything to me nineteen times.”

“Now I know Flint Lopez’s birthday, what his wife looks like, and I know the story between them very well. I heard him talk about his hometown, and I know his pain at the beginning… Would you like to hear it?”

“Nn,” Oliver replied gently, clutching the gold pendant in one hand.

That was the question he asked Nemo, who he was still unfamiliar with when they fled together in the Border Forest. Yes, his Demon King never forgot anything.

Just as in the not-so-distant past, Oliver’s voice had a little imperceptible choking.

“But there was at least one question raised at that time… I already knew the answer. I think you understand, Nemo.”

Can a person really love another person to that extent?

Now it seemed that maybe it was really possible.

He leaned on his “Mr. White”, but this time he wasn’t talking to it unilaterally. For the first time, Oliver listened quietly to the words from the depths of the Abyss, unwilling to miss even a word.

Until the stars faded away, the sky in the east began to turn white.

“…But, to be honest, I’m a little curious. “

Oliver, who hadn’t closed his eyes all night, moved his joints and rubbed his slightly sore eyes. “Nemo, what does Ulysses look like?”

Nemo’s expression froze for a second.

“No, no, I necessarily want to know. If you mind—”

“Mind? Naturally, I don’t mind, Oliver. I can show it to you directly… As long as you don’t mind.”

“Of course.” Oliver blinked.

His Demon King stood up from his skull, and then dissipated like smoke. Next, a terrifying head appeared in front of Oliver—the huge “Ulysses” floated in mid-air, with one eye locked on him, and his pupils were the Demon King’s cross shape he was familiar with.

With sickle-like forelimbs, the body lines were smooth and full of strength. A strange and shuddering image of a strange beast.

This was the Demon King who was “beheaded” by his father back then.

Oliver supported himself on the trunk of the tree with both hands, no longer leaning on the skull. He stood up straight and looked at the monster in front of him.

“According to human records, that humanoid body is regarded as the ‘nineteenth generation’. But in my memory, Nemo Light is the one hundred and twenty-seventh ‘Demon King’ I created. Expeditions on the surface began before humans appeared.”

That wasn’t the voice of Nemo he was familiar with. The tone was very mystical, obviously belonging to a creature other than human.

Oliver hesitated for a moment, stretched out a hand, and solemnly poked the position of the monster’s nose in front of him—or, what he thought was the position of its nose.

“Ulysses” several giant eyes widened slightly at the same time.

“You have more guts than I thought,” that monstrous voice said.

“Very, uh, spectacular, but it is difficult for me to define it in human aesthetics, and I don’t think we need that definition either.” Oliver commented matter-of-factly. “Nemo, your body at the bottom of the Abyss, shouldn’t it be…”

“Do you care?” The “Ulysses” in front of him tilted his head. Not knowing if it was an illusion, Oliver saw a bit of ridicule in it.

“You have acquiesced to my rescue plan and are willing to return to the surface. This means that you must maintain your human form or be able to change into your human form. Then… Then let me be honest.” Oliver sighed fiercely.

The Demon King stared quietly at the frowning human beings in front of him.

“…That pair of rings cost me all my savings and they were made in your human form.” Oliver scratched his hair fiercely. “I promise to put it on for you, but if I meet you at the bottom of the Abyss in such a form…”

He gestured with the ring in confusion to the huge monster in front of him, trying to find a place where he could put the ring on.

“This is a bit difficult.” Oliver’s voice became more sincere. “Promise me, Nemo. When I take it out, please cooperate and become human, okay?”

Ulysses’ figure suddenly disappeared. The Nemo he knew appeared again, sitting back on the top of his skull, with a helpless smile on his face.

“I still have my savings.” Nemo coughed a few times. “But I have to save it and find a suitable place to buy a house. You see, when all this is over, we can’t live in the Abyss, right?”

“…” Oliver choked suddenly. In some ways, his king was still very realistic, but it was a pity…

“Nemo, now that you’re presumed dead and there was no designated blood relative, your private assets were moved into Tumbleweed’s team funds,” he said bitterly.

Despite being a phantom, Nemo’s face paled a bit to the naked eye.

“Don’t worry. Ann and Mr. Cross won’t spend it indiscriminately. I will keep an eye on Jesse.” Oliver quickly patted his chest.

“…That’s good.” The Demon King breathed a sigh of relief.

As the sun was about to rise from the edge of the sky, Oliver turned his head sideways and looked at the Ash Mountain range with an extra golden border.



“Look to the east.”

“The sunrise is beautiful, I know.”

“You just said that the only thing you don’t understand… is why Flint Lopez stole the skull from the royal family and put it on the top of the tree.”


“I think I can understand,” Oliver said softly.

This tree was very tall, but it wasn’t even close to the fir tree in the backyard of the Ramon family’s inn. For many years, he climbed up and down without telling his father, and he was very familiar with the scenery there.

“When you were at the bottom of the Abyss, you once told him, ‘I want to take a look at the surface’, but you were sealed by the royal family in a box wrapped in layers and couldn’t see anything at all. Although this was wishful thinking and meaningless for the already ‘dead’ head, but…”

Oliver retracted his gaze, turned slightly sideways, and rubbed the pale skull beside him.

“He put it there, maybe because he wanted you to take a look at this.”

The Border Forest seemed to wake up in the golden dawn, and flocks of birds flew from the forest. The Ash Mountains were like a mutilated quaint picture frame between the sky and the forest. The burning sky with the morning sun clasped the whole world with a kind of magnificent emptiness, but full of vitality.

“It’s not ‘wishful thinking and meaningless’. Flint Lopez was successful.”

Nemo stared at the morning mist that filled the forest.

“…Because I did see it.”

Noer, nine hours ago.

Adrian Cross simply bought some supplies. He packed them skillfully and prepared to send them to Oliver the next day. Although it was impossible for Oliver Ramon to be weak from hunger or thirst in just one night, it was still better to live normally.

After counting the supplies, the paper was packed neatly and put firmly on the wooden table of the inn room. Adrian thought for a moment and decided to take a cold shower.

The cold water slid down the skin, causing a shudder. Adrian stroked his wet hair at the back of his head, and everything that happened not long ago kept spinning in his mind.

From a certain point of view, Ann Savage’s acceptance was much higher than his own. As a veteran Black Chapter, the new queen had been walking on the dark side of the world for too long and scoffed at the rules of the world. He was equally calm on the surface, but he was pretty sure his heart was beating too fast to be normal when he pressed his hand to the heart that had been restored in a horrific way.

The Pillar of the World, the floating cocoon. The truth of the Demon King in the Abyss, the body of the surface God.

And the newborn God of nature.

When he decided to act with Tumbleweed, he thought about seriously teaching Oliver Ramon swordsmanship and fighting skills. Perhaps that smart young man could protect one or two villages from robbers and bandits.

…One or two villages.

Adrian stroked his chest with his left hand and shook his head with a wry smile.

Adrian thought that he might need more time to digest this matter. First, he had to deal with the relationship with Jesse…

A wet black nose opened the bathroom door, and the beast’s long mouth squeezed in through the door.

“How long until you’re done washing? I brought cake.” Jesse’s tone was a little inexplicably solemn.

“I dispersed all suspicious animals nearby and stuck a do not disturb sign on the door. Miss Savage was sent back to the royal city by me, Ramon’s busy making out with Light, and the Pope of the Laddism Church won’t be coming with any letters right now—All in all, it’s now a safe time.”

“…” Adrian laughed. He changed into a bathrobe and wiped his short hair casually as he left the bathroom.

The window was wide open, and the curtains were fluttering in the night wind. His God should have come through the window, and he also brought a box that was obviously too big to be suitable for a human to handle.

The huge box that shouldn’t exist in the room had been opened. The cake was covered with finely processed fresh fruit, and the buttercream lace wasn’t damaged. Depending on the size of the cake, it was probably enough for two adults to eat for more than three days.

For some reason, Adrian could imagine Ann’s toothache expression after hearing the request.

After looking around for a while, Jesse twitched his nose in satisfaction. This time he didn’t come up with any strange mechanism and cut it neatly with magic.

A piece of perfectly shaped cake floated onto the small plate, and then floated in front of Adrian. Jesse himself remained in the shape of a beast, swallowing a large piece very happily, his long mouth full of cream.

Adrian didn’t refuse, and he obediently picked up the plate. The sweetness of fresh buttercream and fruit penetrated into his nose. He forked a small piece and ate it quietly. The long tail of the behemoth swept gently at his feet. Under his feet was a soft, thick carpet, and the long soft fur brushed against him.

“About Mr. Ramon’s plan—” Adrian took the lead.

“Hm? Adri, you have cream on your face.” Jesse’s attention seemed to be off the topic, and he swallowed another piece of cake. Beautiful blue beast eyes swept over.

Not used to his powers returning, Adrian subconsciously turned his head and looked for the clean handkerchief on the table.

Then a moist and warm touch swept across his cheek.

Adrian wiped his neck and the side of his face speechlessly—His God did remove a small annoying patch of cream only to paste more on with his tongue.

“Jesse…” He sighed and began to consider whether to use a cleansing spell.

The white behemoth made an airy laugh and rather unkindly added another lick. The cream on his skin suddenly increased by more.

Adrian abandoned the idea of using the cleansing spell. He rubbed his hands, stared at the tongue blankly, and recalled Ann’s action of catching it for a few seconds.

But this time he didn’t succeed.

The beast leaned forward and turned into a human form when he was just about to make a move. Unprepared for the impact of the airflow from the shape-shifting spell, Adrian lost his balance. The inverted figure certainly dashed his hopes of steadying his footing…

The beautiful blond young man straddled him, with the vertical pupils of the beast remaining in his eyes, and the fingertips that brushed Adrian’s chest still had the claws of a beast, easily leaving a few cuts on the nightgown.

Jesse wiped the cream from his mouth, thought for a moment, leaned down, and licked the remaining cream on the side of Adrian’s face. The tongue of the beast was okay, but when it was replaced by the tongue of a human, the atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous.

Then he stood up and looked seriously into the eyes of the believer under him.

“I have an idea,” Jesse muttered, sticking his fingers into the opening of Adrian’s robe. “The closest I have ever seen you to wavering was the night at Clementine Cathedral. Dear Adri, since you insist that you won’t falter, may I try again?”

He licked the corner of his mouth, stopped moving, and asked quite seriously.

The fingertips that retained the characteristics of beasts made the skin on his chest tingle slightly. Adrian stretched out a hand covered with cream by the beautiful, blue eyes.

The eyes were playful and confused, with a little competitive spirit, a little desire, and a little softness that their owner hadn’t yet noticed.

“Yes,” he replied.

At least this time he could see the end for himself.

‘He might not be the more shaken party in this,’ he thought to himself, giving his God a stoic smile.

The author has something to say:

Nemo: It doesn’t matter if you have something like a little shame. The Pillar of the World smiled at the storm and was fearless.

Ollie: Your private account has been confiscated.

Nemo: ∑(;ω;)…… Where’s my money! Where’s the money I put in there!

Kinky Thoughts:

Adri and Jesse get the best sex scenes. Ollie and Nemo need to take lessons from them.

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7 thoughts on “Stray Ch262

    • can someone help? when did nemo save oliver for the first time against witherspoon, as the demon king??
      nemo referred to oliver as lopez’s son but i rmb the first fight against witherspoon he didnt know oliver’s identity yet? i think??


      • The first fight against Witherspoon triggered Nemo’s hidden memory and power of the previous Demon King. He didn’t refer to Oliver as Lopez’s son but his friend. Nemo hazily remembered his interaction with Oliver’s father, but he didn’t make the connection that that was Lopez. He doesn’t find out much later that Oliver was Lopez’s son.


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