Stray Ch189

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 189: Tomb

Delia sat obediently in the armchair. Her knees were together, and the heaves in her chest were small. She firmly covered her eyes with an eye mask decorated with fine gems, trying to adapt to her new vision, constructed by magic.

It felt very strange—whether it was communicating with that weird spider with her thoughts or familiarizing herself with the extremely dim, slightly bloody new world in front of her.

She had thought that Marshal Gallagher wouldn’t be so quick to take care of her and would instead directly establish a fake adult heir. When he attacked the prince, he would let the heir “die unexpectedly”, aggravating the prince’s crime. Then Marshal Gallagher would “reluctantly” support the only remaining underage princess more naturally.

The emperor had also considered the possibility of the prince murdering him, and he would certainly leave Gallagher some information or props that could solve the succession problem. Although she was in a delicate position, she wasn’t really an important key figure. Her life or death will only affect the intensity of the war but won’t make it disappear.

An underage princess; a disposable, expensive doll.

But Gallagher still sent someone over, and not simply a lowly Black Chapter.

As far as the current situation was concerned, this spider, who calls itself “Cat Whiskers”, was definitely some kind of intermediate demon. Although it wasn’t uncommon for demon worshippers that could make use of intermediate demons, they weren’t so easy to talk to regarding cooperation. One of the people there also looked quite a bit like the royal family, and even had a similarity to her deceased mother…

But what exactly does her mother’s face look like? Her memory was a bit blurred.

“Delia… Ah, you covered your eyes. You are such a good girl.”

Delia turned her head subconsciously.

Prince Eldric entered the lounge and calmly sat on the sofa provided to guests. He looked like he had just come from a certain battlefield, and his whole body showed a pale sense of slackness.

“Uncle,” she responded indifferently, without any emotion in her voice. Her slender hands under the layers of lace tightened.

“You didn’t eat anything? Is it not to your liking? Don’t be capricious.” Eldric shook his head and smiled. “Still bothered about Annabelle?”

Delia didn’t say a word.

“She has never used her heart for you. You know this very well. Her last wish was my mistake because I didn’t think about it thoroughly. You’re just an innocent and good girl. You shouldn’t have witnessed such a miserable scene.”

Delia twitched the corners of her mouth, barely showing a smile.

Her mother, Annabelle, was cold and reticent, which didn’t change because the other party was her own daughter. In Delia’s memory, even if her mother was alone with her, she rarely smiled, let alone telling her a few warm bedtime stories. Compared to Annabelle, who was dressed in black all year round, her nursemaid was more like her biological mother.

Annabelle Alastair was a lonely princess that didn’t seem to know how to love her children. Because of her special royal bloodline, she kept that honorable surname, but it only brought her a golden cage, not happiness.

But this cold mother cared about Delia in her own weird way, or more precisely, she quietly cared about Delia.

When she was just sensible, her mother taught her magic; a spell that shouldn’t have been mastered by a princess of Alban.

Illusion removal.

Immediately, her mother gave her many fairytale books. Since the two of them didn’t have the slightest sense of closeness, onlookers always thought it was some kind of less-than-intentional perfunctory way of life. Other noble women, even if they wanted to send away the daughters they didn’t like, would still gift them exquisite candy snacks or beautiful jewelry and clothing. Annabelle always sent books, and only books.

Her mother had always been far from her, but when Delia first tried to cast the illusion removal on those books, she got a long letter—the fairytales on the pages were broken, and difficult textbooks on magic were revealed.

Those ink characters were written between brand-new characters, and the fonts were corrected and beautiful.

Her mother seriously wrote down a set of instructions. The emotions between the lines were a bit stiff, neither enthusiastic nor warm, but she expressed it awkwardly, telling her only daughter in a neutral tone.

[Don’t get too close to me in front of outsiders. Get closer to Eldric Alastair. Rely on him as much as possible.]

[Be sure to learn this as soon as possible. There will be no other letters before you learn this book. When you learn it, put it on the bookshelf at the top of your room. I will check the number of books on the shelf everyday.]

[If you have anything you want to say to me, you can write it on the back cover. Remember to use the ink I gave you.]

[After finishing school, I will find time to test you. If you do well, I will give you a new one.]

The theology that the princess needed to study was incredibly boring, but in order to communicate more with her mother, Delia hungrily studied.

The first was a simple healing spell, and then a more complex attack spell.

Literature, mathematics, music theory, astronomy.

Philosophy, war studies, politics.

At first it was printed fonts, but then it was replaced by serious and familiar handwriting. Her mother carefully disassembled the boring knowledge for her, trying to make them more interesting. Annabelle Alastair burned with talent, showing everything before her eyes.

Delia could feel that her mother had been preparing for this moment long ago.

She was growing up, becoming as cold and quiet as her mother. She approached Eldric obediently, at first simply to follow her mother’s instructions, but later because she knew the fate that was waiting ahead.

Eldrick didn’t doubt this—who would doubt a little girl who had followed him since she was eight years old?

[According to Ettram’s character, even if he dies of illness, he would die on the throne. And if Ettram persists on the throne for too long, Eldric will definitely take action. In this case, I will be killed by Eldric, and you need to prepare for this—please write an analysis on this, based on your observation and understanding of them. Tell me why there would be such a development. Then in the second case, please make an assertion on the possible subsequent development.] Her mother once wrote her something like this.

Her extremely cold mother.

[Also, no matter what happens in the future, I hope you will live, Delia.]

[I think I still love you, my child.]

Yes, she had analyzed the current situation. Only a few years ago, she wiped tears from her eyes in the shadow of the magical lamp, writing down the reasons for the current situation as well as all possible future situations.

Eldric often had an overly idealistic view of things, and when that ideal was inconsistent with reality, it was easy for him to blame others for his mistakes. He thought he had the qualifications of an emperor, but his head wasn’t very flexible… and he liked to be immersed in his “helplessness” and “compassion”.

She stared at the blood relative through the demon’s vision. Her face was numb and calm.

“Alright, don’t be upset. Have something to eat. After all, she’s still your mother and you have the right to be angry with me,” Eldric said loudly. “Alban is pretty good compared to Willard’s successor, who will kill all his siblings. My Delia, little sweetheart, uncle wouldn’t do such a terrible thing.”

He was reveling in some kind of self-righteous affection.

In front of the prince, Princess Delia was just an empty-headed, mute little girl. He didn’t have much vigilance against her, and even out of some fantastical psychology, Eldric was willing to brag in front of her or complain about the current situation.

Mistresses would leak secrets, and subordinates might be placed by others. Only this dull niece would never have the power to betray him.

Delia thought in silence that if he really had even a half-hearted affection for her, he wouldn’t make such a request next, but she was quite sure Edric would ask. He always did.

“But depending on the current situation, I have to help you terminate your marriage contract with Godwin Lopez. Even if he has some ability, a wild dog is still only a wild dog. He doesn’t love you. I believe I can feel it. He doesn’t even want to take a look at you, Delia. Don’t worry about this kind of man. Uncle will find you a better one. Believe me, this is for your own good.”

“Yes, uncle,” she said, carefully closing her sleeves to cover Cat Whiskers, who was crawling on her arm.

Her tone was obedient and cold.

And her other existing blood relative wasn’t doing well either.

Since Ann confessed her identity, the entire Tumbleweed had been silent. No one wanted to quip bad jokes about the royal family. Under this awkward atmosphere, Oliver’s entire person started doubting his life. He was the first to enter the tomb, and his movements were particularly decisive, as if the cold darkness would calm him down.

Before the other four had time to react, the leader of Tumbleweed disappeared at the entrance of the tomb.

Then there was a tragic “Ah!” from below.

Nemo’s whole body shook. Dark shadows suddenly covered the four walls of the corridor of the tomb. Immediately, his expression relaxed a little. Oliver was pulled by the dark shadows by his collar; by the doorway of the tomb was a trap.

“There are metal spikes under it,” Oliver said with a flat face. “Thanks, Nemo.”

“But you’re not hurt,” Ann said dryly. The bizarre awkwardness put a damper on her sense of humor.

“Yes, I reacted, but I came face to face with a corpse below.” In the light cast by the illumination spell, Oliver shook visibly to the naked eye. “It was crawling with bugs. Thankfully, it didn’t smell like anything. Ugh, my god, ugh…”

He retched a few times against the wall of the tomb, and Nemo hurriedly helped soothe him.

Ann smiled helplessly and climbed down the entrance of the cave quickly. After a while, her voice came from the bottom of the cave. “It looks like it has been dead for about four months. It should be a tomb robber. In this position… Well, an inexperienced tomb robber.”

“No way, captain.” Jesse said meaningfully. “Maybe you’re more suitable for the title ‘princess’.”

“…I’ll throw you down there.” Oliver wiped his mouth and snorted weakly.

Jesse raised his eyebrows quite unexpectedly at his soaring courage.

“I’m not surprised by anything anymore,” Oliver solemnly announced. “It’s better to say, I’m curious about what else can really surprise me, but Nemo, do you want to consider the position of leader of Tumbleweed? I’m beginning to feel that my qualifications can’t hold this position.”

“I like the deputy leader position better.” Nemo smiled for a long time. “And this place has been sealed for more than two years. That body couldn’t be from the last few months.”

 “What do you mean?” Ann climbed up from the mouth of the trap door. She seemed to have noticed Nemo’s attitude change and spoke positively.

Nemo’s body stiffened for a few seconds, and he pointed to the filamentous moss on the inside of the door. “The hibernating moss at the entrance of the cave grows very slowly. When Ollie opened the door just now, he tore them apart… If this gentleman had come here within half a year, it would not have grown like this.”

“Well, that’s interesting. It may be that the owner of the tomb has released quite a few embalming spells, or a powerful anticorrosive array is still in operation.”

“It may also have been laid by Mr. Medes,” the knight commander added calmly. The effect of the age-reduction potion had long since disappeared, and he had regained the sharp temperament that he couldn’t hide at the beginning.

“Mm-hmm.” Ann nodded. “But choosing a tomb like this and not even cleaning it up, Mr. Medes must like visitors very much.”

“…But if Nemo’s inference is right, wouldn’t he have been here for more than two years?” Oliver averted his gaze away from the dark tomb trap, not bothering to hide the surprise in his tone.

“Well, necromancers are weird guys.” Jesse shrugged. “Of course, this one is no exception.”

“Let me walk in front.” Nemo dragged Oliver back. “The things here can’t hurt me.”


“This is the fastest way.”

Nemo took a few steps forward, leaving everyone with a heroic back. The gray parrot didn’t have the slightest awe of human royalty and was particularly comfortable with this awkwardness. It hesitated for a few seconds, then resolutely chose to perch on Ann’s shoulder, abandoning its nominal owner.

Unfortunately, Mr. Demon King only lasted for more than an hour.

A short spear carrying armor-breaking magic was crushed by him barehanded, and the corrosive liquid was waved away by the shadow shield. Nemo kept commanding the dark shadows repeatedly, and they obediently swallowed the poisonous mist that spewed out of a bone shell. Even in the face of several bifurcated passages, the scattered black shadows were able to accurately find the most correct path.

However, Nemo’s weakness was also equally stark.

After the dark shadow explored the way again, his reaction was the same as Oliver’s—he held on to the wall and began to retch violently.

This time, Oliver patted him on the back. “What’s the matter?”

“I… I touched something disgusting. No, my dark shadow touched… Forget it, it’s almost the same,” Nemo panted as he wiped the cold sweat from his head. “We ran into the real entrance of the tomb, God…” As soon as he finished sighing, he paused strangely.

“In short, it’s very disgusting.” Nemo repeatedly emphasized with a pale face. “You have to be mentally prepared.”

Apart for the corpse at the beginning, they didn’t encounter any other dead bodies along the way. The four people behind Nemo were as relaxed as a tour group being led to visit a museum filled with traps. Now it seemed that this kind of ease was going to end here.

When they reached the end of the cave, except for Jesse’s meaningful “oh”, the expressions of the others were more or less twitching…

The real entrance to the tomb appeared in front of them. The cave became extremely wide. Lifelike dragon stone sculptures rested on both sides of the entrance. The tomb’s door was equally as tall and amazing and carried elaborate carvings.

But that wasn’t the point.

Now everyone in Tumbleweed knew exactly where the body that should have been in the tomb originally came from.

Under the brilliance of light, the magnificent giant gate was covered with a thick layer of flesh-red things. They didn’t squirm, exuded a faint fishy smell, and many weird-looking black beetles stuck to them. They didn’t know if they were dead or alive.

Ann swallowed, waved her arm, and more balls of light used for lighting flew into the air, illuminating the entire gate…

The corpses were wearing different styles of clothes that showed a certain semi-melted state, and they were glued together to form a terrifying seal of flesh and blood. The door of the tomb was sealed tightly by death.

“… It seems that Mr. Medes really doesn’t like visitors.” The female warrior slowly squeezed the words out of her mouth, and finally retched.

The author has something to say:

When I wrote “cover Cat Whiskers who was crawling on her arm”, I always felt that something was wrong, and I couldn’t tell what was wrong (……


Gay friend: What’s so surprising for two years? If it weren’t for the need to go out and buy things, I could do it too!

Me: …

Me: There is no internet in the tomb. Tell me, can you do it without internet?

Gay friend: …Damn it, I can’t be a necromancer anymore!

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