Stray Ch187

Author: 年终 / Nian Zhong

Translator: Kinky ||

Chapter 187: The Necromancer

After giving the awakened soldiers a confusion spell that was enough to disrupt their memories. The three of them quickly left the princess’s lounge, and Ann finally had the opportunity to ask her question: “Balthazar Medes, the necromancer of the Tin Soldier? Nemo, don’t tell me you’re bullshitting.”

“I’m not,” Nemo whispered.

Balthazar Medes’ initial position in the Tin Soldier Mercenary Regiment wasn’t as a necromancer, but as an omni-scientist who knew everything—Golems, herbs, and cures for all kinds of incurable diseases. He knew it all.

The happy Mr. Medes had a great enthusiasm for the world. Although his combat abilities weren’t worth mentioning, he could be regarded as the soul of the Tin Soldiers. In addition to being the consultant of the mercenary group, he could almost be said to be the third in command of the Tin Soldiers.

In the biographies of the Tin Soldiers, this gentleman always had an upright, cheerful, and overly enthusiastic image. Medes provided Captain Flint with countless useful pieces of information and helped the Tin Soldiers through one difficulty after another.

Unlike Talbott Vance, who politely refused to participate in the expedition, Medes happened to be seriously injured and had a hard time recovering when the Tin Soldiers joined the expedition. Considering the danger of the Abyss, Mr. Medes was explicitly forbidden by Flint from joining the mission and had to obediently stay on the surface to recuperate.

But except for Flint himself, his comrades never returned.

In Telaranea’s records, this person had come to Flint’s city with injuries during Sonia’s illness. Although there was no further evidence, Nemo didn’t think that Mr. Medes happened to be there for sightseeing.

With the limited time they had now, he didn’t tell Oliver all these details.

Flint had no medical or healing cultivation, but Oliver survived. This former omni-scientist must have played a big role in it—he didn’t deceive Delia; someone did recover from the Trent Plague. Oliver was the case that successfully survived.

And Nemo had a hunch that Ann knew something about Oliver’s mother.

As for Nemo’s unwillingness to immediately put forward the reason for this person, in addition to the lack of hard information, there was another point—after the death of Sonia, Balthazar Medes’ temperament changed drastically. He locked himself in a remote ancient tomb and never saw anyone again. Later, someone occasionally witnessed a figure similar to Medes in the barren mountains, and the appearance of “that thing” was no longer human.

It was a skeleton with bloodshot eyes wearing the standard robe of a Tin Soldier.

Since Medes entered the tomb, skeletons have risen from the soil and begun to wander around it, changing the rumor that a Tin Soldiers member had become a necromancer.

Since then, like Vance Talbott, no one has seen this other Tin Soldier in public.

“Ann, Ollie and I need to have a good talk with you guys about this—” Nemo poked Oliver’s waist.

“We’ll talk about it later.” Ann forcefully blocked Nemo’s words back, and the female warrior pulled her face and gritted her teeth. “First of all, I want to tell you two something very important. Listen, it’s very important. Especially for you, Oliver.”

She stared at the void in front of her for a while and sighed fiercely. “Contact Dylan and Cross first. Anyway, Cross roughly knows. Dylan… Whatever, he will know sooner or later.”

They had never seen Ann show such a serious expression. Nemo swallowed, quickly used the communication crystal, and then froze next to Oliver like a statue, waiting for Ann’s next sentence.

“Oliver Ramon. Now I’m pretty sure that I do want to help Delia escape from here, so it’s time for me to tell you the truth… I don’t want to be the kind of scumbag who confides in the truth after using my companions. The Alastair family is your enemy, and its descendants are the enemies you want to save. Flint didn’t reveal his identity to you, and I doubt he’d want you to know, but since it’s come to this—”

Ann closed her eyes and took a long breath. She opened them a few seconds later and looked directly into Oliver’s eyes firmly.

“Your mother, Sonia Ramon, was killed by the design of the late emperor, Sampson Alastair. My father killed your mother—Yes, as an exile, I gave up my original name. That name was Andrea Alastair.”

“Even you, Nemo, can stop doing this. Now answer me, leader of Tumbleweed. Do you want to continue this mission?”

When Delia met with the three of them, Rosa Earley was waiting impatiently.

The nobleman named Andre was indeed handsome and had a certain charm and dangerous element to him, but after all, he was only a stranger. Since the other party wasn’t willing to be punctual, there was no need to waste too much time for him. It was still early before the dance was over.

The roses were in full bloom, and her silent sister had recently fallen ill. Before looking for her next goal, she might be able to pick a bunch of beautiful flowers and let Delia, who was too busy to go out, smell the refreshing fragrance. After making a decision readily, Rosa tightened her gloves and began to pick roses carefully…

“Good evening,” a nice voice sounded behind her. Rosa turned her head, and her eyes widened. She was still holding a freshly picked yellow rose in her hand.

“You are the one just now…” Rosa carefully picked up the yellow rose. “What’s your name again?”

“Adri,” the visitor said.

It was a young man who looked a few years older than her. He wasn’t short either. Though he was already a young man, his face still held the softness of his teenage years. Unfortunately, that man’s expression was too rigid, and the softness was quickly worn away by the seriousness on his face.

“Hello, Adri.” His expression remained expressionless, but this type of young man made her feel good, so Rosa gave a sweet smile. “What’s the matter?”

“Lord Andre has something to do temporarily, so he can’t come to the appointment. He asked me to bring a message— ‘I’m very sorry, I shouldn’t have let such a lovely lady wait so long.’”

“It’s fine. I had guessed that was the case.” Rosa curled her lips and made a grimace. “Well, I’m sure I can find a more handsome partner! …What else can I do for you, Adri?”

The handsome young man was still standing in front of her, and his dark brown eyes reminded her of the dead woods of a winter’s night.

“If you are not in a hurry,” the young man who called himself Adri said politely, “can you help me find someone?”

Rosa raised her beautifully shaped eyebrows.

“The blond man who accosted you just now looked very depressed after he was rejected by you. He must have gone to some corner to pout. Now all my companions are missing, only you seem to have seen him. Lord Andre has given me a death order that I must find him as soon as possible… He couldn’t have gone far and should still be somewhere in the garden.”

“Of course, I can help.” Rosa burst out laughing. “Oh, that face is indeed unforgettable, but few girls are willing to dance with men who are more beautiful than themselves. I was shocked by his face at that time, so I was a little unscrupulous. I should also apologize. What’s his name?”

“Jesse.” Adrian smiled reluctantly, inwardly unable to voice how unhappy he really was.

The knight commander thought that Mr. Dylan was going to be a shameful person, but he didn’t expect that as soon as the other three left, he would come up with an extremely childish idea…

“Let’s play hide and seek, Adri.” Jesse’s enthusiasm had never been higher. “What a beautiful garden!”

“Mr. Dylan, I took an age-reduction potion, not a wisdom-reduction potion,” Adrian responded quietly.

“…You’re really not romantic at all.”

“I’ve always been like this.”

“Okay, fine. At any rate, we have an agreement in place—I’ll hide. You go to our Miss Rosa and ask her to help you find me. Miss Rosa is a girl with a fiery disposition. She won’t refuse.”


“I have been hit by an unprecedented great blow, and I need to find a quiet place to cry alone for a while.” Jesse quickly understood what the other party meant.

“Tell me where you plan to hide, I can control the time.”

“…That’s where romance comes in, Adri. I won’t tell you, but as an excellent diviner, I can assure you that you will find me at the right time.”

It’s a pity that the former Chief Justice of the Knights of Judgement couldn’t understand this “romance” at all.

Rosa picked up the hem of the red dress and walked with him around the rose bushes in the garden. Adrian even took a few uncontrollable glances at the huge garbage bins, feeling an urge to peer inside.

The two just walked all the way to the garden center.

“Wow,” Rosa sighed, her eyes fixed on the man who was enjoying flowers not far away. The man looked to be in his thirties, was handsome, and had a bit of a wild appearance. “Adri, Adri. Sorry, I saw a very appetizing target—I’m afraid I can’t continue to help you.”

The young girl stuffed the yellow rose into Adrian’s hand. “When you see Mr. Jesse in a while, give him this flower and tell him I really didn’t mean it… Ah, he’s leaving. I’ll go first. See you later!”

The girl in the red dress ran away from him like a whirlwind, and came next to the man not far away, with a bright smile on her face.

“I have delayed you for a long time. Thank  you very much.” Adrian responded politely, although he didn’t think Miss Rosa still had the mind to listen to him.

Since she had a clear target, Rosa most likely wouldn’t see Delia for a while, so the three of them should be safe.

He looked down at the yellow rose in his hand, and the corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of gold between the branches of a shrub.

The knight commander shook his head and was about to peel away the branch when a white hand stretched out from the bushes next to him and dragged him in. In the bushes was a tall tree that was trimmed just right. When Adrian reacted, his back was close to the trunk, and he was firmly pressed against it by Jesse.

“Shh, they haven’t gone far yet.” The blond young man’s face was very close. “They are very likely to get married in the future, so don’t disturb the future little couple, Adri.”

“Let me go.” Adrian frowned.

“No,” Jesse said with a smile.

“How old are you?”

“You really don’t understand emotions, do you? The bushes in the garden; what a beautiful place. Look at you. You really look like a young nobleman who snuck out to have fun—I like the way you are now. Of course, you were also very good before…”

Adrian rolled his eyes.

“Enough,” he whispered coldly. “We are here to do business, Dylan. I can’t say when Miss Savage will contact us, so we have to wait quietly. This is the flower that Rosa gave you. “The girl feels guilty, even though I don’t believe you’re really hurt—I promised her anyway.”

“I am doing business.” The ambiguous smile on Jesse’s face became more obvious. He took the yellow rose with one hand, glanced at it, and then put it in his chest pocket indifferently. “Don’t worry, all three of them are busy, and it won’t be over for a while. The opportunity is rare. Why don’t we…?”

Screw the rare opportunity. Adrian looked at the other person’s smiling face vigilantly. Jesse Dylan was indeed a guy who would seize every opportunity to indulge in pleasure. On that night in the prayer room, he had fully understood the man’s bad taste.

Although the last experience was completely unrelated to the concept of “pain”, or rather even the opposite of it, he didn’t want to give the man a second chance.

“Don’t be nervous. Take it easy. I’ll only use my hands.”


“How cold.” Jesse buried his face into the socket of Adrian’s neck and let out a low laugh. Now Jesse Adrian discovered that he disliked the feeling of being subjected to others. After a while, Dylan raised his arm and stretched out his hand. Adrian tightened his muscles and stared at the hand tightly, intending to teach this ungrateful guy a good lesson…

But the hand just stopped at the top of his head, rubbed it lightly, and then poked the short dark brown bangs.

The relatively taller Jesse Dylan lowered his head slightly and imprinted a light kiss on his forehead.

“Okay.” Jesse had a smile that he couldn’t understand, and his tone was soft and pleasant. “Now we can wait for news from Miss Savage. Don’t look like that—What? Were you looking forward to something else?”


“Because you finally found me,” Jesse whistled softly. “This is a reward, Adri. I told you, right? I like the way you are now. It makes me feel… very nostalgic.”

The indifference that Adrian had always hung on his face gradually disappeared. The moment the other party’s warm palm touched his forehead, Jesse Dylan momentarily became a little strange, but there was a strange sense of familiarity in that strangeness. The former knight commander pursed his lips and looked suspiciously at the icy-blue eyes.

Very beautiful, deep blue, like a frozen lake.

……It can’t be, he thought. After all, he had given up chasing that illusion nine years ago.

“Oh, it’s communication from Miss Savage.” Jesse took out the communication crystal disguised as a decoration and dragged Adrian back to reality. “Business is here, Adri. Hey, Adri, are you listening?”


And when the tumbleweed was about to gather, there was a dead silence in the princess’s lounge.

The Black Chapters left, and the guards continued their duty in a daze. For the guards, everything felt like just a stupor for a few seconds. Fortunately, the princess was still sitting in front of them. Everyone was only trying to make a living, so no one would want to raise a fuss over such a small anomaly when everything was calm.

Delia sat quietly in her armchair, like a life-size exquisite doll. Her eyes were still tightly closed, but this time, the young princess noticed something strange.

Something was crawling on her arm, and there was a slight itch. Then something entered her mind, very faintly, but she could vaguely distinguish its content.

[To help… Help you…] It wasn’t exact words, but just a very vague ray of emotion.

[Who is it?] The princess didn’t make a sound, but she thought it in her heart. Maybe it was just that she had been in the dark for too long and her brain had started creating hallucinations.

Next, she “saw” it. In those closed eyes, she began to “see’ everything around her, except for a little unpleasant dark red. Everything was becoming clearer.

[……Who is it?] Her heart was beating wildly. This was undoubtedly some kind of advance spell. The caster definitely possessed a top-notch concealment ability as it failed to trigger the alarm on her magic jewelry. [Tell me, who are you?]

[No… I don’t know… I want to help you see…] The wisp of thought was a little hesitant. [I… I’m probably a spider?]

Delia trembled for a while, but she stabilized her emotions and tried not to let the guards at the door notice anything strange.

[What should I call you, Mr. Spider… or Miss?]

[Cat Whiskers.] This time, that thought was very smooth.

[My master gave me the name, Cat Whiskers.]

The author has something to say:

A brand new demon was born!

Never before seen, has aura concealment skill level SSS and is a weird spider-type demon. The Demon King will name it what?

Nemo: Cat… Cat Whiskers (whispered).

Ollie: …I think White II is more domineering than this.

Kinky Thoughts:

Nemo and Ollie really need better naming conventions, but somehow it really suits Nemo’s personality to name it something like that.

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